Ties That Bind (Series)

Cover Art by Fanarts Series

Ties That Bind by Keira Marcos

Pairing: McShep (many other secondary pairings)
Genre: Romance, BDSM
Rating: NC-17
Series Word Count: 402,190
Warnings: Graphic sex, anal play, BDSM, violence, and exhibitionism (does any of that really make you not want to read it?). If you don’t like this kind of thing—just don’t read it. Seriously. Evil!Carter. Marine!John. PLEASE READ THE AUTHOR’S NOTES.

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Series Summary

After the death of his submissive, Colonel John Sheppard spent four years alone. Grief and anger pushed him and made him even more ambitious in his career. Taking Dr. Rodney McKay into his life and his bed was supposed to be a political maneuver–but then he met the man and everything he thought he wanted changed in an instant.

Dr. Rodney McKay has spent a year alone after divorcing his Domme and cutting her collar off in public. He doesn’t know if he’s ready for a new Dom but he does know he wants Atlantis and Colonel John Sheppard’s collar is his path to the city of the Ancients. Then the Marine put his hands on him and Rodney realizes that he’s already half way to risking his heart again.

Neither man was prepared for the explosive combination of their sexual dynamic and the intense emotional connection that would burn between them like an inferno.


1. Intimately Bound (22,853 words)
Colonel John Sheppard returns to Earth to debrief and to meet Dr. Rodney McKay.
2. Learning to Belong (33,125 words)
John starts his debrief and Rodney settles into his new role as the collared submissive of a Marine.
3. You Belong To Me (25,312 words)
John and Rodney make time to see both of their families before they leave for Atlantis.
4. Harder to Breathe (44,452words)
John and Rodney return to the SGC and make ready to go to Atlantis with a few problems along the way.
5. Always For You (16,236 words)
John and Rodney learn more about each other as they travel to Atlantis on the Daedalus. While everyone else adjusts to the new relationships that have formed around the pair.
6. What You Give (35,740 words)
Rodney falls in love with Atlantis while John gets used to having a family on Atlantis.
7. Under Pressure (30,748words)
General Jordan comes to Atlantis and the pressure breaks the one person John couldn’t have predicted and someone has to pay the price.
8. A Lovely Agony (40,531 words)
Matthew adjusts to having a collar on the city and John is recalled to Earth for a house trial.
9. In the Flames (23,767 words)
John and Rodney adjust to being back on the city after the house trial and Scott Holland shows his true colors.
10. All I Want (14,057 words)
Evan and Matt return to Earth to meet with Matt’s Geisha Master.
11. Whatever It Takes (19,832)
John finds himself settling deeper into his relationship with McKay while adjusting to the arrival of several new people on the city.
12. Fever Pitch (21,374)
John celebrates his birthday and faces his first exhibition on the city of the Ancients.
13. Time After Time (22,232)
A single day can change everything.
14. The Broken Road (15,978)
John and Rodney return to Earth and prepare for the house trial.
15. The North Star (30,852)  — Added 12/20/2016
John and Rodney appear for a House Trial at de Sade.

Series Interludes
Maître -SGA (950 words) – McKay/OMC- Rodney submits to his Courtesan Master.
Everything You Need  SGA (855 words) -OC/OC- Declan Frost comes ashore and finds everything he’s ever wanted waiting on him.
Everything– Live Free or Die Hard (979 words) – McClane/Farrell- “I had to learn to be what you needed so you’d want to keep me.”
Finding Home – SGA (2311 words) – Ethan Marsh/Chase Harris – Ethan figures out where his home is.

Stories by Other Authors in my ‘Verse (authorized)
Tsunami Bomb Series by CinnaMinion (Hawaii 5-0)
Life is never easy for anyone. No one gets out alive. Sometimes it’s not about the bullshit you’ve been through but the people you meet and the place you call home.

Time Heals by CJ aka WritinginCT (Stargate: Atlantis)
Time may have healed their bodies, but for two damaged men assigned to Atlantis, it will take meeting each other to truly become whole again.

Unbound Hearts by FunkyinFishnet (Spartacus AU)
In a world of Doms and subs, Dom Agron is part of a law enforcement agency who ensure subs’ safety, frees those who are being abused, and punishes Doms. On one raid, he meets and frees highly-trained submissive Nasir. Both of them have suffered in different ways, yet are drawn together. Both of them might have found exactly what they need.


This story was inspired by the works Coming Home and General & Dr. Sheppard by Xanthe.

While this is not a story in the world she created, I did use her BDSM/Dynamic theme with her permission. I want to thank her sincerely for her generosity and her contributions to this fandom and several others that I read. 

Like the world that Xanthe created– this series takes place in a world where BDSM relationships are the ‘norm’ and everyone is pretty much bisexual. There are a LOT of homosexual pairings in this series because it amuses me.

To my readers, I would caution you that this story is VERY different from the work I normally write.  I do consider it a romance but it’s pretty hardcore. John is a sadist and he makes no bones about it. This may make some of you very uncomfortable. That being said I did recycle two of my OCs from my WMHB series (Declan Frost and Sean Taylor).

This is a FANTASY and should not be taken as a guide to use for a BDSM lifestyle. It’s also not at all realistic—it’s a fanfic set in the Stargate:Atlantis Fandom. Graphic descriptions of S/M appear in this work and it may squick. I would caution anyone who is interested in masochism or pain play that they educate themselves thoroughly about their body and their individual needs before considering any “play time”. In other words, don’t be silly and dangerous.

Additionally, I needed a ‘bad guy’ and I used Sam Carter. Since I normally write her as all sunshine and snark—it was interesting to write her as a real bitch. I’m not a Sam basher by nature—she was just convenient and I didn’t want to invent a new character for the part. Also, I never in my wildest dreams could have considered Jennifer Keller for the part Sam played in this story.

