Ties That Bind: All I Want

Title: All I Want
Author: Keira Marcos
Series: Ties That Bind
Series Order: 10
Pairing: Lorne/OMC
Genre: Romance, BDSM
Beta(s): Ladyholder & Chris King
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 13,900
Warning: Explicit sex, bondage, mild violence, some non-explicit discussion of past abuse of an OC.

Summary: Evan and Matt return to Earth to meet with Matt’s Geisha Master.

Author’s Notes

This story was inspired by the works Coming Home and General & Dr. Sheppard by Xanthe. While this is not a story in the world she created, I did use her BDSM/Dynamic theme with her permission. I want to thank her sincerely for her generiosity and her contributions to this fandom and several others that I read. I highly recommend that you read everything she’s ever written. SEE THE SERIES PAGE FOR FULL AUTHOR NOTES. I RECOMMEND YOU READ THEM!

Art by FanArts Series

* * * *

The people on Atlantis had given them far more space than he had the right to expect and now that he was back in the mountain after nearly seven months on Atlantis—Evan understood that. O’Neill had greeted them with a gentle nod, his gaze lingering briefly on Matthew in way that didn’t portray interest but a polite acknowledgement.

In the infirmary, they’d been ushered to a curtained off area for a health check before being allowed to leave the mountain—again nothing he didn’t expect. Everything changed, however, when the doctor had turned to Evan and questioned, “Permission to touch your Geisha, sir?”

Evan had blinked in surprise and Matt’s eyes had gone hard. “He has a name, Dr. Brantley and no you don’t have permission. I want Dr. Frasier in here to handle Commander Sheppard’s exam personally.”

“Dr. Frasier is busy, Major Lorne.”

“We’ll wait,” Evan replied icily. “Get the fuck away from him.”

The doctor stalked away without another word and Matt relaxed.


“Expected,” Matt murmured. “I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve been referred to as “the Geisha” by superior officers and others in the various commands I’ve served with. Sometimes it’s meant with the utmost respect but there are other times, like with that guy, where it’s nothing of the kind. To some people—I’m nothing more than the summation of my pleasure education. A rare and valuable sex slave.”

Evan walked to stand in front of him. “I wasn’t prepared for it.”

Matt chuckled and pulled his Dom into the space between his legs. “No, I can tell that you weren’t. The people on Atlantis treat me great, you know, even before I was collared because after what happened with Miko they don’t want to end up on the rough end of John’s temper.” He sighed when Evan moved closer and nuzzled his mouth against the petals of his lotus blossom mark. “Still, it’s quite nice to have someone to get bent out of shape on my behalf.”

“Yeah, I can see I’m going to be an asshole for the next week or so.”

“Well, the Doms of Geisha are viewed as militant sons of bitches for a reason—my Dad once bought a restaurant in New York because the bartender was rude to Jonah—treated him like he was a slave. He bought the place just so he could fire the guy.” He chuckled when Evan snorted softly against his neck. “Yeah, that’s my Daddy—always willing to make someone’s life a living hell for the love of his life.”

“Major Lorne, Commander Sheppard,” Janet Frasier pulled the curtain closed as she entered the little cubicle area. “I apologize for the delay. SG2 came through with a few injuries that needed my immediate attention.” She glanced between them as Evan moved away from Matt. “I’d apologize for Dr. Brantley but if I did that every time he was an asshole that’s all I would do. I am sorry if you were insulted by his behavior. I’ll discipline him personally for the breach of military protocol. He had no business referring to Commander Sheppard’s private status.”

Evan gave her an abrupt nod. “It’s nice to see you, Janet and interesting that he told you what he did.”

“He knows better than to lie to me.” She offered him a shrewd smile. “I was really pleased to find out you were okay after what happened—getting the report that you were dead was not a good day around here at all.”

“Wasn’t a good day anywhere,” Matt muttered and rubbed the back of his neck. “Can we get this over with, Doc? My father has a plane waiting for us and if our unique luck holds—he’s sitting on it.”

Janet bit down on her bottom lip, her eyes soft as she focused on Matthew. “Major Lorne, do I have your permission to do a health check on Commander Sheppard?”

“Yeah, Doc, let’s get this over with.” Evan hopped up on his own bed with sigh.

* * * *

The plane was a Lear Jet and Evan figured it was worth more than his entire trust fund which was nothing to laugh at. He didn’t say anything but it must have shown on his face because Matt just laughed softly and threaded his fingers with his. “David’s mother was the only child of a very wealthy man. When he died—he left everything to her and when she died she left it all to my father. Her only request was that he make sure her son never wanted for a single thing in the world.”

“Tell me about her son,” Evan murmured, aware that it was David Sheppard on the plane waiting to meet them and not Matthew’s father. They’d gotten a phone call from the family patriarch on the way to the airport.

“David is older than John by eighteen months—he’s been married to Claire for nearly ten years. He’s never collared another sub during his marriage and as far as I know has been exclusive with her since he collared her.”


“They have two adorable children who are doted on and spoiled rotten by everyone in the family. Even Ethan sends them presents—toys and dolls from where ever he’s posted any given time. David is a sadist but not quite on John’s level. While their official residence is with my father—they do have an apartment that they use for play. David is always very careful to keep play time with his wife entirely separate from their children. Neither of them has ever seen their mother in an act of submission. It’s important to them both that their play remains separate from the kids.”

“That’s good,” Evan relaxed. “My father… wasn’t like that, just so you know. The summer I was fifteen, I arrived a day early for my required visit to his house in New York and…” He exhaled sharply. “I walked in on him topping someone. He told me I could stay and watch if I was quiet.”

Matt grimaced and looked away. “That’s abusive, Evan.”

“It was the last summer I was required to see him,” Evan murmured. “When I told my grandfather what had happened—my grandmother called my father and told him that I wouldn’t be forced to visit him over the summer again due to his inability to be a proper parent.”

“Okay, so David is an MBA and is the Chief Financial Officer for Sheppard, Inc which is the umbrella company that houses all of our family businesses from Sheppard Aeronautics to Sheppard Industries which is the R&D branch that works with the SGC. We publically trade about twenty percent of our stock, my father owns fifty percent and the three of us were all given ten percent interest in the company on our eighteenth birthdays. All of my money is funneled into an account in my name which was held partially in trust until I turned twenty-five.”

Evan laughed softly. “I don’t want to know how much money is in it.”

Matt leaned in and kissed him. “Money isn’t a big deal.”

“I’ve never thought so—but it never is a big deal for people who’ve never had to worry about not having it,” Evan responded and curled his fingers into Matt’s jacket. “So what about his wife?”

“She’s a La Petite Mort Consort. A beautiful ice princess with a casual disdain for most people that borders on insulting but skirts towards adorable for the most part. Claire is a painter and when she’s in the mood, she has no problem getting show space in galleries in the US or France. She was famous for her artwork even before she met my brother. They met at the Paris branch of La Petite Mort. David had done one session with the house and had been invited to Paris as a special guest instructor. He taught caning there in several sessions with Dato’ Raja’s permission. Claire was interning as a submissive instructor in Paris when they met. David underwent two more training sessions with Philippe Dubois and earned his Master marks with that house in order to gain Claire’s undivided attention.”

“I like that about him,” Evan admitted. “That he would put his life on hold for more training just for her.”

“His Consort isn’t a pampered diva princess just because she was marked a Consort,” Matt admitted with a wry smile. “David and John aren’t all that different on a personality front and one rarely hates where the other one likes. John respects you, loves you like a brother whether he wants to admit it or not. David will, too.” Matt paused and then grinned. “Eventually.”

David Sheppard didn’t look like the rest of his brothers—he was certainly gorgeous but there was a different quality to his face and to his eyes that was nothing like John or Matthew. David had accepted his hand in greeting with an assessing look, his gaze flicking over Matthew’s collar that wasn’t a damn thing like curious and more like someone determining how much money had been spent on his baby brother.

“It’s a pleasure, Evan. I see that Master Hector gave you his undivided attention with the collar set.”

Evan nodded. “Claire’s recommendation was appreciated.”

David smiled then. “Leave it to my wife to always know the best place to spend a great deal of money.” He held out his hand to her and she rose gracefully from her seat. “Meet my Claire, Evan.”

“It is my honor to meet a Consort of my house,” Evan said with an incline of his head as Claire’s soft fingers slid over his palm. She came in close and offered her temple in the traditional way and hummed a little when he brushed his lips over her skin.

“It is my honor to greet a Master of my House,” Claire smiled then. “You’re so gorgeous.”

Evan laughed. “So are you.”

She hugged him. “Welcome to our family, Evan.”

* * * *

David Sheppard offered Evan a bottle of water as he got settled in a chair beside him. Claire and Matt were near the back of the plane talking softly. “Claire and Matt are very close—like brother and sister. Since we can’t stay in New York, this is their only chance to connect this trip. He doesn’t mean to ignore you.”

“I’m not being ignored.” Evan stretched his legs out in front of him. “I’m being left in peace. He thinks I’m all freaked out and nervous about meeting his Geisha Master.”

“Are you?”

“No, I’ve exchanged several emails with Master Nori since I collared Matthew. I don’t expect any surprises on that front.”

“Then this is about your father,” David surmised. “You should know that he has been in contact with our father. It was just a formal acknowledge of Matthew being collared by his son but it put my father’s teeth on edge. There was a proprietary edge to the entire communication that made him want to start a small family feud.”

Evan sighed. “You have to know I’m nothing like they are.”

“John wouldn’t have a man like that in his command,” David responded without hesitation. “I don’t expect to find you objectionable, Evan, but if I do have a problem with something you do I won’t leave you wondering about it.”

“No, I noted early on that the men in your family don’t keep much to themselves,” Evan said and then drained half of his water bottle. “I really wish Master Nori wasn’t in New York. I don’t think I’m going to be able to get out of introducing Matt to my father. I don’t agree with his lifestyle or his politics but I’ve never shown my father disrespect.”

“Don’t expect Matthew to tolerate much—Geisha aren’t trained to tolerate bad behavior and never in silence. They’d just as soon have someone’s head cut off than be insulted.”

“Matthew’s temperament isn’t a mystery to me, David.” Evan glanced back and found Matt and Claire lingering over a laptop together. “Pictures?”

“We had new pictures of the kids taken,” David admitted. “I’m sure you’ll get some in an email. They are disappointed at not getting to meet you but they are both visiting Claire’s parents in Paris. I expect them both to come back twice as spoiled as when they left.”

* * * *

Evan remembered the first night he’d taken Matthew out in public—the way people had turned to stare at them as they’d walked through the restaurant. The overt interest of Doms who for the most part hadn’t been all that put off by Evan’s presence at the Geisha’s side. They’d changed into civilian clothes on the plane. The casual slacks and pull over Polo shouldn’t have made much of an impression in the lobby of the Plaza. But people literally stopped in their tracks as they walked through the lobby to the front desk.

Matthew ignored the looks and the whispers—his gaze never lingering on anyone person for more than a few seconds. Evan pressed his hand lightly against the small of Matt’s back as they came to stand in front of the desk.

