Ties that Bind: Always For You

Always For You
Keira Marcos
Ties That Bind
Series Order
: 5
Pairing: McShep (many other secondary pairings)
: Romance, BDSM
: NC-17
Word Count
: 16,200

Warnings: Graphic male/male sex, anal play, BDSM, violence, and exhibitionism (does any of that really make you not want to read it?). Evil!Carter, Marine!John

Summary: John and Rodney learn more about each other as they travel to Atlantis on the Daedalus. While everyone else adjusts to the new relationships that have formed around the pair.

Author’s Notes

This story was inspired by the works Coming Home and General & Dr. Sheppard by Xanthe. While this is not a story in the world she created, I did use her BDSM/Dynamic theme with her permission. I want to thank her sincerely for her generiosity and her contributions to this fandom and several others that I read. I highly recommend that you read EVERYTHING she’s ever written. SEE THE SERIES PAGE FOR FULL AUTHOR NOTES. I RECOMMEND YOU READ THEM!

* * * *

Matt rubbed his hand down the side of his overalls and balanced one foot on the floor of the large flight bay that held the fleet of X-302s they were taking to Atlantis. “Okay, so theoretically, if you were going to put a hyperspace generator in this, it would go here.”

“Yes.” Miko slid further under the craft beside Matt and slid one of her smaller hands in beside his. “In fact, we left space in the design to put in the hyperspace generator that we currently have in development at Area 51. We have a prototype with us but it could be more than a year before we can do any testing.” She wiggled in further and dragged her DeWalt with her. “Here, look at this.”

Matt grinned as she deftly took another panel off. “Why engineering?”

“Because I like to know how things work,” Miko murmured. “And my Master found my curiosity a novelty. Even when he realized I was serious in my desires to be educated intellectually he was pleased to indulge me.”

“Your father chose a good family for you.”

Miko made a soft sound of agreement. “It worked out well in the end. I wouldn’t have taken a collar from my Master’s oldest son as it had been arranged. I found him disagreeable from the moment I met him.”

Matt frowned. “Is he something we need to worry about, Miko?”

She hummed softly and pulled out an intricately connected motherboard. “I haven’t had any contact with him since I returned to the United States.”

“That didn’t answer my question,” Matt returned evenly.

“Kazuo is an arrogant and stubborn man,” Miko admitted as she shoved the DeWalt aside. “This section has controls for acceleration and weapons systems. The laser canon targeting system is in a forward section but the power relays through this area. Do you see?”

“Yeah,” Matt took a deep breath. “That’s pretty hot, Princess.”

Miko laughed. “It is mostly Dr. McKay’s design—Carter regulated him to this project because she thought it would never go anywhere. You can’t imagine how irritated she was when the Pentagon jumped all over building this design versus the one she worked on with Dr. Gordon.”

Matt sighed. “She’s an asshole, right?”

Miko hummed under her breath. “Well, as we learned during training… the anus can be a source of much stimulation and pleasure so no I would not say she is an asshole.”

Matt sputtered and let his head thump back on the floor. “Wow.”

Miko nudged him with her elbow. “What is the most useless body part within the pleasure arts?”

Matt grinned. “No such thing, Sweetheart, the entire human body is an instrument of pleasure in the right hands.”

“Then she can not be called any part of the human body,” Miko continued primly. “So, we must think of her as a…”

“Bitch,” Matt determined decisively. “Definitely a bitch.”

“Agreed.” Miko pulled a small screwdriver from her overall pocket and started taking out another small circuit board. “Now, this section would be very important in a field repair…”

“What the fuck is going on here?”

Miko jerked her hand back, screamed, and shared a startled look with Matthew as they were both unceremoniously jerked out from underneath the X-302. One by each foot.

Matt rolled to his feet so fast that the man who had grabbed them both took two steps back in shock. “Did you have permission to touch either one us?” He hadn’t raised his voice but everyone in the room came to a dead halt. Matt held out a hand for Miko and casually pulled her to her feet easily.

“Who gave you permission to be in here taking a part an X-302?” The man demanded.

“That,” Matt began icily, “is the least of our problems. You put your hands on me and you put your hands on my little sister. I happen to have a real fucking problem with both of those events.”

“What are your names? I’m reporting you both to Colonel Caldwell.”

“That’s an excellent place for us to start,” Matt snapped. “I’m Lt. Commander Matthew Sheppard and this X-302 is mine. This is my little sister, Dr. Miko Kusanagi; she is the flight engineer for the entire fleet of X-302s being taken to Atlantis. That would be every ship in this cargo bay. Now, who the fuck are you?”

The man exhaled sharply and everyone in the room was doing their best get as far from the scene as possible. “Major Kenneth Victor. Flight Commander for the X-302 squadron on this ship.”

“Well, Major—we have a problem. You put your hands on me and that pisses me off—but it’s the kind of thing I’m normally willing to forgive because most people can’t help how fucking ignorant they are when it comes to ways in which they are allowed to interact with a Geisha.” He moved in real close and got in his face. “But what I’m not going to forgive or tolerate is the fact you put your hands on her.”

“It isn’t like I saw your markings. I couldn’t even see your faces.”

“And that gives you the right to put your hands on people you don’t even know?” Matt demanded.

Victor flushed. “No, of course not.”

“No, apparently it just gives you the right to put your hands on people you assumed were civilian and submissive,” Matt continued. “Get the fuck out of my bay, Major, and if you come near her again we won’t do things so formally.”

“Formally?” Victor repeated with a frown.

“You’ll report your bad behavior to Colonel Caldwell or I’ll do it for you.” Matt glanced around the room. “Major Hughes, why don’t you escort Major Victor to his conversation with Colonel Caldwell?”

“Not a problem, Commander.” Devin Hughes inclined his head towards the door. “Major?”

“You can’t be serious.” Victor rolled his eyes. “I’m not going to be disciplined for touching someone.”

Devin cleared his throat. “That might be true of other submissives on this ship, Major Victor. The problem is that you put your hands on a civilian.” He glanced briefly at Miko Kusanagi. “A civilian under the protective guardianship of Colonel Sheppard.”

“She’s not collared!” Victor snapped.

“No, Major, she’s widowed,” Matt responded evenly.

* * * *

John paused in the doorway of Caldwell’s office and sighed. “Steven.”

“John.” Caldwell jerked his head towards the Air Force officer in his office. “Major Victor touched Dr. Kusanagi without her permission.”

John’s gaze narrowed. “I see and the context?” He stepped into the room and casually hit the button to close the door.

“He entered the cargo bay where we are housing the X-302s for Atlantis and found your brother and sister taking one apart. He admits to, in a fit of temper, jerking them both bodily out from underneath the craft by their feet.”

“So he put his hands on both Matthew and Miko without permission?” John questioned.

Caldwell sighed. “Yes, it would appear so. He didn’t know who they were but that’s really no matter because he obviously has no business touching anyone without permission.”

“Obviously,” John repeated.

“The Major is my third in command and the flight commander for our squadron. I would prefer that this issue be addressed in private.” Caldwell glanced at his computer screen and sighed. “Matthew has about six months time in rank ahead of the Major so…”

“He put his hands on a superior officer without permission as well,” John lifted an eyebrow and turned to stare at Victor. “Well, Major, when you fuck up—you don’t go small.”

Victor flushed and averted his gaze.

“Considering our situation,” John began. “I don’t feel comfortable requesting he be physically punished. We might need his ass in a seat if we encounter a problem while we are travelling to Atlantis. Even with the Tollan crème he wouldn’t be fit for duty for several days if I take a strap to him.”

“Agreed,” Caldwell nodded. “I can punish him when we return to Earth or we can go with a formal reprimand in his file.”

“It’s probably not the first time he hasn’t been able to keep his hands to himself,” John surmised. “Maybe he isn’t the type to learn from getting his ass spanked.”

“Maybe,” Caldwell agreed.

“Sir,” Victor swallowed hard. “If I get a formal reprimand for touching a superior officer who is submissive without permission—it’ll delay my next promotion by years.”

Caldwell raised an eyebrow. “You should’ve thought about that before you stuck your nose in business that wasn’t yours. You went down there to bully and throw your weight around. It isn’t as if I didn’t hear the radio chatter. One of your pilots reported two civilians taking a part an X-302.”

Victor seemed to fight the urge to shrug and John glanced him over. “Formal reprimand and confined to his quarters when he’s not on duty until you return to Earth?”

“Agreed,” Caldwell nodded. “Dismissed, Major.” He raised one eyebrow when the man started to speak. “Seriously? I don’t believe either one of us gave you permission to speak.”

John said nothing as the Air Force officer left. “Am I going to have to break someone down on this ship before we reach Atlantis?”

Caldwell considered that and frowned. “I don’t know, Colonel. I pride myself on running a tight ship but obviously I have a problem or two I wasn’t aware of. I’ll call in my 2IC—tear him a new one and then set him loose on the rest.”

John smirked. “Trickle-down ass-reaming?”

Steven laughed. “Yeah, something like that. It works well in small environments.”

John slouched down in his chair and propped his chin on one hand. “My drill sergeant in boot camp said if I learned nothing from him—I would learn that shit rolls aggressively down hill.”

Caldwell snorted.

* * * *

Evan watched in silence as Matthew Sheppard slammed through the locker room. The showers had cleared out so quickly when the Geisha had arrived to shower that Evan nearly laughed just watching it. An officer in a temper was one thing, but apparently the baby brother of John Sheppard in a temper was another matter all together.

“I don’t need a sitter, Major.”

Evan raised an eyebrow at the tone. “No, I get that.”

“Then why are you watching me like I’m going to explode?”

“Because I heard you came pretty close to it already this morning,” Evan admitted. “I’d like to know where that came from, that’s all.”

Matt pursed his lips and pulled a t-shirt on. “Miko hasn’t been touched by a Dom since her Master died nearly five years ago.”

Evan’s mouth dropped open. “Excuse me?”

“Not even dominant medical personnel at the SGC were given permission to touch her, Evan. She had an extended mourning period and wore her deceased Master’s collar for four years against the wishes of her Geisha Mistress. I really think she only took off his collar last year to deflect some attention from Rodney. She took it off when he was divorcing Carter.”


