Ties That Bind: Fever Pitch

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: Fever Pitch
Author: Keira Marcos
Art Work: FanArtSeries (coming soon!)
Betas: Ladyholder & Chris King
Series: Ties That Bind
Series Order: 12
Word Count: 21,374
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard (many additional pairings)
Rating: NC-17
Author’s Note: Original characters from “Time Heals by CJ aka WritinginCT” are briefly mentioned in this fic.

Warnings: BDSM, blood play, violence, explicit sex, sexual exhibition, voyeurism, and adult language. This novella in the series contains what some may consider extreme S&M. Don’t bitch at me if it freaks you out. I warned you.


Summary: John celebrates his birthday and faces his first exhibition on the city of the Ancients.

– – – –

“It’s your birthday, John.”

John quirked an eyebrow at Rodney as he fastened his watch and finished threading his belt through his pants. “I know but I do have quite a bit of work this morning. I still plan to take the afternoon and evening off so I expect you to be done by lunch time as well unless something completely horrible happens.”

“As it often does,” Rodney muttered and then sighed as he pulled on a t-shirt. “I saw that you put on us on the exhibition schedule.”

John nodded. “I forgot to mention it last night. I think it’s important to assert…”

“Your ownership of me,” Rodney murmured and then grinned when John flushed. “Seriously?”

“Shut up,” John said with a small laugh. He caught McKay’s wrist and pulled him in with a sigh. Rodney was pliant and easy to maneuver in his hands. “Yeah, I want to show everyone that you belong to me because you do and there are people around here who don’t seem to take my collar seriously.”

Rodney let his hands rest on John’s shoulders. “Is that my fault? I mean, I know I don’t have an exactly submissive public persona. I have to exert a lot of authority in the course of my job—does that undermine your position in our relationship?”

“Not to anyone with half a brain,” John murmured. He kissed McKay’s forehead and then his mouth with more intent than either of them had time for. He lifted his mouth with a sigh. “I’d never want you to be different than what you are, Rodney.”

“Not even if it made it easier for us both? Do you think Summers approached me because I’m not…” He sighed. “Maybe she thinks like Sam—that I need to be tamed or something.”

John laughed, completely startled. “Don’t doubt for a second that you aren’t a challenge—but it’s part of your appeal. It makes your submission all the more rewarding and I’m sure you’ve heard that before.”

Rodney blushed and nodded. “Yeah, I mean, Gerard said he enjoyed that about me but you have a lot on your plate, John, on any given day and I don’t think you should have to deal with this bullshit on top of everything else.”

“It’s an interesting change of pace,” John admitted. “Carter had a wedding band on your hand, Rodney, and in some respects that made everything easier for her. It’s a level of commitment that very few feel that they can intrude on. Adultery is a serious crime in our society for a reason.”

Rodney nodded and sighed. “Okay, so I’ll meet you in the mess hall for lunch, right?”

“You have your monthly appointment in the infirmary today—I won’t have time to go with you but I’ll connect with Carson about the permissions. I won’t approve any invasive physical examinations. Since you’re exhibiting tomorrow, we’ll keep the play easy tonight. I want your skin unmarred when we go on stage.” Rodney nodded but didn’t move away. John let his hand rest on McKay’s hip again. “You’re usually in a hurry to get your day started.”

“I know.”

“You’re not worried about Summers, are you?”

“No, not at all actually. She’s the last thing I’d ever bother to worry with,” McKay murmured. “I want you to have a good birthday, that’s all.”

“I will.” John pressed a kiss against his mouth and groaned as he separated from McKay physically. “Now, I have work, so stop trying to tempt me into something we really don’t have time for.”

– – – –

Matt shifted against his Dom and sighed when Evan’s hands clamped down on his hips. “Evan.”

“Do you think he likes that you watch him?” Evan questioned, his mouth drifting over Matthew’s mark. He nipped gently at the skin and he laughed softly when Matt shivered.

“Why else would he bring his sub out onto the balcony?” Matt questioned and then grinned when Evan’s hands deftly divested him of the thin silk robe he was wearing. His hands stroked down his back and pressed a soft kiss against the back of his neck. “You like watching Major Grant, too.”

“The man fucks like an artist,” Evan murmured. His gaze flicked over Matthew’s shoulder and centered on Thomas Grant.

They were both silent as they watched the all too attractive Dom leisurely fuck Chris Morley. Chris had been in Grant’s private company for the better part of a week—the new couple seemed to prefer the balcony for early morning sessions and Matthew’s obvious interest in watching them both amused and excited Evan.

“I asked him if he was okay with this yesterday,” Evan murmured. “Grant told me that he enjoyed being the center of your attention. He thinks you’re beautiful.”

“Doms like Grant prefer to admire a Geisha from afar. He would never seek a sub like me for private attention.” Matt sucked in a breath as Evan gently pulled the plug from his ass. “Evan.” Matt shuddered as Lorne pressed his cock into him. “Fuck.”

Evan cuffed Matt’s wrists with his hands and pressed them against the railing. “Don’t close your eyes, Mattie; they’re putting on a show just for you.” Matt groaned and bit down on his bottom lip as he watched Chris writhe and arch under Thomas Grant. “Chris really loves being fucked.”

“Yeah,” Matt agreed and exhaled sharply as Evan thrust deep and hard into him—tagging his prostate mercilessly. “I like how he takes it—how he moves like he can’t help himself. The pleasure of having a cock in his hole is too much.”

“Too much,” Evan murmured. “There is no such thing as too much pleasure.”

Matt shuddered. “Chris needs more than pleasure.”

“I agree,” Evan responded. “Are you worried that Thomas won’t give him what he needs?”

“Maybe he’s being punished,” Matt whispered and then groaned loudly as his Dom thrust into him roughly.

Evan hummed under his breath. “I bet you’d like that—wouldn’t you? I bet Chris would take punishment well and beg for more.”

“Yes,” Matt hissed and bit down on his bottom lip. “Sir, please.”

Evan used his body to hold Matt into place. “Yeah, you like to beg.” He rubbed his mouth over Matt’s shoulder.


Evan’s hands tightened briefly on his wrists. “Don’t move your hands.”

“I won’t,” Matt promised.

He glanced up and saw that Grant and Morley had changed positions. Grant was sprawled on the lounger and Chris was astride the Dom’s lap slowly lowering himself. The sub’s back was littered with red welts that Evan could see from the distance that separated them. Grant’s hands clenched on Morley’s hips and pulled him firmly down onto his cock and then he slapped the younger man’s ass with a firm hand.

“There,” Evan murmured. “He’s giving his boy exactly what he needs.”

Matt shuddered and moaned as Evan wrapped one hand around his cock. “Yes, he is.”

“Hmm, you like that.” Lorne stroked Matt’s cock in the same slow rhythm he was using to fuck his sub. “It’s the care… isn’t it Matthew?”

“Yes, sir.” Matt exhaled sharply. “I love to watch Grant take care of a sub—use his body and his dynamic to meet their needs.”

“Like I do you,” Evan murmured. “I take care of you. Give you everything you need.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You’re perfect.” Evan ran his fingers through Matt’s hair with his free hand. “You’re such a sweet fuck, Mattie.” He pressed his face against the back of Matt’s neck. “Come for me.”

– – – –

Thomas Grant braced himself against the shower wall and closed his eyes as Chris washed him. His hands were knowing, confident—just a week alone with the younger man had made a world of difference in how the submissive touched him, responded to him. It had been a long time since he’d enjoyed such an intense connection. It stunned him that Chris was without a formal pleasure education, although the young Marine did often display knowledge that belied that. Grant hadn’t asked but he saw John Sheppard’s hand in some of the young man’s behaviors. He knew they’d had a previous relationship—one that had been cut short due to a problem with another submissive on the base.

“Feels good.”

“I enjoy this part,” Chris murmured as he stood from his kneeling position. He pressed a soft kiss against Grant’s shoulder blade and sighed. “Some of the guys in the barracks are jealous of the attention you’ve been giving me in private.”

Thomas hummed softly. “Is that your way of suggesting that I should take a few of them to bed?”

“Hell no, Sir.” Chris laughed when Thomas turned and exhaled sharply when he found himself pressed against the wall. “That being said… if you have your eye on someone I’d be more than happy to bring them over to play with you.”

“What would you do while I was playing?” Thomas questioned as he nuzzled Chris’ throat and snipped gently at the skin with his teeth.

“Whatever you wanted,” Chris whispered as Grant’s hand settled on his hips.

Thomas laughed. “Perhaps I could get some pretty young thing to spend the night—we could fuck her at the same time.” He took Chris’ mouth and lifted the younger man easily. Chris wrapped his legs around Grant’s waist with a shudder.

“If I told you…” Chris groaned as Grant shifted and rubbed their cocks together. “That I prefer men exclusively?”

Grant grinned and slid two fingers into Chris’ well-used hole. “I wouldn’t be at all surprised actually. Not considering how much you love a cock in your ass.”

Chris sighed and tightened his legs around Grant. “Fuck.”

“Sore?” Grant questioned softly.

“A little,” Chris bit down on his bottom lip as Grant pulled his fingers free. “You didn’t have to stop.”

“I certainly enjoy hurting you,” Thomas murmured. “But not that way.” He shifted then and watched Chris’ eyes blur with pleasure as their cocks rubbed together. “You’re such a pretty boy.”

Chris’ fingers clenched on Grant’s shoulders as they moved together. “That’s so good.”

“Yeah, it is.” Thomas nuzzled against his jaw and then kissed his neck before sinking his teeth into Chris’ skin. “Come for me, boy.”

Chris shuddered and met his demand with a low moan. “Ah, God, Tommy.”

– – – –

Anne glanced over her sub—amused and aroused by Allison’s lazy display. The submissive was sprawled across the bed, her skin slightly damp from the shower they’d shared. She tossed aside her towel and pushed back her wet hair as she crawled onto the bed and between Allison’s legs. “You look good enough to eat.”

Allison grinned; her eyes sparkled with humor and a smattering of lust. “You already did that this morning.”

“I remember doing something like that.” Teldy pressed a kiss against Allison’s inner thigh. “You’ve such a hot little pussy.”

She drifted up and settled on her submissive with a sigh. Allison ran her fingers through her Domme’s wet hair and moaned a little against Anne’s mouth when she bent to kiss her. “Want me to dry your hair?”

“Yeah, in a few minutes. I’m not on duty for another hour. We’ll have breakfast in my office,” Anne said decisively. “Tell me something.”

“Anything,” Allison murmured.

“Is there anyone on the city that has caught your eye?”

Allison frowned briefly as she considered that. “I don’t know. Not really. I mean, it’s different here. On Earth we could invite in someone to play but then move on when it suited us. Here—there isn’t much room to move on. Why? Have you?”

Anne sighed. “Not really, but I wanted to make sure we were on the same page.” She rolled off her sub and rubbed her stomach in a little circle that spoke to her frustration on the topic. “It’s not often that we go this long without finding a male sub to play with. I know how much you enjoy being fucked.”

Allison grinned at the ceiling. “Yeah, but I’m perfectly fine with a strap on—you know just how to do me.” Her Domme’s laughter relaxed her. She turned onto her side and propped her head on her hand. “You can’t possibly think I’m unsatisfied with you, Madame.”

“No, not at all.” Anne glanced at her and then sighed. “It’s just been really good here—both of us are finally in a position professionally that really suits us both. I don’t want our private life to suffer for it.”

“I only suffer when you wish it,” Allison smirked when Teldy laughed again. “I suppose if we found someone that we intended to invite permanently into our relationship it would be different. Would you be willing to collar a man?”

“If he suited us both privately and professionally,” Anne allowed. “He’d need to be interested in having children with us, of course.” She rubbed her own stomach thoughtfully. “And he’d have to be career oriented. I wouldn’t be interested in a pet. He’d have to be secure in his position in the relationship as well. I wouldn’t tolerate that kind of drama between the two of you.”

“He’d have more legal status if he fathered a child with you,” Allison murmured with a slight frown.

“Not if I married you.” Anne turned then and stared at her sub with a serious expression. “He’d have to love us both.”

“A switch would be more likely to develop feelings for us both,” Allison said and then smirked when Anne outright frowned. “But you’ve never been interested in watching a man dominate me.”

“It’s a fantasy, of course. I can’t even look at Sheppard without thinking about how pretty it would be to watch him fuck you.” She laughed when Allison shivered. “Right. He’s a total warrior and watching him exhibit at the SGC certainly didn’t help me keep those kinds of thoughts to a minimum. But, no, I’m not sure I could handle that. I don’t mind watching a male sub pleasure you—but that’s different.”

Allison nodded her agreement. “What’s got you thinking about this? Has your biological clock started hammering on you or something?”

