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I think the show went okay and I could make it a weekly sort of thing. Probably on Friday nights instead of Sunday, though.

Got any suggestions for future shows/topics?


Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. It went better than ok! It was a ton of fun.

    As for topics … hmmmm.

    How you build/create your OC’s?
    Specific bits of headcanon you’ve got for various fandoms?

    I’ll probably come up with more later, but that’s what I’ve got at the moment.

  2. Your process: idea to finished story.
    Evil Author Day: what moves you from one story to another in your WIP file?
    The flaming waste of time that is flaming you.

    Will post again when awake. πŸ˜€ I thought the first one went very well.

  3. Minxie listened to the one you just did and said she was laughing her ass off. I’d have to listen so my question(s) wouldn’t be redundant. And dammit, my work schedule just changed and so I’m working Friday nights.

    If I could pose a fanfic writing question: I know you tend to have several stories going at any given time. Do you have a story that you wish had turned out differently, or one that you discarded and would love to revisit, but just can’t get into it again?

  4. What was the craziest plot that you ever had that you made work, and how? What was the one that you couldn’t get to work?

  5. I agree on the OC question. And when you are confronted with a ‘What If” idea, what do you do?


  6. Once you have an idea for a story how do you go about plotting it?

    Do the characters develop first and then the story or vice versa?

    Do you do plotting trees and writing exercises to hammer things out or do you end up writing different scenes and background information so that you have the entirety of the world worked out in a way that makes sense to you?

    You said your grandmother gave you the encouragement to become a writer. Is the rest of your family as supportive?

    You mentioned that you don’t want CP involved in fandom with you but has he ever made an aside comment like “Oh god here comes the shipping.”

    Do you ever go back and reread something you wrote and it suddenly sparks what was going on in your life outside of work at the time?

    What type of environment do you write in the best?

    Do you people watch as a way to inspire characters or decide on a character’s voice?

    What made you add the chat widget to your site and did you expect the sense of community and friendship that evolved from that or were you just expecting people to come and talk about porn and such?

    Have you considered doing a “Hall of Idiots” segment where you highlight some of the most moronic things people have said to you in an e-mail in regards to your Keira penname?

    The minion compound and how we can go about forming that shit. I can’t think of anything else right now but I’m sure I’ll be in chat on Fridays making a nuisance of myself πŸ˜‰

  7. Well, as a writer myself I look up to you so much and would LOVE to hear more about your writing process, how many stories you are generally working on at any given time, how long it usually takes you to complete any given project, how you prioritize your projects. I know that you can’t reveal your real name or the name you write under professionally, but maybe in what way is writing for fandom different from professional writing. Is there anything you feel you can’t explore through your professional persona that you can safely explore via fandom (i.e. like the BDSM from Ties that Bind)?

    I second the suggestion of your personal head canons. I’ve always been insanely curious as to why you always write Jim Kirk as a Betazoid (NOT THAT I DON’T LOVE IT CUZ I DO).

    How do you feel about JKR changing her mind on the Hermione/Ron in favor of Hermione/Harry. Do you feel like an author should be able to recant and re-inform canon later like she (rather frequently) does?

    Um. I have a hard time watching visual/video porn because the girl is never into it, so do you have porn recs? πŸ˜‰

    Are there romance/erotica writers that you really like or that you look up to?

    How did you feel about the ending for Halo 4 because I cried like a small child and still get sad. CORTANA.

  8. I’m a horrible person because I’d love to hear you rant epically about the self entitled douche canoes that anon email you with their whiny assed problems.

  9. Do a “Rec of the Week” where you recommend a story you’ve read that has particularity moved you, and why. I know you already rec a ton of stories through Slashworld, but it could be a fun feature. You could also do a “YouTube Vid of the Week” or “Song of the Week” as you’re always playing with your playlist. LOL How about “Cover Art” of the week, if you see a fanfic artwork that strikes you?

    Another potential topic: Why is writing fun for you? Everyone who writes has their reasons, be it escapism or the love of story telling, etc etc.. but what exactly makes it your fun drug of choice?

    Thought of another: Are all your sex toys on a colour scheme? Do you usually find yourself buying a certain range of colours other than skin tone? πŸ˜€ Cheeky, yes I know.

  10. I LOVED the radio show! I’m so excited that you’re planning to do more. πŸ˜€
    My latest questions:

    I 2nd jadedhavok’s request for your reaction to JKR’s announcement re: Harry/Hermione.

    Where did Matthew come from?

    Have you ever been to a fan convention? How was your experience if you did?

    I’m fascinated by the actors you cast as your OCs. How do you choose? Do you do this for your original fic? I mean, obviously the publisher isn’t going to use your chosen actor/s on the cover, but do you use it as an aid as you write?

    Is there anything that you totally geek out over? It doesn’t have to be fandom or writing related.

  11. Oh dear everything I wanted to ask and someone has got there first. Oh well it is suggest a topic…Where would you pick to go and write for a month if someone gave you an all expenses paid holiday?

  12. My only question coming to mind is:

    What do you think of Skyfall and the fandom around it, specifically 00Q (Bond/Q) with or without good (ignoring Golden Eye) Alec in the picture somehow (friend or relationship)? And would you ever write in it? I’d love to see your version of snark between them all if you were toying with the idea on a back burner somewhere.

