Bi, Theoretically

Title: Bi, Theoretically
Author: Keira Marcos
Prompt: Secret Reveal – Trope Bingo 2020
Fandom:  9-1-1
Relationship: Evan “Buck” Buckley/Eddie Diaz
Genre:  First Time, Romance
Warnings:  Explicit Sex, Grammarly Beta’d
Word Count: 5,030 (complete)
Summary:  Buck asks a question, Eddie is thirsty, and everyone else is amused.

* * * *

Eddie gently knocked his head against the side of the ladder truck.

“You okay?”

He shook his head and cleared his throat as he turned to face his captain. “Nope.”

Bobby grinned at him. “Anything I can do?”

“You could stop asking Buck to wash the damn captain’s car that you never use,” Eddie muttered with a little more ire than he intended and huffed when Bobby walked away with laughing. “Your support is noted, sir!”

He walked to the end of the truck, propped himself up against the front bumper, and glared at Buck, who was wearing his turn-out pants and no damn shirt as he washed the car.

“It’s damn near-pornographic,” Hen said cheerfully as she hitched up beside him. “We’re lucky he hasn’t caused a car accident.”

“Why does he look like this?” Eddie asked. “What’d I do to deserve this, Hen? Look at him—just happy as anything—soaking wet at the end of the workday washing a damn car no one uses.”

“C shift uses it.”

“I said what I said,” Eddie said, and Hen laughed. “Earlier, the asshole was wearing a t-shirt but took it off when he got it wet. A passerby almost ran into the stop sign. People can’t even have a proper jog with him out there looking like a sex symbol.”

Hen nodded thoughtfully. “It’s a problem.”

“I recognize that one of your major hobbies, lately, is laughing at my expense but can you not?” Eddie begged. “I didn’t sign up for this. No one at the academy mentioned the agony of this.” He crossed his arms. “I liked my life better when I was in deep denial and married to a woman. Divorced and gay isn’t working out for me. I want a refund.”

She snorted. “But you had a great coming out—even your parents were weirdly supportive.”

“I asked my sisters to check for pods at their house,” Eddie admitted. “But mostly, I think they’re just relieved I divorced Shannon. They’ll probably lose their minds the first time I introduce a boyfriend.”

“You got a boyfriend and didn’t tell me?”

Eddie focused on Buck, who had appeared in front of him, out of nowhere, and noted the wounded puppy face he was getting. “No, Buck, I don’t have a boyfriend. I was just pondering my parent’s reaction to my coming out and how they’d respond to a boyfriend.”

“Ah, well, Ramon says I’m to vet whoever you date thoroughly,” Buck says cheerfully. “Because you have terrible taste. You don’t even want to know what your mom said.” He went back to his task laughing with a towel in hand.

“And that’s another thing,” Eddie muttered. “My parents love him, and they’ve never liked a single friend I’ve ever had. Also? I think my Abuela is considering a legal adoption.”

Hen snorted. “Buck does have that effect on people.”

“He’d be perfect,” Eddie said and shook his head. “If he wasn’t so….”

“Horrifically hetero?” Chim supplied as he took a big bite of apple as he rounded the truck. “I wonder how many men around him have thought that? I should ask Maddie if he’s always been like this.”

Eddie groaned. “Please don’t ask Maddie anything.”

Buck came trotting over at that point, throwing the towel he’d been using to dry the car over his broad shoulder. At some point, his hair had gotten wet as it was curling up charmingly. He looked like a goddamned Disney prince. Eddie was living a nightmare.

“That guy from earlier asked me out,” Buck announced. “The one that almost ran into the stop sign?”

“What did you say?” Chim asked.

“Ah, well, I said no,” Buck flushed brightly and rubbed the back of his neck. “I mean, he didn’t even look me in the eye when we were talking.” He shrugged. “I get why women hate that shit—it’s rude.” He gestured to himself. “I work my ass off for this, but I’ve still got a face.”

It was, frankly, a perfect face, so Eddie couldn’t figure out why anyone wouldn’t want to stare at it for hours. Buck dangled the keys to the car in front of him, and Eddie took them.

“Thanks, I’m gonna go change into some dry clothes,” Buck declared. “I’m soaked through to the skin.”

And, now, Eddie knew that in a few precious moments that his best friend was going to be utterly naked in the firehouse. He was going to die.

“I need to update my will,” Eddie said.

