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Title: Axiom
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: NCIS/Numb3rs
Relationship: Tony DiNozzo/Ian Edgerton
Genre: Canon Divergence
Warnings:  Explicit sex, no beta
Word Count: 4800
Author Note: This is for the One Sentence prompt on Rough Trade. You can find the challenge here.
Jilly’s Response: Daring (link to her site)
Prompt: Tony DiNozzo runs into Ian Edgerton when he goes to the range to requalify for his weapon after he was injured by Ziva in the shipping container.

* * * * –

“Decent, but you’ve done better.”

Tony looked up from the paper target he’d just pulled down and met Ian Edgerton’s gaze. “Ian.”

The FBI agent raised an eyebrow and leaned on the partition wall. “Tony.”

DiNozzo took a deep breath and focused on this target. The spread was decent, but he didn’t meet his own standards for field readiness. Gibbs had been breathing down his neck for days to get requalified. Tony had to take off his fucking shirt in the middle of the bullpen to show the asshole the stitches in his arm because Ziva’s little story had gotten more weight that Tony’s actual report of the incident. Gibbs had been shocked by the injury, but he’d also demanded that Tony stop milking the situation and go to the range.

“What are you doing here?” Tony asked.

“I’m on administrative leave,” Ian murmured and shrugged when Tony looked his way. “I took the shot.”


“Never easy,” Ian said. “But I had no choice. I’ll be cleared. It was a righteous kill.”

Tony nodded because he didn’t doubt that in the least. Ian was easily the most honorable person he knew, and his ethics were rock solid.

“Most people would take this opportunity to have a little vacation,” Tony pointed out.

“Dan’s wife had a baby. An early baby,” Ian said. “I volunteered to take a few of his shifts so he could concentrate on his ladies. His replacement for paternity leave should be ready to go on Monday.”

“A daughter then.”

“Yeah, their third,” Ian said with a laugh. “Dude’s outnumbered for life. Why are you here?”

“I got shot in the field,” Tony said shortly. “It’s almost healed.”

“Almost isn’t enough,” Ian said shortly. “How injured?”

“Through and through, right arm.” Tony cleared his throat and ignored the slight sting of pain as the stitches pulled as he reloaded his weapon.

“I didn’t hear anything about it. Unusual for it not to make the rounds when a fed of your profile gets shot in the field. That’s pretty juicy gossip in our circles.”

“It was…” Tony frowned and lowered his gaze. “One of my own team. I can’t say it was friendly fire because she’s anything but friendly, but I ended up taking a bullet during a case.” He frowned. “And so did my favorite wool coat.”


“Yeah,” Tony nodded. “I can’t…” He put his gun down. “She played it off like it was nothing and Gibbs bought it until I showed him the fucking stitches.”

“You’re done,” Ian said shortly. “Go ahead and sign out, Tony. There’s no way in hell I’m going to approve you for field duty in your state.”


“No, buts.”

“Gibbs will be furious.”

“Yeah, well, that bastard can kiss my ass. I’ll send a notification to NCIS that you didn’t qualify due to your unhealed injury,” Ian explained. “Go home and pack a bag.”

Tony raised an eyebrow at his friend and sometimes-lover. “Pardon me?”

“You need a break, and I’m off-duty for a week starting in three hours.” Ian raised an eyebrow. “I’ve got a cabin a couple hours from here—I think we could both use a break from civilization.”

It was far more appealing than the thought of going back to NCIS and sitting at his desk while he endured bullshit for not qualifying for field duty. He wanted to be kind of irritated with Ian because anyone else would be more than willing to sign off on it.

“Sounds good.”

“I’ll pick you up at six,” Ian said and walked away.

Tony wadded up his target, ignored the slight pull of muscles in his upper arm, and chucked it in a trash can a few feet away. “Nothing but net,” he murmured and smiled briefly before pulling out his phone.

He didn’t want to deal with Gibbs, at all, and that said more about his work situation than getting shot by his fucking partner in the field. Anyone else would’ve been apologetic and contrite—but Ziva had made a joke out of it to save face. As it turned out, Tony was the only person she’d managed to shoot during that incident.

