You’re Where I Belong – Part Three


The party seemed out of place but neither John nor Rodney had it in them to deny the rest of the family the time especially when Sebastian seemed to get a little more excited as each guest arrived. John had no clue why there were five different kinds of cake and Sean blamed ‘the women’ and wouldn’t say which ones exactly. There was a stunning amount of food, beer, and people in his house and he found himself moving from group to group with McKay talking to them.

“When did this become our life?” Rodney asked as they extracted themselves from a group of scientists from Area 51 and started towards the freaking President of the United States who was chatting with the Prime Minister of Canada and Sebastian. “The President is in our house.”

“I know,” John said with a sigh as he pressed his hand against the small of McKay’s back and urged him across the room. “It’s insane. Good afternoon, sirs, I hope you’re enjoying the party.”

“Always a pleasure to be in Colorado, John,” Henry Hayes said with a little laugh. “Your son is an amazing asset to have—he’s caught me and Jean up on all of the gossip about the majority of the people in this room. I think he’s smarter than the man I have in charge of the CIA.”

“Of course he is,” Rodney muttered. “And don’t even think about trying to recruit him.” He held out his hand to Sebastian and the kid gamely went to him. “And neither one of you are allowed to look innocent—I was working for the CIA when I was fourteen.” He glared at his Prime Minister. “That goes double for you, Bellamont.”

Jean Bellamont just laughed. “It is always amazing to be in your company, Dr. McKay and rest assured we all got the memo in regards to recruiting your son for government work before he gets his first PhD.”

Sebastian leaned against John, and hooked a finger into his father’s belt. “And if I don’t get a PhD?”

“I’ll be horrified and your father will be amused by your rebellion, no one else’s opinion on that subject counts,” Rodney explained. “Now, is there any gossip that you know that I should know?”

“Nah, things have been pretty quiet since you left.”

– – – – –

“Too many people?”

Ian Wilkes turned and watched John Sheppard slide into a lounge chair beside him. “Yes, and they all keep asking how I am.”



“I heard your OTS placement came through. Will you be ready?”

“Yes, sir.” Ian’s hand drifted to his stomach and then he lifted it away with a frown. “Jimmy has been working with me since he came back and I’ve gotten most of my strength back. I didn’t lose a lot of muscle during my recovery thanks to the Ancient healing devices and I should be back up to my best when it comes to stamina within the next two weeks. I have nearly three weeks before I’m due at OTS.”

“Are you back with your squad on physical training?”

“Yes, but there is a bit of hand holding going on. I know they mean well, especially Jimmy, but I can’t get it all back if they insist on treating me like an invalid.”

“I’ll handle your training sessions personally starting next week,” John murmured. “We’ll get you back up to where you need to be. Granted, you’re probably in better condition than most of the people you’ll attend OTS with. Most of the Air Force personnel you’ll meet there aren’t training with Marines daily and it’ll show. All of your scores are excellent, and your work in the flight simulator is top notch. You also have more combat experience than most of the people in your age group. You’ll see some older soldiers there but considering our situation on this planet—most of heavy combat vets are in the field in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

“Do you think I should do a tour over there?”

“No, there is nothing over there for you to learn. You already know how fucked up other human beings can be towards one another and really any hard lessons like that is just going to make it harder for you to justify fighting for them all.”

“You were in Afghanistan.”



“Yes, four months.”

“Did it change you?”

“At the time, I would have said no but yeah it did. When I was shot down, I lost nearly all of my crew and the ones who didn’t die in the crash were tortured to death. By the time I was rescued, I’d retreated pretty deeply but not so deeply that I didn’t know what was going on around me. Two months of recovery and then I spent six months in Iraq before someone figured out that I was probably going to get myself killed and I was sent to McMurdo to reevaluate my situation and plan for the rest of my “career”. I’ll be honest, I came pretty close to giving the Air Force the one fingered salute at that point.”

“Then you sat down in a chair in Antarctica?”