RE: Elizabeth Weir– yes I cast the original actress to play Elizabeth. I liked her better. Don’t fuss at me!

The Cast

Actor: Joe Flanigan

Name: John Sheppard (Dom)
Occupation: US Marine, Colonel, Military Commander of the Atlantis Expedition
Education: BS in Applied Mathematics, Masters & PhD in Theoretical Math
Pleasure Education: Four years at Kesakitan Pembawa in Singapore with Dato’ Seri Syed Raja, one session at the Lotus House in Tokyo with Master Akira Saito and three sessions at La Petite Mort in San Francisco with Master Philippe Dubois.
Current Relationship: Collared sub- Dr. Rodney McKay
Past Relationships: Jared Holland (deceased), Colonel Marshall Sumner (deceased), Chris Morley, Aidan Ford, (all of the submissive Marines on the original expedition), etc.
Family: Patrick Sheppard (father), Jonah Dean (father’s sub) David Sheppard (brother), Matt Sheppard (brother), Claire Sheppard (sister-in-law), Ethan Marsh (brother), Miko Kusanagi (adopted sister), Amelia Lawson (mother)

Actor: David Hewlett

Name: Dr. Rodney McKay (sub)
Occupation: Chief Science Officer of the Atlantis Expedition
Education: PhDs in Astrophysics, Mechanical Engineering, and Aeronautical Engineering
Pleasure Education: Three sessions at de Sade Institute — Courtesan of Gerard de Sade
Current Relationship: wears the collar of John Sheppard
Past Relationships: Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter, Colonel Marshall Sumner (deceased), Dr. Mark Pierce, Dr. Daniel Jackson, Lt. Colonel Thomas Grant, Dr. Gina Marrow, Gerard de Sade, Dr. Stefan Cordell, Kelly Victor, etc
Family: Jeannie Miller (sister), Kaleb Miller (brother-in-law), Madison Miller (niece), Julia McKay (mother-deceased), Anton Michel (father-deceased)


Actor: Kavan Smith

Name: Evan Lorne (Dom)
: US Air Force, Major, 2nd in command Atlantis Expedition
Education: BS & Masters in Geology
Pleasure Education: 3 sessions at La Petite Mort with Mistress Elise Devereaux, 3 sessions at de Sade Institute with Master Kyle Napier
Current Relationship: Collared sub- Matthew Sheppard
Past Relationships: Chase Harris, Graham Simmons, Vala Mal Doran, Aidan Ford (before Atlantis), Taylor Smythe, Paul Davis, David Parrish, Radek Zelenka, Mina Adams, etc
Family: Roger Lorne (father), Nathan Cordell (grandfather), Dana Cordell (mother-deceased), Eliza Cordell (grandmother), Chad Lorne (brother), James Lorne (brother), Gregory Lorne (brother), Mallory Jenkins (sister)

Actor: Jensen Ackles

Name: Matthew Sheppard (sub)
: US Navy, Lt. Commander, Flight Commander Atlantis Expedition
Education: BS Aeronautics, Masters in Engineering
Pleasure Education: Lotus Geisha trained from 15 to 19 in Japan with Master Nori
Current Relationship: wears the collar of Evan Lorne
Past Relationships: Drake Montgomery, Vice Admiral Richard Keller, Lance Corporal Lucas Morrison, Sergeant William Follmer, Jessica Bonet, Hayate Sato, Kasumi Sasaki, etc
Family: Patrick Sheppard (father), Jonah Dean (father’s sub) David Sheppard (brother), John Sheppard (brother), Claire Sheppard (sister-in-law), Ethan Marsh (brother), Miko Kusanagi (adopted sister), Amelia Lawson (mother)

Actor: Chris Pine

Name: Chase Harris (sub)
: US Marine, Lieutenant, combat engineer, member of Team 5- Atlantis Expedition
Education: BS and Masters in Engineering–working on his dissertation
Pleasure Education: 2 sessions at La Petite Mort one each with Mistress Collette Depaul & Master Stefan Renard -marked with a lily
Current Relationship: None
Past Relationships: Dean Bates, Evan Lorne, Cameron Mitchell, Steven Caldwell, Casey Morgan, Thomas Grant, Mike Keener, Janet Frasier, Vala Mal Doran, Adam Webb, etc
Family: Christopher Harris (father), Katherine Harris (mother), Diana Harris (sister), Trenton Harris (brother), Hayden Harris (brother) – Chase is the youngest

Actor: Ian Somerhalder

Name: Ethan Marsh (Dom)
: US Navy, Senior Chief, SEAL, Sniper – Atlantis Expedition
Education: BS Systems Engineering (Naval Academy)
Pleasure Education: 3 sessions at La Petite Mort with Louis Bessette.
Current Relationship: None, pursuing Chase Harris
Past Relationships: Lesley Barnes, Elias Gold, Devon Cartwright, Ryan Sellers, etc
Family: Joseph Marsh (father-deceased), Brandon Novak (father’s sub-deceased), John Sheppard (brother), Matthew Sheppard (brother), Amelia Lawson (mother)

Actor: Daniel Craig

Name: Thomas Grant (Dom)
: US Air Force, Major, Atlantis Expedition
Education: PhD in psychology — specializes in combat related stress management and PTSD
Pleasure Education: 3 sessions at the de Sade Institute with Sydney Jamison
Current Relationship: None
Past Relationships: Caroline Lam, Chase Harris, Vala Mal Doran, Rodney McKay, Radek Zelenka, Keith Battle, Sydney Jamison, Mason Blake, Andre Morgan, etc
Family: Jeff Grant (father), Sara de Sade (mother-deceased), Phillip Grant (brother), Alexander Grant (brother), Gerard de Sade (first cousin)

Actor: Tom Welling

Name: Christopher Morley (sub)
Occupation: United States Marines, Lance Corporal
Education: Working on a BS in combat engineering
Pleasure Education: none
Current Relationship: Uncollared, semi-serious relationship with Thomas Grant in the works
Past Relationships: Dr. Michael Holder, Colonel John Sheppard, Colonel Marshall Sumner, Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell, Major Paul Davis, Dr. Malcolm Crowley
Family: No siblings, mother is a Domme with several male submissives, father is deceased.