“We have a reservation. Lorne.”

The clerk flushed under his gaze, her eyes darting towards Matt just once as she went to her computer. “Of course, Major Lorne. We’re expecting you. Your grandfather checked in earlier this morning. The Senator left a message for you.” She passed a thick envelope over the counter. “Also, you have several voice mails that will be routed to your private voice mail in your suite.”

He hadn’t booked a suite because he hadn’t cared and Matt had just shrugged when he’d been asked. They were both used to being housed in questionable circumstances in the field. Evan raised an eyebrow. “Suite?”

She blushed furiously. “It is the policy of the Plaza…” She glanced briefly towards Matt who was leaning on the counter, reading a pamphlet he’d obviously pilfered from the pile. “To treat such guests with special care. Our Manager trained with Lotus.”

“Very well,” Evan agreed. “Has Master Nori Tanaka checked in?”

“He is due to arrive within the next hour. We have a car waiting for him at the airport,” the clerk responded. “Did you wish to leave him a message?”

“Yes, please let him know that we’ve arrived and give him our room number should he request it.”

Matt pulled out the letter he’d prepared on the plane—using his father’s stationary. “Please make sure that Master Nori receives this at check in.”

“Of course.” She took the envelope—being careful not to touch his fingers. “I will be on duty when he arrives and will see to this matter personally.” When she turned her head to set the envelope aside her hair shifted, displaying a narrow strip of Japanese words. The mark flowed from under her ear and then curved her down her neck to disappear into the collar of her silk blouse.

“Thank you,” Matt said his attention focused on her. “I see you trained with Mistress Kia.”

“It was my honor to do so,” she said and then tucked one strawberry blonde curl behind her ear. “Please let us know if you need anything during your stay, sirs.”

The suite was ridiculous but Evan said nothing as the hotel staff put away their luggage. He handled the tip without fanfare and was thankful that his grandfather had prepared him to live the kind of life he’d have with Matthew Sheppard. Money had never been all that important in his life—his grandparents hadn’t spoiled him but he’d still lived a privileged life, which had gotten only more interesting when his grandfather had renewed his interest in politics.

He checked the voice mail out of self-defense and wasn’t pleased with the tone of his father’s voice. Roger Lorne had always taken that tone with him—like his own son was his adversary. Maybe Evan always had been—he’d only been three when his mother had died. With a heavy sigh, he sat down at the desk and dialed his father’s cell phone. Matt slid silently into his lap, his fingers curling against the back of his neck.

“Dad.” Evan tilted his head when Matt placed a soft kiss against his temple and in response the Geisha trailed several soft kisses down the side of his face before nibbling gently at his neck. “Yeah, no, the trip was fine. Patrick Sheppard sent us his personal jet so we didn’t have to worry with the commercial traffic at the airport.” He exhaled sharply when Matt nipped his earlobe. “Actually, no, we have a full schedule this evening. Master Nori will be here within the next two hours and we are to have dinner with him. Grandfather is also here and I’ve already promised him breakfast in the morning.” Matt’s teeth grazed his neck muscle. “Dinner tomorrow would be fine… we aren’t expected to meet with his father until Wednesday.”

Matt was astride his thighs by the time he hung up the phone. “Hey.”

Evan laughed. “What are you up to?”

“Just keeping your stress low,” Matt murmured as his Dom cupped his ass and pulled him close. “We’ve got a lot of people moving around us—people that matter to us both on different levels so I can understand why you’d be a little on edge but I have to tell you the last thing you have to worry about is your father.”

“He’s not a good man.”

“Yeah, I get that, but you are,” Matt whispered. He leaned up and kissed his forehead. “You’re the best man I know. You’ve been the damn center of my universe from minute one Evan, and nothing your father might say or do will change that. I’m not going to turn from you because of him or your brothers.”

“I know,” Evan whispered. He deftly opened Matt’s belt and then his slacks. “Let’s go to bed—we have a couple of hours before we meet Master Nori for dinner.”

Matt hummed softly and pulled his shirt over his head. “Yes, I’m good with that.”

Evan prodded him off his lap. “Go get on the bed.”

Matt discarded his clothes without hesitation as they moved into the bedroom and in under a minute was sprawled naked on the bed. Evan pulled a tube of lube from the carry on Matthew had carried for them and then crawled over the bed and on top of his sub. “Hmmm, you’re beautiful.”

“You,” Evan murmured. “Are perfect. The first time I saw you at the SGC—I damn near swallowed my tongue.” He grinned when Matt laughed softly. “It wasn’t until a few hours after the fact that I realized I’d seen you before. You’d had a different hair color the first time I saw you.”

“Yeah,” Matt sighed as he accepted the weight of his Dom between his spread legs. “Claire had talked me into using a temporary dye. David doesn’t like her to dye her own hair so she used to satisfy that urge on my hair.”

“Not anymore,” Evan said as he shifted his weight. “I prefer you just the way you are.”

“Yeah?” Matt lifted his hips and groaned when Lorne pressed him down on the bed. “Love me, please.”

“Always,” Evan whispered. “For the rest of my life.” He curled his hands around Matt’s wrists and held them firmly down on the bed. “Stay just like this.”

Matt nodded and bit down on his lip as Evan left the bed and went to the leather case that held their kit. He pulled out the white leather wrist cuffs, a pair of chains, and a length of soft, cotton rope.

Evan hooked the chains in the headboard of the bed and the cuffed his wrists silently before returning to kneel between his thighs. He made a loop casually and hooked it gently around the bottom of Matt’s foot and then coiled the rope around his ankle. His sub sucked in a needy little breath making it clear to Evan that he’d chosen the right scenario. He ran the rope through a series of loops on the bed and then down to Matt’s other leg. When he was done—he pulled on the rope carefully. Matt spread out underneath him with a shudder as he hooked the rope into place.


“Perfect,” Matt whispered. He sucked in a deep breath and his cock shifted on his stomach, already achingly hard.

Evan made a soft sound of approval and leaned down. He sucked one of Matt’s balls into his mouth and tongued over the delicate flesh before releasing him to lick up the length of his cock. Greedy for a taste, he sucked on the head of Matt’s cock until he was rewarded with small rush of pre-cum. Evan released him with a lewd pop and lifted his head. He looked over Matt’s face shrewdly and then moved lower to flick his tongue over his sub’s clenching entrance. Matt moaned softly, his body flexed against this bonds.

“Easy,” Evan whispered, he turned his head and nipped at Matt’s thigh. “Don’t pull on the ropes—you’ll bruise your skin.”

“Yes, sir.”

He tongued over his soft hole again and then dipped in repeatedly as Matt relaxed under the attention. “I love you like this—all soft and ready to be opened for my cock.” He reached out for the lube and sat back on his heels. “The only thing I like more is how you look after I’ve fucked you—with my cum dripping from your stretched, swollen hole.”

Matt groaned. “No one would believe you’re so filthy, Evan.”

He laughed. “I don’t look it?”

“Not at all.” Matt bit back a moan as Evan pressed a slick finger into his asshole. “Ah, God, Evan.”

Evan used his free hand to stroke over Matt’s bound leg, lingering over the ropes briefly. He slid the tips of his fingers under the ropes to test their give before wrapping his hand around Matt’s cock. “You’re gorgeous like this. I can’t imagine anyone seeing you like this without wanting you. The Doms at Lotus probably debated long and hard over who would train you.”

Matt shuddered. “They engaged in ritual combat to see who would have me as a student—real swords. Master Nori won by decision. Mistress Kia had to interfere because the other Dom refused to yield and Nori came very close to cutting off his hand to end the fight.”

“Jesus,” Evan muttered.

“Miko’s Geisha Mistress nearly killed two Masters within Lotus for the right to train her. The path of a Geisha may be a gentle one but the Dominant who chooses to train a Geisha must be strong. Nori fought for me twice during training.”

“I don’t blame him. I would fight for you, too,” Evan murmured. He added another finger and watched Matt’s head fall back, his body going slack with pleasure as he pressed down on his prostate. He leaned down and licked the head of his cock again. “I want you to come in my mouth, Matt.”

Matt exhaled sharply and then sighed. “Yeah, okay.”

“And then I’m going fuck you.”

“Your every desire is my need, sir.” Matt moaned harshly as Evan swallowed him down.

His Dom’s fingers worked deeply into his ass, finger fucking him perfectly as the head of his cock tucked into the back of Evan’s throat. Matt waited, held on to his orgasm as his Dom sucked him. No one had ever been so focused on his pleasure before… he’d never really noticed. He had been trained to attend the Dom in his life in all ways—private and public by assuring his sexual satisfaction and personal happiness in every way he could. Evan turned those ideals on their side and left him completely confused at times.

Lorne pulled his fingers roughly from his ass and Matt came with a little shudder. “Evan.”

Evan sucked him until he was soft and let him slide out of his mouth. “Hmm, I love the way you taste.”

Matt relaxed completely in his bonds and watched with dark eyes as Evan slicked up his cock. He groaned softly as his Dom pressed into him—nothing was so amazing as being filled by a nice thick cock. His Dom was not a disappointment in the least. Evan worked his cock in and out of him slowly tapping his prostate with each penetration. It was empowering—watching Lorne take pleasure from his body and knowing that no one else would be able to give this to him.

He got hard again slowly, his cock filling even as intense pleasure rushed in his blood from the near constant prostate stimulation. Matt started to shiver as Evan wrapped one hand around his cock. The strokes were skillful, firm and so perfect that he was ready to come again almost immediately. He held back and watched his Dom fuck into his body again and again.

“You’re so perfect, Mattie.” Evan let his head fall back and he exhaled sharply. “So perfect.” He started to jack Matt’s cock roughly. “Come for me—come all over my hand.”

Matt moaned softly as he did his Dom’s bidding and watched as Evan powered into him one final time and came. “Fuck, yes.”

* * * *

Evan pressed a soft kiss against Matt’s neck as he finished locking the dress collar into place. Matt often wore the tooled leather field collar on Atlantis but they’d never had occasion for the dress collar. “You look beautiful, you know.”

“It is my place in this world to be beauty personified,” Matt murmured. “With physical grace and a clear, untroubled mind.”

Evan quirked an eyebrow and watched Matt rise from the floor easily. He strolled naked to the closet where they’d hung the suit bag they’d brought with them. “Do I need to call someone up to take care of your clothes?”

Matt made a face and unzipped the bag. “Your suit needs ironing but I’m good. If you’ll set it up – I’ll take care of it.”

“You’re not my servant.”

A smile drifted over Matt’s mouth as he pulled a pair of white linen pants on without bothering with any underwear. “Some would say, Evan, that it is my duty to see to your every need.”

“They’d better not ever say it in front of me,” Evan muttered. “I’ll go find the iron but I’ll take care of my own stuff. Check the rest of our clothes and we can send out the rest to be pressed by the hotel staff.”

“Yeah, that works.” He pulled out a light blue silk shirt and shrugged it. “I don’t mind doing the ironing, you know.”

