A Flash of Lightning by K-Lee

A Flash of Lightning by K-Lee

Sebastian rushed down the stairs, his feet bare and his hair still glistening with water from the shower he had just had. He had waited until he was fully down the stairs before pulling his t-shirt over his head and tucking it into his jeans.

God love Sean, but after living in the same house with the man for the last eight years had defiantly had an impact on his casual clothing choices.  While most of his peers were still wearing rather baggy jeans and t-shirts, his were much more form fitting. The last two years had seem many girls and quite a few guys take long lingering looks at his tight, lanky body.

It had been different while he had been at Fountain Valley because the loose dress code meant he wore button down shirts and Dockers with a blazer. Even during his first two year at university he had worn the same style clothing as a way to look older, but the day he turned sixteen all bet were off. He had walked into the kitchen in low riding button fly jeans that clung to his hips and skimmed closely down his legs. His t-shirt had been tight across the shoulders and chest but loose over his belly, neatly hiding the six pack he had developed over the years. Sean had grinned; Declan’s mouth had dropped open and then snapped shut as he had hurried away.

His Dad had looked at him top to toe before raising his eye brow and muttered something scathing about surging hormones. Daddy had simply shrugged and told him that he could wear whatever he wanted to classes so long as he was comfortable. It was about that time that Declan had come back and thrown a large ugly green rain poncho over his head and told him it was the only way he was leaving the house if he insisted on wearing those jeans and that t-shirt. Everyone just about fell off their chairs laughing.

“Hey Dad? Do you know what Radek wanted? He sent me a reminder that he wanted to meet me today.”

“Hello Sebastian. Your fathers are out in the pool.”

Sebastian turned at the sound of Radek’s voice. Sebastian was sure Radek kept talking but he didn’t hear any of it. Standing beside Radek was the most beautiful man Sebastian had ever seen. A mop of curly dark hair topped a face that looked like an angel, dusty blue eyes surrounded by spars but long lashes, and lips that were pink and totally kissable. The man was a couple inches shorting than him which put him around 5’10 and was about his age, 18.

While he had certainly drawn the attention of several people, he had never been more than casually interested in anyone he had dated. Living with his Dad’s, and Declan and Sean had shown him that physical intimacy was worth waiting for if it meant being in love. Even his Aunts and Uncles loved their partners with a passion that made Sebastian want what they had and not some casual fling. He was sure part of his decision to was because of what had happened to him when he was nine. But really, didn’t that just prove that being physical with someone should be something to be special. That didn’t stop him from being well acquainted with his hand or the shower head for that matter.

For the first time in his life Sebastian was completely speechless. Those beautiful blue eyes held his and he was powerless to break away from the gaze. His entire body flushed, a bolt of lightning flashing through his entire body making every nerve ending tingle. His jeans started to become uncomfortably tight as he tried to casual shift to relieve some of the pressure. Sebastian sucked in a breath through his nose and endeavored to concentrate on what his Uncle was saying.

“…is son of cousin and best friend from Prague. He has come here to work on degree in engineering. I thought to introduce you as you will in several classes together when classes start next week.”

Sebastian grinned and said is his best Czech “I am sorry, I missed your name.”

The lips curled up into a smile that lit his entire face. “I am called Pasha by my friends.”

Sebastian grinned back and held out his hand. “Sebastian Sheppard. Pleased to meet you.” He looked up at Radek. “How can I help you?”

Radek smiled at Sebastian. It had been a pleasure watching the boy grown into the man before him now. He had never lost his joy in learning, or his scathing sarcastic attitude. When his friend had contacted him to ask if he could help Pasha get into the satellite university on Atlantis, he had eagerly agreed. Pasha was a bright young man in his own right who had already completed his first degree with a double major in math and physics and was looking forward to completing an engineering degree at the university where Radek, Jeannie, and Rodney taught courses at. “I went to school with Pasha’s mother. She asked if I could help him get used to his new surroundings. I though, perhaps you might be a better choice. Pasha, no doubt, would rather not hang out with an old man like me.”

“Uncle Radek, please. I enjoy spending time with you.” Radek could hear the sincerity in Pasha’s voice. He could also see the flush on his cheeks and twinkle in his eyes that were just like his mother’s when she saw someone she thought was attractive. It hadn’t escaped his attention that Sebastian had been ignoring him when he had first seen Pasha.