“I wouldn’t put it on the level of sexual assault but she’s only known one man her entire life and that was her Master. She was collared the same day she was marked by Lotus.”

“She wasn’t penetrated by a Master during her training?”

Matt shook his head. “Not a red petal Geisha. From the very moment it was determined what her path would be—she was elevated within the structure of the house. She had a Mistress and while she was intensively instructed on the pleasure arts—the first man to take her was the man who collared her.”

Evan exhaled in shock. “Okay.”

“Right, well, he had no business touching her without her permission. No one does, but especially not a Dom.” Matt sat down on the bench to put on his boots. “I sort of lost it a little, I guess.”

Evan laughed. “Nah, it’s good to know that the badassery runs in the family.”

Matt laughed shortly. “Yeah, okay.”

“There is no word as to why but Victor was confined to quarters and reprimanded instead of disciplined.” Evan shrugged when Matthew’s eyes widened in shock. “It’s probably not a good idea to physically discipline a man who might be called to lead his squad in combat. We will be traveling in areas where the Wraith might be a problem.”

Matt sighed and nodded. “Right. Okay.”

Evan laughed suddenly. “I think you freaked out the Marines a little.”

Matt glanced at him and blushed. “Shut up, respectfully.”

Evan grinned and shook his head. “I heard Miko is in her quarters. Did you want to grab some lunch for her and we could hang out? I’d like to check on her but I don’t want her to feel crowded.”

Matt nodded. “Not a problem.”

* * * *

Sean curled his fingers around the two tablet PCs he had in one hand as he slid into the mess hall. Declan had been in classes all morning—he knew that the men joining the Atlantis expedition had a lot of catch-up to do and his Dom was determined to make that learning curve as short as possible.

He gathered up some food and found a table near the large window in the room to sit. Nearly a full hour passed before he was disturbed. He glanced up at a throat being cleared.

“Can I sit?”

Sean glanced the woman over, assessing her posture and her overt interest. “No, I’m sorry. I’m not permitted to interact with Dominants socially on a one on one basis.”
The scientist blinked in surprise. “Are you kidding?”

“Not remotely,” Sean returned evenly. He glanced the woman over quickly and then averted his gaze.

“How do you expect to work on Atlantis with that kind of stipulation on you?” She demanded.

“Work is one thing—socializing outside of work is another.” He returned his attention to his computer screen. “Have a good day.”

She huffed in irritation and stalked away.

He glanced up briefly and found quite a few people at surrounding tables staring at him. He raised his eyebrow at a submissive near him and the soldier grinned. Sean shared an eye roll with the Marine and went back to his computer screen.

He had another thirty minutes of uninterrupted time before two trays slapped down at the table. He looked up to find Allison Porter and Rodney McKay getting settled.


“Heard you pissed off Dr. Sauliss,” Allison said in way of starting a conversation.

Sean sighed. “I’m sure. Is that a problem?” He looked at Rodney as he asked. “I don’t know that Declan would relax his stance on that point and I’ve never had to kiss anyone’s ass because I’ve spent all of my time in academics. I didn’t even teach during my doctorate and I went into the program collared… so there was never any question of me being available for anything.”

“No, it’s not a problem.” Rodney assured. “How you and your Dom manage your dynamic is private and others will just have to adjust to it.” He grimaced. “As for Dr. Sauliss, she’s probably just pissed that she didn’t get to spend time with you.”

Sean blushed. “McKay.”

“What?” Rodney laughed. “I’m sure you’re aware of your looks. Many Doms would be quite pleased just to sit with you and talk. It’s probably why the Master Chief has the policy he has about your social interactions.”

“Anne doesn’t like me to visit with tops socially without her either.” Allison shrugged. “She says that some tops take that kind of interaction to mean that I might be available for more if they ask. Well, she hates being asked.”

Sean shifted in his chair and wondered how many offers Declan had fielded since he’d been collared. Never once had he thought that his Dom might share him so they’d never even discussed it. He blushed at the thought and averted his gaze.

“You’re borrowing trouble,” Rodney finally said. “Your Master doesn’t appear to be the kind to let someone else touch what belongs to him and he certainly can’t be ordered to.”

Sean set aside his computer and frowned. “We’ve never lived on base, you know. He’s been stationed state side since I was collared and while I’ve done some field work with him when he’s on assignment and my work allowed it—I’ve never had to live in a military environment like we will on Atlantis.”

“Worried?” Allison questioned.

“You’ve done combat postings with your Dom?” Sean asked. “Both of you?”

Allison nodded. “Yes, but I’ve worked with the American military since I graduated from college. I’ve been apart of the SGC for several years. Anne followed me to my new job when I was posted at Area 51 a few years back.”

“Not with John but I was married before and my wife was in the Air Force. I went through the gate with her for two years.” Rodney shrugged. “The best advice I can give you already know—just pay attention and follow orders. The last thing you need to be is a weakness for him in the field. He could get himself killed defending you if you lose it.”

Sean nodded. “Yeah, I know… I know.” He picked up his coffee. “I heard Matthew Sheppard had the third in command of this ship reprimanded for touching him without permission.”

“Well, him and Dr. Kusanagi,” Allison corrected. “I heard he was so pissed off that half the Marines in the cargo bay were convinced he was channeling the Colonel.”

Rodney sighed. “I heard he cleared out the entire locker room when he showered and then secluded himself with Miko.”

* * * *

John leaned on the desk in the front of the room and reviewed the men and women he was taking with him to Atlantis. “Good afternoon, I’m sure most of you have heard about what happened in the cargo bay this morning.” He paused and glanced around the room, centering on Matthew who was leaning on the back wall beside Evan Lorne before he continued. “Here’s the barest of facts about Geisha—the only time you’re allowed to touch a Geisha, no matter their collar status, without permission or invitation is if they are in a medical emergency or mortal peril in a combat situation. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.”

He watched them digest that and he could see questions forming. John cleared his throat and continued. “I realize most of you have no experience with Lotus House so I do understand how you could be confused by this. Most uncollared submissives are openly sexual, affectionate, and available to your touch and your interest.

“While I’m not suggesting that you can’t approach them for play—it must be done in a certain way, with a certain regard to their status. The pleasure houses in Japan train and release into society upwards of five thousand submissives every six months. They mark five Geisha a year in the Lotus House—no more and no less. The Heian House marks one Dragon a year. A Geisha, no matter their pleasure house, is the top of the food chain in Japan—they outrank most Doms in their culture both in social and political standing. I’m sure that concept is as alien to you as the little grey guy on the bridge.” Everyone laughed.

“That doesn’t make it any less true,” John continued.  “We have two Lotus Geisha on this ship and you may have noticed that Dr. Miko Kusanagi has red petals instead of the more familiar white. Many of you are from the SGC and while you might not have understood General O’Neill’s hands off policy I’m told you respected it. Miko is a widowed Geisha. She mourned her Dom for four years and only took off his collar in the last ten months. She has red petals because she is of royal blood and is 87th in line for the throne of Japan. She’s a princess within the Lotus House and my adopted sister. If a single one of you treats her with disrespect or puts your hands on her without her consent—I will beat you mute. Understood?”

“Understood, sir!”

“Good.” John picked up a remote control and started the large monitor behind him. He glanced at the picture and winced. “This ugly bitch is a Wraith Queen. We pulled this footage off the field cam of a dead Marine six months ago. All Wraith have limited empathic abilities and in the right circumstances can make you see things that simply aren’t there. They use this disorient you—make it easier to take you and feed from you. I caution you that this footage is not pretty. You’re about to witness the last three minutes of Corporal Tyler Mahn’s life and to say he suffered is an understatement.”

He started the .avi file with a glance towards Evan Lorne and his brother. He’d shown them both the footage earlier in the day and the man had handled it better than most did the first time around. John moved around the room—taking in the faces of his people as they absorbed the details of a Wraith feeding. Some were rubbing their chests in sympathy.

He stopped the file when the Queen let Mahn drop on the ground. “It took us three days to retrieve his body because the hive stayed in orbit. I’ll spare you the animal activity.” He sorted to a new .avi file. “Half way through our first year, Atlantis was invaded by the Genii. I’m sure you read about the events of the invasion in the after action reports.”

John leaned against the back wall so he wouldn’t have to look at their faces while they watched him be fed on. “This is what they did to me when they caught me five months after their failed invasion. Make sure to get a good look at this Wraith because the standing order of every man and woman on Atlantis is shoot this motherfucker in the head on sight.”

The footage of a Wraith feeding on him was nearly thirty minutes long and he made them watch it all. He was gratified to note that not a single one of them tried to move or leave during the entire thing. He turned it off and they all relaxed in their chairs.


“Do we have to kill him immediately or can we cut on him a while?” Declan asked dryly from somewhere near the front of the room. “Because it seems like we owe that guy some suffering, sir.”

“As much as I’d like to spread the pain, when it comes to Wraith you can’t afford to indulge in revenge fantasies, Chief. Strike first, strike hard, and you walk away. Playing their games is a good way to get you killed.”

He glanced towards Anne Teldy and gave her a brief nod. Teldy went to the door and opened it. Allison Porter appeared in the doorway a few seconds thereafter and slid into the room. She passed a thumb drive to her Domme and gifted the entire room with a bright smile.

“This is Dr. Allison Porter—one of her degrees is in biology and she’s been doing an in-depth study on Wraith biology courtesy of our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Carson Beckett. You’ll meet him once we reach Atlantis.”

Allison hopped up onto the desk at the front of the room and accepted the remote that John offered. “Right, the Wraith are essentially very difficult to kill. That being said—I’m confident that most of you could take one in hand-to-hand combat if it came down to a one on one situation and I’m going to show you exactly how to do it.”

John figured half the men in the room fell in love with her a little right at that very moment. He glanced at Teldy who was eyeing the audience with more amusement than anger.

Porter clicked the remote and displayed a picture of a Wraith drone. “These guys are drones. They’re basically infantry—they aren’t stupid so you shouldn’t think they are. They aren’t any easier to kill physically than a soldier, in fact, in some ways they are more difficult. They tend to be bigger and their face armor makes shooting one in the head a little problematic. I would recommend .50 caliber rounds for these guys. No sense in beating around the bush if you are armed. Regardless of your weapon and if your ammo situation allows it—you should always aim for their head.”