So much for Mossad’s training methods, Tony thought. Though he’d believed that Ziva had gotten a light ride on that front because of her father. She was fit and strong, but she was small. He didn’t know what kind of work she’d done before NCIS beyond the fact that she’d been her brother’s handler. That implied she hadn’t been a field operative much if at all. He figured if she had—it had been of the honeytrap variety. She’d tried seduction with him, but Tony didn’t want any part of that.

He called HR on the way back to his apartment and reported that he didn’t qualify for field duty then took the rest of the day off then layered a week of vacation on top of it. He’d more than earned it, and there was nothing but cold cases waiting for him at work. Tony made it all the way to his own couch before his phone went off. He glanced at the display and briefly pondered not answering, but he figured Gibbs would show up if he did and the last thing he wanted was the older man in his space.

He answered. “Hey Gibbs.”

You didn’t requalify?” Gibbs demanded. “Seriously?”

“My spread was all over the place,” Tony explained. “The range supervisor refused to sign off on it and was irritated I even tried since I still have stitches.” Tony relaxed back on the couch and threw his feet up on the table. “I’ve time off to burn, and there’s nothing on my desk that isn’t years old, Gibbs. I need a break.”

“From the job?” Gibbs questioned. “Or from us?”


Gibbs sighed. “Tony.”

“You need to think about the team,” Tony said. “And my place on it because I’m fed up with being the SFA in name only. Ziva is a loose cannon, and Tim is…being difficult. That situation will only get worse. I’m tired of them both, and frankly, I’m not all that thrilled with you on a daily basis either. I’m sure that pisses you off, but I’m actually beyond caring at this point. I’ve been on your six for a long time Gibbs, and there was a time when you’d have never questioned my word regarding getting shot. So, I’m taking a week off to think about my options.”

“Just a week.”

“For now,” Tony said evenly. “I have a lot of options, Gibbs, I might need more than a week to consider them. I’m really fucking tired, okay?”

“I get it,” Gibbs said shortly. “Tell Edgerton that he might be a better shot, but he’ll never see me coming if he fucks you over.”

Tony snorted. “Mind your own business, Gibbs.”

“You’ve been my business since Baltimore.”

Tony started to respond, but Gibbs hung up, so he tossed his phone on the couch and stared at the dark screen of his television for a moment before he picked up the remote and turned it on. He had a few hours to kill, and he didn’t plan to pack much for his trip. His phone started ringing again, and he glanced over to see Ziva’s picture lighting up the screen.

He reached over and flicked to send the call to voicemail. Then did the same thing when McGee’s call came through. They were both way too convinced they had the right to be involved in his personal life. He didn’t consider either of them friends, and his time off was none of their concern. Abby called, and he picked up his phone, flicked her to voice mail, and sent Gibbs a text telling him that he was turning his work phone off. He got a single ‘k’ in response which was more than he expected.

* * * *

Tony dozed all the way to the cabin which Ian took for a win. He knew that DiNozzo didn’t let his guard down with many, so he considered himself very lucky when it came to the amount of trust he’d been given. Ian had spent far too many years on the road with nothing and no one to come home to, and he hadn’t even realized how much it bothered him until he’d watched Tony DiNozzo struggle to work his way through a requalification shoot that should’ve been a breeze for the NCIS agent. His on-and-off sexual affair with DiNozzo had been simmering in the back of his head for over a year, and it had been infuriating to discover that Tony been shot on the job well after the fact.

While it was unreasonable, Ian felt like he should’ve known that information as soon as possible. But they didn’t have that kind of relationship and never had. It was clear he’d developed feelings, and that was terrible. He didn’t have time or room for feelings, most especially for a pretty boy like Tony DiNozzo. Ian knew the man didn’t lack for attention when he wanted, but, Tony had more emotional baggage than Ian did, which defied imagination since Ian made his living hunting and sometimes killing people. Fugitive apprehension took a special breed and working as a sniper added a whole layer of ugly on top of it. A lot of people couldn’t handle it, but Tony hadn’t ever made Ian feel like his work was a deal breaker.