Actor: Michael Weatherly

Name: Declan Frost (Dom)
: US Navy, SEAL, Battle Master for the Atlantis Expedition
Education: BS & Masters in Engineering
Pleasure Education: 3 sessions at de Sade with Master Keith Nasson
Current Relationship: collared Sean Taylor
Past Relationships: Been with the same submissive in an exclusive relationship for eight years
Family: Liam Frost (father), Della Marstow (mother), Angus Frost (brother)


Actor: Orlando Bloom

Name: Dr. Sean Taylor (sub)
: Scientist, Atlantis Expedition
Education: BA in Sociology, Masters in Psychology, Masters in Political Science, and a PhD in Anthropology
Pleasure Education: 3 sessions at La Petite Mort with Master Louis Bessette — marked Consort
Current Relationship: wears Declan Frost’s collar
Past Relationships: Has been in an exclusive relationship for eight years — did attend Gerard de Sade shortly after he was marked
Family: Robert Taylor (father-deceased), Celeste Taylor (mother) – no siblings

Actress: Jessica Steen

Name: Dr. Elizabeth Weir (Domme)
Occupation: Civilian Leader of the Atlantis Expedition
Education: PhDs in Political Science and Linguistics
Pleasure Education: La Petite Mort – 3 sessions
Current Relationship: Radek Zelenka
Past Relationships: Dr. Simon Wallace, Dr. Kate Heightmeyer, Dr. Spencer Reid, Dr. David Parrish
Family: Parents deceased, no siblings

Actor: David Nykl

Name: Dr. Radek Zelenka (sub)
Occupation: Chief Engineer, Atlantis Expedition
Education: PhDs Engineering & Astrophysics, Masters in Aeronautics and Nuclear Physics
Pleasure Education: 2 sessions Lleu House
Current Relationship: collared submissive of Elizabeth Weir
Past Relationships: Thomas Grant, Marshall Sumner, Peter Grodin, Samantha Carter
Family: Has no contact with his family– he defected from the Czech Republic at a very early age

Actor: Paul McGillion

Name: Dr. Carson Beckett (Dom)
Occupation: Chief Medical Officer, Atlantis Expedition
Education: MD & PhD in Genetics
Pleasure Education: 3 sessions at Lleu House
Current Relationship: courting Miko Kusanagi
Past Relationships: Chris Morley, Kate Heightmeyer, Captain Laura Cadman, etc
Family: deceased father, living mother, two brothers and 3 sisters.


Actress: Nanako Matsushima

Name: Dr. Miko Kusanagi (sub)
Occupation: Scientist, Atlantis Expedition
Education: PhD Mechanical Engineering
Pleasure Education: 5 years Lotus House, marked Red Petal Geisha — a decedent of Japanese royalty. She is considered a princess within her house and socially is ranked above most Doms in Japanese society.
Current Relationship: is being courted by Dr. Carson Beckett
Past Relationships: Miko was collared directly out of Lotus by Kaemon Maeda — she was the fifth submissive in his home but her status as a Geisha elevated her above everyone including her own Dom socially. He eventually succumbed to cancer– she never left his side. She mourned him for several years and as such as only known one Dom sexually her entire life until she began the courting process with Carson Beckett.
Family: parents are dead, entered into a house “social” adoption with Patrick Sheppard and his sons.

Actor: Christina Cox

Name: Anne Teldy (Domme)
Occupation: US Air Force, Captain
Education: BS in Sociology and Masters in Anthropology
Pleasure Education: Three sessions at La Petite Mort
Current Relationship: collared Dr. Allison Porter shortly after they graduated from high school
Past Relationships: she occasionally contracts with male submissives to share with Allison
Family: Mother-Ella Teldy, Father deceased, one brother (Adam)

Actor: Nicole de Boer

Name: Dr. Allison Porter (sub)
Occupation: scientist, Atlantis Expedition
Education: BS Biology, Masters Biomechanics, and PhD Mechanical Engineering
Pleasure Education: 2 sessions La Petite Mort
Current Relationship: collared by Anne Teldy
Past Relationships: male submissives only at the discretion of her Domme
Family: Mother- Alice Freemont, Father- William Porter, no siblings

Actor: Richard Dean Anderson

Name: General Jack O’Neill (Dom)
Occupation: Air Force, General, Base Commander- Stargate Command
Education: BS and Masters in Engineering
Pleasure Education: 3 sessions La Petite Mort, 2 sessions Lleu House (with Daniel)
Current Relationship: collared and married to Dr. Daniel Jackson
Past Relationships: Sarah (ex-wife), etc
Family: Son- Charlie (deceased), parents deceased, no siblings

Actor: Michael Shanks

Name: Dr. Daniel Jackson (sub)
Occupation: Scientist, Stargate Command
Education: BA-History, Masters Anthropology & Egyptology, & PhD Archeology
Pleasure Education: 2 sessions La Petite Mort, 2 sessions at Lleu House (with Jack)
Current Relationship: collared by and married to Jack O’Neill
Past Relationships: Dr. Rodney McKay, etc
Family: Parents killed when he was a child, raised by his paternal grandfather who resides off-world with a race of aliens

