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This page is for questions that I’ll answer here or on a podcast. Only members can ask questions of if you’ve got a burning (not plot related) question — drop a comment and I might answer it on the air. If I do, I’ll reply on a podcast, I’ll reply with a link.

If you’re looking to ask questions about a Harmony work of mine that is no longer online, read this:


  1. I don’t think this u5s the place to ask this, but I’m not sure where else to. When reading on mobile, there is a bar on the right of the screen with buttons to toggle contrast, greyscale etc. Is there anyway to get rid of it? It partially blocks the text and gets really irritating after a while.
    Thank you.

  2. Will you ever write a female Harry story?

  3. Hey Keira,

    Happy Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day

    A Devoted Minion

  4. Will there be more of Harry and The soulmate bond??

    Also. . . How do you get the dialogue so perfect?

    • Yes, I have 5 seasons planned.

      I listen to people talk — all the time. A good tip is also to say your dialogue out loud. If you stumble in speaking it then you’ll stumble when you read it.

  5. So many of your stories are several volumes long. How do you decide how long your idea is likely to be? You’ve said you tend to work in threes and fives, but how do you make a plot bunny turn into five volumes? It’s a skill I vastly admire and, as a reader, more is definitely better(!) but how are you able to think so big?

    Daisy x

  6. Do you listen to music with lyrics and without when your writing? Do you find one better for one type of writing? And how do you find music that inspires you?


  7. Are their three partner soulmate bonds in your star trek headcannon and would you ever be interested in pairing Uhura, Jim, and Spock together as a triad?

  8. I suck at writing and offten do not leave comments and if I do they consist of some variation of awesome. I know that writers put a lot of work in to free fics and would like to express my gratitude less generically. How do you write a good comment(review )?

  9. What do you think of the idea of Ron Weasley (and maybe Ginny) being Peter Pettigrew’s get? Molly willingly or magicked. I’m a reader, not a writer, but I’ve not seen this idea before. I’ve often wondered how he fit in with the rest of the family.

  10. I just want to ask where is the link for your story darkly loyal. I tried the link you post in Twitter but the prompt from rough trade is cannot be found. Thank you.

  11. I apologize for asking this but it’s been bugging me and I was hoping you could address it. In your Novemeber story are they the last generation of humanity or do they have genetic material and artificial wombs somewhere?

    • There are no artificial wombs. They are the last of humanity. It’s a post-apocalyptic fic. For any other answers, you’ll just have to wait for the writing. I don’t like discussing my future work in-depth as a rule. I’ve opened up about my process for November to get others settled into the idea.

  12. I’ve always wanted to write. I find im pretty good at tell a story orally, but when I try to write something down, the words just don’t come. how do you get things down?

  13. Question: Why do you like to write Hermione in the HP fandom so much? I was actually really turned off of Canon-Hermione during the last few books by J.K. Rowling, and I was wondering what you saw in the character that makes you see her in such a different way than how she was portrayed in Canon?

  14. Hi Keira (is it okay to call you that?),

    You did a podcast long ago about how you feel about Ginny and Ron. You’ve also made it well known how you feel about both Snape and Dumbledore. I’m curious about how you feel about the other adults in the HP world. Such as Arabella Figg (I feel like she’s not discussed enough in the fandom), Minerva McGonagall, Hagrid, Remus, etc. Do you think they know about Harry’s abuse? Why was Hagrid the one to pick up Harry? What do you take away from their actions and/or inactions? Thank you for all the work you put in!


  15. Hi, I just wanted to ask if you we’re going to write a third book to Lantean Legacy at some point. I loved the first two and yearn for another sequel.

  16. I was listening to one of your podcast The Writer’s Toolbox today, and I had a question about the essays that you are writing so that you don’t start on your NaNoWriMo Rough Trade project.

    In the podcast you said that you were writing an essay about a topic related to your world building. My question is what would be an acceptable type of world building writing that doesn’t make your project ineligable for this November?

    For example, if my lead character was a ninja that specializes in assassination, could I write an essay on his different assassination abilities? Or would the essay topic be more like “Most common Assassination techniques”?

    Also, could I write an essay on my main character’s opinion on a topic? For example, if my main character is part of a secret organization, could I write an essay on why he likes/dislikes the secret organization? Or likes/dislikes his teammates etc.? Or an essay on my main character’s opinion of a known historical event like a war (past, present, or future)?

    These types of essays would be used to flesh out an understanding of my main character and the nuances in his feels. Of course, these writings would be ineligable for NaNoWriMo, and any information contained there-in would have to be regurgitated by writing it all out in the story.

    Would this be illegal according to the rough trade rules?

    Thank you!


    • You can’t write anything that you’re going to count as part of your word count in November.

      No matter what I write in October for my world building. My word count when I start on November 1 will be ZERO and that’s the point of the challenge environment of National Novel Writing Month

  17. A couple of months ago, you had an author on one of your podcasts who was writing a Hawaii Five-0 story where Rachel is killed in the car jacking in season one. Is there a way you could give the website for this author. I would really like to see what she does with this story. Thank You.

  18. Hi Keira,

    At one point your site allowed us to download stories as an ePub, MOBI, whatever. I know it experienced issues and you were going to look into getting it fixed, but now I can’t find the page and wonder if you’ve decided that this won’t be an option for your readers.

    I’m sorry if I’ve missed the page entirely, but I thought I’d ask.


  19. Have you ever watched Elementary, the Sherlock-in-NY version of Holmes? Even if you love the other versions, I think it’s an interesting spin. Plus, Aidan Quinn as Capt. Gregson.

    And I loved their take on both Moriarty and Kitty Winter (both *completely* different from any treatment I’ve seen before).

  20. So an image of Tony as a Shepard popped into my head and then I started wondering what his boyfriend must deal with when they come home to meet the family and I couldn’t stop laughing for the next five minutes. I can’t decide if Matt or Rodney would be the worst about it and which would be funnier: Matt threatening to poison the poor boyfriend or Rodney saying he’s just invented an undetectable device that causes a person to just disappear. Which family member would you think would have the funniest death threat and what would it be?

  21. I’m re-listening a some podcasts and something Jilly said raised a question in my mind. She said that she struggles with ‘falling action’. I thought about this for a while and realised that although I’m trying to become a plotter rather than a pantser, I still struggle to break scenes/chapters down into action/falling action/consequences etc. Would you be able to talk about how one actually plots such things, or even just describe what the terms mean to you?
    Thank you

  22. Hi Keira,

    I’m a young-ish writer. I have an idea for a fic but I feel like my writing ‘s not mature enough to write it well. I really want to write it though. Have you ever felt this way? How do you get past it? Do you just write it or put the plot up for another day?

  23. You currently do not have a page for Hawaii 5-O. Are you going to create one for Ascendent or create a generic one for Misc. stories?

    Also, I have been loving the short stories and would love to read a full length story with a Tony DiNozzo and Steve McGarrett pairing. Of course, full of all the intimate moments you write so well. 🙂

    Thank you!

  24. Hey!

    Sorry to bug you on a Monday morning – or a Sunday evening, both being equally horrible.

    Not sure if you have a policy on these things but I’ve seen a bunch of your works posted on Goodreads.

    Frankly, idk how that website works but I thought you might wanna know. If you search your name (as I did) on Google, the goodread results are on the 1st page…

    In any case, while I’m here, wanted you to know that you’re pretty awesome! \m/

    • Yeah, I don’t care about it. A lot of fan fic writers apparently lost their shit over it but all that really means is that readers liked my work so much they put it on their Goodreads list. I’m not insulted by that.


  25. Hi –

    I was just wondering if you could tell me where I can read Darkly Loyal?


  26. Haha. Gotcha.

    Welp, I’ll be over here…not harassing you. ^.^


  27. No questions, just a compliment! The site upgrades are awesome! 🙂

  28. I’m not sure if this has been asked before, but what is your process like for creating an OC?

  29. This is my question about shifting POV from the last podcast. I have a story that fills in between two scenes in the movie Serenity. One part is totally a stream of consciousness from River and the other is a description of the action from Mal’s POV. Can I use them together in one story?

  30. Are you ever going to write a story where Hermione is the one descendant from the Pendragons and becomes the Queen of magic since she’s the first magical descendant of her line?

  31. Hi Keira,

    A couple questions. In your last podcast you mentioned a method of deciding internal and external motivations for the characters when you first plot out a story line. Would you be willing to do a plot drift as an example of this technique? Is a plot drift even the right time to try and complete this?

    Secondly, I’m finding that writing one scene then trying to pinpoint the internal and external motivations for it and it’s subsequent scenes very difficult to complete. Have you ever plotted a story first by story line then gone back and done the internal and external motivations? Or would you figure out the exposition, the few big rising action points, and the climax before going back to do the internal and external motivations?

