The Sentinels of Atlantis (Series)

Title: The Sentinels of Atlantis
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: Stargate: SGA & SG1 (Sentinel Fusion)
Pairings: McKay/Sheppard, etc etc
Summary: Sentinel John Sheppard thought he’d spend his life unbonded and then he met Dr. Rodney McKay. The mission to Atlantis is their mutual path and they will gather the strongest, brightest, and best for the mission that will take them to another galaxy.
Author’s Note: This series was inspired by the Sentinel/SGA series The Unlikely and Unwilling by Ladyholder.
Warnings: Violence, explicit sex, adult language
Rating: NC-17

Cover Art By: fanarts_series

While the main focus of this series is the slash pairing of Sheppard/McKay there are secondary het and a femslash pairings. The pairings that appear in the series: John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, Cameron Mitchell/Vala Mal Doran, Jennifer Keller/Evan Lorne, Matthew Sheppard/Chase Harris, Elizabeth Weir/Simon Wallace, Teyla Emmagen/Ronon Dex, Sam Carter/Daniel Jackson, Laura Cadman/Aidan Ford, Stackhouse/Markham, Bates/Simmons, Radek Zelenka/David Parrish, Anne Teldy/Allison Porter, Jack O”Neill/Patrick Sheppard

This series is being posted in EPISODES.

Season 1

Episode: 01
The Gathering 
(34,998 words)
Sentinel John Sheppard thought he’d spend his life unbonded and then he met Dr. Rodney McKay. The mission to Atlantis is their mutual path and they will gather the strongest, brightest, and best for the mission that will take them to another galaxy.

Episode:  02
The Chair (4,771 words)
The Expedition comes to Atlantis with the hopes of finding the past and understanding their origins. The city control Chair wakes a part of Radek Zelenka that should have lain dormant and the consequences ripple throughout the entire expedition.

Episode:  03
The Guardian (5,155 words)
Sheppard and McKay travel to Athos and meet their Guardian and his consort in an effort to create a relationship between the people of Athos and the expedition. While there they discover a threat like no other they”ve ever known.

Episode:  04
The Shield (5,401 words)
Rodney finds a personal shield and his Sentinel suffers when the shield malfunctions.

Episode:  05
The Enemy (9,336 words)
On a routine mission, they encounter the Wraith for the first time with potentially devastating results.

Episode: 06
The Culling (10,000 words)
The Athosians dial Atlantis in desperation—their Guardian has been culled and they need sanctuary.

Episode:  07
The Alliance (10,454 words)
Teyla and Ronon foster a relationship between the Lanteans and the Genii but not everyone agrees with the agreement the two peoples reach.

Episode: 08
The Trade (5,600 words)
The Genii try to double cross the Lanteans and the Marines learn the hard way that Radek Zelenka needs protection from no one.

Episode: 09
The Return (13,000 words)
Ronon allows the Lanteans to travel to his homeworld but the sight of his devastated world hurts more than he expected. John learns that he has three latent Sentinels on the mission and must determine how best to deal with the likelihood that their circumstances alone might bring them online.

Episode: 10
The Legacy (8,500 words)
John has to tell the latent Sentinels on the city of their Satedian genetic legacy.

Episode: 11
The Runner
(13,000 words)
Jennifer is separated from her Sentinel and taken hostage during a mission by a Runner. What she finds surprises the hell out of her.

Episode: 12
The Guide (12,500 words)
The city forces Tyre to come to terms with his needs and the temptation he’s been resisting. Meanwhile, John and Rodney are off world with Cameron and Vala to investigate an abandoned world with an Ancient lab and find something disturbing.

Episode: 13
The Sentinel
(7,600 words)
Bates comes online during a hostage situation off-world, Tyre and Peter take some time to themselves on the mainland, and John has an unexpected visitor.