Actor: Viggo Mortensen

Name: Dr. Patrick Sheppard (Dom)
Occupation: CEO Sheppard Industries (retired US Navy-Captain)
Education: Phd Engineering
Pleasure Education: 3 sessions Lleu House, 3 sessions Lotus House
Current Relationship: collared Jonah Dean, occasionally brings other submissives home for his Geisha to play with
Past Relationships: Claudia, Amelia
Family: sons: David, John, Matthew, Claire Sheppard (daughter-in-law), 2 grandchildren, adopted daughter- Miko Kusanagi

Actor: Takeshi Kaneshiro

Name: Dr. Jonah Dean (sub)
Occupation: Director of R&D for Sheppard Industries
Education: PhD Mechanical Engineering
Pleasure Education: 4 years Lotus House – marked white petal Geisha
Current Relationship: collared by Patrick Sheppard
Past Relationships: his Geisha Master and various Doms at Lotus during training. Patrick is the only Dom to have him outside of training.
Family: parents deceased, no siblings

Actor: Dylan Neal

Name: David Sheppard (Dom)
Occupation: CFO Sheppard Industries
Education: MBA Business,  BS Accounting
Pleasure Education: Four years at Kesakitan Pembawa in Singapore with Dato’ Seri Syed Raja, two  session at the Lotus House in Tokyo, and three sessions at La Petite Mort in San Francisco.
Current Relationship: collared and married Claire Dubois Sheppard
Family: Patrick Sheppard (father), Jonah Dean (father’s sub), Matthew Sheppard (brother), John Sheppard (brother), Miko Kusanagi (adopted sister), 2 children

Actress: Charlize Theron

Name: Claire Sheppard (sub)
Occupation: artist
Pleasure Education: 3 sessions at La Petite Mort – marked Fleur-dis-lis Consort
Current Relationship: collared by and married to David Sheppard
Family: Patrick Sheppard (father-in-law), Jonah Dean (father-in-law’s sub), Matthew Sheppard (brother-in-law), John Sheppard (brother-in-law), Miko Kusanagi (adopted sister-in-law), 2 children, Phillippe Dubois (brother), parents deceased

Actor: Tom Selleck

Name: General Randolph Rampart (Dom)
Occupation: Commendant of the United States Marine Corps
Education: Masters in Engineering
Pleasure Education: De Sade Institute (trained by Gerard de Sade), Lotus House
Current Relationship: Married (Angela), committed, exclusive relationship
Past Relationships: very distant past
Family: Wife (Angela), 3 sons, 1 daughter

Actress: Nicole Kidman

Name: Angela Rampart (sub)
Occupation: Lawyer who works exclusively in submissive rights
Education: Criminal Justice masters, law degree
Pleasure Education: de Sade Courtesan trained by Master Mason Blake
Current Relationship: married to Randolph Rampart
Past Relationships: she’s known one Master since she was marked as a Courtesan
Family: husband (Randolph), 3 sons, 1 daughter

Actor: Gerard Butler

Name: Gerard de Sade (Dom)
Occupation: After retiring from the de Sade Institute as a the House Master, he took over business and financial concerns of the de Sade family.
Education: MBA
Pleasure Education: 4 years at the de Sade Institute, 1 year of intense one-on-one instruction from Dato’ Raja.
Current Relationship: Has one collared submissive Andre Morgan, recently released a second submissive from service
Past Relationships: All of this disciples, Rodney McKay, Raden (Dragon Geisha), etc
Family: parents deceased, three younger brothers, one younger sister

Actor: Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Name: Andre Morgan (sub)
Occupation: none
Education: Juilliard – he’s an accomplished professional dancer (there on scholarship)
Pleasure Education: La Petite Mort Consort, trained by Master Emmanual Michel
Current Relationship: Gerard de Sade, and he indulges in sex with anyone Gerard brings home to play, he has “pet” status in Gerard’s household.
Past Relationships: none in more than 5 years, he accepted his first collar when he was 18 years old. His first master (Julien Marcus) paid for his pleasure education at La Petite Mort and Andre wore his collar for two years after he was marked.
Family: He was orphaned at 5 when his parents were killed in a car accident. No siblings.

Dr. Sydney Jamieson (Dom)
Actor: Avery Brooks

General Mason Blake (Dom)
Actor: Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Dato’ Seri Syed Raja (Dom)
Actor: Chow Yun Fat

Lianne Raja (sub)
Actress: Kelly Hu

Master Kyle Napier (Dom)
Actor: David Boreanaz

Master Philippe Dubois (Dom)
Actor: Alexander Skarsgård

Lady Heather KesslerActress: Melinda Clarke

Lady Heather Kessler (Domme)
Actress: Melinda Clarke

Master Akira Saito

Master Akira Saito (Dom)
Actor: Ken Watanbe

Colonel Steven Caldwell (Dom)
Actor: Mitch Pileggi

Lt. Commander Lucas Foster (sub)
Actor: Matt Bomer

Master Emmanuel Michel (Dom) Actor: Jude Law

Emmanuel Michel (Dom)
Actor: Jude Law

Master Neal Peyton (Dom)
Actor: Idris Elba

Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter (Domme) Actress: Amanda Tapping

Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter (Domme)
Actress: Amanda Tapping

