The Vanguard (Series)

Title: The Vanguard
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: SG-1
Relationship: John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, Jack O’Neill/Daniel Jackson, etc
Genre:  Time Travel, Romance, First Time, Established Relationship, Alternate Universe
Warnings:  Canon Level Violence, Temporary Character Death, Discussion-Cheating (not within my pairings)
Series Word Count: In Progress
Summary: The ancients made a habit of leaving stupidly powerful devices just lying around for anyone to find. So, it should’ve been a surprise to no one that such a device fell into the hands of two reckless assholes who knew exactly what they would do with the right amount of time on their hands.


1. Burning Bridges (9,220 words) – John Sheppard and Jack O’Neill make the decision to time travel after they’ve each suffered one loss too many.

2. Unexpected Reinforcements (10,739 words)  – Rodney comes to Virginia, Jack O’Neill gets an ascended visitor, and Daniel Jackson is recruited to the SGC months ahead of schedule.

3. Personal Burdens (11,408 words) – Daniel meets Sam Carter before the Abydos mission and the consequences are surprising. Oma visits John and Rodney.

4. Safety Measures (13,345 words) – McKay starts to shape the scientific purposes of the SGC, Carter balks under his leadership, and the results will be far-reaching.



  1. Absoluting stunning start!!! I was completely hooked from the moment I started reading and it gave me a lovely reason to delay cleaning the house. A double bonus really for a boring Monday morning! Thank you for sharing.

    • I imagine that you write because you love it, but I have to tell you thank you. I found The Vanguard while popping over to your site after a series of very bad, very long days. It is amazing, and I can’t thank you enough. You made a terrible week suddenly better with an amazing story that transported me to a whole different world. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent!

  2. This is . Thank you!

  3. I’m so excited for whatever may come.

  4. This is already amazing ! 🙂

  5. I got notification that this had been posted just as I finished re-reading the Hold My Coffee series for the umpteenth time. I’m already in love with this premise, and will be checking my email with bated breath each morning hoping for an update <3

  6. OMG What a great start to what was going to be a really, REALLY cruddy week at work. Thank’s for making my month, M’Lady and as always, your writing rocks! Hugs, from dreary, dull England, Hxx

  7. Oh, this was lovely. I love when we see your OC’s as well. Over the stories and years I’ve become invested in them as much as I am invested in the canon characters. Thank you for sharing such an intriguing story.

  8. Holy shiskabob!! I’m hooked already. I live that John’s family is getting the fix as well along the way! I am excited that O’Neill and his wife won’t resent each other, too much at least! As always fantastic and you have me hooked. Thank you for the Monday morning surprise!

  9. Love it!!!!!!

  10. Fantastic beginning!! I’m so excited for this story…

  11. Oh wow, great start thank you.
    Found this waiting as I was about to shut down and now it’s 3 am! Cruel but worship-worthy.

  12. I know I am going to love this new series can’t wait. Great job

  13. Reckless asshole? Hmm. This world needs more like Sheppard and O’Neill. Can’t wait to read this when you have time to post. Stay safe and healthy!

  14. Enjoyed it!

    • Second time through already. I love the way you write your characters. Their personalities are always so clear – we understand them almost immediately, and if there are surprises or differences from canon, it always fits neatly into the world building you do. I also, btw, greatly appreciate that you use their names rather than “the taller man”, “the blonde”, “the older man” etc. Thank you, and I’m looking forward to more.

  15. Oh loved it..As always your stories has a great flow and depth to it. Thank you for sharing this goodness with us

  16. Wow. Seriously. This story – the first of many in the series, I hope – hit so many key points, so many characters in John and Jack’s lives. I didn’t even realize I was racing through reading it, so now I’ll go back and read a bit slower, to savor it. Thanks!

  17. A new series?! Is kissing your feet too much? 😉

  18. You are the reason I started reading SG fan fiction. I found you because of Harry Potter and because I have a science fiction nerd older brother I knew enough SG info to read one of your stories and you got me hooked. I love this. Even if you don’t go anywhere else with this (cause you know life) WOW

  19. I am SO excited, you always create the most amazing universes, twisting and turning things to make new and wonderful worlds. I adore this, and you, and I can’t wait to see where you decide to go! xxx

  20. OMG this is amazing!

  21. OMG OMG OMG. I am sooo excited to read this and happily wait for more. Thank you so much for sharing. Zsuzsu

  22. I am hooked!

  23. This is amazing. Thank you.

  24. Aaaaaaa! Time travel fix its are the bestest ever! So very excited to read this from you and you did not dissapoint!

  25. I am amazed that you dropped the first work in a new series mere weeks before the beginning of NaNo at Rough Trade! Your ability to multi-task and get things done while churning out content is awe inspiring. But thank you, as I am hooked on this one already and so grateful Rodney miraculously made it back and was waiting on John, whom he must have trusted would come back to save him. And I’ll work on switching gears so I can enjoy the work of those participating in the challenge at Rough Trade soon. Thank you for making that possible as well.

