What Might Have Been (Series)

Title: What Might Have Been
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: Stargate: SGA & SG1
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Summary: This is an alternate universe series in that Rodney McKay never went to Atlantis, the mission failed within it’s first two years and John Sheppard finds himself back on Earth as the second in command of Stargate Command under the leadership of Major General Jack O’Neill. Characters from the Atlantis series and the original SG1 series will figure prominently in all of the novellas in this series. McShep and many other pairings throughout.

What Might Have Been Cover ArtCover Art by fanarts_series

This is an alternate universe series in that Rodney McKay never went to Atlantis, the mission failed within it’s first two years and John Sheppard finds himself back on Earth as the second in command of Stargate Command under the leadership of Major General Jack O’Neill. Characters from the Atlantis series and the original SG1 series will figure prominently in all of the novellas in this series. McShep and many other pairings throughout.


1. We’ve Taken Different Roads (11,300 words)
John takes the first step in his relationship with McKay and takes the scientist on a date to Mars.

2. I Walk the Line (15,700 words)
When Dr. Rodney McKay disappears on an average Monday morning for no particular reason—Colonel John Sheppard and the SGC find themselves in a race against time to get him back and to discover the real reason he was taken.

3. When You Say You Love Me (43,400 words)
Colonel John Sheppard and Dr. Rodney McKay find themselves unwillingly thrust into the public spotlight when someone makes an attempt on McKay’s life. John finds himself juggling a freaking out McKay, his gianormous cat, an estranged father (and two brothers), a murderous plot, two irritated Generals, the IOA, and a wedding planner masquerading as the Prime Minister of Canada.

4. When You Kiss Me (41,000)
House hunting and a series of problems at the SGC test the relationship between John and Rodney in ways neither of them expected. Trust, love, lust, and loyalty have allowed them to build a strong relationship—what happens if one of those things appears to be damaged?

5. February Song (16,400 words)
Dr. Rodney McKay has never considered himself a lucky man but then a hard twist of fate brought Colonel John Sheppard back into his life and gave him a second chance for love and a meaningful life. He’s found the courage he thought long gone in the one man he’d pretty much figured was never going to be his. Then someone took him away and Rodney discovered that there was nothing he would not do to get him back.

6. Keep Me Awake (12,900 words)
John and Rodney come back from a little down time to a conspiracy and a Larry King interview. John decides to make the most of his situation and show the entire world exactly how much McKay means to him.

7. A Wild and Wicked Wind (22,800 words)
John and Rodney find themselves on a lecture/publicity tour for the Stargate program to shore up support for the Atlantis mission. What they find a long the way is everything they could have wanted and one thing they didn’t even realize they needed.

8. My Wish For You (23,400 words)
John and Rodney adjust to Sebastian in their family while the situation at the SGC becomes dangerous for gene carriers, the NID takes a very nasty turn, and the world welcomes to the Phoenix.

9. You’re Where I Belong (22,300 words)
After a wedding on Mars, John and Rodney face a hard situation with Sebastian and it will rock the foundations of their family.

10. More Than Words (41,300 words)
How far will John and Rodney go to protect their son?

Read the follow up series: Ring of Fire


An Intimate Portrait with Dr. Rodney McKay & Colonel John Sheppard by Iris March (best read before part 5)
And Then There Was Quark (best read after part 2)
Beautiful Stranger (pre-series Cameron/OMC)
The Home Front (pre-series Sheppard/McKay Pre-slash)

The Cast

John Sheppard
(actor: Joe Flanigan)

Dr. Rodney McKay
(actor: David Hewlett)

Admiral Patrick Sheppard
(actor: Viggo Mortensen)

Dr. Carolyn Lam
(actress: Lexa Doig)

David Sheppard
(actor: Dylan Neal)

Dr. Jennifer Keller
(actress: Jewel Staite)

Matthew Sheppard
(actor: Jensen Ackles)

Cameron Mitchell
(actor: Ben Browder)

Sean Taylor
(actor: Orlando Bloom)

Declan Frost
(actor: Michael Weatherly)

Jeanie McKay-Miller
(actress: Kate Hewlett)

Dr. Radek Zelenka
(actor: David Nykl)

General Jack O’Neill
(actor: Richard Dean Anderson)

Dr. Samantha Carter
(actress: Amanda Tapping)

Ian Wilkes
(actor: Wentworth Miller)

