Future Projects and Perspective

So, over the past few weeks I’ve had a few emails regarding future projects and where I intend to focus my energies. Normally, I don’t answer these emails with actual information because it just leads to problems but I stupidly answered these questions a handful of times to people who are rather new to my site because they came here to read Harry Potter & the Soulmate Bond. They’re also exclusively HET readers.

Here’s the thing — I’m not going to cater to your homophobia. I’m never going to cater to your homophobia. I’m not going to rearrange my writing schedule to meet your needs. I’m also not going to feed your sense of entitlement. You aren’t entitled to a fucking thing.

I don’t write on demand and I never have. I do this for FREE and I will write whatever the fuck I want. I’ve had several HET readers point out their belief that since they are my biggest “audience” that I should focus my energies on writing for them. So I’m going to give you some perspective on that subject:


Total Number of Views since 2011
Ties That Bind (Stargate: Atlantis)
702,611 (all parts)
Tangled Destinies (Star Trek)
327,325 (all parts)
Sentinels of Atlantis (Stargate: Atlantis)
325,418 (all parts)
Birth of the Serpent King (Harry Potter)
That Old Black Magic (Harry Potter)
Harry Potter & the Soulmate Bond (Harry Potter)
160,710 (all parts)
The Lantean Legacy (Stargate: Atlantis)

I don’t owe my readers anything but just so you know, and don’t get confused again, my slash audience is HUGE. This isn’t bragging or my ego talking here–these are the raw numbers. Exclusive HET readers are a minority on my site. A very small minority so check your entitlement at the door ORΒ don’t come back to my site at all.

It’s my intention to write the next book in the War Mages trilogy next. I’ll be starting season 2 of Sentinels of Atlantis sometime in the next year as well. Whatever I do, it’ll be my choice and you don’t get a vote.


Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. I’m just as happy to re-read every damned thing on this site as I am to read something new on this site. So–thanks for the heads-up about the entitled assholes. Now I’m gonna re-read Awakening, since it’s been a while since I read it, and I’m injured in bed.

    • Sorry to hear about your injury.

    • Ha I’m just rereading Awakening myself then on to SoA. I cycle through most of these stories.

    • i’m having fun re-reading all the harry potter stories … i read both slash and het depending on the ship … and your stories features two of my favorite ones so woohoo … i’ll keep re-reading till you post a new dose for our addiction πŸ˜€

  2. Sing it, sister!!

  3. My heart always skips a beat when I see a post from you! I’m so sorry you have to deal with these assholes. I’m delighted to read anything and everything you grace us with!

    Happy writing!

  4. Your writing is a treat that makes me jump for joy when a new installment is posted. I am truly sorry people are assholes.

  5. I absolutely agree with you. Your site, your stories, your time.
    I want you to know that I love your stories and I appreciate that you are kind enough to share them with us.
    You’ll never hear an ungrateful word from me. I just feel so lucky that I found your site.

  6. I have to say? I am impressed at the number of reads.

    The rest? I am happy you are still *writing*. The rest of it can sort itself out


  7. Oh dear. I have never gotten the… entitlement some readers think they deserve. I also have yet to understand the “I only read slash” – “I only read het”

    Seriously I don’t care, a well written sex scene is a well written sex scene no matter who or what goes were, story, story is what counts.

    I adore your work, as I adore other writers (maybe your’s a little more) and thank you for providing it for us to read and enjoy.

  8. I love reading anything you publish. Perhaps the asshats will actually listen and not return for once. … we can dream anyway.

  9. I adore you. Truly.

  10. I’m a new member on your site, but I’ve been reading your stories for years. I love ALL of them. Het, slash, whatever you want to write. You’re a truly gifted writer, and, as mentioned above, I’m happy to re-read ALL of your stories. Thank you for sharing them.

  11. I have to agree with Chimera…you write, I read and reread and do so happily. Your writing is a gift and that you share it freely even more so. The fact that it comes with wit and snark and a whole lot of wonderfulness is just a bonus.

  12. *claps* Bravo, you tell it as it is to all them nerf herders out there… lol ok that was a Star Wars calling but fits as well i think. No one has the right to make you write or not write what you want given it is you that is the author of the stories. Myself i dont really care if the story is slash or het as long as i happen to like the plot, and the pairing has no play on that as pretty much all plots can be played either way.

    I have already or am already reading the stories for a second time almost back to back since i followed a link to the site from a group on facebook that im a member of. And i have not regretted doing so as i love your Harry Potter Stories. Ad maybe some day read the others but im more of a crossover fan in regard to the other series you have on here. like i love stargate/hp crossings.

    Anyways you keep doing this great work and ignore all the idiots being idiots. ^^

  13. I don’t comment here often, but I’m absolutely THRILLED to hear that season two of Sentinels of Atlantis is in the works. Squeeeee!!!!!! Sentinel/SGA fusion is one of my favorite ‘verses ever. As for the assholes… fuck ’em.

