That Old Black Magic

Title: That Old Black Magic
Keira Marcos
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Genre: Romance, Alternate Universe, Time Travel, Established Relationship
Rating: NC-17 (explicit sexual situations, language, and violence)
Betas: Chris King & Ladyholder
Warnings: Not Brit picked, sexual situations two time traveling characters are various ages, an author with a transitory respect for canon who has rarely met a cliche she didn’t absolutely adore.
Word Count:  133,000
Summary: Head Auror Harry Potter and his magical partner, Lord Draco Malfoy, are cast back in time against their will and at the whim of fate to right the injustices done during the second blood war. Faced with a nightmare-filled future, a looming war, and forced to deal with people long dead to them–they must navigate the past, protect the future, and learn to forgive before it’s too late.

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That Old Black Magic by FanArts Series

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 Prologue-Chapter Four
Chapter Five-Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten-Chapter Thirteen




  1. I’m checking the link…. but it’s not there? When will it be available?

  2. argh… a) I’m at work on 31st… b) I’ve signed up for Nano….
    aside from that, can’t wait to read it

  3. woohoo!! halloween, love it! hopefully i’ll be able to access your website…stupid hurricane sandy…

  4. Do we have an estimate on an ebook? my net of late is way too spotty for me to read it all on line.

  5. My excitement has known no boundaries since the first alert popped up in my inbox and now I have time and I can’t decide whether to read this immediately or reread Serpent King first to get in the mood goldurn it …….choices choices thank you thank you thank you

  6. WOW do you realise just how awesome you are? It was your birthday week and you gave us all a fabulous present…and with the Naked Nando thingy you are a present that keeps on giving. I bow to your generousity.
    The other way you are awesome is that you got me to read Harry/Draco (well let’s be honest Harry/anyone) and like it. I’d only read Snape/Sirius/Lupin stories previously but I had to read The Serpent King because you had written it and it blew me away. This is another amazing story and the way you weave some of the original stories and create something so original and believable in this ‘verse proves what a good writer you are.
    Hope your birthday was as awesome as you and thank you so much for sharing your work.
    Hugs, Hxx
    PS I do love this story but for me The Serpent King will always be No 1 because it was my first. LOL you gave me a first 😉

  7. crossoverfan4ever

    Did you know that there is a Charmed episode called That Old Black Magic?

  8. I have had this story on my Kindle since you first put it up, but I waited until Xmas break to sit down and read it. It was the best present I got! I have to go back and reread it so I pick up the stuff I missed the first time because I read so fast.

    Thank you, once again, for another treasure in my library!

  9. Not only have you caused me to move away from K/S (I still read it just not as much), you have also destroyed my social life for which I am eternally grateful because I have never read such good fanfic before, infact your world building for this series and you others puts you in a league all of your own. I think this story is better than JK’s version because you can tell it was written for love not money.

  10. I really enjoyed the first book in the war mages series!!
    Thanks for sharing;)
    I’m off to read birth of the serpent king now….

  11. Your Harry Potter stories keep hitting the nail on the head with a lot of the things that piss me off about the books. I like the books, I do. As a mom I cringe at a lot of the things that get “glossed over” by the fandom in general. The neglect, and abuse that Harry had inflicted upon him, the high handedness of Dumbledor. the fact that the he kept so much from Harry that could have helped in the war just. errrrg.
    You give Harry dignity and badassery that just leaves me smiling. Your Draco is not a wimp or a wuss but a character that I can actually believe changed and learned from his childhood bigotry and bad behavior (cause we all know Harry was an angel *wink wink*) to become a man that Harry can be proud of, but most important that Draco can be proud of.

    I have a lot more to say on the subject. So I’ll be back.

  12. Fantastic read, I really can’t wait to read second part! Birth of the Serpent King was great but I find That Old Black Magic somehow more engaging. I think Old Black Magic makes a more mature impression (I don’t mean anything bedroom related by it!). Best of luck in completing your spectacular work!! Can’t wait to read it!

  13. So, I know in the original timeline none of the Weasleys, except for George and Arthur, were speaking to Harry after the divorce, but I was wondering about Percy. In your universe, did he make amends with his family? Or was he just not talking to Harry because Harry is Harry?