James (Jimmy) Martinson
(actor: Antonio Sebato, Jr)


The play list that inspires me to write this series:

What Might Have Been by Little Texas
I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash
When You Say You Love Me by Josh Groban
When You Kiss Me by Shania Twain
February Song by Josh Groban
Awake by Josh Groban
Viva La Vida by Cold Play
The Special Two by Missy Higgins
My Wish by Rascal Flatts
Savin’ Me by Nickelback
You and Me by Lifehouse
Here Without You by 3 Doors Down
Little Wonders by Rob Thomas
I Believe by Diamond Rio
I’d Come For You by Nickelback
What About Now by Daughtry
Home by Daughtry
With Arms Wide Open by Creed


  1. Hi there!

    I just want to say that I really loved reading the two stories in the “What Might Have Been”-universe! I have read them several times now!
    McKay and Sheppard are both very cool in your story, and have interesting characters here, as well as the OC. And its refreshing to read about a universe where everyboby is accepting the relationship (well, encouraging really) without it becoming too sweet and “sugared”, Don´t know if I make myself clear here, but..
    I wait and hope for more stories soon here! Thank you!

  2. Thanks Tina! This is one of my favorite series to write in. I’ve got a LOT planned for it.

  3. Love this series so much!

  4. Thanks Kathy!

    • I have been reading this on my Kindle, so loved it when one of the things Sebastian wanted was a Kindle.

      I get it to the Kindle by copying to a Word file and Amazon converts it to Kindle format. Great for reading long fics like this.

      Thanks so much for sharing your stories. I am loving them.


  5. LOL! Awesome eye candy indeed – thanks for putting up the pics. *big satisfied grin* Now when I re-read your stories, I’ll be able to picture everyone perfectly. o/ (ahem, Sean/Declan ftw!)

  6. Yeah- Orlando Bloom was an inspired choice on my part. Can’t you just see him being all snarky like McKay?

  7. Just wanted to say that I absolutely adore this series and the characters.

  8. i really really enjoyed this! Please write more for this universe pretty please?!! .I really loved the Sg1 and SGA characters all interacting together and I could just hear Jacks voice and Johns so clearly!and i got a bit of a shock with ‘good’ characters being badder ,it was nice not to know what to expect !

    But my favourite thing about this is the image i got of John and Mer/Rodney .Spot on Rodney attitude ! And the love scenes were just that.Two people falling and making time to love each other every way they are able anyway they can and the rest of the world fall away -you made this hard heart crack a little 🙂

  9. Haven´t read it yet, but I looooove your playlist. Most of my favourite songs in there (Josh Groban, 3 doors down, Nickelback, Rob Thomas) and I already like your cast (yeah for Ackles from Supernatural and I think i know the one down on the right, but where from?) How are the others? Any chance for Sean Patrick Flanery to get a role or Wentworth Miller?? Pretty please. WIll now go and read…

  10. Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I’ve been enjoying this series and can’t wait to see what else you’re going to do.

    Oh, and the Sentinel series too 🙂

  11. Wentworth just for you Tanja! 😉 Hope you like the casting

  12. OK, I love the series, the song list and the pictures. I’m probably showing my ignorance – but it is driving me crazy, please please please tell me the actors names.

  13. I’ll try to go back and put actor names under the character names some time in the next week! 🙂

  14. If you have’nt listen to Sherly Crow’s “I shall believe” I recommend it for a song. It has a lot of soul put into it.
    I enjoy reading the What Might Have Been Series (Atlantis AU),
    by the way will shep/mckay be making out in the control chair on Atlantis when they get there.

  15. Aaaah… Michael Weatherly…from Dark Angel, that´s where I´ve known him from. And the one next to him is Orlando?? Didn´t recognize him. nearly thought you had recasted zelenka, but it really is him ^^;
    btw, thx for Went ;D

  16. Not the one to disagree, but: Wentworth weighing 2 hundred and 30 pounds as Wilkes? ;D He really needs to build up weight for that. Go on buddy, you can do it, maybe then there won´t be so many slash fanfiction about you!! Uppps… didn´t you say Wilkes is in a closet, too…..

  17. Not the one to disagree, but: Wentworth weighing 2 hundred and 30 pounds as Wilkes? ;D He really needs to build up weight for that. Go on buddy, you can do it, maybe then there won´t be so many slash fanfiction about you!! Uppps… didn´t you say Wilkes is in a closet, too…..

