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This post contains SPOILERS. If you have not finished No Enemy Within you should back out and come back when you finish. 😉

Pretty spoiler space by FanArts Series

When I started creating my series bible (January/February 2009) for Lantean Legacy I wrote down a few things and it went like this:

1. Sentient Atlantis
2. Abandoned by Earth
3. Left for Dead in Pegasus (I called it this for MONTHS)
4. Earth gets told to fuck off by the expedition
5. Will use Latin for the “Ancient language” because that makes the most sense.

After I had my basic idea I started to thinking about the mental gifts the Alterans had before the ascended. Gifts we didn’t see in any of the people in the Alteran galaxy (Ori episodes) except for the priors of course which weren’t the “normal” for that galaxy.

So, I started thinking about how they might have come to have the mental abilities and their crazy life span. It bothered me that Elizabeth got old in stasis pad after 10 thousand years but that one Ancient chick apparently hung out in a stasis pod frozen in ice for a very long while and came out looking like a super model. Okay, so what about the Ancients that got so old they couldn’t leave the stasis pods on the Aurora because they got too old after 10,000 years? Then there was Merlin (frowns). Just how long was he in that cave? Okay, so the mythology for the Ancients was a little screwy on the canon front and as always when canon doesn’t suit me or confuses me I just toss it out a window. (waves good bye to canon)

I knew that this was going to my big space opera series which meant I was in a perfect place to pick some of my favorite elements from different sci-fi movies and TV series and play with them. I knew immediately that 2001, The Matrix, Star Trek, and Farscape were on my list.

The first time I watched 2001: A Space Odyssey, I spent most of the movie thinking—dude, turn back and watch that computer! It’s out to get you! Thankfully I was able to keep these comments to myself otherwise my then boyfriend might not have later become my husband.

The idea for The Atlantis Collective (Ally), of course, came from 2001 and a first person shooter game I have called HALO. In HALO, there is an AI who often appears in holographic form. Once she was born I picked up elements from Star Trek and their use of holograms in Next Generation and Deep Space 9. I only ever watched one episode of Voyager but I know that the Doctor was in fact a hologram. In the Star Trek world holograms are very sophisticated and complex and I wanted that imagery for Ally.

The creation of Theseus actually came in the writing but I knew I wanted the city to be living organic metal when I set out the basic plot. I will say the story changed a lot during/after the first beta because the first draft was only 37,000 and when I sent it to Chris King (December 2009). She returned it with 247 comments and the words “smut would be good” in the body of her email as there was no sex in it. Amongst her comments was a request for “more” on the matter of Ally’s children.

So Ladyholder did her beta (January 2010) for what would amount to the “first beta round” of the fic. She sent it back with 201 comments and a link to the Stargate timeline (not kidding). Her devotion to canon is charming but I’m slowly but surely dragging her away from it. It helps, actually, that there is no new canon for her to bask in.

I knew that I wanted to explore the living ship concept from Farscape and I wanted to write something different on the Sentient!Atlantis front. For a while I went back and forth on whether I wanted to do an AI or a living creature for the City and finally I just said—fuck it, I’ll do both. So I did.

Highjacking mythology for fictional purposes is Stargate’s standard operating procedure so I just threw myself at Google and eventually found an article about Theseus and then I started throwing down some names. I always knew that Atlas would be one of Ally’s children from almost the beginning but I had no intention of really introducing the children in the first book until Chris requested it.

So, I started building Theseus history and I knew he had to come Altera because in canon the Ancients used a “ship” to flee the Ori. I thought about that ship for a while and considered—oh, what if it was alive and it grew into the city? Then I wrote all that and Ladyholder said “hold up, girl, Atlantis is a hell of a lot older than 15,000 years” and she showed me a YouTube video to prove it. (grin)

But that information was fascinating and it allowed for the creation of a larger mythology for Theseus’ species that I would eventually call the Levyathans in honor of Moya from Farscape. The origin of the word leviathan is fascinating and I spent a few hours reading about that when I first got started.

1382, from L.L. leviathan, from Heb. livyathan “dragon, serpent, huge sea animal,” of unknown origin, perhaps related to liwyah “wreath,” from base l-w-h- “to wind, turn, twist.”

It was easy for me to see how stories of Theseus growing and changing in the ocean on Earth might have lead to the word “leviathan” and the mythology around sea beasts in Earth’s history. It fell nicely into the Atlantis legend and the Greek mythology I wanted to use for the naming of the children again because I was in love with the idea of calling one of the children Atlas.

Sometime during the first beta Miko got a new husband. I hesitate to even tell you who I had her originally married to (the primal screams would be horrific I’m sure) and she got pregnant. That came in the writing and I was like “whoa, chick, you didn’t plot that!” but it was there and I liked it so I kept it.

After developing Theseus, Ally, and his children—it was VERY obvious where the ATA genetics and the long lifespan of the Ancients came from in this AU. Obviously, it came from Theseus himself. The choice to link Theseus and the expedition genetically was rather organic after that. It made sense to me—the empathy, the mental gifts, and the genetic requirement in Ancient technology. All of it just made a crazy amount of sense in my head. I’m still not sure how well it translated in the writing.

The Citizen Induction Center is actually my little nod to The Matrix. I’ve always thought the coolest part of the movie series was the part where they could “plug in” and get KUNG-FU downloaded into their brains. You can’t beat that with a stick on the pure awesome front. In order for John and the others to interact with Theseus mentally so he and Ally could teach them what they needed to know they would need the gene therapy he’d once given the Alterans. It made sense to combine the two things together—gene therapy and kick ass “in your head” training that they would have to take into the real world and practice.

Also, along this time I decided to reboot that whole “exploding tumor” bullshit concept into something more useful which is where the Dead Man’s Switch came from. I knew that Ford wouldn’t survive the first book (sorry!) but I didn’t want him to go out like he had in canon so I gave him a very heroic death. It still pisses me off that TPTB made him a homicidal/suicidal drug addict but I digress.

Okay, so I sort of shelved No Enemy Within at that point because Chris and Ladyholder both were decimating what was then book 2 of the series (In the Silence) and I wanted to see what would shake out in their comments and how it would relate to the first book.

I busied myself with Ties That Bind and Sentinels of Atlantis. I’d like to say that while they were working on Lantean Legacy that both of these ladies were still actively doing beta work for TTB and SoA. This means I’m not the only one keeping the details of FOUR separate AUs in their head because at one point in a discussion one of them pointed out to me “No, wait, that didn’t happen in SoA – that happened in What Might Have Been” – BLUSH. It was hardly the last time we’d have to remind each other of that either.