  32. Hi! I was wondering if you’d be interested in setting up a Variation on a Character/Theme fics collection on AO3, kinda like the Little Black Dress collection? I just think it would be fun to be able to group the fics together on that site for anyone who’d like to 🙂

  33. In the midst of rereading TTB (for the nth time!) I found myself wondering where you get your ideas from, and how you are able to turn them into stories. You’ve said before that you’re a romantic writer and that you love happy endings, but would it possible for you to explain your process of getting from a germ of an idea to ‘wow, I have to write that!’ or even ‘I’ve nailed that sucker!’? You did a little of it in your plot drifts (which were wonderful) but how on earth do you come up with such different ways of describing a love story?

    Thank you

  34. Hi Keira,

    A few podcasts ago you mentioned a series called “The Pleasure Club” from the publisher Cobblestone Press. I noticed that this series or group of works are written by many different authors. My have several questions, listed below, that have to do with these types of works and how a collection like this might be different in the publishing process than say getting an original work published.

    Thank you for your time!

    1. Can a new author come up with an idea and present it to the publisher for these types of books, or is it more common for the publisher to approach a writer that’s already established with that publishing company?

    2. Do the publishers give out guidelines on how these books are supposed to be written or how they work?

    3. Is the writing process for this type of series different than say a normal submission to a publisher?

    4. Have you ever written for a collection like this? if so, what was your experience like?

    5. Have you ever heard of a writer using these collections as a way to “get their foot in the door” so to speak?

    6. Is there anything else you would like to share about works being written for a collection like “The Pleasure Club”?

  35. After reading Interum it got me thinking, what do you think happened to replicator Weir after the replicator planet was destroyed? i don’t remember it being answered it cannon.

    • In canon, Replicator Weir eventually returned to Atlantis with others like her seeking an organic body because she was seeking Ascension and they ended up spacing her.

  36. Will you be plotting your July roughtrade on air? And are you going to do more plotting on air yourself?

  37. Keira,

    Love your writing and I’ve reread so many of your stories numerous times they feel like old friends. I’m not sure this is the right place but I just wanted to thank you for all the times your stories have gotten me through some rough times. Especially for Ties that Bind – that fic touched a chord and it’s my go to one when I’m needing comfort. I’m very much looking forward to whatever you gift us with next and hope for many Happily Ever Afters!

  38. What’s a scene map?

  39. I’m not sure if this is a dumb question, but I’ll just throw it out there: what’s the difference between dividing a 100k book into chapters and a 100k season into episodes?

    I’ve always written short stories. When I got into bigger RT projects my ideas got bigger. In order to manage them, I started treating them like the recent Episode Drift podcast. I saw each chapter having its own goal/event and the events snowballed to make a whole story. Are the two processes actually that similar or am I confusing things?

  40. You’ve talked about estimating word count for stories before, and I do understand that it is an ability that takes a lot of time and practice to develop. But I was wondering if you could dedicate an episode or part of one to tips on how to tell if an idea is too large for a given word count? I can usually tell if something is going to be more than 100k, but anything between 3-100k has me at a loss. (Yes, I know it’s ridiculous, hence the question. I’m wordy in real life too, lol.) I’ve tried breaking stories down into scenes and estimating lengths, eyeballing arcs, cutting out subplots, and every other suggestion I’ve run across; but the only constant I have is that I tend towards the epic -which is great for Nanowrimo (when I have the time), but not good for anything shorter!

    *If you decide to take this question on, don’t worry about trying to say my screen name -you can call me Susan. 😀

  41. Hello Keira,
    I totally adore your stories and I’m a devoted worshipper of all of them. But Ties tha Bind is probably one of my favorite. I love the way to made every single character come alive with your words, and I have a weak spote for Andre and Jonah. I have a question about Andre and Gerard relationship. In The North Star, when Rodney tells John he won’t accept another collar if he dies, and go back to Gerard, John asks him what if Gerard can’t take him back. Is that because of his possible marriage with Andre? And is this new turn of events going to stop Gerard from taking Andre as his husband? I understand if you can’t answer because of spoilers, but my curiosity is too great. I hope I didn’t bother you with my questions. Have a great day. G

    • No, it’s if Gerard is dead or too ill. Gerard has a life-long responsibility to Rodney that wouldn’t end with his marriage to anyone. Besides, neither Gerard nor Andre would want a closed marriage.

  42. I want to write professionally someday. As a black woman I would be writing black characters, hopefully in the fantasy romance genre. A lot of the ones I’ve read differ so much from there white counterparts is that the choice of the writers or the publisher? The way the characters speak and act at least to me seems so different. Sense I’ll be writing black characters do I need to be doing something differently if so what?

  43. Hi Keira
    I seem to remember that some of your fics were available as ebooks? Am I wrong? Can’t seem to find them.


  44. Hello, I am looking for the Sentinel fanfic story ” I Shall Believe” , which was a Sentinel Fanfic Finders from the other day. I am unable to find it on your site. A little direction to it would be appreciated. I always enjoy your stories, and Awakening is one of my favorites !! Thanks for the assiss.

  45. Hi ,
    It’s been awhile since I’ve read your beautifully written stories.
    You used to be able to downloaded some of your works for personal viewing only. I’d like book2 “in the Solence” if possible.

    Thank you !

  46. Keira,

    I’ve finally listened to both character drift podcasts. I’d like you to expand on something, if you feel comfortable discussing it. You talked about both the core idea of a character and tweaking a character to fit the story you are using them in at the moment. You have several OCs that you have used in more than one posted story. Could you go over what you consider the core characteristics of one, and how you adapted them to fit the next world you placed them in?

    For example, the Thaddeus Banner in Pheonix interacts very differently with Harry than the Thaddeus in Soulmate Bond. However, I believe most of that is the difference in HARRY’s background. The only change to Banner that I can identify as a reader, is that he has parslemagic in Soulmate Bond. In contrast, the Chase Harris in Ties That Bind feels very similar to the Chase Harris in Sentinels of Atlantis, but I’m fairly sure there had to be a lot of changes (besides the obvious of house training and sentinel abilities).


  47. This question came to me while I was reading the Empty Coffin, and specifically at the end of John and Meredith’s date. First I started wondering if the situation was slash instead of het, would they actually have had sex after that first date, despite the slight inebriation on Rodney’s part? I thought the probability of that might at least be much higher when it’s two men vs. a man and a woman. Besides which, I suspect John and Meredith might not have had sex at the end of the first date even if Meredith had had nothing to drink at all.

    Which led me to wonder, how much do you think all the different unwritten societal rules concerning dating between gays vs. dating between a man and a woman affect your writing? And about the possible differences in male/male versus male/female relationship progression, how many of those differences are conscious and how many unconscious decisions on your part?

    I suspect my question is a bit murky, but both my thought process and my English seem to be failing me, and I can’t for the life of me find a way to explain this better.

    • Honestly, their date would’ve gone the same if I’d been writing Rodney instead of Meredith. I just don’t see John taking an intoxicated person to bed. Period. It’s a matter of consent.

  48. Hi Keira,

    I’ve only been writing fanfic for about three years. One of the things I’ve struggled with is editing my own work before sending it off to an alpha reader or a beta. I have gotten better with time and practice, but I wanted to ask if you have any tips for learning to edit your own work?

  49. Can I ask what the new curvy font on RT is? I really like it, but can’t figure out which it is. Thanks

  50. twilight_seeker3

    This is about writing environment . Where do you write ? Can you write anywhere or do you have to be in a certain space set up a certain way? Do you think having a dedicated writing space is beneficial?

  51. Hello, my first time posting. When I read on mobile, all the stories seems to be off set and there is a decorative trim at the right side of the screen, The text runs into the trim cutting a few words off. The title pictures also runs into the trim. Its like that on both my phone and tablet. On my laptop its fine.

    On another note, I’ve been reading your’re stories for a few years now. Will you’re ebooks be back online again? I still have a couple on my old ipod ibooks. But when I got my new phone, was going to re downloading them into my ibooks and the ebook option disappeared.

    • I don’t know about ebooks but I honestly doubt it. I’m not sure what you’re seeing on your devices as I don’t have that problem on mine. (mine are all android). You might try downloading a different browser to your iphone OR the wordpress app which would allow you to read as well.

    • You[‘re using the full website instead of the mobile version. You need to switch to the mobile or as I said, download the wordpress app for reading.

  52. As a writer, I often struggle with knowing at what point I should start a story, but I usually muddle through with a lot of trial and errors. How do you choose when to start your stories? Especially in the case of a rule 63. (in my case, a HP fic.) I’m not sure if I should start at the beginning of year 1, or if I could get away with starting the story at a later point, and then have to explain the thousands of changes that would be caused by Harry being born a girl. Your opinion/advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.


  53. Not really a podcast question but, there used to be buttons to switch back and forth from the mobile site layout to pc layout so that words didn’t run off the page, what happened to them. Is there another way to adjust?

    • They stopped working after a recent update from WordPress. If you scroll down to the very bottom of the site on your device you should have an option to turn switch back and forth.

      Also, you should see an option to download the WordPress App for your device for ease of reading.

  54. I just listened to the latest Bitchcraft and I suddenly have the image of female Rodney getting kidnapped. John charges to the rescue and finds and empty crater with Rodney at the center teaching the bad guys harem how to build plasma rifles using the limited resources available.

