Birth of the Serpent King

Birth of the Serpent King
Author: Keira Marcos
Cover Art: Fanarts_Series
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Genre: Romance, Alternate Universe
Rating: R (sexual situations and violence)
Word Count: 105,062
Betas: Chris King & Ladyholder (all remaining mistakes are the author’s fault)
Warnings: Written by an American author who attempted to use every cliché she could think of, habitual abuse of canon characterizations and events AND under aged consensual sexual contact.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Entertainment purposes only. No infringement intended. If I owned Harry Potter—I’d live in a castle in Scotland with several beautiful younger men to cater to my every wish.
Author’s Note: My thanks to the HP Fandom for entertaining me thoroughly while I was broken and laid up wishing death and mayhem on my neighbors.

Summary: What if Lucius Malfoy had interfered and saved Harry Potter’s life during the third task? The Harry that returns to Hogwarts after the resurrection of Voldemort has been tempered by fire, the Potter Family legacy, and a relationship he couldn’t have ever expected. In the wake of his father’s redemption—Draco Malfoy finds everything he could have ever wanted in the man that was once his enemy.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


  1. Yes! I just saw your update right before going to bed. Well sleep isn’t that important anyway, I am sure my boss will understand my priorities.

    • It is morning in this part of the world and I just wanted to leave you a little comment before going to work. It was a delicious read Keira, thank you very much. I can’t wait to reread it. It is always a treat to find a new update on your site.

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  4. Wow. So awesome, and all twelve chapters at once! Thank you!

  5. You Kick ass Keira just made my day

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    Your update and my new ipod touch 4gen just made my weekend.

  8. This was wonderful! Thank you for this. You’ve made me actually want to read Harry Potter again.

  9. Absolutely wonderful story! You’ve completely made my day!

  10. Okay, my phone told me that you had posted this, but now I have to wait till I am sober before I can even attempt to read it.

    Guess if I waited this long for you to post an awesome story, I can wait one more freakin day. Damn brothers and their need to ply me with drink.

  11. Tomorrow is my birthday, and this is the best present ever. Love!

  12. I love what you’ve done in this fandom so far. I have been eagerly waiting for your new posts and I was really glad to find out that you’d updated.

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    Perfect timing!
    I have workmen in today and needed a distraction….12 new ‘Keira’ chapters should see me through the next hour or two!

  15. Will leave a comment on the whole story when I finish it, but quick question here first: Are you sticking with the movie casting for all of the characters? Because I just IMDB’d Narcissa Malfoy, and while the actress is very pretty, I keep picturing Nicole Kidman…

    • I don’t actually watch the movies at all. I would have cast VERY differently almost across the board. I do adore the casting for Sirius Black and Snape — they are the only ones I wouldn’t change. I do think Nicole makes a VERY pretty witch.

      • I have to agree. I find it almost impossible to match up the some of the movie cast with the voices/images in my head. I must confess that I’m curious about how you’d re-cast the characters… 😉

  16. No naps before class for me 🙂

    I’m excited though, this sounds promising… what an interesting place to insert something different. Don’t believe I’ve seen it there before. *offers cookie*

  17. YAY!!!! I MISSED YOU SOO MUCH!!!! You are the goddess of fanfic!!!!

  18. Loved this fanfic! And lost a whole night of sleep. Also I started re-reading EVERYTHING posted on your site, this happens EVERYTIME u post new stuff. Please keep the awesomeness 4ever, like ascend and tell the other ascended beings to fuck off cause writinf fanfic is not intefering. Okay, crazy moment finished, just thank u really. Sometimes, the only thing that cheers me up is your writing. No, am not a suck up. Lots of love!!! ^^

  19. Holy shit! I just finished reading it and I fucking loved it! Wow, just wow! I never read Harry Potter fics before because I like the books so much that I didn’t like the idea of someone “messing” with the story. Oh, was i wrong! It’s amazing how you can play fast and loose with canon but still stay true with the character’s core and manage to create awesome stories. Now I have to read the Tangled Destinies stories too. I’m doomed but in a good way.

    Tl.DR.? :p In a few words: thank you!

  20. You wrote Harry Potter fic! *happy dance* I’m grinning so hard right now that the people in the cafe must think I’m a nut! I’m so not getting any sleep tonight!

