Harry’s Ward

Reading Time: 40 Minutes

Title: Harry’s Ward
Author: Keira Marcos
Beta: Ladyholder & Chris King
SeriesHarry Potter & the Soulmate Bond
Episode: 12
Fandom: Harry Potter
Relationship: Harry/Hermione
Word Count: 9,994
Rating: NC-17 (sex and language)
Warnings: Sexual content, off-screen child abuse, discussion of child abuse and violence against a child, bigotry, passing mention of rape, sexual harassment, and explicit language

Author’s Note: You know I hate Ron and Ginny Weasley, right? See Series page for further author notes, warnings, and ratings.


“Have fun on your little date yesterday?”

Hermione glanced up from her book and found Ron Weasley staring at her. “I did, actually. What do you want?”

“We’ve been friends since first year. I can’t believe you’re just going to throw away our friendship for that stuck up bastard.”

Hermione sighed and shut the book. “I suppose you approached me in the library because you know I won’t make a scene in here.” She shoved her book into her bag and stood. The Tear warmed against her skin and she touched the sparkling diamond with trembling fingers and took a deep calming breath. “I didn’t end my friendship with you because of Harry. I ended it because you’re a horrible bully and I don’t deserve to be treated the way you treated me.”

It wasn’t surprising at all that he followed her out of the library.

“Don’t you think you owe me some consideration?” Ron demanded half way to the tower. “I was your friend when no one else could even stand you.”

“Actually,” Hermione began as they entered the common room. She turned on him and pointed one slim fingered at him. “You kept me from making better and more loyal friends. You nearly got me killed on several different occasions because I was stupidly loyal while you were just bloody stupid.” Ron reared back from her shock. “Moreover, I don’t know what sort of little game you currently think you’re playing with me but it’s not going to work. I don’t have time for you, Ronald!” She turned on her heel and started towards the girl’s dorm despite their audience. Then turned at the stairs and smiled at him. “By the way, I always let you win when we played chess. Your game is decent, for someone of your limited intelligence, but you lack sophistication and your strategy is weak.” Then she executed a perfect little flounce out of the common room.

“That was really hot,” Neville said and turned to Harry. “Really.”

“Yeah,” Harry said with a little laugh and outright smirked when Ron glared at him. “You can’t think you scare me, Weasley, so stop looking at me like you’ve got anything to bring to a fight besides a loud mouth and a piss poor attitude.”

A Hogwarts elf popped into place in front of them at that moment.

“Lord Potter, you are requested in the infirmary.”

Harry stood as the elf popped away. “Right.”

“Want company?” Neville asked.

“No, there are only a couple of reasons I’d be called to the infirmary and they’re all the kind that would concern someone else’s private business. I have twelve wards in Hogwarts, right now.” Harry shrank his book and slid it into his pocket as he left the common room.

The walk to the infirmary was rather a nerve wracking one. Seeing Daphne Greengrass and Draco Malfoy hovering outside the hospital wing of the castle didn’t calm him down at all. Three of his wards were, in fact, in Slytherin. One was a sixth year witch but she’d guarded her status as an orphan even more stringently than Fay Dunbar did.

“What’s going on?”

Draco frowned at him briefly then closed his eyes. “Merlin, Darius Edwards. Of course, his mother died over the summer and his father is in Azkaban. I’m an idiot.”

“Be that as it may, what is going on?” Harry demanded.

“Darius came to me with a busted mouth and a broken arm,” Daphne said. “He refused to say how the injuries happened. He tried to get us to treat him in the dorm so no one would even know but the only Skele-gro in the castle is in the infirmary.”

“Excuse me,” Harry said coolly.

“I’ll go find out what happened,” Draco offered.

“You do that,” Harry agreed. He pushed into the infirmary and went in search of Pomfrey. He found her and Darius behind a curtain near the back of the room.

Darius Edwards had joined Potter Redoubt after the summer trip so Harry hadn’t met him until the night of the sorting. He’d exchanged several letters with the younger boy though—just as he did all the residents of Potter Redoubt and thought he’d been building a good relationship with him.

“Ah, Lord Potter,” Pomfrey said as she lowered her wand. “He’ll have to spend the evening with me and I’ve already dosed him with Skele-gro.”

Harry nodded. “Pain reliever?”

“He declined it.”

“Consider that choice vetoed,” Harry returned. “Please get a one ready so he can take it after we talk.”

“Of course.” She left them as Darius huffed and turned his head.

Harry pulled a chair over and sat down it in. “Mrs. Christian handles most of the parental duty for you guys, but you knew when you joined the others at Potter Redoubt that I was going to be your guardian. It’s a little late to change your mind but I understand your cousins from your mother’s side in Bulgaria were willing to take you.”

“Yeah,” Darius muttered. “As long as I was willing to forgo a formal magical education, give them all of my money, and work like a slave on their farm. Sounds like a grand time.”

Harry grinned in spite of himself. “Well, you did have a choice. You chose me, kid, so now you’re stuck with me.” He crossed his legs at the knee and sat back in the chair. “Explain your condition and if you lie to me—you’ll spend Yule break writing a twenty inch essay on the consequences of dishonesty.”

“Cormac McLaggen.”

“Seventh year Gryffindor,” Harry said.

“Yeah.” Darius frowned. “He’s unconscious in a third floor bathroom.”

Harry nodded. “Okay.”

“He said something unsavory about… about your witch.” Darius shifted and grimaced in pain. “So I told him to shut his mouth about her and he pulled his wand and blasted me into the wall and broke my arm.”

“And then?”

“I pulled my wand and hexed him back,” Darius said.

“With what exactly?”

“Knee-reversal,” Darius admitted. “Then I… kicked him in the face a few times.”

Harry barely refrained from laughing. He was pretty sure as the parental figure in the conversation he was supposed to be stern and not laugh. “Right.” He exhaled sharply. “Are you willing to repeat what he said about Hermione?”

“It’s really vulgar,” Darius whispered.

“I’m not going to hold it against you, Darius, if you repeat what McLaggen said.”

“Right.” Darius huffed and rubbed the back of his hand across his mouth nervously. “He said… Hermione’s always been fuckable. It’s just too bad Potter has her all tied up in a courting period. I’d love to bend her over in a broom closet. Have you seen her tight little arse lately?