Episode: 14
The Aftermath (7,100 words)
The life of a soldier is defined by discipline, shaped by duty, and immortalized in acts of courage in the face of the most dangerous situations.” (Read the companion piece to this story: Breaking Point)

Episode: 15
The Tempest (9,000 words)
The Expedition dials Earth and sends them the bad news. John and Rodney take some time on the mainland to reconnect. Patrick Sheppard sticks his nose in SGC business and Jack O’Neill meets Alpha Sentinel Prime James Ellison. (Read the companion piece to this story: The Matter of Female Sentinels)

Episode: 16
The Catalyst
(16,200 words)
Jack O’Neill struggles with coming online so late in his life while John comes to grips with the guilt he’s been repressing concerning his estrangement from his father and brothers.

Episode: 17
The Queen
(12,700 words)
The expedition finds a geothermal drilling platform on Lantea during the final leg of their planetary search that Rodney insists be investigated for potential use for the city and they wake a hibernating wraith Queen. On Earth, David Sheppard moves to Denver so that his son will be close to his father and Jack O’Neill.

Episode: 18
The Spirit (9,685 words)
John takes the Sentinels off-world for training and Rodney explores the depth of his bond with his Sentinel when they are forced to stay apart. On Earth, Jack and Andy meet up with something entirely unexpected on the streets of Colorado Springs.

Episode: 19
The Choice (11,400 words)
Chase Harris has his first off-planet mission and suffers for it. Meanwhile, Matthew Sheppard has to make a choice about his status at the SGC and in the Navy. Jack O’Neill realizes something important about Charlie and goes to visit his ex-wife.

Episode: 20
The Search (50,703 words)
John is drawn to explore an off-world facility but Rodney is concerned by the impact the facility has on his Sentinel. Blair Sandburg and James Ellison take Jack O”Neill and Patrick Sheppard into the jungles of South America on a journey to the Temple of the Sentinels. Anne Teldy and Allison Porter hitch a ride on a submarine to the Ross Sea in search of what appears to be another Ancient outpost. Sam and Daniel sneak into Egypt to search for a hidden tomb. David and Andy take a trip to Great Britain where they meet up with Carson Beckett. Matt Sheppard and Chase Harris step through the gate to a planet on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy and finds something rather unexpected.

The Cast

Casting for the Sentinels of Atlantis

John Sheppard

Colonel John Sheppard
(actor: Joe Flanigan)

Rodney McKay

Dr. Rodney McKay
(actor: David Hewlett)

Lt. Colonel Mitchell
(actor: Ben Browder)

Vala Mitchell
(actress: Claudia Black)

Ronon Dex
(actor: Jason Momoa)

Teyla Emmagen
(actress: Rachel Luttrell)

Major Evan Lorne
(actor: Kavan Smith)

Dr. Jennifer Keller
(actress: Jewel Staite)

Dr. Elizabeth Weir
(actress: Jessica Steen)

Dr. Simon Wallace
(actor: JR Bourne)

Dr. Radek Zelenka
(actor: David Nykl)

Dr. David Parrish
(actor: Jonathan Young)

Lt. Laura Cadman
(actress: Jaime Ray Newman)

Lt. Aidan Ford
(actor: Rainbow Sun Francks)

Sergeant Marcus Stackhouse
(actor: Boyan Vukelic)

Sergeant Jason Markham
(actor: Joseph May)

Sentinel Tyre Daos
(actor: Mark Dacascos)

Dr. Peter Grodin
(actor: Craig Veroni)

Captain Chase Harris
(actor: Chris Pine)

Commander Matthew Sheppard
(actor: Jensen Ackles)

Sergeant Dean Bates
(actor: Dean Marshall)

Dr. Graham Simmons
(actor: Tobias Mehler)

Major Anne Teldy
(actress: Christina Cox)

Dr. Allison Porter
(actress: Nicole de Boer)

Major General Jack O”Neill
(actor: Richard Dean Anderson)

Dr. Patrick Sheppard
(actor: Viggo Mortensen)

Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter
(actress: Amanda Tapping)

Dr. Daniel Jackson

Dr. Daniel Jackson
(actor: Michael Shanks)

Sentinel Marius
(actor: Ryan Reynolds)

Bastien (James McAvoy)

(Actor: James McAvoy)


Declan Frost
(Actor: Tyler Hoechlin)

Sean Taylor
(actor: Ezra Miller)