Hen snorted and walked away laughing, dragging Chim with her, which was just as well because it was only by the grace of Hen’s betting pool that Chim hadn’t already told Buck that Eddie had a crush on him. Eddie pulled the car back into the bay.

A half-hour later, and just twenty minutes before the end of their shift, Eddie was munching a breakfast burrito and sort of hoping that Buck would sit with him on the couch until it was time to leave. But, also, not because nearly 24 hours of Buck being Buck was seriously getting to him, and he’d slept at least eight of those hours, so his problem was only getting worse.

Of course, Buck came bounding up the stairs at that point and snagged two burritos from the pile before he slouched down on the couch beside Eddie with a beautiful smile.


“Hey,” Eddie muttered.


“Not really. You?”

“Nah, I was thinking I might go for a swim. You game?”

There was no fucking way that Eddie could go swimming with Buck without his kid there as a buffer. The asshole looked like some sort of god coming out of the ocean, and his friend preferred the beach to any pool situation. Plus, he’d taken to wearing a square-cut swimsuit that made Eddie’s mouth dry as a desert, and he’d done nothing to deserve that kind of torture. Of course, he also didn’t want Buck going to the beach alone, where he’d probably get picked up by some harlot.

Hen sat down across from them and tossed Eddie a card. It landed on his thigh, so he picked it up. “My lawyer.”

Eddie huffed but tucked it in his pocket. “Thanks.”

“You need a lawyer?” Buck questioned. “Is Shannon protesting the custody arrangements? Did she finally start paying child support?”

“I just need to update some stuff and no regarding the custody thing. She pays child support but doesn’t want to. She said that because Chris gets social security, she shouldn’t have to pay anything for his care.” Eddie made a face at that. “Regardless, we’re working it out. She’s still mad that I’m gay, and last time she dropped Chris off at the house, she made some snide comments about being my beard.”

“Well, you shouldn’t let her verbally abuse you because you figured yourself out late,” Buck pointed out reasonably as Chim sat down near Hen. “I do have a question for you guys, though.”

“Shoot, Buckaroo,” Hen said and shot Eddie a look of pure delight which made him want to run away.

“So, if I wanted to get dicked down on a damn near professional level—what’s my best option? Gay bar or Grindr?”

Chim spewed orange juice all over himself as Eddie turned to Buck in shock.

“What?” Eddie asked faintly. “What…you’re…straight.”

“Bi,” Buck corrected. “Theoretically, at least. I mean, I’ve always found both attractive. It’s just girls are easier, and I have terrible gaydar. I had no idea you were gay, but I take comfort in the fact that you didn’t know either, apparently.” He made a face. “But, whatever. Anyways, that jogger who asked me out sort of got me thinking that maybe I should try it out. I mean, I have a terrible time keeping a girlfriend no matter what I do, so maybe a guy would different?”

“You…” Chimney stood up, wiping at his shirt. “I’m calling your sister!”

Buck laughed as his sister’s boyfriend trotted off. “She knows, dumbass!” He focused on Hen. “You think I’d do okay on Grindr?”

She stared at him for a moment. “Hmmm, I mean, you’d certainly be popular.”

Popular, Eddie thought sourly. Buck was a goddamned snack, and he’d get eaten alive on Grindr or in a gay bar, for that matter.

“Eddie, you should take me to a gay bar,” Buck suggested. “You’re a great wingman.”

Hen took in a deep breath and stood. “I can’t handle…Jesus Christ.” She left shouting for Chimney.

He really didn’t think his heart could take another moment of the conversation, but he didn’t want to leave Buck while he was fiddling with his phone like he might be trying to download something.

“Do not download Grindr,” Eddie ordered and snatched Buck’s phone. “I mean it. It’s a heartless meat market that’ll just make you sad.”

“Oh, okay,” Buck said as he pressed his ridiculously pretty lips together. “So, gay bar? Are you busy Saturday night?”

The universe hated him. He stood and hesitantly handed Buck’s phone back to him. “Come home with me, and we’ll discuss this—you shouldn’t just jump into things on a whim.” He paused. “No Grindr.”

“No Grindr,” Buck promised. “And thanks.”

Eddie forced himself to walk at a very sedate pace toward the locker room so he could change. Hen and Chim were huddled together over Chim’s phone.