  55. Any tips for turning an original character from a series of skills and statistics to a whole personality?

  56. Hi Keira, I’ve been thinking a lot about the amount of time that goes into writing. Could you talk a little about how long it takes you to get from original idea to planning, research, plotting, writing, editing, then posting/publishing? I’m more interested in a fanfic related answer, but a professional writing prospective would be neat too.
    Also, how do you balance multiple stories at one time?
    Thanks and have a great day!

  57. I can’t find RoughTrade. The link I was using no longer works and all the links found keeps saying page not found. I refresh but still nothing happens. I don’t want to miss out the stories especially the May episode challenge stories. Really looking forward to Jilly’s May story.

  58. Disregard my last post. Found a link that worked. Your Darkly Loyal link on your Dreamwidth Journal. whew

  59. Hi Keira,

    I’m currently re-reading ‘Birth of the Serpent King’ and I found myself curious about a couple of things. I think BSK was the first HP that you shared with us (Jan 2011) and I’m struck with how different it is from your more recent HP work.

    Now I might just be imagining this, but you seem much kinder to various people in BSK than say ‘Darkly Loyal’ which you’re continuing at present on Rough Trade. Some of the Weasley family, Dumbledore and Snape are sympathetically drawn and even likable in BSK but are treated very differently in your more recent work.

    So my question is, have your views developed and even changed over the years or have you made a conscious decision to allow your bitch side out to play more recently? I’ll admit a certain vested interest since I love what your bitch side produces!

    For myself, I know my views have changed because of the fanfic I’ve read in the past few years. It’s forced me to look again at characters and their actions and motivations. For example I always tended to see Snape in a good light until I once heard you say that you suspected much of his ‘attraction’ was due more to Alan Rickman playing him in the films than his own character in the books, and I thought about this and realised it was certainly true in my case, and that his behaviour towards Harry in the books is actually unforgiveable. I’ve also questioned Dumbledick’s actions with regard to Harry more since I’ve been reading fanfic than I ever did while reading the books as they came out and now I much prefer fic which kicks the shit out of him! I can see how my opinions have developed and grown as a direct result of my reading and I’m curious if the same has happened to others.

    I’ve also noticed that recently there is much more fanfic around in the Stargate fandom which is happy to examine and criticise Elizabeth Weir’s actions these days. I’ve never particularly liked her character but a couple of years ago it was difficult to find fic which placed her in a bad light (I’m hesitant to use the word bashing) yet now there are several stories I’ve come across which do just that.

    Again, do you see this as a deliberate choice from writers to simply write different fic or a changing and developing of views amongst the fandom? A revisionist view as it were.

    Anyway, I’d love to hear what you think.
    Daisy May

  60. One (of the many) things I really admire in your fiction is your ability to deal with issues of ethics and morality without it ever feeling like you’re up on a soapbox. Do you ever find it difficult to walk that line? I particularly enjoy this in the HP fics since JK Rowling’s wizarding world has so many completely screwed-up legal and ethical situations happening. Do you have particular characters you feel are particularly well-suited to delivering verbal smack-downs of that sort to people.

    Are they as much fun to write as they are to read? One example that comes to mind is in the Pendragon Legacy when Harry says to the Wizenmagot: “Book make her happy. If you put some thought into keeping your witches happy you wouldn’t need a law to force them to stay married to you.” I came very close to cheering out loud at that point. That whole scene left me with a self-satisfied happy glow for hours, so I was wondering if you get just as pleased when your characters put deserving jerks in their place?

    Thank you for your time and everything you do for fandom.

      • Thank you so much for the answer. Sadly I couldn’t listen in real time since my cousin had the audacity to get married while you were giving a podcast, but I enjoyed it immensely afterwards.

        I found the point about the moral high ground particularly useful in thinking about how comfortable I am with character reckonings and it makes a lot of sense. For example, if I read a fic where Gibbs is lecturing someone on their treatment of Tony without having first dealt with his own contributions to the problem, it feels wrong and I hadn’t really articulated why in my own head before, so thank you.

        • Since that went so well, I have another question. And this I would think is much more of a challenge for fanfic than original fiction. How do you deal with the wildly varying amounts of series knowledge that readers will have coming in to your stories? What basic levels of knowledge do you assume people have before they start your story? Does the vary a lot by fandom and story?

          I read in a lot of fandoms that I don’t actually watch the source material (and I have no idea if this is unusual or not), but I’ve found I’m rarely completely lost as to what’s going on as a result, which I’ve been impressed by. (Though it is an interesting exercise piecing together what must be canon events based on what shows up the most in stories.)

          So I’m wondering if there are any sort of unofficial guidelines as to how much of the canon to describe so that those who aren’t following or caught up aren’t lost and those who are, aren’t bored? Are there craft tricks you use to make any needed catch up information more interesting and less like an info dump?

          Thank you.

  61. You’ve talked about how alternate Johns would react to each other but how would alternate versions of Harry or Hermione react to each other?

  62. I know you said not to ask you about your excerpts but I just could not resist and I am sorry about it.
    What happened to the excerpt VERGEFULL MEASURES, I just couldn’t find it anywhere. It one of your harry potter excerpts and those are just amazing

  63. I have a question about Rough Trade challenges.

    Would you ever consider having a challenge with a visual prompt? What about one where the characters visit weird landmarks?

  64. what’s happening with Darkly Loyal as i really like that story and was still reading it, but it has disapeared from roughtrade for the second time. Is it posted anywhere else or will it be put on here anytime as would like to finish reading it. I really like your stargate fics as well hope there is more soon.

    • Darkly Loyal is no longer online and won’t appear online again until it’s finished and has gone through beta. I can’t see when or even IF that happens right now because I don’t make promises regarding my fiction in that regard. This is my hobby and I have no obligations to provide updates or even more content.

      Rough Trade is cleared off at the end of every challenge to prepare for a new one — this not a new thing. It says it on the front page of the Rough Trade site as a matter of fact.

  65. I read your excerpts of the hobbit and those are just amazing. I specially like SPIRIT BORN and THE SHIELD MAIDEN OF EREBON. Those were just amazing. I am excited to read about your updates on these story – when ever that may be

  66. So I have a slightly long question, sorry.

    I’ve been reading a lot of Harry Potter these days and I was considering my feelings back when I first read the books (elementary through high school lol) and my feelings now regarding the character arcs many of the characters go through. And I was noting that Ron’s character arc never got followed through, really. Like he never really confronted his insecurities and jealousies. JKR kept half assing that, imo. And then it got me thinking about my own writing lol.

    My question is: what do you think an author should do if they notice that in a story they had completed that one of their character arcs isn’t as fully developed as it should be? Edit a posted work, write a sequel, or just shrug it off?

    Thanks and I hope my question made sense!

  67. Dear Keira:

    I’m looking forward to July’s challenge, so thank you for hosting RT and all your hard work.

    My question deals with descriptive text in fiction. In fandom, generally I think writers don’t have to do a lot of description regarding characters or settings. For example, anyone watching Stargate Atlantis already knows what Atlantis looks like and what the character’s look like.

    I do know that too much exposition is a bit much and walls of internal narrative in character’s studies usually get frustrating (at least for me) after a while without any action happening except what the character is thinking. (I do remember The Grapes of Wrath and the turtle crossing the road Podcast! Luckily, they didn’t make me read that one in high school.)

    I try to balance exposition, description, internal narrative and dialog in my stories and I do wonder sometimes if my descriptive style is a bit unnecessary. However, I do think if a writer wants to try their hand at original fiction, description is an important aspect to learn.

    My main question is, do you think that the lack of description in fanfiction is a crutch writers in fandom have that is detrimental to honing their craft?

    Best, The Nut.

  68. Do you have a different process that you use for animal characters than human ones? Some of my favorites are: Quark in What Might Have Been; Rowena in the Soulmate Bond; and Bramwell in Darkly Loyal.

    They all have such vivid personalities and 2 of them do that without talking. Do you do a lot of planning for their personalities or do they tend to flow once you get writing? What animals have you had the most fun writing? Does it take a lot of work to keep track of where the animals would logically be at any given point once you’ve put them in the story?

    Thanks for everything.

    What inspired you to choose the Ryuda, which shows up in several HP stories. I adore them, but had never heard of them before.

    And while I’ve never had an aversion to snakes, after reading all your Harry Potter stories, I’d probably go get one if I weren’t a bit wary of what I’d have to feed them. And I’d be all over getting a Ryuda if I could find (and afford) one. :+)

  69. What have you thought of vengeful measures??? Are you going to write it??

    • It’s an excerpt on EAD because it’s a work in progress. It’ll happen when it happens but frankly I’m not all that interested in writing in the HP fandom right now. The fandom is full of demanding jerks.

  70. Since you’ve so generously and entertainingly answered my other questions, I’ll ask another. 🙂 Apparently in a tiny font that I can’t seem to make bigger 🙁

    What do think are the characteristics of a good villain? Who are some of your favorite villains among your own work and others? Who have been the most fun villains to write? Have you created any villains that you really didn’t enjoy writing and regretted because they were emotionally challenging?

