Hold My Coffee (Series)

Series Title:  Hold My Coffee
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Characters: Meredith McKay, John Sheppard
Genre: Romance, Rule 63, AlwaysAGirl!McKay
Word Count: 75,441
Warnings: Adult themes, language, explicit sex, violence, gender politics, etc.
Summary: Colonel John Sheppard’s fascination with Dr. Meredith McKay takes a turn when he’s offered a mission in another galaxy at her request.

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Episode 1: A Caged Tiger (10,216 words)

She was a pain in the ass, but she was his pain in the ass.

Episode 2: An Empty Coffin (14,940 words)

John deals with family and Meredith makes a discovery about Carson Beckett that forces her to return to Colorado.

Episode 3: The Spin Cycle (10,651 words)

Meredith reaches out to her sister with mixed results, and John gets unexpected visitors.

Episode 4: The Quiet Storm (12,703 words)

An incident in the SGC tests John’s temper and Meredith’s patience.

Episode 5: Coping Strategies (11,723 words)

Meredith’s trip to Canada solidifies her relationship with John Sheppard and brings up old ghosts.

Episode 6: Battle Ready (15,298 words) 

Meredith confronts her father, and the Commandant of the Marine Corps comes to Colorado.

Episode 7: Damage Control (13,824 words)

Fallout with the Trust leads to the Patrick Sheppard being briefed on the Stargate program, and that goes down pretty much how John expected it would.

Episode 8: The Looking Glass (10,831 words)

Things in Pegasus take a sharp, unexpected turn shortly after their arrival.

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Dr. Meredith McKay
(Stana Katic)
Colonel John Sheppard
(Joe Flanigan)

Dr. Elizabeth Weir
(Torri Higginson)
Dr. Miko Kusanagi
(Nanako Matsushima)
Dr. Radek Zelenka
(David Nykl)
Major Anne Teldy
(Christina Cox)
PM Owen Tremblay
(Paul Gross)
Dr. Eva Robinson
(Kerry Washington)
Major William Bouchard
(Sullivan Stapleton) 
Dr. Scott McKay
(Powers Boothe)



  1. That was so awesome!

  2. Love, love, love! Gender-bending isn’t really my thing, but Meredith is so beautifully in character that you have to love her. I also really liked the aspect that they’d been working together for a couple of years. Perfect.

    Thanks, Keira!

  3. This made me laugh, alot!

  4. “And the coffee? The coffee was a crime against nature.” I adored this, so much, thank you. McKay in any form is a treasure, Pegasus is going to weep at Mer’s snark.

  5. Very nice. Thank you for the nice interaction. John and Mer should always be together.

  6. Thank you for a great read; both characters were so well developed in such a short time. I have to agree with iadorespike in both parts of her comment – gender bending also not my thing, but you did it just right with Meredith, and I love them both.

  7. greywolfthewanderer

    vintage McKay, love it!

  8. You wrote genderbent Mer!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Er, in a completely worshiping the keyboard you write on sort of way. This was so hot!!! Loved it so much!!! *.*

  9. I confess I have a HUGE love of genderbenders- so much so that I have a tag for it on my pinboard- and as one of my favorite authors, I had always wondered what your take would be like (though I seem to remember reading you say you arent a fan of them). So there are no words to capture my absolute delight with this. I love that John and Ridney are recognizably themselves, and I love that Meredith greets John with a flirty hello, which gets everybody’s attention. I love how protective John is and how loyal he is to Meredith- willing to do anything for her <3 Thank you for this delightful fic!

    • I have a problem with them when it’s obvious the writer has turned one character into a woman to avoid writing a gay relationship. It really put me off when I first joined fandom.

      • That issue really put me off the entire concept of genderbending in fiction altogether, until I tried a few stories by authors I knew where they were going for more than simple pronoun swapping and PWP. I’m more open to the idea, but admit I’m still a bit clueless on what difference should/could a gender change make. Its an interesting balance between making a recognizable character and avoiding caricature. That said, I like your Mer very much and the protective attitude from John is intriguing, especially since it seems that they are not together and maybe he has never made a move — or hasn’t pushed when McKay didn’t take him up on it.

  10. OH My God you did it!!!!!!!
    You made a male character female and I actually did NOT just picture Rodney in a dress. I very rarely read gender bending stories because it disturbs me to picture my favorite guys as girls. Somehow I just saw Meredith as herself. Maybe it’s the fact you used his first name which was never used except by his sister.
    Well whatever it was I loved it and you did a great job on this story.

  11. Oh, I love this. I find myself intrigued by virtually any version of Sheppard and McKay. *g* Heck, even a female version of McKay would be snarky and interesting to Sheppard. Thanks for this.

  12. This is great. Thank you

  13. This is lovely and smart and so very entertaining. Thank you.

  14. Beautiful and snarky too. I love that she already made the appointment with ONeill to interview John. Really love the idea that Sumner wouldn’t go at all. And John is already a Marine. Love this so much!