You’d better not let my baby brother download Grindr!” Maddie exclaimed hotly. “Josh says it’s like some kind of dirty digital bathhouse! It took me months to get him off Tinder after that heifer, Abby, ghosted him!

“I talked him out of Grindr,” Eddie said as he slouched down on the bench in front of his locket. “He asked me to take him to a gay bar on Saturday.” He waved a hand. “This is the worst day of my life.”

“You got shot,” Chimney reminded him.

“Second worse day,” Eddie corrected sullenly.

Bobby entered the locker room at that point and stared pointedly at Eddie. “If I have to find Buckley another therapist to deal with his self-diagnosed sex addiction, I’m making you go with him, Diaz.”

“That’s not fair at all,” Eddie said and crossed his arms.

“Also, do I want to know what dicked down means?” Bobby questioned.

No, you don’t!” Maddie exclaimed from Chim’s phone.

“Yes, you do,” Hen exclaimed with a laugh. “Ask Athena.”

Bobby flushed. “If this gets me put on the couch, you’re cleaning toilets for a month.”

Buck entered the locker room and offered them a big smile that made Eddie’s stomach flip-flop. He hated his life.


Hey, Evan!” Maddie called out. “Congrats on coming out at work.”

Buck paused and looked around as Chimney waved his phone. Buck shook his head. “Is that a big deal? I mean…I knew I was bi when I was 14 because I had a crush on my history teacher.”

“It’s not a big deal if you don’t want it to be,” Hen said firmly.

“Great.” Buck smiled. “What are you guys talking about?”

How you’re not allowed to download Grindr!” Maddie exclaimed. “I mean it, Evan. I can get Josh to set you up on a date. You can’t date Josh, of course, since he’s an exclusive…” She huffed. “Stop poking me, Josh. I’m trying to help Evan get what he wants, and you, inconveniently, don’t like to top!”

Buck laughed and started unbuttoning his uniform shirt. “Leave Josh alone, Maddie. I can find my own dates, and I won’t download Grindr.” He paused. “For now.”

For now. Eddie took a deep, calming breath and ignored the looks he got from everyone and Maddie’s huffy sound of indignation. He’d really wanted to ask them when he’d become responsible for Buck, but he figured the answer would just make things worse for him. Which, honestly, he couldn’t imagine because he’s already got a lot on his plate and doesn’t want more.

On the way out, he guided Buck to his own truck so he could keep an eye on him, and they only had 24 hours down before they were due back for another shift. Buck normally spent that night at Eddie’s house anyway. His friend just settled in, fiddled with the car radio, and connected his phone to the Bluetooth so he could play music. It took about five seconds for him to realize Buck had put a song about sex on. Well, most music made for adults was about sex in some fashion or another, but this song was clearly about fucking.

He huffed. “What is this?”

“What?” Buck asked with a wide-eyed look in his direction. The younger man’s cheeks were a little flushed, and his eyes were bright with amusement and something else Eddie was a little unsure of.

Oh, Eddie thought, you little motherfucker. He exhaled slowly. “The song, Buck?”

“Oh, Slow Hands by Niall Horan. He has a great album, but I just recently discovered it on Spotify,” Buck explained, like he wasn’t playing his fuck-list in Eddie’s truck.

It took him 30 minutes to get home; he turned off the engine quickly—cutting off Darren Hayes’ Insatiable in the process. Buck hopped right out of the truck, and Eddie followed because he couldn’t help himself. Buck used his own key to open the door, and Eddie paused for all of 10 seconds to consider his choices before he pinned Buck up against the door.

“You.” His hands tightened on his partner’s shoulders.

Buck laughed. “What?”

“You are the worst,” Eddie said without any heat, and Buck just relaxed in his hands like he didn’t have a care in the world. “You’ve been doing it on purpose.”

Buck quirked an eyebrow. “I was wondering how many times I’d have to volunteer to wash the car no one uses.”

“C shift apparently uses it.”

Buck shrugged and wet his bottom lip. “You just gonna hold me against this door? I kind of assumed at your age you’d have better game than this.”

Eddie let his hands drop to Buck’s hips, and he cleared his throat. “I can’t play games with you, Evan. I want you too much, and that’s not fair because all you’ve got is theory, and maybe you’ll hate it. Then what?”