    You have a lot of very satisfying scenes with the bad guys getting what’s coming to them- do you have any particular favorites? Or are there those that people comment on more than others?

    By the way, by “you” I really mean all y’all since I’d be thrilled with answers from Keira, Jilly or Ladyholder. Thank you.

  71. Hey just saw your site update. Was wondering is this still your site or have you moved to somewhere else? If that makes sense.

  72. I couple of questions/topics that I have come across while trying to overcome some problems in my own writing:

    1) Unreliable narrator. Unreliable narrator is not a widely discussed topic, and not easy to pull off well. What do you think about unreliable narrators, and should they be written solely in first person POV? Is it possible to write a third person POV unreliable narrator and not leave the reader feeling the writer themself (as opposed to the character) has been lying to them? Have you ever written an unreliable narrator and if you haven’t, would you ever consider writing one?

    2) Mixing first person POV and third person POV in the same story. Do you have an opinion on this? Have you ever done it? What would be your advice for a writer who wanted to write that?

  73. Many of us go to your work when we’re low. It’s like cuddling up in a huge sweater – familiar, comforting etc. What’s your go to reading for comfort?


  74. When you say you are leaving links in the show notes…where does one go to find those? Asking for a friend……;)

  75. When I’m writing dialogue I always seem to have one of the characters come more naturally to me (regardless of fandom), the verbage, the pacing, the overall vibe just flows better. The other character’s dialogue seems stilted in comparison. I’ve tried to go back after I’ve finished the conversation so to speak and find a way to change up the wording to better fit the second character’s speaking style but it never seems to happen (I do seem to have the most trouble with Hermione for some reason.)

    I’ve also tried leaving the fic alone for awhile and then rereading it to focus on where I fucked up. My brain just usually ends up saying, wrong, wrong, wrong the character wouldn’t talk like that.

    Do you have this problem, or maybe any ideas how I can work towards fixing it?

  76. I saw this in a British newspaper recently and it occurred that it might work as a Trope Drift.

    (Paraphrased) Dystopian novels can be traced back to ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ by Jonathon Swift in 1726 and became a popular genre in the 20th Century.

    Newspaper article ‘Lionel Shriver’s guide to dystopia’ (can’t paste a link)

    Daisy x

  77. Writing Hitsuzen

    I was listening to some of your more recent podcasts, and a couple comments you made sort of gelled together to result in this question. I figured since November’s RT is Urban Fantasy and people have asked about keeping from straying into Paranormal Romance, others might be curious too.

    (Apologies for being wordy below, I’m not sure how to shorten the question without losing the essence. If you chose to answer it, feel free to edit it down or rephrase however you think is best. And feel free to call me Suzen 😀 )

    In the Blue Moon podcast you mentioned that most authors find the easiest way to deal with a relationship without straying into a romance is to only deal with an established relationship. Later on you discussed how you created intimacy without sex between Hermione and Harry in Courting Hermione Granger, and again between Jim and Spock in Tangled destinies in the recent Star Trek podcast. Then in the Trope Drift for Fix It Fic, you touched on the pure love Sam Gamgee had for Frodo and how no one could ever doubt that love whether or not they ever had sex.

    I guess I was hoping that you could explore a bit more how to show the different types and levels of love and how to show it in writing, especially when sex and/or romance is NOT the explicit end goal of the story. The case of Sam and Frodo particularly caught my attention, because I often find myself trying to show that type of pure love/deep bond that is more than just companionship and doesn’t need anything physical to happen to indicate it to the reader. I know a lot of people take that tie and expand it into a sexual relationship anyway, but I’m more interested in how to create characters that could reach that pure love/deep relationship, and how to show that they have achieved it without having to shortcut to more traditional methods such as sex or marriage.

  78. So I may have missed this, but could you recommend sources/websites that helped you decide on the runic casting in the various rituals that have appeared in your HP stories and perhaps how you made your choices? Thanks

    • Erm, I should mention that I have actually started my research on this but it’s for various reasons and I thought maybe your resources couldn’t hurt my own search…that said I have “The Rune Site” and “The Meanings of Runes” currently bookmarked and I read them when I need a break from RL. Which is admittedly not often as I’ve had a crap year that’s been busy on top of the general bad that’s hit. Thanks again.

  79. Question: So I’ve noticed that while you have stories with supernatural creatures as the main characters and while you’ve gone the werewolf route you’ve never delved into vampires, even in Harry Potter were they are part of canon. Why haven’t you write with vampires? Do you just not like them? Do you think they’re overdone? Or have you just not gotten around to a story idea you’d feel like pursuing? I just brought this up because it seemed like an interesting element you had not yet explored.

  80. Dear Keira:

    I’m re-listening to your podcast, Fandom & Junk: Fandom and Inspiration and you’re discussing with Jilly co-writing. I know of a few writers that do co-write with a partner and a few of them exclusively co-write all their works. I can’t really wrap my head around the idea of co-writing, but when it is done well I can’t tell within the narrative of the story that there are two writers. Of course, when it is done badly you can tell there are two ‘voices.’

    So I guess my question is how within the narrative do two author’s voices come together in such a way to be completely seamless? I would think this would be extremely difficult to do.

    Best, The Nut.

  81. Rewatching original battlestar galactic anyone ever notice the similarities between the ascended and the angels, atlantis and the angel ship?

  82. Battlestar galactica … a long time ago there were thirteen tribes on a planet known as earth, for some reason twelve tribes left for space eventually lost contact with tribe….. sometime later wandering tribes establish civilization on a series of moons and planets , pretty advanced…. they cross paths with cylons, a synthetic humanoid race made by another Sabrina race that used them as soldiers and administrators for their territories… a real believer in my way or the highway philosophy… war breaks out…cylons defeat colonies and fleet only one battlestar and a few struggling ships remain….. continually hunted by cylons whose directive it is to destroy all humans….encounters with various races, planets in their search for missing thirteenth tribe who they hope may provide alliance and sanctuary for remaining humans….. ship of light a large city ship many times larger than the battlestar on which the serious or angels traveled….. search are highly advanced both technologically and mentally beings that were sometimes pure energy, while humanoid dressed in all white, spoke in metaphors frequently and were forbidden from interfering directly by their council

  83. This is kind of muddled so please bear with me.

    There’s an author I read who has taken the traits of a lesser known character and fleshed him into a strong secondary . He’s a devious mastermind that makes the male lead seem like the stereotypical dumb blond in comparison. He’s like that in all her fics. Some people might argue that he’s a plot device that the author uses to bring the reader back from the romantic parts of the story to focus on the subtle machinations in the plot until the big reveal in the end, but I don’t think so. I was always wishing that he was the male lead instead of the ponce there is.

    So when the author wrote a story with the cunning genius character as the lead I was excited. However, the story never really gelled like her others. His interaction with the female lead felt forced, as if the author felt there had to be a romantic relationship in the story to be complete. I think his character actually suffered for it. He couldn’t hold the plot and stay the sly mastermind. The relationship with the female also seemed to blunt his edges, as if he couldn’t be him and get the girl at the same time.

    So now it comes down to it. Can what the reader has previously known as a secondary character lead a story without having to evolve to someone that is almost unknown, or was this a case of an author who focused so much on the plot being explained that everything else fell to the wayside to get there?


    Hey Keira, have you seen this video? It is awesome for those times when idiots bother you. When I first saw this, right after you talking about idiots on your radio show, I thought you might like to have a link to this video to play it when you need it. I hope you enjoy it.

  85. HI there! just finished Sentinels of Atlantis (again), and once again fell completely in love. I actually like your recasting of Declan Frost, too! Anyway, a while back, you said you were working on a sequel. Is that still going, or are you focusing on other works right now?
    By the way, I loved your rough trade this November, too!

  86. I’ve recently been reading a lot of Hobbit fic and I just can’t seem to get my head around the ones written in a modern setting. I normally have no problems with the fandoms I read taking place in a completely different setting, but for some reason with the Hobbit, Tolkien in general for that matter, if it’s not taking place in Middle Earth it doesn’t seem to jive. Do you have fandoms you read like this?

  87. Hi Keira!

    This may seem like a stupid question, but I’m having a really hard time plotting in a Novella format and I was wondering if you had any links to a site that might help with that? I’m used to plotting stories that are 60k+ in length, or in episode format, or just quick under 20k stories, but I’m having a hard time getting any of the ideas I have for April’s challenge to work.

    Alternatively, is it alright for me to plot something that is 80k for April and split it into two parts? Or does that not meet the challenge?

    Thanks so much for all that you do, you’re the best!!

  88. How do you go about restructuring an already (mostly) written story to include a new person or situation? You did this with The Unspeakable Plot but you have never said how easy or hard it was to do.

    And as an aside, some parts of the original I’m really going to miss!

  89. Keira, you’ve talked about how changing one thing must ripple into the future as in Harry growing up in a loving home changes how he responds to thing that happen in Hogwarts. How would you do something that makes so many ripples such as Gibbs killing Ari in Autopsy before Kate dies? Morrow is still in charge so that changes the response in Israel, no Gibbs being Ahab, Ziva running loose possibly deciding who to shoot? It affects so many people.

