October 2016 Newsletter

Hey there,

You might have noticed a bunch of shorts being posted to my site. They’re my responses to short prompts we are hosting on RT. They’re literally writing exercises for me and I’m sharing them here because I figured you might want to read them. They are not “ideas or prompts” that you can take and expand on. I’m serious. Don’t take my work and expand it — that is really fucking rude to be both do and to do suggest.

We’re approaching National Novel Writing Month which means I’ll spend the month of November writing and managing the challenge on the Rough Trade site. I doubt I’ll do many radio shows and there certainly won’t be any updates on fic here on this site.

Now is a good as time as any to announce I’m taking a break from the Harry Potter fandom. I might do some shorts for the RT prompts but that’ll be it for a while, perhaps as even as long as the next year. The fandom has worn me down and I’m really fucking tired of the demands, the greed, and the utter lack of empathy from a select few. For the record, responding with the demand for “more” when you see new fic is not a compliment. It’s really fucking inconsiderate.

I’m going to be focusing my attention on my Stargate projects. I don’t want apologies and this isn’t me trying to blackmail the HP fandom for feedback because I don’t do shit like that. I’m just really fed up with the entitlement.


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My project for November RT (and NANO) is called Synthetic.
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Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. “The fandom has worn me down” is the sentence that crushes me, to be honest.

    While I know and appreciate that your writing is first and foremost YOUR hobby for YOUR entertainment, I’m really really grateful that you share it with us.

    I’m not entirely sure how to react save for a heartfelt “thank you” for all you do for the fanfic community and a heartfelt plea at all those “fans” to for gods sake READ THE GUIDELINES an author gives you.

    I know you all can read. It’s not really difficult to just say “thank you” and nothing more if an author doesn’t want it. There are enough authors out there who thrive on “give me more”, “can’t wait”, “would you write this.. or that” – no need to hassle one who DOESN’T like this or feels stressed by it.

    What I resent most is the fact, that “a select few” may ruin it for all of us. I really would hate if fanfiction would lose another excellent author because of this.. So I’m egoistic, so what.

  2. Thank you, thank you for everything you gift to this community.Thank you for the fantastic,funny,spot’on,tragic,interesting,intelligent,commentaries on every day life and world news.
    Thank you for the little ‘you go girl!’ air punching moments I have in my living room.[yes I am that much a dork]
    Thank you for the awe inspiring worlds you gift to me in your fictional writings, which to this day grant me so much sanctuary from the struggles large and small of life. [ Still have day dreams of winning the lottery buying certain TV shows and giving you full power imagine the ratings!…yes still that much a dork]
    Thank you for the communities you have built to provide home and support for others and the massive amount of time you spend ensuring that people remember basic good manners. Ignore the empty rattling pots I am merely one of multitudes and we are every day grateful to Mrs Keira’s Mama for giving birth.
    Many light candles against the dark, lady you dance around bonfires. All my love B.

  3. Hi there!! You do what’s best for you . And will read whatever you put out there for us at whatever pace you would like. Just remember how many people do adore you and your work And now I have an excuse (like I needed one) to reread all the stargate stuff because you never know what will be next!! Happy dance time.

  4. I hate that people have made you feel like fandom isn’t a welcoming place, but it’s something I entirely understand. I haven’t written fanfic in over a year, so good for you for not letting this stop you completely! Jump back to Stargate for while, recharge your batteries, and always remember that you don’t owe us anything. If it’s not making you happy, it’s not worth doing. (And you’re still an inspiration to me.)

  5. Times like this I feel embarrassment for enjoying HP like I do. I don’t care which side of the shipping wall these people are on, it’s still embarrassing. And it really ruins the whole experience for the rest of us, who are appreciative of your writing. But this isn’t the first time an author has been driven away from a fandom by people who don’t know how to do anything but demand, and I doubt it’ll be the last.