  14. With most authors I prefer slash, but with you I find sex is sex, whether the genitals are innies or outies. Probably because your porn is embedded in love stories. I like love stories.

    Telling an author you like what they do is not the same thing as telling an author what they SHOULD do. It is amazing how many people don’t get this.

  15. I am constantly re-reading stories on your site and go positively giddy what I see something new. I torture myself frequently with EAD postings. I am happy to read anything and everything you choose to share with us.
    I have to confess, however, that you just made me the happiest obsessive-compulsive fangirl ever!

  16. AMEN! I love your writing no matter what and hate when someone slows you down. Luv Ya!

  17. Your site, your stories, your rules. I just don’t see what is so hard to understand about that.Like others ahead of me, I read all your stuff, slash, het, whatever, and adore it all.

    Write on your schedule and your schedule only and fuck the haters.

  18. Hallelujah!!! I love all your stories!! Whether it be slash, het or gen. Burn their flames and demands! You have beautiful and ingenious way with words that just paints these amazing background to make possible to see the characters, scenery, etc. I can feel almost feel the emotions the character feels. So don’t let haters bring you down!!! ;}

  19. I came for the slash. I stayed for the snark. πŸ™‚

    To be honest, I really don’t read het. I figure I can read a mainstream book, you know? But you hooked me with TSB. Not only have I read every chapter, I’ve read it through twice.

    I am so ashamed. Lol

    And seeing my beloved War Mages on your honey do list just made my mostly scrappy day better. That’s how I found you. Okay, Minxie brought me. But she never steers me wrong.

    Question: I’ve found a lot of H/ D on your rec site and was wondering, have you ever read the Sacrifices series? It starts with Saving Connor? I’m curious what you thought if you have. If you haven’t, be careful. It’s long as fuck and gory in parts to boot. Like, gore.

    K, shutting up now. HAI!

    • I haven’t read the Sacrifices series because I’m not fond of the whole “Other Boy-Who-Lived” trope. I’ve heard it’s fantastic, though.

      • I had never heard of Sacrifices Series. 3 Chapters in and loving it.
        Thanks for the random mention that I happened to chance upon.

        I don’t know how many times I have read through all of the Amazing HP work on here and I check 2 times a day for something new so this should keep me interested for a bit.

        I have read Soulmate Bond at least 7 times over the last few months I am absolutely in love with it.

        • HA! I got you beat. I’ve read The Soul Mate Bond at least 20 times. Then I found Phoenix and The Unspeakable Plot. Like you, I check the web site frequently for updates, especially the bitch box! Then I also found Pendragons Legacy.

          Keira is an awesome writer and while I read HET the fact that she writes Slash also doesn’t bother me at all. I also check out rough trade as some of the stories on their are HET also! I think the last one posted by Keira, The Little Black Dress Challenge, is also a Harry/Hermione story.


          So far all you obnoxious Het readers only, LEAVE Keira alone or I’ll send you some gay porn. LOL

          Thank you for writing Keira. We love YOU!!!!

  20. I’m ready to read an author at the rate at which the author writes. I may whine for more, but only in my head, not in public.

    Entitlement is not pretty where ever it’s found.

  21. i feel like half the hits on the Lantean Legacy are from me reading it again and again. And again.

    /useless comment

  22. I think everything you write is fabulous and anyone who doesn’t want to read slash shouldn’t
    ignore your warnings.

    Your decision on what to write and when to post is the only thing that counts

    I love your work

    Thank you

  23. Raspberry Dreams

    I just want to say I love all your work (Ive even read the stories from fandoms I know nothing about your writting is so good). I eargerly look forward to all your posts and understand that such quality writting takes time. I’m sorry that you have to deal with so many idiots, please dont let them turn you off posting altogether.

    Thank you for posting your stories for us to share

  24. I have to be honest, I’m a HET fanfiction reader, and on your website really only a Harry/Hermione reader. That being said, you are the one writing for free so you are the one deciding on who, what, where, you name it. And really, simply don’t read stories you don’t want to read, is that so difficult. I will happily re-read your Harry/Hermione stories while waiting for an update. I did just find the previous Evil Author Day fanfictions, so those are next. πŸ˜€

  25. In many ways the internet has made us into greedy, whiney, fat babies. We’re like baby birds crowded into a nest, jostling each other, demanding “Feed Me! No Feed ME!!” We can find anything we want in practically no time at all. We even get huffy if our Google search takes longer than a second. It just makes me want to shake people! Writers are real people, not a search engine, and this stuff is free, folks, FREE. That means someone is writing it because they think it’s fun and sharing it because they want to. Would you walk up to Stephen King and tell him to hurry up, you were tired of waiting for his next book? Then I realize that they probably would. Sigh.

    I read slash exclusively for years, and was actually kinda shocked when you posted something het. I just never thought you would, you know? That didn’t keep me from reading it. ;-D I love your writing and am convinced you could make a grocery list entertaining.