She flicked to new picture. “The Wraith are basically humanoid in shape—but they have the ability to heal themselves and heal especially fast during feeding. They are essentially ageless because their bodies constantly regenerate cells. You can encounter a Wraith that is days old or one that is thousands of years old. The difference—the older they are the stronger they are. The stronger they are the faster, meaner, and more psychotic they are.

“If you find yourself in a hand to hand combat situation with them—here are your options.” She flicked to a new picture. “The Wraith have enzyme sacs in their necks. If you can puncture one or both of these sacs they aren’t going to be able to feed off of you.”

“Why?” One of the Marines asked from the front row. “They feed from the hand, right?”

“Right, but and this is a huge but—the first instance of feeding should be lethal to their prey. They inject an enzyme into the body to prevent instant death through cardiac arrest. This allows them to draw out what they call the life force. If they can’t produce enzyme—they can’t feed. Corporal Tom Halls reports in mission report ASG-2-301 that he used his combat knife on a Wraith soldier in an effort to escape him and accidently sliced open the left side of his neck. The Wraith released him immediately and he realized as the Wraith stumbled away that he was leaking a fluid. That fluid was later found on the Corporal’s clothing and was analyzed. It was enzyme.”

“So the Wraith soldier left him alone because he was afraid?”

“I can’t pretend to know what the Wraith thought but it’s obvious the neck injury worried him.” Allison tilted her head. “He probably couldn’t risk injury to his other sac. If he can’t feed, he can’t heal.”

She flicked to a new picture. “Fortunately, Dr. Beckett was able to examine several corpses and we know a lot about their central nervous system.” The picture was of a Wraith on his back—his body flayed open. “Sorry, this is kind of gross.” She grinned when some of the men laughed. “I mean, they’re pretty nasty in one piece. It doesn’t get any better when they’re in pieces. They have a standard vertebrae system and a spinal cord much like we do. They have a major system of veins and arteries that lead into their heart.”

She hopped off the desk and went to the screen as she flicked to a new picture. “This means that there are several places you can slash if you’re good with your knife work. Theoretically, you could take down a Wraith in under thirty seconds in a blitz attack. They are super strong and fast so I don’t recommend this be your first thought. Still, if you’re out bullets and you’re on your own—it’s better to go down fighting.” She clicked up a drawing of a body with a complex system of arteries and veins. “This diagram is in your orientation package. The major arteries are dark red. You’ll notice that most of them are in familiar places—I recommend deep, penetrating slices, and jabs at major organ groups—starting with the enzyme sacs.

“Finally, once you have a Wraith down on the ground—don’t forget their ability to heal injuries. The best way to confirm a kill—is to cut off their head. I recommend going front to back—slice all the way down to the bone and then give their head a good hard kick to break the neck bones.”

John’s mouth dropped open and one of the Navy SEALS raised his hand.

“Yes, Chief Patterson?”

“You’re my favorite geek ever.”

She laughed. “Don’t play with my emotions, Chief; I know how fickle Navy men are. It’ll take one naquadah enhanced nuclear weapon and you’ll be worshipping at Laura Cadman’s altar.”

Her gaze darted confidently around the room. “Yes, Corporal Greggs?”

He inclined his head. “Do you know us all on sight?”

“Yes, my Domme requires it of me.” Allison lifted an eyebrow. “Was that your question?”

“No, ma’am. You said drones were more difficult to kill than soldiers. Can you elaborate?”

“Beyond their face armor, superior strength, and bulk—they are simply built for combat. They don’t do the planning on the ground but that isn’t their purpose.” She flipped through several files and found a video of a drone. “This was pulled off a field cam about five months ago. I caution you that this is graphic and truly most sincerely fucked up.” She started the .avi file at a few muted snickers.

On the large screen, two drones mowed through six Marines—each taking clip after clip of P-90 fire. She paused it as one of the men on the ground staggered to his feet. “Watch this closely because you’re about to see something worthy of a movie slo-mo shot.”

John forced himself to relax as he watched Marshall Sumner on the video. The first drone went down with a combat knife shoved up through his chin and into his brain. The second got a P-90 set to full auto in the back of the head.

He sucked in a breath when the .avi file ended. “Hoorah.” He grinned when every Marine in the room followed suit. “That was Colonel Marshall Sumner, soldiers. One of his last missions in our fight against the Wraith before the siege. We all pray we are that awesome someday.”

Allison waited a few seconds before continuing. “The best thing about this video is that illustrates that while the Wraith are certainly strong and formidable in the field – they are absolutely not invincible. They are just as breakable as we are in the right circumstances with the right weapons.” She smiled then. “So, keep the knives sharp and the attitude sharper.”

One of the men in the front row raised his hand hesitantly and cleared his throat when she acknowledged him. “Why are you required to know all of our names?”

“Because if you touch me, Corporal, she’ll be pissed off if I can’t give her a full name and your rank.”

* * * *

His sub was sprawled on the bed, naked and plugged. John hit the privacy lock on their door and cleared his throat. “That is not how I left you, Rodney.”

Rodney glanced over his shoulder and closed his laptop.  “You’ve had a difficult day, sir.”

“So you took it upon yourself to play with the hole you gave me?” John asked as he pulled off his t-shirt and unfastened his belt.

Rodney blushed. “Not at all, sir.” He rolled to his side, revealing a soft, dry cock. “I just prepared myself for you.”

John took a deep breath and tossed his belt aside. “There is a play room down the hall with equipment. It’s not private—but I’d like to take you there and put you on a cross. How do you feel about that?”

“I’m pleased to do whatever you want, Maître.”

John’s stomach tightened in response to Rodney’s soft, sweet words. “Remember when we talked about doing a session at Lotus together?”

“Yes, sir.”

“After meeting Gerard, I think we’d better served to do a couple’s session at de Sade.” John glanced McKay’s way as he pulled out a pair of old, faded jeans.

“You realize he would probably return to de Sade and do it personally? He’d never allow another Dom at de Sade to instruct me and he finds you very interesting.”

John nodded. “Unless you’d like to go to Singapore, I think that’s our best option.”

Rodney flushed as he rose from the bed. “I would be honored to meet your Pleasure Master, John. You realize that Dato’ Raja trained Gerard before he even went to de Sade.”

“Yes. Dato’ Raja took a year from the school to train Gerard de Sade exclusively. I think he’s probably the only Dom to ever come out of Kesakitan Pembawa not to be marked by the house.” John shed his BDUs and boxers without pause and pulled on the jeans. “That was shortly before I started attending training at the house. My brother was already there, in his final year of training.” He pulled McKay’s robe from their small bathroom, laid it on the bed, and pulled the leather bag full of the kit they’d bought on Earth.

* * * *

The playroom was a small room—John had checked to make sure it was empty before he’d gone to their quarters to collect McKay. The ceiling was black glass and there were four observation booths above them. He didn’t know if they were occupied or not—but when he’d put his name on a time for the room he figured that Caldwell had been notified.

Rodney shed the robe at his nod and moved to stand in front of the cross. John pulled out the cuffs and a set of chains. He made short work of the attaching the cuffs and then bound Rodney to the cross tightly—hooking the chains so that he had very little room to move.


Rodney nodded and let his body rest on the cross, his stomach pressed against cushion. “Of course, sir.”

John pulled the flogger out of the bag and shook out the lashes as he curled his bare toes against the thick rubber mat that covered the floor of the room. It gave a little against his feet as he positioned himself—proving that it served both to allow for easy cleaning and to give a cushion against the industrial steel floor.

He braced himself thoughtfully and swung the flogger in an arc to stretch his back. “Are you hard for me or at the thought of what I’m going to do to you with this flogger?”

“Always for you,” Rodney whispered.

He flicked the flogger again and it snapped beautifully in the air. A narrow strip of lights activated above three of the four windows and John blinked in surprise. “What’s with the lights?”

Rodney turned his head and looked up. “Oh, the observation rooms are occupied. The lights only turn on when someone enters them.” As he spoke, the fourth window lit and he smiled at his Dom and let his head rest on the forehead pad.

John nodded and checked his footing. It was stimulating to know he was being watched but what was more of a turn on was that he had no idea who was watching or what they were doing in response.

He exhaled sharply and glanced Rodney over. His pale skin was flushed lightly with arousal.

John swung the flogger and glanced the tips of the tresses over Rodney’s back. The blow was gentle and he figured McKay wanted to curse him out. He sent a silent thanks to Gerard de Sade for the training that prevented such a response. It would totally ruin his mood if Rodney got snarky on him during play.

He swung again and Rodney shifted slightly in his restraints. The build up was slow—John figured McKay had no idea what was coming. He smirked and then slid into a series of sharp, stinging blows that made his sub shout out in shock.

John inclined his head as he watched Rodney shiver. Then he slowed down and lashed five times across his previously untouched ass so softly it must have felt like feathers sliding over his skin.

Rodney groaned, clearly frustrated and clenched his fists on the bars he’d wrapped his fingers around when John had chained him to the cross. The next five were sharper, meaner and McKay bowed against his restraints.

John shifted his feet to accommodate his own erection and shifted his attention to the back of Rodney’s thighs. “Are you still with me, McKay?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Hmm,” John swung the flogger in the air to shake out the tresses. “Let’s play a game.”

Rodney could only nod.

“I’m going to give you a number and you’re going to tell me if it’s prime or not. Understood? This is going to become our standard ‘tracking’ test.”



“Prime,” Rodney murmured.

“Good.” John moved around the room, forcing his body to relax as he swung the flogger around.

He braced himself and lashed sharply across Rodney’s back without warning and his sub keened softly in response.

* * * *

Declan pressed Sean’s hands against the small ledge in front of him and casually kicked his sub’s legs apart. He let his chin rest on Sean’s shoulder as he moved in closer. “This turning you on, baby?”

Sean shuddered. “I think I could come just watching them.”

Declan made a soft sound of agreement. “They’re beautiful.” He nuzzled against Sean’s Consort mark, and clenched his teeth briefly. “Do you think he’ll fuck him for us to watch?”