“Well, I love doing myself with a dildo,” Buck said conversationally. “So, I doubt seriously I’m going to hate having sex with another man. I’ve been fucking with you a little bit because you’re so damn stubborn, and it was clear you weren’t going to make a move without some serious incentive. But I wouldn’t fuck with you, you know? You’re too important.”

“You’ve never had a problem getting laid—why the lack of experience with men?” Eddie asked quietly as he moved so close they were pressed chest to chest.

Buck’s eyes darkened, and he took a deep breath. “I’ve had a few opportunities and done some stuff. Not much.”

“Of course, you have. You’re beautiful,” Eddie murmured and curled his fingers into Buck’s jeans. “What stuff?”

“A couple of hand jobs…a blow job in a bathroom one night,” Buck continued, and his breath hitched when Eddie trailed his lips along his jaw. “You…wow.”

“You sucked some guy’s dick in a bar?” Eddie asked with a glare he couldn’t contain.

“I mean…no.” Buck flushed. “He sucked me off and came all over himself in the process, which was hot, but not exactly what I had in mind. I asked him if we could go somewhere private and offered to let him fuck me. He looked at me like I’d grown a second head. Apparently, big guys like me shouldn’t want to bottom, ever. It put me off the whole thing.” He shrugged. “I mean, I can do the fucking. Frankly, I’m a boss at it, but it isn’t what I want from men.”

Eddie looked at him for a long moment. “Hen told Bobby to ask Athena what dicked down means.”

Buck snorted. “Oh, come on. I’m gonna have to leave the state!” He wet his lips. “She clearly likes her man all soft and sweet.”

“How do you like yours?” Eddie asked.

“Strong.” Buck’s breath hitched as Eddie pulled him from the door and started moving toward the bedroom. “Loyal.” He wet his lips. “Hard.” He cleared his throat. “In the spirit of full disclosure, I’m in love with you, so…I’m probably gonna want you to cuddle me and tell me how amazing I am after you fuck my brains out.”

Eddie’s entirely certain he’s never been so hard in his life. “We have about six hours before I have to go pick up Chris.” He unbuckled Buck’s belt as they crossed the threshold of his bedroom, and he kicked the door shut. He pulled the belt free, tossed it aside, and locked the door. “Far too many people have keys to my house.”

He pulled Buck in and caught his mouth in a soft kiss. That sweet mouth had been distracting him since the day he’d set eyes on Evan Buckley, so he planned to get as much of it as possible for as long as he could.

“I love you, too,” he murmured. “The cuddling is absolutely a given. We should probably date and do this properly, but I want in you in the worst way.”

“Fuck dating,” Buck said as he pulled Eddie in by the front of his jeans. “We’ve known each other for years, and dating sucks—let’s just skip to the part where we fuck a lot, sleep in on our days off, and be so happy that people find it disgusting.”

“That is an excellent plan, Firefighter Buckley.” Eddie pulled Buck’s shirt over his head and tossed it away. “You’ve spent half our shift in some form of undress, and now you’re wearing too many clothes.”

Buck grinned. “I bought a new, extremely small swimsuit for that morning swim I was trying to talk you into.”

“You…” Eddie huffed. “Strip. Now. Christ.”

Buck took his clothes off, casually and with such ease that Eddie thought he might choke on his own arousal. His hands were shaking as he pulled off his own shirt.

“Here,” Buck murmured. “Let me help, Eds.”

Eddie jerked just a little when Buck’s fingers trailed down his abs and started to work on his belt. He couldn’t help but settle one hand on Buck’s bare hip and press his thumb against the muscle he found there. Buck moved closer for another kiss as he unzipped Eddie’s jeans, and everything blurred for a few moments.

Fortunately, they both made it to the bed. Buck spread out on the mattress, all smooth muscle, and golden skin. Eddie knelt between Buck’s thick thighs and exhaled sharply as he properly laid hands him for the first time. It had been ages since he’d allowed himself anything more than a casual hook-up. He felt starved, desperate as he spread Buck’s legs open just the way he wanted.

The thing about Evan Buckley was that he was just pure damn luxury—strong-bodied, generous, eager to please, and so warm…god…Eddie hardly knew what to do with himself.

“If you were anyone else, I’d start feeling objectified right about now,” Buck said in amusement.

Eddie felt his face heat with a blush as he met Buck’s gaze. “Sorry?”

“No, it’s fine. You can look all you want.” Buck stretched his arms over his head, shifted just a little, and put his feet flat on the bed. “I’m yours.”