Master Antoine Devereaux (Dom) Actor: Jason Patric

Master Antoine Devereaux (Dom)
Actor: Jason Patric

General Kevin Jordan (Dom)
Actor: James Woods

Isabel Sawyer

Isabel Sawyer (Courtesan)
Actress: Helen Mirren

Aaron Hotchner (Dom)
Actor: Richard Armitage

Dr. Spencer Reid (sub) Actor: Matthew Gray Gubler

Dr. Spencer Reid (sub)
Actor: Matthew Gray Gubler

Maris Belrose (Courtesan) Actress: Monica Bellucci

Marise Belrose (Courtesan)
Actress: Monica Bellucci

Daniel Williams (Courtesan) Actor: Scott Caan

Daniel Williams (Courtesan)
Actor: Scott Caan



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    I’m normally one of the nitpickers, though I always try to bring up things I loved as well. (If I didn’t enjoy something, I wouldn’t waste my time giving concrit.) However, I just want to say that even *if* I actually notice any typos while I’m reading something you’ve written, I’m too full of glee at what’s happening to make much note of them. I’m sorry the naysayers got you done at one point – you have every right to make the request for only positive feedback. I’m not saying you need my validation, just offering it anyways because I’m (sadly) sure you hear people bitching about it.

    Thanks again for another great read!!

  21. Wow. I loved Xanthe’s stuff, and when I read that yours was sort of an AU spinoff, I was instantly curious. I was hooked right away. They’re amazingly well written; I’m really enjoying myself. Now I have to go read some OTHER of your fic (since I read all 70,000+ words of THIS fic in 24 hours…)

  22. Hi, I don’t expect you’ll publish this because I’m one of those people who will admit that typos do drive me batty. My daughter accuses me of being rather militant about it all. However, if your fic wasn’t engaging, I wouldn’t read it. Most times, I backspace after a certain amount of them. With yours, I haven’t. Your fic is engaging and I do enjoy reading it. The reason I’m commenting is because if you want, I’d love to be your SPAG beta, if you’d like.

    SPAG (spelling, punctuation , and grammar)

    I wouldn’t comment on content or characterization. It’s not my intent to offer as a means to change your style/intent/story.

    Regardless, I wish you the best.

    • Oh– you know I don’t mind if it drives you batty and you say so. What I mind is the abuse I get from other commenters who find it “batty”. Here is the thing– I’ve had betas in the past. One fic on my website had THREE betas and I still had complaints about typos and grammar. NOTHING is ever perfect and betas take time. This is a hobby and any time I devote to a beta takes away time from what I can devote to this hobby. Since it isn’t my career– I simply can’t give it the time using a beta would require. If I did– half the fic on my site wouldn’t even be posted.

  23. * most humbly begs and pleads for more*

    I Love the pictuers! I have to tell you when I started reading part two and three I hadn’t seen the pics. So I was thinking of Jonah as ither Takeshi (Yah!!) or Jerry Yan and Miko!! Have you been raiding my live action manga adaption collection! Now I have to go watch Boys over flowers and Meteor Garden 1 and 2 again this weekend!

    But please feel free to update at any time, how about now?

  24. can’t wait to see how Matthew and Lorne’s relationship starts, especially since Matthew claims to be less of a force of nature then Rodney or Claire. I really like Jonah as well. I am a bit sad that we won’t really get to see much of the family when they go to Atlantis, but the show is called Stargate Atlantis, so it is kinda expected. Thank you for all the effort you put in to make the series so realistic (with the pictures) and beautiful (the wonderful writing) 🙂

  25. Ooohhh, new character pictures?

    *is intrigued*

  26. Tottering to the computer having been felled by a gum infection…
    This story has been an oasis of brilliance in a miserable, pain wracked week. 🙂 🙂
    You’re spoiling your readers for other writers’ fiction. Seriously.
    Excellent world-building.
    And the new Dom on your list, General Rampart. Hmm. A particularly hunky looking picture of Tom Selleck makes me wonder: Is he going to chase Rodney? Or try to get in John’s way?
    I’m hoping we see Gerard de Sade intervene on Rodney’s behalf during one of the crises I sense brewing on the horizon. Thomas Gibson- Hotch in ‘Crimial Minds’ gives off quiet, ultra Dom vibes. Speaking of ultra Doms- are we going to see Teal’c in this story? Please? The way he’s been referred to, I can just imagine him, being all Zen Domish, and all the subs at SGC going weak at the knees…


  27. ungh, gerard butler, so. damn. hawt. Now I just need some flashbacks of Rodney’s 3rd training session, nrrrrrrgggggghhhhh

  28. Love the new series. Just flat out love anything you do. I also agree with the Elizabeth choice. Torrie was nice, but I think Jessica would have played the role better.

    Personal note—-
    I really wish you could work a character into the story that you use the actor Misha Collins as the templet for. Especially if you have him as the Dom that Matthew hooks up with. (If you haven’t already planned his match, of course). Supernatural has become my new passion and tension between Dean and Castiel is unreal

  29. Omg I think I might of fallen in love with you a little.

    Buttler as de Sade is amazing he is so hot I might combust if he makes an apperance.

    Just wondering any chance you could give estimates of updates like you do with sentinals of Atlantis. Then I won’t be checking my computer 3 times a day 🙂

  30. Oh dose this mean the de Sade is going tobe having a little one on one ‘talk’ with Sam?

    Since Matt and Miko are from the same house they can do buddy bonding while they wrap all the free doms in the city around their little pinky fingers.

    Okay going to reread all the stories while I wait for an update please! ( would a nice hot pan of home made pasta bake help ?)

    Love the new pics!

    Hay have you though of having your stories podficed? I would get all of them if you did.

  31. You have me hooked. I am checking a couple times a day for my next fix.
    It is like an endorphin high, knowing it will be good and desperatly wanting the next one.
    Please post another chapter.

