The Shield

Title: The Shield
Author: Keira Marcos
Series title: The Sentinels of Atlantis
Series Order: 4
Fandom: Sentinel/Stargate Fusion
Rating: R
Pairings: McKay/Sheppard (many secondary pairings)
Warnings: Explicit sex, adult language, violence
Summary: Rodney finds a personal shield and his Sentinel suffers when the shield malfunctions.

– – – –

For the first fifteen minutes or so it had been the coolest fucking thing ever. Then for the twenty minutes after that, it had been a source of honest to God ‘woohoo’ fun. After that, he’d forced himself to actually start collecting data on it. Of course, in retrospect he should have told his Sentinel what he was up to—but he got caught up in the excitement.

So, when he let Peter Grodin push him off the balcony in the gateroom he really wasn’t thinking about how it would look to anyone else, including his Sentinel. He scrambled to his feet just as John hit the gateroom floor, with murder in his eye and Grodin in his sights.

Rodney blinked. “No, wait, John!” He got between his Sentinel and Grodin. “It’s an experiment. He only did what I asked him to do!”

John reached out for him, anger bleeding away but concern still simmering all around him, and actually hissed when he encountered the energy field of the shield. “What the hell, McKay? I’ve been looking for you everywhere!”

“Oh, Ancient personal shield.”

Sheppard pressed against the shield and it shimmered around McKay. “Take it off. Take it off, right now. I can’t… I can’t even hear your heart beat, Rodney.”

“Fuck.” Rodney grimaced. He put his hand over a small device on his chest and blinked in shock when he couldn’t actually touch it. “Fuck.”

John’s gaze darkened. “It won’t come off?”

– – – –

Elizabeth cleared her throat. “From what I’ve been able to gather from the Ancient database, the experiments on personal shields were shelved due to malfunctions similar to this one. The shield itself is powered by a small naquadah reactor and was designed to run for hundreds of years or under extreme fire. The problem came when the shields had to be removed. We know there is a mental component in all Ancient technology.”

“Right, so why can’t I just think ‘off’ at it?” John demanded, his hand sliding over Rodney’s arm and encountering the energy field. “I have the strongest gene on the whole city.”

“It’s imprinted on McKay. It will only work for him.” Elizabeth took a deep breath. “And the best theory the original scientist offered was the men and women within the experiment had deep unconscious fears that made it impossible for them to give up the safety of the shield offers.”

John nodded. “Dr. Weir, if you could leave us?”

Elizabeth stood. “Of course, and I’ll continue to read to see what I can find out. There have to be safety protocols in place—at this point he can’t even eat.”

John stood up from the table and walked away as the doors shut on Elizabeth. “I don’t… I’ve done everything I can think of to demonstrate how seriously I take your safety, Guide.”

Rodney blinked in shock. “John.”

“No, we have some issues here that aren’t being addressed.” John waved his hand in McKay’s direction. “Otherwise you still wouldn’t be wearing that shield. I know our circumstances out here aren’t ideal but you have to know that I would do anything to keep you safe.”

“I know that, John. I know how much you love me, how much I mean to you—even beyond our bond.” Rodney’s hands clenched into fists. “The only thing I fear, John, is surviving if you don’t. You’re my everything—everything I could possibly want and life without you now would just seem pretty fucking pointless.”

The silence stretched between them and Rodney stood up. He went to his Sentinel, taking in the tense lines of John’s body and the dark fury in his eyes. “John.”

“I can’t… smell you, touch you, hear your heart… it’s like you’ve been taken from me.” John swallowed hard. “You can’t know what it was like the moment you put that thing on. I felt like someone put a knife in my gut. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t have a feral episode. The only thing that kept me on my feet was the bond—I can still feel it but it’s like its been muted, pushed too deep to interact with.”

– – – –

Radek Zelenka would have preferred to live the rest of his life in isolation. But that was cowardly and he had not crawled out of his former country and into a better life because he was a coward or because he was afraid of a challenge. He’d worked hard to get everything he had in his life—sacrificing material and personal gain to achieve what he had professionally.

His Guide, the very center of his universe walked at his side. Their mental and physical connection stunned him—the soul deep attraction they shared woke possessive and even dominant traits he’d never even known he had. He couldn’t even look at David without picturing him spread out on their bed, his legs spread, his back arched in pleasure as he begged to be fucked. He got half hard just thinking about it.

