Afternoon Delight

Reading Time: 8 Minutes

Title: Afternoon Delight
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: Hannibal
Challenge: Fluff Bingo (Playing Hooky)
Relationship: Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter
Genre: Alternate Universe, Erotica, First Time
Word Count: 2059 (complete)
Warnings: Explicit sex, explicit language, Hannibal is a cannibal (there is no on-screen cannibalism), no beta
Author’s Note: Fluff Bingo ended, of course, but I’ve decided to finish my card. Also, I regret nothing.
Summary: Will Graham gets sent to Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s office to be evaluated for fieldwork. Assumptions are made.

* * * *

He was forty-five minutes early, but Will didn’t mind the wait, so he dropped down in a chair in the waiting room of Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s office. He’d been avoiding meeting the psychiatrist for over a month and had, thanks to Beverly, managed to avoid getting ambushed by Jack earlier in the month. Of course, that had resulted in him being not allowed on crime scenes at all. Will had enjoyed being in his classroom and not having to worry about Crawford pulling him out at any moment.

Unfortunately, Jack had quickly become very disenchanted with Will’s game and had put his foot down. He hadn’t even allowed him to have the case file for the Minnesota Shrike. Apparently, Lecter had consulted and done a good job, and it sort of pissed Will off. Sure, he was glad that Hobbs had been caught, but it had made Will feel like he’d missed out on something. Jack had assured him that he’d missed nothing regarding the murders of Hobbs’ family or his own suicide via FBI agent.

The door opened and Will stood. “Hi…” He trailed off as he stared. He regretted, immediately, not looking Lecter up before he’d come to Baltimore.  His mouth went a little dry as Lecter stared at him.

“You’re late,” the man said coolly.

Will blinked and checked his watch.

“Come in,” Lecter said and waved him in. “I have just forty minutes before my next patient arrives. You should know that your tardiness has impacted your tip. If your performance meets my expectations, I’ll reconsider the repercussions of your rudeness.”

Tip? Will slid past Lector into the office. One swift glance around the room left him feeling like he’d missed some context already in the conversation. Lecter’s office had a thin layer of professionalism and intellectualism spread over it, but the underbelly was clearly intimidating, uncomfortable, and meant to be disconcerting. Lecter played head games with his furniture. Will was intrigued, to say the least, so he shed his jacket and turned to face the psychiatrist.

“I made an appointment with the service you work for despite the less than discrete name for the business.” Lecter shed his suit jacket and draped it precisely over the back of a chair. “You’re older than I expected you to be.”

They were definitely not having the same one-sided conversation, Will thought wildly.

“But you’re beautiful, as promised,” Lecter continued.

Will felt his cheeks flush as he walked across the room to stand by the ladder that led up to the mezzanine level. He glanced up, taking in the books. Intellectualism for display purposes had never much interested him, but he had a feeling that Lecter had read every single book in his office.

“Do you speak?”

Will turned and found Lecter had followed him across the room. He relaxed against the ladder and took a deep breath. “When I have something to say.”

Lecter’s eyes darkened. “Did you receive instructions regarding my service appointment?”

Service appointment. Will wondered, idly, what the chances were that Lecter was going to expect him to fix the sink in his office bathroom. “No.”

Lecter inclined his head and stared. Suddenly Will had never felt more like prey in his entire life. His cock twitched a little in his boxers, and he swallowed hard as his blood started to rush with an all-too-familiar feeling. Hannibal Lecter was dangerous and that was exciting. Neatly manicured fingers brushed against his cheek and along the edge of his recently trimmed beard. Will wet his lips, and Lecter’s nostrils flared slightly.

“So lovely and, yet, you wear such a terrible aftershave,” Hannibal murmured.

“I keep getting it for Christmas,” Will confessed.

“I wish you’d been on time,” Lecter said. “Kneel.”

Will took a deep breath as Lecter unzipped his tailored slacks. “You don’t even know my name.”

“Is your name somehow relevant to your ability to suck my cock?”