  13. I didn’t listen to the whole thing, had to go to bed but I’ll countinue after work.
    Wokld like to know more of how you come up with the crossover worlds of stargate/the sentinel and how you blend the worlds so well. You make it so believable.

  14. It was really great to listen to you blog, though I wish I had managed to do it live. I actually almost thought I was, so made quite a few confusing posts on the chat room(By only about thirty minutes).

    As for topic suggestions:

    What do you look for in a Beta other than getting along? Particularly good grammar, attention to detail, sense of tension( ie sex), etc. I have never really found a Beta that I trust or got really involved with, it was just a casual offer and a casual acceptance that didn’t go anywhere.

    I would also love to hear about your writing process, since I know you do the rough outline and then fill in with a lot greater detail, as you described. Do you write the dialogue first until you satisfied and then don’t change it later? Do you add in more of the characters emotions and implication on the second go round? etc. I rush to write and then publish it since I love the feedback, but it isn’t necessarily great for my writing, though I will go back to edit more later.

    I would also be interested to know how you feel writing in public. Does anyone ever comment in way other than, oh so you’re a writer? Find you writing a sex scene? Something entertaining, like your blog rants.

  15. Just got the chance to listen to your show, it was so fun and brilliant! I love you ranting!

    And by the way you’re not banned in China… It was the only thing that made visiting family bearable was knowing that I was reading porn while they attemped to press into me the importance of finding a husband and that I’m getting tooo old yada yada etc…

    How do get over writing blocks? I’m at the moment stuck in one and I want to write, but I sit in front of a computer then I find other things to do.

    PS: I love love Far Scape wish they did more, but I was happy with the ending πŸ™‚

    • I was totally banned for like a whole year. I wonder how I got off the list?

      • I would like to second the question about writers block.

        I have a Stargate SG1 story that has been ‘blocked’ for years… Some of that is the fault of my beta, I’m sure, she starts asking questions as she reads, rather than reading the whole thing and *then* asking them. Very frustrating. But I’d be interested in hearing how you get past the occasional ‘oh, crap, now what are they going to do?’ moments.

        If you have them, that is….


  16. Have you ever thought about doing audiobooks or podcasts where you read pieces of your own fiction? It would be interesting to hear how you personally think the characters would sound.

    How do you get motivated to write in particular genres or fandoms? What sparks that creative mindset? How do you get that inspiration?

    Thank you btw for actually taking the time to do the podcast. It was enjoyable and oh so snarky!

  17. Sex.


    What? I’m a sweet little old lady.

    And it’s a good topic.

  18. You’ve mentioned before that you keep story/series “Bibles”. What goes into them and how do you organize them? Also any tips for Nano? i.e. how to increase word count, how to ignore your inner editor, ways to keep motivated?

  19. Your radio blog made my chore of ironing go by so fast! It was enjoyable, and yes you are southern, as the best people are :). Looking forward to your next broadcast, and I want to be in on the chat session. It sounded like a wild and crazy ride.

  20. Ditto on the request regarding your writing process:
    How do your stories get started? You write in several fandoms, so have you ever come up with a idea or plot before you figured out what fandom you wanted to place it in?
    Do you tend to sketch out the plot/dialogue first or do you write the story chronologically – or is it more organic?
    When you write different types of scenes (sex, action, arguments, etc.) is it easier to write them in certain settings (home, coffee shop) than others? I know you wrote a lot of WMHB and Ring of Fire to music – is that typical for you in general or just that series?

    Do you have any authors (published or fanfic) that you find particularly inspiring? absolutely dreadful? What specifically do you find enjoyable as a reader?
    And does that hold true for movies as well? For instance I enjoy action movies more than action books but I love SciFi/Fantasy in both.

    And I agree that anytime you need “filler” a sampling of asshat emails/comments would be hilarious!

  21. Some ideas:

    – When writing sex scenes between established couples in something as long as “Ties That Bind” how do you keep from repeating the same actions, positions, et cetera?

    -Quantity versus quality – what’s your trick to letting sections end naturally instead of pushing things out to satisfy the “moar, plz” crowed?

    -Canon versus Fanon versus your own head cannon – which of the three is the most influential when you write?

    -Fandom tropes – love’em or hate’em?

    -Most overrated fandom trope in your opinion?

    -Most under-used character in a particular fandom’s canon?

    -Most WTF moment in canon that you mentally ignore?


  22. Okay, serious question now. \o/

    I’ve seen how you structure the arc of a story or an entire series. How do you structure an individual chapter? Do you have a preferred chapter length?

  23. suggestions for a topic,

    How about talking about SOPA(Stop Online Piracy Acts) 2014. I just read a article about it coming back this year. I also visited the petition page on the white house website and the signature needed are still pretty short. The world would be so boring if the SOPA Act passed no more fanart , all fan-pages, fanfics, fan made videos, etc allowed =( .

  24. If you are still taking topic suggestions I have one.

    As a professional author and as a fanfiction writer, what is your opinion on people who take your characters and use them for their own amusement. Do you like it when people write fanfiction for your books? And, what do you think of authors of get this knickers in a twist on fanfiction writing?

    I’m in Australia and I have 2 boys aged 2 and 4, and it is not possible for me to listen to your show live, so I enjoy listening to it of an evening once they are in bed.

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