“No.” Anne shook her head. “It was… the thing with Scott Holland, I guess. Watching the Colonel prepare himself for what we all knew was a real possibility made me realize that you and I haven’t really done all the things we set out to do when I first collared you. I want you to have everything that you deserve and desire.”

Allison bit down her bottom lip. “I thought we were going to be too late. That McKay would drown before we got there.”

“I’m not the only one who thought it—it was written all over Sheppard’s face. At first, I thought it was just being reminded of what happened to… his first submissive but it wasn’t that. It was something deeper and something far more horrible. What happened to Jared Holland might have been a violation of social norms but even Sheppard would admit that no one intended on Jared dying. Scott Holland intended to murder McKay because he was jealous; because he couldn’t have who he wanted and believed that Rodney was in his way.”

Allison nodded her agreement. “Okay.”

“It just brought home the fact that life is really short and maybe our circumstances out here will make it shorter. I don’t want us to have any regrets.”

“I have none,” Allison murmured. She leaned forward and placed a warm, giving kiss on Anne’s mouth. “You’re all I’ve ever wanted—your pleasure and happiness matter more to me than I can even say.”

– – – –

“The problem is,” Elizabeth began coolly, “that you don’t understand private and public boundaries. I find that extremely difficult to comprehend considering your pleasure training.”

Kara Summers blushed furiously and looked away from her. “You’re intruding on a private matter, Dr. Weir.”

“You’re the one in my office attempting to file an official complaint against Dr. McKay for a decision he made concerning work assignments in the science department. You behaved inappropriately with him—made a half-assed attempt at interfering in his private relationship with Colonel Sheppard because you don’t respect the fact that he’s collared.”

Summers snorted. “Everyone knows that Sheppard collared him to bring him out here—it’s never been a secret. He collared McKay a day after he met him—they hardly have what anyone reasonable would call a love match, Dr. Weir. Personally, I think their relationship is borderline abusive and I’m seriously considering reporting it to the de Sade Institute. A Courtesan should be free to choose his relationships outside of political concerns.”

“Then it might interest you to know that John has met with Gerard de Sade regarding Dr. McKay and exhibited before him formally when he was last on Earth. If Rodney’s Courtesan Master is satisfied with his relationship—I believe you would find yourself in a great deal of trouble with your House if you chose to pursue such a ridiculous and unfounded claim. Accusing a Dom of John Sheppard’s standing of abuse isn’t something that should be entered into lightly. He is a thoroughly educated man with an extreme amount of pleasure training, a war record that is beyond reproach, and he’s the son of a billionaire. Quite frankly, Dr. Summers, you’ve already made an enemy of him.”

“Money and power shouldn’t protect him and it shouldn’t grant him the attention of someone like McKay. It’s obvious that Rodney isn’t secure or content in his relationship with Colonel Sheppard. He’s willful in public and demonstrates hostility on a level makes his lack of satisfaction in his private relationship obvious.”

Elizabeth laughed abruptly and sat back in her chair. “Are you serious? You can’t possibly think that has anything to do with his private relationship with Colonel Sheppard. Dr. McKay is known to be difficult to work with—arrogant, foul mouthed, and argumentative. The fact is that if he were to suddenly stop being any of those things I would start to worry about his private relationship.”

“I don’t accept that. He just needs a Top who truly understands his dynamic and his needs and he isn’t getting that with Colonel Sheppard.”

“You’re ridiculous,” Elizabeth finally snapped. “And if you make another mistake concerning Dr. McKay and his Dom—I won’t even make a token protest when Colonel Sheppard demands the right to put you on the cross. John has made himself clear and from what I understand Dr. McKay has made his lack of interest in you obvious.” She rocked in her chair in a rare display of agitation. “You’ll be sorted back to the SGC with the next Daedalus run. Dr. McKay hasn’t made a recommendation regarding your position on the city because he feels it would be a conflict of interest since he finds the very sight of you offensive as hell.”

Summers flushed with anger. “I’ve done nothing to warrant that professionally, Dr. Weir.”

“We live in a war zone, Dr. Summers. Your selfish and inappropriate behavior has put stress on members of the expedition who are critical to our mission. You’ve also irritated the hell out of me and quite frankly since I’m in charge of the expedition… that means you’re going back to Earth.”

– – – –

Declan settled in at the table in front of Sheppard—taking the older man’s subtle cue to sit with a silent nod. Sean slipped into a chair beside him with his tray. “Good morning, Colonel.”

“Chief.” John sat back with his coffee. “Dr. Taylor.”

“Sir.” Sean arranged his Dom’s food first and then took care of his own. “Happy birthday.”

John smiled briefly. “Thank you. It’s been pleasant so far.” He focused on Declan. “I’ll go off duty at 1600 and stay off duty for the entire weekend unless something fucked up happens.”

Declan nodded. “I think there is still a ban on fuckedupness, sir.”

John laughed and shook his head. “Yes, I believe there still is but the Genii and the Wraith rarely take my orders seriously.”

“They’re bastards, that’s for certain,” Declan said as he nudged Sean’s plate. “Put the computer down, Sean, and eat.”

Sean set aside his tablet with a pout but tackled his food. “I have a huge to do list.”

“It can wait until you’re on duty,” Declan returned evenly. He focused on Sheppard. “I’ve had a slew of people make requests for duty reassignment because of your exhibition tomorrow. I’ve reassigned several people but declined anyone who admitted that they saw your exhibition on Earth.” He paused. “It would help if you’d sign up for another date in the next few months, sir. It’s getting a little tense with some of the new people on this front.”

John had the grace to blush. “Christ.”

Sean laughed. “Well, those that were at the SGC had quite a few stories to tell on the subject, sir. It’s not really a surprise, is it?”

“No, not really,” John admitted. He sat back in his chair and pushed aside his tray in favor of his coffee. “The event at the SGC was the first I’d participated in a pretty long time. I’d never exhibit an uncollared sub.”

“Any particular reason?” Sean questioned with a raised eyebrow. “I was regularly exhibited with more than one Dom before I met Declan.”

“I exhibited often when I trained in both of my houses and shortly before I met Jared I agreed to exhibit a submissive I met in OTC. He was mid-level on the masochism scale but in exhibition—it was easy to push him because he really enjoyed being in front of the crowd.

“Three weeks later, I get a call from the base hospital because this kid is in emergency care and he had requested me. I get there and I find out that another trainee in OTC with us had nearly killed him during a power exchange. The Dom had grown furious when he couldn’t get the reactions from the sub that I did and… it got really out of hand.

“The Dom was dishonorably discharged and his marks stripped from him by La Petite Mort but the sub was damaged—he withdrew from OTC and I could barely talk him into retreating to a pleasure house for treatment. He hasn’t left La Petite Mort to this day as far as I know. Eventually, they diagnosed him with PTSD and admitted to me that he’d gone non-dynamic.”

“That situation wasn’t your fault, sir.” Sean frowned at his food. “Surely, you know that.”

“I never blamed myself but I’ve also never exhibited a sub I couldn’t protect. It became a… part of me, I guess you’d say. The closest I’ve ever come is when I punished Chase Harris at the SGC.”

“Best punishment ever!” Chase declared with a grin as he slid in beside Sean as Ethan sat down beside his brother. “Why are we discussing my amazing, awesome, best ever punishment?”

John laughed and tossed a piece of his abandoned toast at the younger officer. “I was just telling Dr. Taylor that you were the closest I’ve come to exhibiting someone without my collar in many years.”

“It was fantastic,” Chase told Sean. “I couldn’t even look at him for like a month without…” He waved a hand and grinned when Sean burst out laughing.

“You’re lucky I like you, Harris,” John muttered before focusing on Sean. “I’m meeting with Ronon and Tyre today, Dr. Taylor. Can you tell me your opinion of how they are settling?”

“They are… remarkably civilized despite their circumstances,” Sean admitted. “Anthropologists on Earth would be stunned by their ability to survive and maintain their societal awareness in the years they were hunted by the Wraith. I’ve read studies that indicate that even a year on your own can reduce most men to a feral state if physical survival was a constant concern. They rarely slept more than three or four hours at a time the entire time they were running.” He set his empty tray aside and picked up his computer. “Both have submitted to full physicals and have had two sessions with Major Grant. Grant wanted one private session with each of them but Ronon refused it. It was felt that it was best not to pressure him on that front.”

“Theories on why?” John questioned.

“Tyre’s physical safety has been the only concern Ronon has had since they were captured by the Wraith,” Ethan offered neutrally. “It may be years or never before he trusts anyone but himself with his submissive’s well being. We were very lucky he let Carson touch him at all to remove the transmitter. All they had was each other and as they believe they are the last of their people, we should probably be very careful about even considering separating them for any reason.”

“The permanent collar is causing issues,” Chase offered as he diligently cut up his waffle in perfect little squares. “I’ve heard a few discussions, especially among the civilians that have gotten out of hand.”

“Anything we can do about it?”

“Not without major fall out,” Chase admitted. “I figure the first time one of them questions Tyre about it—we might have to clean up some blood. He would definitely consider it a threat to his relationship with his Dom for someone to offer to remove the collar for him.” Chase paused. “Tyre told me that ten Doms offered for him when he came of age to accept a collar and that Ronon was the only one he ever considered.”

“There’s more,” Sean said with a frown. “Right?”

Chase sighed. “One of the Doms that he refused took the decision badly and shortly after Tyre was collared—he tried to cut the collar off of him. Tyre killed him.” He shrugged when mouths dropped open. “He was very matter of a fact about it. Ronon didn’t say a word during the entire conversation. It wasn’t the last time their relationship was challenged on Sateda and Tyre killed three Doms for what he termed “pair bond interference”. Ronon killed two more besides. Tyre was coveted on Sateda but neither were explicitly clear as to why. I believe it was either a matter of his training or his social status.”

“So the two of you have had some pretty serious discussions,” John prodded and then quirked an eyebrow when Chase blushed prettily.

“They invited me into their bed but I declined. Tyre and I have been fairly good friends since then. He was surprised that I turned them down since subs all over the city have made their interest in Ronon very clear. I think that’s another reason why the permanent collar isn’t being received well. In some ways it’s three times the deterrent of even a wedding band.”

John nodded. He was aware that Chase Harris was pretty much exclusively in Ethan’s company when they weren’t on duty and assumed that was the reason behind his refusal of the very attractive offer Tyre and Ronon had made. “Did you explain the exhibition to them?”

“They didn’t have anything like it on Sateda—at least not formally but they are looking forward to it. I laid out all of the rules for polite behavior during the exhibition.” He paused and then blushed. “I also explained in as much detail as I could what your dynamic meant as it was apparently rare and considered somewhat deviant on Sateda. Sadism, well to be blunt, Tyre told me that sadists on your level would have never been allowed to permanently collar a submissive in their society. You would have been allowed regular collars but for the most part sadists weren’t trusted with the well being of their own submissives.”

John blinked in surprise. “Really.”

“Yeah, they asked very good questions, however, and seemed to accept that you aren’t unique even on the city and that your extensive training has made you…”

“Safe,” John supplied and waved Chase off when he started to protest. “In my first year of training with Dato’ Raja, he told me point blank that if I disappointed him he would do everything in his power to make sure I was either killed or chemically castrated. I know exactly how dangerous I could have been in different circumstances. If I’d demonstrated any sociopathological behavior, I wouldn’t be sitting here.” He snorted suddenly. “Hell, I spent more time in ethics classes in Singapore the first two years than I did anything else.”

“And who said Kesakitan Pembawa was a hedonistic play land?” Sean demanded suddenly.

“Someone who had never actually been there,” John said with a small amused smile, but his eyes darkened. He admired the submissive—both for his physical beauty and his intelligence. “But, I imagine you would have enjoyed yourself a great deal and as often as humanly possible.”

Declan laughed. “Just like any other day.” He brought Sean close with an easy hand and kissed his temple. “Go and tackle your huge list.”

“Your will is my pleasure, Sire.” Sean gathered up his stuff quickly and left the table with a quick nod in the Colonel’s direction.

Ethan watched the younger man leave and then he snorted. “I don’t know how you don’t kill half the Doms in this room, Chief.”

Declan glanced around—taking notice of the men and women who watched Sean leave the mess hall. “They know better than to touch. I haven’t had any troubles on that front since I put a Colonel on the cross at the Army War College a year after I collared Sean.”

Chase choked on his coffee. “You disciplined an officer?”

“No, the word discipline hardly covers it.” Declan leaned back in his chair as he paused. “I decimated him personally and professionally. Then I filed charges against him with JAG and got him dishonorably discharged from the Army. The SecNav, himself, made sure he faced charges when they were considering just covering it up and reassigning him.”

“What happened?” John asked roughly. “Your file is clean.”