“Let’s keep back the dress uniforms. I don’t want someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing messing with those but the trunk of clothes I had stored at the SGC needs to be refreshed.”

“Agreed.” Matt sighed. “The last time I let a civilian handle my uniform I lost three buttons. I don’t even know how that happens. It’s just careless.”

* * * *

Evan thought he was prepared for the moment when Matt set eyes on his Geisha Master but he was sorely mistaken. He watched his sub’s cheeks flush and his eyes darken as Master Nori Tanaka stood from his place at the table in the private dining room the hotel had arranged for them.

Matthew’s fingers tightened in his briefly and he offered him a small smile. “Master Nori.”

“Matthew,” Nori murmured before his gaze focused on Evan. “Master Evan, with your permission.”

“Of course, sir.” Evan released Matt’s hand with more reluctance than he was prepared to explain. John had warned him—about the tie that Matt had with this man and only now was he realizing how little he really understood it.

Matt knelt on one knee as Nori took his hand in the formal greeting Evan had seen once before and when he rose—Nori took the hand Matt had given him and pressed a kiss against his palm. Evan relaxed because that action alone altered their relationship for him. It was paternal and very affectionate but it had a marked lack of sexual interest.

Matt pressed a soft, sweet kiss on Nori’s cheek before they separated. “It is my honor to see you again, Master. We would have come to you—I worry that you traveled so far from home.”

“I am well,” Nori assured. “Evan, it is a pleasure to meet you.” He held out his hand and Lorne found himself pulled into the physical space of the older Dom. He didn’t fight it but also couldn’t let himself go pliant under those firm, confident hands as the older man placed a firm kiss on his mouth. Nori smirked at him, his dark eyes bright with amusement. “My Matthew chose well. Come, sit. We will eat and I will stare at you for a while. Perhaps, I will ask you questions that will make you uncomfortable. It is my right.”

Evan laughed a little as Matthew pulled out a chair for Nori and guided the man to it. He’d known that Master Nori was well on his way to seventy years old but he hadn’t expected him to be quite so attractive. The easy affection between Matt and Nori made his gut itch and he felt like asshole for the jealousy. It was unacceptable and even ridiculous under the circumstances.

* * * *

Matt handled the tea pot deftly and watched as Nori settled in front of him. The private meeting wasn’t a surprise and he was glad he’d forewarned Evan even before they’d left Atlantis that Nori would probably request to see him alone. “How is your health?”

“I am well. Do not worry so, Matthew.”

“You had a heart attack,” Matt pointed out dryly. “It is my duty to worry over you.”

“Which of my wives told you this exaggeration?” Nori questioned.

Matt grinned and averted his gaze. “I fear I should keep such information to myself. It would have been no trouble for my Master and I to travel to Japan to see you on this occasion.”

“The travel is good for me,” Nori said with a little wave of his hand. “The change of scenery is interesting and I brought along one of my wives and two of my submissives to take care of my needs.”

“That doesn’t surprise me in the least.”

Nori shrugged and accepted the plate of cookies that Matt offered him. “I would ask you a question, sweet boy, and we’ll speak of this topic never again.”

“Of course, sir.”

“Have you trusted this man with your heart as well as your body?”

Matt blushed. “Yes, sir.”

Nori hummed softly and picked up a cookie. “I find him intriguing. His Pleasure Master at La Petite Mort speaks very fondly of him and his Pleasure Master at de Sade told me that Evan was perhaps too gentle to have trained at de Sade at all yet he was a diligent and thoughtful student.”

Matt didn’t disagree with that. “He had his father’s legacy and did not wish to dishonor his family by declining the invitation to de Sade. His father and brothers are all sadists.”

“Does this concern you?”

“No. I am not worried about his father but Evan has an uncomfortable relationship with that part of his family. He was raised by his maternal grandparents.”

Nori nodded. “Very well. Prepare a cup for your Dom and send him in. I will speak with you again before you leave New York. I am to have dinner with your father and Jonah tomorrow. I spoke with him briefly already—to thank him for arranging my travel.”

* * * *

Evan settled at the low table in front of Nori and exhaled sharply. “Is there…” He trailed off and focused on his cup.

“No, nothing is wrong. It was not my intention to speak with you privately originally. I am sorry if I’ve caused you to worry.” Nori settled back on his pillows and regarded Evan with serious eyes. “The responsibility of collaring a Geisha is an immense one. My Matthew was at one time unique—the first and only white male Geisha. Lotus recently marked two more but such circumstances does not change the effect Matthew will always have on other Doms. When he enters a room—he will garner their attention in ways that will make you at times amused and other times absolutely furious. Lotus is a mysterious house to most Westerners. They don’t understand our ways and rarely bother to learn. Plenty will see your Geisha has nothing more than a slave. A hole for you to fuck and to share with your friends as you see fit.”

Evan sat down his tea, his fingers curled into a fist on the table. “Master Nori, is it your intention to make me homicidal?”

“It is my intention to prepare you for the reality of Matthew’s public life. The decision to take him down the path of the Geisha nearly caused a civil war within our house. To bestow such an honor on a white man was so offensive to some that they left our house entirely rather than be a part of it. Then there came the day when his Master would be chosen. I was already training a Dom—the last student I believed I would have until I saw Matthew. I believed no other teacher within our house would honor the unique and fragile beauty of the boy he was and the man he would become.”

“And that’s why you fought for the right to train him?”

“Yes, and even then—my age was a concern. I feared that Mistress Kia would refuse me the right based only that. Those who chose to challenge me did not believe me a threat—they were sorely mistaken.”

“I do believe that,” Evan admitted roughly. “I have no intention of ever sharing Matthew with anyone. I don’t know that I could even if he wanted it. It makes me feel selfish and unreasonable.”

Nori considered the words and then nodded. “Matthew has an appetite for sex but nothing I would consider abnormal. He is happiest when he feels secure and safe. I believe you provide him with the emotional security he requires. He has chosen well and I will say as much to Patrick when I speak to him.”

“And your meeting with my grandfather?”

Nori inclined his head. “He told you about that, did he?”

“He left me a note at the front desk informing me that you’d invited him to tea in the afternoon tomorrow,” Evan admitted.

“I can hardly resist the urge to meet the man I believe will be the next president of the United States,” Nori admitted. “I monitor politics as such circumstances in this country could adversely impact my Matthew.”

“I’d never…” Evan took a deep breath. “I’ve already taken steps to secure Matthew’s future in the event I’m killed while he wears my collar. If those stupid laws come into play I assure you that he will be returned to his father’s house unharmed.”

“I do not worry about such. I would just as soon cut off someone’s head than tolerate the idea that my Geisha be the legal property of another.” Nori refilled his plate with the thin chocolate cookies. “Do not tell Matthew that I ate more cookies—he will report back to my wives and I will be lectured severely.”

Evan bit down on bottom lip to keep from laughing. “I believe I’m willing to keep your secret, sir.”

“Wives nag so,” Nori complained. “I suggest you never allow yourself the gift of one. I believe Matthew will nag you quite enough all on his own.”

“How many wives have you been gifted with?” Evan questioned.

Nori paused and sighed. “Four. The first one teaches the others very bad habits. I recommend separate homes to anyone who would dare assume they need more than one wife.”

* * * *

Matt checked his reflection one more time and then glared at himself. He was unaccountably angry with himself over the nervous knots in his stomach. Meeting Senator Nathan Cordell was a big fucking deal for him because this was the man that Evan considered his father. He was surprised that the Senator had travelled without his Domme but then the man probably had to travel a great deal for his political career whether his wife could go with him or not.

Evan appeared behind him and wrapped one arm around his waist. “Hey.”


“You look perfect,” Evan murmured and kissed his neck.

“It’s just breakfast,” Matt murmured. “I eat breakfast every day.”


“I want him to like me.”

“He’s going to love you.” Evan pulled him closer and sighed. “Because I love you and that’s all he wants for me.”

Twenty minutes later, Matthew came to realize exactly how much Evan must resemble his mother, because Nathan Cordell was just an older version of his Dom. It was slightly unsettling to see the man in a collar, which they both seemed to catch onto immediately because they shared a damn near identical smirk.

“You are just as beautiful as your pictures,” Nathan said with a small laugh. “I looked you up, young man. That’s quite a combat record you’ve managed to secure for yourself. Something I imagine a lot of people tried to get in the way of over the years.”

“Yes, sir, that has often been the case.” Matt took the place at the table Evan prodded him into and waited until the Senator was seated before continuing. “But stubbornness runs in my family.”

Nathan relaxed back in his chair and nodded. “Yes, but it serves you well as it certainly has your father and brothers. Patrick strikes me as shrewd man. I met him shortly after his return from Singapore.” He waited until the server had set out all of their food and left the room before saying more. “General Jordan was discharged quietly from the service shortly after his return to the US and from last report may never walk again.”

Matthew paled and lowered his gaze. “I was… I have not seen footage of the punishment.”

“Neither have I,” Nathan admitted roughly. “I have no interest in watching someone flayed alive but Jordan brought that on himself—doing what he did. Some people aren’t capable of learning without some kind of punishment involved. He’s been on the path that led him to Singapore for a very long time. Even as a young man he had a reputation for extreme play that bordered on abusive. Had he not had a powerful father—he would’ve never received the rank he did in the Air Force.”

“We are a world built on the power of others, sir.”

Nathan inclined his head in agreement. “Kevin Jordan is the product of a different world, I think. His own mother was a slave in his father’s home and when the laws changed—she fled leaving her son behind. That’s the environment he grew up in—it in no way excuses his behavior but I believe it explains it.”

“Agreed.” Matthew paused and frowned at the server who was trembling as she set up the coffee service. “Is something wrong, Miss?”

The young woman fumbled with the cups and Evan reached out to catch them before they shattered on the table. “Relax, sweetheart, we don’t bite.”

She laughed softly and took a deep breath. “I told Mr. Traynor that I get clumsy when I’m nervous.”

“We won’t tell,” Matt assured and took the coffee pot off the cart personally. “Everything looks great and just think, you’ll be able to tell your children you served breakfast to the President of the United States one day.”

The Senator blushed and then laughed. “We shall see. The polls are in my favor this week and next week I will be down so low that I’ll wonder if I’ll get the nomination at all.”

* * * *

Matt pulled his t-shirt over his head and glanced back at his Dom as Evan got settled at a table by the pool with a laptop. “You aren’t going to work long are you?”

“I took a lot of John’s paperwork,” Evan admitted. “I’d thought I’d handle most of it on the way back but General O’Neill sent me an email this morning letting me know I would be in charge of briefing the new Marines and keeping them busy on the way out.”

Matt sighed. “How many this time?”

“Just twenty-five.” Evan motioned towards the pool. “Go ahead. I’ll split the work load with you on the paperwork front on the way home.”

“Right.” Matt grinned and toed off his flip flops.

Evan watched him in the nearly abandoned pool for a few minutes. Taking note of the Doms around the pool and the one that was swimming in a lane a few paces over. Matt was quick and decisive in the water—not unexpected from a Navy man. After a few minutes, he returned his attention to his laptop to conquer the supply list the SGC was waiting on.