He turned off the vehicle and settled one hand on Tony’s thigh, which proved just enough to wake him up. Tony turned his head slightly and gave Ian a small smile. “Sorry about the nap.”

“You clearly needed it,” Ian said. “We’re here.”

Tony sat up a little straighter and peered out of the windshield of the SUV. He raised one eyebrow. “Huh.”


“I expected something….well…more like a small shack.”

Ian laughed and rolled his eyes. “Having the ability to survive in the wilderness and having the desire to do so are two entirely different things.” He pulled the keys from the ignition and jerked his head toward the A-frame house tucked in the dense dark woods in front of them. “Go ahead. I’ll get the bags.”

“Ever the gentleman, Agent Edgerton,” Tony said with a grin.

“I have an entire list of people who would argue that point,” Ian said with a laugh as Tony opened his door.

“I don’t take the opinions of people in federal prison all that seriously,” Tony said as he slid out of the SUV and stretched leisurely before heading the for the house.

Ian wet his lips. It had been about six months since he’d had DiNozzo and it had been six months too long in his opinion. He plucked their duffels from the backseat and headed to the house. Tony was sprawled on the front porch swing, looking relaxed and oddly predatory at the same time, like some big cat weighing his options. It wasn’t often that anyone made Ian feel like prey, he figured that was one of the reasons that Tony appealed to him so much. There was a lot of equal ground to be found between them, and Ian liked that.

“The maintenance company I pay to keep the place up was supposed to deliver groceries this afternoon,” Ian said. “I’d originally only ordered enough for one, so I hope that my updated list made it to them on time otherwise we’ll probably get another delivery tomorrow.”

Tony nodded and stood from the swing. “It’s a nice place. Why’d you buy it?”

“My apartment is just a place to sleep,” Ian said roughly as he opened the door and pocketed the keys. “I needed a home.”

Tony offered him a bright smile. “Thanks for bringing me, then.”

Ian flushed and shrugged as he motioned Tony in ahead of him. “It’s been on the market for a while because it’s not exactly a hunter’s cabin and it’s not really built for a family due to the size.” He motioned Tony in. “It’s too to close town for a genuine recluse. The original owner was a writer—she had it built to give her a creative space that was almost isolated but still gave her all the amenities she needed to be comfortable.”

“Including a giant TV,” Tony exclaimed in delight. “I love this woman.”

“I could’ve brought that out here,” Ian pointed out.

Tony glanced around the first floor and laughed. “It’s gorgeous, Ian. No way you decorated this. You’re the least fashion forward gay man I know.”

Ian sighed. “Shut up.”

In truth, the house was decorated very well, and he’d bought it fully furnished just to avoid having to figure that shit out for himself.

“Why did they sell?”

“She decided she wanted to be creative in the Caribbean,” Ian said dryly.

He put the bags down on the sofa and walked into the kitchen area. A note left on the counter confirmed that his double grocery delivery had been accomplished so he wadded that up and dropped it in the trash can then focused on Tony who’d walked to the back of the large open space to stand at the French doors that led to the back deck.

“You wanna talk?”

“I don’t trust her,” Tony murmured. “Shepard forced her on us after Kate was killed. I think she probably helped Ari pick his targets before he went off the rails. It was pretty damned convenient we had a place on our team for her to land.” He huffed. “She’s…”

“The David family isn’t long on loyalty, not even to each other,” Ian said. “You told me that she killed her own brother. It would be foolish to trust a woman who can murder her own brother, and I doubt she did so without her father’s permission.”

Tony’s shoulders slumped. “Shepard…” He rubbed his face. “Gibbs just let it all go, you know? She has too much access and pointing it out got me nowhere.”

“Then you clearly pointed it out the wrong person,” Ian murmured as he walked across the room and invaded Tony’s space. “You can’t let Gibbs’ grief over Kate Todd get you killed, and it could’ve already.” He cupped the elbow of Tony’s injured arm. “Easily. She’s not dumb, Tony, and she had to know that she couldn’t fire her weapon in that shipping container.”

“Got the details, huh?” Tony said.