David chuckled. “We have work to do, Radek. Rodney needs your help.”

Radek only nodded as they entered the main lab he’d been told that Rodney had sequestered himself in. Sheppard was pacing silently on one side of the room and he winced at the tense fury he saw in his fellow Sentinel. McKay and the Colonel had been bonded for seven months; it must be an agony to be separated like they currently were.

“How are your levels?” John asked, suddenly.

Radek blinked, surprised by his concern. “I’m good, Colonel. David said I should be fit for full duty within the month. I’m a fast learner.”

John nodded. “Good. Good.” He turned his back on everyone in the room. “We’ll need you for field work so you’ll have to qualify on weapons…”

“I was conscripted in my former country’s army at fifteen years old, Colonel. I served for ten years before I was allowed to leave to complete my education. I won’t have a problem learning to use the weapons we’ve brought.” Radek cleared his throat. “To that end, we need the ZAT we brought from research and development.”

“A ZAT?” Rodney asked with a frown. “What ever for?”

“To drain the power source of the shield.” Radek waved a hand. “Energy impacts should drain it very quickly.” He picked up a tablet PC and walked away muttering. “Perhaps twenty hits because it is already mostly depleted.”

“Two will kill him!” John protested.

“None of the blasts will actually hit him, Colonel.” Radek looked up from the computer. “We will know when to stop firing because the shield will fall off.”

– – – –

Rodney sighed. “It was a good idea.”

Radek frowned at the shield that still shimmered around McKay. The ZAT had actually fed the power source so now it had three times more power than it had when they’d started. “It’s ingenious actually.”

“Yes,” Rodney admitted. “The crafty bastards.” He glanced towards his Sentinel and all he saw was the symptoms of bond withdrawal. It hurt to see John tense, his eyes dark with mental pain, his hands shaking slightly as he tried to maintain his cool under circumstances that no other modern Sentinel had probably ever had to endure. “John?”

“I went over twenty-five years without a Guide, Rodney.” John slouched down in a chair near the large window in the lab. “It’s just been a few hours.”

It wasn’t remotely the fucking same and every man in the room knew it but Rodney let it slide. If John needed to put on a front to help maintain his cool then he wouldn’t disagree with him in public. He reached out for him mentally and choked back a gasp of pain as he encountered the shield. The mental bond between them strained and the brilliant silver strands that had connected them for months started to thin. Rodney stumbled and barely caught himself on the counter. John sprung from his slouch in an instant and went to him. The shield shimmered between them as soon as he reached him but he didn’t let go this time.


McKay shuddered and turned his face away from everyone but John. “It’s killing our bond.”

“I know,” John whispered. “You’ll figure this out; it’ll be okay.”

– – – –

Jennifer and Vala exchanged looks as John stumbled into the infirmary. They’d been waiting for him; both convinced that it wouldn’t be long before he would seek sedation and the safety they could both provide. She already had the drug cocktail prepared—something her own Sentinel had insisted be tested on himself before he let it anywhere near their Alpha Sentinel. She glanced at Evan who was tucked into an infirmary bed sleeping the sleep of the just. It had probably been months since he’d slept so soundly. The stress of the mission had taken a lot out of all of them.

Vala and Cameron Mitchell helped John strip down to boxers and a T-shirt. A rash was already spreading over his back, and bruises appeared under their gentle touches despite the care they took. The rest of the infirmary staff stayed back, careful to adhere strictly to Keller’s instructions on the care and handling of a Sentinel in distress. She’d worked her staff hard before the mission—teaching them how important it was to handle any Sentinel or Guide with a different kind of care and understanding to prevent further injury.


She reached out, immediately and settled her hand on his arm. He shuddered at the contact and Vala followed suit, her touch purposeful and meant to sooth. Had John been unbonded, they would have found him very unreceptive to their touch. Bonded Sentinels, however, developed an inherent trust in Guides that helped smooth the way. They couldn’t offer him anything like his own Guide but it would be enough to settle him before he zoned out or lost his mental shield completely.

“Everyone is so fucking scared,” John murmured. “Scared and desperate. I don’t know… how they even stand to move in their skin.”

“You need to keep your shield up, John; you can’t afford to go down like this.” Jennifer ran her fingers across his brow and took a deep breath. “I’m going to give you a sedative. It’s going to knock you on your ass but it will help.”

“I’ve had reactions before.”

“I know. I’m very familiar with your medical history and I feel good about this. Very good. I wouldn’t have tested it on my Sentinel if I weren’t sure.”

