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1. I’m not dead.

2. I’m still writing.

3. It hasn’t been a year since I updated.

4. Read this post:

5. My next fan fic project update will be Ties That Bind unless I post my Harry/Hermione fic out of spite which could happen.

6. I haven’t started the next book in the War Mages trilogy.

7. I’m in the midst of replotting Arc 2 of Tangled Destinies. (Fuck You JJ Abbrams)

8. Season 2 Sentinels of Atlantis will probably start in the fall. I got distracted by doing an original fic Naked NaNo this month which is when I originally planned to start work on the season premiere of that series.

Check out my Naked NaNo Project:


Art by FanArts Series

Art by FanArts Series

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. YEAH!

    :: hands over the dark chocolate espresso shot with bourbon and no whip ::

    Also? I know you aren’t dead. A dead woman can’t bitch that much at the lack of apple fritters at her Kroger.


  2. It’s really good to know you are not dead. It would be really freaky if I had been reading tweets all this time from beyond the veil. lol

    I both love and am horrified by #5. (Just kidding).

  3. Happy about all the above comments.
    Whatever is given to us for your next story, I’m extremely happy about.
    Very glad you are not dead!

  4. I end up reading whatever you write. I like the story you are currently writing. The family interaction is fun.

  5. Glad you aren’t dead. As to what you post next, I think I would enjoy reading your grocery list if you add in a running commentary about your shopping experience, especially if you happened to be shopping with your Mom. Nevertheless, if you post it I will read it, het, slash, anything!

  6. I may be a horrible person (quit laughing!) but I kind of hope you do the spiteful thing and lead off with your Harry/Hermione fic. Not that I wouldn’t adore getting to read more TTB or anything else you are working on. I just haven’t come across a lot of good fic for that pairing yet.

  7. Congratulation on not being dead! Is there a card for that?

    I’m thrilled to hear about points 5 and 8! Thank you for the update! 😀

  8. We all want… but newsflash we don’t always get what we want!

    I wait with baited breath for any updates, twitter, fb, lj… just wait, don’t demand.

    People should be grateful that your work is given freely and available at no charge.

  9. I’m very glad you’re not dead. Zombie fan fic might cross some uncrossable squick line. I don’t want to have to make those kinds of decisions.

  10. regarding #5, spite me baby!!! SPITE ME!!! ok seriously, loving your naked nano project. can’t wait for any update including slice of life updates.

  11. I’m a huge fan of your stories – so well thought out and *hot* and compelling. Take as much time as you need and want – real life will always trump fanfic. And I’m kind of scared by the Harry/Hermione thing — I wasn’t a big fan of Harry/Draco until I read your series. You’ll most likely make me a shipper!

  12. I love your fic, I lurk, read and re-read your fic all the time. I stalk your LJ and Twitter so I know what you are up to. I would love for you to update, in fact the last time you did, I stayed up an extra hour to read it and practically jumped up and down, but you have a life and responsibilities, and like you said this is a hobby, and it’s supposed to be fun for you. So, assholes shouldn’t be demanding you update. If they read your LJ or Twitter or went on you’re naked nano site they’d know you still write, you just haven’t really finished anything recently. Personally, I’m content to wait, I’ll re-read your stuff, and find better things to do with my life than bother you like those ungrateful asshats.

    By the way, I’d love to read the Harry/Hermione fic. And can I ask how the new Star Trek movie messed up Arc 2 of Tangled Destinies?

  13. Helengloucester

    I can now go to the dentist happy (and that’s another first!) Hxx

  14. Glad you aren’t dead, as I chatted with you only a few nights ago. I’m a very grateful bitch, who is enjoying the fuck out of your NANO original work, and who enjoys re-reading absolutely everything on this site, updated or not. Keeps it fresh in my mind and heart. Love you!!!

  15. Thanks for posting this update! Especially when you’re doing us a huge favour by doing so. 🙂

    Everything on the list is great to see (even the Draco/Hermione fic you threatened us with! You should know my OTP in HP fandom was Draco/Ginny, so. :P)

    Thanks for the link to your new NakedNano story! I didn’t realise there was a new one up.