“Yep.” John looked up into the night sky, took in the millions of stars. “I don’t think I knew how it was to really want something until I lost Atlantis.”

“We’ll get her back.”

“Yeah, we will.” John nodded. He glanced across the deck when the French doors opened by relaxed when Rodney came out with Sebastian. “Hey you two.”

“Your Dad is getting rid of our guests,” Rodney said as he climbed into the lounger with him and snuggled close. “Most of them are beaming out so there is an engineer up on the Apollo doing a lot of cursing. Secret Service went up to supervise the travel of the prime minister and the president.” He glanced over at Ian and smiled when the soldier scooted over to make room for Sebastian. “Did you guys eat enough or should we organize a meal?”

“I’m stuffed,” Sebastian declared. “I had enough cake for two grown men.”

“He did,” Ian agreed. “I had enough cake for three grown men—so we’re in good shape as long as the sugar rush doesn’t kill us.”

– – – – –

“And we’re just going to let him sit in prison in solitary confinement?” David Sheppard demanded in a harsh whisper. “Jesus fucking Christ, Dad!”

Patrick watched David pace around the armory and then glanced at John who was sharpening a knife silently. “I didn’t say that, Dave and you’ll remember to keep your temper confined to this room. The last thing Sebastian needs to see is one of us this pissed off.” He looked at Matt who was sitting not far from John staring down at his hands. “Matthew?”

Matt looked up and met his father’s gaze. “I’ve never committed cold blooded murder before but I’m getting my head around the idea pretty quickly.” He ignored Cameron’s intake of breath. “Can you get one of us in without anyone knowing about it? It can’t be John—he’ll have to be highly visible when it goes down because he’ll be the automatic suspect to some people.”

“It can’t be any of you,” Cameron snapped. “Fuck.”

“It’s going to be me,” John murmured. “No one else in this room has more right to it than I do. It’s going to be me. I’ve done murder before so it isn’t going to darken my soul to put my knife into an eighteen year old child molester. Rodney is going to go up to the Phoenix to run diagnostics on the transporters. He hacked the prison’s computer system an hour ago and got the information we need for the beam in. While he’s doing the diagnostic he’s going to beam me into Stephenson’s cell for forty-five seconds and then beam me right back into our bathroom at home. He’ll make sure there are no records.”


John lifted his head and glared at his father. “What?”

“You heard me, John. No. You’re not doing this.”

“Give me one good fucking reason why I shouldn’t.”

“Sebastian. He’ll know, John. No matter what anyone else ever says or does—no matter how it gets reported—he will know you did it. He’s too young to know his father murdered someone to avenge him.”

John threw the knife and it embedded three inches into the plaster wall. “Fuck. How the hell can I let that son of a bitch live? He all but raped my child! I’ve killed for less—so much less.”

“Your need for revenge isn’t going to do a damn thing to help Sebastian. In fact, you heard what he said about his mother—about how she said life was precious. He’s too young to understand the kind of revenge we all want. I don’t even want to think about how it would hurt him.”

“Have him moved into general population,” Cameron murmured. “He turned eighteen three weeks ago, right? They put him in solitary because he was still seventeen when he was convicted. Call in a few favors and get him put in the general population. He’ll get what’s coming to him in more ways than one and your hands will be clean.”

All four Sheppards turned to stare at him and Patrick chuckled. “Christ, it’s like I raised you. That’s how much I like you.”

Cameron smirked. “We’re all pretty sure that McKay is your favorite.”

Patrick paused and started to protest and then shrugged. “Yeah, okay he is. He’s mean and twisted and brilliant and he reminds me of my late wife. Especially when he gets all wound up and…” He trailed off at John’s frown. “What?”

“Christ, I married my mother,” John let his head fall back and he stared at the ceiling. “He is just like her—all attitude, brains, and blue eyes.”

“I’d honestly question his parentage if the dates were a little different,” Patrick admitted. “Now, you’ll tell Rodney to get his mind off killing Corey Stephenson and I’ll make a few calls to the Department of Justice and arrange a little karma.”