Eddie rubbed his head in frustration and huffed. “For the record, your game is on goddamned point.” He rolled his eyes when Buck laughed.

“I’m clean, by the way; I got tested a few weeks back so I could have this without worrying about it. I’m always safe, but… just to be sure.”

“Yeah, I’m tested regularly,” Eddie murmured. “I’ve never brought anyone home, either.” He rubbed his dry thumb over Buck’s hole. “All jokes aside, if you want to keep it simple for a while—there are plenty of really good things we can do.”

Buck bit down on his bottom lip briefly. “You’re gonna have to take your time—your cock is bigger than any dildo I own.”

“Are you being coy or serious?” Eddie asked as he ran one finger down the length of Buck’s cock—it was maybe half an inch shorter than his own, but so thick that it made his jaw ache just looking at it.

“I didn’t want to injure myself or get something stuck, so I’m careful with toys…I live in the 118’s zone, remember?”

Eddie laughed. “Right.”

“Did you want me to be coy?”

“I want you to be honest,” Eddie said and retrieved the lube and condom from the bedside table. “Always.”

Buck wrapped his hands around the bars of the headboard, tilted his hips, and lifted his chin challenge. “Then how about you stop talking and put that big cock of yours in me?”

He’d seen that look before, and it’s never failed to make him want to do stupid, insane things on and off the job. Eddie was careful, considered, and mostly obedient on the job. Sometimes, though, Buck’s wildness gets the best of both of them, and suddenly they’re hanging off the side of a cliff or taking bets on whether or not an airbag is going to be enough to break their mutual fall then jumping anyway because they have no choice and Eddie would rather break a leg than burn alive.

He leaned down, sucked a bruise into place on Buck’s hip, and ignored the whimpers that it earned him. Sex hadn’t been intimate for him in years. He’d tried hard with Shannon, loved as her much as he could, and fucked her as often as she wanted. He never wanted it—sex with a woman—so he’d always let his wife set the pace, and he knew it was a dick move. He knew they both deserved better than what they’d tried to have together, and Chris was the only silver lining. Getting a divorce had been a gift to all three of them.

Eddie opened the lube as he licked up the length of Buck’s cock and sucked the head because he couldn’t help himself. He’d never trusted a partner enough to give a blow job without a condom, and the taste, god, the taste was addictive. He really hoped Buck was on board with a bit of cock worship because Eddie planned to make a study of the fat cock his best friend was giving him.

He slicked up his fingers as he sucked, rubbed Buck’s hole, then slid a finger in carefully when Buck hitched his hips in demand. Buck took the single finger well, so he added another carefully while Buck keened a little under his breath and rocked down on the invasion. He worked three in for a bit and released the cock in his mouth so he could look at Buck’s face as he finger fucked him.

“You’re already better than every single toy I own,” Buck confessed around harsh little gasps. “Eddie, I…I’m very ready. Seriously.”

Eddie grinned and plucked a small hand towel from the bedside table to clean up his hand, then grabbed the condom. “You sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. For fuck’s sake, what’s a man gotta do to get fucked? I can still download Grindr.”

“I’ll put parental control on your phone,” Eddie warned even as he pushed the head of his cock into Buck’s body.

“I’m not….” Buck huffed. “I don’t need a daddy.”

“No, but you definitely need a boss,” Eddie murmured as he braced himself on Buck’s chest and sank in deep.

It hadn’t been his plan to hold the man down, but Buck eye’s had fluttered shut, and he groaned as Eddie’s hands had settled on his pecs. Unwilling to change a single thing about the position, he just rocked in repeatedly while Buck shook apart under him. Part of Eddie had known that Buck would be all soft, needy, and earnest in bed. There wasn’t a big difference in their ages, but Eddie felt a little jaded and world-worn as Buck just surrendered to him.

He didn’t think anyone had ever trusted him the way Buck did, and it was…perfect in every way that mattered. Buck’s hole was hot, tight, and clenching around him with each thrust. So, when Eddie shifted just enough to drag the head of his cock over Buck’s prostate in just the right way—he was instantly rewarded with a hot, ragged gasp that quickly turned into a groan.

“Eddie, yes, damn it,” Buck said, lifted off the mattress, and rocked back into his lap. “Fuck me.”