    That said, how can folks miss the warnings on your page? Do they think it doesn’t apply to them? As far as I’m concerned, if they ignore your warning statement(s) and do something stupid and get snarked at? They deserve it.

    Keep up the good work, and ignore the whiners!

  26. I used to be a strictly het reader, not for any bigoted reasons, simply for the pairings I liked at the time. But there’s only so much to read in some fandoms before the intrigue nibbles! I’ve read so many awesome stories because I gave into my curiosity and it makes me sad that people can be so limiting and judgemental and demanding! I discovered your site because of tangled destinies, and now I’ve read pretty much all your stuff, I think everything you write is amazing, that you have an awesome talent, and that you should write whatever the hell you want!

  27. I am consistently amazed by the entitled fools who think you are writing for anyone but YOU.

    We’re just lucky you like to share. They should shut up so you don’t take your porn and go home.
    And then we’d have to hunt them down.

    You’ve dragged me into multiple fandoms. Its good that we all like the kicking and screaming. If you’re writing, I’m reading.

    • “Its good that we all like the kicking and screaming” – ROFL- i just literally fell out of my chair πŸ˜‰ truer words could not be written here! When i found this site all thise years back, I was an NCIS-fandom reader only, i had read xanthe’s storys and found a rec for TTB, i did not know what i was getting into at all really. I found thepage,mread the warnings, opened the story and thought: you liked john and rodney so what if there is ni gibbs, no tony, just start reading and if you cannot get into it close the window, it is not like you have to PAY beforehand or someone is forcing you to finish it. I do not need to tell you how it went from there. I wanted to read more from you, i did not know if i was liking the new fandom, i said – wtf – keira is writing it, it will be awesome and it always is and now I read everything πŸ˜‰ anxiously waiting fro the next fandom that you will drag me into, kicking and screaming πŸ˜‰
      And fyi: my husband fell from the couch when he found me reading your halo-ead-posting. It is one of his favorite games and not really my cup of te or it easn’t before your little excerpt….
      I will always be your happily-reading-kicking-screaming minion πŸ˜‰

  28. Sorry people are being douches Kiera!!! I love all of your work. Rereading your stories is fabulous, because invariably I find a nuance i missed the other times.

  29. Flame Alchemyst

    I came to this site for your HET works, which are brilliant and simply because you are an awesome author, I believe I have read all of your works. I am probably gonna read them again.

  30. little_miss_stiletto

    Wow. Some people astound me. There I was, seeing the email from your site and hoping it was something awesome about stories I enjoy … and its about idiots. Sometimes I just shake my head at how narrow some people’s perspective is. Personally I don’t mind HET or Slash, just not a big fan of Harry Potter fanfic – not matter the type. So, if the email is about one of those fics/series, I shrug, pout internally (I would never bitch/demand on site that “my” fics/preferences be catered to) and get easily distracted by the shiny’s that are the stories I have read (many, MANY times before) and suddenly feel the need to read once again. Keira, it is YOUR site, YOUR writing and YOUR right to do what you wish. I am just glad you allow us to read your stories, and visit your ‘worlds’.

  31. I cannot agree more. I often wish for the latest installment on your works to be done because I absolutely adore your stories but considering all the stories you work on I understand why it takes time. I content myself with rereading your brilliance while I wait for more. πŸ˜€ And I actually came to your site because of TTB so the HET I found later was a nice surprise but I definitely read more slash than I do HET. Hell, I’m pretty sure that exclusive HET readers are a minority everywhere just because most of the fan fiction that is out there is slash.

    I do have a question about one of your stories and just know that I’m not trying to be pushy but I was wondering what happened to The Unspeakable Plot. It’s one of my faves and I’ve been dying to reread it but I can’t find it anymore. Again, I’m not pushing for new stuff or anything because I understand that all of this is something you do as a labor of love in your spare time. I just really love rereading things and would love to reread that story too as I make my way through all your stories again.

    • Unspeakable Plot is — unfinished actually. I wrote most of during a Rough Trade event. When it’s finished–it’ll go up on the site.

      • I am sooooooo happy to hear that! I was starting to get a little worried about it, since I couldn’t find it. I, like so many others, will wait patiently for its return. I have plenty of your stories to enjoy rereading in the mean time. Thanks for letting me know. πŸ˜€

  32. To be honest I’m kind of glad those assholes pissed you off, now we get to see these numbers! And a hint that the war mages will get updates next or soonish! Not that I like that you’re pissed, but you know…?

    Anyways on the other hand seeing how lantean legacy compares I’m just about giving up all hopes of you continuing that series. Ah well, you write so many awsome stories anyway. It’s about time to re-try reading Ties that bind, who needs master thesis papers anyways!

    • I don’t let numbers dictate my muse. I actually have several books written for the Lantean series they just need to be re-written due to stuff that happened during the beta phase of No Enemy Within.

