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Title: Homecoming
Author: Keira Marcos
Big Short Prompt: Thursday Vignettes – November 9, 2018
Fandom: Harry Potter
Relationship: Harry Potter/Hermione Granger (background)
Genre: Established relationship
Word Count: 1170 (Complete)
Warnings: No beta
Author Note’s: Podfic Available!
Summary: Harry returns to his first real home.

* * * *

“Thank you for doing this, Potter.”

Harry glanced up from his unpacking and found Minerva McGonagall standing in the doorway of his new office. Flitwick had met him at the gates of Hogwarts and guided him right to his new quarters in Hogwarts, and after he’d dropped off his personal stuff, he’d headed for his classroom and office.

“Headmistress.” He raised an eyebrow. “I do believe you blackmailed me.”

She grinned. “I did no such thing. Drama was always your strong suit. It’s too bad we didn’t have classes for it back when you were a student.”

Harry was pretty sure that Ron was the dramatic one, but he really didn’t want to have a discussion about that git, so he didn’t bring him up. He pulled a stack of books from his trunk and tossed them toward the bookshelf. They all slotted into place one by one. “I really do think threatening to give the job to John Dawlish qualifies as blackmail. Like I want that immense git teaching my godson.”

“When shall I expect your wife to show up?”

“Hermione is a few days behind me,” Harry said absently as he shifted to a new compartment in his trunk and pulled out the various lesson plans he’d used at the International Academy where he’d taught for nearly a decade. “She had to finish off several examinations for her last round of post-Mastery students. I have the bulk of her office materials packed with mine. She’ll be in your old classroom?”

“Transfiguration remains in the same place,” Minerva said. “The Board of Directors sent out a letter letting current and potential parents that the two of you’ll be teaching here now. Enrollment increased thirty-five percent in just a week.”

Harry made a face. “Emotional blackmail and you’re making money off of me. The war made you a terrible person.”

Minerva shrugged. “Having the Man-Who-Conquered on my payroll isn’t hurting my bottom line at all.” She came fully into the office and sat down in a chair in front of his desk. “I have one Weasley child enrolled for the upcoming school year.”

“Victoire,” Harry supplied. “Yes, I spoke with Bill yesterday. He was at the bank getting a necklace charmed to help control her allure since he realized she won’t be able to do it on her own for several years, if ever, due to her diluted heritage. He asked me to keep an eye on her and make sure the charm in strong enough. He added me to her ward notifications in case someone touches her inappropriately.”

“I admit to being surprised considering how you fell out with that family.”

“I have no issues with Bill or the twins,” Harry pointed out. “I really don’t have any issues with Charlie or Percy either, but they both have a problem with me because apparently, I broke their sister’s heart.”

“They should all be bloody grateful to you for not putting her little dark arse in Azkaban,” Minerva snapped and glared at him when he laughed. “She tried to give you an enslavement draught, lad. You know you should’ve pressed charges.”

“Maybe but living my best life with Hermione and our son is the best revenge.”


Harry grinned. “Yeah, due around Yule. It shouldn’t cause too much of a problem with the class schedule. We already have a nanny elf lined up.” He paused. “Well, Winky showed up around the three-month mark and announced we were her family. Neither of us had the heart to argue with her since she’d already started knitting a baby blanket.”

“I did wonder where she went off to,” Minerva admitted. “I offered her a staff bond last year, and she said she couldn’t because she had something to do for Dobby.”

Harry sighed. “Oh, look, some more emotional blackmail to add to my day.”

Minerva shrugged.

“Did you get any complaints about the placements?” Harry questioned. “Not everyone is a fan.”

“One from Howler from Molly about how she didn’t want you teaching her grandchildren…I don’t know her exact reason since I destroyed the thing before it could finish wailing at me. I had Gringotts come out and fix the wards so that Howlers are automatically destroyed the moment they cross our boundary. I haven’t allowed children to receive them since I took over and I really didn’t think anyone had the bloody audacity to send me one.”

Harry grinned. “Did you tell her about herself?”

“I did,” Minerva assured. “I never did like that woman, you know.”

Harry pulled a picture frame out of his trunk and set it on his desk. Hermione offered him a wink from it. All of her pictures were flirty around him and had been since she’d gotten pregnant. “Tea?”