  15. Loved it!

  16. Loved every bit of this!

  17. No sorry i have to kidnap a Czech scientist now… much love for this. Also “my pain in the ass” just sorta sums up the whole Rodney John friendship

  18. Loved it – thank you!

  19. Short and sweet. Snarky and bitchy McKay is always good, flirting with Sheppard makes it even better.

  20. Absolutely fabulous. I love seeing genderbends done not just for the sake of changing the gender, but to really explore the character in a new way. You’ve done that here, and it’s wonderful. Love the fan casting, too!

  21. *flailing happily*

    Thank you!

  22. I can’t believe how short a piece it took for me to be hooked…that just shows a great writer IMO 🙂 For me the McKay character is one of my favorites to watch and read and the selected cast photo really helped me focus. There should be more snarky in the world!! thank you.

  23. I LOVE genderbends, as long as they’re more that retelling a story with swapped pronouns. I am unsurprised that you wrote an awesome female McKay, considering how well you write him, but I am very appreciative! Thank you so much for making Rule 63 a prompt!

  24. Love it!

  25. I really enjoy this and Julia, I think they’re great fun, and I love that you still wrote the same characters, just different packaging. Ultimately you fall (or at least should fall) for the person and not the packaging and this highlights that in a fun way. I love you Sheppard/McKay no matter how you choose to write it. 🙂

  26. I adore John and Meredith, it’s so perfect, thank you very much

  27. When you do this – you do this sooo well! I just finished Julia which I loved! then went straight on to read this.

    OMG! The chemistry between the two are amazing. i love the conflicted thoughts, but they’ll walk into hell for each other – no questions asked, cos they’re mine, mine, mine.

    Love it

  28. This is made of complete WIN!

  29. As always perfection. I love that line; he loves to listen to her complain, as long as it’s not about him. And wow, just how you manage to make them always believable and in character of your John and Rodney, no matter what gender marvels me!

  30. This is awesome. Meredith is kick ass and I like that she is still close with Jeanie. Can I ask who the actress is? I don’t recognize her.

  31. I also really enjoyed this! Meredith going and getting who she wanted on this mission, because if I was going to Atlantis, I’d want people I could trust too.

  32. Great, casting is inspired !!!
    Thank you.

  33. I read this and can’t stop smiling!

  34. So love everything you write but the short stories show such talent, I just waffle.
    Just because I thought others may find this as funny as I do , I was at Kneller Hall last week, for most of the universe that do not know that is were the British Army has it Royal military school of music and it has been there since about 1857.
    From the class the 1925 there were 6 students that went on to become directors of music one of tem was Lieutenant – Colonel Meredith Roberts.
    The moment I saw that I wondered if that was the relative Dr McKay was named after. The guy entered the army soon after world war 1 and was fighting although 2 but still managed to keep his love of music alive.
    Anyway I just wanted to share the fact and thank you as always for sharing your stories

  35. This was so good!!! Love your female McKay, and John is wonderful as always! Thank you for sharing!

  36. I really love this, it’s so fun – though the way John treats Meredith is kind of depressing me, I’m pretty sure I’ve never met anyone who respects me that much.

  37. Thank you for sharing this!

    Also, my brain is weird. Your recent Saturday podcast revealed where this series title came from, but before that I thought it was the nerd equivalent of “hold my beer.” As in, “hold my coffee cause I’m about to show these bastards just how wrong they are!” Lol~

  38. I love you so hard for casting Paul Gross as Tremblay. I love me some Paul Gross!

  39. I don’t normally read gender-bending stories cause most are wrote to avoid the whole gay thing, but you write those kind so I thought why not. I love you story

  40. Quite interesting Keira, thanks! Did anyone ever see the ‘Librarian’ installment where Stana Katic was playing a vampire….?

  41. I had not read a story like this before. I like your work so much that I had to read this story. I enjoyed it and might need to read it all again. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. I appreciate your hard work and find it an inspiration.

  42. I have to admit… I write genderbend on some of my favorite characters because I don’t know how to relate to them as male, lol. I chalk it down to a lack of life experience! I love how you did this because you made a gendebend character that was more than a female version, but less than an OC. I love it!

  43. I just wanted to let you know how mind-blowing I found this story. I’ve read it many times and find new things to love each time through. Every time I read the words “Hey there, Marine” I get chills. Meredith is so well written and I don’t know how to express the depths that this story has taken up in my mind. I laugh. I cry. Every time.
    Thank you.
    You really do rock my world.

  44. So I’m rereading your work and this really makes me wish there was more gender bender Rodney fic, purely because I think any version of Rodney McKay putting up with some of the pure bullshit being a women kicks up is always going to be gold. My personal head cannon is the idea of a female McKay being told to smile by some idiot man and her just completely eviscerating him, but that’s because I can’t stand men I don’t know telling me to smile (maybe that’s a British men thing though) and I feel like no version of Rodney would put up with that bullshit.

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