John nodded and then lifted his head at the brisk knock on the door. “Enter.”

Declan Frost opened the door; he was speaking on his radio. “Roger that, do a thorough check of the vehicle while I discuss the situation with the General.” He clicked off his radio. “Sir, you’ve got a visitor.”

John frowned. “Who? Christ, I’ve already seen everyone I know today.”

“Except your ex-wife,” Declan said dryly. He walked into the room with a tablet PC and handed it to him. “This is a screen capture from the front gate security camera. We are searching her vehicle and her person for surveillance tech and/or weapons as we speak. Should I allow her through the gate?”

John frowned at Nancy’s face and blew air out his mouth. “Does McKay know?”

“He sent me down to you but… he didn’t look very pleased about it.” Declan shrugged. “He went upstairs to get Sebastian settled for the night.”

“Let her drive to the first check point and then put her in one of our vehicles for the rest of the trip to the house. A full security escort and she keeps nothing—not even her purse.” John sighed. “Take her to the kitchen in the security house and I’ll meet her there. I don’t want her in our home.”


John rubbed his head as Declan left and looked toward his father. “Is there anything you can tell me?”

“Nothing. I looked her up when Sebastian mentioned her but I didn’t get anything more than what McKay got from her background check. She has a decent job, makes decent money, dated a lawyer for five years after your divorce, and a doctor after that. She’s been single for the last year and has so far refused to do interviews about your brief marriage to her.”

“This is the last damn thing I need today,” John snapped. “How the hell does she even know I’m home?”

“Half of the Pentagon was in and out of the house this evening,” Patrick Sheppard murmured. “It’s not surprising. I imagine it leaked to the press that the President showed up at your reception. The conservative press is trying to eat him alive on his policy of letting gays serve in the military as it is and your relationship is their favorite button to push.”

“Well, they can go fuck themselves.” John walked over to the wall and pulled his knife free. After a few seconds he passed it to David who walked away with it, using his pants to clean off the plaster dust. “Have any of you spoken with her since the divorce?”

“I ran into her four years ago in Chicago,” Matt shrugged. “I was on my way out of a hotel and she was on her way in. She recognized me and asked a few questions about you. I had to admit that I hadn’t seen you in a long time so I couldn’t answer her questions.”

“I was in Pegasus at the time.”

“Yeah.” Matt nodded. “Now I have to wonder if she was trying to get information about the SGC out of me.”

“And if your meeting her was just an accident,” Cameron said with a frown.

– – – – –

Declan offered John a USB drive as he entered the kitchen of the security house. “She insisted that this be brought with her. I’ve checked it for transmitters and downloaded the data to a non-networked PC for McKay to check over.”

John nodded. “Thank you, Declan. Clear this floor; men on the front and back doors please.”

“Yes, sir.”

Nancy set down her coffee cup and cleared her throat as they were left alone. “Good to see you again, John.”

John sat down with a sigh and after a moment slid the USB drive back across the table at her. “What do you want, Nancy?”

She frowned at him. “I’m your wife, John. I think you owe me a little more courtesy than that.”

“Ex-wife,” John corrected. “If you’re just here to rehash ancient history then you’ve wasted your time.”

She looked around the kitchen with a frown. “I thought McKay would have a nicer house.”

“This is the house our security team lives in.” John looked around. The house wasn’t bad; in fact it was probably worth a couple hundred thousand dollars by itself. “My family is on the other side of the property in another house.”

She flushed at the insult. “I’m not good enough to bring into your home, is that it?”

“You’ve intruded on our first day home in a week and no you’re not welcome in our home.”

“Right, I forgot what a bastard you are. I shouldn’t have… I mean you did leave me for another woman.”

“No, I didn’t. I left you because I had a crush on my co-pilot and I wanted to fuck him.”

She glared, “I suppose you managed it after the divorce was final.”

“He helped me celebrate,” John responded with a little shrug. “Now, tell me exactly what you want before I have security escort you off the property and I’m really not in the mood for bullshit.”

