The Invisible Repercussions

Title: The Invisible Repercussions
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Word Count: 1318
Warnings: No beta, dark, non-graphic discussion of rape, homicide, sociopathological behavior

Author’s Note: There was a posting on SGA Genrefinders about a documentary called The Invisible War and that all lead me to this short little fic.

Summary: John receives an email from the SGC and is disappointed.

* * * *

John was so furious he could barely catch his breath. He stared at the emailed response from Hank Landry for nearly five minutes before he closed it with a shaking hand. There was an enlisted man in the wraith cage; he’d been there for nearly two weeks following an investigation into a rape accusation. There had been no doubt in John’s mind that the man was guilty as hell. The physical evidence was overwhelming. His victim was still in the infirmary. Now he was going to have to tell her that the SGC had… sealed the report on the crime and that nothing would be done to her attacker and that neither she nor the man responsible for raping her would be allowed to transfer off the city for more than a year.


John looked up and met Evan Lorne’s gaze. “You got the email as well, I assume?”

“Yes.” Evan averted his gaze. “I can’t say I didn’t expect it. Landry is more politician than anything else and he doesn’t like to admit shit like this happens under his command so he hides it. There have been a few incidents at the SGC since he took over for O’Neill. It’s an ugly situation.”

“Right,” John said dully. He stood and walked to the gun safe in his office. He opened it silently and pulled out his berretta. Sliding it into his thigh holster, he cleared his throat. “Take the guards off the Wraith cage.” He paused. “In about twenty minutes, the security feeds for the detainment center and the surrounding corridors will be disrupted. Have one of McKay’s geeks investigate it from the gateroom. You can send a team to investigate if the feed isn’t restored within 30 minutes.”

Evan met his gaze, his eyes dark and just as furious as John’s own. “Sounds like a reasonable plan of action, sir.”

* * * *

Sergeant Anthony Pearce didn’t say a word as he entered a transporter in front of John. He frowned at the destination that John pressed and frowned as he was lead out into an isolated part of the city that was unoccupied due some structural damage.


“I thought we could talk,” John said quietly. “I’ve had news from the SGC regarding your place on the city and the charges Captain Cadman filed against you.”

“Sir, I swear… look, I realize she could get in trouble for violating fraternization rules but she… it was all consensual.”

“Including her three broken ribs and fractured jaw?” John asked lowly. “Did she ask you to beat the shit out of her as foreplay or did that come afterward?”

“She must have done it to herself when she realized we’d gotten caught,” Pearce said as they walked out of the smaller tower. It was late evening but the double moons of their new planet gave them plenty of light. “Or she got a friend to hurt her to make the charges more viable. Sir, she’s just trying to save her career. I mean you get that, right?”

His face was so earnest that it was startling. The fury pooling in John’s gut intensified. “The SGC has sealed her complaint and you won’t face court martial.”

The kid actually smiled at him and relaxed. “That’s great news, sir.”

John hit him. The younger man stumbled back in shock, clutching his stomach. “You twisted little mother fucker,” he hissed. “You think you can rape a woman on my city and get away with it?” He pushed the kid up against the wall, face first and punched him in the side.

“Don’t,” the kid said in a panicked tone. “Don’t, sir, I’m not… I’m not gay.”

John laughed, low and mean. “You can’t possibly think I’d have a single interest in fucking you—willing or not.” He punched him again. “You think I’m like you? You think I’m the kind of man that laughs a rape jokes? Do you think all men are like you, Pearce? You got a problem with female officers, Pearce? Couldn’t stand to have a woman giving you orders, could you?” He hit him again and slammed his hand into the younger man’s back to keep him from falling.

“Sir! I’m begging you!”

John wrapped an arm around the man’s neck and pulled out his k-bar. “Did she beg you?”

“She wanted it!” Pearce defended. “The cunt wanted it and now she’s lying to save her own ass.”

John jerked him back from the wall and hauled him out onto the short pier. Pearce struggled the whole way and when they stopped, John shoved his knife into the soldier’s side. Pearce made a choked sound—a mixture of pain and shock.