Harry’s mouth dropped open. “I see and who did he say this to?”

“Macmillan from Hufflepuff,” Darius said. “Macmillian, the twat, he ran as soon as Cormac cursed me.”

“I see. Well, thank you for standing up for her,” Harry stood from the chair. “I’ll take care of him and he won’t bother you again. Also? Your language is horrible.” He paused. “Why don’t you want the pain potion?”

“I don’t like the idea of how defenceless it will leave me,” Darius admitted.

“Kiki!” Harry called and a house elf appeared. “This is Darius. He’s a resident of Potter Redoubt. Shortly, he’s going to be sleeping due to a pain potion. You’re going to stay with him until he wakes. This is your only duty until then.”

“Yes, Master Harry.” Kiki crawled up onto the end of Darius’s bed and a little bag appeared in front of her and she pulled out some knitting. “Would Master Darius like a new jumper?”

Darius eyed her and the Slytherin green yarn in her lap. “Yeah, that would be great, Kiki, thanks.”

Harry gave them both a nod and left his ward in Poppy Pomfrey’s care. His stroll to the third floor bathroom served to cool his temper. The entrance of the bathroom was being blocked by a mixture of Hufflepuff and Gryffindor boys—fifth year and up. He moved through the crowd pretty quickly and wasn’t surprised to find Draco Malfoy and Roger Davies both staring at Cormac McLaggen who was propped up against the wall. His mouth and nose were bloody but no longer actively bleeding. He knees were, indeed, reversed.

“Well,” Harry began coolly. “Now we know what happens when someone pokes a snake.”

McLaggen wiped his mouth and groaned. “I’m going to get that little bastard expelled.”

“Is that so?” Harry asked pleasantly. He pulled out his blackwood wand and casually reversed the knee-reveresal hex. The older boy’s screams were satisfyingly horrific. Even Draco paled a little more than usual. “Let’s talk about your fascination with my girlfriend’s tight arse, shall we?”

“Merlin,” Roger muttered and shook his head.

He cast a diagnostic charm on the seventh, found that Darius had knocked out two of his teeth, cracked his jaw, given him a mild concussion, and broken his nose. Harry sighed and cancelled the diagnostic. “Nothing to say for yourself, McLaggen?”

“Fuck you,” McLaggen hissed, pale with shock at the pain he’d just endured.

“Oh, no, we’re not here to talk about my arse,” Harry said with a little shake of his head. “Though I certainly wouldn’t blame you for your interest—it’s pretty fantastic.” He set the older boy’s nose with a silent flick of his wrist. McLaggen groaned and tried to scramble away only to be shoved back into place by Roger Davies’ foot.

“Stay put, arsehole,” Davies snapped. “He’s doing you a favor by healing you, after all.”

“Nothing to say about how fuckable you find my witch?” Harry asked. “You sure had a lot to say to Macmillan about it.” He turned to the pure-blood Hufflepuff in question. “Isn’t that right, Ernest?”

Ernie paled dramatically and nodded slowly. “I… there was a very inappropriate conversation about Miss McGonagall that will absolutely not happen again in my presence where Cormac did express some rather explicit interest in her. When that first year Slytherin called him out for the ugly way he was speaking, McLaggen cursed him into the wall. I went to get Roger immediately but when we got back here the first year was gone and Cormac was… well… you saw him.”

“Yes, I did see him,” Harry said and casually began regrowing the teeth Darius had knocked out. Cormac started screaming again and a little blood trickled out of his mouth. “Now, see what you did. You bit your tongue. That’s just irritating.”

“Jesus Christ,” one of the Gryffindor’s muttered as they all watched Cormac struggle under the healing spell.

Harry fixed the boy’s tongue next then finally his jaw. He cast a cleaning charm next, getting rid of all the blood. He put away his wand with a satisfied nod. There was nothing he could about the concussion. “There, McLaggen, all better.”

Cormac gagged and slumped against the wall.

“I thought parselmagic was supposed to be the most advanced healing magic on the planet,” one of the boys said. “How does it hurt that bad?”

“Oh,” Harry said and shook his head. “Pardon me, Cormac, I’m not often called upon for such healing and simply forgot I could’ve made this whole thing painless for you.” He shoved his hands into his pockets. “I’m sure there is a lesson in this for all of us. Shall we review?”

“I get it,” Cormac hissed as he tried to stand. “Don’t talk about your girlfriend’s arse.”

Harry’s gaze narrowed. “Is that what you think this is about?” He fisted his hand into the older boy’s jumper and jerked him to his feet. He shoved him against the wall, his skin darkened. “You cursed a child into a wall and broke his arm. And you think my biggest concern in this is you running your foul mouth about my witch’s arse?”

Cormac tried to pull free and only managed to get himself shoved back into place. “The little snake should’ve minded his own business. What do you care? He’s a Slytherin.”

“He’s eleven fucking years old, you vicious prick,” Harry snapped. “You put your wand to him again and I’ll make you look back on the last twenty minutes of your life fondly. Are we clear?”

“Yes.” Cormac jerked free of him and stumbled away. He leaned against a sink and dry heaved.

“As to my witch,” Harry began, “if you lay a hand on her exceptional arse and I’ll gut you.”

Cormac barely made it into a stall before he started throwing up.

Harry strolled out of the bathroom, Roger and Draco trailing in his wake. Sullivan Fawley fell into place with them and none of them said anything as they entered Gryffindor tower. Hermione was on the sofa with Astoria, working an intricate ruby eyed golden snake into first year’s pale blond hair.

“Look what Star brought for me, Lord Harry,” Astoria said excitedly. “We’re going to take pictures and I’m going to be in the next catalog!”

Harry grinned. “New outfit?”

Astoria nodded and would’ve gotten up to show off her little blue dress and the matching day robe if Hermione hadn’t held her in place. “We asked my mum first. She said it was okay.”

“That’s great,” Harry said sincerely. “Neville, join us?”

Neville nodded and put away his book before shouldering his bag and following the others to Harry’s private quarters. Dobby had anticipated him and already had a table ready with a tea service in place. A plate of biscuits appeared before Harry finished preparing his tea.

“Darius?” Draco asked.