Author Notes

Author’s Notes

While this is a Sentinel/ Stargate: Atlantis crossover – I’ve played fast and lose with pretty much everything from the way a Sentinel/Guide pairing works to the events leading up the Atlantis mission, character ages, etc. Basically, anything was fair game as I created this world. This is definitely AU. RE: Cast pictures — I cast the original Elizabeth Weir and I cast a different actor to play Simon Wallace. I figured if TPTB could cast Carter’s dead Tollan boyfriend that I could cast Carter’s dead Tokra boyfriend instead. Just sayin’. Besides JR Bourne is uber sexy. I’ve recast my OCs Declan Frost & Sean Taylor to make them younger & to allow for the appearance of Tony DiNozzo eventually in this series.


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    • The Ancients brought them back to Earth and from there they spread out over the Milky Way Galaxy but Goa’uld oppression kept the Sentinel/Guide genes latent on many worlds. Vala was the first Guide they found but she wasn’t the last– through her they were able to connect with an entire underworld of Sentinel/Guide pairs in the Milky Way but I never really discussed that in the story because it didn’t further the plot of the Atlantis angle.

      • That is a really interesting possibility, but couldn’t we assume that the Tok’ra would have, at least peripherally, heard about this underground in some way? And if they had, wouldn’t Sam have already known about them? Or was running into Vala more of an accumulation of what they knew was out there?
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        • Well in this AU Sam was never a Tok’ra host and Vala was never a host either. Though I haven’t mentioned it so far– the Goa’uld/Tok’ra can’t use Sentinels or Guides as hosts. It’s one reason they worked so hard to never come to the attention of the Goa’uld. Also, in this AU– they found Vala very early on, Cameron Mitchell has been with the Stargate program in the mountain since before the Anubis attack because he’s a Sentinel.

          In canon– they don’t actually meet Vala until after the Atlantis expedition is in Pegasus (she takes Daniel hostage when he’s on his way to Atlantis with George Hammond on the Prometheus).

          As I said when I first started this particular series– it’s AU in a great many ways and I played with timelines, character ages and everything else I could think of without shame. 😉

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    Thank you for writing so many wonderful stories.

    • Since in this universe — Sentinel/Guides must have a sexual bond to have a truly healthy relationship– I couldn’t add a pairing like this. I don’t read or write incest. It just really pretty aweful to me.

      • yeah, I second that. It makes it very difficult to really read much in the Numb3rs or Supernatural fandom, because quite a few people don’t even warn about that sort of thing.

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    I also think it’s obvious of how much thought you put in your stories. I love how detailed they are – it really gives them depth, and I love your take on the canon characters.

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  79. just a Q I just thought of. John said that a Sentinel Can’t respond sexually to anyone other his Guide. Ronon said he had a wife after he bonded with his Guide. how?

    • Sam Carter and Daniel Jackson had a platonic bond for years and enjoyed outside partners.

      Whether or not John can have a sexual response to someone besides his Guide is up for debate but in this verse Sentinels definitely aren’t interested in each other sexually. It would be on some instinctual level– incestuous to them.

  80. My best recollection of the “sexual response” q&a is that it concerned whether Guides could respond to others and that Vala indicated (in general) yes, but it wasn’t good for the Sentinel and (in particular) she found the idea distasteful.

    I assumed that Satedan Sentinels required to take a mate in order to propagate their kind just lay back and thought of their Guides, and that John was disinclined to respond sexually to anyone but Rodney. It never crossed my mind that you’d removed the potential for an Alex Barnes clusterbomb in this universe by making Sentinels not respond that way to each other, but I find I like the idea quite a lot.

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    • There is a novel length follow up to the series in the works but I do consider this series finished.

      Forgive the original answer– I was speaking of another series. Yes, I have a LOT planned for this series and it is not done. (blush)

      • Oh? I thought that this was going to be ongoing in episodes and seasons. As in, this set of episodes are part of the first season and then it would continue in the second season. Was I mistaken, then?


      • I saw the original comment in my e-mail late, late last night and panicked. Had the world changed??