He’d barely finished the list when the scrap of a chair across concrete alerted him to a visitor. Evan looked over the beautiful Japanese woman and raised an eyebrow as she sat down at the table. “Can I help you?”

She tucked a lock of inky black hair behind her ear and shifted slightly so he was granted a full view of the white lotus blossom she was marked with and then regarded him silently for several seconds. “I am Kamira. It would be my pleasure to attend you, sir.”

He blinked in surprise. Evan had never doubted his ability to attract a submissive—he came from money, had some of the best training available, and knew he was physicaly attractive. Still, a part of him was stunned that he’d won Matthew Sheppard’s attention and his affection.

“I am honored by your interest but I am well attended already.”

Her gaze flicked to the pool and then she smiled. “Yes, I noticed. A Geisha does not kneel at the feet of the average man.”

John had told him something like that all those months ago when he’d first admitted to his CO that he really, desperately wanted Matt. He watched Matt turn into another lap and wondered how many he was at now. “We are exclusive.”

Her eyes widened briefly and Evan felt like an asshole for rejecting her. He didn’t imagine that any Geisha was overly familiar with such a circumstance. She rose gracefully and with a gently executed bow left him.

Matt was out of the pool by the time she’d glided back into the hotel. He picked up a towel and regarded Evan with an amused smile. “She offered you attendance?”

“Yeah,” Evan frowned sincerely. “I didn’t try to get her attention.”

Matt touched his shoulder briefly and then leaned down to kiss his mouth. “You didn’t have to. When one of us accepts a collar from a Dom, that Dom gains status in our house whether he is marked by Lotus or not. It is as if you’ve been marked anew.” He sighed when Evan pulled him into his lap and then ran his fingers over the black and red tattoos on his bicep. “An invisible mark that will tell all the submissives of my house that see us together that you are worthy of their attention and respect.”

“Did I… insult her by saying no?”

“No, I suppose she was shocked and perhaps disappointed but not insulted. If anything, I’m sure you’ve only added to the allure by rejecting her. It certainly worked with me.” He grinned when Evan laughed.

“I never rejected you,” Evan protested softly.

“Trust me, I felt rejected and challenged.” He checked his watch and sighed. “We only have an hour before we’re due for dinner with your father.”

Evan tensed and then forced himself to relax. “Right.”

* * * *

Roger Lorne was exactly what Matthew expected—and he wasn’t impressed in the least. He did his best to make sure his distaste didn’t show on his face but doubted he was entirely successful. When Evan had pulled out the leash in the car, Matthew had been genuinely taken aback. Having never been leashed in his life, he was unprepared for it. He’d shivered when Evan had slid the latch into place and the metal clasp of the leash had snapped gently together.

The private dining room had submissive seating—something he’d told himself he was prepared for but found when faced with it that he wasn’t. He’d never eaten at a Dom’s feet and was silently relieved when Evan had requested a chair for him tersely. The hostess had started briefly but had returned with a chair in under a minute.

Roger and all three of Evan’s brothers had shown up and Matt was the only submissive in the room. That was something of a surprise because he’d figured that Evan’s father would use the opportunity to rub his lifestyle in his son’s face. He knew that Evan didn’t have any full siblings and that all of Roger’s sons had been born to different women.

“So, you’re a Navy pilot.” Chad Lorne, the youngest brother, hadn’t bothered to pretend not to stare at Matthew since their arrival.

“Yes.” Matthew arranged his plate carefully and cataloged the weight of the leash on his dress collar. He liked the feel of it a lot—the added security and wished that protocol allowed only his Dom to speak to him while he wore it. “I graduated from the Naval Academy and entered the Navy as a pilot.”

“They don’t actually let you fly combat missions do they?” Roger Lorne questioned with a small frown that looked sort of sincere. “Surely you’re too…”

Delicate. Fragile. Valuable. Fuckable. There were plenty of ways that sentence had been finished over years to even guess which way the older man was leaning.

“Matthew is the Flight Commander for our current mission and has over two hundred hours of combat experience in the most advanced aircraft the US Military has to offer,” Evan responded coolly as he filled both of their wine glasses from a bottle of wine he’d opened himself. He’d completely ignored the bottle that was already opened in the room and Matt wondered just how deeply Evan distrusted these men who shared his blood. “He actually has more air combat experience than I do.”

That was true enough—Evan had given up the sky on Earth for battles on alien worlds more than five years ago. “There are those who try to keep submissives out of combat,” Matt finally said. “It is a backward and old fashioned assumption but some believe we are ill-suited for it based solely on our dynamic.”

“It doesn’t bother you, Evan?” James Lorne questioned with a sharply raised eyebrow. “To be separated from your submissive in a combat situation?”

“It hasn’t happened yet, but I am confident in his ability to take care of himself,” Evan relaxed back in his chair. “We both have a duty to our mission that must be considered and at times held above our private dynamic. It is the policy of our base commander not to separate pairs without the permission of the Dominant and I’ve never known him to ask a Dom to send their submissive into a combat situation alone.”

Matthew glanced briefly at Greg Lorne who had said nothing since they’d been introduced and then the doors opened to the room. A man, obviously the restaurant manager, entered with a wide smile and a series of servers with a large spread that made his stomach completely rebel. He doubted he’d be able to eat much at all.

The man stared at Matt for several seconds and then Evan cleared his throat. He blinked and then blushed. “My apologies, sir, it’s not every day we are so privileged. It is an honor to have one so beautiful with us.”

Evan eyed him critically and rubbed the supple leather handle of Matt’s leash between his fingers. “Apology accepted.” The man started to speak but Evan talked over him. “Thank you. That’ll be all.”

Roger Lorne laughed softly at the dismissal and saluted his son with his wine glass as the servers quickly dispersed and the double doors on the private dining room closed. “It’s good to see you, Evan. You should visit more often.”

“Our posting makes such visits very difficult,” Evan said and then watched half-interested as Matthew arranged food for them both on individual plates. It had been relieving for him that Matt had never once expected that they would share food. Evan figured that his sub was a little obsessive compulsive about food but he kept that observation to himself. Men in the military often developed quirks about how things should be arranged.

“Perhaps it’s time you resigned your commission,” Roger said finally. “You hardly need to work with the money your grandparents have settled on you and you’ve collared well.” His gaze flicked over Matthew, assessing and drawing all the wrong conclusions. “I’m sure your Matthew would be much more at home in a place like New York where he could be treated to all the luxuries your current circumstances won’t allow.”

Matt finished arranging their food to his liking and smiled beautifully. Evan barely managed not to laugh at the way his father and brothers all took a deep breath at the sight. “I could not be happier than I am, right now. Your son is all I want for my life and in no way does he fail to provide me with all that I need.”

* * * *

Evan had put Matthew in a private car and sent him back to the hotel—directly into the care of Patrick Sheppard with some reluctance but his father had made it clear he wanted to speak with him privately so he’d done it. He wasn’t surprised that his oldest brother James had stayed for the conversation. He had a feeling he wasn’t going to be happy.

He dropped back down in his chair and lifted an eyebrow. “You have something on your mind?”

Roger stared at him for a few seconds and then frowned. “I was notified that you updated your will and estate documents. I’d like to know what changes you’ve made.”

“I’ve made Matthew the executor of my estate and set up a safety net for him in the event the Ownership Act were to pass. It would return him to his father’s legal care in the event of my death. I don’t think the act will pass but my responsibility to Matt is too important for me to not plan for any contingency.”

“His father?” Roger glared at him. “And not your own?”

“I’d never allow Matthew to come under the legal or social ownership of you or anyone else in your immediate family. He is a Geisha and it is my duty to see to his welfare in every respect I can.”

“You don’t trust me, then?” Roger questioned shrewdly. “I thought you’d outgrow your childish hatred of me but I see I was mistaken.”

“I don’t hate you,” Evan sighed. “But I certainly don’t trust you either. Well, no, I do trust you—I trust you to behave as you’ve always behaved. I trust you to be the man you’ve always demonstrated yourself to be and that is not a man I would ever trust with Matthew. He’s my world and I’d sooner kill you than let you touch him in any shape or form.”

James Lorne exhaled sharply. “You will not speak to our father…”

“Shut up,” Evan snapped. “It is not your place or your right to give me instructions like I’m a child, James. I will speak to the man who killed my mother in any way I so choose and if you don’t like it—you can go sit at the bar with Chad and Greg while they finish drinking their dinner.”

“Fuck you, Evan, have you ever once in your life even asked him about what happened to your mother or are you just content to be handfed lies by Nathan Cordell for the rest of your life?”

Evan sighed and then pulled out the cell phone the SGC had given him when it vibrated in his pocket. A text message from Matthew confirmed his arrival at the hotel and that he was having dessert with his father and Jonah Dean. He put the phone back in his pocket and stared at James for a long, silent minute.

“I had her death investigated personally two years ago. That investigation included having her body exhumed and while I did not personally review her remains I was told that they were remarkably well preserved considering the amount of time that had passed. When she was put in the ground—my mother had a fractured wrist and four broken ribs. Whether she died of a heart attack or not is up for debate but I do know that before she died she was beaten quite severely.”

He used his fingers to wipe crumbs off the crisp white table cloth before focusing on his father. He found Roger Lorne, pale and obviously shaken. “I was informed that too much time had passed for you to face criminal charges for physical assault and it would be too difficult to prove outright murder.”

“You had your mother’s remains…” Roger took a deep breath. “James, you will leave.” He said nothing else as the eldest of his children stood abruptly and left the room. “You had no right—she died wearing my collar. I buried her with a great deal of care…”

“I reburied her with a great deal of love,” Evan said evenly. “The collar you buried her in is in a safe deposit box in your name at the Federal Bank and Trust of Chicago. The diamonds were a nice touch, by the way. At least you made the appearance of caring about her for anyone that might be looking.”

“How did you keep this from me?” Roger demanded lowly.

“You have a great deal of personal power in this city,” Evan allowed. “But my grandparents are practically royalty in Chicago and I have a great deal of money, as you already pointed out. I was the only one, besides you, who had the legal right to exhume my mother’s remains. No one even questioned me on it.”

“Taking off her collar… she was mine.”

“You killed her—either through your ignorance or your arrogance,” Evan responded. “I had her cremated and placed in the Cordell family crypt. It was the place she deserved all along. It was heartless of you to not return her to parents upon her death, especially considering how she died.”

“I broke her ribs doing CPR.” Roger’s fingers trembled as he picked up his wine glass. “I never should have given you to them—I see now what a mistake it was. I thought having you with them would make the loss of their daughter easier but they turned you against me entirely instead. You should ask them if they are proud—to have made my own son my enemy.”

Evan looked away from him. “You have no idea what it is to have an enemy, Dad. To stare down the barrel of a weapon held by someone who doesn’t care if you live or die. That is an enemy. To stare into the eyes of a man who doesn’t even know your name while he shoves a knife into your gut. That is an enemy. You and I are even less than that.”