    I have a question, though. I really enjoyed reading the previous story you posted on NakedNano (sorry, I can’t recall the title since I’m crap at remembering titles). So I just went to find it to re-read and it’s disappeared. Is it normal for older rounds of stories to be removed off the NakedNano WordPress site?
    If so, I’ll download chapters to my computer this time. :))


    • The NaNo site is cleaned off before each challenge. Our next challenge starts November 1. I never finished the previous story I did for NaNo and probably won’t due to personal issues I discovered with writing the Alpha/Omega concept.

      • Thanks for the explanation! Also for letting me know so I won’t be on the look out for a continuation of the previous fic. You’re a sweetheart.
        I actually just spent my lunch break reading all ofthe latest NakedNano story. I LOVE the characters. Riley’s mum is a favourite. *g* Just pretty much how everyone is a nosey busybody in the caring sense is so much fun to read.

    • Oh. I threatened Harry/Hermione. Truthfully, I ship Draco/Daphne Greengrass if I’m not shipping him with Harry. I have a serious hate-on for Ginny Weasley.

      • /o\ I clearly shouldn’t be trusted to reply to things just after waking up. Yes, Draco with Daphne is a pairing I liked, but I just didn’t see much interesting fic at the time.
        Lol, well fanon!Ginny was much more fun to read than canon!Ginny, I admit. I rarely read fic with Harry part of the main ship, but I’ll definitely check this one out since I know I’ll enjoy your writing.

  16. 1. Didn’t think you were, seeing as you’re still posting on Twitter and FB. Unless you really are a ghost and you’re messing with us ’cause we pissed you off so much.

    2. see NANO

    3. It was yesterday, right?

    4. Have several times. Still think it’s funny. It made me more aware of what I write in my comments. I usually ask myself if what I’m saying could be taken the wrong way. And I imagine you sitting on my shoulder screaming in my ear: “say it right, bitch!” 🙂

    5. Even though we dub you the slash queen, there’s noting wrong with a woman slamming a guy into a mattress and screwing his brains out. Notice that the woman is in charge – aren’t you all proud of me?

    6. Well, damn! You really should find an extra hour or so in your already busy life to do this for your ungrateful fans (not the minions).

    7. Cool. Personally I don’t know where you find the time to do all this shit.
    (Fuck You JJ Abbrams) – ditto

    8. And if Series 2 doesn’t start in the fall it isn’t like we don’t have a virtual library of your stuff to read. I am not going to prostrate myself on a fainting couch and wail like a dumbass – unless you’d like me too, if that would make you feel better. And I almost spelled it prostate – see, you’er such a good influence on me!

    And now that I’ve possibly entertained you, but most definitely myself, I will go about my day, secure in the knowledge that all is well in the world because our beloved Keira posted on her website today.

    (wtf! Am I nuts? Where the fuck is my second cup of coffee?) 😉

  17. Good you are not dead. As for updates, well that just gives me an excuse to reread everything so I’m fully prepared for whatever you decide to post whenever you decide to post it

  18. Love your writing and thanks for updating your progress. Will waite patiently for whatever you choose to post. Thanks for writing.

  19. Hello Keira,

    I am also one of those individuals that lurks about your website.

    Sorry to hear so many individuals are giving you a hard time.

    I have always found your stories to be amazingly detailed in the combination of description of the scenes, nuances of different characters and dialogues. I think you have a wonderful gift at writing.

  20. Thank You!!!! I will happily keep you stocked in diet coke forever!!! I thoroughly enjoy all your writing. So it makes me wonder if the people who are complaining to you are the parents of some of my students… they sure sound like them! They want everything right now and don’t want to have to do anything on their end but whine… Two little words will never be enough but, Thank You!!!!