        So glad to see it was a typo–cannot wait for the next chapter.

        As I have said many, many times, love your work.


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    So, this isn’t over, right? Because if you left me hanging on Patty/Jackie, I’m going to kill you. No-sorry. I have a problem with threatening really good authors. It just goes to show you how good you are. *cheeky grin*

    I have to say that this is my favorite. I don’t know why, but it must be because of the crossover-ish thing this is. It can’t help that I didn’t rest until I finished this. Not even for bathroom breaks. *winces* Was that a little too much? Gosh, I’m so insensitive.

    Anyway, um, I like Chuck. But I’ve got a question. Is he like sensitive or was it just the Wraith that caused him to be all weird-like?

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    My question is about Sentinel and Guide reproduction. Since most of the pairs are same sex, does the Council have a surogate program to keep the genes in the population? Especially the very strong ones, or are they trusting in siblings providing the next generation of Sentinels and Guides like David having Andy?

    • Most families that produce Sentinels and Guides also produce those (like David) who carry the genes to pass them along to children. There are no official programs but John and Rodney both will be encouraged to have children eventually through artificial means.

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    • I won’t use Michael Welch– as a grown up he’s not a great fit for character anymore. I have cast Jack’s clone in Lantean Legacy (my new series) and I used Chace Crawford.

      As for his appearance in this series–I don’t like to answer “plot” questions about on-going series.

      PS- I don’t post comments that insult me. LOL. 😉

      • Chace Crawford… interesting. Can’t wait to read that. I love to have a face to OCs, it makes both the angsty and the naughty bits so much clearer.

        As for the plot question- I totally understand!

        One last question- I went back and re-read your series, and I’m sort of wondering about David. You have John’s father and Matt up there, but no David, even though I’m guessing you’re going to use the same actor who actually played him in SGA and who you’ve used in other series. Is that because the only people you really have in there are Sentinels (Teal’c isn’t there either) and Guides? Or do you have someone else in mind for him?

        Also i went back and re-read but because of finals I’m sort of skimming so if I missed this please feel free to just tell me to go back and read- I don’t think I’ve read anything about Andy’s mother. Something I read made me think she was dead, so I suppose I’m referring more to her genes. John’s early and strong activation seems tied in part to his genealogy so Andy’s might be too. Was Andy’s mother a guide or sentinel?

        • Andy’s mother was neither and she isn’t dead. It will come into play later. (unintentional plot question) 😉

          I don’t have a picture of David up because I haven’t “paired” him. That’s crazy, huh? I’m not sure what I’m going to do with him at this point.

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    Keep up the great writing!

  94. Hey Keira, I know I haven’t commented in a while but I’ve been cut off from the Internet for the past 3 weeks and have just recently read your three latest posts (I squeed through all three, fucking AMAZING job by the way), and now I’m re-readings Sentinels of Atlantis. I have a question, I should have asked this when you had the q&a session for SoA but I forgot: How old are all the characters? I know Rodney is the 32 (and I assume John is around that age), Keller is 25 (I think), and that Patrick and Jack are in their 50s, but beyond that I have no clue. Could you clarify that for me please?

  95. I really love your fics. I love that even your OCs in the background are fully fleshed out people. I know you don’t want ideas for further along in one of your series but how about a suggestion for another series?

    I would love to read an Stargate story about how differently things would have gone if a Sentinel and Guide pair had been part of SG-1.


    I had fallen and fallen hard. Like a falling rock into a thousand miles abyss. When I first discover episode 1, I was like “eh? What’s the harm?” Oh boy, how naive was I. The first sentence hook and drag me fast like I was in a five mile horse race before I was even sure it was something I like to be aware of. Then baits kept popping up EVERYWHERE. NO matter where it was, I couldn’t stop myself from seeing it. More addicting than drugs, I tell you. Then episode 1 ended and then there was part 2. Then part three. Then part four and so on and my story goes on. But then guess what, my too excited brain decided that I had too much fun and shut down my thought process and conscious and I didn’t get to finish. Soon after, I was bombed with work like Germany did to England. But that was over after years of torture and here I happen to be strolling before a seductress push me into a alcove and and made me insane with lust. Lust to discover just what is going on. After a mad hour of going through the abyss once more, I found myself here at the end of this light and I was like, “WHATS? THAT’S IT?” and so I just had to do something about it and well, here I am, doing something about it.

