Ties That Bind: Maître (Art & Interlude)

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Title: Maître
Author: Keira Marcos
Word Count: 950
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: McKay/OMC
Series: Ties That Bind
Series Order: pre-series Interlude
Rating: NC-17
Warning: D/s

Summary: Rodney learns the identity of his Courtesan Master.

Art by FanArts Series

* * * *

Rodney was hesitant in the doorway—a condition he rarely allowed himself. At twenty-five, he already had one PhD and was in the middle of dissertation work for two more doctorates. Men like him didn’t hesitate but Gerard de Sade was standing next to the only window in the room looking too beautiful to even exist. He cleared his throat as he pulled the door shut and watched Gerard turn to look at him.

“My apologies, Maître, for intruding. I was told to wait here…”

“You’re in the right place.” Gerard left the window and went to sit on a small couch. He threw one arm over the back of the love seat and stared at McKay. “It has been several years since we had you with us, Rodney, how does it feel to return to our house knowing what is ahead of you?”

Rodney blushed. “I am always pleased to return to our house, Maître. The invitation for further training wasn’t unexpected.”

“No, I’d think not… no Dom in our house has ever marked you.” He inclined his head. “Do you know why?”

“No, sir, I don’t. It’s not uncommon for subs to be marked after each session. The mark is designed to be added to as needed.” Rodney twisted his hands together and took in a deep breath.

“The first time you came to us—so eager and yet so afraid of your most basic needs—I claimed you as mine. I’ve monitored every minute of your pleasure training since the moment I saw you. The Doms that were given the honor of touching you, hurting you, and eventually fucking you—all of them were at my mercy should they fail in their duty to you.” Gerard’s eyes darkened with each word. “Strip.” He dropped a pillow from the couch on the floor between his feet. “Kneel.”

Rodney’s fingers shook with anticipation as he fumbled with the belt on his robe. He’d spent the last week hooded and naked—having the hood removed and a robe supplied had frankly scared the fuck out of him. He didn’t think if he’d already failed but the swift change in circumstances had been unnerving.

He exhaled sharply and settled on the pillow. His hands naturally fell to his thighs and he lowered his head. “Comment puis-je vous servir, Maître?”

“I don’t even think you understand what a pleasure it is to be in the same room with you,” Gerard murmured. “You are the epitome of what our house desires in a submissive. The work you put into maintaining your body is certainly a added bonus but it’s your desire for submission and your need for pain that makes you perfect. The Marquis himself couldn’t have asked for more than all that you are, right now, in this very moment.”

Rodney flushed. “I… thank you, Maître.”

“Over the years, you’ve received very special and often dedicated training when your peers within our house did not. Did this concern you?”

“It is not my place for such concerns. I’ve always considered each moment I’ve spent in our house a gift without price.” Rodney’s fingers curled against his skin.

Gerard moved forward and cupped Rodney’s face with a gentle but firm hand. “It is my intention to mark you, Rodney. If you are willing—we will walk the path of the Courtesan together and when you leave our house next you will wear my mark for the rest of your life.”

“I can’t be…” Rodney pulled free of his hand with a shudder. “You can’t think that I’m worthy of that, Maître. I am so very ordinary.”

Gerard laughed shortly and relaxed on the couch. “If you lie to me like that again, Rodney, you won’t sit for a week. You’ve never once in your whole fucking life thought yourself ordinary.” He reached out and trailed his fingers over the bruise on McKay’s shoulder, pressing against the skin firmly. “Besides, you’ve worn my mark for days already.”

Rodney blushed. “That was you?”

“No one else has touched you since you arrived,” Gerard murmured. “The cock you spent two hours working yourself on last night was mine.” He grinned at the vivid blush that ripped across McKay’s face. “Come, sit in my lap.” He untied his own robe and let the silk fall away.

Rodney scrambled off the pillow and into Gerard’s lap with a soft moan. “Maître.”

Gerard stroked his trembling thighs. “I always knew that you’d be mine, Rodney.” He cupped his ass and pulled him forward. “You prepared yourself?”

“Oui, Maître.” McKay curled his hands around the back of the couch as Gerard shifted under him.

“Take my cock inside you,” Gerard ordered, his voice husky but demanding.