* * * *

Matt stood up from his place on the opposite side of the chess board he and Jonah were waging war on and went to the door of the suite. The brisk knock had been a surprise but he figured maybe one of Master Nori’s submissives had come to visit. He opened the door with a smile at the ready and it fell abruptly from his face at the sight of James Lorne.

“Your brother isn’t here.”

“He’s still with my father.” James inclined his head. “I’ll come inside. We need to talk privately.”

“No.” Matt frowned. “You won’t. I would never offer my Dom such disrespect.” He glanced back into the suite at his father and Jonah. Patrick Sheppard had stood and he had a look on his face that spoke of his readiness to kick someone’s ass. Matt sighed. “Just say what you wish to say and go.”

James pushed on the door ineffectually and Matt laughed abruptly. He leaned on the door effortlessly and assessed the Dom with disdain drifting over his expressive face. “It would do you good to remember that I am, in fact, trained for combat. I won’t hesitate to leave you lying in your own blood for your brother to find when he gets here.”

“What makes you think he didn’t send me here?”

“Besides the fact that he knew my fathers were waiting on me to arrive here?” Matt questioned with a small smile. He casually opened the door to reveal Patrick and Jonah. “Evan wouldn’t let you wear his least favorite pair of shoes. That means fucking his Geisha would be entirely off the table.”

The elevator dinged gently and Matt winced at the arrival of his Dom. Evan glanced between them, his eyes darkened with fury. “Matt, shut the door.”

Matt shut the door without a word and walked away from it with a sigh.

* * * *

Evan shoved his brother into the elevator and as soon as the doors shut, hit the emergency stop. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing, James?”

“I wanted to speak with him. He deserves better than…” James glanced at him. “You.”

“I don’t even disagree with you,” Evan responded immediately. “The first, second and third time I saw him—I told myself he was out of my league. The day I collared him—I told myself he was out of my league. I wake up every fucking day thinking that I’m the luckiest bastard in the universe. Let me tell you why—it’s not because of his money or his training or his looks. It’s because he’s good. He’s the best person I’ve ever met in my life and when I think about where I come from—at the man who fathered me, I can barely stand to look in the mirror. Because our father is fucking corrupt on a cellular level and he raised three of the foulest sons of bitches I’ve ever met in my life. The only favor he ever did me was give me over to my mother’s parents before he had the chance to turn me into a man like you.”

Evan let him swing first, took the fist against his jaw with barely a flinch and then he hit back. The sharp snap of brother’s nose breaking under his fist was uniquely satisfying so he hit him again before his morals got the better of him and James slumped to the floor with a gratifying groan of pain. He watched the blood rush between his brother’s fingers for several seconds and then hit the button to start the elevator. He opened the doors with a sigh and stepped over James.

“Don’t ever come near Matthew again—I’ll kill you if you touch him, James. Because while I may not deserve him, you aren’t even fit to breathe the same air as him.”

* * * *

Patrick finished wrapping the ice pack in a towel just as Evan Lorne entered the suite. He’d sent both Jonah and Matthew off to the office of the suite with their chess board so he could meet the newest member of his family alone. He looked the younger man over with a small smile and then offered the ice pack. “Brothers don’t disagree without a few punches being thrown.”

Evan took the towel with a blush and pressed it against his jaw with a sigh. “I’m sorry you had to see any of that, sir.”

“I’ve been known to brawl in my own dining room, son.” Patrick pulled two beers out of the bar fridge and opened them. He handed one to Evan as he settled on a stool in front of him. “My Mattie loves you, Evan, so that means you’re my family now. I don’t know how you feel about that—some men might resent it. Some men might even fear it. You’d be entitled to feel either way because I’m a son of a bitch when it comes to the welfare of my children and they all have to suffer various bouts of over protective caveman behavior intermixed with me throwing my money around to get what I want.”

Evan laughed and nodded. “I’m not unaware of you, sir. I don’t know many men who would pick a physical fight with Randolph Rampart.”

“I’m entirely convinced I would have won that fight if one of us hadn’t hit Matthew by mistake,” Patrick responded dryly. “Of course, he had no business trying to break up that fight anyways.”

“Agreed,” Evan grinned. “But he’s a Sheppard—so he tends to leap first and ask questions later. Really, I don’t think many men in uniform could stop themselves from coming to Rampart’s defense. He’s pretty much lesser god territory for everyone in the Navy and the Corps.”

“He’s a prick who sent my son on a suicide mission to another fucking galaxy and I’ll never forgive him for it,” Patrick returned and then drank deeply from his beer bottle. “I understand why, mind you, but I won’t forgive him. The moment the doctor put John in my hands—my world shifted. Each of my sons changed me—altered the way I viewed the world as they entered it. David made me realize that I had to live for him instead of myself. John made me stop and evaluate everything because I missed David’s first steps. I was going to miss John’s too if I didn’t make some changes.”

“And Matt?”

“He made me doubt myself and my ability to be a father to be honest. Matthew was born with that sweet face and those soft eyes—I see the baby he was in the man he is even to this day. When you were briefly declared KIA, John said that… Matt pretty much shut down on them.”

Evan exhaled sharply and focused on the bar in front of him. “I don’t think you can really prepare for that moment, sir. But it’s the job we both have. We live with it every day.”

“The day each of my children put on the uniform for the first time—I asked them to do their damnedest to come home every time they went into the field. It’s all I could ask of them and it’s all I ask of you.”

Evan transferred the ice pack to his hand and considered his words carefully. “I made Matt that promise when I collared him, sir. I’ll do everything I can to always come home. It’s what we promised each other.” He glanced around the suite. “Where is he?”

“I sent him and Jonah to the little office area with their chess board. If I know them at all—they are staring moodily at the chess board in a stalemate. They are fairly evenly matched in the game and it’s rare these days that one of them comes out the winner. They once played a single game for six solid months through email.”

Evan nodded. “I’ve seen Matt plotting against him in an email game. They take it pretty seriously. The trash talk through of The Art of War quotes is pretty funny.”

“I take it that things went poorly with your father?”

“Yeah,” Evan sighed. “We’ll never reach a point where I can… there is nothing but anger there. I can’t imagine forgiving him for my mother’s death. Even if I learned it was an accident—I couldn’t forgive his irresponsibility and cruel intentions where her parents are concerned.”

“I can’t blame you there.” Patrick smiled then. “Matthew told me that you had an offer from a female Geisha this afternoon that seemed to have surprised you.”

Evan sighed. “I’ve never had a problem attracting a submissive when I want one, sir.”

Patrick laughed and inclined his head. “No, I can’t see how you would. John told me you were pretty—I took him at his word. He’s always been an excellent judge of such things.” He grinned when Evan blushed furiously. “That’s charming—the blushing thing. Geisha are going to be attracted to you. It’s the nature of Lotus submissives. They trust each other and Matt took your collar—others will see that as a sign that you are a man they can trust with their pleasure and with their bodies. They will honor you in ways that might make you uncomfortable but they will respect Matthew’s boundaries without question. Your relationship will be not be intruded on in ways that will be insulting but you should get used to the offers because they won’t stop.” Patrick paused. “Unless you marry him—a ring would stop the offers.”

Evan used his thumb to touch his empty ring finger and nodded. “Can I ask a personal question?”


“You’ve never married Jonah.”

“Jonah is twenty years younger than me. I’ve made all the arrangements I can to see him set for life both financially and professionally when I die. I know that my sons will see that he is taken care of after I’m gone.” Patrick frowned and looked away. “Geisha who marry… rarely allow themselves to be collared again if they outlive their Dom. They’ll mourn the loss, remove the collar and go on with their lives but I’ve only known two to actually accept another collar. Marriage is seen as a life time commitment for most of them.” He watched the shock drift over Evan Lorne’s face and regretted his words. “That being said—if Jonah ever once made it known to me that he wanted that from me he would have it. I’ve denied him nothing since the day he knelt for me. I would give him my name and monogamy if that were his wish.”

* * * *

Evan relaxed under Matt’s hands as the Geisha rubbed warm oil into his back with firm hands. “That’s perfect.”

“Hmm.” Matt rocked forward a little, pushing his cock a little deeper into his Dom’s ass. “Good?”

“Christ, yes,” Evan pressed his face into the pillow he was propping his head on briefly and then turned his head so he could watch in the mirror across from the bed as Matt fucked him. “Very good.”

“It is my honor to pleasure you,” Matt whispered as he pressed forward purposefully and nudged Evan’s prostate firmly. “I’ll fuck you for hours if that is what you want.”

Evan shuddered under him and lifted his hips slightly. “God, Matt.”

“Do you want to come this way or would you like me to suck you off?” Matt poured more of the oil down his Dom’s back and set the small glass jar on the nightstand. “You wanna turn over?”

“In a few minutes,” Evan murmured. “This feels amazing.”

“Yeah,” Matt whispered as he braced himself carefully and started to work his dick in and out of his Dom’s ass with heavy, penetrating strokes.

Within minutes, Evan was shifting under him and pushing up into the thrusts until their skin was slapping together with sharp little smacks. Lorne arched under him, coming up off the bed and Matt shuddered as he pressed his forehead against his Dom’s back.


“Yeah,” Matt whispered.

“Get on your back.”

Matt pulled out with a soft groan and quickly arranged himself on his back. He shivered a little at the look on Evan’s face. The aggression was always there—no one would make the mistake of taking Evan Lorne for a submissive. Dominance poured off of him in every physical gesture. Matt bit down on his lip as Evan slid astride his hips and slowly—their gazes locked together—impaled himself on his cock.

It had been interesting to get used to. Evan was one of the few Dom’s that Matt had ever attended that enjoyed being penetrated often. It was gorgeous, Matt thought, as he wrapped his hands around the chains still attached to the headboard and watched through half-closed eyes as Evan rocked on his cock and jacked his own dick in a casual rhythm.

“I love you.”

Evan shuddered and came all over his hand. He laughed softly. “Christ, Mattie, you’re going to pay for that.”

Matt sucked on his bottom lip and moaned when Evan clenched down on his dick as he leaned forward. “It’s true.”

“I know.” Evan brushed their mouths together. “I love you so much. I’d do anything for you, Matt.”

Matt released the chains and wrapped one hand around the back of Evan’s neck as they kissed. His free hand clenched on his Dom’s thigh as Evan started to work intently on his cock. “Damn.”

Evan lifted away and trailed his come slick fingers over Matt’s stomach as he rocked back on his dick. “Come.”

Matt shuddered and arched on the bed without hesitation, his hips jerking as he met Evan’s demand.

* * * *

Evan wanted to be surprised that his Father wasn’t quite finished making his life difficult. He’d installed Matthew in the hotel spa and after discussing what he would and would not allow with the attendant in the spa—he’d left Matthew to be pampered and treated like the Geisha he was. Then he’d gone to have lunch with his father, Patrick Sheppard and Master Nori. The meeting was Roger Lorne’s idea so Evan figured that he was going to be pressured to resign his commission.

He snapped out the linen napkin with exaggerated care and dropped it over one thigh as he got comfortable at the table. “Sirs.”

