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I wanted to thank those that nominated me for the Stargate Awards. Unfortunately, I had series nominated and not individual stories. Since neither one of my series is complete as a whole I was forced to decline the nominations.

Please don’t be disappointed!


Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. See? See?

    *flails merrily and makes flappy hands*

    You just need to give us the rest of the tale!


    How about just plain… more, please!

    (Gimmee those AUs! C’mon! You know you wanna!)

    Cuz ya know… more is never enough.

    Yes, I *am* a glutton for your fic.

    How can we be disappointed? *We* know how good you are!

    You’ll blow their socks off next year.

  2. I agree with Chris King. How can we be disappointed? You are a wonderful writer and your fans know this. While awards are wonderful, talent is more important, something you have in spades!

  3. Well there is always next year, just as long as you finish the stories (please, please, please do not make us wait that long though, that would be awful) I will totally nominate you next year if you post something soon. I am dying over here.

  4. I’m surprised that none of your stand alone stories were nominated. They were really good too! (Although I admit that I’m waiting breathlessly for both your series updates and for those AUs you talked about)

    How are the Stargate awards nominated anyhow?

  5. But you got nominated! That means that we like you lots! And want more. So please post more. Soon? I’m starting to twitch.


  6. Darn it, I never thought about nominating the individual stories!

    Well you get my vote anyway

    More stories soon????

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