Rodney bit down on his lip as he shifted forward and wrapped one hand around Gerard’s thick cock. He worked the head against his loosened asshole with little hitching breaths and then settled back with a shudder. No condom, he thought fleetingly and let his head fall back.

“I had us both tested for medical issues,” Gerard murmured. “For the next six months, it’ll be just you and me. You are mine to fuck until the day I mark you, Rodney. You’ll see no one but me. I’ll allow you phone conversations with your sister as time permits but that will be the extent of your contact with the outside world. Do you understand?”

“Oui, Maître.”

“You’ll be my greatest work—my Courtesan.” Gerard wrapped one arm around McKay’s cock.

Rodney moaned softly and nodded. “Votre volonté est la mienne, Maître.”

The End


Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. so very good i am going to have to re read it all over again untill I get more

    thank you and congratulations on your landmark of the millionth word

  2. *happy sigh* I think I’ll need to read this again shortly.

  3. NikkiWhitecraft

    *blinks blinks*

    Oh my

    *fans herself*

    you really are a tease

  4. Very very hot.

  5. Ummmmmmmm Yeah where is the rest? I think there should definitely be more… lots more in fact!

    YUM…. Yumyumyumyumyumyumyumyumyum!

    • LOL. I think that would be a whole novella right — it crosses my mind a lot to write it. It’s just the ending would be so bittersweet. Because there is a great deal of love between Gerard and Rodney.

      • *drool*

        Maybe you could write Gerard & Rodney’s Story as a kind of reminiscence to lessen the bittersweetness? After all, you already had John mention that he and Rodney could do a couple’s session at de Sade and Rodney commenting that Gerard would come back for it. So do that and include a few evenings or so where Gerard and Rodney remember and tell their companions about Rodney’s Courtesan training. Maybe a few private talks between the couples (more Andre, please!) and/or Gerard & Rodney. Would that work for you? Because I really really really want to read about Rodney’s Courtesan training 🙂 *prettypleasebeg*

        • Didn’t John mention something about Rodney telling about his training with Gerard while they played and both got off on it? Something like that? We like smut! Really we do! We really like it when you write smut! Okay, we like it when you write anything… but still… please?

      • It would be so bitter sweet, Gerard letting Rodney go because in the end though Rodney is his perfect creation he knows he could never fully make Rodney happy… Tugs at my heartstrings already.

        However De Sade meeting Andre would lighten it up, maybe realizing that Rodney despite his immense awesomeness could never really fulfill all his needs, (Rodney would hate sharing with the other dom’s or any other sub).

  6. sigh, well that just totally made my weekend. Thank you so very much

  7. oh wow keira,barely breathing ….almost fainting with the sheer hotness of this piece !!!!
    this is superb
    thank you, thank you, thank you

  8. Humm-n-a humm-n-a humm-n-a. Oh I’ll sleep well tonight with this interlude to think about.
    Thanks Keira, cheered up a difficult day!

  9. so hot….*sigh* thank you can’t wait for more!

  10. wow, that was hot!
    And – I like the way McKay is with John better, as I should, of course, he is older, more mature and a fucking de Sade Courtesan! (And I’m a little bit in awe of your John, too :-)) I do NOT want to read your novella on his relationship with de Sade ’cause I would be so upset about the bittersweetness of it, even though I know what will come after. No logic here. I love your work 🙂 every single word of it!

  11. It’s posted, i’m glad because the art is a pretty companion of your wonderful interlude.

    We are make of win dear !!!

  12. Oh my! What a wonderful way to start a weekend. Thank you for this addition to your site! Please do continue to add more!

  13. Totally took my breath away – esp. at the end with the french sentence, and that was even before I read the translation!


  14. I’m ………… Just in-love with this, it’s kinda like how I imagined it happening but it’s even better.

    Thank you for posting such amazing writing.

  15. ok now i have calmed down,fanart your art for this is wonderful,i love having to stare so hard at your stuff to see all the subtle stuff hidden in the background.
    also where did you find those gorgeous younger pix of gerard and david?
    just gorgeous and fits keira’s fantastically HOT fiction brilliantly.

    • Thanks sweetie to comment the art, it’s rare to have a comment for the art companion so thanks again.
      For the pics of Gerard and Rodney, it’s a manip, it isn’t their bodies, i cheat.