“No one on Earth is ever going to know what happened to you,” John whispered. “In a day or two, I’ll officially notice you’re missing and report you AWOL. A few weeks from now, someone will show up on your daddy’s front porch and tell him that his son is a coward who ran from his duty.”

He pulled out the knife and plunged it into Pearce’s stomach. “But there will be rumors, I’m not kidding myself on that front and your story will turn into one of those nasty urban legends about what will happen to rapists on Atlantis.”

Pearce heaved against John but the struggle was going out of him. “Sir,” he slurred.

“Don’t worry, Pearce, you won’t have time to drown,” John said lowly. “The biologists have been chumming the water for two weeks around this end of the city so they can research the native shark population. I’ve been complaining about that batshit behavior for the past three days but come to find out—they’ve done me a big favor.”

John pulled out his knife and shoved him off the pier. His body hit the water with a muted splash. He watched in silence as Pearce managed to struggle to the surface of the water twice then, either drawn by the blood or the splashing, a shark the size of a compact car surfaced and plunged down into the dark water with the body.

John tossed the k-bar out into the water about ten feet and shoved his hands into his pockets. He waited for the guilt to set in but it didn’t. It rarely did. In the background, he heard the transporter activate and after just two minutes McKay came to stand beside him.

“A little heads up would’ve been nice,” Rodney said conversationally. “Faking sensor data isn’t a walk in the park, you know.”

John shrugged. “Didn’t ask you to.”

“Well, one must do his part,” Rodney said. “So, currently the city sensor data is reporting a missing life sign and the two of us are in my quarters.”

John sent him a sly look. “Does it say what we’re doing in your quarters?”

“Nope. We could be watching TV.”

“Or fucking,” John supplied.

“Or fucking,” Rodney agreed. “Why don’t we go back to my quarters and do that then. We have ten minutes before Zelenka has to send out a team to fix the non-error you created. It’s a little ugly how you just show off your super gene.” He leaned forward just a little and frowned down at the water as the shark surfaced and rolled over in the water. “The biologists have this theory that when they do that they are asking for more. They started doing it about four days into the study.”

“You know they’re batshit.”

“We’re all a bit crazy out here,” Rodney defended.

John couldn’t argue with that. He snagged McKay’s hand and tugged him away from the dark water.

The End

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. :: Sigh :: I can’t say that I wouldn’t have done the same. Fucker got off lightly.

    Well done.


  2. I like this. It’s chilling, in a way, to read about John and Rodney going to these lengths – outright murdering someone (with no remorse) and fixing a cover up. But the guy was a rapist, so I can’t find it in my heart to feel like it’s any loss – and I’m glad John doesn’t feel guilty. He has so much to worry about – Wraith, possibly the replicators (depending on when this is set), hostile natives, etc. – he really has no time to worry about enemies inside Atlantis.

    John Sheppard does what needs to be done.

  3. I like how John settled the problem, very much a Sheppard way of doing something, and how Rodney was there to cover his ass. I am, however, a little creeped out that Sheppard and McKay went off to have sex after that.

  4. Yes, it’s dark, and yes, it’s exactly the kind of reaction I would hope for from a Sheppard free to act as he sees fit. No regrets. It’s perfect. Is it disturbing that John and Rodney go to fuck after? Yup, but then again I’d imagine that John was feeling so satisfied with himself he could drive nails with his dick. 😉 That’s not even touching on the possibility that the act of killing might have aroused him. There’s an interesting thought…. 😉

    Loved this, Keira. Thank you.

  5. Nothing like another Urban Legend to make a point to anyone who just might consider stepping over Sheppard’s line in the sand.
    Works for me.

  6. I love this creepy ass lil fic

    John *will* kill for his people – to protect or avenge them – without blinking and without even a nanosecond of regret

    He would do anything to protect them – from enemies or even Stargate Command/IOC – if he’s on their side they’re pretty much safe

    however – if they rape/murder an innocent or one of their *own*?! that’s it no longer one of *his* people and he will gut them and leave them out for the crows (or sharks) and *his* people will go above and beyond without being asked to make sure that nothing can come back to John

  7. Well that’s a little, or maybe even a lot, creepy… to see John and Rodney in that light, but I can’t say I disagree with the reasoning. On a city like Atlantis, things like rape… how would any woman trust Sheppard to look after them in future, if he did nothing? Even if officially, it still reads like he did nothing, people will talk.