      • Well I certainly won’t even try to dictate your muse. I’m not quite that stupid. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you (or your muse) deciding you’ll rewrite those books. Until then I’m quite glad to read anything else.
        Thank you for all your awesome writing!

  33. We all know selective hearing is a thing, but really, selective reading demands commitment on the part of the asshole.

    I have been following you for years, I fond you through “Ties that Bind” from a rec list, and I think the very first thing I read on opening your site was a warning against stupidity and entitlement (it’s free reading, you undiluted mass of idiocy!!!).

    I am primary a slash reader, but as long as is well written I do not really care; I have expanded to new fandoms because of writers like you, basically I will read anything you write at least to check it, and I have yet to regret it.

    That said, I am absolutely delighted about your plans for the future writing/posting (it goes without saying that I am waiting with baited breath for the next TtB chapter, I love your Bitch Box!).

  34. You are one of those writers who’s stories are so good that I don’t really care what the fandom is or who the pairings are. Finding out that you’ve posting a new story or chapter always makes my day.

  35. Sorry that some people don’t have the good sense or good manners to know better then to bitch at the person who is writing something this good for them. I’ve read all of your Star-gate, Star Wars and Harry Potter stories, all of them more then three times, i try not to whine too much, but just let me say that i can’t wait for any new posts on any of your stories, whenever you get them out.

  36. i just get excited and do a little happy dance whenever i see an update what ever is updated. Honestly yup there are a few that i’m quietly waiting for but the fiction that you write is so good i’ll read any of it at least once . . . case in point your EAD fics this year i was dubious about fem-bilbo and never really read any of the hobbit fiction – you not only made me stay up almost all night waiting for the next update on EAD but then got me hooked on Thorin/Bilbo i totaly blame you for the hours and hours of interest searching the web for good fics.
    I adore your works and although i don’t like all of it i will read anything you post once . . . . . and possibly again a few years later just to see if my opinion on it’s changed.
    Possibly one of the problems of being a fan fiction writer is the accessibility with a published author usually there the buffer of people between the author and people sending in fanmail and begs for more work and even when a book or even a movie or game is pushed back theres a level of distance to protect author – it may have shurnk slightly with twitter and social media but there is still a gap there and protection but because it’s not there trolls feel like they have the right to demands whats not theirs to demand. Most people should understand that this is a hobby you still need to live your real life sadly there will always be a few though hopefully there’ll remain a minority. As a minion i for one am glad you’re tough enough to let it roll off you.

  37. kaeruko_suigami

    As a fan who has also re-read everything you’ve written half a dozen times I can say with certainty that we are happy to be patient. After all, anticipation just makes gratification that much sweeter when achieved…

  38. I want to thank you for all you write. My favorites are What Might have Been and The Sentinels for Atlantis. If I don’t like some of the others that is my choice and I don’t have to read what I don’t like. I feel its the same for the ones going on about the HET. I could rant and rave about you writing more of the two I like but I don’t. What you write is your choice and I am very happy to hear there will be more of Sentinels of Atlantis but I am not email you whining for more and more of the ones I like.
    Ok I am going to shut up now with another big THANK YOU for writing what you do because as much as I try I can’t do it myself.

  39. I just don’t understand how anyone can look at your site and think that het readers are the majority – even before you posted the stats. If you don’t count Evil Author Day stuff and the members-only Sneak Previews, you only have two stories that are het – one of which also has slash (Dark Places).

    So basically, these are people who followed a link for Soulmate Bond, didn’t look at the rest of the site, and assumed they were the majority. Yeah, I wouldn’t be concerned about their feelings either.

  40. Thank you for posting about this. I hope that the title of the post tricks the entitled assholes into reading it for a WIP update, and then they get a clue and stop being whiny brats. I can’t even imagine how you put up with that attitude all the time. Every time I see a comment like that on your fic, or you post a fandom wank message, I want to shake them all. Don’t they understand that they are making you use precious energy dealing with them instead of doing things you want to do, like writing?!? I love your stories, and I reread them regularly when I want something guaranteed to be well written. As always, thank you so much for letting us read your creations.

  41. Thank you for all time you put in your stories and for your stories. Never mind if they are het, slash or both. I don`t like Harry/Hermione pairings but it is still are great story. In my opinion most people are a****e with a closed mind.

  42. in my mind free stuff is free stuff, whether it is a new chapter or story from your favorite author, or free water in your favorite game! stop complaining about it. you wouldn’t complain if someone gave you a free car would you??? like it or leave!

  43. I came for the Harry Potter fiction – when it was just Birth of the Serpent King. That was when I was reading exclusively Harry Potter fan fiction – mainly slash but a little het. But then I explored your site and discovered The Awakening. (Never saw The Sentinel before I read that story.) Then I started reading your Atlantis stories. Then you came out with Star Trek stories. You have already expanded my horizons – I will start looking for other authors who write for that particular fandom. I became addicted to Sentinel, Star Trek, and Atlantis fandom because of you. I know that whatever you write, I will read. Het, slash – it doesn’t matter. I will read everything – even those with fandoms I am not familiar with. You even got me interested in writing again – was going to submit for The Little Black Dress challenge but deadline passed me by. Hoping to write for the next challenge.

