Casting Couch: Kyle Napier (Polls Closed)

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I can’t decide so I thought you guys might want to help. Kyle will appear in several scenes in the upcoming Time After Time as well as the final two parts of the SGA Arc. He’ll likely make appearances in the Criminal Minds AU of TTB as well.

NOTE: I didn’t realize this would need a Facebook account until after I finished. I’ve created a second poll for those on LiveJournal here:

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  1. I prefer David, for pratique reasons, i have tons of pics of him to make art if you need it and for personnal reasons, i do love this motherfucker since Buffy and he’s a sweetie badass on Bones !

    Shame that De Sade don’t use Angel as tattoo because i have some pics saved during his Buffy period who were lovely.

    Hello BTW , you didn’t respons to my email for a few week ago, where’s the love ? XD

  2. I forget did i read Criminal Minds AU of TTB ? Oh god tease i hate you, Morgan, Reid, Penelope in TTB universe OMFG.

  3. oooo jumps up and down in delight at the TTB hints. David’s my favourite but Jude is almost as good!! So it’s a win win either way. 😉

  4. Hotchner/Reid!? *fangirl squee* OMGOMGOMG!!!!

  5. Law has that touch of steel in his eyes but I’m more than good with either.

  6. Jude is Law people! ^_^

  7. Well, I can’t vote in your poll because I don’t have Faceboob. But I’d choose Jude Law.

  8. twilight_seeker3

    While both men are so very pretty David brings a certain gravitas that I feel a House Master should have. There is also a greater similarity between his face structure and Butler’s in my humble opinion.

  9. It has to be Jude for me….something about the eyes!

  10. I wanted to vote for Jude Law as David Boreanaz is too firmly established in my mind as Seeley Booth. But even though I signed in to your site, I can’t vote unless I join facebook. Darn.

  11. It doesn’t seem to want me to vote. It keeps telling me I need to log in (as you can see, I have).
    It is a tough choice, but I think I would go with David.

  12. I voted for David… He is a pretty man & I think he will fit that family a bit better than Jude…


  13. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but it won’t let me vote if I don’t have a facebook. 🙁 Anyway, I vote David Boreanaz– I find Jude Law compelling in his own way, but I really can’t see him in charge of De Sade. Boreanaz, though; I can very much see that implied authority being put to use when needed.

  14. Both are good choices but I think Jude has a more intense look to him that might work better for the Master of the De Sade Institute.

  15. David, cause it seems like much of de Sade has the tall, dark, and handsome thing going on.

  16. Don’t like the poll has to log into Facebook.

    Seriously don’t want this linked to Facebook…

    David, definitely David.

  17. What a choice! My own preference for physical types would lead me to DB, but the idea of Napier that I hold in my head leads me to JL. I see Napier as an educated, upper class type and JL does lend himself to that image. However, DB has that quiet, brooding strength and just a hint of hidden temper. So difficult…

  18. I prefer David, but it won’t let me vote.

  19. Strange as it sounds, I find David B. a little too much of a Boy Scout to really wrap my head around him being the current house master for de sade. There’s something a bit more ‘edgy’ to Jude Law for me that makes him fit better in my head. Sadly, since I’ve so far escaped the cult that is Facebook, I cannot vote but if I could, my vote would be for Jude.

  20. Jude Law is so sexy and his voice just makes me shiver, I just love him!

  21. David has more of the de Sade look I think. Jude looks more like a Lotus Geisha IMHO.

    Getting excited at the idea of more Ties that Bind too!

  22. Samantha is right – it’s a win-win! Although David strikes me as more of a House Master.

  23. These are both gorgeous men, but David feels much more de Sade to me.

  24. I like David, but Jude’s closer to what I’ve already been picturing whenever he’s been casually mentioned.

  25. I vote for David. Looking forward to more TTB in the future!!

  26. What about James Marsters, Jeremy Renner or Christian Kane? Though Jeremy as Kyle seems like a pretty hot idea to me.

    • No, my final choice was between these two. I had a big list at one time — Kyle as a character has existed since the start of the series but I didn’t cast him at first because he didn’t appear in a scene. Now, he’ll have several big moments coming up so he needs a face.

  27. Omg! Does this mean our Goddess might be posted up new chapters soon?
    ~~~~~~~~~~fan girl scream of absolute delight~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Can’t wait!

  28. May I vote for Jude? I don’t have FB (I know, I’m weird) so… Thanks! 😀 Gotta say, great choices! I’m voting for Jude, though, because I think he seems more de Sade and David seems more La Petite Mort – to me, anyway. Does that make sense? @_@

  29. Looking at the two pictures shown, David has a slight softness in his face that I can’t imagine in the Master of De Sade. Jude has a more intense, harder edge to his face which I think would suit better.

  30. Serenity Harkness

    I had a huge dilemma with this. For some reason I’ve seen Kyle as a blond but than I saw David and so now I see Kyle as a blond David….

