The Confession

Title: The Confession
Author: Keira Marcos
Big Short Prompt: Revenge
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Characters: John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Jeannie McKay Miller
Genre: Romance, Slash
Word Count: 741
Warnings: No beta
Summary: John is adept at picking the right weapon for the job.

* * * *

John’s hands were shaking—a strange rage burned in him as he heard the recording of McKay saying, “I love you.”

Sheppard wondered how many times she’d listened to it. He stayed where he was as Jeannie finally left the infirmary. His gaze connected with hers and he saw, mirrored on her face, the same thing he was feeling. He jerked his chin toward a hallway, and she nodded. Words were beyond him, so he said nothing as she followed him down the hall and into a small empty room that was often used as temporary storage for trade items.

“She.” Jeannie rubbed her face with both hands. “She ignored something was wrong with him because she liked him better that way.”

John cleared his throat, and his right hand drifted to his thigh though he didn’t currently have a weapon. “I…”

“And Mer would be dead if she’d had her way!” Jeannie shouted. “She ignored Ronon who’s lived in this fucking galaxy his whole life!”

John activated the privacy protocols on the room with a thought. Jeannie Miller wasn’t saying anything he wasn’t thinking.

“But she liked him when he was losing everything that makes Mer who he is!” She started to pace. “I wonder when he got too dumb for her.”

John winced.

“What the fuck are you going to do about it?” Jeannie demanded in a near hiss. She poked John in the chest. “Do something about it John Sheppard!”

He caught her hand and stared at her face. “What do you want me to do?”

“He told that little bitch he loved her.”

John took a deep breath. “No, he didn’t. She thought he was talking to her, but he was…for fuck’s sake.” He released her hand. “I was on the observation deck above them. He noticed me, and he was looking at me when he said it.”

“Oh, well, thank God for that!” Jeannie huffed then she glared at him. “So what are you going to do about it?”

“We need a plan that keeps our hands clean,” John murmured. “At least as far as Rodney is concerned. He has expressed romantic interest in her.”

“Why? If he’s in love with you?”

“I guess he doesn’t think I would be receptive,” he admitted and flushed when she raised an eyebrow at him. “That’s between him and me, Jeannie.”

“Right.” She frowned. “So what do we do because I want her to pay for this bullshit.”

“You and Sam Carter get along well?”

“Yes,” Jeannie said with a nod.

“Right, she served out here last year. She knows how important McKay is to the survival of the city. When you get back to the SGC, take her aside and tell her what Keller did—tell her everything she’s done regarding McKay’s care and how her personal feelings could’ve gotten him killed. Carter will keep your confidence if you tell her that you don’t want Rodney to know you intervened. She’ll take care of Keller.”

Jeannie stared for a moment. “And tossing her off a pier is off the table?”

He grinned at her, more charmed than anything else. “You have to pick the best weapon for each circumstance. In this instance, Carter is our best weapon. She’s political power to burn and she cares about the survival of the city.”

Jeannie nodded. “Okay. What will you do?”

“I’m going to make sure McKay is way too busy to give that foolish little girl the time of the day.”

“So…your weapon of choice in that situation is your dick?”

John shrugged, and she sighed.

The day after Jeannie returned to Earth, she sent John a picture of her and Sam Carter having coffee at a little café in Colorado Springs.

* * * *

“The IOA recalled Jennifer to Earth,” Rodney said as he settled in on John’s couch. “She’s upset.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, apparently Carter reviewed that whole parasite thing for Landry and found some issue with Jennifer’s performance,” McKay said with a frown. “Did she do something wrong?”

“Well, she did drill a hole in your head with a damned DeWalt,” John pointed out. “We were all explicit in our reports regarding everything so maybe Carter just has questions.”

“Right.” Rodney shifted closer and Sheppard tossed an arm around him. “What are we watching?”


“Perfect.” McKay moved closer.

John took a deep breath against short brown hair and brushed his lips against McKay’s temple. “Yeah.”

The End

Author’s Note:

The Big Short is a short-form writing challenge hosted on Rough Trade’s forum, The Workshop. The prompts come in two forms — a word challenge (the theme) and a single character challenge. I post my responses to the prompts on the forum first and eventually they’ll make it to my website. Each is a stand alone piece with no potential for expansion.

These short works are NOT prompts! These are my responses to the forum prompts. No, you cannot use them as prompts. No you cannot continue my short work with a longer work or write a sequel. For fuck’s sake.

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. awww again, but, but, how they can be so perfect for each other.
    Thanks you a lot for that.

  2. aww cute, sweet, short and perfect! this made my day!

  3. Nice, really nice…..I’d have gone with the pier or maybe just dialled space and shoved her through, maybe left her were the wrath could after deleting her memories. Ever get the thought that I might not like Keller, just wondered.

    Seriously, really enjoyed both new stand alone fics.