    Now, I’m just squeeing over the idea that War Mage Trilogy will be written next. Until then, I will be reading you Rough Trade posts and rereading everything on your site or the ebooks I have already downloaded.

  44. Your fiction is great, I’m happy to wait until you feel like you want to write whatever story you want to tell. Part of the nice thing about the length of your stories is that you can come back after awhile and start at the beginning and it seems like a new story.

    Obviously we all want the stories we love updated, but it’s about your process, not what we need.

    Besides, I’m scared to ask you for anything. πŸ˜‰

    It’s a healthy fear, though.


  45. And some people wonder why I don’t write anymore. It’s because some people SUCK!, and they took all the fun out of it for me. I’d get emails saying things like, “You can’t do that.” “You should write this and write it my way.” Having fans at first was such a thrill, then I got to the point where I was dreading getting reviews. I was trying to write what people wanted, not what I wanted and my so-so writing turned to total crap. I eventually got burned out and gave up.

    I’m glad you have a much stronger sense of self than I did and don’t let them dictate to you. I’m probably the only person on this site that is asexual, so I don’t care one way or the other if it’s het or slash. I just like the way you write. While there is usually a sexual component to your fiction, it isn’t the end all or be all of the story. It’s the relationship between the characters, their personalities and how they deal with their situations that matter.

    If they just want het, tell them to go buy a Harlequin.

  46. I generally read everything you write too. I reread more of the slash but that’s my choice. I don’t understand why people would harass you about when you will write ‘such and such’ it’s not as if you have made you position on people bugging you a secret. πŸ™‚

    I’ll never get over the sad sad end of ‘No Other Man”. Oh the trials that are my life. πŸ˜‰

    Looking forward to more LL also a fav. That’s next on my re read list after Awakening, then SoA. Actually I have to finish my library book first …so many things to read so little time.

    • “No Other Man” was retitled: Fall For You and it’s finished and being shopped for publication.

      • Seriously? Please let us know when you get a publisher- because your first hour sales are going to be awesome. You’ve got a huge fan base that adores you.

        I’ve been wanting to ask about “No Other Man” for a while but did not want to seem pushy or demanding – you get enough of that shit.

      • Awesome. I will start sacrificing goats and chickens to help it along.

        I hope you didn’t think I was being pushy. I had accepted it was over just wanted you to know even you half done stories are well remembered and in my case loved.

  47. I could never ask you for anything new…your work, your time …..I am really happy that you will share your work FOR FREE with your devotees. I am lurk and when there is something new het slash wathever I am happy. Sometimes I do not like the pairing but you know there is no accounting for taste. You can stop reading it is not difficult . I cant understand people who have this kind of problems. Also thanks for your work and please share your work and snark with us.

  48. wow I am stun at the stupid people most of your stories are slash and I will beg for more of them (and any other of your lovely stories –please oh please send us more *chough* sorry about that–) like any good minion should but you can’t and shouldn’t demand like that. Also in the real world none would go up to author and demeaned they write whatever so why these people would do so here is beyond my comprehension. I think the link below kind of sums it up and I hope cheers you up a bit it did for me at least. sorry you had to deal with stupid people.

  49. Hi Keira,
    I just wanted to say that I really appreciate all your great stories, be they slash or het or orgiastic.
    Thank you for all the time and care you take with these inspiring adventures and the biggest thank you of all for sharing your work with a sometimes craptastic audience. You rock so much!

  50. jeez. people who try to dictate to writers have no fucking clue how hard it is to write. and people who dare to try to dictate to their favorite most awesome writers should clue in how grateful they should be their faves are even writing in their fandom at all.

    I just don’t get assholes people sometimes.

  51. I have read many of your fics so many times I’ve lost count. I got into the habit of re-reading any long fic from the beginning before any newly posted chapter not because I’d forgotten what was going on, but for the sheer pleasure of getting lost in the worlds and characters you build. After recently seeing another talented author leave fandom due to harassment, I hope that you can take my good thoughts and sincere thanks along with all your other fans’ and use them to buffer yourself from the hate-filled assholes of the world.

    Live Long and Porn.

  52. BRAVO i may be one of your HET readers but i have no fear or homophobia like the ones your talking about. all the more power to you.. write what you want and i will read what i want.. keep up the good work on ALL your storys. your an amazing writer keep up the great work and dont give a fuck about the ones who bash you or insist you write for them

  53. Dear Het readers,

    There are places where you can read only het and not have to be bothered by slash. I’m primarily a slash reader, but will happily read het. Who goes to anyone’s site and harasses the author? Let’s see: Oh, those that are rude, ill mannered bitches.