So, around May 2010 I picked up No Enemy Within and started working through Ladyholder’s first beta round and the end result was that I added around 16,000 words to it and then I fiddled with it a lot and made new things, and deleted about 23,000 words and rewrote several sections. I have 2 “scrap files” for this series with about 45,000 words of narrative that will probably get recycled into later books.

In early July of 2010 it finally crossed my mind that In the Silence was actually book 3 in this series. Ladyholder and I had a big brainstorming session for books 4 and 5. It promises to be a screaming good time. In the middle of July I decided I was “finished” with book 1 and both Chris and Ladyholder geared up for what amounted to the third round of beta. Ladyholder got first jab and sent me a file with 247 comments which I fixed and then sent off to Chris who was kinder (grin) and returned with only 67 comments.

My first draft was around 37,000 words. The second draft was 59,000 words and the final was 67,000 and some change. The amount of hand-holding, beta, and support from Ladyholder and Chris King cannot even be measured!

So, I sent it off to Djaddict (who had graciously agreed to be my grammar nazi for my McShep Match entry and got press-ganged into what has all the appearances of a production team for Lantean Legacy) at the end of July who waged a WAR on me in line edits and returned the monster far sooner than I actually expected considering its size and my pure lack of respect for commas and other grammar type situations.

I wrote John’s last line which is a homage to Ripley’s last line in Alien during the plotting stages. I knew from the beginning that would be the last thing he’d say to Earth for a while.

Well, that’s how that happened and questions are welcome on this thread as long as they are not related too closely to plot I’ll answer them.


Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. It was fun.

    And like everyone else, I am wondering what will happen in Book Two. Because that one promises to be a riot!


  2. I absolutely loved it! Any timeline on Book 2?

  3. woah.

    *Bows deeply to Ladyholder, Chris King, Djaddict, and of course Keira for this monstrous work that rocks our world.*

    Wow, that’s quite a lot of work you all did. I’m stunned, amazed, and slightly horrified. (As well as very grateful.) I think you all need at least one round of applause and some pampering for this. Where should I send the cookies? (And what kind would you like?)

    • Hey, I had fun. I have no idea about anyone else, but for me, it was a blast.

      And I like chocolate, chocolate cookies.

      :: Stares at Paradise Bakery ::

      Maybe after I get my nails done… Hmmm.


      • I have to go to the grocery store soon anyway, so I can pick up what I need for those. Any other awesome people seeking cookies? (Or do you want to wait for Rivka’s special hell?)

  4. *Cracks up* Good grief! I never realized that writing was an almost -painful- process… I write but it’s mainly poems and stuff like that, that really…. *shakes head* Never mind, what I do is childsplay compared to your writing anyway…

    Do we have a timeline for book 2 yet? *looks hopeful*

  5. wow you are beyond awesome….having said that I’m greedy, so you’ve mentioned in the past that book two is in beta would you please please please give a rough estimate on when it will be up this month next month next year?! inquiring mind want to know – that and this whole series is made of awesome and the first book just wet my appetite for more 🙂

    • Well book 2 is now book 3 and will have to be rewritten after the new book 2 is written so no– it’ll be next year sometime. My next big project MUST be ring of fire.

  6. I love that you shared this as I am always interested in how a writer’s creative process works. What great news that you have more books planned in this universe. Will try to wait patiently and send positive creative energy your way.

  7. i don’t know if it’s just lack of sleep or what but when i read that you had another husband in mind for miko originally, the only name that went through my head was kavanaugh *looks green* please say it ain’t so! pretty please?? plus can the kids, atlas etc, grow into cities like their father eventually?

    • Can I plead the FIFTH?

      • kavanaugh? really? *looks horrified* well thankfully that didn’t happen, especially since i read “no enemy within” close to midnight and i don’t really like horror stories that late at night. miko and radek are a cute couple and can’t wait to see how everyone, incluing ally, theseus and kids react to the bundle of joy when it’s born. if theseus’s reaction in the gateroom is anything to go by i don’t think that kid will have so much as a scraped knee as it grows, lol.

    • Yes, Theseus and his children are capable of growing and reshaping themselves if they have the raw materials required to grow.

  8. I *loved!!* it!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much (everyone) for all your incredible efforts!!!!!! And to Keira for your marvelous imagination!!!!! Love your story telling!

  9. Wonderful story and can hardly wait until the next part. I have to say that I have a very big crush on your Shepperd family and can’t help but hope/wonder if they will make an appearance?

    *off to reread*

  10. Wow. That’s some craziness, right there. I bow to you. And to your kick-ass betas, of course. 🙂

    And now, I simply HAVE to know: who WAS Miko originally married to? I swear I won’t scream. Much. At all. Now these other hooligans, on the other hand…I can’t promise for them. 😀

    • *whispers* Kavanaugh but he was a very decent person in this AU until I decided to rearrange things and kill him off before the book began.

      • That was my first guess! And I find that more funny than horrifying. Now, if she’d been married to Sheppard, McKay, Carson, Bates, Halling, or a Genii…that would have gotten a primal scream.

        I didn’t even notice that you killed him off. *is bad* There’s not nearly enough decent! or redemptive!Kavanaugh fics out there.

      • As awful as Kavanaugh/Miko sounds, (mainly because I don’t like him) I’m sure I would have loved it if you’d kept it. Does that make me weird or just very trusting of your ability to write in such a way that my opinion changes?

        • LOL.

          Well, both Chris and Ladyholder both pretty much said “Oh, thank god” when I changed it to Zelenka. 😉

          • Oh, I definitely agree with them on that! LOL It’s hard to imagine a nice Kavanaugh. He’s one of those people you love to hate.

          • I’m glad you changed it, not so much because I dislike K. (he’s an asshole in canon, but if you re-wrote him to be Better I’d probably have liked him), as because I *love* Radek, and the idea of him with the lovely Miko, and soon to be a daddy, just makes me squeee a bit. 🙂

            Looking forward to Book 2…

  11. Keira,
    I just finished reading book one of the Lantean Legacy and I have to say that you have blown me away with the story. You’ve actually blown me away with all of your stories, but none of them quite compare to the epic I see this storyline becoming. Thank you for all of your hard work on putting this story (and the others) together.
    Thanks also to your beta team for being able to juggle four projects as well! Kudos to all for a wonderful job well done.

  12. Wow! I thought you were awesome to begin with, but the amount of work you go through (all of you) is incredible! Thanks for being so dedicated and willing to share what you write. The stories are great, the betas are wonderful, and I love the art people send you so much that it is my screen saver. So, thank you everyone who helps Keira and thank you Keira.