She held up the USB key. “Three weeks after the Stargate Program was declassified I got a visit from a guy named Kyle Richards. He said he was in NID but when I checked later they’d never heard of him. He questioned me about you, our marriage, and everything else he could think of. He asked me for a list of sexual partners and if I’d thought you were faithful during our marriage. He was very interested to know why we didn’t have any children.”

John frowned. “Okay.”

“A week after the news broke about your son; he showed up again and demanded to know why I hadn’t told him about your affair with Karen Reilly. Of course, I couldn’t have known about her—we’d been divorced a year when you had your little affair with her.”

“Did he get hostile with you?”

“No, but he did encourage me to contact you and try to renew our relationship. He said his superiors would pay me a great deal of money if I could wiggle my way back into your life. I told him to go away.”

“But he didn’t.”

“He showed up again a month ago and told me that I should be prepared to testify against you in a court proceeding. I was to make it seem like you were a deviant and that was why I refused to have children with you.” Her mouth pressed into a thin line. “I don’t like you much right now, John, but there was a time when I loved you a great deal. I’ve watched you with your son on television and it’s obvious how much you love him. I won’t help anyone take him away from you.”

“Did you get any more information?”

“No, when I told him to fuck off again; he made it clear that I would be forced to testify and if I didn’t deliver the performance of my life that it would mean my life.” Her fingers tightened around the USB drive. “I recorded all of the conversations but the first one. He caught me off guard that first time but after I realized he wasn’t who he said he was I started carrying a digital recorder with me. I included all the information I could gather on him, including a picture from the security system in my building.”

Rodney appeared in the door way then. “When you leave here, you’ll be taken to the airport where you will be put on one of my private planes. Two members of our security team will travel with you the entire way.”

Her mouth dropped open. “I don’t understand.”

“They’ll kill you if you don’t play along but they’ll have a hard time killing you if they can’t find you,” John responded carefully and watched Rodney move to the coffee pot and pour himself a cup.

“Right.” Rodney took a drink of his coffee and then continued. “Once you land, you’ll be driven to a secure location and there you will remain until we’ve taken care of the threat. It could be months so be prepared to settle in. I’ll take care of your job but if you lose it I’ll help you secure another later. You will have staff on hand to take care of anything you need. Don’t tell anyone where you are –not even your mother. No communication method is safe. If you need to communicate with family or friends—you’ll route all of your correspondence through our server here. Sean, our life manager, will set it up for you on a secure laptop.”

“Why would you do this for me?”

“You could have played their game but you chose to do this instead,” Rodney answered. “John loved you enough to marry you and that says a lot because he doesn’t commit easily. He also doesn’t give up easily, so the fact that he swallowed his pride and ended his marriage to you speaks of how much respect he had for you even if neither of you behaved well during the entire thing.” He laughed softly when they both flushed. “Now, don’t be stupid and don’t get killed. It would make him feel very guilty.”

“I’ll do my part to disappear.”

“Good.” John stood up from the table and then shoved his hands into his pockets. “About the house—Sebastian is fragile and our home is his haven. We do our best not to bring anything ugly or mean into it. I had no way of knowing what you would say but I didn’t figure it would be anything good considering our last conversation.”

– – – – –

“Jesus, John. Just…” McKay pushed back from his desk and rubbed his head with both hands. “I have people trying to find this guy so we can see what he’s up to but right now… I just don’t get what angle they could come at us with. You’re his biological father and Karen Reilly doesn’t have any living blood relatives that I could find. I looked high and low when we first adopted Sebastian to make sure no one could come out of the woodwork and try to extort money out of us.”

“It’s the TRUST, right?”

“Yeah, he doesn’t exist in the NID—overt or covert operations. I’ve crawled all over their database looking for him or any kind of operation related to Sebastian or us. There is nothing. It has to be the TRUST and I’m stunned that the NID managed to keep Sebastian a secret from them when he was in Foster Care. We know they knew about him for months before we found out about him.”

John frowned and slouched down in his chair as the door opened and Jennifer Keller entered. “Hey, short stuff.”