“As clean as yours, sir.” Declan frowned. “He showed up at my off base apartment while I was on maneuvers and talked his way in. Sean inherently trusted him because… because of me, I suppose. He was another man in uniform and Sean paired the uniform with honor and integrity.”

“Did he hurt him?”

“He cut off Sean’s collar and tried to force his own on him. Sean fought back—and managed to use the stun gun I kept in our nightstand on him. Then he called the civilian cops. By the time I returned, the Army had retrieved the bastard from civilian custody and Sean was being released from the hospital. They actually blocked the four different attempts he made to contact me in the field because he wasn’t wearing my collar—no matter the fact that it had been forcibly taken from him. Once I reviewed his medical records—I lost it and everyone I could get my hands on paid for what had happened.”

“He seems adjusted,” Ethan offered. “I would have never guessed he suffered that kind of trauma in his past.”

“He had nightmares for a few months but therapy did wonders for us both,” Declan said with a sigh. “I don’t like speaking of this.”

“It won’t happen here,” John said. “The men keep in an eye on him when you’re gone from the city. I’d probably have to investigate a homicide if someone made a move on Sean.”

“It might be missing from my file but the story of my reaction made the rounds. I’m surprised you didn’t hear about it,” Declan responded. He motioned towards Ethan. “I heard he threatened to blow off a civilian contractor’s head in the Middle East over a submissive he’d never even touched.”

Ethan flushed when John glanced at him. “Yes, well, I totally rectified that no touching part before I left.”

They all laughed and Chase just shook his head in amusement. “I bet you did.”

– – – –

“Enough!” Rodney snapped his fingers and pointed towards the door. “I have three hours left for work today and the lot of you are driving me crazy. Porter, Kusanagi – I want the final numbers on the shield output by Monday. Cartwright, stop arguing with Zelenka. He’s absolutely the boss of you and if you don’t like it, I would be more than happy to let Dr. Weir know you need to be disciplined for your foul attitude. Jenkins, Summers, and Calahan—this is not your lab and I don’t have time for you today. Leave and do not return.” He pointed towards the door. “Out!”

Sean Taylor laughed as he scooted past scientists that Rodney had just thrown out of his lab and sat down on a stool across from the Chief Scientist as the door to the lab closed. “I have a few social contracts for you to review—three civilian submissives and one military have requested you as their administrator.”


“He’s a two session de Sade submissive and insisted on you unless you don’t have time for him,” Sean explained. “He requested Major Grant as a second choice but I have the feeling that he would feel more comfortable if it were you.”

“Okay,” Rodney relented. “Did you report this to Colonel Sheppard?”

“I assumed that I would leave that for you,” Sean admitted. “I didn’t want to bother him with it if you didn’t agree to do it. The submissive in question is Air Force—Technical Sergeant Chad Davies. He came to Atlantis about four weeks ago on the Apollo. He has a varied history on the Dom front, to be honest. He contracts often—normally for six months at a time but has never accepted a collar. He admits he’s been offered several but never enters a contract with a Dom without making it clear he isn’t seeking to be collared.”

“Any particular reason given?” Rodney questioned as he opened up the email Sean had sent him and clicked on the Davies contract. “de Sade actually spends an obscene amount of time insuring that their submissives want to be collared.”

Sean touched his own collar briefly. “La Petite Mort taught me to believe that being collared was a measure of safety like no other.”

“de Sade has similar opinions,” Rodney admitted. “It’s true from a legal and social perspective.” He frowned as he reviewed the file. “Do you have access to his military file?”

“A brief over view, he’s barely seen any kind of action. He went off world very rarely when he was with the SGC but he keeps up his field qualifications. I don’t have access to any medical records so I don’t know if he’s suffered some kind of physical assault. He just…” Sean trailed off. “When you meet him you’ll understand this—he just doesn’t seem to be connected with his life. He obviously recognizes his dynamic needs and seeks to fulfill the physical aspects of it but I doubt he’s ever been successfully mastered emotionally. That surprises me considering he had two sessions at de Sade.”

“That emotional disconnect was probably one of the reasons he wasn’t offered a third session,” Rodney murmured. “A Courtesan must be capable of love and devotion. Without it, I’d just be an over trained whore.”

Sean’s mouth dropped open but he snapped his teeth together with an audible click. “Wow.”

Rodney laughed. “You’re pretty when you’re shocked.”

“I’m also pretty when I’m excited so I expect to be exceptionally gorgeous during the exhibition tomorrow,” Sean predicted with a wink. “I saw Summers in here.”

“She managed to come in with another scientist,” Rodney admitted. “So she didn’t break John’s rules but she did try to file a formal complaint against me with Weir. In turn, Weir transferred her back to Earth and recommended she be fired by the SGC because she is socially maladjusted. Well, if that happens, she’ll be recalled to de Sade and God help her if she ­mouths off about me to them.”

“Surely, she isn’t that stupid,” Sean muttered.

“Oh, I think she is,” Rodney admitted. “I believe she was trained in the New York branch of de Sade. She’s not Canadian so that means she trained in one of the two US branches because she’s not particularly special if you get my meaning. That being said, I picked New York because Dominants coming out of that branch often have some mild to rather intolerant social issues. Gerard swept that branch clean of instructors twice while he was de Sade’s Pleasure Master. Unfortunately, most branches are staffed by former students so it’s a vicious cycle with that particular establishment. Summers brims with unearned and unwarranted arrogance.”

“There was a five year period where—Doms coming out of the Paris branch of La Petite Mort… They were little more than bullies. Several of them have been forced into retraining under the threat of losing their marks,” Sean admitted. “What do you think of Katie Brown’s collaring?”

“I think the three of them are uniquely suited to one another. Picone strikes me as a patient and loving Dom—the kind of Dom both of his subs most desperately need. Any other issues or problems in the city I need to brief John on in private?”

Sean shook his head. “I just need these contracts signed off on. Oh, well, it would be helpful for scheduling purposes and general morale if the Colonel appeared more regularly on the exhibition schedule. Declan mentioned it to him this morning. At least, maybe four times a year?”

Rodney’s eyebrow went up in surprise. “Morale?

“Officers, especially officers of the Colonel’s…” Sean trailed off and frowned. “I guess you could say of his quality, are expected to exhibit often. He’s never exhibited on the city so many of the military under his command have never seen him in that light. The ones that came back with him from Earth have spoken often about the exhibition you and the Colonel did for General Rampart.”

“I talked to him about it,” Rodney admitted. “I don’t think it would be a problem for either of us barring injury or field assignments. Also, it might put a buffer between me and other Doms on the city who don’t take our relationship seriously.”

“Because of how you were collared?” Sean questioned. “I heard the rumors, of course. But I have to say—I don’t really believe it. I mean, I get the fact that he collared you the day after he met you but if your relationship wasn’t working—I’d have to think the whole city would have proof of it. He could have just as easily applied and received social guardianship of you through de Sade if he simply wanted to protect you and bring you out here. I can’t imagine that Gerard would have denied you that level of a protection from a Dom of Colonel Sheppard’s status.”

“You’ve met Gerard?” Rodney questioned.

Sean blushed. “Yeah, about six months before I met Declan and shortly after I was marked. He is… you know, to be honest, I was worried that I’d never find another Dom who could own me the way that Gerard did those few short months we played. We had an intense physical connection but there was no emotional connection.”

“He offered you a collar?” Rodney questioned.

“No.” Sean shook his head. “He did offer social guardianship though in the event that my Consort Master was unable to do it. He’s listed on my records at La Petite Mort as a secondary guardian as a result. Gerard is a great man, Rodney. He has pictures of you—you know. His North Star. I have to admit to being quite jealous of your memory when I was in Gerard’s bed. I can imagine his current submissive feels much the same way.”

“He has two at the moment.”

Sean shook his head. “I received an email from Andre in the last data burst. He mentioned that Gerard released Raiden. I was surprised because I figured Raiden was going to be a permanent part of Gerard’s life.”

Rodney shook his head in disagreement. “He’ll marry Andre.”

“Really?” Sean questioned.

“He’s in love with him,” Rodney murmured. “I’ve seen Gerard in love; I know what he looks like in the grip of that kind of emotion. I can’t imagine how he’d ever let Andre go so that means marriage in his future.” He paused. “I can trust you won’t repeat that to Andre.”

“No, of course not,” Sean frowned. “I’d hate to bring it up and then it not happen. It would probably break Andre’s heart—he’s very invested in Gerard.”

“I’m surprised that you and Frost aren’t married,” Rodney admitted and then frowned when Sean stiffened. “Sorry. Did I stumble across a sore spot?”

Sean laughed suddenly. “No. It’s nothing like that. I can’t explain it, really. We’ve never discussed it and I’ve never thought it was necessary. Declan promised me long ago to never leave me behind again and that is more of a promise than any marriage vow I can think of. If we decide to have children—I’d want to marry him so I could retain senior status in the household. I couldn’t imagine myself being second to another sub in Declan’s life.”

“There is always surrogacy. He doesn’t have to take a female sub into his bed.”

Sean nodded. “Yeah, but still marriage and babies go hand in hand. I’d want equal status as a parent in case something happened to Declan. His father isn’t a bad man but he would certainly take any children Declan fathered from me if he could.”

– – – –

John motioned Ronon and Tyre into the room. They were both dressed in the military version of the city uniform—though their decidedly awesome ray guns kind of stood out. He was jealous of the guns and had spent more than an hour telling McKay all about how he wanted one.

“Have a seat,” John said as he set aside his tablet. The door to his office closed with a thought and he sat back in his chair. “I’ve been giving you both some room so you could make decisions about your future without pressure from me. I think you both realize how valuable you’d be in the field for the expedition.”

“Not just the field,” Ronon muttered. “You have some highly trained assets on the city but you also have men who are not as well trained. The mission schedule Frost has to deal with interferes with the training some of the soldiers need.”

“I’m aware,” John admitted. “Unfortunately my people are fighting three different wars in two different galaxies. While we have a large population on Earth—most don’t know we can even leave the planet, and those that do are in specialized military organizations. Every single asset I get for the city needs to be utilized in a variety of ways—this means that when many of them arrive on the city they lack the skills they need to survive in Pegasus.”

Ronon nodded. “Tyre, wait outside.”

John stilled and watched the submissive leave the room with an abrupt nod. “You have questions you didn’t want him to hear.”

Ronon stood and walked to stand by the window. “What are my options within your laws if another Dominant challenges my ownership of him?”

“It depends,” John began slowly. “You can file an official complaint—we’d hold a criminal trial and if they are found guilty of interference in your private relationship they will be publically punished. You’ll be given a choice of who disciplines them on your behalf.”

“Have there been any trials on the city?” Ronon asked.

“No, criminal trials are… extreme and most prefer to handle such business privately. If there is an incident, Doms handle the problem amongst themselves. As an example, if someone laid hands on my submissive without my permission and without a damned good reason—I would warn them off verbally and approach Elizabeth Weir with my complaint. As she is the leader of the expedition, she has the authority to give me permission to seek the punishment for the other Dom’s social misconduct. If the Dom in question refuses my right to punish him or her for their actions—I would be required to file a formal criminal complaint to get the punishment I would want.”

“I heard you warned off a female Dominant…”

“Just a little game of social dominance, she was pushing the line on acceptable behavior and I was forced to publically correct her behavior and give her a set of rules that would govern her actions with Rodney. If she escalates, I will request the right to punish. I don’t believe she would accept it which would escalate the matter to a criminal issue.”

Ronon nodded. “But most often, the Dom in question would accept punishment without a trial. Why?”

“With civilian Dominants, the conviction of violating the private relationship of another Dom is… extremely damaging both economically and socially. If they are marked by a pleasure house, they could lose their marks if their house agrees with the court’s findings.”

“And a punishment between two Doms, even if it is done in public wouldn’t result in such actions from a pleasure house?”

“It would depend greatly on the circumstances. There are some behaviors that are so abhorrent that if they are discovered, even if criminal charges aren’t filed by an individual or the government that a pleasure house can and have recalled the individual… in some countries it would be a death sentence.”

“What behaviors?”

“Rape.” John paused. “Sexual abuse of a child of any kind. In Kesakitan Pembawa, my first and primary pleasure house – killing a submissive during a power exchange, even by accident is grounds for a house trial. If found guilty of the intentional murder of a submissive—the House Master would execute the Dom if he wasn’t prosecuted by the government. Accidental deaths can and have been punished with physical or chemical castration, removal of house markings.”

Ronon nodded. “Sateda was similar in some instances but not all.” He shoved his hands into his pockets. “And what about the permanent collar?”

