Works in Progress

Below is a list of works in progress. This is not an invitation for you to nag me about something you’d like to see completed. I’ve created this page more for personal motivation than any other reason but I thought my readers might like to see it as well so here it is. If the temptation is too much or if you feel the desire to call me a cock tease, please stop visiting this page. Seriously.

* * * *

Original Fiction

  • Mars colony project
  • Sequel to Fall for You
  • Sequel to On Top

Fan Fiction

  • I have four squares left on my Fluff Bingo
  • Trope Bingo is active!
  • July Rough Trade will be 2 shorts stories for — Star Trek and Hannibal respectively.
  • I’ve been poking a few of my Hobbit fics — the most interesting to me is the Shield Maiden of Erebor.

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