“In any case, I will be a little busy and so with your Aunt Jeannie for the next few days getting ready for classes to start next week. Madison asked if she could tag along as well as Aleksander has recently taken to trying to put grass snakes in her clothing.”

“Has he been successful yet?

“Ano, he has managed once. Madison’s screaming was enough to fill his seven year old heart with glee.”

Sebastian chuckled. “Yeah, we can take Madison along with us, right Pasha? Go shopping a little, catch a movie or go to the skate park. Maybe grab a pizza or something for supper.” He had grabbed on to the idea of his little cousin coming along quickly. A thirteen year old chaperone was just what he needed so he wouldn’t embarrass himself and try to kiss the gorgeous you Czech. His father always said the best relationships were based on friendship first. It was just kinda difficult to get his body to remember that when he looked at Pasha.

“Good, good. I will tell Madison to meet you by the car port.” Radek grabbed his phone out of his pocket and turned to call Madison.

“I don’t mean to be presumptuous, but is it safe for us to go out?” Pasha smiled at Sebastian and hoped he would stop blushing every time he talked to the prekrásný (beautiful) man in front of him.

Pasha’s voice caused Sebastian’s knees to wobble a little. Damn, that accent was sexy. “It will be fine. This area is not known for violence or anything like that.”

“I meant more, that you are both high profile potential targets for kidnap, yes?”

Pasha’s concern for his cousin and himself made Sebastian’s heart flutter. He really needed to get this under control or he was going to spend the day in pain from his too tight jeans. “Naw, it will be fine. Madison and I both have an emergency locator as well as a small emergency beam out communicator we carry when we are out without security.”

“Good. I would not like anything bad to happen to you… or your cousin.” Pasha’s ears turned beet red at his slip up.

Sebastian laughed as he slug his arm around Pasha’s shoulders. It looked like they were on the same page when it came to attraction. This day just got a whole lot brighter.


  1. Our little Sebastian growing up. I loved Declan’s quick actions. 🙂

  2. :: Hums ::

    Oh, this is interesting.

    Thank you!


  3. oh this was cute. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh my GOD! 🙂 BIGGEST GRIN EVER- you are evil in the best possible way. AWWW- Sebastian with Pasha, so CUTE! I cannot wait for their innocent fumblings, maybe in an empty classroom, with Atlantis providing security? And the first time someone tries to go after one of them, some catty girl or stupid boy, they had better watch out, because I think sweetie Pasha could hide a wicked tongue behind those lips. New favorite pairing! You deserve cookies, or beer, or whatever you want. PLEASE write more- this is just so perfect in complimenting what Keira has made, and whets our appetites while waiting for the next big installment, because those interludes, while fabulous, are chinese-food type appetizers, leaving me hungry for more. Would you mind if I ran with this, if you won’t?

  5. Pavel Chekov! You make me so happy! I adore the idea of Sebastian and Pasha.

  6. Declan had me chuckling. A brilliant read!

    Thank you!

  7. A glimpse into a possible future – so nice. Thanks, K-Lee!

  8. Wow. this so neads more.

  9. Squee! Love Pasha, he’s so cute! I wanna read more in this story line!

  10. Oh, my, this is so good. A wonderful way to celebrate.

  11. Hoping this is how things will/could turn out in the What Might Have Been world. Really good.

  12. OMG, girl, you know how to make me happy after my bad bad week.
    I love this fic with this totally gorgeous grow up Sebastian. and Declan, this’s so lovely, we feel the love in this house.
    And Pacha, totally gorgeous, it’s a perfect young couple.

    Thanks so much.

  13. This was excellent, I loved the scene with Declan. It was cute and something I could see him doing.


  14. Go Declan … 🙂

    All this talk about WMHB makes me think I need to go back and read it all.

  15. helengloucester

    Oh my!
    This is a lovely story I could picture it as I read it – thanks for sharing.

  16. Lovely! It’s brilliant to see Sebastian grown up and people alternately freaking out and accepting it. Declan’s reaction ruled this one though, *falls off chair*

  17. this was so sweet,love your sebastian,and yes pavel would be excellent choice cos rodney would not let him date an idiot,definitely needs more chapters !!!

  18. yummy! adored it!

  19. I LOVE the green poncho! So much easier than the chastity belt I’m getting for my brother-in-law’s daughter. 😀

    This was a fun read. Thanks for creating and sharing it! 🙂

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