“Our planet is divided into many countries; most of those countries outlawed the slavery of submissives within the last five hundred years. One of the steps involved in freeing submissives from slavery was outlawing permanent collars. Eventually, both permanent collars and slavery were disallowed in all civilized countries on our planet. There are… pockets of primitive cultures that don’t allow themselves to be governed. For the most part, we leave them alone… they are in less developed parts of our world.”

Ronon frowned. “The collars that submissives wear on the city… they appear to have locks on them.”

“Yes.” John pulled his dog tags from his t-shirt. A glittering platinum key was on top of his dog tags. “Yes, the Dom who collared the submissive carries the key to the lock.” He paused and then opened the middle drawer of his desk. He pulled out a small black box and opened it. The key inside was plain, made of a dull brass metal. “This is a Master Key, they are carefully controlled. As the military commander of the city, I am ultimately responsible for every single man and woman in uniform. As such, I’m legally and morally, bound to remove the collar of any submissive if they ask for it.”

“Why would they ask?”

“If their Dom refuses to remove their collar… for whatever reason. Due to submissive rights laws currently in place, a submissive cannot be held in a private relationship against their will.”

“I heard…” Ronon turned and faced him completely. “I heard that your submissive cut off a collar in the past. Why would a submissive do that?”

John cleared his throat. “A civilian submissive isn’t protected under military codes regarding collaring and the rules governing the Master Key. A civilian can file criminal charges or if they are trained in a pleasure house—seek sanctuary in their pleasure house. If for some reason, they feel they have no recourse, a submissive might be so desperate that they’ll cut the collar off themselves.”

Ronon nodded. “On Sateda, the permanent collar can only be removed upon the death of the Dominant. If I were to have been found guilty of abusing his trust—they would have summarily executed me and then removed his collar.”

John’s mouth dropped open but he managed to rein himself in. “What would qualify as an abuse of his trust?”

“Our relationship is consensual—if there comes a time when that consent is no longer given—any actions I take against him would be considered a breach of his trust. He wears my collar but there could come a time when he longer wishes to be in my bed. I promised his family that I would take care of him the rest of his life—no matter the state of our relationship.”

“You mean…” John took a deep breath and blew out air between his lips in a gesture of shock. “That he could take another Dom into his bed if he chose to end your intimate relationship and you would… have no recourse.”

“None,” Ronon confirmed. “But he will always be my responsibility, Sheppard.”

John nodded and leaned forward a little. “Okay, in that case, I trust that Major Grant has explained the rules of our society regarding the approach of potential thirds in your pairing?”

“Yes.” Ronon laughed. “We haven’t had much of a problem with that.”

“I can’t see how you would,” John said dryly. “What with that awesome, alien barbarian thing going on.”

Ronon smirked. “Yeah.” He shrugged. “Tyre doesn’t leave the city without me unless he’s with you. We’ve both listed you as a secondary point of contact for medical purposes. I’ve heard that you are in an exclusive relationship with your submissive…” He trailed off and then cleared his throat. “But I wanted to let you know that we would welcome you in our bed at any time if those circumstances change.”

John grinned. “You tempting bastard.”

Ronon shrugged. “I don’t think either one of us have the sexual… I believe you use the word ‘kink’? Neither of us are into pain so we couldn’t meet your dynamic needs but if sex and pleasure were on your agenda—we could provide you with an interesting time.”

“Chase told me he explained my dynamic to you and Tyre. Do you have any questions?”

“No, but we are both looking forward to seeing the exhibition tomorrow. We’ve been assured that it will be a unique and pleasurable experience.”

“I was trained to… entertain with sexual exhibition. We are a very voyeuristic society—curious, sexual, and intent on pleasure. That part of our nature has led us to create pleasure houses all over the world so we can learn and explore and teach other as much as possible about pleasure and sating our other curiosities.”

“We had a place of learning on Sateda—submissives were trained automatically and Dominants were apprenticed by the Dominant in their household. They could, if they were talented and attractive enough, earn a place to formally train in the place of Learning.”

“You were trained.”

Ronon raised an eyebrow at him. “Are you so sure?”

“If you weren’t attractive enough to earn such a place—then I can’t imagine what your people must have considered beautiful.”

Ronon laughed at his bluntness. “Yes, I was apprenticed by my father until I was sixteen years and then I was offered a place to Learn.” He touched the dark blue marks on his neck. “Tyre and I met there and though it was discouraged—we quickly became enamored of each other. That fascination and affection eventually became more at least for me. I didn’t know how he felt and I couldn’t… I couldn’t declare myself because I wasn’t old enough. He left training a year before me and he could not return.”

“So you had no contact.”

“None, those outside of training were not allowed to contact the students.”

“And after you left?”

“I took my place in the military as was required. It was a year later that we met again and it was as if no time had passed. Six months later, I declared myself and he requested a permanent collar from the Tribunal. Three months later, our request was granted.”

“When it comes to military submissives, physical training can be… complicated for those that have been collared. Uncollared subs can choose to train with Doms or not—I honor those choices but they are required to meet the standards of our military for field readiness.”

“I watched your brother Matthew in the sparring ring with another submissive,” Ronon pointed out. “But I noticed that none of the Dominants sparred with him outside of his own Dom.”

“There are a variety of men and women on this base who belong to different branches of the military and even from different countries military services. Part of their commitment to the expedition is their agreement to adhere to the rules that govern the United States Marine Corps. It is the policy of the Corps not to allow Dominants to engage collared submissives in training exercises. It prevents hostility among Doms.”

“I can imagine how it might lead to altercations,” Ronon allowed. “I will give Tyre permission to train with other military and civilian submissives on the city. I don’t have a problem with him training with Dominants but we will both adhere to your policy to prevent anyone from being uncomfortable. It isn’t our intention to make things difficult for everyone else on the city.”

John relaxed­­, pleased that they planned to stay. “I’ll put out a communication regarding your position on the city and my support of your relationship. Should you find yourself in the position where you feel you must demand the right to punish another Dom—civilian or military—make an appointment with Elizabeth and myself. You shouldn’t be forced to defend your relationship and your culture repeatedly. It might happen once but we can use it to teach the rest of them a lesson.” He paused and then pushed ahead. “You can’t… it would be heavily frowned upon if you took someone’s overt interest as a challenge to your social ownership and then killed them.”

Ronon grinned. “Relax, Sheppard, I won’t kill any of your people.”

“And Tyre?”

He grew serious. “I won’t… order him to not defend himself, Sheppard. In the past, he has had to kill to defend himself physically.”


“It never got that far but yes, that would have been the goal of his attacker. Force was used on Sateda to demonstrate Dominance.”

John’s face went stony. “You… did you…”

“No.” Ronon shook his head. “No, never. I promise I’ve never even been tempted to take someone’s submission from them. My father taught me—made me understand from when I was very young that submission was a gift and if you couldn’t earn it then you simply didn’t deserve it. That opinion was not common or even popular on Sateda. We were a world of warriors—everything we did evolved around the fight. Sex, for many, was just another battle.”

“Rape is equal with homicide on Earth,” John said softly. “Either could see a person imprisoned for life if not outright executed. Capital punishment was more common in our past but the laws are still on the books.”

“Execution was very common on Sateda,” Ronon admitted.

“Because it was the route to freeing up a submissive for the interest of a more powerful and wealthy Dom,” John surmised. “Is that why you faced challenge over Tyre? Were they trying to push you into doing something that would lead to a trial of some kind?”

Ronon shrugged. “Perhaps, at least one of them, but the first was pure selfishness. He wanted Tyre and wouldn’t back down—no matter how uneven the fight was. I had no choice but to kill him and I hated him for making me do it. Every man and woman who was lost to challenge could have been used—could have been on the ground fighting the Wraith the day we were culled. It might have been enough to push them back long enough to evacuate.”

“Doesn’t do anyone any good to play that game,” John murmured. “You can’t take it back. No matter how much it burns in your gut when you can’t occupy your mind with other things. Regret is a game ender, Dex, but you know that.”

“I do,” Ronon nodded. “I remind myself of that when I need it. We owe your people a debt but more than that we believe we can find a home here.”

“There are other dynamic societies in Pegasus.”

Ronon snorted. “They aren’t a secret, Sheppard, even if we had been free of the Wraith—we wouldn’t have sought any of them out. We’re fighters and we wouldn’t have fit among them.”

– – – –

Rodney closed the lid on his body lotion and dropped it in the basket. The air in the bathroom was still warm and damp from his shower. John was due to return to their quarters within the half-hour. He pulled on a thin cotton robe on and walked barefooted into the bedroom he shared with his Dom.

He checked the time and picked up his radio to confirm the arrival of the food he’d ordered for their lunch. Miko humored him but he could hear the amusement in her voice. She alone knew what he was going to offer John today. He went to his desk and pulled out a small medical kit—the kit Carson had given him all those months before. Maybe Carson remembered the conversation—maybe he too knew what was going to happen.

Still, it felt like a secret. A delicious, personal secret that he’d only shared with a few precious people. He pulled a small jewelry box from under a pile of boxers in his top drawer and opened it. There were several pairs of nipple rings in it-including a pair of platinum barbell studs that would be his choice for everyday wear. However, he would leave that decision for John.

A soft swish in the other room indicated that someone had arrived. Glancing at the clock on the bedside table, he calculated the odds that it was John and frowned.

“It’s me, Rodney!” Miko called. “The table looks great. It’s almost like you have some training and manners. Your secret is safe!”

McKay rolled his eyes at her and pulled out a fresh set of linens. He tossed the dirty sheets in a laundry basket in the bathroom and then remade the bed—changing the bed helped him settle his mind further. Miko called out cheerfully as she left and he took a few seconds to peek out of the bedroom and check the table. She’d set up the food—a simple lunch because the meal wasn’t really the big deal.

He pulled off the robe and sought a pair of comfortable cotton pants and a t-shirt. He sat down at his desk and opened up the laptop he kept there. After sorting a few official emails, he sat back and opened one from Gerard. It was a general check-in message with information about his social calendar and his conquests. A few gentle but obvious questions about his own life were littered amongst the rambling email.

Rodney closed it and promised to spend a few minutes answering it before the next data burst to Earth. He closed the laptop and exhaled sharply as the outer door opened. The small ding of the locks engaging told him that John had returned.

He stood and went out to join his Dom, pushing aside the anxiety that was stirring in his gut. There was nothing to worry about, not really. He couldn’t imagine John refusing the gift. Permanent body modification was a huge decision—and for a submissive of Rodney’s rank it was a declaration of its own.

He found his Dom standing beside the neatly set table. “Hey.”

John unfastened his watch as he turned to stare at him. “We had a tradition… well one we accidently stumbled upon during out first year.”

“Oh yeah?”

John had the grace to flush. “Marshall had a birthday—about a week after we arrived. We weren’t on the best of terms, honestly, at that point. He hadn’t wanted me for the expedition because he’d heard about what I’d done to Daily. Of course, there wasn’t anything official so he didn’t know the details. The issues between him and Elizabeth were getting out of hand because she deferred to me.”

Rodney lifted an eyebrow. “I bet that pissed him off.”

“Yeah,” John said with a reluctant laugh. “Anyways, he and I were out on a pier—doing our damnedest to keep our personal issues out of the way of the men. Truth was that our silent trip through the city had caught everyone’s attention. He swung on me the moment we thought we were alone and I hit him back. We were pretty evenly matched, he was a tough bastard.”


“So, I caught him unaware and got him in the gut. He pitched off the side of the pier right into the water. He came up sputtering and furious.” John laughed and shook his head. “I just looked at him for a few seconds and shouted down at him—Happy Birthday, sir!”

Rodney laughed and shook his head. “You didn’t.”

“I did,” John grinned as he sat down on the table and pulled off the cover to reveal a turkey sandwich and fries. He grinned. “This wasn’t on the menu.”

“No, I had to ask.” Rodney admitted. “So, the tradition?”

“Well, my birthday rolls around and Marshall and I are walking around the city. We come to the pier and I thought he was trying to maneuver me into some kind of stupid surprise party but I went along because I wasn’t interested in spending another birthday alone.” He frowned but smiled briefly when Rodney put a bottle of water down beside his plate. “The next thing I know we’re on that pier. He grinned at me all silly and smirking and pushed me right off the pier.”

Rodney snorted and bit down on his lip when John pretended to glare at him. “I can see that.”

“I surface and half the damned platoon was on the pier waving at me. They all leaned forward and shouted, ‘Happy Birthday, sir!’ All the while Marshall was standing there—fucking smirking.”

“And you returned the favor when his turn came around?”

“Yeah, he managed to avoid me whole damn day but I got him shortly after dinner. The son of a bitch stunned me when my birthday came around again. I came to just seconds before he pushed me off the pier.”

“But he’s not here now,” Rodney murmured. He reached out and put his hand on John’s. “It sucks.”