      • that is amazing cos it looks just exactly like david in one of his first movies’pin’
        you are so amazingly clever,your art just gets better and better

  16. *guh..* I think you broke me…

  17. I didn’t think that I would find seeing anyone else with Rodney so unbearably hot but this disproved that. Fantastic!

  18. That gave me shivers. What a wonderful interlude.

  19. Beautiful *breathes* like magic

  20. *quivers*

    *falls over*

    *sighs happily*

  21. well that was hot, thanks for brightening my day. I just spent 2 hours trying not to disturb a theater full of people as I watched the remake of the karate kid….they changed the entire movie , the plot the premise and the characters….I don’t know why they kept the title they should have just changed that too it would have made so much more sense if it had been the kungfu kid as there was no karate in it and it took place in china…I HATE IT WHEN THEY DO THAT when there is some very small error and it would even save time and money to fix so it would make sense and they leave it as is – there need to be editors for movies like there are for books!!!
    i.e. first harry potter movie hagrid gets the three headed dog from some irish guy and in the book he gets it from a GREEK guy – by changing that they lose so much depth – I mean where else would you find a cerberus but in Greece
    argh! sorry for the rant but it just really bugs me!!
    sigh I need to calm down again so I’m going to reread your wonderful little fic again 🙂

    • I saw the new Karate Kid with my nephew. I thought it was really adorable.

      • yeah, I don’t mean that it was bad, it was a pretty good movie, it’s just that they changed it so much that the title no longer fits……
        in the original the american teen was taught in america by a japanese man after ww2, he was actually taught karate, the new one while showing a few similarities has nothing to do with karate! the only vestige of karate in the movie was when the boy was trying to teach himself from the tv and that was 20 seconds at most.
        my complaint was just that it no longer makes sense to call it the karate kid.

        • I think it was done to reboot than franchise AND retain the original audience of the first movie. And really– Kung Fu Kid just doesn’t have the same “ring” to it as Karate Kid. It was certainly better than Karate Kid III and the Next Karate Kid (sigh). I tried not to judge the new movie by its title OR the ones that came before it because honestly the only Karate Kid movie I ever really liked was part 2.

  22. I have to say that I enjoy the hell out of all these little interludes that you have scattered around. they are like little lumps of yummy goodness.

    Thank you for that.


  23. Seriously I am sitting with a fan on it was that hot!

  24. The art! The fic! Gerard! *flails*

    I see candles in the top left hand corner of the yummy art – I’m taking it as a teaser of things to come!

  25. I had this really sucky day, but halfway through I saw that you had posted. Couldn’t read it at work of course. But boy was it a gift to know I would have a piece of your story waiting for me when I got home. Thank You.

  26. Damn… so totally bittersweet and hot. I love how we see the contrast between younger Rodney and how he is now in the stories. Oh and the french… *whimpers* So totally inspires me to go whisper what little french I remember in the ear of my Other Half and see what happens 🙂

  27. yum. that was beautiful! very nice…. *heads off to re-read TTB*



  28. Wow, beautiful and hot, and yeah, bittersweet. I’m sure a novella would be lovely since it would be full of Rodney suffering so beautifully, but it would be so painful as well, since we know Gerard has to give him up. I’m sure I could read it once, but I don’t know that I could ever read it again, and I *always* read your stuff over and over. Still, this was wonderful, and the art just makes it better. I do love how Gerard caught Rodney’s fib. While he might not have thought himself worthy of Gerard’s attention, we know very well that Rodney has never considered himself ordinary!

  29. {sigh} Yes, that is what I had hoped you’d write for us one day. I’d love to see more of them, but it would be so bittersweet to know that Rodney was destined for another.

  30. Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow.

    *breathes deeply*

  31. I love this! And I would love to know what made Gerard realize he would have to let Rodney go as he obviously thinks Rodney is perfect. It must have broken his heart to realize that while Rodney might be his Masterpiece and his perfect Sub he wasn’t Rodney’s perfect Dom.

  32. No one does sweet and sexy better than you. And FanArts work is just outstanding. I loved seeing this little peek into Rodney’s past. Thanks to both of you for all the hard work and for sharing with us. Barb.