  13. Wow, that is an incredible process (and I am so happy to hear that you are working on Ring of Fire!) and it’s just amazing how much goes into betaing and it’s wonderful that you have such a good support team. And, the idea that there could be 5 books makes me bounce around in excitement. Also, yay for adding smut. Smut is an important element of almost any story (mostly kidding, but I adored the smut in this book). Also, just hoping that we’ll see more of Anne and Elizabeth, they seem like they would be an adorable pair.

  14. I was thinking the avatar idea came from Andromeda lol

    • No not really I mean I did later consider casting that actress as one of the ships but the thing is that I was really disappointed in that show after a while. It just went off the rails for me and it was never really all that inspiring to me.

      Additionally, Andromeda was an android and had a digital representation on screen– she wasn’t a hologram.

      • Actually Andromeda was the core (what was on the screen), an occasional holographic representation and the avatar Rommie. It was mentioned in the show that all three could make different decisions seperate from one another but that the core A.I. seemed to have the final say. Can’t remember the episode but I just remember that the core A.I. cut Rommie off from accessing the ships computers because it felt that she was making bad decisions (or something along those lines).

        • Rommie was an android (Ship Made Real- I believe is the term Harper used when he made her) which was the point I was making. I don’t remember Andromeda projecting as a hologram but like I said I lost interest in that show pretty early on. It had so much potential and then it just went BLAH for me and my god when they made that other version of “Rommie” because Lexa was pregnant — SIGH. Seriously?

          • Yeah, I thought it was pretty awful. The final season was a constant WTF?

          • Absolutely agree on “Andromeda”. There was so much ‘WTF are you THINKING, W.I.C.*?’ in the later seasons that it boggled my mind…

            (*W.I.C. = “Wankers In Charge”, for when T.P.T.B. is more respectful than their work deserves…)

        • All that being said when I finished writing it– I did tell someone that it was like Stargate and the Matrix had a threesome with Andromeda — or something similar (I can’t find the comment) but that’s not where it came from when I was plotting. It’s easy to see the similarities after the fact.

  15. Personally I have enjoyed all of your stories that I have read so far. OT question though is Ring of Fire going to be a prelude to What Might Have Been or is it going to be a John and Rodney going back to Atlantis?

  16. Its interesting to find out the living ship concept came from Farscape seeing as I’ve never really watched it (is that like stargate sacrilege? lol please, don’t flog me! well…)

    When I first read that part of the story, I actually thought it might be inspired by the Star Trek TNG episode Tin Man, which admittedly was one of my fav eps of the series. I find the concept of this type of symbiosis fascinating, and the “humanity” of it (for want of a better word) in this story was brilliant.

    As always I enjoy reading your stories as well as this little insight into the whole process 🙂

  17. Wow. Thanks for sharing all that! It’s interesting how your mind works. I love the nods you gave to sci-fi – my mind did some matching up as I read the story. Everytime Ally showed up I thought of Rommie.

    I really get what you said about the story leading you in a different direction. That happens all the time when I write papers for class, but I notice it more in my artwork. I can plan a weaving or a quilt in my head and it almost NEVER turns out according to plan. When I get in the zone things just flow. It’s the coolest thing.

    Oh yes, and before I forget, I’d like to thank your lovely betas and fanarts (waves madly!) for their hard work too. I beta for another author, and I’ve never done a story of this magnitude. You all did a great job. And I’ve decided that all of you, including Keira, must have mental vaults, because how you keep track of what you’re doing at any given time is beyond me. It’s either that or you’re plugging into the matrix. I’ll let everyone else decide!

  18. God I just love when you update. I can and have dropped whatever I’m doing/reading to read your updates.

    I can say I’ve only read one story where Kavanaugh wasn’t made to be a complete ass, but I know from reading everything else you have posted that if any author could do it it would be you.

    this was so great. now I’m just in wait for for ring of fire.

  19. Ladyholder and Chris King need to be crowned and worshipped. Seriously. I mean, we all worship you already, but now? Definitely adding Ladyholder and Chris King to the list.

    PS. Where did you find such delightful betas? I’m hopeless at finding decent ones!

  20. you all did fabulous work and i have psted my thank yous on different roads

    so next part of TTB not for while then??

  21. I enjoyed this immensely! I loved your Miko and Elizabeth, and I adore your Bates. I look forward to whatever comes next in whichever series you are working on 🙂 I really enjoyed learning about how you write, I can keep track of where I am in fic and non-fic books, but I would not be able to do it in 4 AU’s. I do have one question an apologize if you have answered it – but who do you see as Gideon? He is a very interesting character and I can’t wait to see what he gets into as this series progresses. Thank you for sharing your amazing stories.

  22. I thought those last words sounded familiar. John’s not Ally’s…

    Ever consider writing original novels?

  23. Dear lady Keira,

    Thank you so much for this. I knew how much work and love went into your universes but this one is awesome. It is very precious to me to be able to follow your writing .

    And you ARE a genius.

    I adore you.


  24. Thank you for sharing the behind the scenes of your story. I really enjoy finding out about all of the things that go through an author’s mind when they write. Especially when as much work as you all have done goes into it. Though I admit that when I realised that you were going to have to write another book two all my hopes for seeing it soon were dashed. The only saving grace is that I love everything else you write so much that any update for any of your stories satisfies me. Right up to the point where I finish them and start drooling in anticipation of the next one. 😀

  25. You and your writing team are rather awesome. I totally vote for you all getting a 1,000 dollar sundae on a yearly basis.

    Unfortunately the most I can currently contribute is a

  26. I love this story and cannot wait for the sequel. I hope we’ll see some light shed on what is happening at the SGC and Landry’s ultimate goal. Simply having Kinsey as the president explains quite a bit in terms of how the expedition is treated by the folks in change back on Earth. You mention a number of times that Theseus is a warrior at heart and that his species were hunted by the Ori – will he and Ally play a role in Earth’s war with the Ori? And what did Ally do with the money she took from Landry’s account? I can totally can see a charity getting the money.

    Love Nathan O’Neill and his relationship with the Asgard. Will they be meeting the Pegasus Asgard anytime soon? I also adore your inclusion of the Genii – Ladon Radim and Sora have always been secret favorites of mine and I look forward to seeing Ladon in the next book.

    My only complaint about this story is that there wasn’t enough hot sex, but sadly that is true of life in general.