“It didn’t take long,” Ian murmured. “Gibbs called five minutes after I sent the notification to NCIS. I don’t even think you were out of the parking lot, yet.”

Tony made a face. “He threaten you?”

“I didn’t give him a chance,” Ian said wryly. “I told if him if he wanted you dead that he could at least give you the courtesy of taking the shot himself.”

DiNozzo huffed out a breath in surprise. “Ian.”

“He hung up on me,” Ian said with a laugh. “I guess I should be lucky he isn’t the sort to file a complaint.”

“No, he’ll just show up at your house and punch you in the face,” Tony said wryly. “Gibbs trusts Ziva, and I’m not sure what to do about it. It’s misplaced and built on a foundation of…grief and deception. I don’t know what it’ll take to shake loose the faith he’s placed in her. He hates being wrong so much it’s practically a phobia.”

“You getting shot should’ve been enough.” Ian shifted Tony around and smiled when DiNozzo leaned for a kiss. He brushed his mouth over Tony’s briefly. “Hungry?”

“I could say something cliché about not being hungry for food right about now,” Tony murmured as he hooked his fingers into Ian’s belt and pulled him closer. “But the best part about being with you is that I don’t have to play a part.” He pressed his mouth against Ian’s jaw and whispered fiercely, “The pretense is killing me.”

“Tony.” Ian turned his head slightly and caught the other man’s mouth in another kiss—deeper and more intimate than the one before. He loved the way Tony tasted. He lifted his head and  murmured, “Come to bed with me.”

“Yeah, let’s do that,” DiNozzo agreed.

Ian laced his fingers with Tony’s and pulled him up a narrow set of stairs to the loft. A large bed dominated the space. The sex had been easy and rewarding from the start, Ian thought. Tony loved to be fucked and had no shame to speak of in bed. It was such a pleasure to have the other man in his space and in his bed, and Ian had been ignoring that since they met.

Tony shrugged out a light jacket and immediately started unbuttoning his shirt. “We should probably call each other more often or something.”

Ian pulled his T-shirt over his head and tossed it aside. “You’re the one that said you wanted something casual.”

“Life’s short, so maybe it’s time we both stop pretending we don’t want this,” Tony gestured between them. “Unless you really don’t want this.”

“I want all of this,” Ian said roughly. “I couldn’t even visit you when you had the plague until you were conscious enough to approve it, which was annoying. And keeping that annoyance to myself was even more irritating.”

Tony grimaced. “Let’s not talk about that.”

Ian huffed a little but pulled his belt free from his jeans and sat down on the bed to take off his boots while Tony had managed to strip down completely. He eyed the injured arm as the other man sprawled on the bed with no pretense of shyness. Tony’s gorgeous cock was half-hard already. Ian stood, shucked his jeans and briefs before crawling onto the bed.

He hummed a little in pleasure as Tony spread his legs and stretched out before him. “You’re beautiful.”

Tony grinned. “I know.”

Ian just shook his head and leaned over to open the door of the nightstand. He pulled out a bottle of lube and plucked up a strip of condoms as well. “You want it like this?”

“Arm hurts a little,” Tony admitted, and his cheeks flushed when Ian raised an eyebrow. “I probably didn’t take it as easy I should’ve. Gibbs got pushy when I tried to take more than two days off afterward.”

“You need to stop letting that bastard push you beyond your limits,” Ian muttered. “You’re an adult, Tony, not some boy he’s teaching the ways of the world.”

Tony nodded but then spread his legs. “Stop lecturing me and get to work, Edgerton.”

Those were hard instructions to ignore, so Ian flicked open the lube and slicked up his fingers. “How long it’s been for you?”

Tony wet his lips. “I…haven’t let anyone in me since the last time we hooked up.”

Ian raised an eyebrow. “You’ve gone six months without getting laid?”

“Well…, no, but you’re the only man I have on deck so to speak.” His gaze flicked to Ian’s cock, and Tony grinned. “You’re a pretty hard act to follow as it turns out.”

Ian shouldn’t have found that flattering at all. He rubbed his fingers over Tony’s exposed asshole and watched the other man’s eyes fluttered shut. “How about we clear the deck?”