John nodded. “It does. I don’t think I realized how important he was until that moment—when I was doing my damnedest to convince him to let me take the run. I felt like I had nothing to lose—I was ready to sacrifice myself for the expedition—for him.” He turned their hands over and threaded his fingers with Rodney’s. “Now, everything is different. I spent this morning—doing my normal thing. I worked on paper work and I tried to ignore that I was sitting in Marshall’s office.”

“I didn’t realize that you were in his office.”

“I was moved while I was on Earth actually—we knew things would be different when Elizabeth and I returned to the city. New officers, a new second in command.” John sighed as he opened his water. “I don’t feel that way anymore and I wanted you to know that. When I step through the gate, there is always risk that I won’t come back but I want you to know that it won’t be because I didn’t do my damnedest to come home to you.”

Rodney rubbed his thumb over the top of John’s hand and nodded. “I know, Maître. I have no doubts of that.”

“Eat,” John whispered and then tackled his own meal. “I want to discuss the exhibition tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Rodney flushed with remembered pleasure. “What did you have in mind?”

“We’re in a safe environment with excellent medical personnel and after care will be second to none,” John began. “I want to give you the kind of experience you haven’t gotten since you were with Gerard.”

Rodney’s eyes widened and he averted his gaze. “Blood play disturbs you, John.”

“I enjoy blood play and my enjoyment of it—sometimes disturbs me,” John murmured. “But I trust you not to let me go too far and I believe in the training I was given.”

“You’d never hurt me more than I can handle, John. I don’t have a single doubt in my mind when it comes to our pleasure.” He tightened his fingers against John’s until his Dom relaxed. “No one has ever owned me the way you do.” He smiled at the obvious pleasure that lit his Dom’s eyes. “So blood play.”


“The cane?”

“The cane, the mixed medium flogger, and I’d like to use the whip from Dolor as well,” John said and tilted his head in question.

Rodney let himself process that. They’d used the whip several times in private and the power of the tool never ceased to amaze and stun him. There were more intense tools in his Dom’s kit but the whip… with a too gentle amount of electric current. By all rights it shouldn’t have been as powerful as it was. He’d studied the whip—the one John had been given and the one that Elizabeth had traded for to have studied. The plans were deceptively simple; the power source entirely alien.

“It would be an intense experience for us both,” Rodney finally said. “And the audience would certainly be entertained—especially if we lowered the lights while you were using the bullwhip. The current would probably arc on my skin at least briefly.”

John nodded and sat back in his chair. “Yes, it would be exciting for the audience—visually.” He frowned and Rodney raised one eyebrow. “How much do you depend on my voice to keep yourself centered when you’re in your subspace?”

Rodney released John’s hand and sat back in his own chair with the last half of his sandwich. “I don’t… I don’t honestly know.”

“What do you remember most about the exhibition in Singapore?”

“Your hands,” Rodney said instantly. “Every time you touched me, it refocused me right on you. I never had to worry about getting lost in it.” He tilted his head in question. “What did you have in mind?”

“I think that if we kept theatrics minimal… it would keep the attention of the audience focused on the intimacy of our dynamic connection.” John paused and then pushed forward. “I don’t feel great about having to justify that you wear my collar.”

Rodney flushed, shame stirred in his gut. The best training on Earth hadn’t made him… what he should be. He didn’t know what else he could do on that front. His public persona and personality had made Doms turn from him in the past but he didn’t honestly think that John was requesting a change from him.


John stood, abandoning his mostly empty plate and paused to press a kiss against his temple. “No, I don’t blame you. I’d never wish for you to be any different than what you are. You could fake it, of course, but I’d prefer the reality. Your honesty is a gift.”

Rodney nodded. “Alright.”

“I’m going to take a shower and then we’re taking a Jumper out. I already had the flight time cleared.”

“Sounds like fun,” Rodney admitted.

“I don’t get to fly much for pleasure around here,” John admitted. “Elizabeth suggested it as a birthday present to myself.”

– – – –

John stripped off his clothes and stepped into the shower—determined to push the last of the work away. He really didn’t need it but the stinging spray coming from three different shower heads was relaxing. He let himself linger under the spray, using a moisturizing soap on his skin—paying careful attention to his ink. He let his fingers drift over the new portion, circling around his half-hard cock. The hair he’d had there had been permanently removed before he received his final markings. John had thought he might miss the neatly groomed patch of hair but he didn’t.

A soft sigh took him out of his thoughts and he looked up to see his submissive leaning against the bathroom counter in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with the words ‘I’m With Genius” scrawled across them with an arrow pointing upwards. He swallowed a laugh.


Rodney flushed. “You’re just really pretty, John.” He frowned and inclined his head. “Did you get a lot of unwanted attention when you first… joined the military?”

“A lot? No. During Basic there were a few overtures—by Doms who didn’t know what my marks meant and I hadn’t attended La Petite Mort at that point so I didn’t have the Master’s war bracelet.” He touched the black tattoo that encircled his bicep. “I had my share of interest, sure, but once they realized I wasn’t remotely submissive—the interest mostly dried up.”

“But not completely?”

“No, not completely. There was one Dom who just wouldn’t back off.” John turned off the water with a thought and accepted the towel from Rodney when it was immediately offered. “He made a heavy handed pass at me and when I refused—he hit me. Tried to physically punish me for my refusal but I pushed him off.”

McKay’s mouth dropped open. “Your response?”

“He was one of the NCOs on the base. Bad ass as they came, apparently, and very used to getting his own way,” John admitted. “I went to the CO and told him that there were two choices—I could seek formal charges or they could put the man on the cross for me to punish. He accepted the cross—I don’t think he expected much from me. I used the strap; the only tool the Marine Corps will let Doms in basic training use if there is a discipline problem. He passed out on the tenth strike and I never had any other problems from other Doms.”

“And after basic?”

“Between war, classes, injury, training at La Petite Mort and collaring Jared—no, it didn’t happen again. Now, I have a reputation that precedes me onto most military bases. Of course, when I reached McMurdo everyone… well I was a widowed Dom and that is an entirely different arena in the Corps. Everyone gave me space on the base except for that stupid therapist.” He tossed the towel into a basket near the door and moved close to Rodney. He kissed his mouth. “Did you like watching me shower?”

Rodney grinned. “I love watching you. It hardly matters what you’re doing, honestly.” He reached out a snagged the lotion from the basket and waved it a little. “Want some help with this?”

“Yeah.” John nodded. “How about we go out onto the balcony.”

“Sounds good.”

– – – –

John settled on the lounger on his stomach and rested his forehead on his arms. The afternoon sun wasn’t too bright and felt good on his skin. He sighed when Rodney settled down beside him and opened the bottle. “How was your morning?”

“Radek and I made a list of people who don’t deserve to breathe the same air as we do. It was long and arduous process. I think I’ll have to fire half my department just to clean out the pollution.”

John laughed despite his good intentions and then sighed as Rodney’s hands slid confidently down his back and over his ass. “Feels great.”

“Yeah, you do,” Rodney admitted. “You take good care of your skin—a lot of Doms don’t. Like it doesn’t matter as much with them as it does with submissives. Of course, your job requires you stay in great physical shape but civilian Dominants don’t always care so much about their own physical attractiveness after they collar.”

John laughed softly. “That’s shallow.”

“We’re a shallow society,” Rodney murmured. “Look at out how people looked or overlooked Picone before he got his treatments to get rid of the scars. His dynamic, strength, and personality were very attractive. The scars were inconsequential.”

“To some,” John murmured. “You find Picone attractive?”

“I find strong men attractive,” Rodney said. “There are plenty of those on the city… and you’re on the top of that particular dog pile.”

John laughed. “And you think that’s hot?”

“Yes. I talked to Major Grant about it—he thinks it’s perfectly okay if I think it’s sexy when you beat up the other Marines.”

John turned over and inspected his submissive with half-closed eyes. “Is that so?”

Rodney bit down on his bottom lip. “Yes, sir.”

John grinned as McKay moved to the bottom of the lounger to work on his feet. He groaned softly when Rodney used his thumbs to rub the arch of his foot. “Is that why you show up when I’m in the sparring rotation?”

“Yes.” Rodney blushed and then laughed when John just smirked. He started working his hands down John’s legs. “Is that a problem?”

“No. Not at all,” John murmured. He lifted one leg and put his foot flat on the lounger as McKay moved up the lounger to kneel between his legs. “Suck me.”

Rodney immediately lowered his head and licked the head of his Dom’s cock. He groaned as he slid down, swallowing around John’s dick with ease.

Sheppard settled one hand on the back of McKay’s head. “That’s so good, Rodney. Use your fingers to fuck my hole. Make me come.”

Rodney groaned and groped for the bottle of lotion which he found easily enough. He slicked up his fingers and slid his hand down and under John. Sheppard spread his legs completely for McKay’s prodding fingers. He tilted his hips and tightened his own hand in Rodney’s hair.

“Yeah, fuck yes. Don’t tease me, McKay. I’ll make you suffer for it later.”

Rodney lifted off John’s cock with a startled laugh as he pressed two fingers knowingly into John’s ass. “That’s hardly a threat, John; it is my great pleasure to suffer for you.”

John pulled at McKay’s hair roughly and grinned when his sub’s eyes darkened with arousal. “Shut up and suck my cock, Rodney.”

Rodney lowered his head in silence and rubbed his mouth over the plump head of John’s cock. He used his tongue to gather the pre-cum he found there and shuddered when his Dom groaned lowly. He twisted his fingers and tagged John’s prostate as he swallowed around the cock in his mouth. McKay worked him roughly, fucking into his ass with sure fingers while he bobbed his head up and down on John’s cock.

John shuddered and lifted his hips to meet Rodney’s mouth repeatedly. Demands and orders fell from his mouth in a litany of sound as McKay pushed him expertly toward orgasm. “God, yes, Rodney. Come on, harder. Give me more.”

John shuddered and threw his hands over his head to grab the top of the lounger. He thrust up into Rodney’s mouth and his vision darkened as a third finger was shoved harshly into his ass. He came hard, his body jerking against the pleasure.

Rodney swallowed around the head of John’s cock and then used his tongue to clean Sheppard’s skin thoroughly before releasing him. He licked his lips and sat back on his heels as he pulled his fingers from John’s ass. “You’re so fucking pretty.”

John laughed and stretched his body leisurely. “Happy birthday to me.”

Rodney grinned and licked his lips slowly. “Still want to take that Jumper ride?”

John nodded as he shifted and rubbed his toes against Rodney’s hard cock. “I don’t want you to come until later.”

“The longer the wait… the better it will be,” Rodney murmured in agreement.

– – – –

John relaxed in the pilot’s seat of the Jumper and sighed as he looked down at Lantea. “The IOA is considering moving the city to another planet in this galaxy.”

“It concerns you?”

John shrugged. “I trust that if you’re asked to make a decision about the viability of the city surviving a trip that you’ll make the best choice for her. I don’t know that we can repair the star drive—the Ancients disabled it thoroughly before they left.”

“I’m six months out from repairing the star drive, John.” Rodney bit down on his lip when his Dom turned to look at him shocked. “I submitted a report last week regarding the repairs and what I would need from Earth to accomplish it. O’Neill has probably already requested an Asgard scientist to join us here for the repairs. We need to grow some crystals and their technology is best for that. The Goa’uld have a process but the crystals aren’t very stable in Ancient technology.”

John frowned and shifted the Jumper so their view changed to a blanket of bright, still foreign stars. “I saw the report but I didn’t have time to read it. It’s on my list. Since you came to the city—the amount of detail coming out of the science department has tripled. It’s difficult, honestly, to keep up with all of that on top of all of my other duties.”

“How can I help with that?”

John shrugged. “No clue, actually.”

“How about a weekly summary of all ongoing projects to you, Elizabeth, and Lorne?” Rodney suggested. “It would be fairly easy for me to manage and that way if something in the summary interests any of you—you can pull the full report from the server for review.”

“That sounds really good,” John said as he reached out and picked up Rodney’s hand in his. “Declan suggested that we should exhibit more often.”

“Sean approached me about the same thing,” Rodney admitted. He brought John’s hand to his mouth and kissed his Dom’s palm. “You know I’m game for whatever you want.”

John grinned. “Yes, I do know that.” He leaned toward him and kissed McKay’s mouth—gently. “Come here.” He pushed back from the console as Rodney settled in his lap. “How do you feel about that?”

“I enjoy being on display for you,” Rodney admitted as he shifted on John’s lap. “I don’t care who watches while you take your pleasure with me.”

“I’ve only ever had sexual intercourse in front of the members of my own house—at Kesakitan Pembawa specifically.” John rubbed his thighs as he talked, using his thumbs to press into the muscles as he did so. “It’s personal. Private.”