    I really wanna know how Miko ends up going to Atlantis. And how Carson and Miko develop their relationship. And if Miko and Matthew have a bond cause they are both Geisha.
    It would be nice to know how Matthew does getting Lornes attention. Cause, really, I think that relationship could be really entertaining with what you have already inferred.
    I would like to know how Declan and Sean get involved with the SGC. Please tell me that Sean is just as snarky here as he is in your other fiction.
    It would be great to find out what happens to Sam. Cause, really? She has some serious karma that should be slapping her down. It would be downright sweet if either O’Neill or de Sade found out about the almost castration.

    So, yeah…. post soon?

  32. Gerard Butler actually popped into my head when you wrote about Gerard de Sade. Not just because of the name, but he seems like he could inhabit that character.

    Wonderful, wonderful stories. Thank you for sharing!

  33. I’d just like to say that I think that James Woods is and awesome choice to play General Jordan (even thought I love James Woods bunches and Jordan is an ass…). I re-read the salon scene at the Sheppard’s with him in my mind, and he’s perfect. Still, I’m sure that John is up to handling him. I love all of the actors you’ve added as characters, and I can’t wait to see where you go with them.


  34. Love the new pics added. I can definitely see Gerard Butler in the role of Gerard de Sade. *gets all distracted…* Anyway, Jonathan Rhys Meyers! Whee! He is so gorgeous, and to imagine that you’ve got something undoubtedly naughty planned for him – you do have his pic up next to de Sade. 🙂 Patiently (kind of) waiting for an update!

    PS: The storyline is fantastic but the character pictures just add to the allure. I love that you go the extra mile.

  35. Love the new pictures. Having seen a few episodes of Shark, I can really see Woods as Jordan.

    You have a wonderful site, and your generosity in sharing your stories is appreciated. I know you can’t make any money from this, but other sites accept donations to help defray costs. Would you be willing and or able to allow some of us to help?

  36. Even though you have only posted 3 chapters, I am hooked. I love the pictures of cast members. You are teasing me with things to com.

  37. wow I love this series! Could you do me a favor and post the dates you upload them, I just found them and of course I want an update right away, and I will be frantically checking for new chapters unless I get a relative time line. I know life happens but I go crazy without some sort of guideline with series I love.

  38. Just wanted to let you know that I am loving this series. I wasn’t sure aboutit with the warnings but as usual your characters and the way they interact with each totally got me hooked! I love all the snark especially Rodney and Claire and am looking forward to meeting Gerard de Sade. I’ll be honest I actually pictured Timothy Dalton (from when he did Scarlett) but Gerard Butler? WOW! *fans*

  39. When I first saw Ties that Bind’s summary I said no, in fact I was completely firm with my refusal. But since it was you who wrote it, and I enjoyed your stories, I decided to take glance, already hating it…the next thing I knew I was hooked and drooling. I loved the dynamics. You didn’t degrade the characters and kept them in character. And didn’t make subs something to be hated or despised. Just…wow

    • I feel like I won a great battle with this feedback! ;-). I’m glad you gave it a chance. I really don’t think I have it in me to write submissives as a degraded/despised/hated people because I think the real strength in the D/s dynamic is in the person doing the submitting. I’ve always believed it takes a lot more strength to submit than it does to dominate.

  40. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Such pretty people….. and some *very* inspired choices…..


    Thank you so much for doing this!!!!

  42. I don’t think my body has ever before been so keyed up with sexual tension from reading fiction. This was heart-pounding, blood-pooling, searing-hot writing.

    Being a RL lover of rattan canes and single-tail whips, I know what a true joy it is when you can implicitly trust your top, not just to wield the instrument skillfully but to keep you emotionally safe as well. Your John is exactly that type of Dom. Fantastic.

    Also, it is rare indeed to read fiction where male characters interact freely and without shame, secure in their sexualities. If I may ask, how did you come to a place where you can write so freely about this type of interaction, especially considering it is almost *never* modeled by the people in today’s societies.

    • I’d love to be able to answer this question but I don’t know how. I’m an intensely honest person and I don’t tolerate deception and bullshit well at all. I think that tends to come out in the characters I create. I think honest and pure responses are SEXY.

      Additionally– straight or gay– a man who isn’t secure in his sexualty is a HUGE turn off for me. When I put this story together I went with the idea that sexualty was a non-issue. That everyone was basically bisexual and there were a few exceptions– people who were monosexual OR asexual. Those people were not discriminated against because sexual attraction is biology. It’s accepted– as accepted as the dynamic system itself. My main focus of “angst” as it were had to be the standing of submissives in a world where their essential make-up created a situation where abuse could and had happened in the past.

      I wanted these people to struggle with things like social AND legal ownership of subs. I wanted to demonstrate that no society is perfect and that of course there would be tops (like Jordan) who would corrupt the system to serve himself and his own needs in the most selfish way possible. He’s even mostly transparent on this point– he’s playing games of course but he isn’t pretending he isn’t. He’s smug, selfish, and destructive but it’s all out there for everyone to see.

  43. Hi Keira,
    Don’t know if you got my last comment but once again you have created a wonderful series that I will continue to follow. Everytime I see that you have posted a new story I cheer and do the happy dance of joy. I love the Sentinels of Atlantis and What Might Have Been series. I was so sorry to read you were having computer issues because I loved getting new chapters so quickly.
    I have read the General and Dr. Sheppard series and loved them. When I saw that you were writing in the same verse I could not wait to read what you had. I have to say, I LOVE IT!!! Please please continue with this.
    Thank you for sharing your incredible imagination with the rest of us. As always I look forward to new stories with baited breath.