    I wish you all the best in your writing for Stargate and RT. Thank you for all you’ve given us up to this point. I can’t speak for everyone, but I at least appreciate what you’ve done.

    • I fully agree with you, Mnemosyne. My only hope is that these so called “fans” won’t drive Keira completely away from the HP fandom.

      Keira: I dearly adore all of your writing and will wait patiently until the time you decide to return to HP fandom, and read anything else you chose to post in the meantime. Your writing always brings a smile or laugh to my day and I am constantly rereading your posts.

  6. What a huge amount of stuff you’ve given us this last month. There’s at least 7k of fic and over 15 hours of radio. Anyone asking for more or suggesting you continue xyz needs a good slap and is, to quote Cinna (I believe?) a cunt-bucket.
    Thank you for all the work above & the many other fics and radio shows you’ve given us over the years.
    Please do ignore the arseholes who keep begging for more or better.
    Many thanks

  7. I’m sorry the HP fandom has worn you down to this point. I’m happy to hear you’ll be working on SGA stories, but I’m very sad the extra focus is because other fans have ruined your enjoyment of another fandom. I may not read HP, but you seemed to really enjoy writing in it, and it’s a shame your enjoyment has been tainted.

    Do enjoy the November writing, I know I will enjoy seeing all the stories as they are created.

  8. You share your incredible work with us and it’s brilliant. Your work has cheered me up so many times.

    During my nervous breakdown one of the things that helped me during that terrible time was reading my favourite Fanfiction over again. I reread through your work and many of my favourite authors.

    I love everything that you write and I’m sorry that the brats out there are ruining something you enjoy so much. Take your time and do what makes you happy. I for one will wait patiently for what ever you share with us.

    BTW. I love the short fiction my new favourite het pairing is Garcia and Ian.

  9. It’s always upsetting to see talented people such as yourself get worn down in fandom by assholes with expectations. I love your HP fic, but I also love all your other fic as well and I just don’t understand how people can think they have any right to tell you what you should be working on.

    Seriously, how can people fail to realise that we are nothing more then the comments of gratuitous praise. Honestly. Post comments to say thank you and how much you enjoyed the fic. It’s not that hard.

    Please stop upsetting the writers. Cause I know if you’re doing it to Keira Marcos, then you are definitely doing it to others as well. Cut that shit out

  10. YAYAY!
    Stargate, thanks!
    Looking forward to seeing the November writings, thanks to all taking the time to participate….sorry I can’t write for crap, do enjoy what you do though. So …Thanks

  11. Such a shame about the idiotic few ones in the HP fandom wearing you down…*sad face here* cos your HP stories has sparked a light in me to read other HP stories out there (although your stories are still the best!)

    Do what you feel is best for yourself and not for others and write whatever you want, I will, for sure , read anything you write, cos you’re such a brilliant writer with strong values! 😀

  12. Having been worn down by fandom to the point I had to stop both reading and writing in two fandoms – only to be chased around the internet until I changed my user name on several sites – I know all about having to step back for your own sanity. Write what pleases you, what fulfills you, and while I’ll miss the HP stories, I will read and enjoy anything you write… especially since I do love your Stargate things as well… and I’ve never even watched any of the Stargate shows!

  13. Thank you, Keira, For all you do.
    I appreciate anything you want to share. Please do whatever is good for you.

  14. While I’ll miss the Harry Potter for however long your hiatus lasts I am looking forward to whatever you put out in the Stargate or maybe even Star Trek fandoms. Or whatever fandoms you choose to play in. Your work is awesome and the recent shorts are like a mouthwatering appetizer.