“So you’ve said before.”

“You don’t agree,” John surmised. “I saw your face while you watched Picone and his submissive having sex on the pier. You’d enjoy it if I used you like that in public.” He laughed when Rodney’s breath caught. “I just want you to know that I see you, Rodney. I see the things that you want that… I don’t think I can provide.”

Rodney frowned and let his gaze drop. “I’m not unhappy with you, John. Sure, there are things that we don’t do that I would enjoy—probably a lot. There are also things I’m sure you would enjoy that for some reason or another you don’t do with me. For instance, I know how hot it makes you to spar with other Marines. I’ve seen that look on your face enough to know that the other day when you were fighting with Declan Frost that a part of you would have liked nothing better than to take him down on the floor and shove your cock into his gorgeous ass.”

John blinked in surprise. “Yes, I…” He blushed furiously and then frowned.

“And in Singapore, that pretty young Dom you taught a lesson…” Rodney trailed off slyly. “You really enjoyed the challenge of him. If you didn’t think about fucking him until he passed out…”

“I did think about it,” John admitted roughly. “But I wasn’t tempted at all to follow through with the thought. He wouldn’t have denied me.”

“Of course he wouldn’t have,” Rodney agreed. “He submitted to you.”

John shuddered and inhaled sharply. “No, he… yes, he did.” He dropped back against the chair and closed his eyes. “It was really powerful and hot to see it in his eyes and in his face. He would have spread his legs right then and there for me if he’d thought for a second that I would take him.”

Rodney laughed softly. “Yes, he would have. All of that strength laid out underneath you in complete submission.” He grinned when John‘s cock started to harden against him. He shifted on his Dom’s lap again and only laughed when John’s hands clamped down on his hips to keep him still.

“The point I was trying to make is that I want you to know that I’m willing to explore and push my personal limits in order to satisfy your dynamic needs,” John explained lowly, his eyes dark with building arousal.

“John.” He leaned in and pressed his mouth to his Dom’s and groaned softly when Sheppard opened his mouth immediately. He dipped his tongue into taste, surprised and only slightly uncomfortable to be in control of the kiss. John moved forward suddenly, cupping his ass and surging with physical strength.

John broke the kiss with a harsh exhale of air and tucked his face against his sub’s neck. His teeth clenched on Rodney’s skin and he dug in until McKay scrambled against him with a hard groan.


He laughed as McKay trembled against him and then pressed a soft kiss to his mouth. “You’re such a glutton for it, Rodney. I’ve never known a masochist who enjoyed pain as much as you do. Sometimes, I have to wonder if I’ll ever be able to truly punish you.”

Rodney snorted, even as he clutched at John. He curled his fingers into the soldier’s t-shirt. “I felt very punished that one time.”

“Hmmm, yes, but was that emotional or physical punishment? True, I spanked your ass but I was left thinking you kind of enjoyed that part—deep down.”

Rodney flushed with shame. “I’m sorry.”

“No.” John kissed him again. “Never apologize for your nature, McKay. You have nothing to be ashamed of and I didn’t say that I had a problem with it.” He clutched at McKay’s hips as he shifted forward slightly. “I want…” He sighed and let his forehead rest against Rodney’s. “I don’t want you to hide from me, baby. Don’t hide anything from me.”

“I’ll try,” Rodney whispered. “I promise I’ll try.”

– – – –

John stared at the piercing kit in startled silence. The open jewelry box beside it on the table in front of him was just as stunning. The shock of it wasn’t unlike getting punched. Rodney was offering him something intimate and personal. He was offering him something he’d denied his ex-wife.

“No one has modified my body since I was marked,” Rodney murmured. “I had the hair removal during my first session and the Tollan crème worked wonders on any small scars I’ve had. The rest was taken care of with the Goa’uld healing device.” He touched the white box and cleared his throat. “I don’t want to ask you for something you aren’t prepared to give, John. Piercing me… piercing the Courtesan of Gerard de Sade might be viewed by some as much a commitment as a wedding ring.”

John closed his eyes briefly at that thought. It had crossed his mind more than once since Scott Holland had nearly killed Rodney that he should just reach out and grab him—bind McKay to him in the most legal way possible. The truth was that he envied the permanent collar Ronon had on his submissive. No matter their future circumstances, John couldn’t imagine a situation where Rodney’s safety wasn’t his primary concern.

“I…” John huffed impatiently—suddenly irritated with his own hesitation. “I would be honored, Rodney, you have to know that.”

“I thought so,” Rodney began slowly, his voice subdued and uncertain. “But, your reaction isn’t exactly what I expected.”

John held out his hand and Rodney took it immediately. “I love you.” He pulled McKay close and pressed a kiss against his temple. “I want this so much and I didn’t even know it. I am genuinely surprised.”

“Happy birthday, Maître.”

John smiled. “Strip for me.”

Rodney pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it aside quickly before reaching for the snap of his jeans. “Where do you want me?”

John walked to the bed and stacked a few pillows on top of each other. “On the bed.”

He took off his own clothes and pulled on a pair of cotton sleep pants. Opening up the piercing kit, John reviewed the contents and pulled out two small packs of disinfectant. “Which pair did you want in?”

“The platinum studs seemed like the logical choice but they aren’t very decorative as far as exhibition goes,” Rodney said as he settled, naked on the bed and leaned back against the pillows.

John nodded. “True, but your clamps can be arranged to clip around the piercing. It wouldn’t add any kind of real stimulation but it would be pretty enough if that concerns you.” He plucked up the two boxes and joined Rodney on the bed.

“You’re the CO of the base, appearances are important. Never once in the years that I have known Daniel Jackson has he ever appeared in public in a way that might embarrass O’Neill.”

John quirked an eyebrow at McKay as he slid astride his thighs. “I can’t even imagine what you’d have to do to embarrass me.”

“Me either—since you appear to be shameless,” Rodney muttered and then grinned when John pinched a nipple in mock retaliation. “I’m ready for this, John. You don’t have to be… whatever it is you’re being right now.”

“I’m taking my time,” John murmured. “Because this is important.”

Rodney nodded. “Okay.”

John unwrapped the clamp and dropped the plastic back into the box. “When Philippe pierced me—I was young and pretty damned excited. I have to admit that while I never came close to being in romantic love with Dato’ Raja… Philippe Dubois was another matter altogether. During my first session, I developed quite a crush on him… when I returned for my second session it was different. But when I first met him he was powerful and strong and intensely sexual. I was enthralled.”

“Perhaps even more so because of Syed’s fatherly manner towards you,” Rodney said as John used a small bottle of hand sanitizer to sterilize his hands.

“Maybe,” John murmured. “Regardless, when he offered to pierce me during the second session—I was again excited and intoxicated by his personal power. You’ll see what I mean when you meet him—he’s not like Syed or even Gerard in that respect. They both just suck all the air out of the room when they enter. Philippe warms everything and everyone around him. Sex with him was a gentle but intense experience.”

“He’s not a sadist,” Rodney surmised and shivered as John worked his right nipple into a hard point and then swabbed it with alcohol.

“No, not at all. I’d say if anything that Philippe Debois is a hedonist. He loves to fuck, loves to be fucked. He’s a demanding lover and a strong Dom. He rarely takes other Dominants into his bed so I was surprised when he invited me during my third week of that first session. He was the last Dom I was in bed with before Marshall.” John unwrapped the needle used an alcohol swab on it despite the fact that it had been wrapped tightly.

“Sometimes you like it that way—gentle.”

“Sometimes,” John agreed. “I lead a hard life—I’m a fighter. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t.” He tightened the clamp and pulled firmly to distend the nipple. “A little pinch now. Take a deep breath for me.”

Rodney inhaled and then slowly exhaled as John pushed the needle into his flesh. “Fuck.”

“Good?” John questioned softly.


John laughed. “I can tell.” He shifted a little and rubbed against Rodney’s rapidly hardening cock. He swiped over the nipple again with the antiseptic swab. Then he picked up a small tube of Tollan crème. “How is this different than what we have?”

“It’s concentrated,” Rodney murmured. “But not much different than what I get. Most people don’t get the prescription version of Tollan crème because they simply don’t need it.” He glanced down at the bar bell piercing as John screwed the head of the piercing into place. “Looks good.”

John nodded his agreement. He opened up a new disinfectant swab and kept it in his free hand while he worried Rodney’s left nipple into a hard point with his thumb. “This is going to make you very sensitive for a while. It took a few weeks before I could even wear tight t-shirts without getting slightly aroused.”

“They were already sensitive to begin with,” Rodney murmured.

John wiped the nipple with the alcohol, put the clamp on and pulled carefully. He glanced at the work he’d done on McKay’s right nipple and nodded to himself. “Another pinch.”

Rodney took a deep breath and watched with dark eyes as the needle slid into his flesh. Just the look of the steel piercing his into his skin was delicious. The pain was almost secondary to the visual stimulation. He inhaled sharply as John put the piercing into place and secured it with steady hands. “You’ve done this before.”

“Yes,” John admitted. “I pierced several of the Doms in my command in the past—here as well as other various postings on Earth. I learned in Singapore—piercing is an art form within the house of Kesakitan Pembawa. As Syed’s heir, I was instructed thoroughly in the practical applications as well as the aesthetics involved. During my final year, we had a submissive return to the house for piercing. He was uncollared but wanted to be pierced. It was an unusual request to be certain but Syed granted it after some thought and discussion. The submissive was given to me for a month—and after that month I was instructed to pierce him as I saw fit.”

Rodney took a deep breath. “Where?”

John smirked. “His nipples, of course. His bellybutton because he had a lovely one—just perfect really. His tongue because he loved to suck cock and I figured I was doing his future Dom a favor.” He paused when Rodney laughed. “I made him come twice during all of that which was good because his final piercing was a Prince Albert.” He paused in his placement of the Tollan crème to look at McKay’s face who had stiffened. “I’d never want to do that to you.”

“Why?” Rodney asked with a frown.

“First, because I don’t personally like the piercing. Second, because you don’t seem the type who’d like it.” John sat back on Rodney’s thighs and discarded the small tube of crème in the box. “You seemed shocked by it though.”

“It’s a fantasy,” Rodney admitted. “But, you’re right—I really wouldn’t want one. I wouldn’t mind watching it done to someone else so if you ever get a Dom in your office asking for one—I’d appreciate an invite.”

John laughed softly. He leaned forward and kissed Rodney gently. Their mouths met again in a softer kiss and he sighed. “The last Dom I pierced on the city was Bates.” He grinned. “Wanna guess what it was?”

Rodney thought about it and then grinned. “You did his Jacob’s Ladder. I’ve heard rumors about it and how hot it is.”

“It is hot,” John admitted as he slid off McKay’s lap. He took the rest of the piercing kit with him and dropped the box on the dresser. “How do they feel?”

“Good.” Rodney looked down at them and hesitantly touched the left one. “Nice actually.”

John shed his pants and strode back to the bed naked. He slid onto the bed and smiled when Rodney scooted down quickly to lie beside him. “Any questions about tomorrow?”

“No.” McKay shook his head and smiled when John leaned into kiss him. “None at all.”

Sheppard hummed to himself and kissed him again. “Okay, well, let me know if you change your mind about any of it. We don’t owe anyone on this city anything, Rodney. If you don’t want to exhibit in front of them… you don’t have to.”

Rodney bit down on his bottom lip. “I’m not worried about it… at least not about that part. I’m confident in my training and in our dynamic mesh. We’ve successfully exhibited several times, even before we’d really gained the private synergy we have now.”

“I agree.” John kissed him again and sighed when Rodney all but melted against him. He laughed softly as he lifted his head and ran one hand down McKay’s body to wrap it confidently around the cock rubbing against his thigh. “I love having you.” He rubbed his thumb over the head of Rodney’s cock, a small smile playing on his mouth as he stared at his sub’s involuntary physical reaction. “Touching you, playing with you. I wonder what you were like when you were young… when pleasure was new to you. The first time another man touched you… did you shake under his hands, under his mouth?”

Rodney rubbed his mouth against John’s shoulder and moaned softly as his Dom jacked his cock. “John.”

Sheppard laughed, low and brief. “I bet you did. You squirmed under his touch—intoxicated by his strength, his dominance. Tell me what you liked about him.”

“He smelled clean and masculine. His name was Alexis. I would found out later that Gerard assigned him to me specifically—chose the first man that would penetrate me. No other Dom at the facility had permission to fuck me or punish me. He was a first cousin, like Thomas Grant, to Gerard. I didn’t find out they were family until much later.”

“Did he punish you often?”

“I was eager to please but impatient,” Rodney admitted. “I still struggle with patience, as you know.”

“I do know,” John acknowledged.

