Unspeakable Plot

Many of you apparently aren’t aware of what Rough Trade is… despite the fact that I have a whole page on that site dedicated to explaining it.

Rough Trade is a writing challenge site of which we have 3 challenges a year (currently). During a challenge, participants post their daily work to their project in a very rough, unedited form. That’s what I did in November for Unspeakable Plot. Since we had time until the next challenge (April), I continued to post after the challenge was finished. HOWEVER, we’re gearing up for the next challenge and had to clean off the site. My work, just like everyone else’s on the site is gone from the site now.

My work will remain off line until I’ve finished the rough draft and started the beta process. That’s how I work and that’s how it’s going to be. No amount of complaining is going to change that.


Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. It’s a double edged sword: flattering that so many keep asking, yet frustrating because they only need to understand the rules of the challenge, and therefore shouldn’t be asking. There’s only so many times you want to answer the same question, which was originally answered in the challenge descriptions. (of if one used common sense :D)

    Hopefully this will lay all questions to rest, and your loyal followers can go back to patiently waiting for your next, exciting installment of whatever you feel like gifting us with. 😀

    On a more important note: I hope you’ve finally killed the plague.

    • I need to know where you’ll be posting your Polished Stone updates. Do you have a site or AO3?

      • Hey, thanks for asking 😀

        I’ve already moved Arc 1 of Polished Stone to my own word press site. You can find it here: http://originaltempus.wordpress.com/fanfiction/harry-potter/polished-stone/

        • Oh, thank you! and by the way, the first arc was LOVE. I really enjoyed it and want to read it again. Any chance of it being offered in ebook format, or will you perhaps do it after the second arc is complete?

        • Tempus, about two or three years ago you were working on a wonderful Stargate story where everyone was fleeing earth. I remember in particular something about them using the transport system on the ship to store things as they were heading for Atlantis… The story isn’t posted among the links to older stories on the Rough Trade site. Do you have it posted anywhere?

  2. Ha. I have the segments of Unspeakable all squirreled away because I knew you would be removing it and we wouldn’t see it again until you had finished it and edited it and all that good stuff. So I kept a copy until the final product is available.

    See, I read for comprehension.


    Okay, once in a while I get it right.

    • Please do not share it with anyone.

      • Sorry, didn’t see this reply back when you posted it. I never intended to share it. It was just for me.

        I suppose I am the reason you made it impossible to select the text this time? Understandable. I reread your stuff on a regular basis, especially if I am feeling low (if you told me a few years ago that reading BDSM would cheer me up I would have thought you were crazy) and the Unspeakable Plot is my very favorite of your HP stories. Which is kind of amazing because a) it’s Harry Potter, and b) it’s het, so not my usual type of fic, but the way you write I would even consider reading a Twilight fic if you wrote it…. Well, maybe not, but I’d be tempted.

        Anyway, no sharing, never intended to share, awaiting with eagerness for when you have it finished.

        And while I am here, thank you for all the work you put into making me (and thousands of others) happy.

  3. Farewell Unspeakable Plot. We’ll miss you. Come home soon!

  4. I know I am most likely preaching to the choir… but for those lurkers not paying attention… ahem…

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop upsetting the writers. Upsetting the writers might make them sad. And then they will stop writing, and I’ll be sad. And when I’m sad, I want to find people who make me sad and kick them in the crotch for making me sad.

    So please, in order to save your crotch, and my travel expenses… stop annoying the writers by not paying attention.

    Thank you.

    Cyn, walking away mumbling and singing Police tunes…

    • Keira, can I keep her? 😀 *points to AlexiCyn*

      • Just don’t get her too dirty.

        • 0.o *** o.0

          Ummm, but I like dirty. Why do you think I’m here?!?!? Though… y’all do intelligent and dirty, which is just all KINDS of WIN. I mean seriously! Porn is good… but porn with a PLOT is SO MUCH BETTER!

          So um… dirty. I can handle that 😀 Someone on LJ was asking if they should warn for rimming. I said they should warn when they don’t have it because I miss it so… Right. Rambling. Need to go figure out if I’m going to enter the April Challenge… EEEPS!

  5. I wait, with your other minions, for your future posts. I know where to look for them, and I have signed up for notifications so that I NEVER miss an update! Looking forward to the contents of the next challenge. The past challenges have introduced my to many wonderful authors and I congratulate you for this undertaking.

    Hail Kiera,

    faithful minion me

  6. As my mother would say, ‘other people’s children.’

  7. Sigh. I meant to copy my favorite bits but kept procrastinating. The Sirus/Tom-Hiddleston-char-who’s-name-I-can’t-remember pairing melted my brain every time I logged on. Oh well. I will not disgrace my minion status by complaining about my own failings.

  8. I, faithful minion (enter name here), do swear to never (well not much ahem) complain (whine, nag, etc) about how often Kiera posts her stuff (precious stuff…sorry Rings moment there…*strokes the stories*) so help us…well whatever.