“She set his arm and had already dosed him with Skele-gro by the time I arrived. He’ll return to his dorm tomorrow,” Harry said. Neville raised an eyebrow in question and Harry waved to Draco who outlined what had happened.

Neville shuddered while Draco explained how Harry had healed Cormac but was nodding by the end of it. “I warned him off Hermione last year actually.”

“Circumstances?” Harry asked.

Neville sighed. “I heard him talking about offering to open her but there was nothing respectful about his intentions. I was afraid he’d hurt her, one way or another, so I told him to leave her alone and that he’d have to go through my Gran to even get a chance with Hermione. He’s such a dumb arse that he didn’t even question how that was possible. I guess he just assumed that her parents had assigned my Gran Hermione’s magical guardianship. That does happen and I’d actually considered asking Gran to do that for Hermione to offer her some protection and so that someone could explain the necessity of being opened to her. I wasn’t sure I could make myself do it and I knew that the Weasleys hadn’t.”

“I’m honestly surprised that Weasley didn’t try to bed her,” Davies said bluntly. “Everyone knows he tried to claim her in third year—well everyone except her.”

“Oh, she knows now,” Neville said. “That’s why he sported that shiner for a few days. She punched him in the face when she found out.”

“I really resent missing that,” Draco said. “She punched me once—in third year.”

Harry raised an eyebrow at him. “What did you do to deserve it?”

“His hate-on for the Weasel is epic,” Davies said. “And Hermione’s loyalty has never been a question.”

“Ron Weasley is such a waste of magic,” Draco muttered.

Dobby popped into the room then, hands wringing. “Oh, Master Harry, that bad wizard send yous witch another letter. She be very upset.”

Harry started to respond but the portrait swung open and Hermione stalked in a parchment clutched in her fist.

“He threatened you!”

Harry raised an eyebrow even as Dobby provided another chair. He took the letter she proffered and motioned her to sit. “Have a seat, Mi. These lads are civilized enough to have tea with at the moment.”


Your adopted mother’s response to my interest was insulting. My father is drafting an official response on behalf of the House of Krum. I will not stand for such treatment from you and your mother’s unseemly behavior will be addressed as well.

You will inform Potter that you are ending the courting period with him as you’ve accepted a marriage contract with me. If you don’t I will have no choice but to call him out. Surely you don’t want wish harm to come to your little lordling because you don’t know your place.


Harry snorted. “I really wish he would.” He tossed the letter on the table and nodded when Draco reached for it. He pulled out his communication mirror. “Sirius Black.” His father’s face appeared rather quickly. “What sort of fall out would we expect if Viktor Krum called me out and I accidentally killed him?”

“Hmmm, well he’s nineteen, right?” Sirius asked. “If he calls out a sixteen year old and gets himself killed—I would just expect people to develop a healthy fear of you. Why?”

Harry hummed under his breath. “He’s trying to intimidate Hermione into ending our courting our period by threatening to challenge me to a duel. Any ideas on explaining his intense interest in her?”

“She’s a beautiful, magically gifted witch. That would be enough for most wizards to express interest.” Sirius sighed. “Is she sitting with you?”


“I have some offensive things to say.”

“I won’t get upset,” Hermione said as she plucked a handful of biscuits from the plate. She turned to Dobby. “Is there any of that brilliant lemon cake? I’d love some of it.”

“Dobby get it,” the elf promised and popped away.

“Right,” Sirius said. “From a breeding perspective, a magically powerful witch increases the chances of a magical child. Beyond that, there is the Ross fortune. Until Minerva adopted Hermione, the fortune was due to be distributed to various charities upon her death. That’s a matter of public record. Minerva made that known when her second husband died as there was some question as to the distribution of his assets from a few of his cousins. Now, the Heiress of Ross is one of the wealthiest unmarried witches in Britain. She’s also known to prefer wizards. The Heiress of the House of Bones, very wealthy and very powerful, has already announced no interest in wizards for marriage. There are a few other choices—Daphne Greengrass, Cho Chang, and Fay Dunbar come to mind immediately on that front. Gerald Greengrass has started refusing offers so word is—his daughter has her eye on someone. Xian Chang spends the better part of every day trying to kiss my arse so everyone and their brother knows who he has his eye on. Even your courting period with Hermione hasn’t dissuaded him from trying to sell us his daughter. Fay Dunbar is a wild card on the marriage market currently.”

“So Viktor wants my money and perhaps my womb but more likely he just wants the thrill of dominating me because that’s the kind of man he is and the money is a bonus,” Hermione said thoughtfully and gratefully accepted the cake Dobby put in front of her.  “And he’s stupid enough to meet a parselmouth on the dueling field.”

“Harry will make very quick work of him,” Neville said.

“No, he won’t,” Hermione corrected. “That wouldn’t teach anyone a lesson, now would it?”

Harry laughed and shook his head. He accepted his own cake and wasn’t surprised when Niall announced to more visitors. Fay and Lavender were added to the table with a few adjustments. He ended the conversation with his father and concentrated on his rather unexpected guests. Dobby was in his element—providing cake varieties and different types of tea.

“Obviously the Howler didn’t go over well,” Fay said. “Next step?”

“I’ll let him make it,” Hermione said. “There is no need to engage in a battle of wits with unarmed wizard. He’ll either back off because he’s a coward or he’ll challenge Harry because he’s an idiot. Either way, at this point I think it’s their business, don’t you?”

Lavender grinned. “Not very modern of you, Hermione.”

“Viktor Krum is a monster. He’s attempting to use protocols and the inference that he has some sort of carnal knowledge of me to bully me into a marriage contract. Those same protocols, however, shield me from the attentions of such inferior men. That’s what the exclusive courting period is for.”

“Yes, but if he puts me down,” Harry began. “You’d be socially obligated to socialize with him for the rest of my courting period—though you could require a chaperone.”

She sent him a dirty look. “I expect you to decimate him if he challenges you. Maim him for life. Ruin his Quidditch career. I want the mere thought of me to make his prick crawl up into his stomach.”

Draco Malfoy leaned forward slightly. “I’m very sorry for anything I did or said since the day we met that might have upset you in the slightest.”

She grinned at him. “Oh, it’s okay, Draco. Punching you in the face in our third year really did a lot for me. I’ll let you know if I need to do it again.”