He nodded. “Yeah, okay.” John blinked a few times and turned his head toward her again. “Watch out for Rodney. He’s going to make himself sick working on this.”

“We’ll do all we can, John,” Vala murmured. “I’m going to build you a shield. You might find my presence in your mind invasive but I only want to help.”

“Trust you.” John’s fingers curled into the sheets beneath him.

– – – –

“Rodney, you aren’t concentrating.”

Rodney shoved aside his laptop. “I can’t even work. The shield keeps spreading out over the keyboard and hitting twenty keys at the same time.” He took a deep breath. “I can’t believe I did this. So stupid and fucking reckless.”

“You couldn’t have known it would be…” Miko trailed off when Rodney turned and glared at her. “You just couldn’t have known.”

“The wellbeing of my Sentinel should be my first concern in everything I do and I didn’t once consider what he would think when I slapped this stupid shield on. It never once crossed my mind to contact him and it should have.” He closed his eyes against the helpless and unproductive anger. The only positive thing about the shield was that he couldn’t broadcast any of his emotions past it. Rodney frowned and paused. “Why the hell would the Ancients build a shield that would contain mental energies? We know they had Sentinels among their population—it makes no sense to build a shield that wouldn’t be useful for Guides in the field.”

Everyone in the lab stopped moving and Radek took a deep breath. “Then it’s not a shield, Rodney. It’s a containment field… to contain of some kind of threat.”

“A threat that can project psionic energy.” David Parrish’s voice hardened as he spoke. “The Wraith. The Ancient database said the Wraith could make others hallucinate and their feeding apparatus is in their hand.” He looked down at Rodney’s hands. “Every time you flatten out your hand—the shield expands around it but it doesn’t expand around your feet when you walk.”

Radek reached out and prodded the field. “No painful feedback for those who touch it, but you can’t interact meaningfully with anything your environment and you can’t eat.”

“The Wraith only eat us,” Rodney snapped.

“They wouldn’t design a shield that would limit themselves in such a fashion. This isn’t the shield that Elizabeth read about.” Radek frowned and clicked his radio. He winced only slightly at the sound it made. “Elizabeth, the shield research—it was a personal project for one scientist, yes?” He was silent for a few seconds and then nodded. “Can you see if he worked on anything larger—say for perhaps Wraith containment fields?”

Ten hours later, Rodney lingered at his Sentinel’s side—the bastardized shield/containment field shimmering around him because he kept disturbing it by touching John. He couldn’t help himself—couldn’t control the urge to hold his hand, run his fingers down his arm even though the touches gave him nothing. It had been nearly thirty hours since he’d really touched John. His Sentinel had woke him with slow, warm hands and his quick wicked mouth the day before. Rodney had been close to coming before he was even completely awake. He loved mornings like that—he’d never known a more sensitive and giving lover in his life.

He touched John’s face and grimaced at the way the blue light of the shield highlighted the lines of pain on his Sentinel’s face that even heavy sedation couldn’t keep at bay. Rodney wanted to shout at Keller for knocking his Sentinel out—normally he would have never tolerated such a thing but he knew she’d had no choice and being a Guide herself, she wouldn’t be easy to put off the way mundanes could be.

Elizabeth entered the infirmary, a tablet PC clutched to her chest, her face relaxed for the first time in over fifteen hours. “Rodney, we have a solution.”

The relief was a quick, heady pleasure. “You found the control for the field?”

“You’re the control for the field.” Elizabeth turned the tablet PC so he could see it. “The containment field device was normally used to control Wraith prisoners, as Radek and David theorized but it wasn’t meant for long term use. There are actually a series of Wraith containment cells in a different tower—a prison facility. The guard who activated the shield is the one that can remove it.”

Rodney frowned at her. “I’ve tried repeatedly to deactivate it, Elizabeth.”

“This device isn’t a toaster, Rodney,” Elizabeth explained patiently. “It was designed to hold a prisoner so it isn’t like just thinking off at it would be enough. Radek has found one of the containment cells. We believe if you enter one of them and tell the device that the prisoner is secure—that it will fall off.”

“And then I’ll be in a bigger prison?” Rodney asked dryly.

“No, we’re removing the door so the cell can’t close.” Elizabeth rocked on the balls of her feet. “Now, hurry up. Jennifer thinks that John is going to wake the moment the containment field deactivates so they are going to move him to your quarters and keep him contained until you can get him. We don’t need him in a feral bonding drive within the city.”