Eddie dragged his hands down Buck’s chest, cupped his hips, and hitched one muscled thigh over his shoulder in the process. “Yeah.”

“Yeah,” Buck agreed. “Yeah, you’re…fuck, yeah, just like that. Make me come.”

“Do you need a hand?” Eddie asked with a harsh groan of his own.

“Please, sorry,” Buck said and reached for his own dick.

“No apologies.” Eddie eased Buck’s leg down, shifted their positions again, and gently extracted Buck’s leaking cock so he could hold it instead. “I got this, baby.”

He braced one hand next to Buck’s head as he leveraged himself over his lover. Eddie set a pace that probably wouldn’t kill him—stroking Buck’s cock with a tight grip and while he fucked into him with one full-bodied thrust after another. Buck moaned softly as they kissed, his hands clenching on Eddie’s back.

His own orgasm was building, and he briefly considered stopping to get a cock ring. He had a few but figured that bringing one out the first time out would only lead to Buck asking three million questions. Sex toys and aids would have to wait—a bit. Maybe he’d throw a few links Buck’s way and let him do a research spiral and come back with a shopping bag. The thought was amusing enough that it allowed him to regroup, and the desire to come just ebbed away a bit.

“Eddie,” Buck gasped as Eddie let his forehead rest against his. “Please.”

“Go ahead,” Eddie encouraged. “Come for me.” He tightened his grip on Buck’s cock and turned his head just a little to kiss him as his partner came all over his hand with a sweet little moan. “So good, Evan.”

He rolled his hips just a little, keeping the motion tight and just fast enough that he came within a few moments. Neither moved for a moment, then Eddie relaxed on Buck just enough to take the pressure off his back and kissed him.

Buck breathed heavily into the kiss, body soft under Eddie in a way he’d never expected.

He broke the kiss and took a deep breath. “You might as well sell your apartment.”

Buck laughed and ran a hand through Eddie’s hair. “Eddie.”

Eddie checked the condom as he pulled free of Buck’s ass. “What happened to skipping that whole dating thing?”

He left the bedroom, disposed of the condom, and washed his hands. When he returned to the bedroom, Buck was tossing the hand towel on the floor. Eddie watched him snag the sheet and pull it up even as he hitched one leg up. Buck’s casual body confidence had been one of the first things he’d noticed.

Buck turned his head slightly, looked him over. “You’re beautiful. It’s been driving me crazy.”

“Since when?” Eddie asked in amusement.

“Since the day we met,” Buck muttered but made room for Eddie when he came back to the bed. “I’m ready for cuddling now.”

Eddie grinned but slid under the sheet and manhandled Buck into the little spoon position. He pressed a kiss against Buck’s shoulder as they settled together on the bed.

“The first time I saw you—I wanted you,” Eddie murmured. “I didn’t let myself think it for more than a few seconds, but you were in my face all the damn time, and it made ignoring the attraction really difficult.” He settled one hand on Buck’s hip when the other man started to turn to face him. “Somewhere along the line, you became the best friend I’ve ever had in my life. It really sucked when I thought you were straight, but I was dealing with it.”

“I didn’t….” Buck laughed a little. “I can’t believe I just didn’t tell anyone I was bi. I mean, it’s always been there. I never really had any sort of coming out. I just told Maddie one day, and she said—that’s great, use condoms.”

Eddie laughed. “Yeah, that fits.”

“I’m really glad I finally noticed you checking me out,” Buck decided. “Even if you were clearly very irritated at the time.”

Eddie hummed. “When was this?”

“When I met you and Chris at the park after I had lunch with Ali.” Buck laughed when Eddie huffed a little. “Relax, it was never going to work. She’s got a weird hang-up about the job, and I’ve seen that shit go down with Chim. I’d rather know for certain that my romantic partner has my back if I get injured.”

“I do have your back,” Eddie murmured.

* * * *

Eddie was trying to sneak a piece of chicken from the basket Bobby was using to drain when Athena came up the stairs. He watched her focus on Buck and lift one eyebrow in question. Buck smirked a little and offered her his fist as mouths dropped open all over the loft.

She bumped his fist with a smirk of her own. “That’s my boy.”

“I didn’t even have to get out that new bathing suit we bought!” Buck exclaimed and Athena laughed.

One day, Eddie thought, he was going to find some way to call Athena Grant Buck’s fairy godmother and survive it.

He really was.


The End


Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


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