  8. I love this. I love that John is willing to to anything to protect his people. I love that Rodney and (presumably) everyone else is so willing to protect him. I even love how they go and fuck right after. I just love this entire thing.
    I saw a little bit of that documentary – I actually had to stop watching it because it was so fucked up and distributing, but this fic has cheered me up! And don’t we all wish there was a John Sheppard everywhere to respond to rapists like this one?

  9. What is the saying “truth and justice” it is nice to see true justice served.

    Very well done, I would like to say beautiful, but the subject is just too ugly.

    What I did love was Rodney…

    “A little heads up would’ve been nice,” Rodney said conversationally. “Faking sensor data isn’t a walk in the park, you know.”

    “Well, one must do his part,” Rodney said.

  10. I’m a little bit more in love with you. Amazing.

    You really do incredibly awesome things with creepy material. I love that John doesn’t even feel guilty.

    Also, perhaps those scientists could get the sharks some lazer beams for their heads? Because everyone deserves a warm meal. 🙂

    • It’s perfectly reasonable to expect sharks with laser beams on their heads when you SPECIFICALLY ask for sharks with laser beams on their heads. That’s all I’m saying.

      • we all know Atlantis loves John and his people for protecting her and bringing live back into her walls. So i would not be suprised if the Sharks end up genetically altered and develop Laser Beams on their own 😉

        Loved the story, creepy as it is. But it also reflects my view on rapists, exept i would have made him suffer more, but the fast dirty way gets the point across rather well: Don’t fuck with Sheppard’s people.

    • Oh, I think the little bastard was still nice and warm when the shark got to him… No need for laser beams!

  11. Like stepping on a bug… Revolting, but absolutely necessary….and remarkably satisfying to read.

  12. Wow, just come off a late shift and not at all what I was expecting…….A little bit of terse, logical rough justice, my passivist ideals took a nose-dive and I liked it. It’s kinda how I imagine things would be if you were living 50 million miles from anywhere and someone, you should be able to trust, tried to harm one of your own.

    As usual, great writing, I enjoyed the fact that Sheppard, Lorne and Mckay were all on the same page without much having to be said, very understated, nicely done.

  13. Yeah, it’s dark, but I can see John doing that. Those people are *his* as much as Atlantis is his. As much as I hate that rapist (and I *really* hate that animal) I hate Landry more. He’s an enabler. It would be interesting if a report on statistics showing rape and violent crime increasing on every base he’s ever been on could make it’s way to O’Neill or maybe the press. You know he’s done this before.

  14. wow great lesson, of live, rapists should know the same end, they rape a body and a soul forever.
    I could be disturbed that J&R go for a fuck after that but saying Spartacus i learned that fucking can be a release after a killing, just to make a point, he’s dead and we’re so alive kind of point, a way to celebrate the heart beating in your chest. Y/N ?

    • LOL. Well, it goes into that total lack of remorse thing and let’s finish the rest of our day kind of thing.

      • Reading that i could imagine you writing a dark dystopian sga AU, imagine a dark Sheppard with the ancien gene, the DNA messed up by the bug thing. I shiver, how he could be even more merciless, the TTB and Ring of Fire Johns would be a walk in the park comparing to this one, just imagine.

  15. So this was a really good fic. I like the darker creepier ones that you do.

    If I had been John, I would have done the same.

  16. Thank you so fucking much for this. I honestly think that John *would* do that because he honestly does hold women up to such a high standard of respect and wouldn’t stand for the injustice.

  17. Well done.

  18. Sweet solution, one Jack would have appoved of. This was a most excellent distraction from a chaotic exam board – thanks M’Lady you brighten my day.