Across the room, Isis and Hathor slipped over the top of the heat box and swept across the rug toward Harry. He leaned down and held out his hand. Both snakes curled around his hand and he sat back up. “Hello darlings.” The black, white, and grey snakes hissed nonsense at him and writhed on around his hand and arm. He pushed some of his magic into them and they gave off a gentle glow.

“Where were they?” Sullivan asked. “They were in the castle when the Dementors came. Loose in the castle.”

“Yes, they were,” Harry agreed. “This is Isis and Hathor. They are sisters and I found them in an apothecary in Paris when I was six. They are intensely loyal to each other and are the best educated of all my snakes. They attended tutoring sessions with me, you see, and paid attention. They’ve been looking after Ravenclaw for me.”

“Spying you mean,” Roger Davies said with a frown.

“Spying is such an ugly word, Mr. Davies, and not entirely accurate. I could use my house elves for that if I wanted. Isis and Hathor are not the sort I would send to gather detailed information. They are students of magic—the dark, the light, and the grey. More so than any other house at Hogwarts, Ravenclaw is a nest of full of knowledge and infinite shades of magic. There are dark minds in your house, you know.”

“I do know,” Roger admitted. “The dark arts are too tempting and mysterious for some to leave alone. I suppose the others were taking a little tour of the other houses.”

“Yes,” Harry agreed. “I found what I expected to find sort of.” He looked at Fawley. “Hufflepuff is full of sweetness, light, and a surprising amount of rather depraved sex.”

Sullivan laughed. “Sex, yes? Depraved… hardly.” He blushed with both snakes started to hiss. “What are they saying?”

“That you have no right to blush,” Harry said with a laugh. “Apparently, Horus has been telling them all about your little affairs. Osiris went to Slytherin and he found himself quite at home there. I think he has a bit of a crush on Daphne Greengrass but then who can blame him?”

“She is gorgeous,” Lavender said. “Total goddess naked.”

The other girls nodded.

Harry held up a hand. “Really. I must insist you stop teasing us this way. What happened?”

Hermione started to respond then she shook her head. “Just make up your own story. Trust me, it’ll be much more entertaining than what actually happened.”

* * * *

Harry shifted his weight, shuddered as Hermione arched under him—her body lithe and sweet against his as they kissed. The heat of her was intoxicating, her skin soft and alluring. Her mouth was eager, her approach confident. She knew exactly how to kiss him—the perfect combination of give and take that got him hot. In the back of his mind, he wondered if she’d made a little chart on a piece of parchment.

“Harry,” she whispered as he pulled her mouth from hers.

He trailed kisses along her jaw. “Do you want to stop?”

“No,” she said with a shiver. “I want more.”

He kissed her collarbone, used one hand to unbutton her shirt. “I can give you more.” Harry paused and shifted off of her. “Just a second.” He left the bay window where they were sprawled and went to his door. He activated the privacy charm, drew his wand and put up his wards.

Hermione shifted to her knees, finished unbuttoning her blouse and shrugged it off.  The little t-shirt underneath was thin and it joined her shirt on the floor next to the bay window. Harry pulled off his own shirt and dropped it in her pile. He exhaled sharply when she worked her jeans down her hips and moved to sit so she could take them off entirely.

Harry unbuckled his belt and pulled the leather through the loops slowly as she relaxed back into the pillows. The bay itself was as big as a day bed and was their favorite place to relax in his private quarters. She was wearing a pair of tiny blue knickers and a naughty smile, so he took it for the challenge it was and unbuttoned his jeans with a few flicks of his fingers. He let them pool at his feet and stepped out of them.

Her breath got a little ragged as he joined her, crawling over her silently. He paused at her stomach, dipped the tip of his tongue into her belly button briefly as he breathed in the scent of her—thanks to his animagus form all of his senses were a little better than normal. Her arousal smelled sweet, spicy and without even thinking about it, really, he slipped lower and nuzzled her silk covered sex with a low groan building in his chest as he did so.

“Oh,” Hermione whispered as one of her hands clutched at the back of his head. “That’s oh…”

“Too much?” Harry asked. “Sorry… I…”

“It’s okay,” Hermione whispered. “It wasn’t too much… just unexpected. Do you want… would you…” She blushed furiously.

“I’d love to eat you out,” he admitted without a hint of shame. He hooked his fingers into the front of her knickers and hummed under his breath as she lifted her hips. He swept the little blue scrap of silk down on her legs and dropped it in their pile of clothes. He pressed a soft open mouthed kiss at the top of her bare mons. “Spread your legs a little more for me.”

Her breath caught as she did as he instructed and he lowered his mouth to her heated, aroused flesh. His hot, wet tongue slid between her labia and she moaned with a mixture of shock and pleasure. He stroked his tongue over her clit once, then again and she came with a startled little shudder.

Hermione relaxed under his mouth and shivered. “Don’t stop, please.”

He hummed his agreement but left her clit alone. His tongue dipped into her clenching, empty entrance. Harry looked up as he fucked her shallowly with his tongue and groaned at the sight her—back arched, her own hands clenched on her breasts. He urged one of her legs onto his shoulder and swept his tongue through her slit from hole to clit. She shuddered and cried out. He let himself go at that point and worked his mouth on her just a little roughly. He sucked her clit, slipped two fingers into her hole and fucked her with them—fast and hard. Her cunt rushed wet as she came for the second time.

He slipped upward her body, keeping his fingers deep in her, pressing against her g-spot as she shuddered. Hermione wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close. She moaned against his mouth.

“You taste like me,” she whispered as they exchanged soft, deceptively sweet kisses. “That was so good.”

“You taste great and I’m glad you like it. I was told some witches don’t.”

“I can’t even imagine how,” Hermione said a little shocked. “I want to… I want to,” she trailed off with a groan as he started to slide his fingers in and out of her. “Harry.”

“What do you want, Mi?” He asked against her jaw as she curled against him.

“Can I…” She shuddered and arched against his fingers. “Oh, fuck.”

He lowered his head and sucked one hard nipple into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around it—played with the rigid flesh until she curled one hand around his shoulder and her nails dug into his skin. He clenched teeth on her and she came again. Her body tightened against him and a soft, shocked sob wracked her body. Harry released her nipple and carefully pulled his fingers from her as he gathered her close and held her as she shook.