  15. I must say, while I love some of your works more than others, I don’t really care which fandom you write in. I never read anything from Star Trek fandom before finding your site, I had completely no idea what a Sentinel was and I watched only about 10 episodes of Stargate Atlantis but I read Ties that bind about 6 times (and am trying not to read it again at least till the end of the year so I don’t make myself sick like a kid on haloween). You are the most talented author of fanfiction there is and if you decided to suddenly write a Twiligh fanfiction or a 50 shades fanfiction (if the masacre James did on BDSM theme is salvageable) I would read it gidily. Peronally in your works I am always looking for your sharp tongue, your hilarious insults on the characters you don’t like, the amazing, winding, gripping plot,sexy as all hell scenes 😀 and beautifully laid romance. So what ever your in a mood to create I am SOOO greatful there is more 🙂

    Also Penelope Garcia and Ian Edgerton – I’m so digging it!

  16. Wow. I would just like to say, people suck. It’s terrible you have to stop writing something that you have enjoyed because of such nonsense.

    I love everything you write. I am sure no matter what comes next, whenever it comes, will be amazing.

    Good luck in November!

  17. I’m just happy that you are posting anything. I will read whatever you post because I think you are a fantastic writer and have a gift doing something I can’t. the only question I have was if “Tangled Destinies” series was finished? I can’t remember if you said something about adding to that series. Oh well, if you do great, if you don’t, it’s still a great series. Thank you for all your hard work.

    • The first arc of Tangled Destinies is finished actually. Think of it as a really long book.

      I want to do two more arcs but I feel like the first arc stands perfectly well on its own.

  18. Sorry to learn you’ve put HP on the backburner…. guess I’ll have to start studying Stargate now, so I can “understand” fanfiction based on that – but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it anyway 🙂

  19. Love everything you do! Read all your little short things, and they gave me warm & fuzzies!!!

    Thanks for everything that you do!! I appreciate every fic you post!!

  20. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve always adored your work, all of it, from every fandom you’ve ever written in. And I REALLY enjoyed those short works you just posted. And I want to thank you for sharing your works with us. I also wanted to say that I’m so sorry the HP fandom has driven you off, it’s been happening to a lot of my favorite authors in all fandoms, and it REALLY sucks that it happened to you. Take all the time you need, and if you never write Harry Potter again that’s more than okay because it’s your life and your site and your choice. I hope you feel better soon!

  21. Fuck those bitches. You are fabulous and to be perfectly honest with you, I have actually watched several t.v. shows and movies to be able to better understand some of the fanficton you have. I got pulled in by Tangled Destiny what seems like only yesterday and I have never looked back.You could decide to quit posting your fanficton tomorrow and I would still feel honored to read what you have given us. I like to go with the picture rule. If you wouldn’t say it about pictures of someone’s family, don’t say it at all.

  22. For fuck’s sake, fandom, this is why we can’t have nice things. Try to remember what your parents told you when you were four – someone gives you a cookie and what do we say? “Thank you”. Not: “can I have two” or “I don’t like raisins”. Thank you. This is not hard, folks, small children manage it every day.

    The worst part of this – as much as I will miss Keira fucking with the Weasleys – is that a handful of twats have made a situation so stressful for a person who has put time and effort into making nice things for us, that they are ruining it for her. Keira doesn’t write HP because WE like it, but because she does. And now, what should be a pleasurable activity is more stressful for her than real life. If any of you assholes are reading this letter and the comments – the internet is not an excuse to be rude or demanding. If your mother would tell you off for saying it…don’t.

    Also, how stupid can people be? The most nagging, aggressive readers are the ones who proclaim themselves fans – they read and listen to everything Keira says, and follow her on facebook…and, apparently, every single time she say’s “don’t do this” they assume she means “don’t do this, except for x, who has special permission”.

    In closing, fandom: fuck off and stop pissing on the rest of us.

    Next stop – NANO! Good luck to everyone who’s participating. Happy plotting!

    • Bravo! This should be required reading to anyone before they start inflicting their opinions and demands on any writer.

  23. Thank you for all the hours of wonderful reading you have given me in many fandoms. I am quite content to re-read your wonderfully richly crafted gifts to us. It’s a sad fact of life that the electronic age has spawned some vile, demanding creatures and unfortunately cyanide needs personal contact to remove the wretched parasites and their purile demands. Take care of yourself, first and foremost.