  33. Oh thank you! To come home to this wonderful piece of Rodney and Gerard’s past. I hug you both for making me feel so much better after a decent day at work that got ruined by a customer. Love younger Rodney and knowing that Gerard as been has been watching him since he came to De Sade the first time just is well so cool that I got shivers when I read that.

    • Do you thing that we need a Gerard’s POV when he saw Rodney for the first times….
      Yes, Keira, i know, it’s Marie-Line kind of fishing…. and yes July is a buzy month for you…but..but…

  34. Guys, if you want to see how Keira imagine Rodney in his sessions, it’s here.
    Pretty gorgeous, make me fall in love with him again.

    • Damn, he was a very, very pretty boy.

      Thanks for the link!

    • yes ,i have ‘pin’ on dvd ,strange movie but david just so gorgeous worth it for that alone

    • yaoi-no-kokoro

      I always imagine him like he was on the Nick-Knight – The vampire cop episode called “Dead air”. That´s a very young Rodney 🙂 …. and a total sociopath and killer 🙁

    • yaoi-no-kokoro

      He already had that shocked look on his face you always see when someone on Atlantis dies, but he totally should have killed his hair specialist. Those eighties/nineties were not the best. I love it when his hair is a bit rumpled (like the Mensa-verse Rod) – nothing is better than an out of bed style **

  35. Jesus.

    “The cock you spent two hours working yourself on last night was mine.”

    Who knew 13 words could make me stop breathing?

    I want the above sentence as a bumper sticker.

    • I would run off the road laughing at something like that.

    • twilight_seeker3

      I think the following would also make exceptional bumper stickers.

      “I want to do dirty, filthy, amoral things to you in front of people.”
      (this one is altered somewhat to make it more bumperish)

      ” I beat him until I felt better about the situation. ”

      “I’m an easy man to love, sir.”

      ‘Do not bore me’.

      ” I swear on my new shoes.”

      “You’re right. I besmirched your character. I should be punished.”

      • You’re list of great lines from this verse as bumper stickers was great. My all-time favorite one-liner is (IIRC) from the SoA:
        “I hope we sent them a sternly worded surface-to-air missile.” But I don’t think it would make as good a bumper sticker as you’re first one.

  36. I love it. A young Rodney, but still himself. Love this line:

    ”If you lie to me like that again, Rodney, you won’t sit for a week. You’ve never once in your whole fucking life thought yourself ordinary.”

  37. Dear Lady ,

    Wow ! Thank you !
    I am greedy . Will we see the rest of the training ?
    And now , I am reading that again an I will imagine Gerard and Rodney …

  38. okay, I just collapsed in a puddle of drool because of both the artwork and the little story. Wow. You packed so much into so few words. I too would love to see a novella with Rodney’s training as a courtesan. As for the bitter sweet ending, well, you sometimes need a touch of bitter sweet to bring out the flavour of a full course meal.

  39. Oh THANK you! I loved it (as all your work, but TTB is my favourite series).

    It came at the right moment today to help me over a really bad day.

  40. I was really hoping that you would do something like this, and it totally met expectations. It’s such a powerful moment. It really is sad that John isn’t a little less dominant. That threesome would probably be the hottest thing to ever grace a computer screen.

  41. Kiera, I think I’m developing a stalking kind of crush on you. Not that my obsession with this website hasn’t already gotten my hubby concerned. Thanks for this story though. I really needed a boost right now, and this certainly delivered.

  42. The relationship between Rodney and Gerard breaks my heart, and this is exactly why. They are perfect together, they worship each other and I think that they will always belong to each other in some small way, but they are destined to be apart. While I am happy with that because Rodney belongs with John in so many ways, there’s still something very wrong with Rodney and Gerard being apart. I think I’d love to see something of a foursome – Gerard and John with Rodney and Gerard’s sub, but it would never work, because I don’t think John could cope with Rodney and Gerard together, not to mention the relationship with Gerard and John because John would never be able to accept dominating Gerard but him being the Master, which he is, totally. Plus the sub (Andre?) would never be able to cope with seeing how absolutely perfect Rodney and Gerard are together. In fact the only happy person here would be Rodney, and even he would be miserarble because his men are miserable, not to mention that I think, although he would love to be with Gerard again, it would damage something fragile inside him if John actually allowed anyone else, even (especially?) Gerard to touch him.

