Variant ‘Verse Basics

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In this alternate universe, there are four distinct, common biological sexes–male, female, male-variant, and female-variant. There are also many other biological sexes that are not common (much like in our own reality) that are the result of rare genetic conditions and gestational conditions. Male-variants, female-variants, and females can carry and birth children naturally. Female-variants, male-variants, and males can father children. Genital arrangement varies depending on biological sex, thus the term “variant”.

Anyone may choose to present as male, female, or non-binary regarding biological sex or gender with no overt social stigma attached. This is not a new circumstance for the peoples of this world—it’s been this way since the cave. Thus you can mirror gender identities in this ‘verse with what you know to be true about the real world with no issues that I can see.

In reality, there are a multitude of genders and gender identities—born out of our society’s overt desire to label every single person on this planet in some fashion that can be “tolerated” by the majority. Apparently, being human isn’t enough? I don’t know, I’m cis-gendered and sometimes I just don’t want to be called anything at all, except maybe Your Majesty. Can that be my gender?

Since biological sex and gender are entirely separate distinctions, transgender people would certainly still exist in this alternate uni’verse. I don’t see this being any sort of societal problem as it is in a founding principal that gender expression is an accepted, individual choice that is fundamental to the human experience and it’s open to change throughout a person’s life.

Sexuality itself is a spectrum so it stands to reason that such a circumstance would exist in a world with common distinct genders. Naturally, individuals would have sexual preferences regarding sex acts, genital arrangements, and the gender expression of their partner. This is to say any sexuality that exists in reality would certainly exist in this fictional world from asexual to homosexual.

It’s not my intention to marginalize any gender expression, biological sex, or sexual preference with the creation of this world. I just want to explore male pregnancy, to be specific, without getting into the A/B/O arena or in some science fiction/fantasy realm. That being said, I did consider a magical realism approach where I didn’t explain how it happens at all and I might still explore that later. Also, wish babies. Because wish babies are pure damn sort-of-unexplained-magic.

The concept of this ‘verse is to create a world where gender expression, sexuality, and all the various moving parts that come with both is accepted and, in some cases, simply a non-issue. Like, literally, these people don’t care what’s in your pants as long as you aren’t an asshole.

Terms for parents aren’t explicitly rigid and in English the basic terms would be father, paternal parent, and sire for males and male-variants; mother, maternal parent, and bearer for females and female-variants. Parent names are just as varied in this world as they are in reality so don’t get wrapped around the axle about those kinds of things—mom, dad, mama, daddy, mommy, etc would be perfectly acceptable and not necessarily locked into a gender. That would be your choice to determine for your characters. Here is a list that might be helpful: Gender Neutral and Non-binary Parent Titles

There are plenty of different expressions of this trope in fandom from A/B/O to the ‘Roo ‘verse. It can be a hot button topic for some people and I’m not remotely interested in engaging in any sort debate about it. I’m aware of how it can be perceived and I’m just not interested in the wank. I like to explore concepts and the human condition. If you can’t hang with that, go elsewhere.


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