His Bright Spot

Title: His Bright Spot
Author: Keira Marcos
Big Short Prompt: Penelope Garcia
Fandom: Criminal Minds/Numb3rs
Pairing: Penelope Garcia/Ian Edgerton
Warnings: No beta
Word Count: 1157 (complete)
Summary: Come to find out, dudes apparently couldn’t care less about matching pajama sets.

* * * *

Garcia wasn’t a morning person, but she didn’t greet the dawn of each new day with hostility either. She liked staying up late, watching old movies, playing games on her computer and most recently cuddled up with her man reading in the big bed she’d bought just for that purpose. The third time he’d spent the night, he’d brought over a bag and in that bag was a variety of manly things and a Kindle Fire. The device had surprised her just a little, and she’d been ashamed to discover that she had a little intellectual bias going on. It’s just that her new guy was all manly action. After all, he’d also had an extra gun and three clips in his bag.

So, she’d adjusted her view a little, bought a bigger bed when he admitted he liked to hang out and read in bed on Sundays. Then she’d bought a little desk for her laptop because come on, if she was going to lounge around in bed with a hot ass FBI sniper and fugitive hunter while he read, then she was going to need her own stuff. Everything had been much more relaxed after that—and sometimes her pajama bottoms didn’t match her pajama top. Come to find out, dudes apparently couldn’t care less about matching pajama sets. Though, Ian had a marked preference for her purple bra and matching panties.

Sunday evening found her building a search engine for work while Ian was frowning at his Kindle.

“Something wrong?”


“Yes,” Penelope corrected. “You’ve been staring at the same page for twenty minutes and while you’re not a super crazy fast reader like Spencer—you’re no slouch.” She put aside her laptop and shifted around to stare at him. “So, let’s try again, something wrong?”

Ian put his tablet on the nightstand and seemed to consider his words which surprised her. He rarely hesitated in a conversation, not even one he didn’t want to have. “Luke Alvez.”

“He’s settling in,” Penelope admitted reluctantly. “He’s certainly no Chocolate Thunder, but I guess I’ll be able to get used to him. You told me I could trust him. Has that changed?”

“No, no, he’s a solid agent,” Ian admitted. “The thing is—you’re his type.”

Garcia flushed. “What?”

“You’re exactly his type. Smart, strong, successful but comfortable being feminine in a masculine environment. I know it’s no picnic being a female agent—but you handle that really well.” Ian frowned. “Also, curvy. He really likes curvy.”

She laughed. “Ian.”

“Younger than me,” Ian continued.

“Younger than me, too,” Penelope pointed out with a laugh. “I’m not calling him a fetus or anything but I am older by a few years. He strikes me as the sort who’d want to pamper his woman—call her kitten in private and take baths with her.”

Ian flushed. “Do you want that?”

“Eh, no. I’m too old to be anyone’s pampered pussy.” She grinned when he laughed. “And too independent and too fierce.”

“Certainly all of those things,” Ian agreed and pulled her into his lap then urged her legs around his waist.

She looped her arms around his neck and stared at his face. “Insecurity is a weird look for you.”

“It’s a weird feeling for me,” Ian admitted. “I just…things get dark for me, and you’re my bright spot, my safe place. I don’t want to lose that, lose you.”

Garcia bit down on her bottom lip briefly. “Oh.”

“I was jealous a lot when I was younger—a little suspicious, didn’t trust often and in my line of work that’s practically a survival skill but it didn’t serve me in my relationships with people, with women.”

“But you trust me.”

“A lot,” Ian murmured. “More than I should—women are the most dangerous thing a man can involve himself with.”

She laughed and pressed her mouth against his. He kissed her soft and sweet—like the world was going nowhere and they had all the time they need. There was nothing rushed about Supervisory Special Agent Ian Edgerton. He made love the same way—strong bodied and with the intense attention of a man who viewed intimacy as the goal and getting off as a side effect.

Ian spilled her out onto the bed and eased on top of her.

“I’m wearing the purple.”

He grinned. “Are you?” Ian snagged the elastic waist of her pajama pants. “I love the purple.”

* * * *

Penelope was entirely convinced that most of her team had sussed out she was dating someone, but they hadn’t pried into the details of her relationship which she appreciated. Still, post-Sunday in bed with Ian found her in the elevator heading up to her office with her hot ass sniper boyfriend in tow. It was a little cavemanish, but she understood, a little, how hard Ian’s life could be and if he wanted to stake a claim she was prepared to indulge it.

So they’d driven to work together, and he’d picked up her computer bag when she’d reached for it. The offices were empty, not a surprise the team had been on a difficult case Friday and Saturday. The day off had been a much-needed reprieve, and she was normally always an hour or more early. JJ had once been an early bird with her, but motherhood had quickly put a wrench in her morning ritual.

Hotch’s departure from the BAU had been unexpected, but Penelope had rolled with it. After all, she’d managed to get through Morgan leaving and Emily coming and going like the door was revolving. JJ had picked up some of the press duties for her, and Spencer had started helping her review cases for the team to take on.

Ian put her bag down on the desk in her office where she kept her laptop. He’d been in her office exactly twice and the first time had been the day he’d followed her from the target range to ask her out. She turned to him. “Okay, did you want to hang out with me all day and glare at him because I’m not that used to him and it would be fun?”

Ian laughed. “No.” He snagged her around the waist as she put aside her coffee cup and pulled her close. “I noticed you have range practice tomorrow—I’m on the duty schedule for supervision, but I can move you to a different day if it’ll make you uncomfortable.”

“No, I’m good, and I don’t mind learning from the best.” There was a small chime and all of her monitors lit up at once. “Oh. We’ve got a hit on one of our fugitives.”

Ian released her. “Stay safe.”

“Always,” Garcia promised as she slid into her chair and pulled on her headset. She activated a program and sent a text message to the entire team. “Stay badass.”

Edgerton flicked her ponytail before leaving. “Always.”

The End

Author’s Note:

The Big Short is a short-form writing challenge hosted on Rough Trade’s forum, The Workshop. The prompts come in two forms — a word challenge (the theme) and a single character challenge. I post my responses to the prompts on the forum first and eventually they’ll make it to my website. Each is a stand alone piece with no potential for expansion.

These short works are NOT prompts! These are my responses to the forum prompts. No, you cannot use them as prompts. No you cannot continue my short work with a longer work or write a sequel. For fuck’s sake.

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


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