Will knew he was going to regret this, eventually, but the man had pulled his cock free and was stroking it. Honestly, he’d rarely seen a dick so pretty in his life, and it had been ages since he’d been any sort of intimacy with another person. He sank to his knees without a word and sucked briefly on his bottom lip as Lecter rolled a condom onto his erection. The point of no return passed between them as Lecter wrapped one hand around a wrung on the ladder above Will’s head and pressed the plump head of his cock against Will’s lips.

Lecter’s breath caught as Will took him in. A hand carded gently through his hair, and Will shuddered against the thick press of Lecter’s cock into his mouth. He dismissed the taste of latex as he sucked, and after one long, deep stroke, he slid his hands up the back of the Lecter’s thighs. The firm muscle he encountered startled him from his task, and the hand in his hair tightened into a fist. Will groaned and pressed his tongue upward against Lecter’s cock and moved his hands to the other man’s hips. He pulled just a little, encouraging Lecter to fuck his mouth, and the hand loosened in his hair.

“You’re perfect,” Lecter murmured and rubbed Will’s cheek with his thumb. “The next time you come to me—you’ll shave first.”

Will knew that his beard was the only thing standing between him and eternal twinkhood, so he was most definitely not going to shave. Since he didn’t think there would be a next time, he focused on getting the most out of what he was being given. His own cock was hard, aching and leaking into his boxers. The arousal was almost painful, and it’d been an age since anyone had turned him on so much. He felt owned and it was enthralling. Lecter pressed deep one final time and came with a harsh groan. Will’s cock jerked hard between his legs. He dropped one hand to cup himself as Lecter pulled free of his mouth.


Will cleared his throat and released his dick as he stood.

“Do you want to come?” Lecter asked as he removed the condom and wrapped it in a handkerchief.

Will considered that briefly then shook his head. He averted his gaze as he murmured, “No, sir.”

Lecter hummed under his breath. “What a lovely boy you are.” He cupped Will’s face and rubbed a thumb over his swollen mouth. “Your tardiness is forgiven.” He stepped back and inclined his head toward the door. “You can leave via the private exit.”

Will took a deep breath, retrieved his jacket, and quickly left. He started to head for his car, but he still had an appointment with Dr. Lecter. He felt ridiculous as he turned and went back to the little formal waiting room and sat back down.

* * * *

Hannibal tucked the used handkerchief in the laundry basket he kept his private bathroom, tied off the trash to take with him, and washed his hands. He wet a cloth and wiped his face briskly. His mid-morning whim to reward himself for putting up with two appointments with Franklyn Froideveaux had not gone exactly as planned. He’d expected to be sent someone jaded and ultimately forgettable. Dropping the wet cloth in the basket, he left the bathroom in search of his tablet.

He sat down at his desk and pulled the device from a drawer so he could adjust the payment amount to include a very generous tip. There were two emails in his inbox. One from the service with the word canceled in the subject line and another from Jack Crawford. Hannibal hesitated only briefly before opening the email from the companion service and read the apology. Apparently, his assigned afternoon companion had been in an accident on the way to his office, and he’d be refunded the entertainment fee for the service. To add insult to the entire situation, he’d been given a coupon for future use.

Hannibal sat the tablet down and sucked air through his teeth. He waffled, desperately, between furious and appalled for several moments before he slumped down in the chair and poked at the tablet to open the email from Jack Crawford. He’d put off reviewing the information Crawford had sent him on Will Graham and really hadn’t intended to read it until after the session. There was nothing of use in the email as it was a thinly veiled demand for him to rubber-stamp Graham so he could get him back in the field.

Since putting it off would be foolish, he stood and walked to the door. It surprised him not at all to find the man he’d mistaken for an escort seated in the same chair he’d been sitting in the first time. He cleared his throat. The younger man raised an eyebrow and stood.

“Dr. Lecter.”

“Mr. Graham,” Hannibal murmured and stepped back so the man could come into the office.

Will Graham offered him an amused smile and dropped his jacket on the same chair he had the first time and turned to face him as Hannibal closed the door.

“You…” Hannibal trailed off and shook his head.

“You made it clear that my name was irrelevant.”