“Utterly,” Ian muttered. “So tell the ladies to take a hike.”

“Just the one,” Tony admitted with a groan and lifted his hips slightly as Ian pushed briefly inside. “I’m just her back-up dick.”

“I certainly can’t fault her choice on that front,” Ian said. “But I’m done sharing.”

Tony lifted an eyebrow and wet his lips as Ian slid fingers in deep. “Then you’d better be prepared to meet my needs whenever our schedules allow.”

“I got this,” Ian said before he pulled his fingers free of Tony’s clenching ass and reached for the condom.

Tony watched him intently as he rolled the latex on, and Ian wondered what the other man was thinking. In a lot of ways, DiNozzo was a mystery and Ian would fully admit that it was part of the draw. He liked puzzles and loved being challenged.

Ian trailed one finger along the length of Tony’s dick. “Want me to suck you off, first?”

Tony spread his legs further. “No, I want you to make me come with just your cock.”

Ian slid one hand under Tony and lifted him off the mattress as he used the other position himself. He pressed the head of his cock against Tony’s slick asshole and pushed in with one long, unhurried stroke.

“Fuck,” Tony arched up off the bed and hooked a leg around Ian’s waist. “Damn.”

“I told you,” Ian murmured as he started to fuck into Tony with one long thrust after another. “I got this.”

“Yeah,” Tony agreed as his hands clamped on Ian’s shoulders and he started to rock down into each thrust.

Tony didn’t make much noise in bed, so each little groan Ian worked free of the other man’s mouth was like a gift. They moved together easily as if they’d had years together to learn how to pleasure each other. Ian found the smooth movement of their bodies against each other intoxicating and addictive. Maybe that’s why he’d tried to stay away as much as he could.

Fucking was always a pleasure, but taking Tony DiNozzo to bed for the first time all those months ago had changed Ian. He was still trying hard not to resent it. It was galling that another person could turn him inside out the way Tony had.

“Ian.” Tony wrapped both of his legs around Ian’s waist and clenched one hand on the back of his neck. “Yeah, just…” He shuddered and groaned. “I’m close.”

“I know,” Ian murmured as he brushed their mouths together. “Come for me.”

He pressed their bodies together tight until Tony’s leaking cock was digging into the muscles of his stomach. Ian rolled his hips repeatedly as Tony twisted under him, soft moans spilling from lips. Ian couldn’t help but groan himself when Tony’s spilled messily between them. He thrust a few more times, hoping that Tony wouldn’t get too sensitive for it and just groaned when Tony’s ass clenched around his cock.

Tony’s hands clenched on his back. “Come on, now, take what you want.”

“Tony.” Ian closed his eyes briefly, and Tony’s blunt nails dragged against his skin. “I…”

Ian lifted off Tony to get better leverage and increased his pace until his hips were slapping sharply against Tony’s ass. The pleasure bordered on vicious and some small part of him was afraid of how much he liked it. Tony had brought him out something dark and primal from the very beginning, and Ian wasn’t sure he wanted to face it. He came with a harsh groan and after a few seconds, allowed Tony to pull him down into a tight hug.

Tony’s lips brushed against his forehead, and he relaxed under Ian’s weight as if he didn’t have a care in the world.

* * * *

Ian curled his toes against the dark treated wood of the deck that extended off the back of his cabin and stared out into the dark woods in front of him. Finally, he dialed a number he figured he’d never have reason to. He’d earned his share of favors over the years in various ways both on and off the job. He just, honestly, wasn’t the sort to call them in.

The call connected as he tucked the phone against his ear and leaned against the railing. A woman’s filled his ear near immediately.

“You said you’d probably never call.”

“Yeah.” Ian grimaced. “My apologies for not keeping true to that.”

“No apologies,” she said. “Give me a moment, I was sitting down to dinner. Even my oldest daughter came to the table willingly.” He listened to her move around and heard the click of a door shutting. “How can I help you, Raptor?”

“You know my real name,” Ian said with some amusement.

“Yes, but that’s not how we were introduced,” she responded then waited.