Sean shuddered, his eyes glued to John Sheppard. The Colonel had been flogging McKay for nearly thirty minutes—alternating between light almost unbearably soft looking blows to vicious stinging ones that made Sean’s toes curl in envy.

He shook his head. “He won’t fuck him in front of anyone. That’s not the kind of Dom he is.”

Declan chuckled. “Agreed. Too bad though, I bet McKay takes a cock just as eagerly as you do.” He ran his hands over Sean’s hips and then casually undid his belt. “Have I told you how much it turns me on to see you in BDUs? Christ, if I’d had any clue—I would’ve put you in them years ago.”

Sean sucked in a deep breath as his pants loosened on his hips and shuddered when Declan casually pushed his pants and boxers down. His Dom palmed his cock and Sean groaned.

“So hard, baby. Does Sheppard make you hard?”

“That’s all for you, sir.” Sean shifted against his Dom and bit down on his bottom lip as Declan rubbed his cloth-covered cock against his bare ass. He turned his head slightly and hissed when Declan slapped his thigh.

“Watch them,” Declan murmured. “That’s why they’re in a play room instead of their quarters. They want to be watched—they want to turn us on.”

“I wish Sheppard was naked, too.”

Declan chuckled. “God, I’m not sure I could take it if he was.” He unfastened his belt with a loud exhale. “Take off your shirt.”

Sean shifted slightly to steady himself on his feet and pulled his t-shirt over his head confidently. He dropped it on the floor near the shirt his Dom had just shed and braced himself on the view window’s ledge.

Declan ran his hands down Sean’s back and over his ass. “I love you like this.” He pressed a kiss against his shoulder. He tugged the small plug that Sean had in his ass and then pushed it back in. “Such a good boy, keeping your hole slick and ready for me.”

Sean shuddered and arched back into his Dom as Declan pulled the plug out. “Always, sir.”

Declan hummed and bit down on Sean’s shoulder. “How much more do you think McKay can take?”

Sean groaned. “He’ll take everything the Colonel wants him to take.”

“Oh yeah?” Declan pressed the blunt head of his cock against Sean’s hole and they both shuddered when his body gave way to the invasion.

Frost reached over and thumbed the switch that controlled the volume and suddenly their small observation room was full of the sounds of a flogger hitting willing, over-heated flesh. He slid in deep and slow—stilling when Sean had taken every inch he had to offer.

Sean pressed back against him with a small needy moan. “Please.”

“Shh.” Declan clenched his hands on Sean’s hips. “You know I won’t leave you hanging.”

Sean trembled briefly before he gained control of himself.

* * * *

John shifted on his feet as he worked his way down from Rodney’s shoulders to his thighs with a series of stinging, sharp blows that had Rodney alternately groaning and screaming. His sub’s cock was leaking copiously, his body trembling of its own accord.

He sat the flogger aside and pulled the cane case from the bag. John heard Rodney’s breath hitch as he unlatched the wooden box and pulled out the cane that Dato’ Raja had sent them. The wood of the new cane wasn’t very flexible—it was probably the hardest tool that John now owned.

His cock twitched as he wrapped his hand around the handle of the cane. “The first time I wielded a cane in training with a submissive… I came.”

Rodney shuddered and sucked in a harsh breath. “Sir.”

“I know,” John chuckled. He put the cane back down and casually unsnapped his jeans. With a glance in Rodney’s direction, he confirmed that he had his sub’s attention. He shucked the jeans and dropped them on the table near the robe that Rodney had worn to the playroom.

“But soon it became difficult to get that worked up—longer for me to achieve that level of arousal and most submissives can’t handle that much continuous stimulation. But you can.” John stroked his cock as he returned to his position behind McKay with the cane.

Rodney groaned and rubbed his forehead against the pad he’d let his head rest on for more than thirty minutes. “Oui, Maître.”

* * * *

Sean closed his eyes briefly as his Dom wrapped one arm around his chest and pulled him close. “Jesus.”

Declan shuddered behind him and pressed his open mouth against Sean’s Consort mark. He sucked the flesh hard and then sank his teeth in hard before saying, “Our Colonel is a gorgeous bastard, isn’t he?”

“Yeah,” Sean arched back against him. “Fuck me, Declan. Please.”

“Did La Petite Mort teach you to answer your Pleasure Master in French?” Declan questioned as he dragged one hand down the center of Sean’s chest, nails scoring the flesh harshly.

“No.” Sean swallowed hard. “I don’t think they even teach that in regular sessions at de Sade. That’s…” Sean shuddered as his Dom powered deeply into his ass. “That has to come from his Courtesan Master.”

“Do you know who his Courtesan Master is?”

Sean nodded abruptly and leaned forward to brace himself. “Please don’t ask me, Declan.”

Declan paused and then ran a calming hand down his sub’s back. “You know because you’ve been in the man’s bed. You’ve attended McKay’s Courtesan Master.”

Sean shuddered and closed his eyes. “Are you asking or telling?”

Declan kissed his shoulder. “I won’t make you say. Relax. I understood when you took my collar that your Consort status came with secrets. It’s not my right to know the names of the Doms who had you before me. I know that.”

Sean shivered at the small kisses he was gifted with. “A Consort’s value is in his discretion and his beauty.”

“That is the least of what I value you in you,” Declan whispered. “You’re beautiful—but that it wasn’t makes me love you.”

Sean closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Ah, God, Declan, please.”

* * * *

Rodney’s whole body seemed to melt at the first snap of the cane across his back. The flogging had served to warm his skin and muscles to the point that his whole body was trembling with want.

The sharp bite of the cane was merciless, inescapable, and perfect. Pleasure was vibrating over the length of his body in intense waves. Excitement pooled in his stomach as he moved deeper into his subspace—the surrender to pleasure and to pain came so much more easily than it had when he’d first come to understand the depth of his dynamic.

John took a deep breath and exhaled evenly as he moved into another set of heavy-handed blows. His heart was racing, his blood burning with arousal, and his cock ached for release. Every moan he tore from McKay fueled the fire that burned between them.

John paused a twenty and lowered the cane, his chest heaving with exertion. He moved in close and rubbed his mouth against the raw flesh of Rodney’s shoulder in affection. He moved in loser, pressing as much of his body against Rodney’s as he could. McKay shuddered and moaned as John rubbed his thick cock against his ass.

John checked his pulse. “67,890.”

“Not prime,” Rodney whispered hoarsely.

“Good.” Sheppard pressed a kiss against his neck, brushed his lips against the cool metal of his collar. “I want more.”

Rodney shivered. “Maître.”

John let his cock slide between McKay’s spread thighs, rubbing the head against his sub’s balls. “I want more.”

“Your will is mine,” McKay whispered as John continued to rub the head of his cock against his balls. “That is the most sadistic fucking thing anyone has ever done to me.” He shifted and tried to press down against his Dom’s cock as John laughed softly. “John, please.”

“You’re mine,” John murmured. “All mine.”

“Je vous appartiens.” Rodney shifted against the chains and translated with a sigh, “I belong to you.”

John clenched his teeth on Rodney’s shoulder and closed his eyes when McKay shivered against the pain. “I’m going to learn all the things he taught you say.”

Rodney’s body tightened against the restraints and he shook his head. “He never asked that of me, John. He never owned me.”

John shifted away from him with a pleased smile and ran the tip of the cane down the center of Rodney’s back, scoring the untouched skin there. He’d been careful, always careful, to never hit the spine. It was dangerous, stupid play that he’d never indulged in—not even before he’d been formally trained. He did it again when Rodney shivered.


“Oui, Maître.” Rodney moaned softly as John dragged the cane down his skin again. “Perfect.”

John stepped back and braced himself. “You’re so gorgeous like this.”

He took a deep breath and lashed across Rodney’s ass sharply, leaving a neat red line. The flesh lifted in a welt immediately and John sucked in a deep breath. His cock jerked against his thigh and he resisted the urge to take himself in hand. The break had calmed him down but the fire he’d banked simmered just out of his reach and with each blow, it whipped up toward the surface until every sound McKay made was licking over his skin like a flame—as hot as anything he’d ever known.


Rodney met the sudden demand with a shout, his cock jerked and released cum in several thick spurts seconds before John shook with his own release—his cum hitting McKay’s ass and lower back. Rodney shivered and let his head fall forward in shock.

* * * *

Evan Lorne had been indulged to the point of being spoiled from near infancy. His grandparents had made sure he turned out to be a good person despite their compulsion to bathe the child of their only daughter in affection, material things, and indulgent approval. A good, strong, and moral Dom who respected the privacy of others and beyond all else—respected the rights of the submissives he topped.

Chase Harris was a beautiful submissive and Evan enjoyed taking the young Marine to bed. He’d done so often during their tenure at the SGC despite the fact that the submissive had pain kinks that he couldn’t always meet. Evan had a thorough Dom education—having done sessions at de Sade and La Petite Mort before and while he’d attended the Air Force Academy.  He knew how to enjoy a submissive and to make their individual kinks work for their mutual pleasure. So, why was the sight of the young sub at his door suddenly unappetizing?

With a tilt of his head, he stepped back and let Chase enter his quarters. He closed the door and then walked toward his bed. Chase was standing near the foot, his body loose limbed and his eyes bright with anticipation. Evan reached out and stroked his hand down Chase’s face. “You aren’t getting attached to me, are you?”

Chase laughed softly and leaned into the touch. “No, sir, I wouldn’t dream of it.” He shivered when Evan pulled him closer. “I know better than that. We don’t have a good dynamic mesh.”

“Yet, you’re here,” Evan said with a small smile. He leaned in and kissed his jaw. Slowly, he trailed his mouth down his bare neck.

“I love how you fuck me,” Chase murmured and melted against Evan without hesitation.

“Hmm,” Evan sighed. “I do love to fuck your pretty ass, Chase.”

“But?” Chase asked and stepped back a little. “Because there’s a but floating around in here.” He waved a hand in the air.

Evan groaned and sat down on the bed. “I’m sort of messed up.”

Chase sighed dramatically. “Does this mean I’m not going to get fucked?” He dropped down in a chair near the bed and frowned at him. “So, the Geisha?”