  21. I very much enjoyed you story. It’s been awhile since i have read a story this great, i just could not stop reading it. Looking forward to reading more.

  22. You realize that you’re an absolutely awesome and gifted writer, right? We are blessed that you give us so much of that talent freely. Please make sure we all know when you write something we can pay for – it would be an honor to own something of your work.

  23. I just read the whole story in one go. I simply could not stop.
    This is just brilliant. But you cannot stop in the middle of the story.
    Please, please write more!

  24. I loved this one! Thank you. I know it will be a while and I am glad the other stories will be updated first but there will be a sequal, won’t there? WW.

  25. On my third rereading and i am still loving it.
    on reading chapter Four I discovered a big mystery the whole Muggle-born thing claiming they have to come from a Magical family somewhere and that they research it all in Seventh year, the questions that arise from that simple statement not just the whole Hermoine’s mom was adopted and must be a squib so which pure blood family does she belong to as a black sheep or illegitimate descendant because it would mean affairs and worse still rapes would come home to roost with a vengeance eventually if a child down he line is magical so there would be a very real need to define where to the Muggle-borns fit into the Family structure you have made.

    It is fascinating not only for Hermonie because it begs the question if it was researched in seventh year who do the Evans Family descend from you must admit those Emerald eyes are striking and seem to be a characteristic of Evan’s (or whatever their real name was) with power as Petunia and Dudley were weak in magical power and didn’t get them. Another know child of a pure-blood and muggleborn is Tonks, Andromedea was disowned by the family although that might not be true as I seriously doubt just blasting of the family tapestry by Mrs Black is actually disinheritance as she did it to Sirus as well and he inherited the Lordship. Still it does beg the question from which family dis Theodore Tonks Andromedeas husband who was a Muggleborn fail from as that is Tonks paternal heritage.

    In that society you invented the standing of a Muggle-Born must be interesting and important as it is researched due to the Magical inheritance happening at maturity. That means Muggle-borns are at worst half-bloods, Voldemort is actually less of a Pure blood than Harry as both Harry’s parents were from Magical parents and his father was pure Muggle. It does explain how Tom discovered the link to Salazar Slytherin he must a have researched it early perhaps hoping to find a Magical family he could link to so not to return to the orphanage to again that summer.

    So that just leaves the place of Muggleborns in those families. So perhaps only the most fanatical family reject the muggleborns when the ancestry matures, I can see many directions it could lead:

    A good one is when a dead Family is Reborn, Titles and Vaults then devolving to the Muggle-born as the last of the family and the first of it Magically reborn with enough magic to be classed as a Witch or Wizard.

    The family accepts them as part of the family tree but depending on how inheritance goes they either end up at the bottom of the family and ignored or hated due to the position they inherit if they are from a higher bloodline closer to a title or vault. (watch out for the sudden disappearance or accidental death of the muggleborn and any other blood relatives in the muggle offshoot. I can actually seeing such cased being the cause of a lot of decent amongst the purebloods as they are suddenly knocked out of their place in the inheritance tree to be replaced by some damned Muggleborn Halfblood.

    Third the muggleborn is promptly disowned from the family due to the partial muggle blood or they in fact find out their ancestor was disowned as a squib or for some other reason.

    Then you have the question what are the rights of a muggleborn or a witch or wizard for that matter if they are disowned by the the blood family what does that mean exactly do they then become the start of a new family or are they in limbo. I can see such a dissownment failing if the family that did it dies out as the magic would demand to go somewhere and they are blood. (You would have to prove they didn’t kill the family to inherit in that case probably a job for the Goblins, in the original books I would say Bellatrix was wiped from the Black family inheritance automatically as she killed Sirius the Heir)


    • (watch out for the sudden disappearance or accidental death of the muggleborn and any other blood relatives in the muggle offshoot. I can actually seeing such cased being the cause of a lot of decent amongst the purebloods as they are suddenly knocked out of their place in the inheritance tree to be replaced by some damned Muggleborn Halfblood)

      I’d postulate that such disappearances already occured. During Voldemort’s first rise to power, there were a lot of deaths and disappearances. Many of them magical, yet also many were apparently muggle, else, why warn the British Prime Minsister when Voldemort returned? It would be easy to use the chaos to rid oneself of a muggle born family member who was living amoung the muggles. Family magic would help identify them, and given the prejudice of the Death Eaters against muggle born, I can well see them taking the opportunity. Without magical training, the target would be defenceless.