  19. Absolutely twisted and dark….LOVED IT! I like the stories where John is vicious enough to kill and Rodney covers it up. *sigh* And that bastard so deserved it.

  20. Wondering what you would have happen if you continued this on Earth when O’neill happens to be informed of what Landry is pulling under his nose. Especially if he just unleashes Sam or Vala on him. 😀

  21. Quite honestly, it is too damned bad that someone in charge hasn’t stepped up and doled out similar justice to the idiotic/sadistic/misogynists who’ve perpetrated similar crimes in RL. Too damned bad that those that turned a blind eye to it all don’t get a bit of that justice ladled out to them as well.

  22. A play by play of my reactions while reading the fic:

    Pearce: “…I’m not gay.”
    Response – Really. Just because you happen to be a rapist does not mean that John is. Also sexual orientation has nothing to do with rape.

    When I realized what John was going to do: Damn. Things never should have got to the point where that was the only viable option to stop a rapist. Though the urge to kill a rapist is understandable.

    When learning how much thought went into John’s actions: Well, at least he tried to cover all the variables so that no one can definitively say he committed murder.

    The ending: The 2 of them going off to have sex = creepy. I think this is the 3rd fic I read with this pairing that had that vibe. The other 2 fics that I read with that vibe were an episode tag to “Miller’s Crossing” (where John talked a scientist into committing suicide so that Rodney wouldn’t sacrifice himself).

    Overall, this was an intense fic to read. It’s amazing how much can be said with so little words.

  23. I’m all for John getting things done. Some things are just…needed.

    Thanks, Keira!

  24. Lovely little bit of twistedness. Love the fact that John is willing to do anything to protect his people, and that Rodney is only put out that John didn’t ask for his help. Now Landry just needs to have a little accident so Sam can take over the SGC.

    Also, every time I try to type Landry I end up typing Laundry, and this amuses me far more than it probably should.

  25. What happened in this story is what happens when there is no real law. That far away, under the command of someone who will not observe the laws there are, Sheppard felt he really didn’t have much of a choice. But please note what happens if the guy in charge is not a good guy. Maybe the next guy that goes to the sharks just pissed the boss off? One must be very careful of this sort of thing. It can get out of hand very easily. Which is why laws are better.

    It reminds me of a fascinating story I read many years ago about how some hunter-gatherers dealt with a member of their group who was crazy. He’s get pissed about something and then lose it entirely and beat someone to death. First his wife, then another guy. Note that in this society there is no law. Good behavior is maintained by social pressure. That social pressure was not working on this guy.

    Finally a group of older men got together and made a plan. Several of them made a point of luring the man’s closest family members away. Then others collected the guy up, took him out in the bushes and killed him. This was considered a terrible thing to have to do, but they could not allow this guy to keep killing people and they had no other option. The family members knew perfectly well what had happened, but they had been given an out that allowed them to ignore the usual requirement to avenge his death. Problem solved.

  26. Perhaps is it wrong of me to wish that all people felt the same way about rapists as Atlantis administration does in this story, but I don’t feel guilty for not feeling outraged about murder, either.

    Also, I love your sharks.

  27. I just reread your piece and a thought came to mind: The behavior of the shark at the end reminds me of a dog, who rolls over on his back and begs for a bellyscratching *did i do good? i did do good!! scratch my belly!! i am such a good doggie, scratch me!!!* 😉

  28. This is amazing as it is horrifying Keira. And when I say horrifying, I’m not talking about John killing the bastard, I mean the fact that rapes in the military actually get covered up so often. I really loved the way you handled this fact and the way John reacts to it. If they had had an episode where they addressed the problem of rape cover ups in SGA, I’m sure that John would have done the exact same thing as he did here. You are amazing.

  29. So very deliciously dark. I’d like to think McKay and Sheppard would do exactly this to protect those who need it.

  30. Dark and sinful- kind of like really good chocolate. Sheppard’s got a very simple view of life- you’re either on one side of his gun (or in this case knife) or the other. You do not want to put yourself on the other because he will take you down.