    Also, you have written Harry Potter’s prophecy with so many different meanings and made it work. I wondered if you had a personal opinion about the meaning?

    Jilly, How the heck do you pronounce Wyvern and Yveria ?

    Thank you.

  90. When will you upload Darkly Loyal in your site?? Is it till being reviwed??

  91. I, and many others, have had that stomach dropping moment when you realize you just lost part, or all, of what you have previously written. Years ago, due to a computer crash, I lost the last 5 chapters to a story I was posting. I have yet to get the motivation to re-create it. It just makes me heart sick and tired to think about it.

    So, my question is, how do you find the motivation, the “oomph”, to begin again and re-create what was lost?

  92. Will you be making your stories available for download?

  93. You answered my question on The trauma of rewrites, so I guess this one is: If you don’t do a major rewrite, so you ever go back and finish the original story? Or has it been so mish-mashed that there is no hope of ever going back/finishing it?

  94. I was not clear, I went back and listened to the part I didn’t hear because blog wouldn’t work, but what I meant was:

    With The Unspeakable Plot and it’s Reboot, which you said just didn’t work, will you ever revisit writing the original?

    See me being all greedy with questions!

  95. You’ve mentioned several times in different radio shows that you have attended many different workshops and writing conferences. Other than finances, what do you consider when you are looking into attending one? Are there ways to tell in advance that this conference will be helpful, but that one will only be a waste of time? I know it will vary by what an author is looking to learn or do, but I was wondering if there are any general signs or rules you can use to help make the decision, particularly with smaller or local ones that don’t have an international reputation?

  96. Hello Keira!

    So, I’m currently working on a BDSM AU of the Hobbit and I’ve finished all my world building but I’ve run into a snag – I have three vastly different plots that will work in the universe and I am inspired by all three of them. Basically, my question is this: Is it okay for a writer to recycle their own world building and write multiple stories or should I pick one and then move on to a different idea altogether? The characters and events in each idea will be extremely diverse, but another writer told me that writing more than one type of this AU in a single fandom was lazy. I didn’t really agree, but wanted to get your opinion on it.

  97. Hello, you have spoken in previous podcasts about some of the casting choices you have picked for your fics, and also that you have greatly enjoyed the casting decisions in the Hobbit and Harry Potter movies. Would you be willing to expand on some of your thoughts about different casting choices in varying fandoms, and if you think they do or don’t work?

    I personally love that for evil Dr. Weir you mainly cast Torri Higginson, and for nice you cast Jessica Steen. I have always loved when fic writers give a casting “cheat sheet”, because it helps me to see and hear the fic in the character’s “voices” that the author chose. It helped so much in Ties that Bind to have a casting bio for each character. Does this help you in writing, or do you pick an actor/actress after the fic is done?

    I also believe that when they eventually remake the Harry Potter movies and recast Severus Snape, that some people’s opinion of the character (nice vs. evil) may change based on if the actor is well known or liked for their previous work. I think that I remember you saying that people liked Alan Rickman, not Snape. I have also always agreed with you that Dumbledore and Snape were, if not more evil than Voldemort, than at least on the same level because of how they treated Harry. If you were to change any of the cast for the Potter movies, whom would you pick and why?

    Are you flattered when people decide to use your non canon casting choices, like Matthew and Patrick Sheppard, or does it piss you off? Now when I read fics from other authors and it says that John has one brother named David, I always say “what about Matthew”. You have completely changed my head cannon for SGA.

    I have only seen snippets of the Hobbit movies but I do agree that Richard Armitage makes a beautiful dwarf. Do you watch a television show or movie and get inspired from the actors/actresses portrayals, or by coming across a fic and reading it by happenstance, and then seeking out the source material? I think I remember you saying that you had never watched The Sentinel before you started writing in the fandom. Do you think a fic writer needs to see the movie, television show or read the books that their work is based on, to really perfect their work?

    I am sorry if I asked too many questions in one post, but I tried to keep them to somewhat of the same topic. Thank you for writing such beautiful stories about new worlds filled with ideas that offer a lovely escape from the “normal” world.

  98. What characteristics make for a type of character that you have difficulty writing?
    Some fandoms can be enjoyed without really inspiring fanfiction. What have you noticed are common features of this type of creative work?

  99. can you provide me with the site or name of other evil author day (harry potter) writer’s. i have read your and lucas harrison’s (starkindler) stories for EAD. i could find other writers.

    • Jilly maintains a page of EAD offerings:

      But I don’t keep any sort of track of that.

      Note: Jilly’s list is compiled by authors giving her the link information she needs to post so if something isn’t there — it’s because the author didn’t want or didn’t know to offer the info to her.

  100. When I got into reading fanfiction, I started with Harry Potter (of course!). One of the big tropes about 10 years ago was that Harry was not the child of James and Lily. Either there was a third parent, or one of them had an affair for some reason: logical or necessary, just a bout of passion, and sometimes rape. They all seemed to follow a theme of: Harry finds out, they mutually dislike the other, and then Harry or the other parent start to get to know each other within a few days. These stories are very enjoyable, but I always prefer the them to have to struggle to get past their mutual issues and get to know the other person.

    How would you suggest authors handle this type of subject?

    (I loved “If found, please return”, by Jilly and liked her approach given the circumstances that she laid out.)

  101. I’ve recently seen a huge influx of Reader fics in many different fandoms. Personally, I find them creepy as fuck. Like I never gave that author consent to make me part of the story and that’s what these fics do. Make you part of the story whether a reader has consented or not. I’ve passed on these stories, but they keep showing up more and more. I don’t understand the appeal. I’d love to know your take on the genre.

  102. Not really a question, as I didn’t know where to post this, its a story recommend. Its called The Lone Traveler: The Greatest Minister in History by dunuelos on A competent Cornelius Fudge that does everything right and more. It is part of a series, but the other stories are stand alones, and you don’t have to read those. But its an awesome story, with very little bashing, a few people getting theirs, and the Dursleys not being as bad.

  103. is your story WHAT LOVERS DO is complete in rough trade??

  104. have you started working on the next season of Harry potter and the soulmate bond??

  105. I admit that I’m guilty of skimming sometimes while I read. Sometimes I end up transposing letters or blurring two lines of text to get a word that is completely odd. The best combination word that my brain thought it had read was “asstart”. Have you ever done this and if so what was your standout?

  106. pink_angel_156

    I’m really enjoying your fandom bane podcasts. Will you be killing Jennifer Keller as well?

  107. Are there any fandoms that don’t work in crossovers together? And I know the next challenge is ‘Little Black Dress’ but are there fandoms that don’t do Sentinels well?

  108. I am currently listening to your Fandom Anniversary radio show–congrats on 10 years!! I found your site during my sophmore year of college back in 2010 and I don’t really think I could truly put into words what a gift that has been to me this past 8 years. It is probably very odd to say this but in some ways, especially through the radio show, you have shaped parts of the woman I have become throughout my 20’s–I take no shit and don’t apologize for that and I owe at least a part of that to you. You, Jilly and Ladyholder throughout the course of the show have also been a really fantastic inspiration for me to tell myself stories not only in my head but on paper (well in a word processor anyway, haha) too. So thank you so much for all of that and for the countless hours of entertainment you’ve allowed me to have in posting your work here so that I can read it over and over again. <3

    ALL OF THAT MUSHY STUFF ASIDE: I had a question! You and Ladyholder talked in that episode about how Harry is different in Courting Hermione Granger vs. other stories, particularly Soulmate Bond due to the influence of his mother in the former. How do you think John Sheppard and his brothers would be different if their mother hadn't died while they were young? Or if Patrick remarried while they were still growing up? How would it impact their relationships with each other and with Patrick? I know in Ties That Bind he has been with Jonah for a long time, but to my memory he began that relationship when the boys were older. Also, the influence of a woman parent is in some ways just fundementally different (no better or worse obviously, just different).

  109. While skimming through the archives of a ficfinders site, I came across a anti-Ginny story that was identified as being one of yours. The tile was “Line Theft” and it was said to be one of your 2014 EAD posts. I have looked through your EAD site, and can’t locate it. Did it get taken down for some reason, or was the request mis-identified, and it never existed?

  110. If you seriously had to fancast Charlie O’Neill, who would it be?

  111. What is Quantum Bang and where do I find it? I tried to google it, but cannot find anything that makes sense.

  112. I just listened to the 9/21/14 podcast of HP Steampunk AU. Did either you and/or LadyHolder ever write this? I had forgotten how great it sounded!

  113. You’ve often spoken about preferring to write Character Driven stories as opposed to Plot Driven ones. Could you describe the difference between them and what they actually mean, please? Because your characters need to have something to do – plot points – so what makes it character driven rather than plot driven?