    Yeah- that’s the beauty of fiction– he totally went to Gold’s Gym and bulked up for the part in my series. HAHA

  18. ok, so this series is officially my favorite story ever. i have read it five times in the last week and a half. you are seriously awesome! i eagerly await the next parts in the series. also,your sentinel story rocks my socks too!

  19. I found your website last week. So far I have read the Sentinal series and am on When you say you love me in this series.
    Your writing in fantastic. I have never seen SGA, so I can’t say how much your characters/scenes resemble the original. But, they are still fantastic. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series and will eagerly look forward to anything else you write. You are talented, and you are appreciated!

  20. I started reading this series over the weekend & I went to work late on monday because I was desperatly trying to finish it. Shamefully I called in sick yesterday just so I could stay home and finish. I will probably regret this come next week but at the moment, I am just overwhelmed with the happy feelings your fic has inspired. Love to the world, fluffy cats and puppydogs! Fantastic! Oh, btw, did you get Rodney’s paygrade from somehere? Is that what astrophysicists get paid? cos I need a new job and I’m sure I’m as smart as Kavagah!

  21. Is there a date for your next story in this series??? Hopefully you will be able to extend it to more than just two more???? Maybe three or four more could be written????? Its just a wonderful story line, I don’t want it to end yet. Thanks for writing a wonderful story.

  22. Well I’m beginning to read this series for the 3rd time. As you can tell it is one of my all time favorites. I can place all of your fic in that category. Your characters are well written and your AU is fantastic. What I love most is the romance and love expressed between the characters. Keep it coming.

  23. I just wanted to pop in and say that this is one of the best AU’s I’ve ever read. I completely enjoy every aspect of the story and I bookmarked it after reading about a quarter of the first chapter.

    Well done, beautifully written and thank you for writing it! Keep up the good work and please tell me that there is a ton more coming!!!


  24. I’ve read this story three times now and each and every time it leaves me breathless. My friends are like how I’m obsessed with it and I don’t deny it. I really like it and you are a very good writer. This has officially become my new favorite SGA series and I can’t wait to read what’s to come.

  25. I check almost daily for an update to this story, I know you have mentioned chapters planned, any chance we’ll get to see them soon?

  26. I absolutely love this series. I have read it prob round 7-8 times and it is great each and every time. I check daily for updates and i can’t wait to read more. I hope u update again soon.

  27. I can honestly tell you the I’ve read you stories posted here probably going on 4 or 5 times now. I also notice that I’m not the only one who reads your work multiple times either.

    your work is divine and has a lot of range. keep up the good work. I look forward to anything you write.

  28. K, I love this AU. Absolutely LOVE it. it was extremely difficult taking me away from my laptop before I finished the whole series. I can’t wait until I get to read about their wedding on Mars! Thank you for this.

  29. Okay, I’ve just consoled myself with yet another reading of WMHB.

    *sighs happily*

    Damn, you’re good.

  30. this is simply amazing. stunning, and just… amazing.

  31. Seeing as how I’m helplessly addicted to your writing, whilst waiting with bated breath for every update, and considering how much I love your work in general, I think it is only fair that you get a prize (read the PREFECT wedding song for John and Rodney) in return. The only problem is, I have no idea how to let you hear it, or even better give it to you. Is there anyway to send you something, and not condemn you to rabid fans everywhere?

  32. amazing. You are such a good writer, your stories are just absolutly amazing!

  33. I have just finished reading this series for about the fourth time since I found it in January (sadly I am a late comer to Atlantis fandom, as in just found SGA that month through a Sentinel crossover and have been reading and watching eps voraciously ever since). Love it more every time I read it. Wonderful love story, great action, characterization, plot and emotional content. what’s not to love. I am thoroughly enjoying reading all of your works and can’t wait to see your next posting. Thank you for all of the wonderful hours of reading you have given.

  34. Love this series and have read it several times. Can’t wait until you update.

  35. Its May 25th, and no new chapter! Please, someone put me out of my misery. You know I have I have needs too!!! lol! Just want to say that I can’t wait for your next wonderful chapter to come out! Thanks Kat

  36. I tried so hard to hold it in, but it is just bursting out! Okay, so here I go………….. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    Man I feel better. Hopefully by the time I feel the need again the next chapter will be out! Thanks Kat!