Patrick Sheppard inclined his head as he finished pouring tea for Nori and then started to work on his own coffee. “Evan, I trust you had a good night’s rest?”

“Yes, sir.” Evan relaxed in his chair as the server spread out a breakfast he didn’t order.

“Matthew let me know your preferences,” Nori said in way of explanation as the rest of the food was distributed. “I trust he’s ensconced in the spa?”

Evan chuckled. “Yes, he provided me with a list of questions to ask the staff concerning their ability to take care of him and I signed off an asexual massage therapist. He’ll probably be useless the rest of the day when he’s done in there.”

“I was telling Patrick that I’ve encouraged you repeatedly to reconsider your commission with the Air Force.”

Evan shifted his fork and knife minutely and then stopped because he realized it was something that Matt would do. He wondered, briefly, how many of his subs quirks he’d already picked up without even realizing it. “I take my duty to my country very seriously.”

“As well you should,” Patrick murmured. “I was honored to serve and I’m proud that all three of my children chose to serve was well. Matthew’s military service may not have pleased everyone but it was his choice.” He paused and glanced at Nori who inclined his head. “Matthew turned down the collar of a three star Navy Admiral because the man expected him to resign his commission and become some treasured pet.”

Evan flinched briefly at Patrick’s tone and then took a deep breath. “I am aware of that, sir. I do my best to separate our private and professional lives as much as it is possible. Matthew’s career is as important to me as my own and I won’t let anyone interfere with what he wants.”

“I’m not concerned,” Patrick admitted. “Matt would never tolerate such an unequal relationship. A collar can be removed just as easily as it can be locked into place.”

“For the moment.”

Patrick lifted an eyebrow at Roger Lorne and then rested back in his chair. “I’ve set aside a substantial amount of money to oppose the Ownership Act and if that isn’t enough I will take my family abroad to a more civilized country. I have homes in Japan, Singapore, and France.”

“I would think a man like you would appreciate legal rights to your submissive.”

Patrick lifted an eyebrow but before he could respond the door opened open and Jonah strolled in. The Geisha inclined his head briefly in Nori’s direction as he settled in Patrick’s lap. His elegant fingers drifted against his Dom’s neck as he surveyed the table and sighed. “Patrick.”

“I haven’t even eaten, yet.” Patrick protested and pressed a kiss against Jonah’s jaw. The Geisha turned and pressed his mouth briefly against his Dom’s and then frowned. “I had no intention of eating any of the stuff that’s really bad for me.”

Jonah smiled then. “I don’t believe you, at all.” He turned to Nori and lifted an eyebrow. “Are you well, sir?”

“I am.” Nori looked over his plate and then regarded with Jonah with a serious expression. “Did my wife send you in here to check to see what I was eating?”

Jonah smiled. “Perhaps. I took the liberty of adding some fruit to the meal. It will be here soon.” He shifted off Patrick’s lap gracefully. “My appointments downstairs are about to start.”

“Do not cut your hair,” Patrick murmured, his hand lingering on at Jonah’s waist. “I’ve already signed off for everything you expressed interest in and interviewed your attendant. If he doesn’t meet your requirements—call me.”

“You know I will.” He leaned down and kissed Patrick again.

Evan was surprised at the envy that stirred in him. There was something in their relationship—a knowing that came from being with the same person for so many years that was too new to be solid in his relationship with Matt.

Nori hummed softly as Jonah exited just as gracefully as he had entered. “You are a lucky man, Patrick. I knew his mother; she was a beautiful woman. Did you ever meet her?”

“No, I did not have that privilege. His parents were killed shortly before he finished training.” Patrick refocused on Roger. “Do you think that legal ownership equates itself with the kind of attention and devotion I currently get from my submissive?”

“I believe that legal right of ownership would provide him with security, especially as it relates to the age difference. You’ll die before him—and he’ll be left to fend for himself.”

“He has a PhD in Engineering and upon my death will receive half my net worth in assets and monies. He’ll want for nothing the rest of his life and enjoy the protection of both of my oldest sons in social matters as long as he wishes it. That is the responsibility of collaring a Geisha.” He focused on Evan then and Evan fought the urge to fidget under his gaze. “It is a responsibility that I was pleased to see your son take so seriously. I have no concerns regarding Evan’s continued military service and I’ve never known Matthew to be more happy and content. It’s all a father can ask for.”

“Even if his life is at risk?” Roger questioned his gaze narrow and assessing.

“It’s his life to risk,” Patrick returned evenly.

* * * *

Evan found Matt sprawled on a lounger on the balcony of their suite. He slapped his hand on the door frame to prevent his father from seeing his submissive and sighed. “I’m going to spank you for showing yourself off to half of New York City.”

Matt laughed softly and stretched under the sun like a cat and rolled over on his stomach. “I would never do such a thing, sir. The building is high enough that no one has line of sight from a window.”

Evan quirked an eyebrow. “I might spank you regardless. Put on some pants, we have a guest.”

He prodded his father further into the room and ignored the older man’s half-amused look. Matt came in from the balcony wearing a pair of white linen pants. He paused briefly at the sight of Roger and then inclined his head towards the bedroom. Evan nodded abruptly.

“You give him too much freedom,” Roger muttered as the door to the bedroom shut. “I was stunned that you let him into the hotel spa without you. It isn’t like he’d admit if he allowed the staff to take liberties with him.”

Evan chuckled softly and went to the wet bar. “It is beyond obvious that you’ve never had a Geisha privately. They don’t play games with their pleasure and they actively avoid being punished. He’s mine because he chooses to be and I don’t worry about his loyalty. It’s a shame you’ve never experienced that kind of relationship.”

“I believe you’ll eventually find your trust misplaced. I’ve never had a submissive I could trust further than I could throw them.” Roger accepted the whiskey as Matt emerged from the bedroom fully dressed. “None of them know their proper place anymore.”

Matthew’s lips twitched into a small smile and Evan sat down on the small two-person couch. Lorne patted the couch. “Did you enjoy the spa?”

“It was quite nice, sir.” Matt slid into Evan’s space easily, molding against his side with a small sigh. “Thank God I had laser treatments years ago for hair removal. There was a woman in the next room getting waxed. It did not sound at all pleasant. I don’t even think Rodney would have enjoyed that.”

“Who is Rodney?” Roger questioned.

“My brother’s submissive,” Matt murmured. “He’s a de Sade Courtesan.”

Evan trailed his fingers through Matt’s short hair. “John, Matt’s second oldest brother, is my Commanding Officer.”

“Is there anything the two of you want to do while you’re in New York?”

Evan shook his head. “Oddly enough, no. We’d like to just relax in the hotel and do as little as possible until we’re due back for duty. Serving in a war zone doesn’t allow for a great deal of leisure.”

“Very well, if you change your mind there are entertainment opportunities available to you and I have memberships to several private clubs that will allow you entrance if that is your wish.” Roger stood and set aside the empty glass. “Welcome to my family, Matthew. It is an honor to have someone of your caliber wear my son’s collar.”

Matt shifted away from Evan as his Dom stood to see his father out. “Thank you, sir. It is my honor to wear Evan’s collar.”

Roger lifted an eyebrow at his careful wording but inclined his head. “I suppose you thought I would be inappropriate with you. You’ve been on edge and watchful since we met.” He looked at Evan then. “But your concern was baseless. I am not the kind of man that would earn the displeasure of a House so powerful at Lotus. Many of my best clients are Lotus Doms.”

“Money is money,” Matt murmured.

“Indeed, young man, indeed. Evan, walk me out. I had to talk your brother, James, out of filing an assault complaint against you, you know.”

“You should tell him that he’ll have to go through my current base commander if he’d like to file a formal complaint because I’m active duty. His name is Colonel John Sheppard, US Marines.”

Roger snorted. “I will. The expression on his face should be entertaining.” He paused then and looked at Evan. “Whatever you think, Evan, I loved your mother and whatever happened that day between us was not meant to lead to her death.”

Evan’s jaw worked briefly as he fought to control his response to that. “Have a good evening, sir.”

Roger nodded. “Right.”

* * * *

“Wow, that’s not good.” Matt frowned at his laptop and rubbed the back of his neck under his collar. “I mean… geez.”


Matt frowned. “The SGC is sending out a new psychologist for the mission—a military one to add to the civilian staff. Major Thomas Grant.”

“That’s bad?”

“Yes, I mean… no. Obviously we could use someone with a military mindset to handle both civilians and military assets in some situations.”

Evan leaned over and looked at Matt’s screen. “Wow, he’s a pretty bastard.”

“Yeah,” Matt nodded. “John approved him but I don’t think he knew… who he was when he did. He’s a de Sade Dom, trained by Sydney Jamison and he’s topped McKay in the past.”

“How do you know that?”

“Subs talk to each other—compare Doms and experiences in general ways if they are pleasant and specific ways if they are not. Rodney has fond memories of Thomas Grant. He’s Gerard’s first cousin. The rumor at Area 51 was that Grant wanted to collar McKay but Rodney moved onto Sumner and then eventually Carter.”

“John probably knows this.”

“Right and it probably didn’t even cross his mind as a potential issue but… things are different now. Scott Holland made things different with what he did.” Matt closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he thought about the flight data they’d taken from the Jumper. The sound recordings had been vivid and spoke to Scott’s crumbling mental state even as he’d realized the Jumper was going into the water. “I worry that they don’t have a stable enough relationship to weather another storm like Scott.”

“Thomas Grant isn’t going to risk Gerard’s wrath. He won’t fuck with their relationship and I’ll make sure he understands how difficult things are on the city right now. He’ll be fully debriefed.”

“Right.” Matt frowned and poked at his mouse pad for a few minutes and sighed. “Hey, Major, paperwork sucks. How about you tie me to the sub bench and fuck me for a few hours?”

Evan chuckled. “I’ll take your suggestion under advisement, Commander. Just as soon as you finish your requisitions.”

Matt shifted slightly so he could lean against Evan’s side. “I think I’m on the only submissive on the whole planet that gets punished with paperwork.”

“I could spank you, put you in a chastity device, fuck you, and then go to sleep,” Evan offered. “Would that be a more suitable punishment? After all, I have no clear way to account for how many people might have watched you naked on the balcony.”

Matt snorted and refocused on his paperwork. “You should realize, dear one, that such punishments come with a price.”

Evan laughed and pulled him close. He pressed a kiss against his temple and sighed. “I am very aware of who really has the power in this relationship.”

The End

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    • LOL!! I thought the same thing and it came a jolt when I remembered that Matt is Keira’s OC. As far as I am concerned Matt is John’s brother as is Ethan and there wasn’t enough time in each episode to add them into the mix.

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    Your banner is amazing and so are you.

    • Jonah wants his Dom to be happy and content. Since marriage is something that worries Patrick a great deal, Jonah has never made it a priority between them. He doesn’t need it to know how much he means to Patrick so it doesn’t come up between them. They are both very happy with what they have.