    I love everyone. Even the villains because without them, then what is this whole plot is about? There would be no drama and without that, who is ever going to be lured at all. I don’t care much about the original story behind all this because it just too much work. And because I love this one much more. MUCH MUCH MORE. More than I can ever say. Anyway, every sentinels and guides has earn a deep hole in my heart. Let’s not forget even the mundanes. I just positively adore them.

    I dare not question a thing about anything because that would just ruin my fun. I mean, if some major players are missing, just assume that somehow they don’t exist as of now or that they will soon be coming to play. By questioning things and seeking answer, the joy and wonder of discovering these kind of thing wouldn’t exist and where would we be then. On a stupid plain and that is just inexcusable, so as of now, I will bask in my knowledge, or lack of, anything and just let things flow as it might. You can’t stop a raging river while a storm is happening. Sure you can dam in but that take times and well, time. plus determination because hello, a storm is still going on and that guaranteed rain and flashes and flood and mud and all the uckys.

    Anyway, now that I had completely wonder off what I was originally saying, I just have to say some more things like this. “Fantastic job. Keep it going. If you start something else, then YAY! Love the work. Love the art. Love every f*@#$$% thing that has happen so far. But most of all, I crave the sex. And the humor. And the angst too, if I was to be honest. Maybe the love, not cross that maybe and put a definitely there. Just everything is perfect in its own imperfection way.” I don’t make sense at all, do I?

  97. I really want to read this because I have this love affair going on with your work, but I know NOTHING about Sentinel. Is it needed for me to know, or is it explained what everything is?

    • I want to say that I’ve written an AU where everything is explained to you. A lot of my readers have read both this series and my Sentinel fic without ever watching a single episode of The Sentinel.

      What I would say is that you need to know this: Sentinels (most) have 5 advanced senses and they need a Guide (in this AU) to remain healthy and productive while they use those senses. Feel free to ask questions if you get lost along the way. I’m happy to answer them.

  98. I hope you post your cast picture of David on here soon… I’ll admit to wanting a hint at who his guide will be based on your casting.

  99. Keira, you try to kill my brain, because, NOW i search the guide of David in your whole verses, make me crazy. I try to read your mind but the atlantic is a block minding.
    Miko…..A Declan, a scot doc with blue eyes……So much possibity. Crazy i say….

  100. I’ve have a question, if you don’t mind, concerning distances. I hope it makes sense, because I have problems conveying my thoughts in English.

    You said in “The Gathering” that the distance of 50 million light years is a save bet of separating John and Rodney. Granted Parrish said to John that it was 50 million light years and he’s a botanist so … ya know 🙂 (I believe it would have taken 10 ZPMs to travel that distance just FYI because the travel from earth to Atlantis needed a at least a half charged ZPM and they had to overcome a distance of 3.3 million light years) So it would be theoretically impossible for Rodney and John to be physically separated by 50 million light years.

    Anyway in “The Queen” you made us believe that David was coming on-line for Miko over the actual distance of 3.3 million light years.

    Let’s just ignore the fact that the diameter of the Milky Way is only 100.000 light years and the distance between the Pegasus Galaxy is indeed over 3.3 million light years (my sister is a astrophysicist I blame here for knowing this) Also I believe that the Stargate network only works within it’s planed Galaxy or between certain Stargates connecting different Galaxies. (I could be wrong, with tptb you’ll never know for sure)

    Is it because of the psyonic stones that connects Atlantis and earth or are Miko and David really that powerful to overcome the distance? If the stones have no play in this that would make them theoretically more powerful that either John or Rodney.