She offered him a little glare as the rest of the family crowded into the room. “Okay, talk to me John.”

John glanced briefly at Rodney and then his father, then he took a deep breath. “I want you to sterilize me.”

“What?” Her mouth dropped open.

“I want you to fix it so I shoot blanks for the rest of my life, Jennifer.”

She bit down on her lip. “Okay.” She looked at Carolyn Lam who was sitting on the couch tucked between Jeannie and Radek. “Carrie?”

“Well, a traditional vasectomy could be reversed so if he wants a permanent solution that doesn’t involve radiation treatment we’re going to have to go to Ancient technology.” Carolyn quirked one eyebrow him. “Is this about the bug DNA?”

“I don’t want to take the risk that the government or the TRUST will get a hold of me and force me donate. The last thing I want to do is create a baby with that Iratus bug DNA attached to me. There is no telling what might come out of it.”

“Right.” Jennifer scrunched up her nose. “I’ll have to do some testing.”

“How long will I have to wait?”

“Could be weeks. I want to make sure we get a safe procedure. In the mean time, I can give you a birth control shot that we’ve already put through clinical trials. You’ll be able to produce semen but nothing will be swimming. That will last for six months.”

“And that’s safe?” Rodney asked.

“Oh, yeah, of course. We just finished clinical trials and it’ll be out on the market for the general population in the next year.” Jennifer shrugged at the looks she received. “We think it’ll sell very well.”

“You’d be right,” Patrick muttered. “If it had existed when these three were teenagers I would have dosed them all. I lived in fear of one of them coming home with a pregnant girlfriend.”

“Could we give it to Sebastian?” Rodney asked. “I mean, I’m not sure if he’s…” He sighed. “It would just make it harder for someone to misuse him…”

“We’ll need to wait until puberty,” Jennifer murmured. “I don’t know if he’s ejaculating yet but even if he is I doubt he’s reproductive—not at his age. The biggest concern I would have for Sebastian would be a clone. Because of John’s Iratus DNA, not even the Asgard could successfully clone him. I’ve run hundreds of simulations and tried to replicate his DNA in a controlled lab and the result is always failure. It’s a miracle, really, that he survived the melding of the DNA to begin with. I think Atlantis did it.”

“Agreed,” John murmured. “I don’t heal as fast on Earth as I did when I lived on Atlantis.”

“That’s true of everyone but especially gene carriers,” Jennifer admitted. “Atlantis wanted to hold onto us so much that she did everything she could to keep us alive.”

– – – – –

“I should have known you’d have a hot ex-wife.”

John snorted and stared at the ceiling of their bedroom. “She was much hotter when I was married to her.”

“I have no doubts.”

“Bitterness can make a woman ugly.”

Rodney chuckled. “I think you’re Dad is doing Carrie.”

“No way.”

“Bet,” Rodney murmured with a smug little laugh. “If I’m right you owe me a blow job everyday for a month before you even have your coffee.”

It was a win/win sort of bet, John thought. “And if I win?”

“I’ll do the same for you and we’ll skip that dinner in New York next month that you don’t want to go to.”

“You’re on,” John said with a laugh. “Look, Dad gets this look when he’s around a woman he’s messing around with. He doesn’t have that look—so there is nothing freaky going on there.”

“We shall see. I doubt they’ll be able to keep it under wraps for much longer.”

– – – – –

“You were disappointed in me when I said I wanted to kill Stephenson.”

Cameron shook his head as he tugged off his shoes. “No, not disappointed. A little shocked because… well you really aren’t like John and David when it comes to stuff like that. Until I got to know him, I would have said that John Sheppard was a sociopath. Now I know how much killing costs him. David had his moral fiber readjusted by SEAL training and considering I’ve had similar special ops training I see… I see where they both get their ease when it comes to killing. You aren’t like them, like me and I really don’t want you to be, Matt. I know you’re a soldier—but you’re idealistic and you make flying look easy, effortless. I always thought John was a good pilot but anyone who knows the two of you would say you’re the better pilot. He has passion for flight, granted and he’s very talented but you’re something else.”