Harry shifted on his back, adjusted his erection in his shorts and rubbed her back gently as she stopped trembling. “You okay?”

She huffed and slid her hand down his stomach and right into his briefs. She wrapped her fingers around him with more confidence than she’d had the first time she’d jerked him off and rubbed her thumb over the wet head.

“Don’t laugh,” she whispered.

“I’d never laugh at you,” Harry murmured and took a deep breath as she started to stroke him.

“I’ve been practicing… you see.” She lifted her face so she could look at him. “I’m excellent at transfiguration, you know.”

“I do know,” Harry agreed as she released his cock and pulled her hand from his pants. He took a deep breath as she hooked her fingers into the material much the same way he had done and lifted his hips obligingly. “You don’t…have to do anything, Mi.”

“I didn’t spend the last week studying and transfiguring my least favorite quill so I could practice… not to get the experience the real thing.” She tossed his shorts over her shoulder and focused on his sex. “You… look good.” She rubbed her fingers through the short, neatly cropped patch of black pubic hair.

“I can take it off if you don’t like it,” Harry murmured as he watched her study him. “I certainly like you bare.” Her fingers drifted upwards briefly, following the narrow trail of hair on this stomach that stopped just below his belly button. “I already use a charm on my chest anyways… not that I have a lot of hair there but I prefer to keep it off.”

“Your body,” she murmured. “Your choice.” She moved her hand down and used her thumb to gather pre-cum from the head of his cock, which she boldly sucked into her mouth.

“Merlin,” Harry muttered as she slipped further down. He sucked in a deep breath as she licked the head of his prick and wrapped one hand around him. “Just… what were you turning your quill in to exactly?”

“A very good replica of your cock,” she admitted before she sucked him into her mouth.

Janelle had done this for him just twice and the first time she’d scraped him up with her teeth. The second time had been decent but she hadn’t liked it which had made him uncomfortable so he’d made sure she never felt like she had to do it again. He realized, rather belatedly, that he didn’t have the experience required to have any sort of stamina with this particular act.

Fuck,” he hissed as he slid one hand through her hair. The other he fisted on a pillow. He spread his legs when she prodded and slightly cool, slim fingers drifted over his balls. She swallowed around the head of his prick and his stomach trembled. Harry groaned low in his chest and shuddered. “Mi, I’m going to… yeah, fuck that is so good.” His hand clenched her in her hair and she moaned around him. “I’m going to come.”

Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked and her tongue pressed against the underside of his prick as she sucked harder. He came with a little shudder and a harsh groan. Hermione slipped upward, licking the corner of her mouth as she did and said nothing while he summoned a blanket from the sofa. He tossed it over them both and exhaled.

“I’ll get better.”

“It was great,” Harry said softly. “Really bloody fantastic.”

“I thought it might have been a bit good,” she admitted with a laugh. “Considering half of what you said there at that end was in parseltongue.”

He blushed and laughed. “It’s been a few years since I’ve had that kind of lapse. When I first… embraced my ability, I would often slip into parseltongue when I was upset or terribly excited.” He pressed a kiss to the top of her head when she giggled. “I want to talk to you about something. I’ve been thinking about it… well, since long before I met you actually.”

“Okay.” She snuggled in close and rested her head on his shoulder.

“I want to ward you,” Harry whispered.

“Me, personally?” She lifted her head. “Like what? An intent ward? Can you do that?”

“I could anchor the ward to your magical core,” Harry admitted. “It’s not something parselmouths talk about much because most magicals don’t have the magical power to sustain a heavy ward. You do. We are working on a different kind of ward that parselmouths could place on witches to protect them like this one will protect you.”

“What would it do? Would it be like the Tear?” She touched the diamond that was laying in the hollow of her throat.

“It would behave like the Tear, yes, and there aren’t many limits due to your magical power but specifically I’d like to ward you in such a way that a no wizard could penetrate you without permission.”

“Rape prevention,” Hermione said quietly. “That’s… huh.”

“I don’t want to upset you with this discussion and this isn’t me trying to assert some sort of control over your body or anything like that. It’s just since your fourth year, I’ve had nightmares about you being attacked that way.”

“Then you come here and Goyle… and now Viktor is sending me letters,” Hermione murmured. “I understand.”

“It would prevent me as well. You’d have to give me rather explicit permission even for the amount of play we just indulged in. No one could enter you vaginally or anally with anything—body part or object. If I used my personal dialect, no other parselmouth on Earth could take the ward down without you knowing because it would have to be removed with ritual magic. Even I would require a ritual and full conclave to remove it once it’s set. It could be created in such a way that the ward would warn you when you are in the company of someone you can’t trust in that particular way. A gentle warning—not anything that would make you a nervous wreck. Just something to put you on guard.”

“Would I have to give you permission every time?” Hermione asked with a little smirk.

“That actually sounds a little sexy,” Harry admitted. “But, no you could give me permission for certain activities and the ward would remember. Such intent wards, because they are maintained by your own magic, would also respond to your own desires eventually. The longer you have it—the better it will respond to what you want with or without verbal communication between you and a partner.”

“And if someone attempted to rape me?” Hermione asked quietly.

“The more violent they are with you—the more violently the ward would repel them. Say you’re dancing with someone at an event and he tries to cop a feel… the ward would dissuade him much like a repelling charm.”

“But if it were worse—say if someone cornered me in a room and attacked me.”

“His intent would be doubled back on him,” Harry admitted. “It could be fatal in some circumstances but no one could blame you for that—the attacker would be warned repeatedly to back off before the ward responded fatally.” He ran his hand down her back. “You can talk to your mother about it.”

“No, I want it,” Hermione said. “I want you to do it right now. Can you do it now?”

“Yeah,” Harry murmured. He kissed her gently and slid out from underneath the blanket. He picked up his wand holster and pulled out the blackwood wand.

“That’s your parselmagic wand.”

“I use it predominantly for parselmagic, yes. It is my first my wand. I picked up the holly wand in Diagon Alley shortly before I came to Hogwarts. The wand maker really insisted that I take it. He said it had been basically been shouting for me since I turned eleven.” He rejoined her and with a little smile pulled the blanket from her. “You are so lovely, you know. I count myself a very lucky wizard to have such a witch as you—beautiful inside and out.”