  21. All of your stories are one-of-a kind so I will happily wait whatever story you post first 🙂 I am sorry that there are people who are giving you a hard time 🙁

  22. So what can I send to make you relaxed and happy? Chocolate? Flowers? Cookies? Pizza? Harry and Draco to keep in your spare room? Obviously you aren’t dead since you’ve been organizing and posting on the Naked NaNo pages. ( wish I could type. I had to fix 5 errors I noticed in the this note so far)

    I really enjoy your work and am so glad you are willing to share it. I think there is only 1 story I didn’t enjoy but otherwise I re-read everything else regularly and have most of it loaded on my Kindle for when I’m away from a connection. I certainly look forward to your updates and dive into them the moment I get a minute but I DO realize that you have a life outside of the world of Keira Marcos that requires at least some of your attention. I think I used to ask for updates when I first started reading fan stories, back in the dark ages, thinking this was a compliment to the author. I quickly figured out that was just being a demanding bitch as I read other peoples feedback. I look forward to any future update and enjoy your tweets, livejournal, and facebook. Thank you

  23. I was personally under the impression that you had written loads this year. Naked nano has been fun to follow.

    I personally am looking forward to any and all of your work.

    Can I ask a question though, why has JJAbrhams caused you to replot your second arc (I’m super excited about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that you write for K/S BTW). Just curious, not that it will affect me throwing flowers onto the pavement as you walk along.

    • First, I want to say that canon means jack to me. I will fuck with it to an untold degree. However, I am incapable of ignoring the whole Admiral Marcus/Khan plot completely so I know it will come into play in Arc 3 and unlike some (JJ) I can’t just spring that on a reader without some lead up. I have to build the background and move things around and push it all into place in such a way that when Khan appears in TD that it will be like “Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.”

      • Oh thank you for replying, and please do continue messing with canon. It’s exciting to hear about the next two arcs of TD, it is my favourite fic of yours. The care that you take over your little universes really comes through in the small detailing of your plots. Not all do this .

        JJ can take a long walk off a short cliff as far as I’m concerned. He blew up Vulcan, the douche.

        • You can rest assured I’ll not be blowing up Vulcan.

          • That is such a relief, the whole vulcan issue was a little tic in the back of my mind, going “please Keira don’t blow up Vulcan, please don’t. please don’t.” ::fingers crossed:: LOL 😀

          • Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

            Obviously you can blow up what you want. But I really hoped you wouldn’t.

  24. See, if these readers where like me and checked your site daily, then did the sensible thing and followed the clickies to either what you’re reading, or twitter or even better your nano, they’d know you ‘an’t dead’ yet.

    I laughed at that cause now I don’t know if I want to re-read your star trek or go read some Terry Pratchett.

    Really enjoying reading about the sexy Dr. Shame I work in a hospital and really really don’t see very many of them. Do american’s horde them? We did have an Irish breast surgeon that the ladies would swoon over, but I was never sure if it was the anesthetics or him or just his accent!

    ***back to lurking****

  25. I can’t believe you have to put up with that shit! Oh wait, yes I can, there are asshats everywhere!
    I’m not a writer – I struggle to put reports together (could be cos it’s work …..) – so yeah just a reader. But I love to read and I basically stalk your site 🙂 – can’t help it I’m compelled to read your works – they rock.

  26. Yeah! Good to know that all the post are really from you.

    I too am a secret lurker but no worries your stories have kept me entertained. I haven’t felt neglected, I feel you do write a lot. I admit I rarely read original fiction because some have been in the past, a disappointment, but since it was you I gave it a try. Should have had more faith, it of course is excellent.

    Anything from you a joy, but I must admit it wasn’t until I saw the movies that I thought I could get behind Hermione/Harry ship. I of course shipped Draco/Harry from the start. I didn’t really see Harry and Ginny because really it just feels like they’re supposed to be a second coming of the epic tale of James and Lilly. That is just too much oedipus rex for me.

    Carol and Admiral Marcus are throwing your arc through a loop, sorry to hear that but I’m sure you will make it better.

    Anyways sorry if I rambled looking forward to the next post.

  27. I do adore you so. The whole “unless I post my Harry/Hermione fic out of spite which could happen” made me laugh so loud I scared the kitten.

    I will admit that I got an e-reader just so I could have your stories with me always.

  28. I’mma be straight up. I’m here for the HP. And your snark, which owns me. I am probably the most impatient person in the world when it comes to waiting for fic. But if I get gold the likes of The War Mage, I’m prepared to pack a lunch and wait. And for real, the person that causes you to post Harry/Hermione? I will hunt them down and scare them so bad, every time they hear “Keira”, they’ll shit themselves.