  44. Yes back again for my BDSM fix that I can’t get anywhere else so far. I’ve been chatting with my Grandson for the last four hours and he has shared a lot including the fact he is bi (I said good on ya) but new he wants to write a slash story with me and I’m thinking of going for it after he reads more of you and Jilly’s stories. This is an avenue we are exploring. I’m sure some think it’s a little twisted but I think we can do it. Not sure were to post it but maybe just writing it for ourselves will be enough. Anyway gotta go back to my Ties. Thanks for such a timeless story.

  45. Ahh, re-reading.. again, for the third (maybe fourth?) time. This is seriously one of my go to stories for when I need something good that is going to push all my BDSM buttons. The world you created, I want this to be real. I want to live in it. And there to be all the pretty boys and girls in it that you’ve brought to life. I can’t wait for the end. Well, I can, but know you have another lady out here waiting because you are an amazing writer.

  46. So, I was visiting my mother yesterday. While she read her gossip columns in the paper I chose to re-read some TTB favorite scenes on my smart phone. Suddenly, she asks what I am reading. Because, supposedly, I made all these funny noises and faces and such. And I couldn’t fathom what to tell my over 80, highly conservative mother other than “just a funny story”. Mainly because I am pretty sure trying to explain BDSM, Rodney’s sarcasm and Stargate to her would have probably landed me in a nice padded white cell.

    So, lesson learned and noted: No reading of TTB in public or, at least, at my mother’s!

  47. spirit.seeker.60

    Just a question, no snark or self importance or anything to upset.  I was reading TTB from the beginning, but then, when I finished, I realize that I lost your ‘Christmas Present’ of the partial final story.  Am I stupid or did you take it down because of some nasty person or is it lurking on your website still.  I love the  final image that you described and am excited about the story even if it is the ending. (sad face here)  Your characters rock.

    And I totally get Shira Lynn’s problem.

  48. I went to look at the playlist for this series on youtube and it says that it no longer exists.  Just thought you might want to know.  BTW  I absolutely adore this series and wait patiently for anything you decide to grace us with.  thank you for your work.

  49. Rereading, as have so many others. I’m wondering, though, if something is missing. I seem to remember that John meets Gerard prior to going to Atlantis, and a reference in story 5 seems to confirm that, but the scene referred to isn’t in the previous stories. Could I have missed it? Or has it gone missing?

  50. Found it! I feel silly now. There’s a PART TWO that I completely overlooked on my mobile view.

  51. I swear I remember there being one part after finding home. Its been a while si ce I read this but I thought I remembered the house trial

  52. O.M.Goddess – how did I miss Idris Elba as Neal Peyton? He makes my knees weak just looking at a picture 🙂 In my head I had Johnny Depp – not sure why other than every year my sister gives me a JD calendar at Christmas. Anyhow if you ever want to do a chapter just on Neal I will be eternally grateful (and probably won’t leave the flat until I’ve read it at least a dozen times.)
    Thanks for my dreams tonight M’Lady, here’s hoping I remember them LOL Hxx

  53. Gah! I see chapter 15 but can’t actually click through the link to read it. Is this just me?

  54. I love this story. I can’t help myself from rereading it over and over again. I love how you write this world in so much detail. Its so alive and I always feel like I live in it. A friend and I have discussed which pleasure house would have suited us.

    Watching (reading) how John and Rodney come together, come to love each other is just an amazing piece of work. You can feel John’s apprehension as he realizes he’s in love with Rodney. And you can feel the family love that the whole Sheppard/McKay have for one another.

    I have 2 question and I may be totally reading too much into the story but I have to ask. In your world, you’ve shown submissive parents. How does someone like Jonah fit in though? He was 19 when he became part of the Sheppard family so I’m guessing the 3 boys were minors. If Patrick allowed it, would he have been able to have any rights to the boys? Like say sending them to their room if they broke a rule? And my second question is we’ve seen a lot of uncollared submissive on their own but can a collared submissive go out and about by themselves? Say to the mall or to the store?

    Thank you so much for writing such wonderful stories!

    • Both of your questions would actually be individual a couple and not a social norm of sorts.

      Negotiations take place between a couple — such things would be a part of it. I’d think that Patrick would’ve insisted that his minor children respect Jonah’s authority merely because he would’ve been an adult in the household.

      A collared submissive has as much freedom as is agreed to by the sub and Dom.

      • ok. I understand what you mean. I don’t know that I can see David, John, or Matt out right misbehaving but kids are kids and it wouldn’t leave me alone. Thanks so much answering my question!

  55. What is it about this series? I finished The North Star – loved it! – and had to go back and reread the previous stories.

    One thing about the series – it made me realize in late middle age (!) that I have kinks I was only somewhat aware of, or maybe in denial of. I don’t necessarily intend to do anything with this knowledge, but I guess it’s best to know.

    If you choose to continue the series, I would love to read it! Thanks for all your work.

  56. Absolutely love this series, can’t wait for more.

  57. Absolutely love this arc. Can’t wait for the next one, whenever that is.

  58. I’ve never been much into BDSM. It’s not a squick, it just doesn’t do much for me. But, since it’s you writing, I thought I’d give this series a shot. It’s the only thing I hadn’t read on this site since I found it a couple of years ago. And I’m so glad I read it.

    I’m still not much into BDSM, and I’m not sure I would read it if it were anyone else. It’s the world-building in this series that really drew me in. It’s a complex, fully realized world that has nuance and intrigue around every corner. You’ve taken a world we’re all familiar with and changed the focus of the lense through which we view it. I’m in awe of the level of detail in these stories (I think I heard in a radio broadcast you did that you have a large notebook full to the brim with ‘verse details… what I wouldn’t give for a peek!), and the insight into each of the characters you’ve provided. I’ve even found myself idly contemplating which of the Pleasure Houses I’d be suited to, much the way we fans debate which Hogwarts House we’d be sorted into.