    I don’t want to criticize you or demand that you correct it, as I said my sister is an astrophysicist and she is totally to blame for my tic with distances in science fiction. In the end it doesn’t really matter I’m just curious if the psionic stones have a special play in this or not. I love John and Rodney and would never question they awesome prowess. ^_^

    • As Bastien explained in THE QUEEN when Rodney asked — the only limits a Guide has with his Sentinel are the ones they create with their own perceptions. It has absolutely nothing to do with distance as it relates to space and everything to do with the psionic plane in this ‘verse. The Sentinels and Guides on Earth are really in the dark about their own abilities and their past as a species.

      From The Queen:

      “I imagine it wanted to badly. The thing is that Sentinels and Guides are rich sources of psionic energy but because we use it—it can’t be taken from us.” Bastien frowned and glanced away from them. “The psionic plane is everywhere and it is everything. It doesn’t run through the hyperplane like a thin ribbon in the wind. It’s like an ocean—a never ending ocean and the universe itself is immersed in that ocean.”

      McKay’s mouth dropped open briefly but he snapped it close with an audible clicking of teeth. “What does that mean when it comes to our bonds?”

      “The only limits you have with your Sentinel are the ones you set yourself,” Bastien said evenly. “There is no time, no distance, no beginning and no end when it comes to the psionic plane. The past, the present, and the future are blended together so seamlessly that the knowledge of the known universe is spread out in front of me—endless and at times incomprehensible.”

      • Ah I see thank you! I was just confused by the little error with the Milky Way.

        So even the low level Sentinels and Guides would be able to use the psionic plane? I can’t image that being rated a level 2 is good for your self esteem and would limit them in the beginning to develop they gifts.

        • The power of the brain, right? Self-enforced limitations get us all in the end.

          • Exactly! Would it be possible to train your gifts? Or are they predetermined at birth by they genes? It would be cool if a level 2 Sentinel would make it to a level 4 by training.

          • The US did the ranking system based on their abilities to “control” and use their gifts so they could determine how best to use the Sentinels and Guides in their population. They are the only government on the planet to do that. I would say that the actual level of a Sentinel/Guide’s ability to use their gifts would fluctuate throughout their life time AND it changes after bonding.

  101. The Sentinel universe meshes so well with Atlantis. This is just wonderful to read. There is never a dull moment. The characters actually change before your eyes. I look forward to the new possibilities this AU offers. LOL It’s awesome.;D

  102. I love this series! I hope you have the inspiration for more, ‘coz I’d be demanding for more if it wasn’t rude… 😛

  103. OMG! Sqeeeeee! This is the bestest, wonderfullist, amazingly, fantastically brilliant series ever! I can NOT wait for the next update of this story and your many others, especially Lantean Legacy, Ties that Bind and Tangled Destinies’ -That was the one that got me hooked, I just goggled Star Trek 2009 slash and you popped right up in the number one slot – and I was wondering if you would ever try something like the Sentinels of Atlantis but for Star Trek? Original or 2009 maybe?

  104. WOW I stumbled across this fic via Google images of all places and have in the course of just over 15-ish hours read it from start to finish (baring bathroom and toast breaks). I is the most awesome story ever I have never even heard of the whole ‘sentinels’ thing till now either so bit of a cherry pop there to though it has intrigued me enough to track down the original show and watch a few episodes!
    This story is so EPIC and fricken amazing in scope I am captured by every character you pair (for some reason even though there really the briefest so far the whole Jack/Sheppard thing is my fav hehe. and as I am soo new and yet horribly addicted to your work I was wondering when there would be more ( puppy eyes ) … please be sooooon !!
    Once more WOW!

    • Sarah, if you haven’t read Sentinel stories, here are 2 sites you might start with: I just love Susan’s GDP stories and a lot of the other fiction at this site.

      Also, The adult archive of Sentinel fic. I have spent hours and hours at the this site.

      You just hit a hot button for me. I love Kiera’s work and she is my favorite new author, but TS is what I started reading and will always hold a special place in my heart.

      Enjoy yourself.

  105. Great!! Hope you update soon!!

  106. Keira, email checking at your leisure.

  107. I have just read this wonderful series through again. A real treat as always. Your worlds are so so complex and involved and I do like the fact that you don’t centre it all on the sexual side of things (though that is good too!) the intimacy, feelings & love just work beautifully along with real and interesting plots. Once again than you for all your hard work.