Rodney tilted his head. “You’ve been reading.”

She flushed a little. “I made a mistake with John within minutes of meeting him—I didn’t want to make any more so yes, I’ve been reading. I’ve read everything I could get my hands on pertaining to Sentinels and Guides—at least as much as a mundane can get access to. I can’t say I don’t have questions but I do know enough to realize how dangerous he’s going to be once he wakes up.”

– – – –

Rodney stared down at the device for a few seconds—that was all he had before the bond flared between him and his Sentinel so fast and so hot that his knees buckled. He waved off Miko and Radek who immediately rushed forward to help him. “No, he doesn’t need to smell you on me—it’ll make him crazy.” McKay paused and considered that briefly. “More crazy.”

“You should go then.”

He really should, John was doing well to keep himself still but he knew that even as strong as his Sentinel was—he had his limits. Those limits had been sorely tested in the near thirty-two hours they’d been separated by the shield device. His gaze dropped to the floor, where the small Ancient device lay. “Find out more about it, Radek. If this was an effective tool against the Wraith, we need to know all we can about it.”

By the time he got to the transporter that would return him to the residential tower, his mind and body were both humming with the need to reconnect physically with his Sentinel. They’d been separated for longer periods before—mostly on Earth when they’d been preparing for the mission but never had the separations been against their will.

Mitchell and Lorne were guarding their door when he exited the transporter. He was relieved to see they’d taken the duty personally rather than assign Marines to the task. The last thing that John wanted to do was go feral in front of the men. He was a powerful Sentinel and going feral in front of mundanes was never a pleasant situation.

The door slid open as he came to a stop in front of it. Their quarters were pitch black, even the windows had darkened in response to John’s needs. “I won’t need you; but I’d like you both to personally guard the door until we’re both down for the night.”

“Yeah, no problem, Rodney.” Cameron relaxed against the wall. “We’ve got nowhere else to be.”

The door shut behind him with an audible thud. He glanced back at it a little startled. Ancient technology was, for the most part, elegant and eerily quiet. McKay pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it aside—then he was penned to the door. John’s hands were hard, demanding his arms as he pushed face against the side of Rodney’s neck.

McKay forced himself to relax in his Sentinel’s hold. He knew that John wouldn’t hurt him—no matter his state of mind. Teeth clenched on his skin and he scrambled against Sheppard as blood flowed between them. John growled against his neck, his lips drawing on the small wound for a few seconds before he lifted his mouth away. His whispered apologies were soft puffs of air against Rodney’s jaw and mouth as John inhaled deeply. Hands deftly unbuckled his belt and unzipped him; Rodney barely had time to catch his breath before Sheppard slid to his knees and took his cock in his mouth.

Rodney let his head drop back against the door with a sharp thud and exhaled as John swallowed around his swollen erection. A small trickle of blood slid down the side of his neck and across his chest. His fingers clenched in John’s hair, tugging just enough to stimulate but not so much that it took his Sentinel out of the moment. It was overwhelming, the need and near mindless lust pouring off his Sentinel.

– – – –

Evan Lorne thumped his head back against the wall. “Jesus fucking Christ.”

Cameron choked a little on his laughter. “Yeah, they are pretty hard to take when things are normal.” He shifted against the wall and blew out a breath. “I have the Marines searching for those devices—I’m going to box them up and put them out of the reach of every Guide on the base.”

Evan laughed. “Yeah, great idea.” He wondered silently what the hell McKay had been thinking testing such a thing on himself but he pushed that thought aside and forced himself to relax against the wall. They were going to be there a while.

“McKay isn’t used to having a Sentinel,” Cameron murmured as if he’d read Evan’s mind. “Most, including himself, thought he’d never bond. Sometimes I think he must believe that he’s dreaming and he’s going to wake up alone.”

“He was online for a long time, right?”

“They’ve both been online since they were very young. If we had a better system they would have been matched when they were at least in their late teens.” Cameron turned his head and watched with a grin as his wife came out of the transporter. She was swinging a canvas bag, her black hair tumbling around her shoulders in he rarely saw outside of their quarters. “Guide.”

Vala offered him a grin that was just short of feral. “Sentinel.” She lifted an eyebrow in question. “I thought perhaps you might be hungry.”

“Not for food,” Cameron muttered and Evan snorted.