    Thank you for writing such a beautiful piece of fiction, and for shining a light on the subject of BDSM that helped me understand far more about that world than I did before I read the series.

  59. Where do the interludes fit in the story timeline?

  60. Just re-read this series over the last 3 days. It’s my 3rd or 4th time (I’ve lost count, tbh) reading it and amazingly, I found myself as drawn in and as emotionally connected to the stories and characters this time as I was the first. I love your writing. And this series is just so perfectly perfect that I felt I needed to say it again. I LOVE your writing and I am so thankful for how much of your talent you share with us.
    That’s all.
    Love & gratitude,

  61. Still my favorite series. So much so that when reading another story I caught myself thinking ” that wouldn’t have happened if they listened to their pleasure master.” So now I’m getting my fix. Thank you for the wonderful stress relief.

  62. I am so happy I found this again. I read it awhile back and loved it.

  63. I love this series….I hope the inspiration bunnies bite you soon. My imagination takes me so good ways but you do it better

  64. I just wanted to let you know how much I love this series.

    The past few weeks have been really difficult for me, and in my spare time I’ve reread this whole series 3 times. Something about the idea of being able to trust someone else to be in control is really appealing.

    I love your John and Rodney in this story, and I’m excited to see what’s next for them if you ever get back to this universe. If not, I’m really glad you ended it where you did!

    Thanks for sharing your work with us!

  65. Hiya. I heart you. . Also I was wondering. Do you think you are done with this universe or could there be more to come? I just reread the whole thing and while it wraps up nicely, it leaves room for so much more. So if yes!!! Woohoo super excited for whenever something may come. If not, then I am happy to reread again and again in peace knowing it’s the end.

  66. Well I certainly love the series enough to re read it about 4 times now. I love the depth of society and all the intrecacies woven throughout the stories. Thank you!

  67. I feel like I’ve probably said this before, but you’re absolutely incredible at world building and I love how much we learn about how this world works!

  68. I just wanted to tell you how much I love this story. I read it years ago and come back to it as often as I can. Thank you for writing such a wonderful complex world.

  69. This is such a beautiful series and parts of it brings me to tears every single time I read it. I love it and it makes me so happy that it exists, thank you so much for writing it and letting us read it. John and Rodney are just so obvious in sync and their love shines through every single word and it’s hard for me to put into words everything that I love and touches me about this, but there’s this trust in all of the relationships that you depict that I’m really drawn to. Thank you again.

  70. You stated earlier that North Star was the last planned book for the series. You have also stated earlier that you would publish the story as an ebook when the series is over. Is the ebook now available and if so, where may I go to download it?

    • I no longer offer ebooks. So there will never be an ebook for this series.

      Additionally, lol, there will probably be future works added to this series.

      • Since you will no longer provide ebooks, do you have a preferred method for readers to get/generate/create one? For example, is you site compatible with the Calibre FanFicFare plugin?

        • No. I don’t want readers to create ebooks so my site is not compatiable with any of those plugins by design. If it works for you, I’d rather not know.

          I stopped offering ebooks because they were put on a pirate site and that site made money off my work through advertising.

  71. Always enjoy coming back and reading these

  72. I really enjoyed reading this series. I love the interaction between John and Rodney and the family interaction of the Sheppards. It is fantastically written.
    Thanks <3

  73. I really enjoyed reading this series. I love the interaction between John and Rodney and the family interaction of the Sheppards. It is fantastically written.
    Thanks <3 and i hope you continue writing this stories

  74. I love this series and I hope that you will revisit it some time but that is just my selfiness speaking. The North Star ending was a good ending to this because it didn’t end in a “cliffhaner” exactly, sure I wonder about Ethan and what his is up to and if Rodney can ever admit that he loves John. But over all it is a great ending, so THANK YOU for writing this

  75. Back re-reading again because this is just that good. Anyway, I think Broken Road might have some of my favorite character dialogue in the series. To the point that at 4:00 this morning I was still up and chuckling as I read on the couch and my son – he is in virtual finals for his Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Masters’ degrees – was taking a study break. He looked over at me with a very Rodney McKay-esque raised eyebrow as if to ask, “what?” So I ended up giving him an edited version of the scene that left out any D/S aspects, then read out loud to him the interaction between the President and General Blake in the Oval Office and we had a short discussion about your ability to write snappy, funny, yet completely on-point dialogue. He was still sitting there when I got to where Rampart was meeting with John and I read that out loud to him, too. Seriously, you write the best dialogue. Because you create the best characters – whether canon or OC, your characters (including your versions of canon characters) are complex, fully developed and so damn snarky. It’s impossible not to become emotionally involved. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  76. WineandStrongCoffee

    So firstly, this is fucking beautiful. Seriously. All of the thank yous.

    Secondly, I’m having some feelings. I hadn’t seen any Stargate and was determined to watch it first before diving into the brilliance that is your Stargate tab, just so I could more fully appreciate what you do with the world(s). Well I got through part of season 1 before I utterly caved and read everything. It’s brilliant of course and I guess now I get to finish canon and then you know probably come back to much of it again because I enjoy both reading and your brain too much to do anything else. BUT. I was listening to some podcast episode recently where either you or Jilly implied that Matthew Sheppard is one of your OCs and honestly my brain kind of ground to a halt. Google confirmed that canon does not feature him. Which leaves me in the very familiar shoes of adoring an OC of yours. But also I feel preemptively betrayed by Stargate canon for their apparent and unpardonable lack of Matthew Sheppard. And I’m not entirely sure what to do with that emotion so I decided to come here to tell you about it. You’re welcome? I’m sorry? But either way, most definitely thank you.

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