  108. Okay, wow. Just.. wow. I discovered this series today, and pretty much abandoned everything to read the entire thing all the way through. Will there be any more? I LOVE this hints you’ve given about more pairs and where things in the universe will go. It’s just so well written, and such a beautifully done universe!

  109. I am a huge fan of your “Sentinels of Atlantis” series! It is absolutely fantastic and knowing that you are in the process of writing the next episode is terrific! Happy writing!!! I can’t wait to read it!

  110. oooh! I can’t wait to read this! Especially since I LOVE your ‘Awakening’ series; which is marvelous! 😀

    The only thing I feel sad about is the lack of Jack O’Neil and Daniel Jackson pairing. 🙁

  111. Hi,
    First I would like to inform you that I am from Germany, so my English is not very good. Sorry.
    Then I would like to tell you that I am a huge fan of your story “The Sentinels of Atlantis”. I love it. Great Work! Even if I do not understand everything.
    Can you tell me more about what exactly “zone out” and the “bonding” is? What does it mean? How does it work?
    I also write a story and some aspects of this “bonding” and “zone outs” I like very much. So I would need more information. I want to write something similar. But not about Sentinels, or something like that.

    That would be very nice of you and I thank you

    Many Greetings

    • A zone out is when a Sentinel focuses on using one sense and forsaking all others to the point where the only stimulus he has in that one sense. For instance, if he focuses on something with a great deal of detail and loses himself in the detail.

      Bonding, within this series, is a spiritual and mental link between a Sentinel and Guide that is supplemented by their individual links to the psionic plane.

  112. Many many thanks for the explanation. I hope there is soon to read more from you. I love “The Sentinels of Atlantis.”

  113. Hi Kiera,

    I am a huge fan of your story “the Sentinels of Atlantis”.
    I wanted to ask you if you allow me, your story “The Sentinels of Atlantis” to translate into German.
    My english is not quite as good, but so far I have understood everything I read. I would like to use to improve my language skills passing and I am really a huge fan of your story.
    The rights would of course be with you and I would give a link to your website and make it clear that you’d allow me.
    What do you say?
    Greetings from Germany

  114. So, just to be sure … that’s a yes?

  115. I am rereading this series for the… Well I have lost count. I love this and all of your other Atlantis work. Just a question. Is John a stronger Sentinel than Ellison?

    • Ellison’s power in this ‘verse is more political because his Guide is profoundly powerful — as powerful as McKay. I think I wrote in my notes that Ellison was a high level 5.

  116. I have read everything you’ve posted, and I’m SO IMPRESSED, I really am. I adore your series, and I can’t wait to read more of each and every one!
    Thank you so much for posting such unbelievable stories, and keep up the fantastic work!

  117. I have a background tab open to your website and have rotated through your stories pretty much continually for months. “The Sentinels of Atlantis” is one of my favorites, and each time I reread it, I hope for another chapter. I’m fascinated by the variety of expression of the Sentinel/Guide relationships as you write them, and the way the all characters seem to come alive as I read. I’ve also read a lot of TS/SG:1 and TS:SGA crossovers and a few fusions, and the world building you’ve done in this one outstrips anything else I know. Thank you for the entertainment which hasn’t grown old after repeated readings, and I hope you have plans for more.

  118. I ‘m in love, “The Sentinels of Atlantis” is fantastic, the job that you obtained with these stories are fabulous, the relationships that you created are incredible, this croossover like the best that I have read, it is so amazing that I would like that you write more,,,xD

    Also I’m pending of your other works and I get excited reading them… O.O…though I can’t wait to read “The Sacrifice” Seriously, I die to read it ….xP….

    PSD: Seriously I hope that you write more of The Sentinels of Atlantis something like second season,,,,whynot? When you finish this…. xD…

    THANKS for writin and Sharing >//<

  119. I have a question: in ‘The Legacy,’ there is some speculation about whether or not Chuck is a sensitive mundane; that wasn’t really answered. I am also confused about how there can be sensitive *mundanes.* It is mentioned that Chuck came from a family of Guides. But I don’t understand how he can be sensitive if the gene “skipped him entirely.” And how did Chuck even get two miles from the city center without the notice of anybody, Sentinel or mundane, in the first place?