Evan laid back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. “I haven’t touched Matthew Sheppard.”

“Which is a surprise because we’re all pretty certain he wouldn’t tell you no.” Chase shrugged when Evan lifted his head and stared at him. “Wow, you’re really screwed.”

Evan groaned and rubbed his face. “Shut up. I ought to spank your ass.”

“Don’t be a tease,” Chase admonished with a grin.

Evan stood up and pulled off his t-shirt. His dog tags swung briefly as he fired it in the direction of an open trunk. “I don’t want to use you, Chase.”

Chase grinned and glanced him over with frank admiration. “Funny thing about that, Major, I’d adore being used by you.”

Evan grinned. “I enjoy you a lot, you know that.”

“I do.” Chase relaxed back in the chair and spread his legs just a little. “I’m an easy man to enjoy.”

“Yeah.” Evan’s eyes darkened and he cleared his throat. “But that doesn’t mean I can just… it’s better if we don’t. I’m sorry.”

Chase sighed and stood. He moved in close, nuzzled soft lips against Evan’s neck and then across his jaw. “He’s never collared, Evan, don’t let him hurt you.” He kissed his mouth then and Evan curled his hands around Chase’s hips to pull him closer.

“I’m a big boy,” Evan murmured against his mouth and kissed him again. “Go, now, I have a feeling you won’t have a problem finding a bed to warm tonight if that’s what you need.”

Chase grinned and kissed him again. “No, I never have.”

Evan rubbed his head in frustration at his own lack of serious interest in what Chase had to offer and followed the younger man to the door. Chase slipped out as easily as he’d slipped in and Evan leaned in the door and watched him stroll down the hall.

“He’s a pretty little thing.”

Evan jerked in surprise and turned to find Matthew Sheppard leaning on the wall a few feet down the hall behind him. “Hey.”

“You didn’t let him stay long,” Matthew continued. “Negotiations go badly?”

Evan chuckled. “There is very little that Chase isn’t game to do or at least try. He’s quite shameless.” He shrugged. “I’m still working on getting my head around my role on Atlantis—I’ve never been this high up in a command before. It’s requiring some adjustments and maybe staying even casually involved with one of Sheppard’s baby officers isn’t the best idea.” He waved a hand. “Harris is a good kid, though. Eager and smart enough not to fall in love with any Dom who tops him.”

Matt nodded and glanced him over. “Wanna throw on shirt and hit the rec room with me? We could probably wrangle a P3 free or something.”

“I hear they’re going to do a Halo 3: ODST tournament down there this evening.” Evan inclined his head. “You game for that?”

“Yeah, I am actually.”

Evan nodded and turned around to go find the shirt he’d just pulled off. He couldn’t believe he’d turned down sex to play a video game with Matthew Sheppard and a bunch of crazy Marines.

* * * *

Matt strolled out of the rec room, his stomach just a little knotty over the fact that Evan Lorne had fallen into step beside him as he’d left the large room they’d just spent six hours in. He sucked in a breath when Lorne shifted closer to him to let a couple of Marines past them.

“That was fun—I had no idea Marines could be so serious about a game.”

Matt laughed. “That’s not a game, my friend. That’s a lifestyle. There are video games of course but Halo and all of the various sequels are more than that.”

Evan just grinned and shook his head. “Yeah, okay.” He turned slightly into Matt as the 2IC for the ship emerged from a stairwell. “Sir.”

“Sirs.” Major Will Leeman nodded briefly as he passed them. His gaze drifted back to Matt twice as they separated to go in different directions.

Lorne refrained from rolling his eyes until they were on the stairs. “Does that bother you at all?”

Matt turned on the steps and glanced him over. He leaned on the wall in a manner so reminiscent of his brother that Lorne blinked in surprise. “That Doms look at me?”

Lorne exhaled and waved a hand. “That they want you for what you are versus who you are.”

Matt smiled then and ran the tips of his fingers along Evan’s jaw. “I don’t know the difference, Evan. I can’t say that I’ve ever been with anyone who didn’t see my Geisha status as more important than anything else I might have to offer.”

“You deserve better than that,” Evan murmured.

“Hmm,” Matt inclined his head. “Do you want me?”

Evan blinked. “Christ, who doesn’t?”

Matt grinned and then laughed softly. “That’s not an answer, Major.”

Evan moved up the stairs so they were on the same step and moved in close to him. “Yeah, Commander, I want you. I think you’re gorgeous and I could make a meal out of you.”

Matt sighed and shifted so his body angled close to Lorne. “But you aren’t going to make a move?”

Lorne glanced over his face. “I think if you and I are going to play with each other that we need to think about it seriously. You’re brother needs a command team he can depend on. Our situation on Atlantis will be precarious and dangerous from minute one.”

“I can’t disagree with it. But life is meant to be lived and enjoyed.” Matt glanced over his face. He leaned in and smiled when Lorne took a deep breath. “Will you give me something, Evan?”

“You’re a dangerous man, Matthew Sheppard.” Evan braced his hands on either side of Matt’s head and nodded. “Ask me for what you want.”

Matt relaxed against the wall, let his fingers trail down the center of Evan’s chest, and then curl behind his belt buckle. “I want to taste you.”

Evan flushed and took a deep breath. “Any particular part of me?”

Matt laughed and inclined his head. “Kiss me.”

Evan glanced over his mouth and shifted closer. “Was that an order?”

“It was whatever you need it to be, sir.”

Lorne tilted his head and covered Matt’s mouth without another word. Taking him in a hard, probing kiss that Matt melted into with a soft groan of relief. He curled his fingers into Evan’s t-shirt and urged him closer until they were flush together. Evan lifted his head briefly and then moved back in to brush his mouth over Matt’s again. “I think you’re teasing me, Matthew.”

“Never,” Matt promised. He tilted his chin up for another kiss and Evan groaned softly before he took his mouth again in a series of impossibly soft kisses. “God, Evan.”

Evan let his forehead rest against Matt’s and he sighed. “I’ll walk you back to your quarters.”

“Yeah, okay.” Matt glanced away from him as Lorne stepped back.

“Hey.” Lorne touched his shoulder and let his hand drift up over Matt’s bare neck. “Do not for an instant take this as a rejection. I was serious when I said we both need to think hard about getting involved. If we’re going to go there—we have to mean it.” He brought Matt close and kissed his mouth softly again. “And I was also quite serious about making a meal out of you.”

“I’ve never been rejected, you know.”

Evan grinned and stepped back from him. “I don’t doubt that at all.”

* * * *

Sean shifted on the chair and wished fervently that he’d taken the time to use some Tollan crème before leaving their quarters for breakfast.

McKay shot him a look over his computer and accepted a fresh cup of coffee from Miko. “If you don’t stop squirming—you’re going to fall off that chair.”

Sean flushed and started shifting through documents on his computer. He’d had a brief but very informative conversation with Dr. Daniel Jackson about the language of the Ancients before he’d left the SGC but he had a lot of reading ahead of him. “Did you read the report Dr. Jackson wrote about the Ancients’ language and the origin of Latin?”

“Yes, unfortunately.” McKay went back to his computer. “It’s taking up very valuable space in my head. I could have something outstanding and beautiful there—but instead I have his ramblings about how the Ancients corrupted countless planets with their traditions and language.”

Sean grinned and then went back to his computer screen. “How much of the Ancients’ language have you learned?”

“I read and write it fluently,” Rodney murmured. “After the expedition left for Atlantis, I took the time to learn it in the hopes that I would eventually see data from the mission. I didn’t want anything to slow me down if we received anything. I’m not pleased with the information they have given us on the language of the Wraith but it’s better than nothing I suppose.”

“Their computer language is octal,” Allison offered from her end of the table. “I don’t know why I thought it would be different. We’ve yet to encounter an alien species that doesn’t use base eight.”

“Well, they’re bugs,” Sean muttered. “I imagine the Wraith are the most alien species we’ve encountered if you don’t count the Asgard.” He frowned. “So, Declan is on the fence about letting me get the ATA gene therapy.”

Rodney frowned. “No one that has taken the therapy has had an adverse reaction. Either it works or it doesn’t.”

“It’s body modification,” Sean responded. “The only modification I have is my Consort mark. I have to think if we’d collared before I was trained that he wouldn’t have let La Petite Mort mark me at all.”

McKay glanced at the mark, taking in the dark indentation of teeth around the fleur-de-lis tattoo on Sean’s neck. “Seems like he puts his own twist on the mark.”

Sean blushed and returned his gaze to the computer. “Yes.”

Rodney laughed and sat back in his chair. “Well, we need to know if the gene therapy works for it. It would be an asset in the field and in your research on the city. What about if I have John talk to him about it?”

“Do you have it?”

McKay shook his head. “They didn’t bring any back to the SGC for the debrief. All of the dosages are on Atlantis. The few they left on Earth before the expedition went to Pegasus ended up at Area 51. Only scientists actively working at the outpost were given the opportunity to try it since it had to be injected out of the country to avoid violating FDA protocols.”

* * * *

The last thing he expected was for John to frown and sit back in his chair. “I don’t know.”

“John.” Rodney stared at him in what was probably a fair imitation of complete horror. “I need the gene therapy.”

“Yes, well,” John started and then sighed. “People have died because they have the gene, Rodney.”

“And people lived because they had the gene, like during that nanite incident in the first year. Besides, if the gene therapy works—I could learn to fly a Jumper and that is something that could be handy if you were injured in the field. The Athosian woman on your team doesn’t have the gene, right and neither does that kid, Ford.” Rodney raised an eyebrow when John flinched. “John?”

“Ford will be returning to Earth, actually. I’d planned to find another gene carrier to put on my field team.” John glanced his scientist over with dark eyes. “It’s… I don’t want you to get hurt, Rodney.”

“Then give me the tools I need to function properly in the field and that includes the gene therapy.”

“It doesn’t work for everyone.”

“It might work for me.” Rodney looked away from his Dom and sighed. “John, please don’t treat me like I’m weak. I can’t function in my role on Atlantis if you doubt me. You can’t even fathom what challenges I’ll face as a submissive in my position but if the man that collars me doubts me—it’ll only be worse.”