    Damn, I need brain bleach now… that was mean, yo.

  29. 1. this is good. It’s nice to hear that I wasn’t delusional and reading posts/tweets from a dead person xD

    5. I would actually be interested in seeing your Hermione/Harry fic 😀 I ship multiple Hermione/Person, Harry/Person fics so seeing these from you is always a treat. I think the ships I tend to NOT touch, even with a ten foot pole is Harry/Ginny and Hermione/Ron >.> (with the exception of these pairings being a background and not a main focus, in which case i ignore it to read the story, lol). I can’t stand them, but to each her/his own. On another point, am very excited to hear that TTB is a possibility 😀

    6. LOL, I thought it was pretty clear that you were comfortable with where you left War Mages and I was under the impression that when you do decide to pick it up again, it’ll be a couple years down the line. You have sooo many projects (not to mention a real life outside) pulling at you and it makes sense to leave War Mages alone for awhile since the place you stopped gives enough resolution, while allowing for future development.

    7. Ahhhh, ST: Into Darkness. I loved, even if I predicted half of the movie as I watched it. I’m curious to see what you adopt from the Abbrams verse and what you decide to change. Tangled Destinies is still my favorite of your writings 😀

    8. Well I’m very satisfied with your original Naked Nano Project~! It’ll also be interesting for me to see how much your writing changes between a rough draft and a final product when you finish with it 😀

  30. I thought Naked Nano was in November, so holy toledo, this is a huge update for me!

    I don’t get why people get so impatient when you already have such a huge library of such re-readable fic AND an on-going reclist AND a livejournal with lots of interesting entries. When they’re complaining about lack of reading material, they obviously just don’t know where to look.

    I also love it when you bitch out people who deserve it. So few people are bold enough to call out the asshats on their asshattery!

  31. I just wanted to chime in with my sincere appreciation for all of your hard work that gives us such rich worlds to read about.

  32. Keira,

    In response to your site update, I wanted to let you know my opinion. You’re awesome and your fiction is awesome no matter how many times I re-read it. So I will continue to lurk quietly in the background enjoying your talent, and I really hope that the assholes in the world don’t ever make you give up writing, because beyond all the sexy goodness that you write your stories always make me laugh and some days that is the best gift I could be given. So, thank you.

  33. I feel for you! And totally understand where you are coming from. I write myself, but unfortunately, due to health issues and real life crap, I haven’t updated anything in months. And like you, I get crap from fans that frankly, discourgage me and doesn’t make me want to write when I do have the time and inclination.

    You write when you can! I love when you update and when you don’t, well I have read your stories over and over and over and over and over…well you get the idea.

    You keep up the good work, write when YOU can, and don’t let all the other “people” discourage you.

  34. kaeruko_suigami

    As a full time student with a full time job and a family that pulls me in about six different directions at once I completely understand the levels of frustration you must feel towards people who want to spit at you because you aren’t accommodating their own needs. I’ve always loved your work, especially TTB which I went into with serious reservations. Even when I wish that some of your stories would go on forever I try to keep in mind that you have like half a dozen fan projects going on at once and a life outside of The Internet and your loving fans. And it is always worth the wait when I do get that email telling me something’s been updated. And the want for more has more to do with the way your stories suck me in and the completeness of the universes you create than a need for closure RIGHT NOW. The way you develop characters and plot keep me engaged and are the reason I re-read your work (all of it) over and over again.

    I just wanted to give you some much deserved love and appreciation and will be going back to lurking now…

    P.S. please don’t punish us with the harry/hermione. It’s just too close to incest for my delicate sensibilities 😉

  35. I have to say you are one of the few authors whose fics bear re-reading. Repeated re-reading. Very frequent repeated re-reading 🙂 Whenever I despair of finding anything good out in fanfic-land, I come back here and re-read your gems. I have held off reading your Tangled Destinies fic only because the last time I tried a new fandom via your fic (HP), it was so good and inspiring that I spent weeks searching and devouring more (though very, very few measure up to your fine quality standards). I have too much to do right now to venture off into another fandom, but I look forward to having enough downtime to do so. In the meantime, glad your still alive and kicking and giving the finger to ungrateful asshats (who totally don’t deserve you).