  27. Excellent. Since lately, the only way I can remember anything is by making lists, you will now be subjected to same. Here goes:
    1. I squealed as soon as the ‘living ship’ thing came up, and squealed even harder when you named the species “Levyathan’s”. I just started re-watching all my Farscapes again for the first time in ages, and Moya has always been the best bit of the show for me. Well, that, and John Crichton rocks his sexy self out. And Aeryn Sun kinda does it for me.
    2. Ally is so Cortana. Complete with kick ass-ness attitude. I desperately want to do a HALO/SGAtlantis crossover. I would love to see the obvious ‘John-117’ story done, but I don’t think I have the skill to pull off how epic that would be. I have another story in mind though, where Rodney was on the original project with Dr Halsey *grins*. He would have driven her crazy, but I bet fewer Spartans would have died or been MIA, because they would not have dared to have disappointed McKay in such a way, lol.
    3. The exploding tumors was bullshit. I hate that episode for so many reasons, one very important reason being hubby’s constant ‘It’s not a tumor!’ (in his best Arnie voice) the whole way through EVERY TIME I watch it. *sigh* I married a child.
    4. YAYS! I thought when you said that book 2 had become book 3, that there would only be 3 books to the series. There is a 4 and a 5? Seriously, can we all chip in and get you a really nice christmas present this year? Send you on a cruise for your birthday? That is how good you are to us. You need serious rewarding.
    5. Ladyholder and Chris King- you guys are fantastic.
    6. I cannot count the number of times I have seen Atlantis referred to as ‘The ten thousand year old city’ in fanfic. Enough that recently I was reading through one of my own stories and found I had written the same phrase, much to my horror- I have been corrupted by other people’s stupidity! The Alterans only abandoned Atlantis ten thousand years before the expedition arrived. And though I like to give canon the finger whenever it’s convenient, I thank you for sticking to it on this one issue.
    7. Ring of Fire? *weeps in gratitude* I adore Sentinels (big Sentinels fan, squeed at Richard Burgi in an NCIS rerun the other day), and I can’t get enough of Ties, and Tangled Destinies is amazing, and Lantean Legacy is my new canon. But WMHB is IT for me. I read the first one on wraithbait and loved it, and then not long after, was looking for it again and couldn’t remember where I found it, and google brought me here -where I believe you had just put up the third in the series- and I was over the moon to find that it was a whole series! I’ve read it a million times, because it is my cheer-me-up series. So…. you have made my day! Seriously, cruise? Bahamas? We could have a couple dozen cabana boys follow you around, slave to your every whim? You deserve it!
    8. Must buy cheese.

    • 2. Ally is so Cortana. Complete with kick ass-ness attitude. I desperately want to do a HALO/SGAtlantis crossover. I would love to see the obvious ‘John-117′ story done, but I don’t think I have the skill to pull off how epic that would be. I have another story in mind though, where Rodney was on the original project with Dr Halsey *grins*. He would have driven her crazy, but I bet fewer Spartans would have died or been MIA, because they would not have dared to have disappointed McKay in such a way, lol.

      I’ve done the plot work for an SGA/HALO cross over. It’s my favorite game ever. I had to take the SGA time line a couple thousand years into the future though to make it work with Halos and the stargates and the Covenant War. I probably won’t start writing until after I’ve played and worked with Halo: Reach. I haven’t read any of the books because I want to make my own Spartan Mythology. I do have this great idea for each Spartan having a dedicated AI and John’s AI being a copy of McKay — that he calls MER. I love this idea with the fire of a thousand suns BUT my plate is so full I haven’t gotten much beyond a basic plot. I’ve been throwing pieces at Ladyholder for about a year.


      • Only one month until Reach! There is a countdown in this house, with hubby and my seven yr old son and I all waiting to take a vote on who gets to play first. And the two year old rolling her eyes at us (no joke, she rolls her eyes at us all the time. She’s the most mature member of our household).
        John’s AI = MER! I love it!! That is so amazingly awesome that I can barely stand it, and I hope you have time for that some day. May Halo: Reach cause bunnies to spawn in your beautiful brain.
        I haven’t read all the books, hubby gave me the overview and I decided that I hated Dr Halsey with a deep abiding passion and that I wasn’t going to read them. Hubby has downloaded all the Halo Legends films and we watched them, but being Anime they were so loaded with angst that the viewer could spontaneously burst into full-blown emo-mode at any time.
        *sigh* And now there will be no housework, for I shall have to go get Halo out of the games cabinet. Bless your evilness, amen.

        • I pre-ordered on Amazon with same day delivery. I’m not even remotely ashamed. For the last Halo game I camped out 3am in front of Gamespot because I didn’t want to risk Amazon not delivering on time (like they have before!)

          • Yep, Limited Edition on pre-order at our local EB with a midnight launch. Because if we have to have Halo, we must have it as soon as it is released. IT IS THE LAW OF HALO! Hubby got his first Halo with his first Xbox at the midnight launch of Xbox, went home and plugged it in and played till he was finished the game. It has become a tradition in out household, lol.

  28. Great story! I really loved it. Are you going to convert this into an e-book?

  29. Wow it’s impressive to see the naissance of a fic. It’s like to see a behind the scene of a major movie, love the reference at 2001 and specially Farscape i loved the show and Moya, i can’t stand Matrix but i can understand that had inspired you.

    So Ring of fire is the end of WMHB, it’s sad even if i know that everything had a end.
    But i miss them already, it’s my fav because of the cast and specially the Sheppards, Ian….. best fic ever.

    I want to say thanks to your betas who are smarts, dedicated and deserve to be worshipped and spoiled.
    Lady and Chris i love you guys, Lady i’m going to drown you with arts you already know that and Chris if you want something very personnal my photofiltre and i are at your disposal when you want.

    Thanks again Keira, Lady and Chris.

    • *waggles my eyebrows*

      Well, if I survive NaNo, I may see if I can sweet talk you into doing something for me – because you’re amazing! I’m such a fangirl of your art!

  30. Okay, I found the replicator!Theseus very, very cool but could not help but wonder, “hey could they make a holographic representation for him so that he could interact with the people living on/in him more easily?” I’m sure Rodney, Radek and/or Miko could, if it were possible. Is this something you were thinking of doing? Or does he prefer to retain his “natural” form of the city and thus be against the idea of having a holographic body?

    Second, Atlas, Artemis and Athena are perfect melds of AI’s and Levyathans – but all three seem a bit traumatized due to the millenia of being almost alone. Will they be getting second AI’s? Maybe their own “Ally equivalent” for mates? Or do you intend their return to their parents and their reunion with each other to do the work of repairing the terrible loneliness they feel/felt?