“I’d never give anyone reason to believe that I doubt your abilities or your strength.” John left his chair and walked around the desk to stand in front of him. “Absolutely no one who truly understands the power dynamic thinks that submissives are weak.”

“There are plenty of people who don’t understand it. Who will never bother to educate themselves.” Rodney shifted on his feet. “I need to at least try the ATA therapy and you know it.”

John sighed. “Yeah, I know it.” He reached out and touched his arm. “You have to know that I won’t let anyone treat you with disrespect.”

“Respect is relative,” Rodney murmured. “There are plenty of ways that I could be ignored or disrespected where neither you nor I would have any recourse.” He sighed when John pulled him forward and between his spread legs.

John laughed when Rodney huffed dramatically. “Don’t get that way with me, McKay. I’ll turn you over my knee.”  He kissed his jaw gently and then his mouth. “Trust me. I won’t undermine you, I won’t ever punish you in public, and I’ll be damned if I’ll allow anyone to treat you badly.”

“But you’ll punish me?”

“If you need it.” John nuzzled his neck and clenched his teeth. “Did you see the bite mark on Sean’s neck this morning?”

“Fuck, yes,” Rodney groaned. “Do you think they watched us last night in the playroom?”

John shivered a little at the thought and then laughed, breathless. “God, I hope so.” He bit down again. “I’m going to ask Declan to add himself and Sean to the monthly exhibition rotation on the city.”

“Will you be adding us?”

“Absolutely. I want everyone to know how perfect you are. I want them to see what you give me—what they can’t have.” John glanced towards the door. He sincerely wished the doors on the ship had those awesome little privacy buttons like the SGC. “You know,” he started casually. “It’s been hours since I’ve had the privilege of having your mouth on my cock.”

Rodney laughed softly and curled his fingers against the back of John’s head. “I can’t be accused of allowing my Dom’s cock to be neglected in such a fashion.”

John sucked in a deep breath as Rodney gracefully sank to his knees. He spread his legs a deeper and unfastened his own belt as Rodney rubbed his thighs. Sheppard sucked in a deep breath as Rodney deftly unbuttoned and unzipped his BDUs. He blew air softly between his lips as he lifted his hips to let McKay pull his pants and boxers down out of his way.

Rodney nuzzled against John’s flat stomach and dipped his tongue into his belly button while he dragged his nails through the neat patch of pitch-black pubic hair that surrounded his Dom’s cock. He slid his mouth down the length of John’s cock and then sucked the head in without hesitation. Groaning softly, he swirled his tongue around to lap up the pre-cum already gathering and John groaned softly.

“I love how you do that,” John murmured. He cupped the back Rodney’s head. “Love it.”

Rodney fondled John’s balls with one hand, fingers gracefully working the orbs just a little roughly. He groaned around the head of John’s cock as his Dom shifted away from the desk and started to fuck in and out of his mouth. He swallowed around the head as it hit the back of his throat and John shuddered.

“Jesus. Fuck.” John let his head fall back. “Yes. Fuck. Yes.”

Rodney wrapped his hands around the back John’s thighs and relaxed into the steady thrust of the cock sliding repeatedly past his lips and across his tongue. It was easy to get lost in being used so well. He shuddered and moaned as John tensed as he came. He licked and sucked greedily until John pulled his cock free with a groan.

Rodney sat back on his heels, licking his lips. “Thank you, Sir.”

John huffed in surprise and shook his head as he pulled his boxers, then pants up. He inclined his head as he zipped up and buttoned his pants. “You mean that.”

“Yeah,” Rodney whispered, his eyes dark. “So much.”

John slid his hand down the side of Rodney’s face and rubbed his bottom lip with his thumb. “What’s on your agenda for the rest of the day?”

“I was just going to review the experiment reports… no meetings or anything.” Rodney leaned into the touch and rubbed his cheek against John’s hand.

“I have a sub bench behind my desk,” John murmured. “Do you want me to take you down for a while?”

“I’m close,” Rodney admitted.

“I know.” John glanced towards the door when someone knocked abruptly. “I have meetings most of the afternoon.”

“It won’t bother me.” Rodney started to speak and then hesitated. He blushed and averted his gaze.

“What?” John asked.

“Will you leash me?”

John blew out a breath of surprise. “There is a hook for a leash on my desk.” He rubbed the back of his neck and tried to process the request. “Jared never wanted… never even hinted that he needed something like that.”

Rodney averted his gaze. It was difficult not to hate Jared Holland in that moment because John’s statement made him wonder how often he would find himself living in a dead man’s shadow over the next year.

“So, I don’t really understand this part of your dynamic but I want to learn,” John admitted softly.

Rodney relaxed, relieved by the confession. It wasn’t so much that he was comparing him to Jared but comparing his own experiences and knowledge with his current circumstances.

John shifted away from the desk as he buckled his belt. “I can’t lock the door so you’ll remain dressed. On Atlantis—we’ll have more control over our privacy.”

“Yes, sir.” Rodney shifted on his knees more eagerly than he really wanted to demonstrate.

“Stand up.” John pulled a leather leash from the top drawer of his desk and sat down in his chair. The sub bench was tucked under one side of the desk and easily slid out. He locked it into place with the flip of a lever of a button and sat back in his chair to stare at his sub.

“You’re hard.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Do you want to wait or would you like to come now?” John asked neutrally.

Rodney’s gaze narrowed at the multiple-choice question. “I want what pleases you.”

John sighed. “It frustrates you when I ask you to make choices.” He motioned to the sub bench. “Kneel.”

“Sometimes,” Rodney admitted and gratefully knelt on the bench.

John glanced him over and then casually attached the leash and looped it on a discreet hook on his desk. “Okay, I get that.” He grabbed Rodney’s chin abruptly and forced him to meet his gaze. “But when I ask you a direct question—I expect a direct answer, understood?”

Rodney blushed. “Yes, sir.”

“Now, do you need to come or do you want to wait?” John questioned softly.

“I’d prefer to have you inside me when I come,” Rodney admitted, a blush staining his cheeks.

John released his chin and trailed his fingertips across his cheek. “I have a full afternoon, you know.”

“I do know,” Rodney admitted. “It’s… it’ll be better if you make me wait.” He flushed. “But that is your decision, John.”

John leaned down, kissed his mouth carefully, and then sighed when there was a knock on his door. “I don’t want you on your knees all afternoon.” He tugged on McKay’s ear lobe gently. “There’s enough room on the bench of the lotus position and don’t let your feet fall asleep. I expect you let me know when you need move and stretch for circulation. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good.” John sat back in his chair. “Enter!”

The door opened and Declan Frost entered. The Navy man was wearing familiar black BDUs and a form fitting black t-shirt. “Sir…” He glanced briefly at Rodney and then at his watch.

“Take a seat, Chief.” John picked up a tablet PC he’d abandoned when Rodney had come to his office. “I’ll want to discuss the gene therapy schedule. Dr. Beckett will be handling the actual injections and we’ll need everyone coming in to be assessed for gene therapy. It’s mission essential that anyone who can successfully take the gene therapy do so. All of the military assets on the mission are required and we’ll need to assess any civilians willing to accept it.”

Declan nodded and made several notes on the notepad he’d brought with him. “I have all of the enlisted already in a schedule and I sent a memo to Dr. McKay requesting he provide a list of civilians willing to try to the therapy. I imagine most of them if they aren’t collared will jump at the chance. About fifteen of the civilians are collared submissives. Ten of those have military Doms. It was interesting to realize how many pairs you managed to recruit together.”

“It worked out. It’s a mixture of skill sets. Some were recruited for their military skill and some were recruited for the civilian’s education. There are about sixteen collared Marines going out with us—while it’s not required that their Doms be consulted because of their military commitment—we’ll want to make sure the Dom has some voice in this matter.” John tapped his pen. “While it’s technically body modification—I’m not going to be pleased with any Dom that refuses their sub the chance to try it.”

“Can I ask why?” Declan asked.

John glanced at Rodney. “It’s been pointed out to me that while having the gene can lead to potentially dangerous situations there have been times in the past on Atlantis that people survived merely because they had the gene. I think the danger of having it is outweighed by the danger of not having the gene.”

“And if the submissive doesn’t want it themselves?”

“Civilians get a choice; military personnel were informed when they agreed to come to Atlantis that it would be required,” John reminded.

“Of course.” Declan offered him a USB key. “I have to discipline someone and I’d like you to witness, sir.”

John took the USB, plugged it into his laptop, and checked the contents. He reviewed the report and sighed. After a few minutes, he pulled a discipline strap out of his desk drawer and dropped it in front of him. “Sure you want to do this privately?”

“Yeah,” Declan sighed. “He’s not going to take it well. He hasn’t been punished since basic.”

“And you think it’s necessary to do so now?”

“He argued with me and he’s argued with superiors in the past and he gets away with it because his father is a retired Admiral. I personally don’t care who his daddy is.” He glanced towards McKay when Rodney snorted softly. Declan grinned. “But I can schedule this for later if you’re busy, sir.”

John shook his head. “McKay isn’t being punished, Master Chief. Bring Corporal Macon in.”

Declan opened the door and cleared his throat. A young man entered and John raised an eyebrow at Macon’s sullen expression. He sat back in his chair and let his fingers trail through Rodney’s hair when his sub leaned against his leg.

“Corporal Macon. The Master Chief tells me that you have a problem following instructions without discussion.” John lifted an eyebrow. “You’re placement on Atlantis is probationary as you were informed when I accepted you. I only accepted you on this mission as a favor to Admiral Norris. He has a soft spot for you because of your father.”

Macon flushed with anger and averted his gaze. “Yes, sir. I’m aware that Admiral Norris intervened on my behalf. It was either Atlantis or Area 51.”

“Your Daddy hopes that I can make a Marine out of you since apparently every officer before me failed to do so.” John raised an eyebrow when the man’s whole body tensed. “You can be furious all you want, Macon. I really don’t give a fuck. You have six weeks once we get on Atlantis to prove you’re worth my time or I’ll ship you back to Earth. Understood?”

“Sir, yes sir.”

John sat back in his chair. “Rodney, close your eyes. He doesn’t deserve the privilege of being displayed before you.”