  36. I for one an ecstatic that you aren’t dead!! I agree that real life should come first. I love all of your work!!! I can not wait for your updates. 🙂

  37. Grrr… dumb people. It stinks that you were so annoyed that you felt the need to post and deny the rumors of your deadness. On the other hand thank you for answering all of the questions we are too polite (read as terrified) to ask. I was happy to see several favorites still on the to do list. Yeah!.

    Plus, I linked over to your original nano and really liked it (I’m generally not much for original fic – yes very plebian of me, I know). But your world building is superb as always and both guys were very likeable. I look forward to more of it whenever you have time to finish and polish it.

    Now I am going to brave the lion’s den and ask about Falling Slowly. Do you think you might finish and repost it at some time in the future? (Silly me I didn’t capture it when I had the chance). No nudging intended just wondering if it might be on the “Sometime in the future list”.

    #5 is either brilliant or terrifying, I’m not sure which. 🙂

    • Oh, sorry. You must not have seen my LJ post about it. I can’t… finish it right now. It’s tabled indefinitely. I didn’t realize I had some issues with the ALpha/Omega concept until I tried to write it. It really messed me up mentally. I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to it as it is currently conceived.

      • Thanks for letting me know. I did miss that LJ post. I can see that Alpha/Omega could easily mess with your mental landscape. Besides there are so many other things on your plate. No need for an unnecessary distraction. I will put it mentally in the permanent WIP file and just enjoy the stuff you have currently.

  38. Dear Keira
    I adore:
    – you
    – the fanfiction you write
    – the blogs you post
    – and the horse you rode into town with

    Your fanfiction quite frequently makes my day, week, month and most of last year better. Your characterisations of your omp/ofp (not sure I got that right, damn you english acronyms) are a delight. Some of them I want to slap ( not in a fun way) and some of them I want to snog (ok… More than some, but dammit Jim! I’m a woman not a corpse!). You make characters, original and canon, apear more vivid and alive than I remember them from the series. Your newsletter is favorited on my every device. Your homepage is constantly opened (leftest on my Ipad). The two weeks where I lost your site (as I said, always open, never needed to dial it before, had to wait for update to find it again… And buy a new Ipad) saw me cursing google (the ties that bind… How much fic could there possibly be….) and re-reading stargate fics in hope of a good, fleshed out story… With a plot…. And characters with more than one dimension…. And reasonably good grammar…. And wit…. (I failed…. You never appreciate a good fanfiction writer, until your cut of and have to wade through some of the crap thats out there. My eyes! They burn!)
    You rock! Don’ t let anyone tell you otherwise…. Now I need some sleep before the rest of my grammar leaves me too… Good night 🙂

  39. glad to know you’re still alive- have been enjoying your naked nano (hopefully there will be someone mounting someone soon! the ust is driving me crazy… 😛 ) and tweets; sad to say that i am as always behind on the rumor mill because i didn’t even know that you had met your demise. was it at least interesting? like eaten by swans intent on taking over the fan fiction world one competent author at a time or expiring from a reenactment of some strange 80’s youtube video for cp’s amusement? hopefully you’ll tweet about it soon! love your stories about real life happenings- my fave is when you took your mom to return something to wal-mart and you ripped the employee and the manager a new one… 😛 good times.

  40. I read “Season 2 Sentinels of Atlantis will probably start in the fall. ” and went all *flails happily* Sentinels! Atlantis! Keira fics! all my favs, fall 2013 is going to be the best thing ever. Also, Tangled Destinies is ♥ ♥ ♥

  41. Hi!
    Since I started reading your Atlantis stories, I have been a huge fan. Have read all of your Atlantis stories at least twice!
    I have all of them on my little Samsung tab, and there they will be (untill I upgrade to a larger tab – then they will be moved!)! All other stories I am reading are deleted when finished.
    I am looking forward to new stories from the Pegasus galaxy and more TD! <3

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