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I was going to write this essay on me and my writing for Evil Author Day but it’s kind of arrogant or something, I don’t know. A lot of people have asked about my process lately so I figured you guys might be interested but I don’t really know how to start or what to say so…. I decided to do a minion-created Author Interview.

You guys ask questions and I’ll TRY to answer them. You can ask anything you want ON THIS POST but I can’t guarantee I’ll answer anything that might lead to you figuring out my real name. Questions that piss me off will be deleted from the comment section without discussion or reprisal πŸ˜‰



Questions closed.

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. Do you have a definite opinion on Dumbledore? (seeing as you made your Ron and Ginny feelings clear) I can’t figure if you want to have him killed in a gloriously painful manner or just give him a Gibbs style smack to knock the arrogance out and some common sense in. (Regardless, I re-read the stories constantly, because they’re all badass.)

    • I have a similar question about Snape, and more generally any characters you write as evil/irredeemable in some stories but either strong allies or flawed/misguided but redeemable in other stories. For Snape, does it mostly have to do with how J.K. Rowling presented him as potentially evil throughout the series? Is it a function of your own mixed feelings about the character based on your own interpretation of the character and what he could be? Or is it more what fits with the particular story you’re trying to tell? Or something else entirely?

      (Sorry this question is so long – I’m just fascinated by your different takes on characters!)

  2. Does your writing ever end up going in an unexpected direction even after plotting?
    Do you ever get caught up in research so you don’t end up with as much progress as you had planned on?
    Do you ever have a hard time finding a character’s voice? Or does the voice ever change mid process?

  3. Your dialogue is awesome and always feels so real. How do you manage that?

  4. Once you’ve written your first draft, what process do your stories undergo before we get to read the finished product.

  5. Just was wondering how you are…. haven’t heard from you lately, was concerned that you were ill. Maybe had caught the flu or something? Is everything okay? Not really concerned about the writing, more concerned about the author, right now.


  6. Did you go to college to learn your writing style or are you naturally creative and it’s a compulsion and you just have to get all the stories written? When you’re writing do you visualize the scene first and then write it? I would just love to know the process and how much discipline you need to write.

  7. What got you interested in writing, fandom and professionally?

  8. I read your work (over and over) and am constantly blown away by the way your mind works (not blowing wind up your ass here, or that jeweled butt plug) So I suppose it is the question that every one asks, where do you start? As in do your stories start out with a line, an idea, a situation/scene? And do you work from there? Forward from that point or do you have to construct a preface or beginning?

  9. Do you write from the first line of a story pretty much through to the end, or (considering your meticulous plotting) do you write scenes and stitch them together into a continuous flow?

    • As an addendum to that question, how much do you write at a time? My main problem with writing is that my muse tends to die after about 3-4 pages πŸ™ Do you have an average that you’re able to write at a time?

  10. How do you plan out your stories? Once you get an idea, where do you go next? Do you outline each chapter or do you just have key points you want to hit and then just fill it in with whatever fits?….is this making sense? Sorry if it doesn’t.

  11. You mentioned something about getting “No Other Man” published; if you do so, will it be under a pseudonym. In addition, if it is under a pseudonym, will you let us know so that we can go buy it; I really want to know how it ends!!!

  12. When experiencing a writer’s block, do you try to work your way through it or do you back off for a while and try to let it resolve itself?

  13. I know you work on multiple projects at the same time often in the same fandom but different. Universe. I was wondering how to keep things straight because there are subtle and not so subtle differences between . I admit I have a mental image of you setting up a bunch of whiteboards at your coffee with key facts/pairings so you know Master Hiro is with Castou in The Unspeakable plot and Professor Kitty in the Soul MateBond

  14. You read a lot of fandoms that you haven’t written in. (Inception comes to mind) How do you choose what fandoms to write in?

  15. Is there a pairing or pairings you would love to write but haven’t yet?

  16. How much do you world-build before you start writing? I know this is fanfic, but for instance, in the TTB universe – how much did you figure out beforehand what the political/social/historical/etc environment is like in a dynamic universe, and how much do you sort of find out as you write?

  17. When you write, do you prefer longhand or a keyboard?


    P.S. I am doing this so I can watch the thread!