      As to how these muggle born witches and wizards came to be, there are many more plausible explainations than affairs and rapes. The very old wizarding families seem to have a natural bias against muggles, so if for instance a wizard of that family fell in love with a muggle, they’d easily be disowned, or the issue of that union unacknowledged. Some could place their muggle children in hiding, hence adoption. Wizard/muggle couples from other countries in hiding in England, their decendants being the present muggle born mystery magic. How does Hogwart’s letter of invition find these children if their liniage isn’t already known to someone?

      Things to ponder.

      • Well yes I can see the Deatheaters and some not quite Deatheaters but otherwise considered upstanding Purebloods who might not support Volde but still took the opportunity to rid themselves of inconvienient Muggleborn/Muggle relations during the last war and blame the Terrorists especially if they were or would be ahead of them in the inheritance for a Vault or Title. If they didn;t do it themselves it would have been a income sideline for some of the poorer Deatheaters as well no doubt taking such jobs on the sides and they in their mentality would consider it a simple pest extermination job for a pureblood house to keep them pure and the power and the money in Pureblood hands. That unfortunately would have given Volde a in for blackmail to further his agenda and get them as a hidden supporter or financial backing creating quite a little inroad into Pureblood society it would have been quite with Volde’s plan to let their own greed place them in his hands and these people are still around dreading his return.

        The Voldemort Pureblood Agenda had to have many layers not mentioned in the books or it wouldn’t have gone on so long. What was seen in the books was in my opinion only the surface politics seen from Harry’s point of view as a child who we all know was kept in the dark and fed a lot of bullshit at times. Bumbledore explained very little in many ways he crossed the line towards Darklord on many occassions and so it was easy for fanfiction to make him a hidden Darklord as the tendencies are in the books with his total manipulation of Harry and those around him. Dumbles also had followers who never questioned his actions and even if they did quickly caved to his will. Dumbles also throughout the books struck me as a very bad administator agravated by overwork and having so many titles and duties where that failing effected things made the society worse as he held those positions so long messing them up. Just look at the state of the School eg: Divination, Potions, DADA, History, and who knows what else. Two of them were in place as part of the War effort Divination (protect her and have her available in case he has more), Snape (His Spy) I know but he should ahve kept tighter reign on them both as both were abusive to the students, frankly it made Snape as a spy a bit iffy because a spy does not bring attention to themselves it would a have made more sense if Snape had to toe the line more and quietly help his Slytherins in a more low key way and complain to Volde about having to pretend to be a white hat and tolerate Gryffindorks to maintain his position as a confident to Dumbles. DADA even if cursed should have been looked to better, eithr have the Goblins look for the Curse to remove or at worst have a talk to the Auror department and have it taught by any Auror on recovery or retired surely it could ahve been gotten around better. History has no excuse mvoe the damn class if they couldn;t shift him out of the way not let him drone on to student it makes me and a lot of other people wonder where his wage is going if he is being paid.

        Dumbles as head of the Wizengot was also failing at the job as while he might have been excused at missing Sirius when it first happened he damn well should have demanded a trial when he discovered he was innocent and never had one as that’s his job. PLus IWC when Volde got so bad he should have brought it to attention there as well instead of leaving it internal unless Volde was operating outside Brittan as well and there were the same hidden supporters.

        So yes there must have been much more to Voldemort’s Agenda than seen in the books.


  26. Can you give us a cast list? I mean, I assume that most of the characters are represented by the actors that played them in the movies, but can you give actors for like Healer Daniels and Leenus and his sons?

  27. I don’t usually read Harry/Draco, but I like how you made this pairing work and had a unique reason for the animosity between them to discontinue. The unveiling of Pureblood traditions and the settling of ancestoral magic was quite intriguing as the story proceeded. I especially liked seeing Lord Malfoy and Lord Potter conducting business. It was enjoyable to read a story not based entirely upon the relationship between the intimate relationship between the two main characters, and yet there was no doubt of the special feelings that evolve over time between your Draco and Harry.