“But you wouldn’t have cared if I wasn’t your physical ideal,” Hermione surmised. “I’ve seen you look at other witches—you’re most attracted to girls with my build. I think you appreciate Lavender’s obvious attributes but you don’t find her sexually attractive.”

“Not really,” Harry admitted. “She’s a very pretty girl but, no, you’re right she isn’t what I’d consider ideal. You’re also right that I wouldn’t care if you weren’t my type physically. I would’ve adjusted accordingly.” He paused and laid down beside her. “Though Emmie has bringing me pictures of you since well before puberty. It could be that you’re my type because… I sort of grew up wanting you.”

She flushed. “That’s a perfectly charming thing to say.” She sucked in a deep breath as he ran the tip of his wand gently over one nipple. His magic danced on her skin and she shuddered. “Harry.”

“Having a parselmouth for a lover can come with some very unique experiences,” Harry murmured. “I’d hate to think I was depriving you.” Magic sparked over her skin as he slid the wand downward over her tummy. “This is going to be very personal, intimate.”

“Like the ritual,” Hermione asked.

“It’ll be more intimate than that,” Harry said. “I’ll be touching your magic. It’ll be different than the ritual we did for the Tear because in that ritual you were exposed to me but I didn’t touch your magic in return. Physical pleasure is fantastic and I’m not saying it’s not intimate but this is something else entirely. Frankly, it doesn’t bother me that you had sex before me but if I found out you’d shared your magic intimately with another wizard I’d be… profoundly jealous.”

“I haven’t,” she said quickly. “We haven’t studied that at all.”

“You won’t here at Hogwarts. It’s ritual magic and it’ll happen in your coven and with Healers in a very superficial way. It’s perfectly acceptable for you to share your magic in a ritual setting as long as the contact isn’t personal or to allow Healers to interact with your magic if you are injured or ill. Even when I’m directing the magic of others in ritual—I don’t get personal with them. There is an emotional disconnect in ritual magic in a formal circle that makes creating a personal connection with anyone in the circle impossible. Though one of the reasons why witches and wizards practice ritual magic separately is the fact that most wizards couldn’t handle their witch sharing even that level of magic with a wizard other than themselves. The situation has to be dire for a coven and a conclave to work together because the High Witch and High Wizard have to share quite a bit of magic in the exchange. And it’s rare that two such people have a relationship that would allow such an exchange.”

“What about when you take me into your conclave for… the sex magic rituals,” Hermione questioned.

“If we make that decision, together, to do that within my conclave no man in my circle would dare touch your magic during the event. It would be considered such a crime that they would lose their place in the conclave and perhaps their life if they hurt you.”

“Did you kill Hutchinson?” Hermione asked suddenly.

“I maimed him for life,” Harry confessed. “If he’d lived—he would’ve never been the same magically or physically. However, I entered the bank with the intention of making sure he was dead before the night ended. My second in the conclave was going to do it for me because… because I didn’t want to kill in front of your mother. The rest is for her to tell you.”

“Okay,” Hermione whispered. “Show me some magic, Lord Potter.”

Godric, come here, lad. We are going to ward my Queen,” Harry hissed as he slid down her body. He knelt between her legs and took a deep breath. Across the room, Godric slid out of the heat box at around seven feet long and slithered to them—already lit with fire. He lifted his body elegantly from the floor and Harry offered him a hand which, Godric wrapped around. “This isn’t ritual magic. Ward placement isn’t done within the confines of any sort of circle, personal or otherwise but the principals are somewhat similar.”

Hermione shivered as Godric’s fire touched her skin. He slithered over her thighs as he spread his fire over both their bodies and Harry started to create runes in the fire drifting over her skin. She felt warm, safe, and so protected that it was startling. The runes settled on her in groups, sinking into her skin as her aura flared within Godric’s fire ward. Harry’s magic pushed deep into her and she arched at the pleasure of it; her sex rushed wet and her nipples tightened. A sweet, delicious pressure ebbed low in her belly and she groaned as it built and built as the magic rushed over her. She came harshly, shamelessly writhing in his magic.

The fire receded and Godric slithered away to curl up on a pillow near the window shrinking down to his smallest size. Harry put his wand down beside the snake and crawled over her a little shaken by the magic and power they’d shared. He nuzzled her stomach with a low groan. “Merlin, Hermione.”

“Me?” She laughed weakly. “You just made me come with magic.”

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” Harry said. “I need…” He trembled as he tried to push down on his own arousal. “Fuck.”

She pulled him to her, spreading her legs boldly so he could lie between them. “I want you to come on me.”

“Yeah,” he agreed.

“Make me come again,” Hermione urged. “Rub your cock against my pussy until we both come.”

“Merlin, woman, have some decency,” Harry murmured. “You’re going to drive me crazy.”

“You did say I had to be explicit about what I wanted,” Hermione reminded breathlessly as he slipped one hand between them and cast the lubrication charm in a low hiss.

He shifted again rubbing the head of his dick against her clit and she groaned. Hermione wrapped her legs around his waist as he rolled his hips in a slow easy rhythm. She picked up the movement of his body quickly, meeting him thrust for thrust until she was moaning into his mouth. He came first but she followed, trembling with a little needy sound as his semen hit her stomach.

* * * *

Hermione said nothing while her mother read Krum’s letter. The changes in her relationship with the older witch since her adoption were profound and at times she found herself at a loss how to be both the woman’s daughter and her student at the same time. But, right now wasn’t one of those times. After she’d left Harry to get ready for a meeting with his conclave, she’d showered and immediately sought her mother out to show her the letter that Viktor had sent.

Minerva set aside and sighed. “I’m not concerned about Lord Potter’s ability to defend himself if he were challenged and I hope you aren’t either.”

“I know Harry can handle himself,” Hermione said quietly. “I just… it’s barbaric and wrong and I don’t like the idea of them fighting over me like I’m a piece of bloody land!”

Minerva nodded. “No reasonable woman would want someone she cares about involved in such a situation. I’ll send the House of Krum a letter letting them know that Viktor’s interest is unwelcome and I will not consent to any sort of relationship whatsoever between the two of you.” She tapped the parchment in front of her. “Don’t respond to this.”