    • What divorce? Harry never married Ginny in this AU. He didn’t even get back with her after the war as her boyfriend. In my mind, Percy died in the original time line (as did Fred). The original time line in this series was brutal, the war lasted longer and MANY more people died than what was in canon.

  14. Any plans on a sequel? and read!

  15. I adored both The War Mages Trilogy and the Serpent King. I think the Trilogy is sublime. It speaks to the destruction caused by war. Instead of assuming that Harry/Draco would want to go back to “fix all the wrongs of the war”; it states what feels like the truth (that they endured the war once and would never want to go back). Nevertheless, the way you’ve had the past inform their “future” relationship (how there were things they hadn’t discussed because it was too painful) is remarkable. I also love how you acknowledge how manipulative the Wizarding World was when it came to Harry, how he was often a symbol and not a real person. I can not wait to read the future 2 books. I humbly thank you for the hours of reading enjoyment you have provided

  16. scarlet standish

    I just finished reading That Old Black Magic and I loved it. I cannot wait for book two and three. I love how you wrote the characters. I love the relationship between Harry and Draco. It is very realistic.

  17. I really hope Book 2 is in the works. I absolutely love this story to the point where I’ve read it multiple times (as well as several of your other stories). Can’t wait for more…

  18. Oh Brilliant One, is it summer yet? Can’t wait!
    I must have re read it at least twenty times, I’m starting to remember lines.
    (especially the one about Snape’s great grandfather, and it’s still funny)

  19. I love this! I have read it multiple times and I know I will read it again. I love how you write, the detail, the richness of every story and how they draw me in and make RL go away when I am reading them. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us.

  20. please update the war mages trilogy waiting for book 2 and 3 once its finish ^_^ love it..

  21. So, I’ve just finished rereading this story for maybe the fifth time, and for my life I can’t figure out what the movie reference Harry refers to Draco making. Google has not helped me, so I was wondering if you could enlighten me and possibly in the process give me something to add to my watch list?

  22. PlainJaneIsAVampire

    I ended up devouring the ebook. It was an amazing read, thank you. You are a beautiful writer.

  23. Can’t wait for the next book to arrive!!!!! Any outlook on when it could be?

  24. Having an epic “re-read Keira fics” weekend, and just wanted to drop you a note letting you know I adore this fic and look forward to reading more. Not to pressure you with a deadline, but I have to warn you…if you don’t post more by April 2nd, 2156, I will be very upset and may have to cry.

  25. I’m doing my re-read of all of Keira Marcos ebook, and all Atlantis non-ebooks. And I wanted to let you know that this was not just as good as the first time reading it, but even better. I love the world building that you put into it, even though it is already in the HP world. You dealt with a lot of issues I had with the books, and that I thought it glossed over with this ‘nothing to see here’ kind of hand motion. And I’ve kind of dragged my friends into reading your stuff due to my addiction. You might even get me to read Harry/Hermoine. I’ve read the Sentinel ebook because of you, and I have never even seen the show.

  26. I spent all day yesterday reading this. I couldn’t stop once I started. It’s quite sad how obsessive I can get when I like something. I discussed it with a friend over lunch and she pointed out all the things that are on my usual “avoid” list. Harry/Draco? Try to avoid. Fix-it fic? Avoid. Time Travel? Avoid like the plague. Yet I loved every second of it. I was quite peevish about it, I’ll have you know. Goes to show that it’s all in the writing, and your writing is something else. I think you need your own patron saint or something. My friend pointed out that I was a moron for being mulish about being thoroughly entertained.

    Oh, and your Dobby is the best thing ever!

    Thank you for a wonderful way to spend my Friday. I can be slow to get out of my own way, but the reward of your story made me glad I did!

    You’re totally awesome.

  27. I admit this was the first time I’ve read this story even though all your stories have been recommended quite often to me. I haven’t read it before because of the pairing I’m haven’t been really a fan of Harry/Draco since I just started reading slash fanfiction which was ten years ago. I have to admit though you made me fall in love with the pairing all over again. The relationship you are describing is beautiful and mature. The idea is original and good written. I am looking forward to the next book and hope you have fun writing!