    Thirdly, though it would amuse me greatly if you used Kevin Smith from Xena the Warrior Princess as the model for Ares AI image (seeing as he was the actor behind that Ares) it could be that you already have someone else in mind for the part, if so, are you ready/willing to share the name of the potential person?

    • Well a holographic body would be part of a computer program– it would be like giving you a holographic avatar since Theseus is a living creature. The reason he had to burn out a ZPM to create a body will become evident in book 2. The Ancients created Ally to act as an go-between them and Theseus — another issue that will be addressed in book 2.

      No, the children won’t get “second” AIs that would negate what Theseus and Ally did with them begin with. Their father’s peace with his people will bleed over on them empathically while they are being repaired. But the children were hibernating together– at least these three were.

      Third, don’t think that second SOB didn’t cross my mind but considering the “captain” of the Ares I chose to go a very sentimental route with the avatar instead and I want it to be a surprise.

      • well, I was thinking a holographic body wouldn’t be wanted by Theseus. After all, his normal body is absolutely gorgeous. I’m hoping we’ll get to see Rodney and Theseus interact in the second book and that we’ll see more of the kids. I’m really looking forward to learning more about their personalities as they heal, grow and become part of the society the Lanteans are developing.

  31. I am going to show my true ignorance here: I have never seen Andromeda, Farscape, The Matrix, and the only Star Trek I squee at is the movies.

    My lameness! Let me show you it! Seriously dude, I am not one for movies.

    Regardless! Even without a clue, I still was able to follow and understand what was going on. Its still awesome, even though I am ignorant.

    Can’t wait for the next posting of goodness, whatever it is!

  32. Thank you. I finished this story yesterday. I was definately doing the Snoopy dance when I saw you posted. I’ve enjoyed everything that I have read on this site.

    A couple of questions.
    First, is John’s family and Rodney’s sister going to become a part of this series? Knowing Jeannie having her brother disappear is not something she’ll be quiet about.
    Second, is O’Neill and the rest of the good guys (Carter, Cameron, Teal’c, …) back on Earth going to be able to go join the Atlantis crew?
    Third, how is Earth’s outpost going to keep helping?
    Fourth, the Ori, since Atlantis and the Anceints fled from them, are they going to find out the City is still out there?

    Guess that was more than a few questions. Thank you so very much for all the hard work you do and introducing us to your worlds. They are always interesting.


  33. So cool to read about the process you went through and get some insight into it. That certainly is a lot of work and team effort that you and your team put into this, and it definitely shows in book one the amount of time and dedication there was for this.

  34. Okay, I’m about to be really annoying in the question department but first I have to agree with thescribblingdesk that Ladyholder and Chris King need to worshiped alongside you. We could start our own Pantheon. You’d be at the top, of course, followed by the lesser (but by no means less awesome) gods of your production team. It works if you think about it (just don’t think about it too hard). You have a group of followers who view your works with reverence and just look at the prayers (reviews) and offerings (art/gifty!fic) they already lavish you with. We’ve got holy days (updates) and holidays (every million words), blasphemers (flame reviewers), we’ve even got a temple (Different Roads).

    How big a role will Earth play in future books? I mean, it’s not really the whole damn planet that’s the problem so I wonder if they’ll ever, make-up doesn’t seem right but it’s all I got. The Lanteans are their own people and their own society now but they could come to be on good terms with or even allied with Earth at some point once assholes (coughLandrycoughcoughKinseycough) are out of the way. I’m not actually asking what happens on that front but more like, will we ever find out?

    About Lantean society itself, how will their government work, how will their changes effect their relationship to the rest of the galaxy especially considering the bad press that Halling’s group will be putting out there?
    You said that human children didn’t get the full ATA genome from their parents but a more diluted form. Will that be the case with children of people who have gone through the CIC? What about Miko’s baby. Since she won’t undergo the process until after her daughter is born will the baby go through it as well or will she have to wait until she’s older?

    Finally a general writing question, do you ever get the feeling that something you’re working on is bigger than you know? How do you puzzle it out? Does it just come to you or do you actively think about it?
    Great job and many thanks to all who put in so much work to create such a lovely little universe for us to play in. Love you, love the work, always looking forward to more.

    • Earth will feature heavily in book 3, 4, and 5.

      I hate writing about politics and government but that stuff will come up in book 2. There were will be “voted” on positions and a leadership council. Elizabeth won’t shoulder the burden of their entire society.

      Miko’s baby (Suki) will inherit her mother’s gene which isn’t the full genome but she won’t be able to have gene therapy until she’s physically an adult. I imagine the city would only make an exception on that front if a child was born with a disorder that is life threatening (that can’t be fixed any other way) or developed a disease that was life threatening and uncurable.

      With fan fiction, I sort of give myself permission to GO BIG. I think that’s why as a hobby that its so rewarding. I don’t limit myself or attempt to write something that I know will “sell”. I have series bibles for each of my series — and they expand as I write. With What Might Have Been I have a story arc for each individual novella PLUS an overall story arc for the series. With Sentinels of Atlantis because I knew I was going to write it like episodes in a TV show– I tried to give each “season” an individual ARC while blending themes and smaller plotlines through the whole thing. I currently have 3 seasons planned out but they are subject to change as things happen in writing. I actually had a bunch of episodes written but lost them in a hardware failure. That changed the series drastically because I found I couldn’t rewrite what I’d written exactly the same. It was kind of boring to me so I replotted and the result is pretty much entirely different but just as interesting.

    • “…[betas] Ladyholder and Chris King need to worshipped alongside you…”

      …and DJAddict!

      “…Djaddict… graciously agreed to be my grammar nazi… [and] waged a WAR on me in line edits and returned the monster far sooner than I actually expected considering its size and my pure lack of respect for commas and other grammar type situations…”

      Since I’m one of those Annoying Grammar Nit-Pickers (and have said before that it’s proof of how EXCELLENT your stories are that I love ’em even if there are grammar/spelling/usage foibles), I really appreciate DJAddict’s editing because I saw NOTHING nit-pick-worthy in all 10 chapters… Not “I’m enjoying it too much to REALLY pay attention to a misplaced apostrophe or missing comma”, but “I didn’t spot ANYthing wrong this time”. So, thanks are due to your whole Beta team.

      I agree with whoever else who said that five stars aren’t enough… LOVE “Ally” and Theseus and the kids, and FINALLY Daniel Jackson gets to do his thing on Atlantis. (I thought it SUCKED and was total idiocy that T.W.I.C. sent Carter — whose skills just duplicate McKay’s, plus some of Sheppard’s — to Atlantis instead of the guy with the real skills to sort through ancient records and translate stuff…) It’ll be fascinating to see where you go with this universe.