“John has better technical skills than I do and he has great instincts.”

“Yours are better. He might beat you out on technical skill but you have the heart of it. I think maybe he did when he was younger and I really don’t know what took that from him but I don’t want to see it taken from you.” Cameron relaxed back on the bed and sighed. “Besides, I was going to volunteer to do it myself. That son of a bitch doesn’t deserve to live but the Admiral is right. Sebastian is too young for that kind of revenge and he would know that it was done for him if… if it were to happen the way John planned for it to happen.”

“It was a great plan though,” Matt chuckled. “McKay is diabolical.”

“I’d never cross him,” Cameron admitted. “Not in a million years.” He curled close to Matt and sighed. “I really thought your Dad would have a problem with us, you know. You’re his baby boy.”

“He learns from his mistakes.” Matt touched his face with gentle fingers. “He wouldn’t like the results if he tried to make me chose between you and him.”

“Yeah?” Cameron asked softly.

“Yeah.” Matt bit down his bottom lip. “I’m in love with you.”

“Jesus, Matt.” Mitchell curled his fingers against Matt’s back and sighed. “I’ve been trying to figure out how to keep you for months. I didn’t think… I couldn’t let myself think that we were going to work long term.”

“That first night we were together—before I ran and hid like a child—it was like nothing I’d ever known before,” Matt admitted. “No one had ever touched me and pleasured me the way you did. No one had ever showed me that much concern or passion before. I was stunned by it and when we met again—it was like coming home. You’re my home, Cam.”

“I love you, too, you know. I’m stupid with it. Half the guys in my unit having been calling me Colonel Sheppard for the past three months under their breath.”

Matt laughed. “That’s okay because I’ve been Commander Mitchell for about the same time. We should hyphenate the names—it would drive McKay absolutely batshit.”

– – – – –

Two Weeks Later

Admiral Patrick Sheppard sat in Kyle Richards dingy little apartment in Washington, DC as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Casually, he flicked the ashes of his cigar away. “You don’t exist, Mr. Richards. No birth records, never attended school a day in your life, no social security number—nothing. It’s an interesting situation – if you don’t exist and I kill you—who will claim your body?”

Kyle Richards struggled against the handcuffs that held him to the single kitchen chair in his apartment. “You won’t kill me.”

“Don’t tempt me, young man, this is my favorite shirt and if I get it dirty with your blood I’ll be really pissed off.” He stared for another long minute and then his gaze narrowed. “While you were unconscious I injected you with an organic tracker. There are only a handful people on the whole planet who know about it—and I’m one of them. I can track you all over the planet and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. You won’t be able to find it, disable it, or have it removed. It’s a permanent part of your body—an organic compound that has literally painted itself all over your cells. It won’t kill you and it probably won’t give you cancer.”

Kyle stopped struggling and stared. “What do you want?”

“Why did you try to blackmail my former daughter-in-law into testifying against my son in court? Who will be trying to sue for the custody of Sebastian? When will it happen?”

“I was given money and instructions. I don’t know who will do it or when it will start.” Richards wet his bottom lip nervously. “Since I lost the woman, they’ve cut me out of the loop. They were pretty pissed that I didn’t prevent her from getting on a plane to Colorado. It just didn’t occur to them that she would run to Sheppard for help.”

“Who are they? Any names?”


“Here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to do everything you can to get back in the loop. Offer to work for free on any task they’ll give you – and I don’t care what you have to tell them to accomplish this. Beg them but never once let on that you’re now working for me.”

“I’m not going to work for you. If they find out they’ll kill me.”

“If you don’t work for me—I’ll beam you out of this apartment and into a location where I can devote myself to butchering you over a series of weeks. By the time you die, you’ll be so ready for it that you’ll thank me for the privilege,” Patrick smirked when what little color Kyle had drained from his face completely and the crotch of his jeans darkened with moisture. “You didn’t think my sons grew up to be utter bastards on their own, did you?”