Macon glared at Rodney as the sub turned his head and rested it on his Dom’s thigh and closed his eyes without uttering a word.

“Do not look at him, Corporal,” John snapped. “Ten lashes or a reprimand in your file with ten days of brig confinement on Atlantis.”

“Ten lashes,” Macon responded sullenly.

John inclined his head at Declan. “Fine. Strip.” He clicked his radio. “Sheppard to infirmary. I need a nurse in my office for after-discipline medical care.”

Macon came out of his clothes with practiced ease while Declan palmed the strap.

Declan nodded abruptly. “Hands on the wall Corporal and do not move.”

John watched the welts swell in silence, pleased that Frost was giving the task his singular attention. The blows were vicious but he hadn’t drawn blood. Macon was up on his toes by the eighth blow—his breath coming out in harsh gasps.

Rodney’s fingers curled against John’s leg with the sound of each stinging lash and John glanced down at him. His body was relaxed but his breathing was a little rapid. John didn’t think Rodney was getting excited because of the punishment itself but he was very curious.

John said nothing as the nurse from the infirmary helped Declan sort Macon for transfer to the infirmary for observation. He dismissed Frost with an abrupt nod and Declan put the strap on the desk without a word.

John cleared his throat. “It’s the sound, right? You like how it sounds when leather hits naked skin.”

Rodney shivered a little. “I especially like it when it’s my skin but yes—I really like the sounds.” He lifted his head. “You know my third session at de Sade lasted six months.”

“I thought three was the norm for de Sade.”

“For the first two sessions, yes. But the third session is… well up the Master who invites you to train.” Rodney rubbed his fingers along the seam of John’s BDUs absently. “When I received my invitation… I didn’t know who would be my Pleasure Master. I’d only been told I’d been chosen by a man. They flew me in and they put a hood on me at the airport.”

John lifted an eyebrow. “A hood?”

“They replaced it with a leather blindfold when I arrived at the Institute. I was stripped of my clothes, they put ankle, and wrist cuffs on me. I wore those cuffs 24/7 throughout my training.” Rodney shifted on his bench and sighed. “I did nothing without his say so and I still had no idea who he was. He spoke softly—every order a whisper.”

“Do you like to be blindfolded?”

“Gerard is the only Dom to ever do it,” Rodney admitted. “For the first seven days, he topped other subs and I could only listen. I was enthralled by the sounds. I learned what each instrument sounded like when it moved in the air and when it hit the skin.”

“When did you realize you’d been chosen by Gerard?”

“Not a moment before he was ready for me to know—he even changed the soap he used during that week,” Rodney explained dryly. “On the eighth day two staff members bathed me as thoroughly as I’ve ever been bathed and then dressed me in a silk robe. I’d never had anything so nice. All of my money went to education that point in my life—intellectual or pleasure. Being trained at de Sade wasn’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination.”

“No, but then it’s de Sade.”

“Right.” Rodney nodded and sighed. “So they bring me into the room and Gerard is leaning against the wall near the back of the room near this big window. During my second session, he’d topped me several times so the sight of him was a thrill. Just being in the same room with him was exciting. I thought perhaps he was there to introduce me formally to the Dom that would be my Pleasure Master.”

John laughed softly. “I’d love to have seen your face when you realized he was your Pleasure Master.”
Rodney blushed and twisted his hands together briefly. “I actually argued with him.”

John’s mouth dropped open. “You argued with Gerard de Sade?” He stroked his fingers along Rodney’s jaw. “I ought to spank you for that.”

Rodney grinned. “He said something similar actually. Gerard sat down in a chair and ordered me to take off my robe. I was shaking but I did it. Then he ordered me into his lap.”

John hummed softly at the thought of that. “Like he did with Andre in that club. Naked and splayed across his thighs for easy access.”

“Yeah,” Rodney agreed and cleared his throat. “Needless to say when he finally let me come I would’ve agreed to anything. I spent six months in complete submission with him. He controlled every aspect of my life from the moment I dropped that robe and I saw no one during that entire time but him. He screened all of my correspondence and I was allowed very brief conversations with Jeannie but I wasn’t allowed to tell her where I was or what I was doing.” He paused and sighed. “Not that she ever asked. We were already starting to argue a lot then so she took the phone calls grudgingly.”

“The two of you have a lot of animosity for submissives.”

“Our parents pitted us against each other a lot. Our mother was dissatisfied in their pairing but when she got pregnant with me… she was forced by Canadian law to keep my father collared. It was illegal back then to separate a submissive father and his children in our country. She didn’t have to marry him but he had a place in her household until I was eighteen.”

“Things were difficult?”

Rodney sighed. “They had their ups and downs. A few times, she brought home other men—collared them but it never worked out because my father had seniority in the home because of me and eventually Jeannie. Sometimes things were good but there were times when all they did was fight.” He sighed. “That’s why I didn’t collar until I was in love. I thought… I thought that the problem with them was that they didn’t love each other.”

“They had a bad dynamic.”

“Very bad,” Rodney murmured. “There was a profound level of disrespect in their private relationship and it spilled into every aspect of their lives.”

John turned in his chair so they were face to face. He leaned down and brushed his mouth over Rodney’s just once before there was a sharp knock on the door. He sighed. “I used to love my job.”

Rodney shifted upward for another kiss and smiled against his Dom’s mouth when John obliged with a sweep of his generous mouth. “I love your mouth.”

John grinned and sat back in his chair. “I’m very fond of yours as well.” He touched his cheek and then turned reluctantly to face the door. “Enter.”

* * * *

John draped his towel over the top of the shower stall and slid out of the smallest bathroom known to mankind. “I’d almost prefer the communal showers.”

Rodney laughed. “It is small. I don’t like it much either.” He turned around in his desk chair. “Did you want to eat in the mess hall or I could go get us food for in here?” His gaze drifted lazily over John’s naked form with undisguised interest.

John strolled to the bed. “We have food coming actually. It pays to be the senior officer on this ship.”

“You outrank Caldwell?”

“Only by weeks and I’d never presume to throw my weight around on his ship unless things got catastrophically fucked up and I believed I couldn’t trust his judgment.” John crawled onto the bed and stretched out on his back as someone knocked on their door. “That’s the food.”

Rodney left his chair and went to the door. He was careful to put his body in between the bed and the door so the soldier delivering the dinner tray didn’t get a good look at his Dom. “Thank you, Corporal.”

“Not a problem, Dr. McKay.” The Marine’s gaze flicked briefly into the room and he blushed when Rodney glared at him. “Have a good evening.”

John laughed as Rodney shut the door abruptly. “Don’t be mean to my Marines, McKay.”

“He’s looking at things that are none of his business,” Rodney muttered.

John rolled onto his side and watched McKay settle the tray on the bed. “Take off the robe and c’mere.” He propped his head one hand. “It’s not all that different than exhibition or like when I shower in the public showers.”

“It’s very different,” Rodney countered as he settled on the bed opposite of the tray. He folded himself easily into the lotus position and opened both of their drinks before pulling the foil off the plates. “This is private. We aren’t choosing to be on display for anyone.” Rodney shrugged when John raised an eyebrow. “It makes a difference to me. I realize you’re used to being looked at a lot. I imagine you’ve been the center of attention every time you enter a room most of your life.”

John chuckled. “Well, actually, yes I’ve always gotten a lot attention especially from submissives. I admit when I was younger it made me uncomfortable.”

“How old were you the first time you had sex?”

John flushed and averted his gaze. “Fifteen.”

“Older lover?”

“No, he was my age but a little more experienced than I was. My father caught us in bed together.” He sighed. “He was so pissed.”


John laughed. “Well, first and foremost I wasn’t supposed to be at home. I skipped school to spend the day in bed with the submissive I wasn’t old enough to legally claim. Secondly, we were having unprotected sex and I thought he was going kill me for that. The lecture I got on responsibility is still ringing in my ears. He said if I was going to fuck without protection that I didn’t deserve anyone’s submission or affection.”

Rodney winced. “What did he do?”

“He contacted Dato’ Raja and the next day I was transferred into the Kesakitan Pembawa House where I had to finish high school under the hand of the most vicious Dom on Earth.”

“Did you at least have a good time before you got caught?”

John grinned. “Yeah, God, I had a fantastic day.” He sighed. “Which was a good thing because Dato’ Raja didn’t let me have another submissive under me for two years.”

“Two years?”

“Yeah, two years. I wasn’t celibate but getting your rocks off with another Dominant isn’t all that much fun long term.” John munched on his turkey sandwich and sighed. “I’m going to miss turkey.”

“Nothing comparable in Pegasus?”

“We kill this chicken thing on the mainland but it tastes more like duck that turkey.” John grinned when McKay grimaced. “You’ll find the food on Atlantis challenging at times but with resupplies from Earth it won’t be as bad as it was in the past.”

Rodney nodded and concentrated on his food. “You don’t seem the type to be all that interested in your sub’s food intake.”

“I don’t need that level of control over you,” John murmured and reached out to touch him. He rubbed his bottom lip with his thumb and sighed. “I’m not going to try to control you professionally either. I don’t really want to know how things worked with Carter on that front. I have a feeling it’ll just piss me off.”

Rodney looked away briefly and then sighed. “Yeah, it wasn’t always good but in the beginning I just took her control as a sign of how much she loved me.”

“It’s a mistake that many people make in the beginning of their relationships. Submissives give up too much. Dominants try to take too much. It doesn’t provide balance.” John shifted the tray down the bed and then lowered it to the floor.

Rodney eagerly moved closer when John ran his hand over his shoulder. “Did you and Jared have that problem?”

“Yes, we were together for a while before I even realized the depth of the problems we had in that respect until we started our session at La Petite Mort. Philippe didn’t pull his punches in his assessment of our dynamic. I thought we had a great sexual relationship but Jared hid things from me. He let me take things further than he was comfortable with.”

Rodney frowned. “Is that why you insist on giving me a safe word?”

“I insist on giving you a safe word because I believe that my dominance over you is as much your responsibility as your submission to me is mine.” John rolled onto his back and sighed when Rodney shifted closer. “So, let’s talk about your permanent safe word.”