  24. I’m so sorry people’s demands and attitudes have pushed you away from something you enjoyed. I wish people would be more considerate. I hope it doesn’t happen any longer, and that whatever writings you decide to share aren’t met with that kind of reply in the future.

  25. I’m sorry to hear that HP fandom has worn you down. Even unfinished, The Phoenix has turned into one of my comfort fics (when I’m not up to the full-on epic of The Soulmate Bond)

  26. It’s sad to hear that you’re stepping back from the HP fandom because of readers, but I must admit to possibly doing a happy dance when I saw that more Stargate fics are on the horizon. As much as I’ve enjoyed your HP fics, I absolutely love your Stargate fics. Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic works with your devoted cult of cockworshipers!! Good luck with NaNo next month!

  27. I’m happy just to have the privilege to read what you write hon. I enjoy the worlds you create.

  28. Thank you, registering to your site was one of the best moves I’ve made! Wonderful fiction, while I am a huge Stargate fan, being on your site has enticed me into the other fandoms you write and I thank you for that. I look forward to reading your November Challenge work and really appreciate the time, effort and love you put into your writing. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  29. I absolutely hate the people who have made you feel like this. I know that like most people who have the privilage of reading your work I’d love to know exactly when and what was coming next and I’d love it if it was the exact story I’m hanging out for, but like the majority of your fans I have the manners not to act like a shit asking for something wonderful you are giving us for free on my schedule, I also have the modicum of intelligence required to read and understand your rules and get that self entitled whining is a definate no no.

    The fact of the matter is that my most anticipated of your works is from an EAD snippet from 2011, that I’m fully aware may never be written and I would never dream of drawing your attention to it, let alone make demands on you to write it. I will happily read anything you care to share in any fandom, even if god forbid you were to write a TIVA pairing in NCIS my own personal most hated fanfic area ever.

    • I’m dead curious — which snippet?

      • The Moments In Between

        • Funnily enough — that fic was the first spark I had regarding an AI on Atlantis and my AI fic eventually became No Enemy Within.

          • That is so cool. It caught my attention so much because I was fascinated by what might have caused a world where Rodney had been military, Weir had been removed from leadership before the mission started, declassification and DADT repeal had already happened and John was already a Colonel.

          • oh… and the image of John and Jack snickering in his office reading each other their favorite parts of Rodneys resignation letter was just pure snark gold.

  30. I might not personally read much HP, but I feel terrible that you’ve been worn down by a fandom you love. Anybody following you here and having eyes could see how much you enjoyed it, especially writing Hermione.

  31. I think it’s fair to say that I am simply happy to read anything you care to write, Keira. You have given me so much pleasure with your stories and I am so grateful I found your work – it was quite by chance, a passing mention on another site. I hate that some people don’t seem to get that you sharing your work is a gift and that they have no say in what you do. It isn’t as if you aren’t perfectly clear on your position either – have the idiots been under a rock?! Quite how they get from *thinking* their entitled thoughts – and we all think things we shouldn’t occasionally – to putting pen to paper (so speak) and *sending* them to you is beyond me.

    Anyway, have fun writing whatever you like. That’s the most important thing, that YOU enjoy it.

    Thank you for sharing.

  32. Hi, I usually do not write, just read and reread fics, but I love your work and read them all often meaning few times a year, so thanks and it is better for all that they come at your pace not at our requests 😀
    p.s. sorry english is not my first language.

  33. Well I’m sad the hp fans have burnt you out on hp fanfic. But I’ve always found that that fandom is high on the crazies… I still remember a particularly crazy bunch of them accusing pratchett of stealing his wizards and the unseen University from Rowlings…. in books released years and years before she started writing… And then the outcry when publishing dates were pointed out because that had to mean he was now accusing Rowlings of stealing, which he wasn’t.