“You’re the Director of Home World Security, for fuck’s sake. You can’t threaten me like this…”

“You and the people you work for are endangering my family, Richards. The last thing I’m worried about is my job. You should know that up front—know it and remember it. Every single one of us would turn our backs on careers and any life we have here on Earth to protect Sebastian. I’d leave bodies piled hip deep and three miles long to keep him safe. We have plenty of options, Richards, and you don’t have any. You’ll help me and hope like hell you don’t get caught or you can know for certain that you’re going to die.” Patrick stood up and pulled out a Zat weapon. “Just so we’re clear, any privacy you might have had in the past is gone. I’ll know every move you make. If you even think about fucking me over—or running for it I’ll retrieve you and you’ll pay for it as long as I can keep you alive.” He stunned him before the man could respond, undid the handcuffs, and clicked his radio. “I’m finished.”

McKay leaned against the console as Patrick fully materialized on the empty bridge of the Phoenix. “Finished being a very scary man?”


“Did he piss his pants?”

“Yeah, you can’t buy entertainment like that.” Patrick smirked as he waved the Zat. “This thing is great even if it does look like a shiny dick.”

Rodney nodded and transported Patrick Sheppard back into his office in Washington without another word. He cleared out the transporter log, set up a fresh diagnostic, and let the engineering crew know they could return to the bridge. They slunk back into the large area, all of them shooting him looks to make sure he wasn’t going to go off on them again. Rodney managed to keep his amusement to himself. It really helped that he was an asshole. No one had blinked an eye when he had a temper tantrum and cleaned out the room to work in private.

– – – – –

“How is he?” Rodney asked as he beamed into the infirmary right beside Jennifer. She shot him an exasperated look for the abrupt appearance. “Well?”

“We’re running some final tests and I’m going to need to confirm the results but I think it worked.” Jennifer motioned towards a small, private room. “He’s in there playing on his laptop. I isolated him so that he wouldn’t have to answer any questions.”

“And you’ve kept this out of his medical records?”

“Of course, Rodney, just like we agreed. If and when we have to report to anyone that he’s sterile, it’ll be chalked up to an injury. It isn’t like he hasn’t been tortured in the extreme over the years. I’m honestly surprised the retrovirus didn’t kill his reproductive system outright when it happened. Regardless, no one will ever know we did this and even if they suspected it they won’t be able to prove it. The device we used is actually designed to regenerate cells.” She pushed him towards the door. “I need a sperm sample. There is a sample container on the tray table.”

“You’re a freak. Does David know this about you?”

She just laughed. “Yep, and he loves me anyway. Go.”

John was lounging on the bed in a pair of shorts and T-shirt when he walked in. Rodney closed the door and flipped the lock as he looked up. “Hey.”

“Hey, how do you feel?”

“Relieved,” John admitted. “The thought of them… of anyone… you’ve seen the footage of that bug I turned into, Mer. I couldn’t imagine passing that on to a child.” He set aside his computer and scooted over when Rodney took off his shoes and slid onto the bed with him. “How did things go with Dad?”

“He went, he threatened, he returned amused and eerily pleased with himself,” Rodney murmured. “I think Richards will play ball especially when compounded with the fact that he can’t hide from us. That organic tracker Carrie designed is a work of art. Granted, we won’t have immediate access to him like we would if we’d put a subcutaneous transmitter in him but I can scan the whole planet in under four hours. He’s probably too freaked out to even leave the country so he’ll stick close to home which will make finding him very easy. Besides, Rico and Travis will be following his ass around for as long as we need.”

John nodded. “Talk with Declan about rotating men out. Let’s keep the team on Richards as fresh as possible.”

“I’ll do some more hiring if necessary,” Rodney murmured. “So, I heard you have to give a sample.”

Sheppard laughed. “Yeah.” He reached out and retrieved a tube with a lid on it. “I can’t believe my brother’s girlfriend ordered me to jerk off.”

“Worse? She sent me in here to help you.”