    Hmm, you see how perfectly beautiful your work is?! I would love to read that novella, bittersweet ending or not, about Rodney and Gerard. Is Gerard the one who took Rodney’s virginity? I don’t remember. I’d really, really love to read that!

    • Rodney’s first lover was female and no Gerard wasn’t the Dom that basically gave McKay sex therapy during his first training session. I’ve never given that Dom a name in my mind but I totally should. (ponders)

    • i think john will be so possessive of rodney he will never let anyone else touch him sexually

  43. twilight_seeker3

    Loverly connecting piece. I do so love this series.

  44. That was incredibly hot… Very hot. And oddly very touching…

  45. This was great! The insight into Rodneys beginning is nice. Gerard is amazing and I would love to see more of him and Andre. I find their dynamic the most fascinating. Can’t wait til the next part.

  46. helengloucester

    Phew what a way to start the working week! Bless you Keira.
    Hugs, Hxx

  47. Is it a little weird that I say that I love you and will worship you for as long as the world exists? Cuz I do and will….worship I mean…..^__^ You so made my day!

  48. Yaoi no kokoro

    Want to see more Gerard/Rodney – although I´m normally a die-hard John fan. Mmmmmmh… John AND Gerard playing with Rodney, yup, yup, yup.

    Or flashbacks to John´s and Rodney´s training. We know all about how they are now, but not how they got there. Or the anxiety of first getting to the schools.

    In 2 words: Want more.
    Pretty pleeeeeeeeease 🙂

  49. Yaoi no kokoro

    And a question: Where did you get the beautiful bdsm background pictures for the art. They are beautiful although you can´t see much, or because? I love the pics from malesubmissionart.com, do you know them (although the older ones are better than the newer)?

    • Sometimes i take the pics for malesubmissionart (i made a lovely couple of icons on my lj)
      But when it came to make an art for the style of fic i’m going to a bdsm site where i’m happy to surf, it’s naughty but so lovely and like i said to my husband i promise to not buy anything lol isn’t it Keira ?

  50. This was hot and sexy. I love Gerard, he has that beauty, danger, and sex appeal that makes you want to do dirty things with him.


  51. yaoi-no-kokoro

    Hi fanarts_series, thanks for the answer. I´ve put an answer directly on your livejournal, so it´s easier to see for you.

  52. Very hot.

  53. Okay, ummmm, love your stories. I think that ties that binds is a great series, not as much as sentinels of Atlantis, but they’ve both featured heavily in my fantasies, so big thumbs up on the writing.
    I guess It’s just that when I read about this meeting in Always for You and Rodney mentioned that he argued with Gerard I pictured a Dr. McKay argument. That Gerard, being on the receiving end of this argument, has to punish him, but realizes that he’s not just punishing him, but proving to Rodney, genius scientist, smartest man on the planet that he’s wrong, that he is worthy of the honor of being Gerard De Sade’s Courtesan.
    Obviously since I pictured the argument as being more prominent in this meeting the story felt a little lackluster at the end. I just thought it would have been awesome to read about Gerard De Sade on the receiving end of a Dr. McKay argument and the way you write McKay’s arguments, it would have been an amazing scene.
    Don’t take this as a criticism or insult. I just find myself with an opposing view point to the other comments made of this story and wanted to express it and I tried to do it in the nicest way possible, if you couldn’t tell, hahaha.

    • It’s always interesting to read people’s assumptions and in any other ‘verse Rodney’s argument would have been a long, drawn-out, babbling mess. The thing is that this is a 25 year old Rodney in the hands of the most powerful Dom he’s ever met in his life. That he protested AT ALL was huge.

      The argument you anticipated, expected, and I guess wanted wouldn’t have been true to this version of McKay. Of course, the canon McKay would’ve never stayed with Carter as long as he did. The canon McKay isn’t remotely submissive in my mind.

      At the point that he knelt at Gerard’s feet that day he’d already had some of the most intensive submissive training offered at their pleasure house and he’d already spent a week in complete submission in a hood. His head space was so altered that argument should’ve been entirely impossible. The psychology of subspace and the desire for dominance is a heady experience–even more so in the presence of someone so strong and dominant as Gerard.