    To be honest I found your wonderful paradise for readers due to stargate fic and at first I thought I wouldn’t read other stuff like sentinel and star trek cause not my preferred fandom.
    I never bitched about it cause manners and I can read but I thought I’d just silently skip those. Well I thought wrong. I caved and read them because I love your writing…which holds true and holds my attention even in fandoms I’m not familiar with. Thought that was it. But Nooo reading your work in other fandoms made me branch out and watch stuff and search for recs on good fic in those fandoms…
    Thanks to you I have more obsessions and I’m happy about it
    Ignore them – I can’t figure out a fandom you could write in I wouldn’t read because it’s your writing style and your story arcs that captivate no matter the fandom

  34. there are reasons I mostly hide in a corner and piddle around where no one notices when I have the chance. The HP fandom is a huge part of that. Every fandom has their entitled assholes and feral dogs–HP just has an overwhelming abundance. Heck, your fic is the first I’ve been able to stand to read of HP in a good five years because that fandom is wore me down to almost hating it and your fic is why I started reading around the edges of HP again.

    Screw em. Write what ever ya damn well please.

  35. You’ve been writing for years, and made the terms upon which you write and share your work with us VERY clear for years.

    *pursed lips*

    Why are they fucking with you?

  36. Sorry about the ill mannered children who have dulled your enthusiasm for HP. I will maintain the hope that your hiatus from the fandom won’t be long (just greed on my part because that’s all I read) and that when you return the brats will be grateful and not demanding. Thanks for all you’ve written in the fandom, they are among my favorites that I enjoy rereading over and over again even unfinished. Hope all goes well for you.

  37. How stupid me can be? My line of work says “very”. 🙁 I’m sorry that some stupid people made you take a break from HP fandom.

    Hope you will enjoy it once again one day and gift us with some new amazing stuff. Till ten, we’ll enjoy your other stories. 🙂 Good luck for your NaNo project!

  38. Sorry to hear that the HP folks have been such jerks. Best of luck and I hope at some point HP again becomes something you enjoy writing. If not, c’est la vie!

  39. Yay for you focusing on Stargate. While I enjoy your HP fiction my first love was SG.

    (Well any thing you wish to post is usually worth a read and I wouldn’t complain).

    Please don’t let our greed rush you. Fics are better when the writer has fun and when the reader has time to look forwards to an update – no-one could write your quality Fics fast enough to satisfy greedy readers anyway.

  40. All I can say is I appreciate all you do, and thank you for the fact that you let us read what you write. People suck and I’m sorry you have to deal with their bs.

  41. Thank you for sharing your writing. Write what you want and what inspires you. There’s always going to be an audience waiting. 🙂

  42. I’m sorry that you are worn out from writing Harry Porter. I would never “demand” any author write more of a certain fandom, although I have written that I look forward to reading more from an author. I hope that hasn’t offended you, as it was not my intent. I know you write a lot of different stories (fandoms) and even though some are my favorites and of course I would love if those were written more often, I would never ask or suggest that that be done, because I completely understand that an author has to write what they feel, otherwise they could suffer writer’s block, which would be a nightmare for you as a writer, but also your readers. Thank you for the newsletter and keep up the great writing.

  43. Pretty much ditto to everyone else. I remain grateful for whatever you share, find myself surprised by my addiction to fandoms and pairings I’ve never been interested in because what you write is just that compelling, and mutter threats and disgust at the rude fans who enjoy entitlement and assdoucherey. Sigh. Is it me or do the HP and Twilight fandoms seem to contain the most demanding? Personally, I keep hoping you’ll publish another original novel so I can pay for the privilege of your genius.