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    • You know that Sentinel fic stands alone because that Fandom (despite the official awards) wasn’t all that nice to me. A lot of the readers were pissy with me over the betrayal of Blair and how much I fucked with canon.

      • OMG are you kidding me??!!!

        Okay, I know you’re not. It’s just… I’ve been a Sentinel slasher for years, and your story The Awakening was one of the most original, well plotted, memorable Sentinel fics I have ever had the pleasure of reading. That people were awful to you over it baffles me. I’ve waded through some of the worst tripe (and tropes) reading Sentinel fanfic, and people fuck with canon all the time there.

        Grr at other people. *Grr*, on a massive scale, for denying your awesomeness. They have deprived the world, and fandom, the gift of your stories.

        I hope, as many others do, that you will ignore the negative responses you have had. I know how sharply they can cut – especially if you are particularly pleased with something you’ve accomplished. And you should be very pleased with what *you* have accomplished.

        After all, you have your own fan base willing to wage war on your behalf. What more does a girl need? 😉

      • I’ve read it a few times and I just don’t get what betrayl you mean? Also canon is meant to be fucked with…

        • It’s because I didn’t write Blair as whiny and incapable of defending himself I guess. I was told more than once that I had betrayed the very essence of his character and maybe I did. When I wrote that story I’d half-assed watched 3 episodes of Sentinel and most of what I knew about the series came from meta discussion and fan fic.

          • Bear in mind, though, that these are probably the same people that got all up in arms over some stories in which Blair got his hair cut! They fell in love with Blair-the-academic, and any suggestion that he might ever eventually move beyond that was greeted with hostility. So I can see where your kick-ass Blair, who carries a gun and doesn’t seem particularly conflicted about it, might also set them off.

            I know it’s hard to ignore people being assholes at you, but… consider the source, and maybe it won’t hurt as much? (Yes, I am being entirely selfish; I’d love to see more stories set in the “Awakening” ‘verse and I bitterly resent those jerks for chasing you away. So hmph on them! 🙂 )

      • I’ve read a ton of Sentinel fics because I adore the premise of a protector and his guide and frankly yours is the best I’ve ever read. As for people who don’t like the way you write Blair they can go jump in a lake. I’ve read Blair as everything from a merman to a dragon to an alien so people have nerve saying he can only be written one way. I don’t care if you write Dom/sub or sentinel/guide the thing I like best about your characters is that they stand as equals in their relationships and neither half of a pair is weak. They may have different strengths but they are Both strong.

        • Oh. And apparently my use of poetry for the grounding ritual was corny. lol. Maybe it was but I couldn’t think of anything else.

          • It’s because I didn’t write Blair as whiny and incapable of defending himself I guess. I was told more than once that I had betrayed the very essence of his character

            Not this s**t again! (sigh)

            I loved your take on Jim and Blair in The Awakening, because you write real men, not feminized men, which is what is often done to Blair in Sentinel fandom cos he’s younger and has long hair. That’s what that criticism is truly about. You showed him being academically bright and phsyically capable. Not a damsel in distress.
            Slash is mostly written by women. And somehow, a lot of writers want to project what they regard as female characteristics on one half of the central pairing in a fandom.
            That tendency is the downside in a lot of slash fandoms. One partner is ‘female’ the other is a caricature of the ‘strong, silent type’ male.

            (Its as if writers who do this don’t know any strong, capable women. Bleh)

            Or some writers will make the alpha male in the pairing (Jim Ellison, John Sheppard, Duncan McCleod etc) neurotic and pining.

            It pisses me off! 🙁

            One of the best things about your work? Is the three dimensional males on both side of the pairing. And incredibly well drawn, three dimensional OCs of both sexes.(Love your Elizabeth Weir, Teldy, Porter…)

            I’m female, but frankly the Blair in much Sentinel fic has way more oestrogen than I do.

          • I’ve always found that Tony Dinozzo gets beat with the “girl with a dick” scenario just about as often as Blair does in fandom.

          • Yup, and I don´t like to read those fanfics. If I wanted to read het, I would. But he´s a man for ***** sake.

            I love your Sentinel fanfic, but have to admit only watched one episode of the serie. A friend is a great fan, but it bored me to death because I always think: fanon is soooooo different and I like the Sentinel-Guide bond in fanfics way more. That´s the problem when you read fanfic before the series.

          • I actually thought the poetry was quite beautiful. Jim knowing Beowulf from memory added another layer to this complex man. Screw ’em – we like it!

      • The witch has been reading fan fic since it came in the old printed form. I started out with Holme/Watson and moved on to TOS slash. Back then you had to hunt for stories to read and hunt I did. The internet was a glorious thing.

        Finding your site was nothing short of find the world’s best chocolate maker, one who was willing to let me eat my fill. Sorry about the metaphors there, that’s just me ’cause I love to have chocolate and I love to find an excellent writer. Only because it was written by you did I even try to start reading the TTB…

        Have decided that I would be a ‘switch’ in that particular universe.

        Now as to the Awakening, I don’t really know why fan girls like to have one of the partners in a slash pair be the ‘girl’ in the relationship. This is a relationship of equals, it should be since I don’t think either Jim or Blair would settle for anything else.

        Keira, don’t let the ‘nitpicker’ types stop you from doing what seems to come so naturally and that is just damn good writing. It is hard, this I know from when I used to write fan fiction. To post something was the physical equivalent of Abraham laying Issac on the alter and waiting to see what is going to happen next.

        There are many more of us who say Yay!!!!! Keira has posted something new today!!! than those who say OK let’s see what we can ‘nitpick’ on today. We are the ones who say take that boy down Abraham, you have done well. Not that I would put myself …. damn I have written myself into the corner with this metaphor, probably need to get this aging body into bed after all it is after 9 PM and us old ladies need our rest.

        Keira Marcos, the Awakening is an excellent tale and I do hope that you return to it some day. I loved the posting in the Jim/Spock universe, well done once again. And Lorne and Matt are lovely together.

        I was married at 18 and widowed at 39. I had never met anyone like him before and have not met anyone like him since. We were equals and like wolves we mated for life. I am now 67, soon to be 68, so you can see that I have been alone for a very long time. I am little old lady who has a standard response when the conversation turns to sex…it’s been so long since I’ve had sex, I can’t remember who gets tied up first. That usually gets the conversation turned to much safer topics.

        Keep writing Keira, we will all keep reading.

        the witch sends her love

        • Diva0789(Michelle)

          may i just say, madam, that i found your personal history beautiful and touching. I applaud you for resisting what i have no doubt was a lot of well-meaning people trying to push you into moving on to another after you lost your husband. It’s not a devotion we see often anymore and i find it very hearting.

          my late grandmother had a similar relationship with her husband. though there had been men before him none of them were worthy of her and when she met my grandfather she often said she’d found her perfect match in all things.

          he died suddenly several years ago after over 18 years of dedication and we watched her wither in the years since his passing. just this year, in april, she lost her fight with cancer and it is my firm belief that she has been reunited with her mate once more.

          may you meet your mate in the afterlife or the next life and may you have many more years together than you’ve been gifted with in this one.


      • I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll admit that I haven’t even made my way through one episode of The Sentinel, but in my readings of Sentinel fanfiction I’ve found nothing better than your work. Especially in the genre AU-sentinels are known and acknowledged. Based on my readings in this fandom a strong, capable Blair who changes his life early on in order to make his and his Sentinel’s life easier later on is reasonably canon… or at least fanon. The people who dissed your wonderful offering to this fandom should be drawn and quartered… or at least of Miko and Rodney of WMHB set on them. I wish there were more fics like The Awakening out there.

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    Great update! I love it!

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  87. Thank you for another fantastic installment of this my favourite of all your series.

    I love the way you make even the ‘bad guys’ multi-faceted, it adds so much more depth. You even give us a glimpse of why the evil Jordan acts as he does, not excusing him, but explaining what kind of crucible could form such a man.

    I was sorry to read about some of the reactions you’ve had to this series, sometimes no matter how much you intellectually know you should ignore people who seriously need go get out more if they have time to write hate emails, it can still hurt to receive them.

    I adore your writing, this is the series I crave more than any (and I follow quite a few by different authors). I also live a D/s lifestyle and have had my share of real life insults and judgements and no matter how much I consider how ignorant the source, sometimes they slip under my defences and wound.

    Then I remind myself that no matter how briefly badly they have made me feel, at least I don’t have to go through my life being them with all that spite and bile.

    You do a wonderful job, you give so much pleasure and I worship at the altar of TTB.

  88. Holy shit, they’re so cute together. How are they so cute together? So much love (for them and you)

  89. What a wonderful installment! Like others, I didn’t hate Roger Lorne as much as I expected (and kind of wanted!) to. James, however, is another matter. I’d kind of like to see him locked in a small room with Rodney and Claire and driven to sheer gibbering frothing apoplexy by them. (::happy thought::)

    Thanks for answering the question of why Patrick had never married Jonah (though I have to admit, I kind of hope he does someday). And I’m looking forward to seeing how the situation with Thomas Grant plays out.

    In conclusion: Yay! 🙂

    I know it may be mean of me but can Roger Lorne and all three of his sons just jump from the highest tower on their planet? Evan is so “sweet”, I can’t believe they are family. So when are you updating again? 😉 I LOVE this series

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    I’m impressed with how I can’t quite figure out Lorne’s dad out. Is a complete and utter lying asshole who didn’t care what happened to Lorne’s mum and who wants Lorne to resign as part of some plot or something, or is he a small minded selfish bastard, who does however have redeeming characteristics, such as actually having loved Lorne’s mum and worrying about Lorne’s life (even if wanting him to resign is still wrong). It’s good to not be able to figure out a character instantaneously.

  92. Wonderful and had its nail biting moments especially with Lorne’s family. I was so worried.

    Love all the original characters, they add a lot of bite to this awesome story.

  93. Well colour me happy; TTB fic and I really do like Matt and Evan.
    Keira after reading your LJ comments, I spent the day pondering on the vagaries of people and attitudes; in particular religious zealots and bigots. I used to read Pepe’s fics until some seriously deranged person not only harassed her on line but took that harassment to her work. How sick is that in the name of god; that’s one person who won’t be getting into heaven!.
    I understand harassment; 22 years ago when I had my child, born into a loving lesbian relationship the very upright/christian neighbour called the police and social welfare to report us for bringing a child into an environment that was “sick”. My kid is stable, loving, self assured, ethical and works in two jobs while studying, she is the most adored child of four besotted parents! she has never been hit or emotionally abused…such a sick environment!
    I thank you for being a wordsmith, a craftswoman whose writing is superb, I’d buy your books if you wrote books, that has to do with the way you craft the written word, you also happen to create universes that are addictive and thrilling and you have fangirls leaping to your defense, while planning nasty retribution..cool.

    Thank you for allowing me to be a secret BDSM slash fan; I confessed to my much younger partner that I was reading your fiction; her comment; “darlin, whatever gets your menopausal libido going is fine by me, go read, I’m coming to bed in two hours”
    Stay strong, stay writing and remember the positive feedback outweighs the negative every time and if all else fails move to New Zealand, we have the Human Rights Act, people aren’t allowed to harass you!!!