      In some ways, your comment makes me think I’ve failed as a writer to demonstrate the dynamics of Dominance and submission properly. SIGH.

      • Can I object here? It’s all in this paragraph.

        “I don’t even think you understand what a pleasure it is to be in the same room with you,” Gerard murmured. “You are the epitome of what our house desires in a submissive. The work you put into maintaining your body is certainly a added bonus but it’s your desire for submission and your need for pain that makes you perfect. The Marquis himself couldn’t have asked for more than all that you are, right now, in this very moment.”

        This is Rodney’s third session. That he said anything at all amounts to a major argument and also circles back to something else that Gerard said about Rodney’s self esteem chronically being “in tatters”. In this Rodney, less is more. Sorry to butt in, I mean no offence to the OP.

  54. Anytime I come to Keira’s ever so wonderful world, I get lost. Thank you, Keira, for creating a place where real life falls away for as long as needed, or as long as it takes to read over one million words 😉

    We, your fans, should institute a Keira Marcos Appreciation Day. There is a day for everything else, even things so very not important to many.

  55. heck, I nearly missed this… so glad I found it… just amazing, it gave me shivers down my spine (in a good way)

  56. I don’t think I said that, but WOW, that was intense! Thanks for sharing.

    Keira, could I ask why you removed your “theme song”? I loved to listen to it everytime I entered the site 😀


  57. I really don’t know how I missed this update before now! But I just wanted to say its probably a good idea John can’t read this cause that was way hot and would probably make him very jealous!

  58. Oh my.

    How the heck did Gerard give him up?

  59. ::sniff::

    So short- but so perfect. I love that Rodney had been Gerard’s from the very beginning.

    I second (lol and third and fourth) the idea of a more indepth look at their relationship, perhaps entangled with the story of Gerard’s relationship with Andy. ::tosses good chocolate at you as a bribe::

  60. *sigh* so perfect and yet so sad in a way because they will never be there again. I’m so glad we got this glimpse into Gerard/Rodney since I’m fairly certain John won’t ever let Gerard near him in a sexual way again. I would love to read your novella should you ever choose to write it. I love these two in such an angsty, bittersweet way.

  61. Ok I just reread the WHOLE thing, and I realised I missed your writing WAY too much…. Do you know when the next one will be done? I don’t mean to push but I am SO CURIOUS 😉 hope your feeling much better and that your neighbors dog was put on bad dog food for the next year and got no christmas presents

    • Nah. I’m all over the place writing BUT I am writing. 😉

      • When the show tanked you kept writing. For that I thank you. But writers move on to new fields. I understand. Thank you for your SGA stories. Thank you for the time you put into writing stories that were worth reading.

        • OH. You misunderstood. When I said “I’m all over the place” it meant that I’m currently working on the next stories in Sentinels of Atlantis, Ties that Bind, AND Tangled Destinies. I’m also working on the outline for the next Lantean Legacy book AND the first novella in the new series Ring of Fire.

  62. Turns on some quiet/inspirational music. Adjusts the light over your computer and fluffs the pillow in your chair. Offers you your choice of coffee, tea or cocoa (even offers to buy you a bag of your favorite of any of the above and your snack of choice), in order to please your muse. Looks to see if there is any other service she might preform to make your writing. Kneels quietly in the corner just incase ya think of something. (grins and tries to see if I can read the rough drafts over your shoulder.)

    Thanks for all the wonderful hours I have spent reading your work and looks forwrd to many more.

    gentle journey,

  63. Purrrrrrr. One of the reasons I love submissives that speak another language… just… *SHIVER* YUMMY!

  64. Une suite pourrait elle etre attendue ?
    Par ce que je dois dis que ce petit bout ma laisser un sacré coups de chaud et même si je suis une McShepp dans l’ame Le DeSade/McKay me plais tellement également !!!!

    • Thanks, I think. Google Translate didn’t do a great job with that one 😉

      • But actually saw that my English is almost non-existent I prefer to leave it in French. ^^”

        But it was indeed a compliment.^^

        And asked if there would be more stories about De Sade / McKay what ? I am truly fall in love with your Gérard.<3 <3 <3 <3

        So I translated with Google translation I apologize for the mistakes. ^^”

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