    If you’re coming here for the het, great, it’s awesome, right? But try and maintain your perspective and based on the number of slash stories here, understand that the author writes both. Insulting an author you enjoy isn’t real bright.

  54. OMG, I’m in the majority. I don’t know want to do. It’s my first time.be gentle, please.

    And, btw, The Lantean Legecy is too far down that list. Hmm, I’ve obvious read the book too many times. I’ll go fix that.

  55. Wow. People really suck sometimes. I think a certain portion of people are so used to having everything at their fingertips for instant gratification, that they think they have the right to demand things from others. It’s like their mama never taught them manners and they just don’t get that they’re being total asshats.

    I don’t know about you, but when I write, I write for me. The fact that others will read it is secondary. It’s nice to hear when people enjoy my work, but I’d still write even if they all hated it. I suspect most of the entitlement crowd doesn’t write (well, anything beyond whiney demands, anyway) so they don’t understand the time and effort required to produce a story. I usually find myself totally amazed at the sheer volume of work you turn out on a regular basis. I only wish I could be so prolific πŸ™‚

    As for the asshats… fuck them and the horse they rode in on.

    P.S. This is the first time I’ve ever dropped an f-bomb online in the 30+ years I’ve been on the Net. I think you’ve corrupted me πŸ˜€

  56. You GO Girl. we got your back

  57. I adore your writing. I found your website for ‘What might have been’ and stayed for everything else. I’ve started reading different fandoms and pairings because of your stories. I totally love your brain and wish I could write even half as well. I would love more stories, we all want more. But, I would never demand an author to write more. That’s just… I wasn’t raised to be a self-absorbed asshat, but I guess not everybody can say that. I’m in my 30’s and my mom would still smack me if I acted like that. It’s incredibly rude and disrespectful, especially to someone who doesn’t get paid for it.

    Of course, I am willing to bribe. A banoffee pie can brighten the suckiest of days. And if that doesn’t work I have a gang of cats you can borrow and unleash on your enemies.

  58. There is no fixing stupid or asshats or both *yetch* write what you want when you want and I will read. it. all Mahahahahaha..oops sorry lol.

  59. Write whatever and whenever you want. The readers will be ready to read your new chapters as they come out. πŸ™‚

  60. Amen, sister. It’s a delight and honor to read your stories. If readers who are homophobic can’t understand the quality of your writing, their ignorance is their lose.

  61. I have read commercially published writers, whose work is so bland that after a book or two I have no interest in reading what they produce. The ‘sameness’ from one title to another leaves me cold. As a result, for me, the idea of asking for ‘more’ was a compliment implying that the writer’s work is fresh and interesting and well done, on an ongoing and exciting basis.

    Because of that, I may very well have written something like that in a comment. I had never considered the other possible interpretation for the comment. So, if I have previously asked for ‘more’, you have my abject apology.. Anything you choose to produce is welcome; what you write is a gift I greatly appreciate. And unlike the authors mentioned above, I love everything you have written. I have re-read everything multiple times, and I find new things to enjoy every time I peruse them.

    Thank you so much for the gift of your time and effort, and the wonder of your stories. I won’t ask for more; I will only say whatever you produce is fantastic, and if you provide a new fic I devour it as soon as I see it. I adore your snarky dialog, and your wording is something I still appreciate after numerous re-readings. And I am in awe of your imagination.

    Het or slash makes no difference. You can even convince me to enjoy pairings that I normally don’t follow. You are just that good.

    Take care.

  62. greenbunnyowner

    As much as I love your Harry and Hermione stories, I also really like your Star Trek stories with Spock and Kirk. I also like your short PWP Sherlock Holmes and Watson stories as well. I have not read the Star Gate or the Sentential (s?) stuff because I don’t know the references or the backgrounds of the characters to understand the plots well enough yet. Eventually I will so I won’t have any sort of confusion so i can enjoy them better. It is hard for me to understand what makes some people so demanding. Maybe it has to do with the whole generation being brought up to think they can have instant gratification at the push of a button. It is nearly tragic if not outright maddening, to be honest. People have forgotten what it is like to be patient. And to truly enjoy the anticipation of an expected treat or reward. Now with all this instant expectation of ‘GIVE ME!’ like a bunch of 2 year olds… It would make me want to put them into a time out corner for a while. Demanding little children need to be taught to wait. As a writer myself, I know it is sometimes hard to tie a muse down and make him or her work. Mine likes to jump from project to project. I have to go kick mine in the ass right now, actually. When I get stuck, I sometimes come to read your amazing work again to inspire my goofy plot bunny into getting his tail into gear. Sorry that you have to put up with the idiots in order to share your brilliant stories with the rest of us. Thank you again. It means even more. Know that I really appreciate it.

    • I spend so little time on Canon that you could read the wikipedia entries for stargate and the sentinel and read my work with very little issue.