  31. This isn’t the first story you’ve had John take out a bad guy and not feel bad about it. The people who are quick to judge his behavior, I would guess, have never found themselves in these situations. I think John did what he had to do. It would have been different if Landry hadn’t decided to be a dick. Great story as usual, BTW!

  32. Hoorah! Loved it! Chilling, sinister yet simple. I love how the fact that John took the asshat out and everyone is all “so what’s for dinner?”

  33. Just FYI….you are awesome, and so is this totally chilling fic.

  34. As I read this I thought, “who pissed off Keira at the internet cafe using skype”. Loved it. Dark John rocks.

  35. I LOVED this.

    “But there will be rumors, I’m not kidding myself on that front and your story will turn into one of those nasty urban legends about what will happen to rapists on Atlantis.”

    and I agree completely with the bittersweet chocolate reference too. Just something that stays on your tongue hours afterwards…with you thinking, God, that was SO good.

    As always, thank you for your effort, and for sharing your chocolate…

  36. So, the sharks started asking for “more” four days after the study started? Anyone else missing on Atlantis?

  37. Excellent story, Keira.

    Gotta wonder about Landry; is it really that “he doesn’t like to admit shit like this happens under his command so he hides it” or is he “paying it forward” — covering up for men’s deeds as his own misdeeds were covered up? Especially since he’s teaching the men under his command that they can get away with rape . . . you know they’ll go out and do it again.

    Maybe some kind of “accident” where Landry’s equipment gets shredded could be arranged.

  38. Hurrah.


    But it’s Cadman! Cadman…. :/ Not, not okay. Not at all. Cadman is BAMF and…yeah.

    I would have done the same. Rape is just wrong.

  39. Who ways there is any thing wrong with creepy. In an enclosed environment like Atlantis no way could a rapist be allowed to remain. I can totally see John, Rodney and the others taking this step. Most Urban Legends have their roots in a truth. I see Rodney and John’s getting together after more as a celebration of Atlantis and her people being alive and well and no longer in danger from the malignancy that was Pearce.

  40. So often military rapists do get their crimes covered up. I’m glad that John took care of the scumbag as no woman would be safe on Atlantis if he was allowed to go free, he would have felt more empowered by the coverup. Rapists are scum. I once thought of doing something to one but thankfully the State of Florida took care of the problem for me…took a few years but he didn’t get to enjoy them either.

  41. Great to see the bad guy get what was coming to him. I like dark (good) John.

  42. I FUCKING LOVED THIS <3! Almost from the beginning when you are told what is going to happen I got chills. It was told in such a straight forward manner that it made all the more exciting as things progressed, and the fucker got exactly what he deserved, the sniveling little shark turd. (Do sharks poop?)

    • LMAO. I don’t know but that is easily the best question I’ve ever been asked in my comment section.

    • Sharks do poop but they don’t have a separate hole. That is if they are female it’s the same one as the sperm go in! Their poop is rather liquid and sort of dark mustard colour except when other bits like fish scales come out. So if you see a stream of colour as the sharks swim along that is what is happening.
      Now you can have a picture of what comes out after the rapist is digested.

  43. Creepy as heck, but sooooo deserved! 🙂

  44. I can’t begin to describe how satisfying this decisive and dark John’s behaviour is in reaction to Cadman’s reprehensible rape and Landry’s “sweep it under the rug, head in the sand” actions.

    I liked this story very much! Thank you Keira.


  45. Go John!!

    Ya godda love basic justice. But I still say he got off easy. What was it, a few minuets of fear, 1.5 minuets of pain followed by a death with most of the sensation lost to shock? Cadmen’s now barely able to sleep at night & will remain thus for the foreseeable future possibly ever. Still don’t like that balance.

  46. My only real complaint is that here in the Good Ole US of A there is a distinct shortage of shark infested waters. It would probably be a better place if we had more access.

    He pushed the kid up against the wall, face first and punched him in the side.
    “Don’t,” the kid said in a panicked tone. “Don’t, sir, I’m not… I’m not gay.”

    Almost caused me to punch the bastard myself. Because obviously he thinks this kind of violence is foreplay?