  37. Can I write like you when I grow up? Seriously, I have enjoyed this series very much. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read it. I keep coming back to it. I can’t wait until the next story. Peace.

  38. I love this series. I only found it two weeks ago… and I’ve already read it twice.
    I love your writing style, and I think you did a really good job.
    Can’t wait for the next update!

  39. I just love this series it is the best Atlantis McKay/Sheppard story I have ever read keep up the good work

  40. allwhowander121

    Stayed up all night rereading the series so I could read the latest part and just… SOOOOOOOOOOO brilliant, love this so much!

  41. OMG!! i think i just lost 2 days because i just couldnt stop reading this!!! now will have to go and reread it coz ive got to the end! hope you keep going with this series coz i so love it!

  42. I absolutely love this series! Its wonderful. I love how totally badass you have Sheppard. Its what you can see behind all that lazy calm. I know this might sound crazy, but I think I may have found and adult Sebastion. You should see the cover of a book called In Too Deep by Cherry Adair. The guy on the cover is how I picture Sebastion as an adult. I know we all picture it differently, but wow. The guy kinda looks like Joe Flannigan combined with Viggo Mortenson. If you get a chance you should check it out.

    • I actually agree with you– very cool cover for Cherry on that front. He’s hot. I’ve kind always pictured Christian Bale as the adult version of Sebastian– so it’s close 😉

      • Glad you liked the cover. Good point about Christian Bale. He’s got that deep sexy voice like Joe does. Very nice. Love this fics. Ive read them five times each now. You have to love a fic or a book you can read again and again. This is one of them. You make my day with these stories. Thank you. Really and truly Thank You.

        • I just googled that book, and that guy is hot. But yeah I don’t really know what I pictured him looking like, but I think Christian Bale has to be pretty damn close. That man is HOT with a capital H.

          I have to admit though, I’m a real sucker for gay romance, so that chick on that cover so has to go. So totaly have my heart set on Sebastion getting with a guy.


  43. I ADORE YOU FOR PUTTING JENSEN ACKLES IN A FIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. I just saw that this series has been nominated for a McShep award. Does that mean your calling the series completed?

  45. Love this series. I’ve read it a couple of times and can’t get enough of it.

    Love the idea of your cast for the OC characters, especially Dylan Neal as David Sheppard. A young Elijah Wood also works really well as Sebastian.

  46. I love this series and all you other work can not wait to read more. Please tell there will be more soon. I think I am now addicted to your work. Is there any were else you post I would love to read anything, you post. from your fan Sam

  47. Just felt the need to state again how much I love this series. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve re-read it. Seriously, I can’t, it’s been that many. Oo I’m sorry to hear about your computer issues. I understand that type of personal devastation. My computer’s hard drive died this year and took all my writings, art and photos with it. It just sucks. I’m happy to hear you found some of your stuff. Selfishly so, since I’m eagerly waiting for the next bit in the series. 🙂

  48. Diva0789 (Michelle)

    i hope you don’t make us wait until christmas for the Ring of Fire novel!!! (though that would make an awesome present…)

    • Ring of Fire is actually a LONG time coming because I lost most of what I’d written and I lost all of the Sentinels of Atlantis. It sucks major!

      • Have you tried looking into companies that can retrieve data from corrupt hard drives? The ones I looked into charged around between $100 and $300.

        • the drive was physically damaged– so recovery is impossible.

          • Sorry to hear that. Something in my drive broke, but they said they could take it apart and get data from it. It just makes me cringe in sympathy that you lost so much work. Here’s wishing you good luck and a swift re-writting muse to work with. 😉

          • How damaged is damaged in this case? Because if the drive spindles are intact i can fix it.

          • The drive overheated (the damage killed the laptop) AND there were small burns all over the disc. My husband said it was the damnedest thing he’d ever seen. I’ll never buy another Dell. 😉

          • Eternus Discipulus

            God then even my electron-resonance scanner is useless, the heat that caused those burn-marks will have completely scrambled the magnetic field on the platters, that means bye bye data for good.

            Wich brings me to the next question; will you rewrite it and publish the sequel? Personally I hope you will, it feels like this series is just the setting that allows for such an amazing story to develop. The love and connection between Rodney and John feels intense and real, just like the family bond with their son and the rest of the family members. This story has a lot of potential Keira, i sincerely hope you find the inspiration to rewrite what you lost, and even develop it further as inspiration strikes.

            Thanks for the joy you brought me so far.