  44. I’m 66 years old and have been around fandoms since I was 16 with the original Star Trek. So 50 years in fandoms, ugh. Star Trek, Star Wars, Highlander, The Sentinel, the Stargates and Harry Potter have been my main interests. But, I’ve got to say the Harry Potter fandom has been the one of the worse for fandom entitlement. I’ve wondered why and I’m guessing that the average age of the readers is still considerably younger than the other fandoms and many younger fans believe that the demand for more is the ultimate complement, after all, you go to a concert and demand more and usually get an encore. It may be because it’s the largest fandom ever and there are just that many more individuals that don’t know how to play well with others. Perhaps there is a higher ratio of readers to authors in the HP world. If you’ve ever written a well received fanwork, exhausted yourself, posted it and been greeted by a demand for more, you’ll never do it to others. Also, you often tend to write Harry/Hermione and that was the HP ship that nearly drove JK Rowling to quit when she dared to pair Harry with Ginny, instead their favorite, Hermione. I agreed with them, but I never would have told her so. The Sentinel fandom nearly self-destructed when a group of ‘perfect’ authors started picking on the writing skills of nearly all of the new authors, but that’s a whole other tale. I’m sorry you have been so harassed. Just try to remember that for every rude jerk there are thousands of us out here who love your HP work and who will wait and hope the idiots of our fandom ‘get it’.

    • Oh, the Sentinel fandom gave me a little snip too. Because I didn’t write Pathetic!Blair

      • I’ve never gotten Pathetic!Blair. The cannon Blair was a very strong, brilliant character who, for the most part could take care of himself, even if he was a bit of a trouble magnet. At least you were spared the grammar-Nazis of the Sentinel, some of the best writers drove many new writers away from the fandom. It was outrageous, if you don’t like something, back out of it, but don’t bully the new writers.

        • And don’t even get me started on Lord of the Rings where the slightest deviation from cannon got the author a nasty attack. To me fandom is about exploring what might have been, if something happened differently than cannon. You do that so well, by the way. It’s one of the things that I love best about your writing.

      • There is nothing pathetic about Blair. Blair will hit you with a fucking vending machine if you have anything to say about it.

      • I always liked the Idea of your characters being equals in partnerships and not weaker or pathetic to the other characters in the pairings. I love the give and take they all have.

  45. I am saddened to hear that about the fandom but I am glad you choose to share what you do write with us. I love your HP, SGA and ST works (and read them over and over). Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself in your writing with us.

    • Clarification, cause I reread it after waking up… sadden to hear about their reaction (the Fandoms), not that you have chosen to write in another one of your wonderful work universes.

  46. Wow, the graphic for Synthetic is gorgeous. Good luck on your NaNo project. The teaser summary has my ears piqued. You have such an awesome imagination.

    And I totally get being worn down. I recently received a 125 word “comment” that consisted of a prompt for a sequel. That’s it. No “thanks.” No “I liked it.” Just 125 words dictating what I should write next.

    I mean. Do what you need to do for you, bubbe. Screw the rest.

  47. Can’t wait to see what you come out with and hope your month of NaNo is successful for you! Love reading and re-reading your work 🙂

  48. Firstly, I absolutely adore everything you write. I think I’ve read everything multiple times. Usually because I’m looking for “that one story with that one scene” and I’ll start reading one, and it’s not “the one,” but I remember that I loved this one too, and I read it anyway.

    Secondly, I’m sorry that you’ve been turned off of a fandom due to some twatwaffle’s sense of entitlement. I’m not upset on my own behalf (even if I do binge read your stuff), but more because it kills part of soul every time an author is burned out or driven away from a fandom.

    Since each of us perceived the canon in our own specific way, and each of us is struck by different aspects of it, and each of us writes stories influenced by all of that–our respective fandoms are only enhanced by all of our hardworking authors. We lose something every time we push someone (and their talent) away. So thank you, Keira. Thank you for writing. Thank you for nurturing and supporting burgeoning writers through your RT groups. You contribute so much to multiple fandoms, and your hard work is truly appreciated.

  49. Well, if your ears were burning yesterday, it’s because I told my son, who writes both fantasy and romance (although not fanfiction), and is strongly Christian, about you. I explained to him the tools for writers that you’ve created, the “safe space” to be and create and explore writing in all its forms.