    Brilliant as always Mistress of Porn. Loved every word.

  47. Great little tidbit. Something happen, or just your day to express how you really feel about rapists? As I can speak from experience, it is a deserved punishment. Great vicarious thrill.

    • Oh god!! I’m sorry I can’t seem to find how to say this privately.

      I sincerely hope you have managed to move on & not stuck where that monster left you.
      hope for the best for you.


  48. I always loved Sheppard 😉

  49. And another thing about Landry . . .

    I wonder what would happen if Carolyn was the victim, hmm? Or even, if Carolyn was the victim of someone Landry had previously covered up for?

  50. Dark, and excellent.

    Am I creeped out that the went to have sex afterwards? No. Why waste one more precious moment in a hostile environment worrying about someone who was a waste of skin and oxygen. Some people can’t be rehabilitated. Horrible of me to say? Perhaps. But since I’m related to a few violent, horrible assholes, yeah, I have little faith that everyone can be save. Some folks, but not everyone, and certainly not someone too stupid to show remorse when staring down the blade of a very angry avenging Angel.

    In a place where some things are trying to out right kill you, some other things are trying to eat you, and other things are trying to trade you to things so they don’t get eaten… yup, I can see solving your own problems when the higher ups insist on acting like the higher ups problems don’t exist.

    I hope John and Rodney never miss a moments sleep about keeping the majority safe from the sadly warped few, or in this case one. I just hope he didn’t give the sharks indigestion.

  51. utterly freaking cool!!!
    absolutely delicious…so them you can so easily see them doing it.
    personally i would have chopped off his testicles and thrown them in first,but thats just little old vindictive me.
    keira anytime the muse takes you to do more of these little vignettes we fan girls would love them.
    thank you…..made my day.

  52. You can’t tell me that rape victims’ loved ones don’t want to do things like that to the rapists every day.

  53. Oh my god- can I have a begging shark? ‘Cause I could so make that shit work for me…

  54. I just watched The Invisible War and I’m a bit of a wreck because of it, so this was very cathargic to read. I utterly fail on the being disturbed by John’s actions front, and at caring.

  55. Hi,

    I finally signed up to comment here rather than sending you an email every time, because I had to immediately say ..

    “how awesomely awesome”.

    and I don’t even read SGA stuff. In general, these two are just too cut-out like for me (which is such a funny objection, considering all my other OTPs).

    Bestly, Ky.

  56. This is so exactly the John in my head, and like him, I don’t see anything wrong with that. I love the acknowledgment of – and desire for – urban legends about what happens to people who don’t belong on his city. It gives me happy thoughts about the people whispering. And quite frankly I appreciated that you didn’t give him (or anyone else, apparently) any particular qualms about the whole thing… he’s a trained soldier, and in the end this was not much different than killing a man in combat: something done to protect his people from an intolerable threat.

  57. I love Rodney’s complete acceptance of John’s need to make justice where there wasn’t any. I love how dark John is. And Lorne. *happy sigh* I hope Cadman will recover completely.

  58. The first thing I think is:
    how utterly in-character for John.

    While my own vision of Rodney has him flailing a bit more over the situation, I can’t pin down exactly which part he’d be flailing about. Possibly Landry’s reply. I am actually comforted that your Rodney is more direct and calm about responses.

    My last thought is that, after the celebration of life and survival, John will plan, like the strategist he is, a method for removing Landry from the situation that makes it obvious that his refusal to deal well with the rape was the reason while leaving it somewhat obscure the source of the removal. I like Sam for the Dia Ex Machina here, although having Teal’c come down like the Ambassador of Thunder also has its appeal.

    I can almost see Landry pleading for help and O’Neil looking at him in bemused puzzlement: “No, you know, I remember this clause in the treaty. Don’t you?”

  59. Just read this again. Short, sweet and to the point.

  60. I agree that John is totally in character here. And Rodney’s nonchalance is also in character for the later seasons when he has gotten used to the way John does things. He’d only be flustered by it in seasons one or two. Maybe a little flustered in season three. But by season four he’d be okay with it and in season five he’d be totally relaxed and all “Well done, John,” about the whole thing. Even the “You could’ve let me help,” moment is perfect.