  94. helengloucester

    Ok I’ve unlocked myself from the Assignment cupboard (only place on campus I could get away to and not be disturbed) and I’m now back at my desk sat in front of the fan to cool down! PHEW!
    I totally love the interaction of Evan & Matthew, they are such believable characters. It’s lovely to see more of the Patrick/Jonah relationship and how bitter-sweet the conversation about marriage – it brought a lump to my throat. Please don’t let that put Evan off, perhaps he and Rodney can have a chat about it and Rodney can sound out Matthew’s view.
    Master Nori is adorable and I loved the way he worried in case Jonah had been sent to spy on his breakfast by his wife LOL
    Hmm Roger Lorne…not quite the Bastard I expected although I think he may have been playing nice, especially when Patrick was around. I actually felt sorry for him when he and Evan were discussing Evan’s mother. Your writing has reminded me that there are always two sides to a story, and that maybe her injuries occurred after she had had a heart attack and whilst Roger was trying to resuscitate her. You are awesomely thought provoking!
    As for Evan’s half brothers…I have very pleasant images of Matthew’s brothers vs Evan’s brothers in a showdown. Of course if the Lornes had any sense they’d run away as soon as the Sheps appear but I do enjoy the idea of David John and Ethan whupping their arses. I do hope something truly painful happens to James in particular very soon.
    Then the last…you are sending Thomas Grant to Atlantis. OH. MY. GOD. All that pretty already there and now James Bond too. I want to move there, or at least to the SGC. I can’t believe he would interfere in any way with John and Rodney’s pairing and it’s interesting to try and work out who he may pair with…maybe Ronan is going to make an appearance?
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    Hugs, Hxx
    PS one little quibble – at breakfast with Nathan you had the server leave before Nathan talked about Jordan…but after he had she was there again! Oooh that reminds me, who do you picture as Nori, Nathan and Roger?

    • In my head she was coming in and out during the entire conversation. Having been wait staff in a private setting like that– we were often dismissed and completely ignored after a certain point. Seen as background and not openly addressed unless there was a problem.

      I didn’t cast nori, nathan or roger because I have no idea who I’d put in the roles. I do sort of see Roger as Alec Baldwin and I really don’t know why. He just popped into my head.

      • helengloucester

        Wow I can totally see that – Alec Baldwin would be perfect as he can do attractive and be really slimey/nasty. Just thinking about him as Roger sends a shiver down my spine.
        Hugs, Hxx

      • I totally agree, Alec Baldwin as Roger.

        I think George Takei would be a great Nori:)

        • … and Stuart Damon (Alan Quartermaine from General Hospital) as Nathan

          • Squeak! Do you mean Stuart Damon who starred in “The Champions” in the early ’70s? I had such a huge crush on him…he was my very first wet dream LOL. I could definitely see him as an older Evan…I mean Nathan

          • That’s the guy!

      • I nominate Toshiro Mifune as Master Nori even though he is not longer with us 🙁

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    Would really like to know how the other mother´s ended?

    Maybe he likes asphyxiation, air deprivation? The wrist injury shows she struggled against bonds, but that´s not all too uncommon here and when she didn´t get enough air she had to struggle hard. And broken ribs aren´t uncommon for CPR done by people who don´t know how and the stress in such an accident. I really like to believe him.

    I don´t think all is well in Nathan Cordell-land. He definitely added to to Evan´s hatred even if only (un)consicously because of his daughters death. To be in politics he has to have a smart and maybe not always nice bastard.

    And it´s apparent that James loves his father and wanted to mend the bridges. I think it was James right to hit Evan after that verbal abuse, in the same situation John would have to and we would all be on his side.

    Any ideas on who you´d cast for Roger? Thomas Grant was early shown as Daniel Craig, if I remember correctly. Always thought: Yes, he´s one of Rodney´s former doms, but why is he already in the cast list so high up, Rodney played with many. Well, here´s my answer 🙂 I´d really like for this to go smoothly, but apparently it won´t … too many hints in that direction… or misleads ^-^

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    It is particularly funny funny to me because when I have, on occasion, been propositioned by acquaintances who favor open relationships my response has always been similar, although less disdainful
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    I also love knowing that he now has an invisible mark, like cat people do, letting other Geisha know that he is acceptable and worthy of their attention.

    Thanks for the character insights. I now see Roger as betrayed and broken, so a jerk in response, and the brothers as assholes of the worst sort. Can’t wait to see how accurate my guess is.

    And thanks for not letting the morons win. I’d miss you so much if this all went away!

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    Within you

    I watch them glance at your appearance
    Aware that most just see your beauty
    And not the core of steel, concealed
    Within you.

    Your mark lures many men and women
    Who know only of its fabled prestige
    and wrongly think it equals weakness
    Within you.

    So it comes as no surprise to me
    That of those who seek your favour
    Few look deep enough to see
    Within you.

    And while most of those around us
    Don’t realize what lets you walk your path
    I know the hidden strength of will
    Within you.

    Thus it is not my money nor my collar
    Which keeps you chained to me
    It is in truth the power of submission
    Within you.

    Your gift to me.

  116. beautiful. When you posted this, I started reading from chapter one right through to here. Such a vibrant, complex world. I love the relationships and am glad Lorne is distrustful of his dad. It sounds as if he has more than the suspicious death of him mom to be concerned about when it comes to his dad. I am glad Nori likes him and since I forgot to look at your cast of characters before reading this, I tried to picture George Takei in the role. Which didn’t work at all. Not because I’m so used to seeing him as Sulu, but because he’d be more suited in the role of “first American born Japanese man” to take the path of the geisha.

    If I have a dream about a dominant Kirk (younger Shatner version) pursuing Geisha Sulu tonight, I’ll either come back and thank you or sign up for psychiatric help. I’m not sure at the moment which it will be. I sometimes have very weird dreams.

    • Just in case you’re curious, I did not have a dream about dominant kirk! and geisha sulu. I did however have one where Rodney was the dominant – with training from petit mor and Lleu (sp?) and John was a geisha, which was very interesting.

      Also, I was remembering George as Sulu when I read this, after looking up current pictures and seeing a Quattro TV commercial, I now think he could play the role of Nori – assuming we could ever find a way to make this series into a web movie series. Which would be incredibly awesome.

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    I thought the way you handled the Lorne family introduction was wonderful. It would not have made sense for the Lorne’s father to be antagonist towards Matt. The glimpses I have gotten from the man before was that he was conflicted towards his son, but still cared otherwise he would not have give his de Sade legacy to him.

    Anyway, I won’t waffle on and on, but rest assure that you have delivered yet another marvelous installment in this wonderfully constructed world of yours. 🙂

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    The tantalising hints of trouble ahead are both brilliant and horrible – I can’t wait for the next installment!

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    Love lorne standing up to his family because he sooo can, but honestly IF he needed help and that’s a big if. His family needs to run and hide because the Sheppard’s do NOT take kindly to ANYONE messing with Matthew and what he consider’s his. They so totally spoil their youngest and the fact that he’s Geisha just makes it worse.

    Also just read the specs you posted for Thomas Grant. I am with Matthew on this one. I can’t see this being a good thing. He’s had relationships with WAY to many members of the team.

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    Only someone as gifted as you is abel to describe a romance in a BDSM Universum in which the romance is as brilliant described as in your serie.
    I’m sorry that I lack at my knowledge of english verbalism in order to express my deep admiration of your writing.

  123. This was great. I loved seeing an in depth look at Evan and Matthew’s relationship. good to see Evan fitting in with John’s family but boy, does he have a bunch of umm …jerks in his own family. Loved the scene where Matt blocked James from entering his room. What an idiot, thinking he could ever push around a combat trained Navy officer just because he was a Geisha. It was very nice to meet Master Nori and Nathan Cordell. they are both delightful and very interesting characters. Looking forward to meeting Gerard’s cousin. Hope he doesn’t try to pull anything nasty with John and Rodney. Still if he does I know you will make it very interesting and oh would Gerard have a fit!

    Well, back to rereading a bunch of your stories through the night as my insomnia has hit high gear. Next thing I know it will be morning and I’ll still be happily buried in Keira fic.

  124. Though Lorne’s dad wasn’t as bad as I thought he might be, I still kinda want to run him over. All those little comments that make it clear he thinks of subs as property are almost as infuriating as Jordan’s blatant assholery. And James really needs something way worse than a broken nose. People like that really ought to be marooned somewhere unpleasant with only each other for company so the rest of us don’t have to deal with them.

    Nori was fabulous, and I hope to see more of him. And maybe his nagging wives. 🙂 I loved getting a more in depth look at Patrick and Jonah’s relationship. And of course Evan and Lorne’s interactions were both hot and touching. I could easily read an entire series just about them (or any of your pairings really).

    P.S. I totally agree that Rampart is a lesser god.

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  127. I came across your story by chance and after finishing it I just had the urge to write a response. Which is weird for me since, despite reading a lot of fan-fiction, I never usually write a response for any. But for a story this well written and so captivating I just had to tell you how much I absolutely love it. I have always been interested in reading fanfic with D/s and BDSM aspects in it. But until now have not read anything like this and I must say my only frustration now is that it will be difficult to find other fan-fictions with these elements that I will not find pale in comparison. Anyway again I love what you have written and can not wait for an update!!!!!! Until then I plan on reading through a second time ^_^

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    Hope you’re ok, that the nano is doing well and want to know if one art is welcome to please your muse ?
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  129. Wow! I started reading the series a day before yesterday and I love every piece of it. I always forget that many of the characters are your own making. *g* Especially with Matthew – I’m always like this(when I see Evan/OMC): WTF?! Aren’t they exclusive? And then I remember again. He’s… well I love Matt, his arrogance is adorable – and you’ve cast Jensen Ackles as him… He’s so hot! So thank you for that!

    I adore John and Rodney and I really hope Major Grant doesn’t hurt their relationship with his untimely arrival. Perhaps it could strengthen it instead?

    I didn’t like James at all! (I think I’m just glad I have someone to hate in the series again…) I don’t know how to feel about Evan’s father yet, but I think I’ll be able to form opinion about him with some more information.

    Btw, do you already know how many stories there will be after this one? (You don’t need to answer if you think it would spoil something, I understand) And do you know where this story is going or are you one of those writers who just write as they go on? *interested*


    PS. Do you have any kind of system to inform readers about your updates? It would be much appreciated.

  130. What a delightful series this has been! Great world-building. I’m intrigued by the pleasaure houses and the amount of power they have, all over Earth. Gerard’s 12 Disciples and the familial connections between the Eastern pleasaure houses were interesting. I liked seeing the Masters of the houses interacting with their students. I have to say, the dom/sub culture of the USA seems inherently abusive, kept safe only by constant input of energy and care by those in positions of power, even within the tiny community of Atlantis. And that’s before the passage of the Ownership Act.

    I enjoyed your OC’s tremendously. They felt real, likeable, and very much their own.

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    I can wait though. But, jeez, just saying.

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