“Yes,” Minerva said and quickly called for an elf.

Harry said nothing while she ordered a full service. “I’ve read the guidelines you sent me regarding what the ministry wants to be taught about the war.”

“As I explained in my letter, they can’t actually dictate to us what we teach as long as we prepare our students for their ministry exams and all of your lessons plans more than meet the burden for OWLs and NEWTs. I already told the new minister that he wouldn’t be able to use you as a propaganda machine. You can expect him to reach out to you. Auror recruitment is down and has been since Skeeter’s book came out about how ineffectual the ministry was during the war.”

“I’m not going to lie and say the ministry helped me in secret,” Harry said as the elf returned with their meal. “For the love of Merlin, I was wanted dead or alive for the majority of the war by the ministry. They’re going to have to wait a few hundred years before they can successfully rewrite that little piece of history.”

Minerva laughed. “I know.”

Harry walked around the desk and joined her at the table that the elf had brought with him. “Do I need to hunt Malfoy down and have a discussion or is he okay with all of this.”

“Professor Malfoy knows how to behave,” Minerva said. “He settled in well last year and has worked hard to clean up house politics so I hope I can count on you to do the same. Hagrid no longer has the energy to keep up with classes and head of house duties, so he was pleased to pass that along to you.”

“I’ll do my part,” Harry promised. “I meant what I said during Draco’s trial. He was instrumental in the defeat of Riddle. I’d have never survived without him and the choices he made while I was being held hostage at Malfoy Manor. It might have ultimately been self-serving, but the result was certainly in my favor.” He picked up a sandwich and sat back with it. “How’s my quidditch team?”

Minerva huffed. “Merlin, lad, they’re a disaster. I hope you do something about that.”

Harry laughed.

The End

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. That was just sweet. Nice, mature people acting like grownups. It was really a pleasure.

    Thank you.

  2. Loved it. Short and sweet, but still lets us know where the world sits. I also adore that even in a tiny ficlet like this you still find the time to bash the bastards. Just brilliant. And the little thing about Hermione’s pictures flirting with him is so cute and fun.

  3. Great

  4. Lovely! This was such a fantastic drabble! I know it’s complete – but you said so much in this and yet I’m aching for more of seeing how Harry/Hermione got together and the falling out with a lot of the Weasleys. Thanks for writing such a wonderful and complete story!

  5. *Squee* Thank you for more HP….!!

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  7. This was adorable and I could just HEAR Minerva’s frustration with the team! 😀

  8. Oh how I adore your Harry Potter fics. Your wizarding world is so rich and insightful. Thank you.

  9. LOL. Fixing the Quidditch team… oh yeah. 🙂 This was great.

  10. Mmmmmm . . . wonderful, funny, lovely.

    Thanks so much!

  11. I’m having a bit of a pity party for myself- I don’t feel well, but I have the energy to read, so here I am diving back into your HP fic, and what do I find but new shorts. Keira, you continue to outdo yourself. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, it certainly perked my mood up! I’m assuming Professor Harry has a beard, and I absolutely understand why even photos of Hermione are flirting with him. <3

  12. This is just awesome. I love Hermione’s flirty photos, Winky and her baby blanket (and her something to do for Dobby), Minerva’s “blackmailing” of Harry, and the lousy Quidditch team. This made my night!

  13. That was a sweet and satisfying window. Thank you.

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  16. Loved the story and the way strong women or even elves emotionally manipulate Harry. If only Winky had had some baby house elves with Dobby … she would have ruled the Granger-Potter household. 🙂

  17. Fabulous little read. I love these short stories you write, they have so much detail and emotional depth. Amazing as always!

  18. Short and sweet. Just enough details to make your brain want more. But at the same time just enough to say o.k..

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  21. Awww! That was lovely.

    I adore Adult!Harry and a snarky Minerva is always a good thing.

  22. I always love the little details about magic in stories – like the books just slotting into place when you toss them at the shelf. Wouldn’t that be marvelous?

    I also love Minerva telling Molly about herself. That must have been something.

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  26. Cute snapshot of a grownup Harry and company. I quite enjoyed it

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