“Okay,” Hermione murmured and took a deep breath. “Will he challenge Harry?”

“I don’t know,” Minerva admitted. “I doubt Viktor would see him as a threat because of his age and the perception that he grew up isolated and pampered. Not many people know or even understand what sort of life Lord Potter led before coming here.”

“I see,” Hermione murmured. “I just… I’m really angry with myself for being friends with Viktor and allowing this situation to develop. I can’t understand why he would persist.”

“You’re worth a great deal of money.”

Hermione sighed. “Right. That’s obscene. I don’t know how Harry puts up with this kind of shallow, ugly attention.”

“He has a reputation for not tolerating it at all,” Minerva admitted. “Harry has a wide circle of friends, Hermione, but his truly intimate relationships have been few and far between.”

“Are you warning me?” Hermione asked.

“I don’t want you to hurt him,” Minerva said. “And you could, without even trying.”

Hermione blinked back sudden tears. “I know that I… he’s very important to me and I’d never hurt him on purpose. I try so hard every day to be the kind of witch he deserves.”

Minerva made a frustrated sound and stood up from her desk. “Don’t be ridiculous. You’re an amazing and brilliant young woman and any wizard would be lucky to have you. That’s not what I’m talking about at all.”

Hermione bit down on her lip. “Oh.” She blushed. “You don’t mean the sex, do you?”

“Perhaps I do,” Minerva said evenly. “Many people your age use sex as a crutch to avoid emotional intimacy.”

“I don’t think we are,” Hermione admitted. “I mean, we’re very attracted to each other and often I can’t even help but want to kiss him and it’s crazy, really. I’ve never been so stupid over a boy before. But it’s not… I mean… just holding his hand would be enough.”

Minerva raised an eyebrow at her. “Is that so?”

“Yes, I mean the things we do are lovely and pleasurable,” she blushed. “But we have the intimacy without it. I feel immeasurably close to him whether he’s touching me or not.”

“That’s quite…” Minerva sat down in a chair beside her daughter and took up her hand. “That’s lovely really.”

“Harry gave me something tonight,” Hermione murmured. “I probably should’ve talked to you about it first but I was so… it was such an amazing thing to be offered that I said yes immediately and insisted that he do it immediately.”

Minerva raised on eyebrow. “What exactly would that be?”

“His conclave has developed a ward… a special ward for witches and I’m the first to receive it.”

* * * *

Castius Arnou met him at the gates of the school and they apparated to London together. The meeting room at the Leaky Cauldron was hosting half of the men from the Glain Neidr’s inner circle.

“Just say it, lad,” Thaddeus Banner said with a laugh.

“I placed the ward.” They all knew what he was talking about. It was a pretty exciting idea among his conclave. “Her magic soaked it up like a sponge.”

“The problem?” Armand Dearing asked.

“Not a problem, exactly, just an unexpected complication. One that we’ll have to test before we start offering the scaled down version of the ward to the public.” Harry shook his head. He wasn’t comfortable discussing this but it was important conclave business. “She came.”

“She what?” Castius asked, shocked.

“She had an orgasm,” Harry said slowly. “A really intense one and considering she’d come three times in the 30 minutes before I placed the ward—it seemed damned improbable that she would have another orgasm without any sort of physical stimulation. I’m not sure if this is unique to her or if it is something we’ll encounter if we place the Discretion Ward on a witch we don’t have a personal relationship with.” A few of the older wizards were obviously uncomfortable at the bluntness of the discussion. Harry accepted a butter beer when it was placed in front of him.

“It might just be you,” Castius said. “Magically you’re one the most powerful parselmouths on the planet. She is, obviously, sexually attracted to you.”

“My wife…” Jacob Dyson began and shook his head, “she’s never been comfortable with parselmagic. I can’t see her getting aroused much less coming if I were to put the ward on her.”

“By the time Godric’s fire ward enveloped her, Hermione was shivering with pleasure,” Harry admitted.

“Merlin,” Armand Dearing muttered. “You used your viper when you placed the ward?”

“I could’ve warded the area around us before I began but I saw no reason not to use Godric’s fire ward. He’s fully mature and our familiar bond is profound.”

“It wasn’t a criticism,” Armand said. “I’m just stunned by the level at which your witch accepts you. I’ve never had a lover that would even consent to have a snake in the same room with us while we were intimate—much less what you’ve just explained.”

“Her affinity for your snakes is quite well known at this point. She appeared in Witch Weekly wearing one in her hair, for Merlin’s sake. That did more for parselmagic PR here in the UK than anything we’ve personally done in the last three years,” Dyson said. “In turn, both Rowena and Godric appear to be very protective and enamored of her.”

Harry nodded. “Godric calls her my Queen.” He worried the paper label on his bottle with his thumbnail. “I checked her. I thought she might be a latent parselmouth herself but she isn’t. It’s left me confused about her affinity and my snakes reaction to her.”

“It’s too bad she isn’t latent—her value as your magical partner would’ve increased exponentially.”

“I’m actually relieved she isn’t latent. I’m already facing a challenger to my courting period. I hardly need other parselmouths coming out of the woodwork looking to mate with her. I would like to talk, however, about a latent parselmouth this evening. When the Dementors attacked Hogwarts, Bill Weasley joined in my circle and gave me his magic to fight them off. This is the second time I’ve encountered his magic but this time—we were under a threat and he completely gave himself over to the ritual I was performing as he had no other role to perform.”

“He’s latent.”

“Yes,” Harry said. “Armand, I’d like you to speak to Gringotts about testing their employees for parselmagic. It’s a resource we have foolishly overlooked. Our kind seek out the very sort of jobs that the bank offers regularly to wizards—warding, curse breaking, and the like. Jacob, how are our efforts going at St. Mungos?”

“Very well. I’ve been called upon to test the entire incoming class of Healer trainees. I found two latent parselmouths. I’ve given them the information packet we’ve prepared and told them they can come to me if they wish to have their gifts awakened with a ritual. Both were male, unfortunately, but asked some very smart questions about how their future career would be impacted by such a move on their part.”

* * * *

Minerva McGonagall was waiting for him when he came back through the doors. Harry checked his watch as he took off his cloak and approached his Head of House.