“Okay.” Rodney leaned in and flicked his tongue over John’s nipple. John shifted closer to his mouth and let his hand drift over his head. “We should use a word that I rarely ever use so it could be our word for other circumstances—not just during sex or play.”

“Agreed,” John murmured and sucked in a deep breath as he shifted under Rodney’s mouth. “Use your teeth.”

McKay obligingly clenched his teeth on John’s nipple and tugged carefully. Even pressure, a small sting, and then he released the nipple with a soft scrap across the pebbled flesh. He licked carefully and then sucked the nipple back into his mouth. John shifted and arched just a little under the attention.

“That’s perfect,” John murmured and clenched his fingers on Rodney’s neck.

Rodney lifted his mouth away and propped his chin on John’s chest. “Dominion.”

John ran his fingers through Rodney’s short curls. “Dominion it is.” He sighed. “Let’s talk about punishment.”

“Okay.” Rodney flushed.

“As I’ve already made clear—I’ll never punish you in public. I’ll never verbally correct you in public but if you need it, I will remove you from a public situation immediately. If you disobey me, there will be discussion and punishment. If you treat me with disrespect, there will be punishment. If you let anyone touch you without my permission, there will be punishment. If anyone touches you without my permission and at your disagreement outside of some emergency—I’ll rip them to pieces. You’re to keep yourself fit and healthy.  You’ll learn to handle a variety of weapons on Atlantis—it’s not negotiable and you are required to kill to defend yourself. If you ever hesitate to protect yourself and you live to regret it—you’ll regret it for months.”

Rodney shifted upward and kissed his mouth. “I’ll do everything in my power to keep myself alive for you, John.”

John rolled them abruptly and settled on top of his sub. “You’re damned right you will.”

Rodney spread his legs and groaned softly when John’s half-hard cock rubbed against the crease of his thigh. “Though I can’t imagine us having a problem in Atlantis—I’ll never let anyone take me into the field without you.”

John shifted and rubbed his dick against Rodney’s skin as he considered all the different things he could do to get McKay off. He watched his sub’s eyes darken even as the cock pinned between their bodies grew hard. “Tell me what you need.”

Rodney flushed and closed his eyes briefly. “A good hard fuck.”

John fished the lube out from underneath one of the pillows and shifted up to his knees. “I can certainly do that.”

McKay’s body yielded to the slick penetration of his fingers quickly and relaxed on the bed his legs spread wide in complete supplication. John took a deep breath as he shifted on his knees and worked a third finger into Rodney’s ass.


Sheppard laughed softly. “Shh, if you want it hard—you have to be stretched out and lubed. I’m more than willing to hurt you whenever you want it, Rodney, but never this way. It’s just not safe.”

“I trust you to keep me safe,” Rodney murmured as he lifted his hips. “Do you want me to beg for it?”

John sighed and tossed the lube aside with a smirk. “I bet you’d do that well but no—I’m in no mood to make either one of us wait.” He wiped his hand on the sheets beneath them and then slid both hands under McKay’s ass. John pressed inside with one deep, hard stroke and Rodney sighed.

He watched Rodney arch into the penetration, his eyes drifting shut with a soft sigh of contentment. John arranged McKay’s legs up on his shoulders and started to work his cock in and out of his sub with deep, hard strokes. Rodney lifted his arms over his head and curled his hands around bars in the headboard. John clenched his hands briefly on McKay’s thighs. “Stay just like this.”

“Yes, sir.”

He kept the rhythm easily, allowing himself the pleasure of running his hands over Rodney’s thighs and down to play with the hard cock that thumped against his stomach with each stroke. His fingers trailed over delicate, pink balls. “I love your skin—so soft and smooth. It’s perfect. I love being inside you. Love fucking you.” He palmed his cock and started to stroke him firmly into with the movement of his body. “You take it so well. You were made to take a cock. My cock.”

“John,” Rodney whispered hoarsely and shuddered through a dry orgasm so intense his cock jerked forcefully against John’s hand. “Yes. Yes.”

John closed his eyes and let his head fall back in an effort to get control of himself. Watching McKay come was like the best kind of porn. The shamelessness of his response to being fucked was yet another reason John would never fuck him in front of someone else.

“That’s it,” John whispered. “Come again. Don’t hold back on me, McKay.” He scraped his short nails down Rodney’s legs as firmly as he could without tearing the skin. “Come!”

Rodney sobbed and arched up off the bed, his cock jerking in John’s grasp, and semen spilling in one helpless jerk after another. John fucked him through it relentlessly—hammering at Rodney’s prostate with every single jab of his cock until his own body betrayed him and he came, too.

For a minute, he stayed where he was—letting Rodney clench his ass around his cock until they were both shuddering at the over stimulation. Then, he pulled out carefully and went to search for a washcloth.

He cleaned them both efficiently and crawled into bed beside his sub. Rodney was easy to maneuver into a good sleeping position. John ran his hand down McKay’s hip—fingers gentle. “I’m really glad you’re with me, Rodney.”

Rodney relaxed against him. “I’m glad, too, John. This didn’t work out at all like I imagined. Even when I allowed myself to consider the possibility that I’d get to go to Atlantis—I never thought I’d… I didn’t even know how to imagine you.”

John closed his eyes and pressed a kiss against the back of Rodney’s neck. “Sleep. We have an early day in the morning. I want to hit the gym before the Marines starting rotating in for training.”

Rodney groaned softly. “Yes, sir.”

John chuckled but just snuggled closer. “We can get all sweaty together and then take a shower in that big shower in the gym. You can’t tell me you don’t like to shower in front of the Marines.”

“They look at me,” Rodney confided. “Even before you—but more so now.”

“Since the exhibition,” John clarified.

“Yeah,” Rodney admitted. “Since the exhibition.”

“That’s because you were intensely hot—taking wallowing in all of that pain with that plug shifting in your all too pretty ass. Every time I hit you, the plug moved just a little because you were clenching on it.” John nuzzled his shoulder. “Sleep now or you’ll get me hard again.”

Rodney laughed, low and dirty. “I don’t think I’d mind that much.”

“You won’t even be able to sit,” John admonished and shifted closer.

Rodney drifted off to sleep soon after that, leaving John laying there his chest a little tight with emotion he hadn’t been prepared for. Sleeping beside Rodney for the last few weeks had been a revelation for him. Not an unwelcome one, he thought, but a revelation all the same.

He hadn’t let a sub sleep beside him since Jared and he hadn’t realized how much he missed the companionship and the physical presence of another body in his bed. The first year after Jared’s death, his day had been filled with so much loneliness that even breathing had been difficult.  But the nights—the nights he’d gratefully surrendered to sleep the very instant his head hit the pillow. He didn’t touch a sub for six months but when he finally did succumb to the needs of his dynamic—he took two hard bodied Marines into his quarters and worked them both over for half the night. He hadn’t let them in his bed—hadn’t let them touch him.

It was another year before he’d even kissed a submissive and it hadn’t been emotional or even intimate. So, it was such a surprise that from minute one—touching and kissing Rodney was intimate and the emotions that shifted and surged in him were startling. John sighed and petted Rodney’s hip when the sub shifted in his sleep at the sound. “Shh.”

Rodney murmured, still asleep, and cuddled closer.

John bit down on his bottom lip and wondered when exactly he’d started to fall in love with McKay. Some irrational part of him wanted to be absolutely furious that anyone had gotten past the barriers that grief and fury had erected on the day Jared died. But the part of John that had nearly drowned in the loss was latching onto the new feelings like a thing starving. It left John with one very important question—how in the hell was going to be able to release Rodney a year from now or ever?

Rodney shifted in his arms. “Sleep, John, we have a long day tomorrow.” McKay reached back and patted his hip sleepily. “You’re thinking too loud.”

John laughed softly and sighed. “Night, Rodney.”

Rodney snorted. “Oh, God, you can’t tempt me like that!”

He snickered against McKay’s hair and relaxed against him. “Don’t make me spank you.”

McKay waited a full minute before yawning dramatically. “Night, John Boy.”

John liked to think that the smack he gave McKay’s ass could be heard out in the hall.

The End


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    • And, of course, being an idiot I did not quote the sentence.

      “Only by weeks and I’d never presume to throw my weight around on his ship unless things got catastrophically fucked up and I believed I couldn’t trust his judgment.”

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    • In reality I almost agree with you– however Stargate isn’t reality and the canon of the show actively contradicts this A LOT. Ellis and Caldwell outranked Sheppard in canon and when they were on the city- the writers allowed them to treat him like a subordinate even though he was the base commander. Which was bad writing but that’s entirely different matter.

      Additionally– the SGC ships aren’t run by Navy personnel which I think is a huge mistake in canon–they should be manned by the Navy but that’s an entirely different thing, too. In the canon of the show– the person with the most rank in the room makes the decisions regardless of their location.

      Also, I would say that if Caldwell’s judgement was called into question (IE things got fucked up) — he could be removed from command by the medical officer on board the ship, his first officer, or a higher ranking officer on board the ship if they were in agreement of his inability to lead. A Captain’s “rule” is not absolute and pretty tenuous in Stargate canon.

      • You are correct. This is an AU and I was trying to shove real time into it. You also touched on, in reply, one of my triggers. The fact that they kept Sheppard lower in rank than everyone else Earth Military. That Caldwell could come beam down and make Sheppard sir him was outrageous. Canon let us down. That’s why we read you and others. Thank you for these stories.

      • I’ve lost myself in this world of yours many times, but I have been a terrible minion and not commented.

        This fic breaks me every time I read it. The scene in the playroom… If I still smoked, I would so need one after that. I always have to pause and assimilate before going on to the scene with Evan.
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    I have a question about Sean and La Petite Morte- do they train their Courtesans to stay lubricated and plugged for their dom/domme’s? I noticed another character of the same pleasure house in a later chapter says something similar when Sean tells Declan it’s his place to be ready for him.

    I’m also curious about the submissives of Kesikatan Pembawa. Where do they fit into the unofficial hierarchy of submissives? Are they considered quite rare and therefore sought after as well? Does the house have any special distinction for submissives to attain such as the Geisha of Lotus or the Courtesans of De Sade?


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