            Eternus Discipulus

          • I keep my WIP page updated on the projects I’m working on.

  49. I think you need one more photo up there: one of Quark, McKay’s mutant alien kitty… He’s my favorite of your Original Characters! 🙂

    From the description, he could be a hybrid between a bobcat and a Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat… and he’s clearly as bright for a feline as McKay is for a human!

  50. Hi Keira,

    I wanted to let you know how much I love ALL of your stories. I was sad to hear about your computer issues, and will be checking back very often for new stories. I did find the Ties That Bind, and am reading through those three right now. I love visiting your world and cannot thank you enough for sharing. Anything new by you is greeted by me with cheers and the happy dance of joy. Please keep up the FANTASTIC work!

  51. Just a note because I couldn’t resist: you have Michael Weatherly “cast” as playing Declan Frost for this story – he also plays Tony DiNozzo on NCIS. Have you ever considered casting Mark Harmon (who plays Jethro Gibbs in NCIS) as one of your characters? You have already given Declan a deliciously yummy lover ^_^, but Weatherly and Harmon are hilarious on screen together – you could cast Harmon as Frost’s old commander or something, and watch the fireworks. You’d have the same snark between Weatherly and Harmon as you do between Sean and Rodney. Yes, I do in fact know I am obsessive – but it’s for a good cause.

    And just think about how Sebastian would react to a Gibbs-like character. *pauses to contemplate, chokes on laughter*

    On a side note, I noticed your list of music to listen to while reading this fic, and I’d actually never heard anything by Diamond Rio, so I googled it, and liked it. Thanks for expanding my musical horizons ^_^.

    • On another side note, if I gather together enough supporters (which, judging from the sheer number of people who praise your work, shouldn’t be hard), and we pay you, will you quit whatever silly RL job you currently work and just write fanfiction? *pleading puppy eyes* We’ll. Pay. You.

  52. You, my lady, are an evil, evil woman. Jensen Ackles as a Sheppard should be a *crime*. I about died when I saw that…Its so perfect its believable. I read your Ties that Bind series without looking at who you had as who…mistake on my part, let me assure you. You’re a genius. I can’t wait to read this one. *runs off to read*

  53. Just to say that i saw Viggo Mortensen in a interview at TF1 (a french channel) for his new movie and he’s delicious and speak french, he’s smart and beautiful, made me miss Patrick Sheppard so i’ve go to read the fic again.

  54. I LOVE this Story. There is no better series is the SCA verse than this story. I can’t wait for an update. I look about once a week and squeal when i see an update. Thank you so much for taking the time to write these stories and for updating

  55. Love What Might Have Been Series, and are back for a re-read again..But haven’t commented before (Yes bad me) So it’s about time I got my “big butt” in gear and told you how much I really love this series (and you other works as well, Sentinels of Atlantis and Ties that bind)
    It’s also great that you put picture of “your” characters on the series page, and that you have one main series page, makes it easy to find the different story’s in the series and the order of the stories in the series.. So thanks for all the work you do in presenting/layout of your work on top of all the great writing.. It’s given me many hours of enjoy-full reading.
    So thank you for this.
    And I’m off to re-read,

  56. I read (and loved) “Sentinels of Atlantis” after a rec on Senad. After the 2nd re-read I tried “Ties That Bind”. I’m not usually into BDSM, but I really enjoyed that series too. And then I just read through everything else on your website. *lol* I love WMHB, Sebastian is just so cute. Can’t wait for more chapters, of each searies. 🙂

  57. I’m still thinking about the mini!

  58. Love the series. Would especially love to see Cam/Matt, David/Keller, and/or Patrick/Carrie outtakes…any chance that might happen? I actually love Cam/Matt so much that it makes me sad that in “Ties” Matt isn’t with Cam 😛

    Keep up the awesome stories, please!

  59. hey, um, just a quick dumb question… is this story BDSM-themed as well? I’ve just read “ties that bind” and there’s a declan frost, too, and others, so I’m a bit confused 😉
    thanks in advance!

  60. I loved this series (actually all of your stuff is great) and I was excited to hear about the book and additional Sentinels of Atlantis. Then I read farther down and found out that your computer ate them. I was woondering if they were still in your list of things to get to one day or if you are totally disheartened.

