The Eternal Knight

Series: The Eternal Knight
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: Harry Potter
Relationship: Harry Potter/Hermione Granger
Genre:  Fantasy, Romance, Revenant AU
Warnings:  Character Bashing, Explicit Language
Word Count: Series in Progress
Author Note:
This an alternate universe. Some events in canon remained the same and some changed dramatically. It’s best not to assume anything about any event or any character.
Summary:  Harry Potter agrees to anchor a Revenant. The consequences ripple out through his life and impact his magical circumstances in ways he never thought possible.


Episode 1: Destiny (16,794 words)



Revenant Concept

The Revenant have merged with the people of earth for thousands of years.

A Revenant is an eternal spirit created through special evolutionary circumstances. Some humans are born with the innate ability to achieve a higher form of existence at the moment of their death. This is a choice they make–become a Revenant or allow their soul energy to be return to the fabric of the universe. Eventually, all Revenant will make the decision to be absorbed back into the energy that governs the universe so they can eventually be reincarnated.

Revenants have the ability to join with another and thus share their mortal body. This sharing creates a duality within the mortal body–two souls sharing memories, information, and experiences as circumstances allow. Humans who choose to share their body with a Revenant are called Anchors.

Anchors enjoy longer life spans, exhibit high levels of endurance, strength, and intellectual ability. As the duality deepens, the Revenant and Anchor will influence each other. Over time, a process was developed to guide Revenant to people willing and able to share their bodies in the Muggle world. In the magical world, they have not and they barely bother to educate the general populace about Revenants.

To some, the joining of two souls is an honor, and to others, it is a nightmare.


Anchor – a human who agrees to share their physical body with a Revenant

Merger – the state of being when a Revenant and an anchor share a body/mind.

Duality – a state achieved by an Anchor and a Revenant.

Integration – a full soul union which means when the anchor dies his/her soul will be a part of the Revenant forever.

* * * *

Note: The Revenant AU is my concept. I first used it to write a Stargate story called Revenant and it’s available on the Wild Hare Project as I’ve not decided if I want to leave it as a series of episodes or turn it into a novel.



  1. lovely Christmas present, Keira, your writing keeps me coming back and re reading all of your stories over and over again

  2. Just want to say thank you for sharing your works. Been reading for years and always go back to your website and stories over and over again. Looking forward to more of your work in the future! Spending the last few months going through my favorite fandoms and just devouring everything you write.

  3. Thank you for sharing your talent with the fandom! I have enjoyed everything you’ve written & look forward to seeing what you write in this new story!

  4. Yayyy! Run About, Scream and Shout!

  5. Your writing is why I fell I love with Hr/H in the beginning. Appreciate you sharing a bit of your world.

  6. I love both this fix and your ETA fic and just waiting patiently for more of this wonderful world you have created.

    I was wondering about it the two Revenant in these stories have meet or will meet?(

  7. I love your stories!

  8. Thank you. Welcome back, we missed you.

  9. Keira, who are the actors playing Esme and Gawain? The actress looks familiar, I thought she was Emily Blunt. The actor reminds me of Stephen Dillane a bit. He’s got that Stannis The Mannis look.

  10. Destiny was absolutely amazing and you’ve got me on the edge of my seat! You are such a phenomenal writer and I can’t wait to read more!

  11. It’s like you read my mind everytime i need to relax i to my favorite ship you deliver,

  12. Again another well thought out and executed story. Would love to have seen the back story but would also love to see how Dumbledore and the Order react going forward.

  13. Fantastic concept/episode! Pie charts!!!!

    Please may we have somd more?

  14. I can’t wait for the next episode!

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