Hannibal couldn’t deny that which was intensely irritating. “Why didn’t you correct my erroneous assumption?”

“You’ve got a gorgeous cock,” Will said then smiled. “I hope you get a refund from the service.” He paused. “What’s it called by the way?”

“I’m sure I shouldn’t tell you—since you work for the FBI.”

“I’m a profiler and teacher, Dr. Lecter, not a field agent. I don’t think an escort service in Baltimore is really on Jack Crawford’s radar. Unless someone starts killing people in relation to it—client or whore.”

“Companion,” Hannibal corrected like it made a difference, and his face flushed as Will sent him an amused look. He’d rarely been so wrong-footed with another person in his life. Moreover, he couldn’t help but remember what it looked like for his cock to slide into Will’s mouth.

Will shrugged. “I’ve never considered sex work itself a problem. It does put workers at a great deal of risk due to the illegality and lack of health care. It would be better for everyone to legalize and regulate it.” He sat down. “What happened to your actual companion?”

“I received an email—there was a minor car accident,” Hannibal said stiffly as he sat down in the chair across from Will. “I’ll have to refer you to a colleague for the therapy Jack Crawford has requested.”

Will’s lips quirked up in a little grin. “Whatever will you tell him?”

“The truth.”

“The truth?” Will asked.

“I’m unable to see you as a patient due to an unexpected personal connection. If he asks, you should imply we had an anonymous tryst within the last year. You were very surprised to see me again.”

“A tryst,” Will repeated and laughed a little. “Is that what we’re going to call it?”

“It’ll be less tawdry,” Hannibal said.

“For what?”

“People will ask how we met.”

“Will they?” Will tilted his head. “What do you have in mind, Dr. Lecter?”

“I’d like to take you home with me,” Hannibal admitted and relaxed when Will continued to smile. “We could have dinner and breakfast.”

“So you want to feed and fuck me,” Will said.

“Are you always so crass?”

“Oh, Hannibal,” Will said and shook his head. “You took your cock out within three minutes of our meeting, you never get to lecture me about being crass.” He stood and picked up his jacket. “And yes, I’d love to have dinner and breakfast with you.”

Hannibal stood and retrieve his own coat. “Afternoon Delight.”

“What?” Will asked.

“That’s the name of the companion service,” Hannibal admitted and sighed when Will Graham burst out laughing.


The End


Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. “You took your cock out within three minutes of our meeting, you never get to lecture me about being crass.”

    I had been giggling since the halfway point, and, at that quote, I had to stop and wipe tears from my eyes. The service being named Afternoon Delight was the cherry on top. Hannibal being wrong-footed with Will – especially from his own actions! – is always fun. Great story, and I can just picture in the future, when either explains how they met, Will will always have a smirk on his face. He can’t help it.

  2. “Will knew that his beard was the only thing standing between him and eternal twinkhood,”

    the way you build your sentences is just amazing.
    I’ve laughed so hard at the beginning of this fic, if only just thinking about Hannibal’s reaction when reality will sink in

    “Will took a deep breath, retrieved his jacket, and quickly left. He started to head for his car, but he still had an appointment with Dr. Lecter. He felt ridiculous as he turned and went back to the little formal waiting room and sat back down.”

    loooooooool, Will! I just spat at my screen xDDDDD

    ““Oh, Hannibal,” Will said and shook his head. “You took your cock out within three minutes of our meeting, you never get to lecture me about being crass.” ”

    :DDDDDDDDD I am GRINNING so hard, seriously. Hannibal, dear, you’ve bit off more than you can chew.

    Sassy Will is the best Will!

  3. I truly truly loved this! I giggled when I started reading but I was openly howling by the time Hannibal decided Will deserved that tip after all. I really appreciate how this puts Will and Hannibal on equal footing as opposed to the power imbalance in the show. This pushed me over into laughing so hard there were tears: “You took your cock out within three minutes of our meeting, you *never* get to lecture me about being crass.”

    This needs an Az Rule warning…I choked on air I was laughing so hard. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!!