  18. How much time per day do you devote to writing? How much of that writing is professional and how much is fanfiction?

    PS. I am really interested in the answers to everyone else’s questions. And I am so looking forward to EAD

  19. Are there any fandoms that you like, but havent written fanfiction for? If so, which ones and do you ever see yourself writing for them?

  20. Are there any fandoms that you love that you would never consider writing in?
    At what stage do you consider a story ready to begin posting? I know that some authors have a certain amount they write before they begin posting so others can’t influence the plot with their comments.

  21. *fangirling*

    I don’t even know where to begin – and I have a front row seat to watch at least part of your process on a regular basis!

    You have your characters, your EAD nugget of a story, you know where you want it to go in a broad sense… So here’s my question – with all the worldbuilding and character profiling and backstory – how do you decide on the launch point? It’s the way that you always produce that kickass first chapter – the one that grabs the reader by the throat (and places further south!) and gets us fucking *hooked* – that continues to amaze me.

    Well, that and your dialog, of course… cuz you’re the Queen of Snark and Banter, which is fucking AWESOME – for there is never enough banter in my world.

    *flailing merrily*

    I’m a wilted little puppy after weeks of three digit temps, but I can’t wait to see how you respond to all these questions.

    *doing the geriatric fangirl chairdance of glee*

  22. Were you born as awesome as you are or did you have to grow into your powers?

  23. I was wondering if you were planning to go back to posting Harry Potter and the Soulmate’s Bond on a (Friday? That’s what it turned out as here in Aus) I’m really enjoying that story.

  24. Excluding the A/B/O fic you did in the Stargate Atlantis verse for nano months back, how often do you encounter a roadblock in your writing that prevents you from progressing further (how often is it a permanent, this story is not getting done/dropped, vs this story now has a month to 1/2 year etc delay on it)? What do you do to get past it?

    And since you have so many stories going that we have yet to see (as exhibited by Evil Author Day, which is on my calendar lol =D), how do you keep everything in order? And how often do you lose interest in stories you’ve never posted, but have on your harddrive somewhere?

  25. With as many projects as you have going, how do you decide which one to work on on any given day? Do you have to retread the last episode/chapter/story to get back into that world’s mindset?

  26. 1: How do you keep so many stories going at the same time without going mad or losing the plot?
    2: Do you have a timescale for the last ep of TTB?
    3: What would you consider a crosssover too far?
    4: Who is your favourite character to write about and why?
    5: Which of your series has given you the most pleasure to write – which do you consider your ‘best writing’? (To be honest for me to choose which is your ‘best’ alters on a daily basis depending on what I’m reading and what my mood is – although you are ALWAYS my favourite writer)

    Those were just off the top of my head after getting your alert – I may have more later πŸ™‚

    Thanks as always for taking the time to interact with us minions. The time and effort you spend on this site is outstanding.
    Hugs, Hxx

  27. You’ve posted excerpts from If Your Heart’s Not In It for two previous EADs. Do you plan to write more for this or other worlds you’ve only given snippets from on other EADs? (You would have many thrilled readers if you did, but understanding if you decide not to or want to wait until current projects are completed.)

  28. Is there anything in particular you do to overcome writer’s block?

  29. Concerning the alternate universes that you write: What are the obscure/unrelated/random things you think of while writing? Do you write them down, or just keep them in the back of your head? and do they ever make it into the story?
    e.g. how are public bathrooms set up in TTB? or how would Snow White look in a Sentinel universe?

  30. Do plot lines or ideas sometimes wake you up in the middle of the night and demand to be written right away?

  31. I’m curious about the nuts and bolts of your writing process. Are there any writing tools you find useful (or useless)? (Like software you’ve tried, or plot outlining tools or beat sheets, or those questionnaires that are meant to help you develop a character, or books or articles on writing). Have you ever done any kind of productivity analysis on your writing process, and if so, did it help? Do you have particular moods or times or places where you write well, do environmental factors like heat or cold or noise matter, can you write in ten minutes or do you need hours to get into the zone?

    And do you have any fannish/inspirational catnip, like characters or pairings or plot points or worldbuilding things that just get you every time and won’t let go until you start writing?