    All in all, it was a very pleasant story and well up to your usual standard for fic in other fandoms. Thanks for writing it, and I’d like to see more HP stories if you’re ever in the mood.

  28. Hi — I had to drop you a note to say Thanks for the great fic. I read this story (and loved it) when you first posted it but then went back to reading NCIS fanfics. However I’ve been in a Harry Potter mood lately and I keep circling back to this story. I start other fics and get a little way into them and then my brain freezes up and starts to say “this makes NO sense” and I find myself back here “resting” my brain in pure joy. Thanks for the escape from reality and crappy fics!!!!!


    I just finished your story. I read it in about 5 hours. I just couldn’t put it down. I loved it! Please write more like it. Good Harry/Draco fics are hard to come by. Thank you so much for this one!

  30. Hi! Just stopping by to tell you how much I enjoy this HP fic; and that I’ve gotten so caught up in the world that you’ve created, I’ve totally lost track of canon HP stuff and then I’m puzzled why the movies don’t include something from your story. Haha!

    I do have to say that I’ve always felt that Dumbledore was a manipulative old man. It’s one thing to teach a young boy/teen to do the right thing, quite another to SEND him out there to do your dirty work for you. So I’m always really interested when writers take this stance and show Dumbledore in this light — and having Harry stand up for what HE believes in.

    It’s a terrific world, I’ve read this so many times since you published it online. In fact, I was just reading it now and I finally got off my duff to register to your blog so that I could leave you comments. I really enjoyed it! This and, of course, my secret addiction, Ties that Bind. Heehee. Thanks for sharing!

  31. Hi Keira!
    I just finished re-reading this again, and I have to say it’s still one of the most brilliant pieces of fanfiction I’ve ever read. I have a hypothetical question for you, when Harry and Draco finally get to the point (and age) when they’re married and have kids, what do you think they’ll be like? Would they be like they’re children from the 19 years later epilogue in the final book? Or do you imagine them differently?

    • I like the pretend that epilogue doesn’t even exist. Christ. Albus Severus? What did that child do at BIRTH to warrant that kind of punishment? I ask you! 😉

      I actually picture all boys — vicious, mean-spirited boys with hero complexes and shining silver eyes and Troll Doll Hair. They make a pact before the first one goes to Hogwarts and every single one of them manipulates the Sorting Hat into putting them into Hufflepuff (much to the horror of both of their fathers) where they RULE like only a Potter-Malfoy can.

      • You…you are brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. And you are also correct, I never did like the middle child’s name. Will they be black haired or blonde? Or will there be a mix of black and blond haired boys? I also have another question, will one of the boys become the next lord Potter and another the next lord Malfoy or will the two lineages combine to make a Lord Potter-Malfoy?

        • I think they’d have to have heirs for both family lines just to keep familial magic happy in this ‘verse. I like the idea of them having Draco’s eyes and Harry’s horrible hair.

  32. I really loved this! I typically don’t like the Harry/Draco pairing, but this was fantastic! Maybe I will have to give the paring another chance. Then again, it could be that your writing is so good it makes them fit. Do you plan to follow this up with another installment? I am a die hard fan of your Sentinels of Atlantis series and love all of your SGA writing. I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy this as well. Do you think you’ll continue to write in the Harry Potter verse?

  33. This is simply brilliant. I read it one sitting, bloody magical if you ask me.

  34. i still blame you for getting into this fandom – I still think this is the best Harry Potter I have read and can not wait until you honour us with Sequel (I also love the mage wars trilogy story – you really spoil us with your brillant writing)

  35. i meant to just start reading the first chapter at lunch break and then cursed myself for doing something so stupid because i always get hooked too easily and now i’ve spent the last few hours reading and i’m stunned and awed and just ship your stories even more now and i’m re-reading soon and continuing with your other story… thank you for writing this so i can enjoy it. words cannot express how much i enjoy reading your stories (i’m usually only a lurker)

  36. I finally took the plunge and read this and OMG I LOVE IT!!~!!!~~~ You had me hooked on page 3, and I couldn’t put it down even though I had things to do. Oh well, I don’t regret it a bit!~

  37. Honestly forgot how many times I have read this:) Really hope one day it will be continued.

  38. Thats it? Its like half a story 🙁 It was so good and its such a shame that it just ended there.

    • It’s actually a complete novel and fuck you.