      • Really? Oh good! Then I will give them a try and first I will go look up the info where you told me to so I will have a basic clue. I just didn’t want to ask you a whole lot of questions. I know that sort of thing makes you nuts. I surely don’t want to do that and throw cold water on your muse, which ever muse is on duty at the time, for whichever story you are currently busy with. And seriously, I can’t seem to feel like I have thanked you enough for sharing with all of us. A very, very long time ago, I used to post online… sadly, I am not as tough as you and also, someone had stolen my work to pass off as their own… again, you are so brave and wonderful to keep posting and sharing despite the unworthy idiots who have no clue how hard it is in the first place for any sort of writer to create in the first place and then to bare the fruit of that hard labor all out there just for those greedy little nasty…things.. to just go and gobble it all up and spit out crap and demand even more… when I see you report their idiotic behavior… it truly makes me angry at them on your behalf. My green plot bunny sends hugs and gives those bastards the flip off for you.

        • I really don’t mind questions like that. It’s questions about when I’ll post, what I’ll post, and all of that — that pisses me off. Otherwise, I’m happy to answer questions about canon or whatever if you have them.

  63. I feel like I may be personally responsible for 8000 views on Sentinels of Atlantis.

    I’m not a het reader on your site because the pairings aren’t my thing, but such is the beauty of the internet: you can shop around until you find what pleases you. Anonymity lends false confidence and false power, all while it makes for stupid people. Well done you for giving them what for.

  64. The form of entitlement that’s always annoyed me the most is the “Write More Now Whiners.” Everyone knows who they are: the readers who are so greedy-guts for more story that drive a writer crazy. The ones where the only comments are “Please write more!” “Write more now, I can’t wait!” “MORE!”

    Basically, their sense of immediate gratification is more important to them than story crafting.

    I refuse to toss out a few pages of crap typed up fast to make readers happy. That’s quantity, not quality. I will take all the time I need to write something I’m happy with, with a sufficient amount of words in the chapter (5,000-10,000) so that readers feel satisfied when they finish the chapter.

    I once told a girl that her constant one-chapter-after-another-comment of “Write more!” wasn’t making good use of the Comment feature, and it only made me feel like I was under pressure, I don’t like feeling under pressure when I tell a story, and to please stop. She wrote back and basically implied that I was an ungrateful wretch who should bow to her for making any kind of Comment at all and I should thank her on my knees for deigning to read what I wrote.

    That one was completely unacceptable. I pulled up short on finishing the chapter I was working on and posted something to the effect of “I will not kowtow to the demands of a petty little girl (who I have Blocked, by the way). Far, far too many great authors like Skyla Doragono have left stories behind forever and never come back because of no comments other than “Write more now!” plaguing their Inbox. If you have something constructive to say, Comment. Make no demands, because I won’t listen.”

    That brought up some people up short, but it also got a lot of attention and support from like-minded souls. In the end, the wench had a friend send a message to me, begging to Unblock her and she was sorry.

    Of course I Unblocked her. How could I deprive her of my brilliance? πŸ˜‰

    I truly adore your style and your great ideas. Frankly, No-slash people drive me buggy. They can skip over the sex parts if it bugs them that much.

    Sentinels of Atlantis, the Lantean Legacy, and Tangled Destinies are my three favorites here, but I read it all, and I’ll read your stories over again many times. I have patience. I look forward to reading more in the future.

    Thank you for sharing your art with us, your fans.

  65. Love your stuff, but it just amazes me the amount of people getting free entertainment that takes time and effort from you and yet they still complain. Fuck em there are plenty of us out here who appreciate and enjoy your hard work. thanks.

  66. Hey, do I want you to finish everything that is in your WIP folder? Of course I do! Why? Because I’m a greedy slut and I gut myself on your fabulous writing! You’re the only writer for whom I’ve read every single story that I can find on their site. I wouldn’t know a Halo from a halodeck, but I read whatever you offer.

    But I’m also a realistic greedy slut and I know you have a life beyond all this. So I reread what you have already been most gracious and generous to offer us, and I squeal like a kid at Giftmas getting just what they want every time I see something new from you.

    Not that I would expect you to do anything else, because you are your wonderful self, but I just gotta say, write what you want, when you want. Those entitlement happy assholes can go choke on something, and the rest of us will be here enjoying the fic you are so kind to share with us.

    I’ve still got my boy in NC playing the lotto in the hopes that one day I can be a patron of the arts and just let you sit back and write. In the mean time THANK YOU!!!!! Thank you for hours upon HOURS of amazing worlds, and amazing characters, and amazing feelings and just… fuck. THANK YOU!!!! You entertain and inspire and you’re worth your weight plus in gold, and platinum. You’re generous with your knowledge and your talents and that is priceless.

    OH and you share Mama Marcos. That’s worth at least several tons of something special. πŸ™‚

  67. You my dear are seriously awesome do what you want and
    fuck everyone who gives you shit!!
    Going to read some harry potter now.

    You rock as always.

