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So mostly I’ve been focusing on the Harry Potter fandom and my Quantum Bang story. I’m plotting a Stargate: Atlantis story for April and I’m pretty pleased with my idea so far. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll probably put my NANO project from last year up on the site in the next month or so. It was meant to be a series but honestly I just don’t know if that is going to happen. We’ll see how I feel about it during editing/beta. We’re just 13 days out from sign-ups for April Rough Trade.

My project will be a sequel to my short story, The Bridge. I like the idea I’m playing with and it’s fun to think about throwing John in on the deep end of the parenting pool and having him figure out stuff on his own. I don’t know if there will be a pairing in the story though, of course, my OTP in Stargate is (always will be) McShep so there could be some pre-slash or leanings in that direction if there isn’t an outright getting together. I have an amusing subplot idea where Sebastian goes around the city making a list and not so subtly interviewing people to be his new step-parent. lol. It may or may not make it in the final draft of the plot document.

New Works

New Art

Fashi0n gifted me with some great art!

And Tiffany made me some more awesome HP art:
The Soulmate Bond by Tiffany

Evil Author Day

My EAD offerings are posted on a Dreamwidth Community that is members only. Anyone can join as long as they have a Dreamwidth account. You can subscribe to the community here. I cannot facilitate your membership with Dreamwidth and I can’t act as your tech support on this issue. These excerpts are only available on Dreamwidth and I will not host them elsewhere just for you.  When/if they are finished they will be posted on my main site. This is how EAD has been done since 2011.

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  1. It is amazing how much you give us and you are wonderful to do so!
    Also, it is always exciting to hear about the stuff you have planned to do next. Your EAD pieces were awesome again this year. I know there is a risk to reading EAD works but honestly your WIPs and extracts are so good as they are now I can never resist. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  2. Hey Keira!

    First, you are as magnificent as always. Everything you post is a gift and I am so happy that you chose to share it with us.

    But I was wondering if you knew if Jilly James is ok? She’s participated in EAD for a number of years now but she didn’t post anything this year and her site hasn’t been updated in months either. She left a truly wonderful piece on roughtrade but I felt really worried when I didn’t see anything for EAD. Has she just decided to not participate this year? My mind has just been jumping to worse case scenarios and I’m worried. I’m hoping she just hasn’t felt like posting or is taking a break or something.

    If you know anything please let me know. Details aren’t any of my business. Just…She’s okay, right?

    • Jilly is fine. She’s super busy setting up the Write-In that is going on right now actually. I think she plans to post her EAD on Sunday.

      • What a relief! I’m glad that nothing was wrong. Thanks for letting me know. And it’s fantastic that there will be a post, even late. It’ll be like getting an extra Christmas present for new year. I can’t wait.

  3. >I’m plotting a Stargate Atlantis story for April

    woot! this all sounds awesome. I love the idea of John as a hapless parental. Heh.

    Hope you aren’t getting too much horrible weather!

  4. Just wanted to say thanks — with all the new short stories PLUS EAD, you’ve given us quite a few treats recently.

  5. Sebastian Sheppard is my favorite of your OC’s, the knowledge that you thinking of expanding on a story with him in it (I love that short) is like the best news ever. I love your shorts, I love the novels, I love the episodes, I love the WIP . . . I’m just thrilled when you post anything, I don’t care the fandom. You’ve made me a fan of pairings and fandoms I had been ambivalent about, just because you’re that good, so thank you for anything you post. Your stories give me a lovely escape from the ridiculous amounts of stress in my life.

  6. I came over cause I needed some HP to read in between filling my GR book challenge, cause, HP, Keira, can’t go wrong, right? And then I saw the gorgeous Soulmate Bond art and OMGPRETTY!!!!!

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