  32. Do you sleep?
    You seem to know how long a story or series is going to be before you begin writing. How do you figure that out?
    How supportive of your writing are your family and non-writer friends?
    How do you select a good beta reader? How do you discourage wanna-be beta readers?

    I’m also looking forward to the answers to many other questions here. :o)

  33. When you do reasearch about things you are not trained for(Genetics, for example), do you look for something specific, or do you make yourself a pseudeo expert in the relevant areas?

  34. I love “Tangled Destinies” and my question is: did Spock and Jim’s voices come naturally or did you have to really work hard at it?

  35. Hello Kiera,

    In first thank you for this awesome possiblility to ask you questions,

    My favorite fandom is stargate atlantis but I find there are less and less sga’s story, there are not had atlantis big bang this year so I would like if you were always same interesting by this fandom and if it could be have a rough trade just for sga ( or mcshep)?

    I would like too know if you know in advance when you will post the next of one story and if yes, can you say when the last chapter of TTB will be post?

  36. First of all, I hope you’re all right. I’m kinda sorta accustomed to see new posts from you more frecventely (I don’t mean stories, but livejournal snarky little comments), so I hope the silence means just that’s you’re busy, not that you have some problems.
    As I love everything you wrote in The Sentinel fandom, both the crossovers and especially The Awakening, I’m wondering if something from the past EAD is still in the works, like having a new story in the next few months.
    Thanks for sharing!

  37. Exceptional children and young adults often appear in your writing. Sometimes that’s a function of the canon – like HP, where all the action happens before they even hit 18 – but often it’s your OCs, like Sebastian in What Might Have Been and Andy in Sentinels of Atlantis. They even show up when they’re not in the main cast of characters, like the young victims in The Awakening (and the slightly-older-but-also-exceptional Elizabeth and Daryl).

    I fully understand if it’s too personal a question, but I’ve always been curious where the affinity comes from. Like, were you (or someone you knew) that amazing genius/talent as a kid? Or does it recall something you read that you particularly liked or were inspired by? Heck, maybe it’s just a trope you enjoy because it has so much potential to throw a wrench in the works and provoke reactions from the characters. Enquiring minds want to know!

    (P.S.: I would totally read an essay regardless of any arrogance, real or implied!)

  38. I thoroughly enjoy your fanfic, I’d just like to say that first of all.

    On a Potter related note have you decided on the next title in your War Mage trilogy? I’ll wait however long it takes to get to read them, I just wondered if the title had been decided yet?

    Generally, is there any old tv show that you would like to write that you haven’t got around to yet? My reasoning for asking is that I love what you’ve done with the world of Sentinels and Guides. Your work prompted me to reread old favourites in that fandom., ones that I hadn’t thought about in years.

    Thanks for the chance to ask some questions. All the best for your future writing endeavours.

  39. Hey, thanks for setting something like this up!
    Ok, down to buisness.
    How do you chose what pairings to write? Do they catch your eye, or do they hook you be the fingers?
    I’ve seen a few versions of Dumbledore’s character in your stories, did you go through a process of opinion of him, or did you write him as best suited for the story?
    You’ve got a lot of awesome OC’s, do you base/build them off other people/characters, or do you just make them up? And if you do make them up, what’s your starting point?
    Are you a very visual person, cause I’ve noticed you do settings more from atmosphere then by description, how do you do that?

    Ok, those were all my questions (atleast off the top of my head) Thanks so much!

  40. I know you’ve mentioned that your next installment of TTB will be based within the Criminal Minds universe. What was it about Hotch and Reid that made you think, ‘those two should be naked with whips?’

    Do you have a universe that you particularly love to write in?

    What’s your secret to finishing fic? I can never write to finish.

  41. How do you write ?
    Everywhere or in your bedroom etc….
    With total silence or you need some background sound ?
    With a cup of coffee, a tea, a sandwich ?

  42. The question I wanted to ask already got asked, so. I’m just going to share my joy and utter glee that IT’S ALMOST EVIL AUTHOR DAY!!!! *end zone dance*

  43. Do your characters ever do/say things that you weren’t expecting? Do they ever hijack a plot or story line? If so, how do you respond?

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