Vala just laughed. “Well, we’ll just have to settle for the sandwiches I brought.” She slid into the lotus position against the opposite wall from them both and laid out their food. “Jennifer should be finished in the infirmary within the hour but she asked me to bring you some food as well, Major.”

“Thanks.” Evan took a deep breath and grabbed the water bottle she offered up. “How is it coming on the ATA gene search?”

“We’ve found six members of the expedition with dormant Sentinel-Guide genes and about fifteen who have a recessive ATA gene but no matching Sentinel-Guide genome so far. The database has been providing Dr. Weir with very good results on the gene therapy front and Jennifer believes she can start a trial run with her little white creatures next week.” Vala shuddered. “She’s starting to name them—I told her it was a mistake.”

Evan chuckled and took the sandwich she offered up. He unwrapped it and shrugged. “She knows the mice might not survive the experiment.”

“If she names them…” Vala trailed off and sighed. “You know we’ll all be attending little funerals—she’ll bury them at sea in little boxes with bows on them.” Both men stared at her horror. “You know she will. She’s very tender hearted.”

“Yeah.” Evan nodded. “She is.” It was actually one of the best things about his Guide—she was beautiful inside and out. He’d grown up with only brothers and had spent most of career surrounded by men. Jennifer’s soft femininity was the kind of sanctuary he’d only ever dreamt about.

– – – –

The quick burn of three slick fingers sliding into his ass made Rodney groan aloud and exhale softly as John worked him open roughly. It was far more preparation than he’d figured he would get with his Sentinel as far gone as he was. The fingers were jerked free and then the blunt head of a cock took their place—pressing without mercy until the muscle gave way and suddenly he was full.

McKay propped himself up on his forearms, spread his legs a little wider, and arched into the penetration. John’s fingers clenched on his hips, jerking him backward hard. The pace was brutal—by far the roughest ride he’d ever gotten out of his Sentinel. Their skin smacked together lewdly, the slick wet sounds of John thrusting his cock into his ass was so fucking hot that Rodney could barely stand it. His own cock strained, leaked, and jerked with each punishing jab of John’s dick against his prostate.

John’s teeth clenched on his shoulder blade and McKay shuddered. “Come!”

Rodney met the demand before he could even process it. His body emptied into the tangle of sheets beneath them and his vision darkened briefly. The only thing that kept him from collapsing was John’s grip on his hips. John hammered into him three more times and tensed with a low groan of pleasure and pain.

He pressed his face against Rodney’s back and took a deep shuddering breath. “Fuck. Fuck.”

“It’s okay,” Rodney whispered.

“No.” John carefully pulled free of him. “Jesus. I can smell blood.” The lights flared on brightly and he ran his hands down Rodney’s back and over his ass. “Fuck, did I tear you?”

“No.” Rodney assured and carefully maneuvered away from his Sentinel. He turned to face him. “You did, however, bite me several times.” He touched his neck and then his shoulder. “I’m fine, John.”

John touched the wound on his Guide’s neck with a frown. “I’m sorry. I can’t believe I hurt you.”

Rodney covered his hand with his own and held on tightly. “You didn’t hurt me, John. It wasn’t so long ago that biting was considered part of the Sentinel-Guide bonding ritual. We have a very strong, even primal bond. I’m honestly surprised that this is the first time you’ve bitten me hard enough to draw blood.”

John flushed and sat back on his heels. “We should get some antibiotic cream from the infirmary and treat these. I don’t want you to get infected.” He ran his fingers over the impression of teeth and lingered on the four places he’d broken skin on his Guide’s neck. “This is probably going to scar.”

“I’ve seen Guides with similar bite marks before,” Rodney admitted. “Sandburg has one. He said Ellison gave it to him during a rite of passage ritual in Peru. They have a very profound bond, you know—they’ve been bonded for nearly twenty years.”

“I envy them,” John admitted. “I hate the years that I lived through without you.” He left the bed abruptly and went in search of a pair of pants and then his radio. He clicked it twice to get a private ‘officers only’ channel on the military radio network and sighed. “Major Lorne, can you ask your Guide to bring some antibiotic cream to my quarters?”

“Sir?” Evan questioned softly.

“Tell her I bit him,” John ground out and then abruptly turned off his radio. It rankled to involve someone else in the care of his Guide; especially considering the events of the last two days. He tossed the ear piece on the desk that neither of them used and sat down abruptly in a chair. “You know I worked hard not to be…” He flushed.