  28. I LOVE your story!!! It’s amazing. I know from other comments that you’re planning on completing the trilogy relatively soon. Can you tell me when the 2nd book will be up? I love everything about your first book and I cant wait to read the rest:) Please let me know as soon as possible about when you will be able to post your new book!

    • No I don’t give release dates or estimates anymore. I got a lot of abuse for it in the past. I’m glad you liked the first book but I’m not fond of “demands”. Just FYI.

  29. I wasn’t aware I was “demanding” anything. But, hey, you obviously know my mind better than I do, so I’ll defer to you. I was just wondering if you would actually ever finish the trilogy, as so many authors leave their work unfinished. Just FYI.

    • “Please let me know as soon as possible about when you will be able to post your new book!”

      This is demanding. Yes, let me stop what I’m doing in my life to answer your question as soon as possible.

      I don’t know your mind — I just know the words you left on my site which were demanding whether that was your intent or not.

  30. I apologize that I left my words open to interpretation and that they were misconstrued as such. It was not my intention to demand something of you. I shall strive to be more concise in my future endeavors.

  31. I also apologize for offending you, as I failed to mention in my previous response.

  32. Thank you. But do I have to add you as a friend or do you have to add me?

  33. Ok thank. But I have my username as 1jena_o over there so… yeah.

  34. I deeply love this story, in the HP fandom this is totally my favourite fanfiction. I found Dobby charming and wily, Sirius is awesome and Draco is bewitching… I like your creativity and the writing style you use, the plot is fuid, the dialogue is well balanced.
    The barista of my favourite place told me I had a silly grin and kept giggling like a loony while reading this.
    So Thank you…

    More than a pint

  35. I’ve been on here often for the last two or three months and no I haven’t yet read all your stories but I’m getting to it slowly but surely. As of yet though The War Mages Trilogy is my favorite so far. Your writing is pretty epic in my opinion and I hope that you never give up on that gift. I can’t wait to read what else you have in store for this trilogy but I shall bide my time until then but know I’m waiting until my very soul leaves my body just to read the rest of this. lol I wish I were as gifted in writing as you but I’m glad to have come across your awesome stories.

  36. Hiii~
    I have read all your Harry Potter fics, and I love each and every one of them!
    I recently made an account here to tell you how I love your work 🙂 I truly hope that you finish your work, I honestly admire your quality work.

    I’m waiting eagerly for an update on your works^^

    With love,

  37. I am rereading your HP after recommending your site to a friend. She loves your stories already! However, after scrolling through the comments here and on the Soulmate bond, I realized that I really need to warn her not to be an asshole and to never ever ask/demand/whine for updates. Man, I never realized how annoying that must be for you until I read through all the blatant or thinly veiled demands. You are a wonderful writer. I love reading and rereading your work. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  38. I just Finished the first book!! OMFG I loved it and had a hard time putting it down… Is there another one coming anytime soon?? I realize I might have sounded demanding in another post and for that I am worry… I would gladly offer up my tweens in sacrifice if needed 🙂

    Looking forward to more when you can..


    • Not “soon” but eventually. I’ve got it plotted. I just keep meandering away from it. I write to amuse myself — it keeps me fresh and I don’t force myself to work on hobby projects it would take all the fun out of it.

  39. PeacefulMaelstrom

    i’ve enjoyed everything of yours i’ve read.
    thanks for writing
    looking forward to more

  40. Will there be a casting album for this trilogy?

  41. Hey there, local lurker here. I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for writing and to ask a question. I know you’ve said that you don’t want anyone distributing your work anywhere(which I wholly agree with) but how do you feel about someone saving it for their personal library in case, God forbid, something happens to the site? I just wanted to ask to see if it was OK with you.

    • There is an ebook of this project that you can download from the ebook section.

      But I’d rather no one just wholesale copy/paste from my site. I distribute an ebook when I’m ready for it to be done.

  42. Hi I love the The War Mages – That Old Black Magic – story. Awesome job 🙂
    Is there going be more?

  43. Hey Keira !
    Just finished reading the first book, I loved it !
    Especially the thoughtful care you took to allow each character to grow.
    Have you thought of the name of your next book ?
    Best wishes

  44. The link is not working Keira and it is 27th December.

  45. I am an avid reader and have read more than a thousand works on the Harry Potter fandom, but none as intriguing as your works. I eagerly await your next endeavours.
    Go Keira!!