“Alexis is a very dominant man—manipulative at times but never cruel. He wasn’t a sadist. I was surprised when he was assigned to me because I… knew I was a masochist and I hadn’t made any bones about it when I was first interviewed.”

John laughed suddenly. “Oh, Rodney, please tell me you didn’t try to complain about it.”

Rodney blushed furiously and hid his face against John’s arm. “You know I did. I was punished for it, of course. It took several weeks for me to calm down—to allow myself to relax and to submit to my training.”

“Tell me about the first time he took you,” John ordered as he cupped McKay’s balls. He lifted them, rolled them in his fingers carefully.

“He told me that morning as I knelt by his chair while he ate breakfast—that he was going to fuck me. I was ordered to eat lightly during the day and have an enema before he joined me. I worried about it all day. I trusted him and that trust was all I had to comfort me. I stayed in my room, followed all of his instructions, and when he sent for me…”

“It must have been difficult.”

Rodney laughed. “Yes, but it too was a lesson.” He bit down on his lip and spread his legs as John’s hand drifted casually downward. He sucked in a breath as a single finger tip brushed over his hole.

“Finally, I was in his room. He ordered me to strip lay down on the bed. Alexis put cuffs on my wrists, ankles, and just above my knees. I was spread open—immobile.”

“You love that position,” John murmured. He reached out with his free hand and plucked a bottle of lube from the nightstand. “Go on.”

Rodney nodded abruptly as John shifted him fully onto his back. He relaxed on the bed and lifted his hips briefly as John moved to kneel between his legs. “He put a cock ring on me—just being immobilized had made me so hard. He licked me then—wet my balls and my cock with his tongue. I’d never had a Dom be so intent on my pleasure. Of course, I hadn’t allowed any of the men I’d slept with that point to dominant me. I sucked them off; let them hurt me for our mutual pleasure, but never more than that.”

John hummed softly as he pressed one slick thumb into Rodney’s asshole. “Poor bastards, confronted with your gorgeous ass and pretty little hole knowing they weren’t allowed to slide their cock into you.”

Rodney blushed furiously and curled his hands around the headboard. “I never mislead any of them.”

“I’m sure you didn’t,” John murmured. “Tell me more, Rodney.”

“Alexis is beautiful,” Rodney said. “Beautiful and strong like you. He played with me, used his mouth to tease me until arousal hurt. It was the only kind of pain he could give me. He knew I needed it. He used his tongue first—to relax my hole, to make me want the penetration. It worked very well.”

“I bet it did,” John murmured. “The first time I ate your ass… I thought you were going to come without permission.”

“Hmmm, I haven’t come without permission since my first session at de Sade,” Rodney murmured. He stretched leisurely and moaned when John pulled out his thumb. “John.”

“You aren’t being demanding, are you?” John demanded roughly.

“No,” Rodney denied with a shake of his head. “That’s your job.”

John smirked. “Tell me more about the beautiful Alexis.”

“He worked my hole for almost an hour with his fingers, even with the cock ring I was leaking cum all over my stomach,” Rodney said and paused as John added another finger. “Then when I didn’t think I could take any more of the sexual torture, he unlatched the chains that kept me in place and ordered me to get on my knees.

“I was so turned on and hungry for his cock that I thought I might pass out. He attached a spreader bar to the cuffs above my knees and then took off the cock ring.” Rodney flexed his hips and shuddered when John’s free hand clamped down his thigh to keep him still. “He talked to me—whispered to me about how pretty he thought I was all spread out and open for his use. Then he pushed a wedge pillow under me, ordered me to relax on it. I remember how the silk covering the wedge felt on my belly and cock. It was delicious and the material was wet from my cum before he even pushed his cock into my hole.”

John worked his fingers in and out of Rodney’s asshole slowly. “How did it feel when he finally took you?”

“I was relaxed and ready for it,” Rodney murmured. “He pushed the head of his cock into me then held me in place with one hand on my back as he pressed fully into me. He didn’t pause and didn’t hesitate. It was a shocking sensation—the way he filled me, split me open. It hurt but it was delicious.”

“Yes, of course, it was,” John murmured. “I hope he respected the privilege of having you first.”

“I think so,” Rodney responded and arched his back slightly as John pulled his fingers from his hole. “God.”

“Did you come for him, Rodney?”

“Yes, Sir.”

John hummed under his breath as he slicked himself up. He rubbed the head of his cock against the pink flesh of Rodney’s opened hole and they both moaned at the stimulation. Sheppard moved forward as he guided his cock into McKay’s ass. He watched his submissive’s eyes widen with pleasure as he pressed fully inside. “Did it feel like this?”

Rodney fought to stay still as he was filled. “Your cock is bigger.”

John laughed and buried his face against McKay’s neck. He flexed his hips—fucking his cock into Rodney’s hole slowly. “Wrap your legs around me.”

Rodney met the demand immediately, he tilted his hips slightly, lifted into his Dom’s next thrust then hooked his ankles high as he could against John’s back. “You feel so good inside me, Maître.”

“I love this,” John admitted roughly. He pressed his mouth against McKay’s in a rough, knowing kiss. “It’s so good, Rodney.” He kissed McKay again and then reared up. He wrapped his hands around the headboard and increased his pace until Rodney was moaning incoherently. “That’s it, baby, just take it.”

“Yes,” Rodney whispered fiercely in response, his hands clenched on John’s shoulders and his legs slid down until he was splayed wide for his Dom’s use. “God, John.”

“Jerk your cock,” John ordered fiercely. “Now.”

Rodney clumsily wrapped one hand around his cock and started to stroke himself. The stimulation was like fuel on a fire… he shuddered. “John!”

“Easy, baby, take it nice and slow. I’ll get you there—just like I always do.”

“Yes, John, yes.” Rodney arched on the bed, his feet planted firmly on the mattress.

John looked down, his gaze flicking from the slow stroke of Rodney’s hand to the glint of platinum piercing his sub’s nipples. His. “You’re mine,” he growled. “All mine. Mine to fuck. Mine to have. Tell me, Rodney.”

“I’m yours,” Rodney responded without hesitation. “Yours to have whenever you want, however you want. I’m yours.”

“Come for me,” John ordered. “Come now!” He watched cum spurt over his sub’s fingers and groaned as McKay’s ass clenched around his cock. “Jesus. Fuck.” He let his head fall forward and he pushed in helplessly one more time then came in a hard rush of pleasure.

– – – –

Carson put down the healing wand and with a glance towards John who only nodded briefly. He grasped the piercing and turned it carefully in McKay’s nipple. “This is really good work, John.”

“Thanks,” John murmured. He shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans and leaned against the bed. “Are you attending the exhibition tonight?”

“I’m off duty, so yes.” Carson made a few notations on the computer pad in his hand and then cleared his throat. “I’ve made sure that Dr. Biro will be on hand to handle the aftercare. She is a sadist and I imagine she’ll make you both much more comfortable with the process. I understand that you had a few issues with Janet Frasier after you exhibited there.”

“Not issues, per say, but she didn’t behave as I expected. It was my understanding that she’d been with the SGC for a number of years and I couldn’t have been the first sadist she’d ever encountered in an aftercare examination.”

Carson pursed his lips briefly. “Janet Frasier demonstrated a close working relationship with Sam Carter, John. I’m not surprised she tried to see some fault in you.”

“I never told her,” Rodney protested.

“She was your doctor, lad, since I can see the evidence of the treatment you suffered in your ex-wife’s hands over a year later despite the use of a Goa’uld healing device… Frasier frankly has no excuse. While I don’t think she willfully ignored how you were treated—I do believe she was functionally blind to Sam Carter’s more obvious faults. A condition that seemed to run rampant in the Mountain.” Carson set aside the computer. “Very well then, you’re free to go.”

– – – –

There was no sign of land. It was odd—being on the city of the Ancients. Tyre Daos rested back on his hands and watched his Dom in the water—swimming strong and sure the length of the enclosed area that the people on the city called a pool. Such things hadn’t existed on Sateda—the people from Earth spoke of many luxuries that Tyre had no way to conceptualize. Chase Harris would often supply both him and Ronon with images depicting the things they heard about.

Ronon swam to the ladder and pulled himself out of the water. “You look relaxed.”

“It is an interesting state to be in,” Tyre admitted. “I haven’t felt quite like this for longer than I could remember. Maybe when I was very little and I didn’t know what the Wraith really were.”

“Safe in your father’s home,” Ronon murmured as he accepted the snowy white towel his submissive offered him. He dried off casually then sprawled on the lounger beside Tyre. “Looking forward to tonight?”

“Hmm.” Tyre smiled. “Everyone else appears to be very excited. You can feel the mood on the city shifting as the day starts to come to a close. People are talking about what happened on their home planet…the last time the Colonel was in public with his submissive.”

“I noticed the conversations during the afternoon meal,” Ronon admitted. “The soldiers especially appear to be interested in seeing Sheppard demonstrate his dynamic.”

“It’s different,” Tyre murmured. “Such displays on our world would’ve been.” He sighed. “I don’t know how they would have been received. I think our people would’ve been pleased to meet the people from Earth despite our differences.” His fingers went to his collar.

Ronon’s fingers glanced over Tyre’s and he leaned forward to kiss him. The kiss was soft, a demonstration of affection rather than a sexual demand. “I know. Our circumstances are so different than what we expected.”

“I don’t suppose I expected to survive,” Tyre murmured. “I certainly never expected to be saved from the fate the Wraith had for us both.” He shifted closer to his Dom and glanced around the deck they were on. It wasn’t crowded but this area of the city was rarely, if ever, empty during daylight hours. “Are you ready to tell me about the conversation you had with the Colonel?”

“There wasn’t much discussed. I did promise not to kill anyone on the city,” Ronon said dryly. “He didn’t have much to say that was different from what Major Grant did in our last session. The rules of their society are in some ways far more rigid than what we had on Sateda but on the other side of it they are devoted to pleasure in a way we never had a chance to develop as a society.”

Tyre nodded. “Agreed.” He moved closer when Ronon prodded him. “The amount of public sex is rather…” He laughed and glanced towards a couple in a lounger several yards away them. The man and woman were leisurely fucking and had been for more than ten minutes. “Shocking.”

Ronon grinned. “Sheppard said that his people are voyeuristic but it is more than that. They enjoy being on display for each other—those two are going to get as much pleasure from being watched as they are from what they are doing.”

“I don’t… think I would,” Tyre admitted and then smiled when Ronon nodded his agreement. “My submission is private.”

“I couldn’t agree more.” Ronon pressed a kiss against his forehead and then another to his unresisting mouth.

– – – –

The exhibition space on the city of the Ancients was as beautiful and as hedonistic as anything they could have created on Earth for the purpose. The room had elevated stadium seating—arranged in a semi-circle around a medium sized stage. The lighting in the room could be arranged and shifted easily by a control panel. John could control the lights with his gene—very little on the city failed to respond to him when he really wanted it.

He had lowered the lights by degrees, shrouding the tightly packed audience in darkness. McKay was kneeling on a small cushioned platform near the front of the stage John had chosen to remove the St. Andrew’s Cross that normally sat center stage and had a few of his men help him suspend a set of chains from the ceiling. Like the rest of the city, the ceiling had accepted the weight of the chains with a thought—merging in such a way that made every appearance of being permanent. He couldn’t even begin to fathom what the Ancients had done to the construction material of the city to make it function the way it did. Even the anthropologists couldn’t come up with a reason as to why they would have engineered the city in such a way.

He shed his robe and several hundred people shifted in their seats at the sign that he was ready to begin. John walked to McKay and ran his fingers through the kneeling sub’s hair. He offered Rodney his hand and it was taken immediately. Sheppard pulled slightly and McKay immediately stood from the platform.

John released his hand and casually pulled on the belt of his robe. He pulled the robe off and put it on a table near the back of the stage. When he returned to Rodney, he was standing just where he’d left him. He maneuvered McKay into place under the chains—placed in such a way that he would be positioned at a slight angle. The large mirrored wall behind them offered the audience an undisturbed view no matter how they were arranged on the stage.

He attached the chains to the cuffs on Rodney’s wrists and ankles, lifting his arms in the same X pattern he would have been if he were on a bondage cross while spreading his legs slightly. He knew the audience would be able to see the silver knob of their favorite anal plug in place. John lowered the lights further and they shifted to light blue in the color spectrum. The effect was spectacular.

John picked up the mixed flogger and shook it as he approached his submissive. Without a word he began—lashing out across the back of Rodney’s thighs and then his ass. The silence in the room was broken only by the hot smack of leather against McKay’s skin. By the time he hit his stride on the tenth strike, John was hard—his cock leaking, smacking lightly against his thigh as he worked the flogger.