    • I have the outline for Ring of Fire and the first chapter is written– I hope to have it ready to post some time near the end of the year. I’ll be adding an episode to Sentinels of Atlantis at least once a month this year– I added several episodes in December. 🙂

  61. Ok, I am helplessly addicted to your writing and I was wondering if any others of them will be transfered to PDF format. These are my happy place stories and I wish I could download them to my ebook.

  62. Hi! reread the story for the fiftieth time and it gave me inspiration to do a manip. you can view it on deviantart at: http://mckaylover.deviantart.com/art/Perfect-First-Date-151184409
    If you would like me to take it off just say the word! Thanks for the writing! 🙂

  63. Oh god i seriously love the and then there was Quark Interlude. It is so cute and sweet. Okay and I admit its also something I would do.

  64. I just spent an entire day (and most of the night) reading the What Might Have Been Series. I think it may be the best fanfic I’ve ever read. Any plans to continue the story?

  65. What an amazing series! I read this after reading Ties that Bind and I have to say that I…I…I think I love you.

  66. I have read all three of your series about three times each they are amazing, I’m really looking forward to the next episodes of ties that bind, sentinels of atlantis and especially ring of fire. I am a book worm and love the way your write it is amazing.
    I work nights at home so really you are a live saver if it weren’t for your stories I will be so bored.


  67. My goodness, Keira, you are…. amazing is just too weak a word to describe it. What might have been is the best fic I’ve ever read. Thank you sincerely for it.
    One disappointment though: I was sooo much hoping that Jimmy and Ian would be together in the end. I believe they are SO meant for each other – but I guess I’ll have to wait and see what you come up with in the continuation of the story – it won’t be too soon, right? I can do patient… I think ;D
    Thanks a lot again, you seriously rock!

  68. weeheee 🙂 of course it’s not a spoiler – everyone with half a brain can see they are gravitating towards each oter – it’s inevitable ;))) and you just wouldn’t do that to such sweet boys, now would you 😀 Was just hoping to read about it BEFORE the long break from this wonderful series 🙂 (not complaining – just… waiting’s gonna be a bitch, you know? 🙂 All the more, that I’ve just finished Sentinels of Atlantis and as of this afternoon have read everything you posted, Keira – well, I guess I’ll have to start over (and over, and over… :)))

    And I’m so in support of your logic, Fanarts_series 😀

  69. Keira, you have a email honey!

  70. You know, I think this is the first time I’ve actually noticed the cast pictures for What Might Have Been, and I check this site about every other day to see if you’ve posted anything new x3 But that you’ve cast Michael Wentworth as Ian… *wibbles* I absolutely loved him in Prison Break, and your picture of him has hair and… *fangirl squee* Just to let you know, I think I officially love you now =^_^=

  71. Hey, just reread the story, and have to say its as great this time as the ten other times I’ve read it! HEHE….. Question, you’ve probably have answered this somewhere, but when is the sequal coming out!

  72. HAve you see the pics of the stargate con, the guys are hot and funny, i post the pics here for the ones that haven’t see it yet.
    David is so thin and Joe is so sweet when he laugh like that.
    I can see those pics as a interview in WMHB lol !

    Look Joe when i look at David, he really has a crush for his mate lol !
    i love this one

  73. I just want to say that I absolutely love your casting guides. Often times when I’m reading about original characters, I have a hard time really visualizing them as real people. They end up as generic person-shaped blobs without sharply defined facial features. I usually end up casting actors in my head for them anyway. You’ve saved me the trouble (which is extra good because I definitely wouldn’t have come up with choices as perfect as Jensen Ackles for John’s brother!). 🙂

    And, of course, the stories themselves are fantastic. I’m not sure if I’ve previously commented on this story or not, but it’s worth repeating to say how impressively detailed and intriguing it is. I love reading about John kicking ass without remorse, Rodney being his brilliant self, and secondary and original characters being pretty damn engaging themselves. And the cat-thing makes me laugh my ass off every time.

    Ok, that came off a little gushier than I intended. I just want you to know I really love your stories and appreciate you making them available to us all. 🙂

  74. not really a comment but i dunno how to contact ya, for some reason i only get half of the second image when they are in a row.. like on yer cast list pages and on fan art pages

  75. I just noticed that what you have asteblished(sp?) in this ‘verce about the ATA gene can match what I’ve had in mind about it:

    The real function of it is a form of genetic memory that containe the skill of ATA. That is a psionic skill that the human mind will tap into it when needed, especially when it’s not being used in what its intended for.