      Looking forward to the future installments on this, and to “Ring Of Fire”… and, really, whatever else you write… Thanks again!

      • Ack! I must be flogged! I can’t believe I forgot Djaddict. Much apologizings. Djaddict is absolutely part of the Pantheon. Thank you AmyCat for righting this grievous wrong.

        To Djaddict:
        Keira conceived of the worlds, the betas helped her refine them, and you helped her give them order. Thank you. AmyCat is right. I never notice grammar mistakes until my third or forth time through but this one I’m on my fifth pass and nothing. You’re great, you’re incredible, there will be very grammatically correct songs sung of you for generations to come. And in the meantime you get cookies.

        Love to ALL who worked, sorry again, happy reading (the Keira Pantheon blessing).

  35. I have a confession to make. I stumbled upon your WMHB series months ago and was immediately hooked on everything I’ve read of yours since. As a matter of fact I’ve worked through all of your ongoing series at least twice. I love the way you write. Even your careless disregard for the little things like grammar and syntax in pursuit of intricate and engrossing plot and interesting and fully developed characters.

    All that being said, I think this is my favorite story so far. It’s as well paced and character driven as anything you’ve written but seems…tighter some how. More focused. Everything about it is well developed and emotionally satisfying.

    So, long commentary short, all the hard work, eye bleeding, hair rending, and exploding brains has definitely payed off. You and your team are Awesome.

  36. Thank you so much for posting this for us – it’s fascinating.

  37. Whoa!

    I come home from work and see this post – which is almost as fascinating as the process was! I had a blast doing the beta thing. It was like a master class on writing to watch you create Lantean Legacy. And there’s no doubt that it warped me forever – it totally changed the way I look at the process of writing.

    But now maybe folks understand when I blame you for NaNo. Because this year, I’m doing all this prep work and clearly, it’s All Your Fault.

    *waves my pom poms*

  38. It was really interesting to find out more about the writing process.

    A lot of questions that I had have already been commented on by other people, so I’m not going to repeat those, hopefully.

    Who was that chick who came out of a stasis chamber looking like a supermodel? Surely you don’t mean that chick who was frozen alive and dug up in Antarctica in season 6? Because I always though that that was a totally different kettle of fish… Have I totally forgotten what you are talking about?

    • Yeah I mean her– she was an Ancient and I think she had the plague that the Ancients ran from like 3 million + years ago. The Ancients left Earth because of the plague thing and then returned to Earth 3 million later because of the Wraith. So she’d been in outpost for 3 million years if the writers follow their own timeline unless they want to say she was put in stasis after she returned from Pegasus which is still 10,000 + years and she still came out looking like a super model 😉 and if she did return from Pegasus why was she in the pod? I mean she cured the disease she gave the team in everyone but Jack because she wasn’t strong enough. Why didn’t one of the other Ancients just cure her?

  39. You said that the Leviathans breed asexually but CAN they, or their children have ofsprings that are a blend of two ships or more?

  40. I read this story epic, and I adored it. As an introduction to more books it is stunning, as a standalone- I know it’s not- it drags you into this world and makes you want to stay, want and crave the sequels. Though I have to say, all your stories do that, grins brilliantly. Seriously, your wonderful plot ideas, and rich textured worlds always blow my mind. I adore Theseus, that Jared Padalecki avatar didn’t hurt at all, laughs.

    My question is are they any other children of Ally’s and Theseus out there? Are they alright? I hope that they had they opportunity to huddle together too, or at least find a substitute for the companionship they need. The thought of one of their children alive, but irrevocably mad is terribly grievous.

    Oh, say Rodney, and John are going to have babies at some point, pleeease, grins. The absolutely only thing missing from the WMHB verse is a baby with both their genetics but really the kid takes care of that craving somewhat. He really is awesome, a baby genius that reminds us of John, smiles happily.

    I adore Nathan O’Neill being on Atlantis, and getting the hyped gene, and promising to take care of any little space monkey-pirates. Can I just say Awwwww? Laughs, I also can hardly wait until ex-president Kinsey gets what’s coming to him. I hate that sucker with the fire of the sun, nods, I don’t think I’ve seen one fic where the author has redeemed his character. I’ll be shocked if you do, but you always manage to surprise me somehow. I’ve rarely seen Halling made out to be such a self-inflated, arrogant jerk, but you do, do it, so well. Really I don’t know what to hope for next aside from the Ring of Fire; there’s the Trek, and the Sentinels, both versions, grins, all of it so yummy. Your dedication, hard work, and amazing betas are to be congratulated. Seriously, Thank you all so much for the magnificent work on these amazing stories. -SB

    • There are other children and Theseus’ species is quite resilient. More about the history of his people will be revealed in part 2 when Rodney starts delving into how the Ancients integrated their hardware into him.

      I’m not sure if I will write a baby beyond what I’m doing with Miko– her child has a purpose (sort of -nothing very dramatic on a plot level) but babies are a touchy subject for me and I have to be motivated when I write about them. The potential is there for John/Rodney to have a bunch of kids.

      One thing that did bother me on the show is that only a few people from Earth reacted badly to Teyla’s Wraith genetics. Come on, the people in Pegasus have lived with the horror of the Wraith for thousands of years and to find out that someone with their blood is living among them — that would not have gone over that well with everyone.

  41. Ladyholder, Chris King, Djaddict, fanarts series… virtual cookies, chocolate, flowers and well oiled toyboys for you. An incredible team 🙂

    Kiera, *clearing throat*
    As I am hopelessly addicted to two of your fics- TTB and WMHB- as opposed to merely in love with the rest, and this new series pretty much puts paid to having any life apart from checking this site twice a day, I have made a decision:

    I’m selling the house, the cats, and the son on EBay (he’s 6 foot five, and handsome, but very young, so trainable). Then I’m packing one suitcase, all ready to move, for when you adopt me…*puppy dog eyes*


  42. After reading your description on how you works come to be I understand why they are so excellent. You not only have a devoted fan base, but have betas without compare. Thank you for this insight into your writing practice. While reading your fic I have often thought “How did she get to this point, or what inspired her for this idea.” Now I know! I await whatever you little brain puts out next. Or maybe you have a big brain like Rodney;).

  43. Wow. I knew a lot of work went into your writing because you can tell from the quality of everything you write but I never realised exactly how much went on behind the scenes. It made me feel bad about enjoying your work so much without actually having told you how much I appreciate you sharing such it with us. So I thought this seemed like a good opportunity to delurk and just say Thank You. Thank you guys for being so awesome!