  4. That was delightful 😉 (the name of the service is fucking perfect)

  5. Afternoon Delight, indeed. Thank you.

  6. A very unexpected treat! I love your take on Hannibal, a show I couldn’t watch due to the sad bits. Stories that focus on the two gorgeous men are much more my thing! Thanks very much.

  7. Wonderful. I’ve been looking forward to this since the first time you mentioned it in a podcast. It was entirely worth the wait. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Wonderful. Thank you for sharing

  9. Shadow Lighthawk

    I agree with Queenie, this needs an Azure Warning. There is something intensely delicious about seeing Hannibal wrong-footed. He’s too cultured to actually say “oh shit” but he was definitely feeling it. The fact that he had the stones to invite Will home (for *breakfast*) after that misunderstanding is pure, perfect Hannibal.

    What a great lift on a dreary day! Thanks Keira!

  10. Oh my goodness – that was unbelievably hot…. I had a spit take when Hannibal got that coupon ROFL – because the Chesapeake Ripper does not coupon . Love in charge yet flustered Hannibal and sassy twinkalicous Will – genius

  11. Lol, you would think by now I would remember to adhere to the Azure Rule, but I totally took a drink of water at the end of the story and almost chokes on a laugh.

    Thank you for posting!!

  12. Oh wow. This was just the perfect mix of hot and funny.
    You have so much talent.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. This was glorious! Thank you for sharing!

  14. Bwahahaha!

    I love it!

    I’ve always been too wimpy to read Hannibal fic but once again you have led me into a new fandom and all I can say is ‘Thank You!’


  15. Silveriafirestar

    I love Hannibal fic and it was thanks to your other fic that I found this great new fandom. Thanks for a wonderful little story. I love twink Will who knows it and I am a huge fan of everything!!!!!

  16. I loved this so much! Amidst all the craziness, this made me laugh for the first time in days! Thank you so much, Keira.

  17. Well… I have never seen a single episode of Hannibal and I now think that is an absolute tragedy that I will have to fix as soon as humanly possible! Thank-you! 🙂

  18. Now if that had been the first meeting the show got instead… 🙂 Delightful!

  19. I didn’t expect to enjoy a Hannibal fic, but took a chance because you said it was fluff. And because of the title. It was, indeed, a delight.

  20. Very good story, I don’t normally read in the Hannibal fandom and you have made these characters very engaging.

  21. So funny!!
    Loved it!!

  22. Heather Brangrove

    As the title and the name of the service suggested, this was delightful. And sexy. Mads Mikkelsen is as hot as fuck. Thank you for incepting me into a new fandom. It started with you and Jilly recommending Blackbird by Emungere in a podcast and I haven’t looked back.

  23. LMAO, I love that Hannibal has no leg to stand on for future Will Crass-ness xD this had me in a fit of giggles, thank you for putting a smile on my face <3 <3

  24. LOL! That was great, thank you, WW.

  25. Will messing with Hannibal is always amazing and his thought about not having the same one sided conversation was just perfect. I needed a good laugh and you delivered as always!

  26. You BITCH!!! Like I needed THAT ear worm! LOL LOL LOL Thank you for this. I just laughed so hard! Now, excuse me, I have go youtube that damn song. LOL

  27. That was charming, and exactly *my* kind of afternoon delight.

  28. wow, this just brightened my day, I really needed the giggle fit, and my smile never left my face. Just amazing!

  29. This was wonderful! A lovely treat for us, with Hannibal and Will’s first meeting being so inappropriate and it was gorgeous. I also love sarcasm and you write it so very well. Thanks so much for the story!

  30. This is really really funny. I’ve never watched the show, but I love your take on the characters. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Oh boy, I see why he’s appalled by the name. I’m surprised he could bring himself to make the first call. Lol. I havent read this fandom but after meeting Lecter I adored him feeling flustered.

  32. Hannibal realizing he wasn’t in control with Will, and the way it happened was hilarious. Loved the laugh!!

  33. I had forgotten how deeply hilarious this is. Absolutely delightful.

  34. This may be a short fic, but it’s packed with fluffy goodness. I found myself giggling uncontrollably throughout. Thank you for this gift.

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