  31. A decision has never been so difficult!

  32. David screams to me!! I can see him as House Master. I am looking forward to your updates. I have to say that my heart jumped when I saw an email from your site. I hope you are feeling better!

  33. I mainly remember DB as Angel (never paid any attention to Seely Booth can’t remember show name lol) He doesn’t strike me as quite as sharp as JL. JL has a upper crust feel to him and a sharpness in the eyes that I can totally see in someone in control of a House like de Sade. DB to me just has too much of that kicked puppy feel in his big gorgeous brown eyes. He can play crazy though! lol

  34. I usually like tall, dark and handsome. But there is something to DB that I can’t see him in control of a House like de Sade. Jude Law looks sharp and like he can see right through you. So despite the fact that I don’t usually pick blonde men, I picked him.

  35. I see Jude as Kyle. . . and man, I wish I could vote- can’t figure out how to do it on either site 😐

  36. I’ve voted for David because he fits my idea of a deSade family member well if you mix the potential for sadism from Angel with the family oriented protective and worship tendencies of Booth. Plus both characters kick much ass when needed. Also I personally prefer dark haired and eyed men.

    Jude Law has that steel in his eyes to be a great Dom, but in my head canon of your fanon he fits the disciple you mentioned in Under Pressure… Lord Dylan Lancaster who works for Interpol and Rodney doesn’t know what he does for them. This head canon of mine is undoubtedly the influence of the Sherlock Holmes movies where I can see John as a loving and exasperated dom who would need to be very toppy in the bedroom to drop a mind like Sherlock’s into subspace.

    • I absolutely agree. I just couldn’t remember the name of the Interpol guy. Jude would be perfect there. I did vote for David to play Kyle. 🙂

      • lol. I had to look up his name. The only disciples whose names I could remember were Kyle Napier (for obvious reasons), General Rampart, Dr. Sydney Jamieson, General Mason Blake, (all three of them have gotten screen time), Aaron Hotchner, (I’ve been obsessed with CM since it started airing), and Crown Prince Franco Carlos. (Whom I’m certain I remember solely for Rodney’s comment of preferring to do nothing other than fuck).

        I’m just lucky I remembered the occupation of Lord Lancaster when I saw Jude’s picture.

  37. Hi Keira,
    Ever since you hinted in one of the chapter comments that you were thinking of David as Kyle I have to confess that’s who I see when his name is mentioned…so I voted for David but as Jude is rather yummy too couldn’t he be one of the other de Sade disciples. Maybe the English Lord who works for the secret service as I don’t see him as a politician. I also picture a young Antonio Banderas as the Spanish Playboy Prince, sigh!
    Hope you are well, hugs, Hxx

  38. Kyle Napier

    Uploaded with

    You like him ?

    • LOL. It’d really hard not to!

      • I’m sure you make your casting choices based on the characters, but does it ever work the other way? Does a casting choice ever wind up changing the character in your mind?

        • It greatly depends actually. I built the character of Sean Taylor AROUND Orlando Bloom. I knew I wanted him in WMHB because he’s so pretty and that I was going to give Rodney a civilian assistant. Declan Frost came first — now I knew I wanted to “play” with Michael Weatherly but I honestly wasn’t sure where in the series he would appear. I’ll be honest — I considered using a younger pic of him and cast him as Jimmy. When Declan showed up in the plot work for the series, Michael immediately fell into place for me.

          I created Gerard de Sade and spent several weeks trying to figure out who was going to play him in my head. So, it’s just a mixed bag. That being said, no matter the actor I have playing the character in my head the actor themselves doesn’t influence how I write them. I don’t know these people so it isn’t like I could put their personality into the characters and I wouldn’t even if I could — I don’t read or write RPF for a reason.

    • He is such a hunk. Some mentioned that the Seeley Booth character was too much of a puppy dog to be a de Safe Master, but I disagree. There is cold hard steel under the sweetness.

      • This is how actors end up getting type-casted. To me, David is a strong actor. I have no problems seeing him as a sadist or as a de Sade Master. The character of Kyle Napier is a strong man who was trained by Gerard — shaped to take his place at the head of the Institute over many other choices (including men and women who were related to Gerard). Kyle is a power house in his own right and just like all of Gerard’s Disciples, he’s absolutely not someone you should trifle with.

  39. Oh God that little teaser about Criminal Minds and TTB? just about died from excitement when i read that! Can’t wait for that and for this new chapter!!!

    Also i couldn’t vote but if i could it would be Jude Law, David is just a little too nice and gentle looking. Jude Law has an element of danger and mystery in his eyes that makes me think him better suited. 🙂 either way if Law doesn’t make it into this part i hope he does in another because he is lovely.

  40. I empathize with all those who find David to sweet to play Kyle… Then I remember Angelus! 😉

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