    BTW just thought I’d tell you that most other fandoms are ruined for me because I can’t usually find any stories I want to reread as much as I do yours, not that I’m complaining 😉

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading whatever you gift us with next! 🙂

  44. Her devotion to canon is charming but I’m slowly but surely dragging her away from it. It helps, actually, that there is no new canon for her to bask in.

    bwaa hahaha You go, girl!

    Also, love the main ideas. Adore the story. And am very happy there will be more.
    Still want the ‘I kill space vampires for a living’ t-shirt, though. lol

  45. Thank you for the insight into your thought and writing processes. I finished the First Book last night and was really impressed by your work and that of your betas.

    Thank you all for a great read!

  46. I already commented on how great it is but the stasis you mention here had to be answered
    The Ancient with the Plague wasn’t in a Stasis Chamber or pod only buried in the ice she wasn’t in the Outpost at all when they found her it seemed as if she had been making for the Gate when the ice backwash of Atlantis leaving buried her.
    She survived due the instant freeze and came out still looking like a supermodel because she had some sort of anti freeze like they find in Antarctic fish in her body so her cells didn’t rupture. It was never mentioned again so probably a temporary adaption to the Antarctic climate when the Earths poles shifted and their parking spot froze but you could easily make that a Lantean genetic addition in your story.

    That was cryogenics and seems much more effective than Stasis as shown later on and it was obvious it was different as they still aged even if very slowly where as the cryo didn’t also the older Elizabeth couldn’t use a cryo chamber as she didn’t have the anti-freeze addition to her makeup. I would say the addition of VR would also indicate the Aurora’s Stasis Pods were not perfect cryogeneic stasis like the Ancient with the plague, in Cryo suspension you don’t think in the stasis pods they did. You could easily have Elizabeth’s lasting the ten thousand years with her shorter human lifespan simply because her stasis was on the highest setting while Aurora was on the lowest due to the power shortage the VR was off line for ever until the signal from Atlantis was triggered again basically a low Stasis setting would have lessened the energy expended by the crippled ship but it would have aged them faster than Elizabeth whose chamber was being feed by ZPM’s the Ancients would have considered this a good trade off as they certainly didn’t expect ten thousand years to pass before the woke they were life support pods with fancy VR interaction to wait rescue in cushy compared to what Elizabeth and Jack used that looked like original stasis equipment.


    • Dude, thanks because I was not interested in going to find that episode amongst my husbands dvd’s to watch it. I really hated it the first time I watched it. I will go on record and say I think her getting frozen and perfectly preserved is kind of bullshit though. I think I blocked that out because of how stupid I think it is.

      • Incredibly true and it was a very telling first hint of just how bad the Ancients could be even to each other given that they just left her behind to die alone simply because she had the plague wold it have hurt them to keep her away from people and let her die with friends and family they dis have environmental suits
        It also made you realise that if they could do that to one of their own it explained their indifference to the seed races plight in Pegasus at the hands of the Wraith once they ascended.

        Here is the section of a transcript of how she survived the freezing if you ever need it. I was very bad and download the transcipts so I could search for information when I needed it for my stories that and the numerous info archives out there are much easier than searching all the eps
        Episode 6.04 – Frozen
        first section:
        Janet: “This is incredible.”
        Dr. Michaels: ” I know. No Adipocere”
        Jonas: ” What’s that?”
        Janet: “It’s a residue that forms on dead animal tissue when exposed to moisture. But that’s not the most amazing part. (She slides herself away from the microscope to face the other two, a look of amazement on her face.) These tissue cells are intact.”
        Dr. Michaels: “That’s what I was hoping you’d say…I thought maybe I was losing my mind.”
        Jonas: ” I’m sorry…uh, what?”
        Janet: ” When you freeze live cells, crystals form and ultimately destroy the integrity of the cell. That’s why we haven’t been able to develop a viable method of human cryogenic preservation.”
        Jonas: “So…?”
        Janet: “So…these cells are perfect. They could be from you or me.”
        Second section later in ep explaining how:
        Janet: “Antarctic cod can live in water so cold, other fish would develop ice crystals in their blood. Now they’ve had 40 million years or so to adapt to the change in temperature and they’ve developed this protein that acts like anti-freeze…”
        The Ancients seemed to have no problem with genetic adaption as needed so such an anti-freeze protein could easily be part of the Legacy or just as easily it could be a temporary adaption they made themselves while they lived in the Antarctic (taken from the ancient Antarctic cod) to give time to save people during accidents on the ice, that given than it would have been temporary and abandoned later on when on Lantea as unneeded in that environment. Where as the Legacy would have it as part of the physical changes they went through as a basic change

        The Lantean’s were kind of impractical and suicidal towards the end in their search for easy ascension I could easily see them abandoning a lot of such safeguards they installed on life while reaching for ascension thinking they held them into the corporial state a little to much they were all for evolving their brains not their bodies by then on the other hand I can actually see the idiots arguing with Theseus about what to put in the the Legacy in later generations as well because of that so again the plot could go wherever you want concerning that.

        You have already written that the children born have a much watered down trace of the legacy meaning it would have to be incoporated individually each generation that would explain why the Pegasus Alteran were such wimps and not just mentally.


  47. You and your betas and fanarts really rock my world. I always know when a Keira story comes out that I will be in 7th Heaven as you have a very feritile and inventive imagination. Your original characters are always fascinating and I love the way you can make a canon character a first class villain in one series/story and a wonderul person in another and make it totally believable. I think you could have made Kav a perfectly wonderful character as Miko’s husband, but I’m kind of glad you used Radek as I adore his character. I’ve read No Enemy Within twice now and loved it. Now heading out to Caribou Coffee and spend the rest of the day rereading TTB through again for the lovely two updates you just did with it. Looking forward to Ring of Fire and more SOA as well as whatever else you write whenever you can. You never disappoint,

  48. Diva0789(Michelle)

    I just have one question….is your husband aware of how freakin LUCKY he is???


  49. I’m a little confused, I will readily confess to having stopped watching sg1 pretty much after jack left sg1, so I’m always a tiny bit fuzzy on the differences in cannon and fannon. After Janet dies her replacement is Dr. carolin Lam who is the daughter of Hank Landry – is this true? I guess where I’m going with this is, is she going to be there and in on it with him? Have I just gone fanfic mad, please help the more I think the worse I get confused……

    • When Janet is killed — Carolyn Lam is her replacement — she’s Hank Landry’s daughter and is a civilian in canon and their relationship was estranged until she joined the SGC. They have have an angsty relationship in canon.