“A throwback of civilized man?” Rodney asked as he exited the bathroom tying a pair of thin cotton pants at his waist. He stripped their bed. Tossing the sheets near their pile of clothes, he went in search of their other set. “You’re doing laundry tomorrow.”

John frowned. He hated the Ancient washing machines but they’d honestly been thrilled to find them. They made weird noises and didn’t use water. It bothered him a lot that hot water wasn’t involved even though he’d been assured by more than one geek that the sonic washers were actually three hundred times more efficient than a traditional washing machine from Earth. His clothes had never been more sanitized and completely, utterly odorless. As a Sentinel, he should have appreciated that—but really it just made him homesick but he would be damned if he was going to voice aloud that he missed the ‘Downey freshness’ that the Pegasus galaxy had wiped out of his life in just two weeks.

The door signaled and Rodney went to answer it. Jennifer and Vala both slipped in; leaving their Sentinels hovering in the doorway. Vala offered John a sassy grin. “Who knew you’d be a biter?”

John flushed and shot her the finger just on general principal. “I don’t suppose that happened on your world?”

She pulled the neck of her T-shirt to one side and turned slightly to give him a look at the bite mark on the back of her left shoulder. “I don’t think I considered us properly bonded until Cameron bit me.”

“She insisted on it,” Cameron muttered from the doorway. “Made me a nervous wreck. I made her get three shots from Dr. Lam the next day.”

John looked toward his Guide and found Rodney staring at him intently. One glance towards Jennifer confirmed that she’d pulled out a needle. “What’s that?”

“Broad spectrum antibiotic. The human bite is quite nasty, really. Lots of room for infection and considering our environment I’d like to avoid that if possible.” She jabbed it in Rodney’s arm and smiled when McKay hissed under his breath at her. “Oh, don’t be a pansy.”

“I think bonding turned you into an asshole,” McKay muttered.

“Nah,” Jennifer waved him off cheerfully and then dropped a small tube of cream into his hand. “I was born this way.”

“I pity your parents,” he muttered as he walked away rubbing his arm. “Everyone get out.”

John said nothing as Jennifer packed up her medical kit and everyone did as his Guide requested. He knew that most of the bad mood Rodney was projecting was actually a manifestation of his own guilt and anger at what he’d done to his lover. The door snicked shut gently and he locked it with a thought. The locks clicking into place motivated Rodney to set about making the bed. Mentally, he touched their bond and the relief at finding it strong and flexible once more was nearly overwhelming.

The lights dimmed and John started. Rodney offered him a mild glare and rolled his eyes. “You aren’t the only one around here that can make things blink on and off with your mind.”

John laughed reluctantly. “You know that’s the really cool part.”

“It is,” Rodney agreed. “Come to bed.”

“I don’t want to hurt you again.”

Rodney dropped down on the mattress and actually sighed. “Do you have any idea, really, what a status symbol you are for me?”

John blinked. “What? Excuse me?”

“You’re probably one of the most powerful Sentinels Earth has known since the Ancients. I doubt anyone has achieved a bond as strong and as durable as ours since the Ancients—not in thousands of years. I am the bonded Guide of an Alpha Sentinel Prime—even if we stopped using those titles ten years ago. That’s what you are and since you stopped hiding it every Sentinel you come across probably has to fight the urge to drop to their goddamned knees and swear themselves to you. John, you could command an army of thousands.”

“And I bit you,” John snapped. “Like some caveman.”

“Trust me—it was hot.”

He huffed out a laugh and rubbed his face. “God, Rodney.”

“No, really, it was. Now come to bed. I’m exhausted. I haven’t slept in thirty hours and I had wild primitive sex. The Guide handbook says I’m allowed to sleep and not have to worry about your burgeoning cave man complex until in the morning.”

John left the chair with a sigh and walked to the bed. “I just never want you to fear me, Rodney. It would… it would be more than I could stand.”

“I could never fear you. I love you too much for that,” McKay promised as John slid under the sheet beside him. “I swear.”

John turned into him and pulled him close. He pressed a kiss against his forehead. “You are never allowed to test a personal shield again.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Hmm.” John nuzzled against his neck.

“Ah, Christ, you have a military kink.” Rodney chuckled. “I’m never ever saluting you, Colonel.”

“I love you, too.” John closed his eyes and tightened his grip briefly as they both drifted into sleep.

The End

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