    I also agree that the nice sharks need to be rewarded for service to the city. Maybe they could feed them the next Wraith or evil Genii that come along…

  61. This story is a little disturbing, but it also caters to a vicious part of my soul that cannot stand rapists. I see how rapists get lenient sentences in our justice system, and it disgusts me. I usually don’t comment on stories too much, but I had to because of the subject matter. Thank you for this bit of catharthis in story form!

  62. The Sergeant got off lightly, though I have to admit that I feel bad for his parents. They have to live with the fact that their son is a coward.

  63. I’m not sure how I missed this story. I was pretty sure that I’d read everything on your site, but here it was. An unread gem.

    As mentioned by multiple people, it’s dark. Really dark…but it’s not a hard reach to see John getting here in cannon. He shows moments of it in the series. Pull that into a future where they aren’t getting much support from earth, life is hard, and they are surrounded by war; and it’s easy to see this happening.

    The outcome is viscerally pleasing on a lot of levels. How many of us have experienced trauma at the hands of others, or read horrible shit on the news, and we wish we could do this? John can and does… not only because he is a man of war, but because he is a leader and protector of his people.

  64. This is one of my favourites of all your work. I don’t know if that means I’m twisted and if I am twisted whether it is in a good direction or a bad one. But all that aside, a community has to take care of its’ members and protect them from predators. Feeding the sharks is a good thing too. Wins all around, I’d say.

    Thanks again.

  65. If John did that instead of letting a functioning juridical system deal with it, it would have been dark. With Landry’s non-action? It is righteous. You used the phrase ‘no enemy within’ in your lantean series, it totally applies to this as well.
    And I never thought anyone could get any use out of a waste of space like that, you proved me wrong. shark food is the ideal career option for him.

  66. Thank you for this. Years ago I was reading an author who in one of her books not only let the rapist get away with raping a 15 year old girl but he was the HEROE in the story they fell in LOVE and got married . There are no words for how that made me feel and not only could I not read this persons work anymore but was afraid to read books of the romantic prosation. So thank you Keira.

  67. If the army won’t give that woman justice, John will.

  68. greywolfthewanderer

    motherfucker was lucky.  John almost gave him an easy death, far better than walking feces like that deserves.  I take guys like that as personally embarrassing and offensive, make the rest of us look like shite. not to mention, if one went after my sister *or* my male cousins…

    must admit I gave a not-small cheer when John finally just shanked the bastard.

    good fucking deal.  it’s about how I favour handling rapists — or if all else fails, put ’em out in GenPop and spread the words.  rapists don’t do much better in the can than child molesters, and I have no fucks to give.

    you rock.

  69. Just reread this fic again. I love it! It’s dark and twisted, but almost righteous and very, very satisfying. If I was Cadman and had been put through all that trauma and bullshit, I’d be pleased my commander would stand up for me even if no one else would.

  70. Hoorah.

  71. I just reread this. And it affects me EVERY SINGLE TIME I read it. I wish I’d had a commander like this John Sheppard. I WISH I’d been heard in 1979 when I was told I would not see promotion unless I spread my legs for a craptastic supervisor. I wish I’d had this in 1981 when a West Point graduate raped me while I was out in the field with him and the rest of my unit. I’m long out of the service but yeah I am service connected for the PTSD due to sexual trauma. I’d not feel the trauma if someone in my chain of command had listened and believed me. I wish I could’ve trusted the chain of command back in the day. But I could not, and I suspect it hasn’t changed enough yet. I’ll not watch the documentary, the trailer triggered enough, but the story needs telling and the problem needs addressing and Hank Landry always was an a–hole. Thanks for this.

  72. That’s both insane and … satisfying !
    Thank you !

  73. Am..comforting myself in a stressful situation, by looking through your site for a re-read of old favourites. Then I stumbled across this, which I hadn’t seen before.
    It’s great! And given that the Atlantis expedition is in a war zone, its not dark. That asshole put a soldier out of commission. Has no remorse. And they are far away from JAG. Their brig is only for short term detentions.