He moved around McKay, working the skin evenly over the back and front of his thighs—striking his back and ass only occasionally. The tightly braided leather tresses mixed into the fall of thick suede strips added a hot, insidious sting to each strike leaving Rodney gasping softly as they reached the ten minute mark.

John lowered the flogger and ran one hand down the length of Rodney’s damp back. The fine sheen of sweat on his skin made him look even better under the soft lighting. His fingers caught in small red welts as he stroked down one ass cheek. Sheppard pressed a soft kiss on Rodney’s shoulder and moved back to the table.

He picked up the Doloran whip. John flicked it on with his thumb and current ran down the length of the whip. The tip twitched slightly on the dark floor beneath them. John cracked the whip once in the air, current sparked in the darkness above them. He did it again—causing a small shower of tiny sparks to rain down on them. As the last of the sparks faded in the air he issued his first verbal instruction.

“When I say, you can come but you may not ejaculate. Do you understand?”

“Oui, Maître.”

“Rodney, what is your safe word?”

Rodney stilled and the chains above him grew tight in the air as he gripped them. “My safe word is dominion, Maître.”

John snapped the whip twice more—the air above them twinkled with falling sparks even as he struck for the first time. Rodney arched his back and hissed audibly, his cock smacked hard against his thigh. He relaxed into the second, then third strike with a series of soft, low moans that nearly echoed in the silence of the auditorium.

Sheppard delivered the tenth strike with an audible exhale and closed his eyes briefly as Rodney shuddered against the pain. He coiled the whip loosely in his hand as he moved into Rodney’s space. Unable to help himself, he stepped close and pressed his cock against McKay’s hip as he trailed the looped leather down his back. Small arcs of current danced on his submissive’s skin—glowing like bright little miniscule stars as John lowered the house lights further. He did it again and then let the whip uncoil over Rodney’s shoulder—the length of the whip trailed down his chest until the tip danced across one thigh and glanced over his cock.

Rodney’s head dropped back and he cried out—pleasure, pain, and desperation mixing so beautifully that John almost came on the sound of it alone. John brushed his mouth against McKay’s shoulder then clenched his teeth until the skin broke. He pulled his mouth away, the taste of copper on his lips. He licked the blood away from his mouth and then moved away, dragging the whip slowly over Rodney’s shoulder until it fell completely away and smacked on the floor gently. The tip twisting and glowing.


Rodney shuddered through an orgasm so intense that his knees obviously weakened briefly. John stayed close, prepared to catch him and relaxed when McKay locked his knees and let his head fall forward. He watched his submissive calm down in silence—marred only by the heavy breathing of a few hundred people. Sexual arousal ripened the air in the room—giving the darkness around them a sense of urgency that John was very familiar with.

He turned off the whip as he laid it on the table and picked up the ebony cane that Dato’ Raja had gifted him with. The wood gleamed under the stage lights. The thirty inch cane was the easily the hardest implement he had in his pleasure kit and he’d only used it a few times on McKay since it was made for something harder than he normally allowed himself.

John swung the cane as he approached McKay and it bent—whistling softly in the air as it did so. Not nearly as whippy as the cane he normally used with his submissive—John gave himself some room to swish it a few times before he struck McKay without warning on the thigh.

Rodney cried out—sharp and surprised. His cock immediately began to leak—pre-cum smeared over his thigh and dripped onto the floor underneath him as he shifted slightly in the chains that held him.

John struck again, glancing over the top of his left thigh and dipping in slightly to terrorize the tender skin of his inner thigh. Blood swelled and dotted his skin as John snapped the cane against his outer right thigh and then again cross his ass. He hit the back of Rodney’s left thigh as he moved around him—lashing out again and again until small dots of blood mixed with the semen already on the floor under McKay.

John paused and ran the tip of the cane down Rodney’s spine—he watched the shiver apprehension and pleasure drift over his submissive’s body. When Rodney was still again he spoke. “Come.”

Rodney groaned harshly and his cock jerked repeatedly as he gave himself over to another dry orgasm. John ignored the few gasps he heard from the front row and would continue to ignore them as long as no one spoke.

He set aside the cane and picked a different flogger. This one was made up entirely of thin suede strips. Too thin for a heavy thud but too thick for a true sting—it was the perfect instrument to bring Rodney down and still exploit the welts he’d left rising on his sub’s much abused flesh.

John walked back to Rodney and ran one steady hand down his back, his fingers darkened with blood as he encountered the thin little trails he’d created with the cane. Nothing was bleeding too much to be of any concern but the effect was dramatic and gorgeous. His stomach clenched and his cock started to leak. It was almost too much. It had been entirely too long since he’d indulged this part of himself—part of him regretted the fear that Dato’ Raja had instilled in him while the greater part of him was relieved by it.

He took a few steps back and started to work the flogger against McKay’s back and ass. Within a minute, the submissive was arching into it and begging under his breath for relief, for anything to ease the pressure and pleasure that John had built between them.

It was heady—reducing Rodney to the state of begging without any conscious decision to do so. He lashed out again, striking the back of his thighs—once, twice, and then a third time. He noted that Rodney locked his knees at the last strike and realized he’d pushed the sub as far as he dared. He dropped the flogger on the floor near the kneeling platform and set about releasing Rodney from the chains—feet first and then his wrists.

He maneuvered Rodney into a sitting position on the platform and the encouraged him to lay down on his back. It was a direct mimic of the position he’d put McKay in during their exhibition in Singapore. He did it for the familiarity and was pleased when Rodney immediately relaxed.

John ran his hands down Rodney’s spread thighs, spread him wide and hooked his ankle cuffs to a small set of chains on the platform. The small wounds on his inner and outer thighs were wet with fresh blood. Intoxicated, John let his hands drift over the abused flesh again and again—smearing blood over McKay’s pale skin.

As an afterthought, he reached down and carefully removed the anal plug. Rodney’s hips snapped up and he groaned softly, John’s name fell from his lips like a plea and a demand all at once. John rubbed McKay’s belly with his hand, leaving the skin slightly blood stained in his wake. His fingers tips brushed over the Courtesan mark and he paused. He touched the mark, pinched it firmly with his fingers and Rodney arched off the platform with a shout of surprise.


“That’s it Rodney,” John murmured. He lifted his hand and wrapped it around his own cock. “You can come with me.”

McKay’s eyes snapped open and he shifted on the platform as his gaze fell to John’s cock. Sheppard shivered under the intense gaze of submissive and then looked down. The blood on his hand had transferred to his cock and it was easily the most obscene thing he’d seen in years. He came in one hard rush—dotting Rodney’s own straining cock with his semen. Rodney groaned and let his head fall back to the platform as he released as well. His own come, pooling on his stomach and into his belly button.

John shifted the lights away from the stage immediately—giving the audience the light they needed to leave and the two of them the privacy they needed to recover.

– – – –

Alyssa Biro was waiting in the small recovery room with a healing device and a raised eyebrow. John frowned at her. “What?”

“I hate you,” she said simply. “I have three more hours of work and I’ve never…” She huffed and waved a hand. “I can’t even say because it would be unprofessional. Just know that I hate you and my submissive might hate you more for how long he will have to wait for me to return to our quarters.”

John grinned and untied Rodney’s robe. “I’m glad you liked it. It’s always interesting to see how other sadists respond.”

“I’m surprised this city isn’t rocking,” Alyssa muttered. She tapped the bed and said nothing else as Rodney got comfortable on it. “Did you want to heal the wounds with the device or with Tollan crème?”

John considered this. The Tollan crème would take longer to heal—so he could view his handiwork for longer but it would make it difficult for Rodney to be comfortable. “The wand please—I only like him uncomfortable when I’m hard.”

Alyssa snorted. “I don’t know how often the two of you get offers—but you can expect an increase despite the fact that your exclusive arrangement is fairly well known. Most will want to be that lucky one that proves to be the exception to the rule.” She activated her radio and made a request from the infirmary then closed the connection. “Let’s do the wand and then can do an application of the extra strength Tollan crème as well. It’ll be a good way to break him down and out of his subspace.”

John nodded his agreement as Biro plucked a pen light from her lab coat. “Sounds good.”

“I need to check his pulse and pupil response,” she murmured and paused until John nodded his consent. “His skin looks good—the cuts are clean, precise.” She checked his pupils first and then wrapped slim fingers around his wrist. “Rodney, how do you feel?”

“Great,” McKay murmured.

“Good.” She checked her watch and then made a note on the tablet she had on elevated table near the bed. The door chime sounded and she motioned toward it. “That’ll be Dr. Keller with the supplies I ordered.”

John frowned but moved to answer the door. Keller averted her gaze as she passed him and glanced only briefly at Rodney as set the supplies on the table by Biro. She made a hasty retreat from the room without speaking a word. “I think I freak her out.”

Alyssa snorted. “She is very… timid. I know she tries hard not to be but the words ‘epic fail’ come to mind. Carson is working with her but frankly I do not believe she’s suited for a war zone or predominantly military environment. She handles most of the civilians well but if one of your men so much as frowns at her she shakes like a little leaf.”

“Anyone crowding her?” John demanded. “Why hasn’t Carson said anything?”

“No, of course not, John. None of your men have crossed that line with a civilian since… well… since that night.” She waved a hand. “They know very well what they will face if they do. Hell, even the civilian Doms on the city toe the line these days. You’ve proven even they aren’t immune to feeling your displeasure if they cross you.”

“You make me sound like a bully, Biro.”

“No.” She shook her head as she picked up the scanner and set up several scans. “Not at all actually. You’re the Alpha on the city… undisputed Alpha. Things were different when Marshall was still alive—there was a give and take at the top. It caused doubt and it allowed for situations on the city that were completely unacceptable across the board. Elizabeth is a strong, confident Domme but… as you know male Doms won’t always yield, even when by all rights they should. The structure on the city is very clear now and has been since your return from Earth the first time.”

“Good. I guess.” John leaned against the wall, his gaze flicking towards the scanner. “How do things look?”

“Excellent,” Biro murmured. “Blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar—everything is within normal ranges. Heart rate is actually completely at rest—he’ll probably skirt his subspace the rest of the night if you allow it.”

She picked up the healing device and started to work on his thighs. John watched intently—still amazed as the skin paled and healed with each pass of the wand until only the blood stains remained to show the damage he’d inflicted.

“I rarely encounter anyone that can use a cane like this without inflicting deep tissue bruises,” Alyssa murmured. “You do your houses proud, John.”

“Where did you train?” John asked. It wasn’t a question he had to ask a Dominant often—as they tended to display their markings as much as possible. He couldn’t remember ever seen Biro out of uniform.

“de Sade, Quebec,” Biro murmured. “I was in my third session when Gerard claimed his Courtesan.” She offered Rodney a smile when his eyes snapped open. “Of course, none of us were allowed to see or know who you were. When I heard rumors on the city after your arrival—I was frankly stunned.”

“Surprised,” Rodney murmured. “I’m not what you expected.”

“Actually, not at first, no.” Biro motioned him to turn over and Rodney shifted over onto his stomach. “But after tonight, I can’t imagine anyone more deserving of being the North Star of our House.”

“Thank you, Madame.” Rodney let his forehead rest on his arms and relaxed on the bed.

She laughed softly. “And I imagine that no one on Earth deserves the attention of the Pewaris Darah more than Gerard’s Courtesan.” She glanced at John and smirked when he flushed under her gaze. “The two of you are quite perfectly matched—the synergy between you was physical during the exhibition.” She set aside the wand and picked up the Tollan Crème which she handed to John. “Frasier put a note in your file indicating that you refused her the right to touch McKay.”

“I bet she did,” John said. “It isn’t a matter of trust, you know. I trust you as much as I trust Carson. I didn’t even let Dato’ Raja touch McKay during aftercare when we were on Singapore.”

“I understand your reasons,” Biro assured. “Even if it does make you something of a stingy bastard.” She stepped back and then slid up onto a stool near the wall to watch.

John slid up onto the bed and knelt over Rodney as he smeared the crème into his back. “I’ve been called that before.”

“The skin where we used the healing device will be sensitive for a while,” Biro cautioned. “I don’t recommend you indulge in any serious play for the next forty-eight hours. You could easily exceed his stimulation threshold without even trying.”

“I remember how sensitive my back was after Carson healed it,” John murmured. “Thank you for making this so painless, Alyssa.”

“It is my honor, Colonel.”

The End

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


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      I am a romance writer at heart so I tend to write those relationships.

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    • With Sean and Declan — that was just Sean’s preference.

      In Anne/Alison’s relationship — Alison would be the one to carry a child due to Anne’s position in the military and on Atlantis. I think that Anne would seek out a Dom to father their child due to Alison’s dynamic if they went a “natural” way for conception and if they went with sperm donation — it wouldn’t matter at all.

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