    Thank you

  114. Will you be accepting new members anytime soon?

  115. Hi Keira,

    I’ve been using The Basic Plot document you gave us since I started writing on RT to plot my stories. It’s always worked really well for me so far, but I tend to write sort stories. I’m currently working on plotting my story for the Quantum Bang and it’s not working as well with a longer plot. I was wondering if there’s another type of outline you’d recommend for novel length stories? I did read Bell’s book but I find his three act structure kind of confusing. I’m having trouble applying his method to a romance plot. Thank for your help


  116. I just finished listening to the 9/4/15 podcast (The One About Sex, Romance and Fictional Character in Science Fiction) and LadyHolder plot bunnied you with LadyHawke and either John/Rodney or Bilbo/Thorin. I just wondered if these ever went anywhere?

  117. So on 9/25/15, you and Jilly said that you had bet each other for Nov. (100k) You said that you had tiled your fic ‘HP & the Winter Witch’. Of course, I don’t remember if you actually wrote that one or is it under a different name?

  118. As both a writer and a reader, I tend to get hyper focused on a fandom. So for however long that focus lasts, I won’t be able to touch any other fandom. As a reader, that’s okay, but as a writer, it’s more of an issue. I’ve been wanting to do RT for years, but I know that whichever fandom I would sign up with might not be the one my mind is on once we get to the actual event. A few weeks ago, I plotted out my Quantum Bang in one fandom, but my brain has now switch to something different, and I know chances are it’ll change again a lot during the bang. Any tips to solving this problem? It makes finishing any story almost impossible, and it can piss me off.

      • Thank you for the answer. First, the prununciation of my name was good. Second, I have been diagnosed with OCD, so nothing in this is out of the usual. I tend to cycle through fandoms, 6 weeks here, 3 there, and I never know how long I’ll be focus on something. I always get back into it eventually. I binge read and binge watch on repeat. I spent years being unable to write, because of the OCD and anxiety, but as things are getting better, I have started writing again.

        You and Jilly have given me a lot of things to think about. The idea of working on several stories at a time for the QB was one I had already settled on, and I don’t post WIPs anymore, but the possibility of doing episodes is really interesting. Giving myself the right to not try out RT is something I hadn’t been ready to do, but yeah, you were both right, I just can’t work that way. I could start RT, and one week later, my brain will switch fandom.

  119. You talk about plot points a lot, in plotting your stories. For someone who doesn’t plot, or has very difficulty plotting, how would you clarify those points in a story?

  120. Hey Keira!!

    First off, I just listened to your two-part John Sheppard Time Travel Drift on blog talk and it was hilarious!! Listening to it made my day, which I really, really needed 🙂

    Second, I received a rather nasty email regarding one of my always-a-girl!Bilbo fics on AO3. I’m used to being called homophobic (mostly reviews like that just make me roll my eyes these days because anyone who has looked at my profile knows I’m very comfortable writing m/m) but this email called me transphobic for daring to make Bilbo a girl, along with several other unpleasant things. The emailer also implied that all authors who switch a character’s canonical gender is as well. I was… really confused. Do you, as a more experienced writer, have any idea why someone would consider my fem!Bilbo stories transphobic?

    I certainly don’t consider myself to be transphobic. I’ve never written a trans character into one of my stories, true, but ONLY because I am terrified of inadvertently offending someone due to a lack of knowledge and the last thing I want to do is hurt anyone with my work. As someone else who has written fem!Bilbo (for the same reason as me; The Hobbit is a sausage fest) do you think that there was any basis to this emailer’s claim?

  121. (I was going to ask this on a Writer’s Table, but the Chat hasn’t been working for me. So I’ll take my chances here.)
    When you have to re-plot a partly completed project from scratch or near so, how do you decide what direction to go if you have several equally valid options and no preference between them?
    The reason I ask is I have a story with two major plotlines (one in the past, and one in the present), told in alternating POVs that eventually come together in the last quarter of the story for the climax and falling action. I recently realized that one POV storyline is going to be dramatically shorter than I originally thought when plotting, and doing an alternating POV structure won’t work without padding out the shorter one with an extra subplot. I could split the two storylines into two separate stories and rework the combined ending into it’s own story so that it’s a set of short novellas instead of a novel, but am honestly at a loss at how to determine which strategy would serve the overall story best.

  122. Sometimes I enjoy reading fics that are basically straight angst, it’s good for those times when you just need a good cry, but I find it very confusing when an author changes between heavy angst and happy ending within the space of a chapter. It’s very jarring to be crying buckets and then everything is suddenly sunshine and rainbows. I understand wanting to end a story on a hopeful note, but where should a story draw the line?

  123. Hi darling, when you get the second part of Harry Potter and the soultmate bond??

  124. Two things, one is a writing question, one is not.
    1. I have a tendency to get lost in tiny details, resulting in an awful research binge that ends with me stuck in the mindset of this is what needs to happen or forgetting to research something until I’m halfway through my story and half the plot just crumbles due to one fact being off because I’ve got a problem with leaving something by itself when I know it’s wrong. Any advice?
    2. I can’t believe I’m asking this but since you talk about sex and how awful sex education in the united states is could you do the honors of recording a radio show where you give everyone the sex talk? Because that would be both entertaining and highly useful. I myself have had to explain how a period works to a male friend, it was awkward and I knew pretty much jack shit about male biology until my mother handed me one of those intro to puberty books when I was fifteen and then fandom happened. Please?

  125. What does alpha/beta reader in quantum bang means??

  126. What are your thoughts on fanfic authors using Patreon and other like sites? I don’t mean purely asking for donations, because we could all use help now and again, but basically selling fanfic through the sites. Isn’t that illegal?

    There is an author (whom I previously respected a lot) who is selling early acess to her new stuff to people who pledge ten dollars each month for a year and “exclusive content” to those who pledge twenty a month. That feels really wrong to me and I think things like that could negatively impact the fanfic community as a whole if it becomes too prevalent.


  127. When you have a large fanfic plot how do you know when you should break the idea up into a series and what’s the best way to break an idea up into more than one story?

  128. Thanks for answering my question. Yes you pronounced my name correctly.

    I had not thought about it, yes there are some characters who use inflection and body posture to alter and/or enhance dialog to such a degree I can’t imagine not having both visual and auditory cues.

  129. Hey,,

    Have you ever considered pairing Hermione and Sirius ??? I am trying to write a plot but I am able to finish it.. I am not confident enough to get it through.. what would you do in such conditions.

  130. I had joined rough trade in April, and due to having 7 funerals in the month, I was only able to post about 1,000 words of my story. Recently I was inspired to work on this story, and I was in tears trying because it brought back the memories of that month. What would you do in this situation? Would you try to push through? Or should I just start all over, to distance myself? Any thoughts appreciated!

  131. Hey Keira!
    How does one transition from reading fic to writing fic? I used to write all the time when I was younger, but lost my voice during college and haven’t been able to write much of anything… Also, writing dialogue between characters puts me off my stride. What tips do you recommend for learning to write good dialogue?


  132. How do you draw the distinction between the extra details that may not be necessarily relevant to the plot but serve the purpose of rounding out the story and making in richer and fuller and those details that are just extra padding and can be cut to make the story tighter.

  133. A thought came to me while rereading “Small Magics”, when creating a crossover, how many people moving from one fandom to another is too many? Like with ‘Small Magics”, if Flitwick was a member of Ragnok’s tribe, would he have come over with everyone?

    • Flitwick did come over. He’s mentioned in a later chapter. I think it depends on the scope of your project and how well you can handle multiple characters moving around in your combined world.

  134. Hi. I’m hoping for some advice re: courtroom drama. Specifically, a Harry Potter big courtroom proceeding v. tribunal v. interrogation. I’m trying to write the climax of a story where all the truth comes out to the public via testimony, but am unsure of which way to go. (Obviously, interrogations/questioning will have to come first). If tribunal, how to choose the panel? How much testimony is too much? etc.
    Thanks in advance,

  135. Can I do a podfic of tangled destinys

    • That would be fun. Someone started one once but never followed through. I’d want to put the finished product on my own podcast as well — you could host your own version or link to mine. Your choice.

  136. So when you’re doing your final edit – the line edit – do you have a list of things to search/replace, or at least search/check? Phrases you tend to overuse, homophones you tend to confuse, punctuation to check? I really like em-dashes but they’re really hard to insert as you go, so I use — and then replace when I’m done. And I know the correct usage of there/their/they’re, but it’s easy to type the wrong one when I’m trying to get stuff down. I feel compelled to check them all.

    If you do, are they just a text file you copy from, or are they stored in your editor somehow?

  137. Hey Keira!

    So, I’m having issues with my Quantum Bang. I have started six different stories in three different fandoms by this point and written between 5 and 15k in each before stalling out and/or completely losing interest in the story.

    Do you have any tips for forcing yourself to push through and finish a story? Or should I just continue to switch gears until I find a fic that I don’t want to stop writing?

    I really don’t want to have to drop out of the Bang; it would like a major failure to me because I know I can write fix-it.


  138. Hi kiera! Is there going to he a evil author day this year? If so are you going to participate?

  139. I absolutely love the way you write Harry Potter fics, I’ve alwasy had a problem with the way dumbledore is portrayed in the books and the way you write him shows several of the problems I have with him, mostly that he was. Thank you for sharing so many great bits of work, I was just wondering if there was any other fics or authors you particularly enjoy reading in the Harry Potter fandom?