    There are only two options- abandon him on a planet, disabling the Stargate. Or, kill him.

  74. I do not find your story dark in the least. I find it righteous. John tried for Justice through court-martial, and he would have gone with the separation through reassignment, but the person in his chain of command chose to do the most damaging response possible for the soldiers in his care: he insisted on them being in unfettered contact for a year; sufficient time for Cadman to commit suicide.

    My first response to this story always when I re-read it is intense satisfaction. Given the loss of judicial and larger-societal remedy for Cadman – given the formal rejection of her right to control her own body and her right to equal dignity, I see John as providing her with step-by-step reciprocal justice.

    1. He took Pearce to an unanticipated location where Pearce had no clue what was to come.

    2. He engaged in conversation with Pearce during which Pearce’s understanding was altered and he began to fear.

    3. He engaged in unexpected violence on Pearce, placing him into shock and heightening his level of fear.

    4. He allowed the overtone of sexuality to enter the situation. Pearce stupidly assumed that his own wishes could have anything to do with protecting him from a sexual assault as he stupidly assumed that anyone would believe that Cadman’s wishes could have protected her from his sexual assault on her. As Pearce stupidly mistook his own actions for being sexual rather than domineering in nature.

    5. He initiated the violent assault on Pearce by stabbing him. It would be easy to assume that his previous physical damage to Pearce was the beginning of the physical assault, but one can plainly see by Pearce’s reaction to it that John was merely obtaining Pearce’s attention. This part parallels the physical portion of the rape.

    6. Then he cast Pearce permanently out of their society. This is the portion of Justice where the Leader of the Society (in this case the military community) ensures that neither the current victim, nor any previous victims, nor anyone else inside or outside of the community will suffer at the hands of Pearce ever again.

    I hope that someone will be able to give Cadman details on what happened.

    In my personal legicogony, death is the appropriate punishment for rape. There are no mitigating circumstances for this crime whatsoever.

    I thank you for the story and I find it to be whole and wholly thought through.

  75. Greywolf the Wanderer

    still one of my favourites of yours, dear Lady. as ever, thank you for this!

  76. Brava!
    Two thumbs way up for Sheppard’s Law. I love how completely Rodney has his back.

    Also, I’m with FanArts… a dystopian AU with dark!John with his super gene and the extras from the bug DNA, written by you. Damn. I could dedicate a significant portion of my life to that.
    Just saying.
    Thank you for this lovely creepy little fic.

    • “He waited for the guilt to set in but it didn’t. It rarely did.“

      That second sentence is…disturbing.

      Love how Sheppard (and Lorne) look after one of their own. Not to mention Rodney and Radek.

      “Please, sir, I want some more.” Poor shark thought Pearce was just an appetizer. LOLOL!

  77. Quite … efficient, even understated, with neither Lorne nor McKay needing any explanation. Just enough time spent over it that the vicious little @#$%& knew what was coming. A little creepy, a lot satisfying. No guilt is just fine, though I’m not sure how I feel about the cheerful bedroom plans right after.
    The only unsatisfying bit is that Landry will probably mainly be relieved, since it *will* work as both official-level cover-up and whisper-level deterrant.
    And it lent the story more power that you didn’t have the victim be a mere “redshirt”.

  78. I love this, I really do, and I have to say that, minus the sex part (which, if SGA was a little less lighthearted and a little bit more of the gritty dark reality it should have been, I could picture, because living in that sort of war zone does things to people), I can imagine this happening in the SGA Universe – off-screen, of course. Just a few scientists grumbling about military Generals of Landry’s sort and chattering happily about interesting disappearing sensor data and that rapist that went AWOL in the background of an episode in the cafeteria while Rodney rants about idiot subordinates to his buddy John (who wears that lopsided little smirk), UST so thick you CAN’T even cut it with a knife. Yes, this fic is now my off-screen,
    deleted scene headcanon. Thank you very much for that!

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