    I also let him know that your give-a-fuck is sincerely broken and that was something your fans truly appreciate about you. You are uniquely you, and while he needed the heads up *before* joining Rough Trade, so he would know a bit of what to expect, I told him there wasn’t a better group of authors from whom he could learn the trade than here.

    As I told him, I honestly don’t care which fandom you choose to write in, or what original work you might actually put up for sale in this name – I’d read it, buy it, and recommend it, simply because you’re a fantastic artist.

    So thank you, simply for sharing with us your gift, your very hard work, and your knowledge. By being just who you are, you inspire other writers to improve their own craft, and building a “world” in which they can do just that. You are remarkable.

  50. Keira, I am sorry that some people have made things difficult for you. I love your fics, all of them, even if I have never seen the show. I have never seen or heard of SGA until I read one of your fics, and now I love it. My point is, I will read and absolutely love anything you write, whenever the heck you feel like writing it!!

  51. I think that in the time since I first discovered your stories I have read every single thing you have published at least once and my favorite easily half a dozen times. I will freely admit to downloading the e-books of my favorites just so I can read them even when I don’t have internet access.

    You are an amazing author, and the stories you write never fail to draw me into your worlds. While I am sorry that you have lost your passion for writing Harry Potter fanfiction, I will admit to being very excited about you writing more Stargate Atlantis. I can’t wait until you publish the sequel to Sentinels of Atlantis, never mind finish The Ties that Bind.

    I truly hope that you never completely burn out and stop writing fanfiction all together as that will be a truly horible day for all of your fans. Thank you for blessing all of us with your talents and sharing your work with us.

  52. I’m sorry people in the Harry Potter fandom pressured you and made you feel bad.

    Your stories in all fandoms are amazing. Your SGA stories are what got me into the fandom. Thank you so much for sharing your stories and for RT.

  53. Commissioner Gorgon

    Like everyone else, I’m sorry that the crazies have driven you away from Harry Potter. That was my gateway to finding you in the vast field of chaff called the internet. Harry/Hermione is my OTP, but the Harry/Draco and the Harry/Draco/Hermione you’ve posted drew me in and provided tons of enjoyment! I’ve read some other things, but I’m definitely going to check out your Stargate Atlantis stories now.
    In particular, I’d like to thank you for HP & the Soulmate Bond. I’ve read that multiple times, and I’m sure I’ll read it again. It’s amazing to read a story where Hermione appreciates herself as much as she should. I truly wish that was the kind of message being delivered in YA fiction to girls and boys. Instead we get a Hermione/Ron marriage and Bella Swan.
    Thank you for sharing the things you write with all of your readers!

  54. :::grins::: As someone who never embraced the HP fandom in any form, but who LOVES Stargate in *all* of it forms, this makes me nothing but happy. Yay! I look forward to much SGA goodness, when it comes.

  55. This sense of entitlement among readers of fan fiction is horrifying. While I must confess to being guilty, in the past, of using the dreaded word “more”, I mean it as a sincere and heartfelt expression of my appreciation and enjoyment of the work I have read – much like an audience in a theatre calls out “encore”. Any crumbs that fall from the table of such a gifted writer as yourself are always welcome.

    I am truly grateful that you see fit to share your amazing stories with us, and if you want me to hunt down, torture, and kill any self-important, overly entitled just say the word! Being a minion (albeit a lurking one) means that we get perks like that, right?

  56. In all the fandoms that I have read/written in, I will agree that HP is the most entitled one. I thought that Queer As Folk was bad with its ‘don’t pair Brian or Justin with anyone else, ever!’ nonsense, but…yeah. I came here for the HP, not gonna lie. I’ve read all of them, even your Harry/Hermione. I will admit that you are the only writer that has ever, in 10+ years to get me to read that pairing. I really hope that you’ll come back to it someday, because you’ve created this alternative canon with interesting and fun characters that I love. I’m sticking around, because one, you crack my shit up, two, because I can get updates on your original fic, and three…(deep breath)…I might someday be able to read your SA stuff. Not because of BDSM, but because it’s a fandom I don’t follow. Gotta start somewhere, yeah? Minxie’s been trying to get me to read the Tangled Destinies series. Guess I’ll give it a go!