“Ziva David,” Ian said after a few moments. “She’s working—”

“I know exactly where she’s working,”  the woman said shortly. “We’re keeping an eye on that.”

“She probably killed her own brother, and I don’t know enough about that to be comfortable with it,” Ian said shortly. “I’ve been reliably informed she has too much access to classified information through NCIS.” He paused when she didn’t make a sound. “Not unknown to you.”

She snorted. “I know you have a lot of reasons to mistrust people in my organization, Raptor, but we’re not idiots. Her placement is being protected at some pretty high levels, but we are looking for a way to neutralize her.”

“I’m pretty sure a couple of weeks ago she tried to murder a federal agent under the guise of a friendly-fire accident,” Ian said.


“Why’d I bother calling?” Ian demanded.

“Because you saved my life and you want a favor,” she replied. “You want her gone?”

“I want her out of his life immediately. She’s reckless and unreliable. I don’t know why Gibbs is tolerating her but I won’t.”

She hummed under her breath. “DiNozzo means a lot to you.”

Ian couldn’t argue her assessment, and that was annoying. “Will you fix it?”

“Of course,” she said simply. “Call again if you need further assistance.”

“This makes us even,” Ian said.

“No,” she replied. “I owe you more than my life, Raptor. Eight months after we crossed paths, my son came into the world.” She paused. “Whatever you need, whenever you need it. Just call.”

Ian blinked in surprise and closed his phone when she hung up.

“Did you just put a hit on Ziva?” Tony asked.

Ian turned and found his lover standing in the middle of the open French doors. He looked more confused than irritated, which was amusing all on its own. “No, if I wanted her dead, I’d take the shot myself.” He pocketed his phone. “I called in a favor.”


“CIA analyst,” Ian said. “I doubt you know her—she’s pretty deep in the organization. Smart. Probably too smart. I wouldn’t make an enemy of her given a choice.”

Tony nodded and walked out onto the deck. “Why?”

“Because you deserve better than the hand NCIS has dealt you, and Shephard is going to learn that one way or another.” Ian frowned and focused on the forest. “And so did Kate Todd.”

“You didn’t like Kate.”

“She was short-sighted,” Ian said. “But she didn’t deserve what she got.”

“No,” Tony murmured. “She didn’t.” He wrapped both hands around the railing. “You agree then—Ari killed her to make room for Ziva on the MCRT.”

“Yes, and that means that whatever Shepard is up to at NCIS is bigger and uglier than anyone realizes,” Ian said. “I can’t have your back on the job, Tony but that doesn’t mean I can just stand back and watch them get you killed to further some political…or personal agenda. When we first met, I thought…well.”

“What?” Tony prodded.

“I thought I’d get a little bit of you before Gibbs interfered and made sure you didn’t have time for me. I thought he wanted you.”

“He might,” Tony said. “But he’ll never let himself go there, and I realized that years ago. I’m not pining after Gibbs, Ian. I swear. Some people think I’m basically his trained dog, but they really don’t know a single thing about me. NCIS isn’t the end of the road, and I’m already looking at other options.” He waved a hand. “Fornell has offered me a job repeatedly, and maybe the next time he offers, I’ll say yes.”

“He’s just as much of an asshole as Gibbs is,” Ian pointed out.

“Yeah, but he’s a different kind of asshole,” Tony shrugged. “Maybe someone else will make the offer before Fornell does but if Gibbs doesn’t straighten out soon—I’ll be gone. I’ve left better jobs than the one I’ve got for no real reason at all.”

“Pissed that I interfered?” Ian questioned.

“I should be, you caveman,” Tony said wryly and laughed when Ian huffed. “But I’ve learned over the years that it’s important to use the best weapon you have for any given situation. It seems like that weapon was yours this time around.”

“You’re really lucky I’m not the sort to make dick jokes,” Ian said and grinned when Tony groaned. “Hungry?”

“Yeah, I could eat.”

Ian lifted off the railing and motioned towards the inside of the cabin. “Let’s go figure it out together.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Tony said with a smile and took the hand Ian offered.


The End

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


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