    Another question: I don’t remember all that well, but I think in each of your stories everybody is a different age; how old is everybody in tSoA?

    I have more questions, but they’ve runaway from me. I’m in the process of rereading, and have all these questions coming to me. Of course, the questions about Chuck and sensitive mundanes came to me about three or four chapters before it actually happens. It’s funny how that happens . . .

    Dr. McKay would hate the disorganization of my mind. Heck, ‘I’ hate it.

    Thanks and great job (which is an understated comment),

    • “sensitive” mundane comes back to people with advanced intuition and the like. It’s just a thought and unexplored in the series because it’s not important to the plot at all. The same idea is mentioned in my other sentinel story The Awakening.

      I didn’t give them ages in this series because I have a difficult time keep tracking of it otherwise and some jackass always comes along and checks my math which makes me pissy so to avoid it– no ages. Ages are meaningless in Keira land.

  120. With all Keller is learning about what I’ve started referring to inside my own head as the “Satedan Gene” and the “Ancient Asshole Designer Gene,” it made perfect sense to me that the genetic suite that results in Sentinel or Guide traits is a sprawling mess of mutually mutated chromosomes that the AADG creators wouldn’t even recognize at this point. I am reminded of a suite of real world genes that working correctly, confer greater resistance to malaria and working incorrectly, result in Sickle Cell Anemia. And those are natural genes. In your story, some people get one, the other or in John’s case, both versions, and it would be surprising if there weren’t some interesting side consequences in terms of partially or incorrectly activated genes.

    I could just be mooshing up realities, though; you tend to do very interesting but slightly different things with heredity across your stories.

  121. I read the whole thing and loved it.
    I was wondering if you knew of any other Zelenka/Parrish fic. I really enjoy that pairing.

  122. I was re-reading this series -again- and I have a question – or two – about Andy and John.

    1) Will Andy be more powerful than John when he grows up?

    2) Andy has S/G pairs around him (watching out for him). Did John have this too? I got the impression that he didn’t, or at least he didn’t know about it.

    Thanks again for creating this wonderful series. I really love it.

    • Andy is in many ways a MIRROR of John’s character. His gifts are on par with John’s and no, the Sentinel/Guides on Earth do not know that they are watched over by ascended pairs. It’s part of their culture and mythology that has been lost to time due to the manipulations of the Ancients.

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    • Some of the threads are meant to be transparent while others not so much so you’re on the right track as far as that goes. Since I’ve plotted out 5 seasons for this — I do have a master plan. But discussing it now would be spoilery. So, ya know. Glad you’re enjoying it though!

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    • The Sentinel is designed to protect Guides — all Guides, not just their own.

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    • I’m queen in my world so no, lol, my stories (or characters) don’t make decisions. That being said — I’ve got a lot of WIPs and after I finished SOA’s first season, I had some other stuff to work on. I still have 5 seasons planned.

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    • Cause I’ve got plans for Tony DiNozzo in this ‘verse which required some actor rearrangement.

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        You know there have been favorite stories of mine that I have read several times, but yours are the only ones I’ve been reading for years, and I never get tired of it, I always want more.  You are an amazing storyteller, it’s impossible to get tired of your stories, or bored with them. I thank whatever guiding force in the Universe that you decided to share your wonderful stories with us.

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    • He’s “played” by Michael Weatherly in What Might Have Been — but that is an older version of the character AND since Tony DiNozzo will eventually appear in this series as a Sheppard cousin (through his mother), I needed to recast Declan. I also recast Sean.

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    I do have a question, though. (Not a complaint!) May I ask why you cast JR Bourne in the role of Simon rather than the actor that actually played him? It’s really weird to have Martouf pictured in my head when it’s supposed to be Simon Wallis. ^_^ I keep hearing Martouf’s intonations and it’s funny. 😀 (Also curious whether you chose to change the spelling of his name on purpose or whether that was just an error?)

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