    Seriously, though, thanks for all the HP you’ve given me/us. I’ve loved every word of it. Don’t let the asshats get you down.

  57. Just happy you feel the urge to write anything with all the BS and stupidity going on at the moment. Looking forward to November – Rough Trade will be here and this farce of an election will be over. You rock Keira!

  58. *huff* Really people are asshats! You write, we read, if folks don’t like it, go read elsewhere but don’t ruin it for the chick who DOES the writing. I still totally blame you for the whole HP thing! I NEVER read that until you got your cottontail in that. Any who you write whatever the hell you want and ignore the nitwits. Love all of it and have fun writing what you want how you want.

  59. OMG, WTF is wrong with HP fandom? At any rate, I’m so glad you have Atlantis to play in and have fun with–you have to know that we all love those guys and the way you write them, both canonical characters and original characters you’ve created, and the ones who are a little of both (I adore your Miko). When one door closes, another opens.

  60. How sad that some people ruined your fun writing. I’ve enjoyed your Harry Potter fics because they push all my buttons. You write what you want and how you want it. That’s refreshing, and the fics show you’re writing for your own enjoyement too. If that was lost for you…well… what can I say but thank you for all the time you spend writing and sharing with us. ( I’ll keep some hope for the Mages Trilogy…someday)
    And… YES!!! Yes, yes, yes, yeeees! SGA! SGA on the future!
    Ties that bind, Spartan John perhaps, sentinel everything! Hawaii? Spencer Reid? Please! Whatever you want to write will be welcomed and enjoyed.

  61. Uuuh? Auto posting much? The comment just…auto posted !
    Well, here’s what I was writing before the comment decided to get alive..
    Don’t lose the fun and joy of writing. The short fics are fun and a rest from the pressure. Enjoy yourself and ignore entitled people.
    Love and hugs for you, lovely lady.

  62. Just a thank you for all the writing you have GIFTED us over the years.

    It’s only good manners to say thank you when you get a gift no matter how you feel about the gift.

    Under no circumstances do you complain about the gift…it’s just plain bad manners.

    Your stories are often my bedtime reading (re-reading) because I like your writing.

    Thanks once again for all the gifts.

  63. Oh man, my first thought was I hope that none of the people I’ve sent to your site with recs are the ones who helped drive you away.

    It is amazing how demanding people can be. I’ll continue to enjoy what you already have posted, and look forward to anything that appears in any fandom. And actually, I’m really excited about maybe getting stuff on stories you haven’t worked on in a while. Or completely new stories.

    I’m not going to post which of your existing stories would be my favorites, but I’m pretty sure I’d love almost anything you posted (there’s only one story on your site I haven’t read. I don’t need another fandom.)

    (and, it’s a pretty drastic approach, but you could always ban the people who can’t read the site rules and then stop accepting new members. Extreme, but maybe worth it for peace of mind)

  64. Hi Keira,
    Much of what I wanted to say has already been said.
    What I will say, is this.
    You spend **hours** upon **hours** crafting excellent fic, that is superbly written. Thank You.
    Whatever it is that you share, when that time is right for you to share, is a gift, that I want to make clear that I sincerely appreciate.
    A new fic post notice from you *always* puts a child-like grin on my face.
    Besides, your site offers us all the chance to read and re-read as often as we like. This is a ANOTHER gift. THANK YOU.

  65. It is terrible that people think they are entitled to demand anything. I can’t imagine how they think they will get what they want behaving in that manner. Thank you for sharing your imagination, creativity, and most importantly your time. May you find peace and harmony.

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