      I think she’ll make an appearance at some point but I don’t know. There are a lot of characters and I’m doing my best not to bloat the story with the unnecessary.

      • wonderful thank you, for clearing that up for me, whatever you end up writing will be great, no matter which econdary charactors you use and which you leave out! 🙂

  50. You are awesome and I am totally in love with your brain. I adore every single thing you have on this site and as soon as I figure out your professional pen name I will go out and buy everything you have written if I don’t already have it.

    I love how each story you write is unique, the only constant is John/Rodney (except for Dark Places). The level of detail is simply amazing. Your writing has become a standard that others should aspire to. If I ever start writing again I will steal your idea of a ‘series bible’, it seems like it is immensely helpful.

    I’m off to reread all of your stories while waiting for your next update. Of course if you publish something in September, I will consider it an awesome 30th birthday gift 😉

  51. So, I sent it off to Djaddict who… and got press-ganged into what has all the appearances of a production team for Lantean Legacy

    Oooooh! I like being part of a team – do we get t-shirts?

    at the end of July who waged a WAR on me in line edits


    War? I thought it was only a “police action.” lol

    The best part of being a beta is getting some insight into the writing process but this has been even better, I love to see the evolution of a story.

    Thank you for sharing!

    • LOL.


      You didn’t feel like you’d fought a battle after the second time you did it?

      • No, just felt lucky that I got to read it again.

        Oh, and I know what you mean about re-writing something that you lost because I am sure I made some “insightful” comments the first time around that I couldn’t recreate! 🙂

    • Djaddict i totally forgot to thanks you for your incredible participation, free to punish me… i’m kinky this morning, storm always makes that to me lol !
      I can’t write like the others readers but i can make some stupids and cool arts with my fingers, so free to ask if you want something, anytimes.

  52. Love your insight into your process as both a tech writer and editor in RL I’m always interested in how other people handle complex projects.

    If it’s not a big spoiler, which citizens stayed behod with the non-asshole mainlanders until they can gate to Lantea? My guess would be someone like Bates or Stackhouse and Markham.

    I’m also assuming Chase Harris with his background in ship design, will be instrumental and crafting the ship around baby Ares. I have a weird image of him starting out as a puppyish puddlejumper before growing into a warship.

    • I pictured Teyla (of course) Bates, Gideon Moore, one of the doctors (Biro) and a nurse (at least), as well as some marines to keep them as safe as possible during the transition.

      Yeah– McKay & Chase will be with Ares as he grows as much as possible but never physically since the NCL is isolated.

      • *squee!*

        My brain just *quivered* with glee – McKay with Baby!Ares. This will be the first of Ally & Theseus children to grow up with proper Lanteans around… instead of Ancient asshats.

        Ares will be *awesome*!

        *flails happily*

      • McKay and Chase with babe Ares, it’s going to be awesome.

        I say that i love you today ?

  53. Absolutely brilliant! Just an incredible read! Worth every moment to have stayed up late to read this! I am one seriously happy camper for having devoured every word and will just as happily curl up to re-read…re-read again and again. (contented sigh) I am going to have very good dreams this night. Thank you thank you thank you all for a wonderful read!

  54. I’m so pleased that there’s going to be a follow-up to this book!

    RE: the stasis pod conundrum — over the course of a million or so years and in and around two separate galaxies, we can’t expect all stasis pods to behave the same way. It would be like expecting modern-day cars to be built like and work like Model Ts. The whole object of a car is to get you from point A to point B, but way it does that can vary by quite a bit; a stasis pod is built to preserve life over a long period of time but, likewise, the way it does that can also vary quite a bit!

    This also means that John must have aged a few years in The Last Man, when AI!Rodney put him in stasis for 700+ years. Couldn’t have been too much, as nobody made a fuss about it.

  55. Wow!!! That’s amazing.

    There has been a lot of work involved into this story and it shows. I wanted to add my thanks to your wonderful betas. This story grew out of Keira’s mind but it was refined with the help she received from you guys. Huge thanks on behalf of the readers, we dearly appreciate the effort, it bore fruition to splendid results.

    Again loved the story to pieces and thanks for posting.

  56. OMG! I’ve been following you other works faithfully, so when I got the notice of this new addition, I knew it would be spectacular. Of course, I had to wait for a time when I could sit down and read it in its entirety, as doing otherwise would be pretty much impossible (I’ve been known to lose sleep b/c there’s a new chapter out and I made the mistake of starting it late at night, and then didn’t want to stop reading it before I was done).

    I love the re-use of your various characters, and can’t wait to read the next installation (though I understand – and look forward to the fact that – Ring of Fire is next).

    All that being said, your writing (including the work of your incredible team) is of such high caliber that I believe it is more worthy of being published than many other works I have read. (Even with it being based on/including parts of various series.)

  57. Thanks so much for the insight into the writing process. I bow to your superior authory goodness!!!! As a wannabe I would like to know if you feel that every story or series requires a bible and do you outline every story you write?

    • If I have a plot (lol) I have an outline. It can be small or quite large depending on the project I have in mind. I always do a “bible” for a series — it helps if I start the bible in the beginning because it prevents me from writing myself into a hole.

      • Diva0789(Michelle)

        I do the same thing when I write, but I don’t write on quite the same scale you do so it’s less necessary for me……LOL.

  58. Just a round of applause to you and your Betas!!!! Y’all doing AMAZING things with words!

  59. Just joined and can’t believe it took me this long to find you. Excellent story and please tell me how to find book 2! I love Rodney and John together!

    • Book 2 stalled due to creative differences with myself.

      • I could hire a mediator to try to get the creative differences worked out? Or does bribery work? Or begging? Thank you for writing such wonderful stories and when everything is worked out I will be there to read it! Thank you

        • I never noticed this final writing after the last chapter of NEW but I am glad I now have, it certainly explains why you write better then 98% of all other (fanfic and not fanfic) writers. You and your team are fantastic.

          I think I remember you saying something about this in one of your podcasts, but do you think you will stop being at cross purposes with yourself as to the creative differences you’ve been under for the last 5 years?

          You juggle so many stories so it’s ridiculous to expect you to work on something you have issue with when the others seem to still be flowing but it’s seems like you have big plans for this series so I find it sad that book 3 while mostly written will never be seen to let us further adore and worship you ( tho you do write for yourself not the masses) because of book 2 being difficult 🙂

          Looking forward to whatever it is you next post no matter what it is because everything is excellent. – Aio

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