      • WOW. Like right on. I was just reading the comments and came across this from like three years ago and started laughing like a nut at 12 a.m. This is gold! Like they’re all pouty and nonsense and you’re like Ragnok slaying his enemies.

  39. Hi, Keira. I just reread this story for what was probably the 20th time, and I have to say I loved it just as much this time as the first. I do have a question though. I rather liked the bit of flirtation you had between Harry and Bill early on, and was just wondering if they’re a pairing you’ve ever thought about writing (not here obviously, but just in general)? Or is flirting as far as you’re interested in taking the pairing?Just curious. I understand though, if it’s something you’d rather not answer since it could be spoilerish for future stories.

  40. Silly question: I just found this and followed you on fb for the last Evil Author Day. I missed the sequel blurb, anyway I can still see it? I’ve had a really rough go lately and your works have been great. Thank you!

  41. I am rereading the ebook of this again, and it is still the epitome of all the things I love about HP fics. Thank you for sharing your work with us. I had a question occur to me on this reading that I was hoping you might address for me. When Narcissa describes how lily saved her, she says that Lily was not part of the Auror team at the mansion, but she appears after the would-be rapist Auror comes back to attack Narcissa. How did lily know to come to the rescue? Was it a magical reason, or Sirius told her Narcissa was having a tough pregnancy, or did she just know that guy was an asshole and tracked him? I was just curious. The way you describe that scene is so vivid, especially how the dick “unfortunately” bled to death in the foyer. Thanks again!

  42. Excellent! I love it when little things like that get tied in later. Thank you for answering.

  43. Please please please forgive me if this has been asked a lot or answered and I didn’t see it.. Is there a follow up story? Ot is it a WIP still? I loved it and I want more please!!

    oxoxox Silver

    • If there was a second book finished — it would be posted on the site.

      • I can Only plead stupid … I am sorry it was silly of me to ask… I just thought I might have over looked it somehow.. Again Sorry and Thank you for such wonderful stories I look forward to more in the future.

  44. I had my kindle read this to me when i recently had to do alot of driving, i love your harry and draco pairing. Thank you for turning canon and making the potterverse more logical and interesting.

  45. This story just got me through a very long night and I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your work. I love how you’re giving Harry control of his own life so wonderfully and his relationship with Draco is oddly adorable. Continued good luck and energy with your writing

  46. Loved this story (but then again I have loved every single one of your stories). The relationship between Harry and Draco was perfectly done. I didn’t see any sneak peek for a sequel but I really hope you decide to do one one day. Would love to see more of this world.


  47. What a great story. I may be late to this party but my lack of punctuality has not diminished the impact and engaging narrative of the story.
    Many thanks for a wonderful read!

  48. I love this sooo much! I just finished Chapter 12 and I’m just so in love with how you set the story up! Is there a sequel??

  49. I just wanted to say I very much enjoy your writing and thank you for writing many stories that are among my favorite re-reads in Harry Potter, Stargate, and starwars (and anything with Darcy Lewis of course cause she’s awesome).

    Thank you for taking the time to bring a bit of joy into stranger’s lives for no reward but personal gratification and the occasional thank you.

    Know that it is appreciated!

  50. Evangeline Ekiss

    I just wanted to thank you very much for sharing this with us. This was the first slash fic that I ever read all the way through and loved. I was really turned off from slash as the first 20 I tried were written with one of the men… I want to say feminized but like into the worst version of a girl. They were weepy and overly sensitive and most of the time anatomically incorrect. It was so refreshing to read a slash fic that showed two men as men who are also in love with each other. It was so amazing that I went and glutted myself on your SGA fics (and then watched an episode so I knew what the fuck was going on lol) and then I moved onto Jilly & Ladyholders fics since they beta’d for you and they also make men, true men. I guess I just wanted to thank you for bringing back my love for Drarry that was murdered by writers who made Harry or Draco mamby pamby whiners and not kickass wizards. <3 You are amaze-balls!!!!!!

  51. it’s been almost five years since i first read this fic and i still love coming back to read it every six months! a pleasure to read every time 🙂
    you write such interesting characters and i love it! you make me love fics for ships i don’t even read, like drarry! you’re amazing keira.
    thank you!

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