  46. Hi, I just want to express how much I adore your War Mages Trilogy, and that every time I am done re-reading it, I still get blown away by your creativity and by how much you have expanded the universe of Harry Potter.

    Wishing you the best 😀

  47. When will book two be posted?

  48. I just re-read this again (as I do on occasion since it’s a favorite) and I was (again) totally blown away by the writing, characterization, plot, everything! So much love for this. Your work is wonderful!

  49. Wow! I happened upon that Old Black Magic last night and stayed up quite late devouring it! I really loved the care you took with details like the birthday gifts. The gifts from Mad-Eye, Minerva and Narcissa were so well-chosen and representative of their personalities. I love that despite how long they’ve been together, Harry and Draco are still learning and growing together. And, the Severus/Sirius dynamic is fabulous. And, so many more things…thanks!

  50. Is this over? It says trilogy so I’m just wondering if you’re planning on writing any more of this amazing story. I binged the entire thing in two sittings, only broken by a break of a few hours where I was forced away because apparently staring at a screen for hours is “anti-social”… Go figure. It was wonderful though and if this is all there will ever be of it I can live with it. Though I’d have liked to see them send goodies slimy ass back to help for good.

  51. This is shuch a lovely story, its a real shame that it’s abandoned. You really are an excellent writer. Thank you for sharing your work ^-^

    • The first book is complete. The series is not “abandoned”. If it were never going to be more of it– I would say so. Oddly enough, it’s fairly difficult to pull a complete novel out of my ass.

      • Oh, I apologize then. I saw the date of the last updated and I just assumed. I understand your predicament, god know how many months it took me to write a complete story that ended up with less than 4,000 words. Pathetic really. I won’t ask or demand an approximate on updates, its awful when you write something for fun and have people transform it into something that seems more of a chore than a form of entertainment. I just wanted to leave a little comment to show that I appreciate your work =) Good luck honey, you probably won’t need it but the sentiment is stll the same.

  52. Rough week at work, spending the weekend overdosing on Keira fic. Ahhh, that will make everything better. 😀

  53. This story is great. I have been making my way through your stories since I found my way to your site, and I am continually impressed with the quarry of your writing. I like how you will keep elements of your fic world consistent and change others–it stays fresh and new with each different approach. I also appreciate the way your stories tackle human sexuality in so many varied ways. Thank you for sharing your stories.

  54. SweetSouthernGal

    Just read through this story today. No, I definitely did not look at all during work hours, I don’t know what you’re talking about (innocent face).

    Seriously, I really loved this story. I started reading one of your other stories (HP & the Soulmate Bond) but wanted a story of a different type as my mood changed (it happens). Really liking that story, and I love this one!

    I’m a Harmony and a Drarry fan, so your tastes definitely match mine. 🙂

    I totally understand the muse leaving and losing inspiration, but I do hope you return to this trilogy at some point. It has so much potential, and it’s a great story so far.


  55. I’ve just read the ebook (thanks for formatting that, it makes reading long fic so much easier) and really enjoyed. I usually dislike time travel as a trope, but I really enjoyed how it fixed the things that I didn’t enjoy in the books. 🙂

  56. I think I just completed my…fourth(maybe third?) reread of this fic! Every time is such a treat because I notice and appreciate new things. Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for this wonderful ‘verse. <3

  57. Sherlockirene1031

    Love it

  58. Oh my goodness – can not believe I forgot about this brilliant gem! Sooo many things makes me giggle in delight (Draco convincing Remus to date his mum or Mad Eye Moody loving their bloodthirstiness on the training field plus Sirius teasingly torturing Harry about his relationship with Severus). What a world-building story – alike the HP universe but not. One of my go-to fics now that I have properly bookmarked it! Thanks for writing and posting it!

  59. Just had a lovely re-read, had to drop a quick wriggly thanks.
    Ever grateful for your generosity in sharing your talent. Have such a love for your Snape and Sirius in this, Adore Draco and Harry but those two are a hoot.
    Love B.