  140. Hi Keira
    I have been thinking about the episode “38 minutes “ on SGA for awhile. Especially the part where Ford is trying to get the bug off John in the back of the jumper. I thought the reaction to the saline solution was significant but never explored event. Do you know of any fic that you have read that covers this event or have you ever thought about it yourself. When I think of it, and expand on the possibility my brain takes a left turn. Then John and Rodney are running around with super soaker’s filled with concentrated salt water from earth to kill the.Wraith. Then its oh God this is ridiculous, and that’s as far as it goes.

  141. Since it has been sometime since the Pendragon Legacy sneak peak came out I wanted to check to see if the story will continue or if it has been abandoned.


  142. Hi Keira! While your new site is gorgeous (seriously, its beautiful!) I find it migraine-inducing to read white text on black backgrounds. Is there a way I can toggle to black text on white? Any extensions or links or anything would be lovely if you know them. Thank you very much!

  143. Kudos for using ligatures when you set the type for your stories, it’s not something seen often in print these days, much less on the web.

    Question: What typeface are you using for your story text matter?

    Finally, thanks for sharing your stories with us, they’re great.

  144. Hi, Keira!

    So, I feel slightly like I might be hallucinating, but did you ever write an SGA fic where John and Rodney are retired from the program because of bullshit gay reasons? Only: Atlantis needs them, so Jack brings them back in. Also: Rodney was on the short list for the Nobel, but did not win.

    Am I remembering this correctly or is it merely a fond wish?

  145. I had a question, if you don’t mind me asking. (I hope it’s not something that offends you or something you are or have been asked repeatedly. However, knowing my luck, I’ll apologize in advance for any annoyance or anger caused.)

    I adore pretty much ALL of your written works – even if I’ve never even *heard* of the fandom. You write and characterize so beautifully that I find myself reading a random HET story with character I know nothing about because you’re just THAT GOOD.

    However, the stories that introduced me to you and what became then, and still are to this day years later the greatest loves of my reading-life are “Tangled Destinies” (your Spirk fanfic), “Birth of the Serpent King” (one of your Drarry fics), and “The War Mages Trilogy” (also Drarry). All of which are technically unfinished and have not been updated in a long time. Also while you still post HP fanfiction it’s always either H/Hr or Gen (though still amazing because…well it’s *you*) never any Drarry or really slash of any kind. The same goes for Star Trek, except I am pretty sure I haven’t seen any other fics come out for that fandom, period.

    Now, this is NOT a complaint – as I said your work is amazing and appreciated in EVERY form it takes, and if the answer to my question-once I finally *get* to my question-is that you’re simply tired-of or not-in-the-mood to write or continue past writings of slash, then well… whatever makes you happy.

    Finally, my question(s): Do you have any plans to continue the above-mentioned stories/series at any point in time? Did you just hit a roadblock for Tangled Destinies and not know how to overcome it? Do you think you will go back to writing slash more often, especially in the HP fandom, sometime in the future? Do you actually write slash often and I’m just an idiot who misses it every time (completely likely!) by not recognizing the fandom?

    That got really long, so thanks if you read it all! Also, you really are amazing, I wanted to make sure you knew, because it’s true – and I hope you have someone who tells you, in person, every. single. day.

    All My Love And Blessings To You And Yours! Happy Writing!


    • Gah, please don’t ever call Tangled Destines a “spirk” fic again around me. The pairing is Kirk/Spock. I’m utterly not on board with “spirk” or “spork”.

      I write plenty of slash — lol — just not in fandoms you apparently read. I just finishing a big Stargate: Atlantis fic (McKay/Sheppard)

      I don’t force myself to write on one thing or another. I’ll swing back around to Star Trek when I’m inspired. Though I did write two Kirk/Spock fics in the last year or so and they’re on the site.

  146. I was hoping this problem would resolve itself, but so far it hasn’t. When you redid the look on Rough Trade, I’m having trouble reading on The Workshop pages. It comes up with the copy all piled on top of itself on one side of the page and is impossible to read. I don’t have a problem with any of the other pages. I don’t know if you can do anything about it but I’d appreciate you looking into it. I use IE. Thank you.

  147. I love your work and read fanfiction at lunch. Due to network protocols at work I cannot get to your website. Is there a way to download or copy your stories to read offline? The old website allowed this.

  148. I had the same issue — that is, not being able to read Keira’s site at work — but I discovered that if I use a VPN, I can! So I installed Tunnel Bear on my tablet, which has a free monthly allotment (it’s very easy to use), and I turn it on when I want to go to the site and load the story I want to read, then turn it off again. I’ve yet to run through the monthly allowance.

  149. I am going nuts trying to find this story again. I am not sure who the author is, I do not think it is one of yours. SGA/Sentinel, John is a Sentinel and Rodney is his Guide. It is Incomplete but at the moment ends with them shoving Weir through the Stargate back to Earth tied and gagged. I thought I had the story address saved but it is missing and I really want to read it again. Thank you for any and all help, WW.

  150. Yes!!! Thank you, I have it recorded now so hopefully I will not lose it again. Thank you soooo much, that was making me nuttier than usual. WW.

  151. Hi. Do you have a list of your favorite fanfiction stories written by other writers? Particularly interested in Harry Potter but other fandoms are welcome as well.

  152. Hi, I’ve know you write in several different fandoms, which is great for me because they’re all fandoms I enjoy.
    Ive noticed you tend to switch between fandoms although currently your doing a lot of Harry Potter fics, I assume this is because that’s where the inspiration is right now.
    I’m just wondering what it is that inspires you towards a particular fandom, is it that you just wake up and fancy that today, is it that you’ve seen or read something in a particular fandom that’s gotten you writing.

    And in a more general sense what is it about those fandoms that inspire you, Stargate Atlantis (forgive me if I’m mistaken) has obviously been a fandom you’ve written the most for but you have a pretty wide selection of fandoms, I’m just wondering if there’s something about those fandoms that inspired you to go from purely watching them to writing in them.

      • Thank you so much! You may have pulled me into another binge (I got into the hobbit because of small magics and that was a couple months downs rabbit hole, I’m on my 3rd podcast already)

        I was also wondering if you’ve watched good omens on Amazon, I think you may like it if not. I think it’s a really great show for any slash fans as the chemistry between the two main characters is pure fire.

        • I haven’t watched it. I’ve heard good and bad things about it so I’m on the fence. I might check out the first episode because I love David T.

          • Honestly in rewatches I’d skip past nearly all the scenes with the kids, but David T and Micheal sheen are absolute gold in it. Depending on how you feel about spoilers you tube has some great clips.

  153. Hey Keira, have you seen/heard this video?

  154. Curious, can Harry breathe fire out of his animagus form, from the Soulmate Bond?

  155. So I just finished the Soulmate Bond, and curious as writer how do you approach something like a royal wedding, without it being overwhelming, or tedious, or bridezillaish, but still include the pageantry and drama?

    • I would focus on the relationship between the two people getting married — intimate conversations about the ceremony. I’d keep the ceremony in one pov – probably his if I wrote Harry in Soulmate Bond and the first dance would be in her POV.

  156. Hello, I’ve just discovered your site through the wonderful facebook group Harmony and Co. My question is this – I would love to copy Harry Potter and the Soulmate Bond to read on my kindle. How do I download your stories (happy to copy and paste chapter by chapter)?
    Forgive my lack of techiness, I’m a 51 year old woman who thought she was a genius when she could make her name flash in the old DOS system!

    • I don’t allow my work to be downloaded. The last time I did, the work ended up on a pirate site making them money on ad revenue.

      I, too, have fond memories of making my name flash 😉

  157. Are you ok?it’s been three days since you last updated and that’s just not like You.. .

    I hope everything is fine with you…..

  158. Hi Kiera,

    Are you participating in EAD this year?

  159. Well I want to get your attention on something. I don’t know if you are aware that will posting fics in EAD you have left the first part of the story “the raven and the lion”

    Well it has been posted from part 2 .

  160. Hey Keira! So I’ve been trying to find this Fic to reread and I thought it might be one of yours but no luck unless it’s a rough trade entry that hasn’t been posted. I was hoping you could tell me if it is or not or if you recognize it otherwise. It was a Stargate Fic and I’m pretty sure it was a time travel fix-it but the main thing I remember is that the program became public and the Atlantis expedition had a big sendoff at a football field I think. And I think it also had a guy there infected with a Goa’uld that used nishta on some of the expedition and he ended up accidentally spacing himself. Does that sound familiar?

    And I want to both congratulate and thank you for all of the content you’ve put out. I come back to your stories again and again and it’s always such a delight. I adore you and your work and I hope to enjoy it for many more years to come.

    • That’s As I Live and Breathe by Sorka42

      • Thank you so much! It was driving me batshit trying to find it. I think I found it in the first place by looking up authors who had participated in rough trade which is why my mind made the connection to you. When it comes to Stargate Fic, I can trace most of the good stuff back to you in one way or another.

