What? Fuck You!


You’ve been sent to this page because you’re a thoughtless twat. You responded to a tweet, a Facebook status, a blog posting, or a piece of fan fiction in a way that grossly offended the writer. Or you could’ve sent a stupidly offensive email. Maybe you demonstrated a sense of entitlement on a scale so epic you left the person who gave you this link at a loss for words. That’s okay, though, because they have me.

At any rate, you’ve reached this page because of your very poor fucking behavior so here are a few rules for you:


1. Don’t be a twat.

2. Don’t be an asshole.

3. Don’t ask authors when they are going to update their fucking website or archive or what the fuck ever. Seriously. You entitled twat.

4. Don’t assume that anyone on this whole planet values your opinion as much as you do. There is a 98.99% chance you’d be wrong and that would be awkward.

5. Don’t you dare demand that Draco be the bottom!

6. Don’t you dare demand that an author warn for homosexual or heterosexual content.

7. In fact, demand nothing. Just say thank you!

8. Dear Straight Woman, Calling the sex you regularly have “disgusting” is a form of self-loathing. Get therapy.

9. Don’t be surprised when that stranger on the Internet you trolled doesn’t take you seriously. After all, they sent you to this page.

10. Do remember that unless a writer asks YOU specifically for con-crit that they really don’t want to know what you’d have done. They don’t care if you would’ve shipped Jack/Daniel over Cameron/Daniel. They don’t care that you would’ve made Daniel the bottom. They don’t give a flying backward fuck that they haven’t written your OTP. Really.

11. Don’t fucking tell someone they should have asked for House advice when writing in the TTB verse. Because they already fucking did you insignifiCUNT asshole.

P.S. Kiss my ass.

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