  60. Toni McQuilken

    Just finished another re-read of this, and I wanted to share just how much I love it. Your characters are always better than canon, no matter what universe you play in, but I really, really adore these versions of the HP cast. You rock!

  61. This was such an amazing read. I love all the additional lore you have added to the canon, it just feels so much more developed.

    I have read not to ask you for deadlines, but since the last reply from you was some years ago, may I ask if this has been abandoned? I won’t ask for any deadlines just if I should have hope for more in the future or not.

    Seriously though, this was such a thrill to read. Thank you for this.

  62. Kvaszta Borostyán

    Will you do the second book? I know you are still active and I read this fanfiction at least twice over the years, butbI really want to see how they will develop from here.

  63. Are you planning on writing parts two and three? I’d love to finish reading the trilogy!

  64. Loved this! Can’t wait to see if it will have a sequel

  65. Truly amazing story I know it’s been forever but I still hope the next part will come. You are a spectacular writer I’d be interested to know if you have any books published

  66. Hi, just completed reading this and I can’t wait to read both of the sequels.Will you finishing them ?

  67. This is hands down my favorite Harry Potter fanfiction ever! I am so saving this for when you write the others, no pressure by the way, I’m just writing to let you know how much I love your book, and I am definitely going to check out your other books.

  68. Thank you for writing and sharing this. While I hope that someday the motivation comes to write the sequels, I love what is here. This work is one of my all time favorites. I have read it a ridiculous number of times. It’s a comfort read. It’s gotten me though some tough patches.

  69. I just wanted to say that over the past four years i’ve loved being able to come back and read this fic (and birth of the serpent king) over again. They’re a couple of my favourite fics ever. They’ve brought me a lot of comfort to read during quarantine recently so I wanted to say thank you! I have no idea when sequels are coming and I’m guessing neither do you (such is the life of writers!), but whenever it happens, I’ll be here cheering you on!!!
    Thank you!

  70. I found my way here because of ‘Courting Hermione Granger’ and I never left.
    Thank you so very much; your writing is a gift to us HP fans everywhere.
    Hope you are coping during this COVID situation

  71. When will the other two books be posted? I don’t mind waiting but I would like some thing to keep a reminder of, so I don’t end up forgetting about this.

  72. I love this story! Its so beautifully written!

  73. This story was so fucking amazing. I binge read it in a day and didn’t sleep at all!! Fucking beautiful and loved every word of it.

  74. I love your writing. I know that this is an older story but I couldn’t leave the page without leaving a comment. While I love your Harry/Draco dynamic I also loved the frenemy Sirius/Snape dynamic and your portrayal of Neville is always spot on.
    I could go on but it would just be rambling and unnecessary when I can just say that this story is now a favourite.

  75. I absolutely love That Old Black Magic. I started reading it today and haven’t been able to look away. I have always like your characterizations and was browsing today to see if I had missed anything. I have one question. What is the back story on everyone saying “Word”. Did that come from somewhere specific — another fandom or television show?

    • It comes from Draco watching Muggle TV. It just became this joke that amused me. “Word” was a very popular way of agreeing with another person in 90s.

      • Thanks for the information. I knew the story referred to Muggle TV and I’m more than old enough to remember the 90s, but I couldn’t figure out what is was about. I realized the agreement in the phrase. Keep writing please. This was great even if it was a story I had missed.

  76. Firstly, I have been bouncing around rereading and having a lovely time, so thank you very much for the hours more of entertainment. I have just finished reading this and I have a slightly odd question. At sometime did you have an EAD or a sneak peek in this universe? The reason I ask is I thought I remembered stuff about Neville getting high of the magic of his new wand or something? I just… wanted to check that I wasn’t having a particularly persistent delusion? Thank you!

  77. I just reread Book 1 for the what feels like the 20th time. Thank you for giving us something thats as fascinating as this.

    I know your probably tired of hearing this. But do you ever plan on putting the other books into script?

  78. Hi! Will you ever continue this?

  79. Liz (Rowenasheir)

    Did you ever write Part 2 and 3?

  80. I’m a decade late to finding this story, but I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing it. It’s phenomenal. You’re an amazing writer and your world building is top notch. While, as always, I hope your desire to write for this fandom comes back to you, you left this story off at such a nice spot.

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