    (enter minion name here)

    Lol there ya go…:)

    • What Seliki said most eloquently! I am also fully stocked up with encouragement and praise which is all I have to offer in the way of writing skills.
      ~scurries off to the corner to wait~

  9. Properly (and rightly ) chastised by Keira (and AlexiCyn ^^ ) never ever am I gonna ask about any fic again. Ever! So mote it be 😀 (Hope I’m forgiven and can remain a minion 😉

  10. I still don’t see what right people have to be upset. It’s not like you are abandoning it, you’re just cleaning it up. This is not the first time you have done this and if we are all very lucky (and the people who shall not be named shut their pie hole) it won’t be the last. It’s not like you have to give us novel quality fanfiction. You share with us because you want to. Would I like to know your professional name so I can buy all your “real” books? yes. Am I going to ask for it when I know some of your reasons for keeping it a secret? No. It’s your own goddamn business and some people just need to fall down a well.

  11. It isn’t like you didn’t warn us several times that Rough Trade was being cleaned up. You shouldn’t have to spell it out for them. So I’m gonna be snotty and say:

    People, when Keira says she’s cleaning up Rough Trade, that means that if you want the stories you have until the date specified to save them. Keira and the other authors who participate in the challenges give us great stuff to read, but it’s not their job to keep track of you.

  12. Telzey Amberdon

    This is definitely your classic Good News/Bad News scenario.

    Bad News: Unspeakable Plot went bye-bye. D:

    Good News: Unspeakable Plot is off primping and prettying up and, when it re-appears, there will be more actual text to read! \o/

  13. I only really discovered Rough Trade this challenge. It’s awesome. I then had a giant headslap moment when I realized all the stories I was following where gone… Should have saved at least my favourite parts of the Unspeakable Plot, but oh, well… it”s my own damn fault. I’m certainly not going to bitch and moan at the authors for being too lazy to save my favourites. At least I know the Unspeakable Plot will appear here at some point, I can patiently wait.

  14. Hi. Sorry, sorry! I don’t mean to bug, I just like your work that much. Also, has Sherza said anything about ‘Papa Lion, Mama Snake’?

  15. It’s sad, really, that people just don’t pay attention and you have to explain things (over and over) more than once. People in general are actually pretty stupid and they tend to be fairly entitled. I present the state of our Government as an example. How so many whackjobs ever got elected to the House (and some to the Senate – I’m looking at you Ted Cruz!) is beyond me. It’s truly frightening. But, anyway, it explains what happens occasionally on your site and in your e-mails. I’m so sorry. 🙁 I firmly believe that the majority of the minions are actually stellar human beings. *sweet smile*



  16. I’ve just read about the utter stupidity of one user and all that was going through my head was “unspeakable plot… I don’t remember an unspeakable plot” and then I found this and I wondered how daft I could be to forget this piece of utter genius.

    I am not going to make the same mistake as some others and demand anything, but just know that I am trying to wait patiently until you have finished working your magic on it and release it to the world.

  17. I’m not certain of the protocol for this. I had a copy of the Unspeakable Plot along with some of my other favorite Rough Trade stories because I love to reread them, but my computer died and I lost them all. (Yes I know I should have backed them up). I was hoping I would be able to find another minion that I could get a copy off but I noticed Keira asked OriginalTempust not to share their copy, so should I not go looking? Is it just for that one story or does it apply to all them? I don’t want to give offense because I love Keira and all she does.

  18. I really enjoy your work and just finished Blank Space. I just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work and creativity.

  19. Oh, I think I’m one of those people who asked about it. It is one of my favorite rough trade stories ever! I can’t wait to reread it here in just the way you want it! I’m sorry people are being pills about you deciding when and where you post your own material. Seriously. And I’m sorry if one of my comments ever sounded like them. I always try to be super polite to the people that feed my need for really good fic. Its like paying for good movies. You tend to get more. Hope the new year is all you want it to be. Thanks!

  20. I so love the rough trade site….I’m currently in 0.0 mode awaiting the start to the next challenge. Oh, oh….I love the idea of the newsletter. Your stuff makes my week when the misery of being female hits, helps survive and makes me easier to handle for my boyfriend. Gonna go reread Birth of the Serpent King.

  21. So … I think after about 6 or so months I’ve made it through your entire web site and have to say that my favorite story/universe of yours seems to change from day to day.   I honestly don’t know which one I would pick if I was going to try and whine about wanting more of……. (not that you want any whining so its a good thing I can’t pick….)  I’m 99% certain that I’m going to appreciate what ever it is you decide to post next.    I arrived here because of the John/Rodney stuff and have been converted to just about every relationship you’ve written about. Now that the rough trade traffic has slowed down I’ve spent huge parts of the last week reading Soulmate Bond and can’t believe how much better your stories are than cannon.

    So…Appreciation, encouragement, and wishes for good things to you and THANKS SO MUCH for what you do to encourage others.

    One question I do have is that somewhere you talked about writing a triad with Draco/Harry/Hermione.  Is that a story I can’t find or is it just one of your future possibilities?

  22. I just found your site in the last two weeks. Just wanted to say, you’re a GENIUS! I read all your stories (at least 5 times) each. It helps when I am down and feeling a bit depress. So, THANK YOU.
    When I can, I will donate to your site. I have no idea what ‘unspeakable plot’ is, but am really looking forward to reading this (and all your other upcoming stories).

    Thank YOU for making my year.

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