“She’ll always be my favorite sister in law,” John declared. “Seriously.”

“She’s likely to be your only sister-in-law,” Rodney reminded. He ran one hand down John’s thigh and then back up to rest on his stomach. Spreading his fingers wide, he rubbed against the muscles he found there until John relaxed against him. “You know you’ll have to help me with this one day.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, when we’re ready to make a baby,” Rodney nuzzled against his John’s neck and then chuckled as John lifted his hips in an effort to help get rid of the shorts. “I’ll probably have to donate at least twice so there will be plenty on hand for the process.”

“We should let Sebastian pick out the donor egg,” John murmured. “He’ll feel like he’s part of the process.”

“Agreed.” Rodney took the sample container and slid down John’s body. “Don’t forget to warn me; else we’ll be in here all day trying to get a specimen for her.”

John sucked in a breath. “And wouldn’t that be a travesty?” He groaned softly as McKay took the head of his cock into his mouth. “Christ, Mer, you locked the door, right?”

Rodney only nodded and shifted slightly so he could take John deep into his mouth.

– – – – –

John relaxed as their bedroom door opened just enough to let light from the entryway enter. He saw his son’s silhouette and waited while Sebastian made the decision if he was going to come all the way into the room. They’d been home five days and this was the first night he’d made it all the way to their door. All the other nights, he’d turned around and either gone back to his own room or slipped into his grandfather’s.

Sebastian entered the room, shut the door, and leaned on it. The darkness stretched out between them. John didn’t have the first clue to what to say but he figured that Sebastian knew he was awake.

“Come on, kid.” Rodney slid over a little and made room between them. “You’ve got an early day tomorrow if you want to go on the trip to the Ancient outpost with us.”

Sebastian crossed the room and crawled up from the bottom of their bed. “Will you let me sit in the chair?”

“Maybe, but only if we’re alone.” Rodney covered him up and sighed. “I don’t want anyone to witness its reaction to you.”

“Yeah, okay.” Sebastian sighed. “Sorry to wake you up.”

“We weren’t asleep,” Rodney assured. “Your Dad was staring at the ceiling and I was staring at him.”

Sebastian laughed. “Yeah?”

“Yeah, he’s very attractive.” Rodney sighed. “I’m sort of stupid on that front but don’t tell anyone.”

John snorted and rolled to his side. “You okay?”


“Bad dream?”

“Not, yet.” Sebastian frowned. “I was sort of hoping to head it off at the pass though. I don’t want to wake up everyone again by screaming like a little girl. It’s not cool. Some things are private.”

“I understand that.” John let his head rest on one hand. “I know the security stuff feels like an invasion of your privacy but it’s their job to be observant but unobtrusive. They’ll always be here, Sebastian. That’s a good thing and a bad thing.”

“No privacy but at least I won’t have to worry about anyone messing with me,” Sebastian murmured.

“Exactly and you do have privacy. The voice recognition software—we can modify it so it will only respond to your safe word as long as you promise to come to us if you need to talk about your bad dreams.” Rodney took a deep breath. “I know I went a little overboard with that so we can scale it back—but not so much that there isn’t something in place for you to call for help. This house is too big and we’d never hear you otherwise.”

“I understand.” Sebastian wiggled his feet under the covers and burrowed down deep in the pillow. “That would work. Just a safe word and not the other stuff. I’ll try not to keep stuff to myself when things are bad.”

“Sounds good,” John tapped his nose gently. “Stop trying to pull the sheet out from the bottom of the mattress.”

“It’s all straight and weird down there,” Sebastian protested. “How can you sleep in a bed this orderly?”

Rodney just laughed. “Two against one, John.”

John sighed and rolled onto his back. “I live with a bunch of messy heathens. It’ll be the death of me.” He grinned in the darkness as Sebastian and Rodney both started to wiggle their feet in earnest.

After a few minutes, they’d loosened the top sheet sufficiently and settled back down to sleep. They fell asleep within seconds of each other and John let himself just lay there and listen to them breathe.

The End

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