“I’m… not late.”

“No, you are, in fact, five minutes earlier than you said you would be this evening,” Minerva murmured. “Harry… I…” She hugged him suddenly, her breath coming in shocky little gasps.

“Aunt Min?” He asked with concern and carefully drew her away from the entrance and into a small anteroom. He shut the door and led her to a chair. “Is something wrong? Do I need to call Poppy? Has something happened to Hermione?”

She shook her head and took his handkerchief when he offered it. “I’m sorry. I just… I.” She closed her eyes and rocked a little. “My second child… he died the night my first husband was murdered. I was just five months pregnant, too early to deliver. But… the men who came, who killed my Dougal… they raped me and I went into labor.”

“Oh.” Harry sank to his knees in front of her. “Aunt Min, I’m so bloody sorry.” He caught one of her trembling hands in his own and kissed her knuckles. “How… what do… what do you need from me?”

“You already did it,” Minerva whispered. “Hermione told me about the ward you put on her.” She took a deep breath to steady herself and tightened her fingers around his. “When the rape happened in Slytherin during Hermione’s third year—I was so furious when the Board of Governors covered it up. I’m the reason Albus instituted the charm policy for all the girls in the school two years ago—I’d never told anyone but Poppy what happened to me. She helped deliver my boy… the boy I lost. I swore I’d quit this place if Albus didn’t do something to protect the girls.” She started to rock in earnest. “I don’t just have charms on my Gryffindor girls. I have charms on them all. I couldn’t help myself.”

“You’re shouldering charms for every witch in this castle, right now,” Harry said quietly. “Aunt Min, they aren’t all as extensive as Hermione’s, right?”

“No,” Minerva shook her head. “Just nonconsensual sexual contact on the underage witches. I put everything I could think of on Hermione and it has nothing to do with how much I trust you, Harry. I know you won’t hurt her and I know you won’t… I know you won’t take more from her than she can give.”

Harry nodded. “Okay, then why the consensual sex notification charm?”

“I put that on her before I knew she was your soulmate to protect her from potions and behavioral curses. I just haven’t removed it.” She blushed. “I need to, obviously, the two of you are quite…”

Harry lowered his gaze and shrugged. “Can’t really help it but there is a line I’m not going to cross without some kind of ring on her finger. Our bond gets stronger by the day. It makes us seek intimate physical contact.” He looked at their hands. “Can I do anything for you? Do you need a mind healer to deal with the memories? I know some very talented mind healers. Healer Arnou is one of them. He is quite powerful and uniquely talented in the mind arts.”

“It’s been nearly fifty years,” Minerva said. “I’ve dealt with the best I could this long… what would a mind healer offer me at this point?”

“Peace of mind,” Harry said. “Let me bring someone for you? Castius is actually staying in Hogsmeade right now. He could help you sleep tonight—calm your mind down so you don’t dream of it. You dream of it, right? When you get upset like this?”

“Yes,” Minerva whispered.

“Okay, I’m going to call him on my mirror and have him come help get you settled in for the night and maybe you’ll want to engage him for some private healing. No one else, not even Hermione, needs to know.”

“I haven’t told her,” Minerva admitted.

* * * *

Harry destroyed another rotating target and resolved to ignore the fact that Flitwick and Dumbledore were standing outside the dueling wards. It was hell and gone past curfew but both of them knew that he’d had a meeting with his conclave in London. He hit the dueling generator with another activation charm and it threw out an additional twenty targets.

He drew his sword which he’d had Dobby bring to him and took a deep breath to center himself before beginning. Targets shattered under his attention one by one, wood fragments flew around the room only to fade as the magic was destroyed. He would have requested another twenty targets but Dumbledore turned the generator off after the last target burst.

Harry huffed and holstered the weapon. “I apologize if I woke either of you.”

“I was grading papers,” Flitwick said.

“I was reading,” Dumbledore said pleasantly. “You were a pleasant distraction from a very boring book.”

Harry nodded. “Right.”

“You’re upset,” Dumbledore said. “Your father said you were prone to such behavior when your temper is up.”

“I can’t say I’m not,” Harry said. “My conclave has been developing a discretion ward.” He glanced at them and took a deep breath. “A ward designed to prevent a witch from being raped.”

“That is a worthy endeavor,” Flitwick said seriously. “How far have you come?”

“I placed one tonight,” Harry said quietly. “On Hermione McGonagall. The attention she’s getting from Viktor Krum has me nervous and furious. I want to go to Bulgaria and rip his head off.”

“Albus could make us a portkey,” Flitwick said cheerfully.

Harry grinned at the smaller man before he could help himself. He wondered how near the surface his dverger blood actually ran. “Don’t think I’m not tempted but Dad says I should let him make the moves. It’ll be better for me politically.”

Dumbledore sighed. “I don’t disagree with the sentiment and I have wards erected that will alert me if someone unauthorized enters the castle.”

Harry nodded. “You have to know… the ward I put on her would kill an attacker if they didn’t back off.”

“Sounds very reasonable,” Albus murmured. “Any wizard that would force the will of a witch has no… has absolutely no right to expect to live.”

“That surprises me,” Harry said. “You’re all about redemption, sir.”

“Even this old man can learn from his mistakes,” Dumbledore said gravely. “Some people are beyond redemption, Lord Potter.”

“Harry. You can call me, Harry, sir.”

Dumbledore nodded. “Very well. In private, it would please me if you called me Albus.”

Harry paused but nodded. “If you wish.” He accepted the damp towel Dobby popped into the room with and rubbed it over his face and hair. “Between the three of us,” he said as he handed the towel back to his elf. “I’m still really upset about my hair.”

Flitwick snorted.

Albus grinned. “Growth potion?”

“And walk around a werewolf for a month?” Harry demanded. “Ha, ha, sir.”

“Vanity is a double edged sword,” Flitwick said and brandished his wand. “Wanna have a friendly duel?”

Harry drew his holly wand. “I don’t mean to be rude, Professor, but I’ve yet to have a friendly duel with you. You’re an absolute menace.”

“Yes, but he’s a friendly menace,” Albus said as Flitwick hit Harry with a hex that sent the younger wizard skidding across the floor on his arse.

Episode 13: Fay’s Decision

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