    Also, that genetic habit will make all who has it more ‘shiny’ to those that share it(all that psy whith nowhere to go+ like atracts like & in this case it’s something subtle that you can’t point out).

    I can go on, but this is already preaty wordy. the reason i’ve wrote this is to wonder if you’ve thought of something like this to. & in ‘ring of fire’ we’ll see that Sebastian has figured this out and dicided to become a psion & proved to be VERY talented. This meanse two things:
    1. ALL ATA cariers has just become more wanted, & now with biofidback you can train anyone to be abel to ATA.

    2. Sebastian has just earned even MORE protection for two more reasons. the new skills, and the fact that by geting those new skills he made his old ATA talent even more powerfull.

    anyway… love your work. Also.. did you notice that it also work for SoA as well, the ATA gene carying the skills that will lead to the genes that make sentinels and guides.

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    I did feel sorry for Nancy- she did everything she could have done and had to be put in witness protection- personally I’d rather risk everything than lose my family, friends, etc. All because she married John some years ago- whatever she was like as a wife, I think she’d be justified in hating him for the rest of her life. I would! I mean, he gets the family and the cool job, fame and fortune, and yes danger, but all she gets is the danger.

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    You created a complete new universe for all the characters! I must admit, I was a bit concerned to read some of your other fictions after loving the TTB universe and was worried that I might see some stuff similar to the TTB universe in a new universe…

    But, OMG! This is very different, all the characters you created in both universes are very different from each other, yet the same, I mean you could see some of the traits in both universes but on the whole – two sets of very different characters but still in-character. I totally loved the WMHB? series.

    I also loved Sebastian – he’s a little genius who grew up very quickly with all of his experiences and I just loved the interactions between him and McKay (apart from John, the scenes between them are one of my favourites!)

    Sean – a clone of McKay – OMG! Declan – yummy!

    I also loved Jimmy & Ian in this universe and is hoping that Jimmy finally realises and abondons his ‘slut’ side and be with Ian – they deserve all the happiness etc after going through a lot. I totally loved how John and McKay dealt with Ian’s little crush on McKay.

    I just loved possessive Sheppard in this universe and I also loved Sam and Jack – and that Sam and McKay are ‘best buddies’ in this universe! I just loved how Sam ripped one on Kavangah after that ‘accident’.

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    • Eternus Discipulus

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    Question for anyone though, what chapter in WMHB do they declassify the stargate program? I feel like I remember that scene but didn’t come across it in my re read

    • There is no scene but it takes place in between Rodney’s presentation in Chicago and John’s interview for the Science Channel. The only “tell” the reader gets is that that Stargate Program is mentioned in John’s interview.

  95. I have been rereading all of your stories since EAD and I was wondering something. What Might Have Been is finished now since you have moved onto Ring of Fire; does this mean that you will be putting it out in ebook format sometime, or will you wait until the whole series is finished?

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    Erm…please don’t take that to mean I am some sort of weird creepy stalker type person. Because I’m not. Swearsies.

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    ….. I just love declassification stories, but with yours we get to see so much happening even after declassification that most other stories don’t go into and it sets my imagination on fire.

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    One can work around it by going up to the What Might Have Been tag and finding the post of Part 2, but if you have time, it’s wonderfully convenient to have the internal links.

    Still loving your work, and looking forward to the next update of whatever lands on the site next!

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  105. This series is actually how I found your website. I read “We’ve Taken Different Roads” many years ago on Wraithbait. When I got back into Stargate Atlantis fiction, I wanted to read it again, but could only remember one line: “You realize offering to take an astrophysicist into space and another planet is literally like offering to suck his dick?” So, thank you for coming up with such memorable lines so that I could find it again. 🙂

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    This series was wonderful from start to finish. I love their relationship from their first date on Mars to the parenting discussions they have. The whole things was wonderful and made me smile like an idiot every time they said “I love you”. You are so talented and i am so pleased youndecide to share. Thanks very much!

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  111. Love this story. Reread it a bunch of times and always seem to be noticing new details. I have a question anyone is free to answer. I remember reading a one-shot where the trust manages to get ahold of DNA from the Sheppards, and makes Matt’s baby. He has Iratus DNA, and scales because of it. I want to think it’s something you’ve written, but I may be wrong or getting the series mixed up. Someone please tell me where it is if it’s one of of hers? Thanks.

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