    Take care Cat

  4. Can’t stop giggling over “So…your weapon of choice in that situation is your dick?” You brighten my day M’Lady. Hxx

  5. Thanks Keira! Great little story. Happy they got rid of Keller, never did like her.

  6. I love the way your mind works. Thank you for this.

  7. Weapon of choice – make love not war!

  8. Loved it! Thanks for sharing it with us, 🙂

  9. I wasn’t sure about Rodney and Jennifer as a couple but didn’t know if maybe I judged her too harshly (beside the whole McShep ship, I mean). Also, in my oppinion writers often either don’t flesh female characters out enough or make them very unlikable so I try to stay as open-minded as possible.
    Anyway, after this episode I was so done with her and that relationship. So done.
    Thanks for giving me some better head canon for it!

  10. Loved it.

  11. They could have thrown her off the pier first? As an accident? Loved the picture Jeanie sent to John. And Rodney looking up at John when he said ‘I love you’. That was just perfect. Lovely story!

  12. Love it!

  13. Great weapon! I’m just sayin’.
    Thank you!

  14. A pier would have been great. But I like underhanded, too. Great little story.

  15. YES! Go get your man, John!

  16. Nice, Thank you.

  17. Lovely. Thank you for sharing

  18. Thank you for this! It helps to wash away the memories of him and that woman. I knew he was talking about John when he said I love you. In my mind this is now cannon. 🙂

  19. All too often TPTB and the writers’ stable for SGA pulled some real ‘boners’ in regards to canon, military protocol and just PLAIN COMMON SENSE. The writing for ‘The Shrine’ just had so many issues that I wanted to throw things at the tv screen. While we did get that superb scene on the pier with John and Rodney. Part of me has always wanted to take a copy of that ep and edit 99.99% of Keller’s presence right out. Hell, I got to the end of the first showing of ‘Brain Storm’ and truly wanted to call SciFi and SGA TPTB and sue/demand that hour of my life back.

    Thank you for this. I love the idea of John and Jeannie plotting against Keller. Frankly, I liked Jeannie’s idea of tossing her off a pier. *G*

  20. I do so love your dislike of Keller and the variety of ways you end her relationship with Rodney. Very enjoyable!

  21. Nimue of the North

    I’m with Jeannie: John makes for much more fun as an in-law than Jennifer ever could when trying really hard. Loved this!

  22. Awesome!

  23. That was lovely too.

  24. Love this! Jeannie and John conspiring is great, proper weapons for different situations makes me happy. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Perfect choice in weapons. I needed that smile. 😀

  26. So, yes, both stories. The “dislike” expressed in your stories for Keller is exactly right. Why would anyone want to change the essence of the person they want to be a life partner? Rodney is Rodney, with all his faults, just as John is. And I love them together, and thank you for so many Great! stories with the two of them together.

  27. *gigglesnorts at the dick-weapon thing*

    This made me smile on a bad day. I can’t thank you enough for it 🙂

  28. I will always love how well you write John’s tactical and strategic genius. We rarely see the smarts that led to the invite to Mensa. This brightened my day.

  29. I dont know how I missed this gem but that is a damn shame. I love Jeannie and John working together to get Rodney safely away from Keller, and I looooove that John’s weapon of choice is his dick – good choice, John. Very effective 😉 I also really love the method John chose of getting Keller away: enlist Carter! She does care about Atlantis and its people, and like John says, she has clout.

    You are, as always, amazing!

  30. hee! Jeannie poking John: “Do something about it John Sheppard!”

    awesome seeing them in cahoots. you cahooted them so well. I would not want to be on their bad side.

    thanks for making my Tuesday!

  31. I find it hilarious that Jeannie thinks John’s weapon of choice is his dick, but all it really took was a movie.

    Great fic, thanks for sharing

  32. Amazing as ever! What a lovely thing to read after a long day teaching tiny humans… it’s like a treat for doing well 🙂 Thank you! x

  33. Now those were weapons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Very cool. I always hated how Keller handled the whole thing. Thank you

  35. Just lovely

  36. I’ve always enjoyed Jeannie. Thank you!

  37. greywolfthewanderer

    oh, I love this one, Jeannie and John plotting together, hoorah!! heh heh heh — and siccing Sam on Keller?

    brilliant! *evil grin*

  38. so good, adore them making their evil plans to protect Rodney.
    thank you

  39. Fantastic as always. I like your take on this episode much better than cannon.

  40. This was adorable. I hated Keller. This was so much better than the episode. 🙂

  41. Heh. Love it. Although I do agree with Jeannie in throwing her off the pier. So Sam could eat her. I hope.

  42. YES. Just yes, yes, yes.

  43. “So your weapon of choice in that situation is your dick?” Best line ever!!!

  44. People tend to forget John’s intelligence and military experience and even his experiences growing up in a household that probably taught a lot of diplomacy/sneakiness but I love his tactical approach here.

  45. Okay, can I just say that Keller is a bitch. She is a bitch in the show, and she is a bitch here, so good job there. Seriously the most attractive thing about Mckay is that he is so intelligent.

  46. Weapon of choice! You just killed me…
    Jeannie and John plotting. World as we know it, take cover.

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