  26. I’ll love it !
    I love most of your stories.

  27. This was amazing! I’m a huge sucker for time travel stories and I love that this one is Jack & John traveling together.

    The surprise at the end was the icing on the cake!

  28. Greywolf the Wanderer

    oooh, this is tasty!! ta for that, m’Lady! much obliged!!

  29. I am ALWAYS down for time travel. I love your take on time travel and the rules you give yourself (according to the podcasts). So I was curious about this one. Jack and John—how were you going to swing that, knowing the rules you give yourself.

    Wow. I should have known that you’d do amazing shit given the opportunity. Poor Jack. He had to reevaluate everything that he thought had happened. That had to be a kick in the everything, and he still managed to get through it all by being polite and kind to Sarah. He’s a better person than I am. I would have cursed a lot more, I think.

    OMG! That phone call. I almost cried. I knew you would have to do *something* because you were pretty clear about the ethics involved in time travel, but that phone call!!!! And John’s reaction!!! You usually write him as very controlled. He has to be in his position, it makes sense. But this almost losing control scene made me squee so hard.

    This was so fucking amazing. Yay for Charlie! Yay for Matt!

  30. Thank you. I don’t have the right words to describe how this just hits every right note.

  31. Thank you for this part. It was so emotionally satisfying – I really like that these people are mature adults about their lives and loves. I’m so looking forward to how thus continues.

  32. I can’t wait to see where this goes! The incredible weight of deciding what to change and what to let happen even though it ends in tragedy is overwhelming. I know I wouldn’t know where to start. Can’t wait for more!

  33. Really enjoying this.

  34. Shivonne McKissie

    Ohhh thank you. I was saving this to read and yes it hit the spot. I love your SG series, they bring me so much joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

  35. Love this series! Hope you update soon. Love all your stories, especially ones from the Stargate series. John/Rodney is one of my favorite pairings!

  36. I am visiting my Mom. I arrived yesterday, her book club meeting day. They were reading The Midnight Library. She gave me 2 days notice that I would be going with her and that they were reading a book about time travel this month. I bit and bought the book because, “time travel.” And also because two of my sisters and a childhood friend are also in the book club and I’d get to see them. I read most of the book over the course of two flights and a layover. Oh, Lord. Who knew there are stories about time travel. And then there are Stories about Time Travel. ( If you are curious, you and Jilly’s stories are in the second category.) Well, to make a long story short, I spent quite a bit of time trying to explain why I found the book mundane and boring even though time travel is a favorite trope of mine. I tried to differentiate that I prefer a good time travel “fix it” where the characters have lived through a tragedy of some sort where there is suspense and excitement, and bad outcomes to avoid by eliminating risks (you know, killing off bad guys), with some improbable science in the “science fiction” part of the plot. I also had to explain that I read a lot of works, written by some of my favorite published authors who share stories on their web sites, that aren’t available in bookstores … it was a hot mess of an explanation as I tried very hard to avoid admitting that I read a LOT of fanfiction with romance between same sex partners. Having previously spent a dinner following my brother’s marriage explaining to my mom and sisters why 50 shades is more about abuse than a power exchange and that in true BDSM relationships the sub has all the power, I just wasn’t up to being a fount of information on M/M fan fiction during this visit.
    You have ruined me for mainstream fiction. I have no regrets. But my mom, who helped pay for my undergraduate English lit degree, may feel differently. lol

  37. I already sent you praise and kudos and worship once before. This is related to that. You have ruined me. Every time I peek at this story I am at war. Super crazy squee-ing fangirling (internally because of roomies) about how there is something so yay-some and GOOD to read. Aaaannnnddd so very sad and dejected that it hasn’t grown again because it takes time for awesomeness to occur and plus LIFE HAPPENS. This is all just a roundabout way of saying thank you so very much for this and please don’t ever stop. Well, at the very least not til the story is done. Lol.

  38. I’ve got a lot to catch up on. I was away from reading much because my mom passed away and I’m still dealing with emotions. I’m paying attention to my site list now. I love The Vanguard. Your multi episode work is, as usual, creatively awesome.

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