        • Is that like some weird game of Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon?

          • Ha! Yes. You do great work and you know people who know people. One author leads you to another who leads you to another and so on. It’s a deep dark rabbit hole and Before you know it it’s fifteen links later and you’re asking yourself ‘How the fuck did I get here?’.

  161. I was writing the other day and happened to look over at my bookshelf and saw an author I used to read, I still love the books and the idea of the world that she built but it became rote after awhile. My question though is when does a writer reach the cutoff point for explaining in each book the basis of the universe they created for what has basically become their fandom? I guess without using the author’s name it’s kind of equivalent to when a fanfic writer does a fusion. I wasn’t writing at the time but I’ve come to realize I feel different as a writer versus when I’m reading. There’s that line to draw between wanting to make sure the gist of the world is understood for those not familiar with it versus when I’m reading and feeling frustrated with the repetition- I know, reader entitlement.

    So after that long ass ramble, is there a basic rule of thumb for when the writer should stop explaining the world that was built? I’ve gotta say I’m struggling with it. Some of the stories I’m working on have come to a standstill because I just can’t figure out where to draw the line.

  162. Hi keira. Love your work. Its really hard to find good harmony fics anymore so i end up rereading a lot. Cant seem to find your phoenix hhr fic though. It’s not even on wildhare project. ;(

  163. Hello! I was wondering, is there a particular reason why you prefer to write Bilbo as a girl in your stories? It’s just that the most common reasons I have seen for writing Bilbo as a female are due to issues I know you don’t seem to have (like disliking gay relationships or mpreg). I mean, I love your stories either way, so whether or not Bilbo has a dick doesn’t really bother me, I’m just curious.

    • Well,

      Writers who write Rule!63 to avoid gay relationships are actually homophobic so that’s not common sense at all. That’s just straight-up bigotry.

      Mpreg is a thorny topic that I used to honestly have issues with but I’ve changed my mind (clearly) over the years.

      I like to write female Bilbo because The Hobbit is utterly barren when it comes to female characters and that’s honestly kind of boring for me. I don’t have issues writing Bilbo as a male (I’ve done it) but I think my preference will probably always be Bella when it comes to the Hobbit due to Tolkien’s dedication to writing a sausage fest.

  164. What happened to your story The Pendragon Legacy i really like the story and can`t find it on your site did you take it down. I like where Harry gets to meet his Mom and Dad and Merlin and Arthur also getting to meet his Childern. I would like to read it again it was one of my Favorite stories thank you for write some of my favorite stories.

  165. Prefer Not to Give

    Two questions Miss. Keira.
    One: where can I find your WIPs or are they no longer available?

    Two: have you seen the Siren tv show from 2018 and do you have any interest writing in that fandom? Mermaids of any type are an absolute favorite of mine so I have to ask

  166. first you are an incredible writer.
    second are you ever hoping to do series 2 of the soulmate bond?

    • I had once hoped to do a 5 season arc for that series. I don’t see it happening now. I doubt I’ll ever invest a series of that scale for the Harmony pairing again.

  167. Hi Keira, I was wondering if your find Lord of the High Elves was available online??


    Ps I love your stories.

  168. I achieved a new record. I plotted out my storyline, knew where I wanted my characters to go and was all revved up to write. The very next day I looked at everything I’d layed out and thought, dear god why?

    I put it in my maybe someday but most likely never folder. It made me wonder though, what’s the quickest you’ve transitioned between a god yes/god no idea.

  169. I would love to reread the lovely dimensional hopping story again. I know it is incomplete but I have read it several times and loved it every time and now I can not find it again. Please tell me where it is or give me the address. Pretty please with chocolate sauce on top. Thank you, WW.

  170. Hey Keira, I remember you linked this post about some of your works that were no longer up. That link isn’t working for me for some reason, but I remember it mentioned your HP story Phoenix as well. I was just writing to ask quickly if that’s taken down or still up somewhere. Thanks!

  171. We have seen Umbitch nailed by a Karma curse. Has anyone done it to Dumblebut?
    What would that look like?

    Are there any big CSI Miami fans in your little writing family? Besides a Wizzy cop, what would H do, what would his animagus be?

    Thank you for your time, WW.

  172. I am looking for an SGA time travel. John and Rodney are back in time and getting ready for the trip to Atlantis. They manage to leave Weir, Carson and I think Sumner on Earth. Thank you for any help, WW.

  173. I have read Iterum and loved it, but no that is not the one I am looking for. The guys figure out that Weir is batsh*t and find a way to leave her behind. Thank you though for you time and all the wonderful stories. WW.

  174. Did Moldyshorts turn out so snakey because of the Snake venom in Harry’s blood? Most stories seem to ignore it. I have only seen one or two where they pay attention to it. Snape may have enjoyed the challange of it but because it is Harry he hates that he must make special potions for him, because of the things swiming around in his blood. Thank you for your time. WW.

  175. Thank you! WW.

  176. Hello, tis I the pest again. I was binge watching Bondi Vet on Youtube and in one episode there was an injured snake. In the comments I found two great phrases for snake. Nope Rope and Danger Noodle, I still cannot decide which is funnier. Have fun with them if they inspire anything, thank you for you time. WW.

  177. Hey, you are without a doubt one of the greatest Writers I have had the pleasure to read! Thank you for the hours of escape and realism that you bring to everything you write!

    Now my brain is going crazy because I remember reading a part in a story, I am pretty sure not one of yours! , but I am hoping you have read it! It has been driving me so crazy that I haven’t been able to sleep for the last 4 nights. If you can please help!

    In it, it has Harry overpowering? His wand where it exploded and the pieces end up fused to his hand and in his arm! It was his Phoenix wand and the feather ends up in or replacing his vein. I think it might happen in year 2 in the camber or 4 in the dragon arena but could be wrong ! The end is that he has to adapt to no wand since Fawkes feather is a core and is in his arm! Please help this is driving me mad not remembering!! Thanks

    • No, that’s not my work. I don’t remember reading a story like that either. The principal kind of violates my head canon around what a wand is and what it does when it concerns magic. I hope you find it though!

  178. Hello, Keira.

    I just wanted to say that I love your Harry Potter stories. I promise this isn’t a dig at you to try to write more. It’s straight up an appreciation comment!

    I stumbled upon your stories some time last year (which is extremely late to the party -I know) and you truly made me fall in love with the Harry and Hermione pairing. In my opinion, no one ever measures up to how you write them. Trust me, I’ve tried to find stories but they just can’t. Maybe you’re my author bias. I don’t know.

    Anyways. I hope you are well. Thanks again for all the amazing content that you’ve shared with all of us undeserving pleasbians. 😉

    Take care.

    P.s. I would probably like your other stories too, I just haven’t managed to get into those other Fandoms yet. HP is the only one I’ve been into as of late. Maybe someday in the future I will and then get to enjoy your other stories too. XD

    P.s.s. Sorry if this is the complete wrong place to put this. I’m not tech savvy and really don’t want to somehow accidentally spend $200 on gummy worms so something crazy that I always accidentally manage to stumble into.

  179. I am looking for an HP story with time travel. Harry winds up at Wool’s with Tom. The Kids at the Orphanage hid in the Underground most nights. Tom is derisive but Harry looks around and sees nothing but courage and strength. None of these people know if they will survive the night, or if they will have homes to go back to next morning, but they just keep on keeping on. WW.

    • No clue. I don’t normally read time travel or alternate universes where Harry ends up in Riddle’s era – because that usually leads to a ship I find genuinely appalling.

  180. Ok, thank you very much. WW.

  181. What episodes of 9-1-1 made you fall in love with these two? I am not interested in buying the whole series but I am will to be introduced to a couple of pretty men. WW.

    • You can watch some of the episodes on Hulu. Eddie doesn’t join the series until season 1. But in all honesty, fandom made me fall in love with the pairing. The show is a giant angst fest that made me cry for a week straight.

  182. No thank you, angst is not my thing. Thank you for the answer. WW.

  183. Hi. I’ve recently started to listen to y’all on Castbox. My question is, where is this list of links to mentioned works located? Also, your work is really great and I’ve read everything at least twice.

    • We keep a channel on Discord (where we record the podcast) for links regarding fics and stuff that get mentioned on the podcast. But we also try to give as much information as possible so that people can Google.

  184. Hello, I am curious if you wrote a store/ead where Harry saves McGregor from terrorists in Italy? I think he was relating the story to Hiro Ito. It is driving me nuts that I cannot remember. What is the name of that? Thanks!

  185. I have to wonder what Hannibal was thinking when he let Will take them over the edge. They were both tired and injured but Hannibal is still the larger and stronger man, he had to feel what Will was doing. He could have planted his feet and refused to be moved but he did not, he just went with it. I have to wonder why. Thank you for all of your hard work and wonderful stories. WW.

  186. I can accept that, Thank you, WW.

  187. I have to think that if any Sentinel any where smelled a goa’uld that Sentinels would start emerging all over the planet Such a threat to the Tribe would be intolerable. WW.

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