  68. Lol I have totally exclusively added to the slash read total several times at least for each of these stories, this is the first time I think I have commented but het readers crack me up and squick me out πŸ™‚ I love love love the writing you do and have read most if not all of the slash and love how blunt and honest you are your posts also. THANK YOU for all you do put out here it is so GREAT πŸ™‚ Cheers from NZ Γ—β—‹(I’m sorry I’m not brave enough to read the het, it obviously is brilliant as always but urgh the squickiness)

  69. More Than a Pint

    I (like all the people that are cavorting in your site) love every word you wrote (and are writing and will write). Now I found you, looking for slash sentinel au stories, but it took very little to warm me your HET fanfiction. I understand ‘preferences‘, I am a firm believer in preferences, but I truly don’t understand why some people have this need to press their preferences on others. We are all grow-ups here, we are here for the same things (Keira’s awesome writing), if you are tiny little-minded people, please, there is no need to let everyone knows it. We already had the whole “let-s-burn-these-books-because-I-do-not-like-them-therefore-noone-has-to-like-them” phase, since this isn’t the right historical time, please don’t pollute my “browsing fanfiction happy times” with your weird thinking (yes, from my point of view, you are the weirdos).

    PS. if you are reading stop whining. (quoting one of Keira’s Harries β€œonly Death Eaters and babies whine.”)

  70. The only fic you’ve written that I HAVEN’T read is Dark Places in the Soul Series because when I was started reading your work I was avoiding het side of the fandom. Now I don’t want to read it because I can’t read anything but John/Rodney as the main pairing in that fandom. You corrupted me, you evil you! XD

    I’m sorry you have had hard time with some of your readers. I hope they FINALLY get the fucking message and stop bothering you about it. I remember once asking you if you’d mind putting a posting schedule up and you told me you didn’t do that for several reasons. You were frank about it and I respected that.

    Thank you for writing and the hard work you do for your minions!

  71. I know the weird sense of entitlement people have shouldn’t shock me, and yet….

  72. Ignore the entitled assholes. The rest of us know better. Your stuff is pure gold and they have no busness trying to push their preferences onto other people.
    Keep up the amazing work. Write what you want, when you want it and know most of us junkies will love it.

  73. As one of your Readers that reads almost exclusively het i have to say i don’t care what you write or when. i adore what you write and while i may want to see you focus your energies in a specific direction i understand and accept theat what i want has absolutely zero impact on what gets written.

    on behalf of your loyal minority of non entitled het readers i would like to apologize for the arseholes among us.

  74. Love everything you write and forever grateful for your work. Just in case no one’s said it yet – since I don’t see it on your list of readers (I’m guessing because it was part of your Evil Author Day releases and not officially out yet?) I love both your het and slash fiction including your gender swapped Hobbit stories.

  75. I’ve never posted before, even though I’ve been reading your work for quite some time. I love your writing, but I’ve been trying to figure out WHY. You’re an excellent writer with great story structure, hot sex, a great grasp on how to make your characters likeable and more important, interesting. Honestly, I’m a little slow on the uptake, so it’s taken me this long to catch a clue as to why I keep coming back to read you over and over again. It’s because you manage to take the characters and make them…more. They become what I would have wanted them to become. It’s like when you cook and someone says “here” and add what’s been missing from your recipe after years of muddling through trying to figure it out.

    I have always been a speed reader, and I tend to skim when I read because I just want the writer to get on with the story. For you, though, I slow down. I read the dialogue, I go back and re-read to make sure I catch the nuances of the relationships and conversations.

    Of course, the hot sex doesn’t hurt…and that’s hard to write too.

    Kudos to you.

  76. I don’t get how people think they can bitch. Your wordcount for this site is over the two million word mark. The Harry Potter series is a bit over one million words and it took JKR 12 years to write them. Even if you were doing this for money, they would have absolutely no grounds to complain. The fact that you do this for free in your spare time and get crap for not writing what certain special snowflakes want to read or not writing fast enough for these ickle princesses is just….gross. Entitlement of any kind is gross, creative entitlement, like you’re some kind of story factory who can produce a certain quota on demand, is really really gross. Ew. I’m impressed that you gave them an actual mature and logical answer, I probably would have responded with penis gifs and a suggestion that they go fuck themselves.

  77. I first came here for What Might have Been.. then moved on to Sentinels of Atlantis.. it took me so long to finally read Ties That Bind cause I read a similar story that just had Rodney so OOC it frustrated me.. but when I finally did read yours I loved it!! Then you started writing Star Trek and Harry Potter and knew they were going to be just as good. I find myself coming here every few months and re-reading all my faves. It’s been awhile since I’ve said it but thank you once again for sharing your wonderful works of fiction with us fans.

  78. New stuff happy dance, gonna get new stuff happy dance

  79. So sorry to hear you’ve had this issue raise its head above the parapet yet again.

    I always compare fic writing to my own hobby (apart from the Reading All the Fic I Can hobby!) of knitting. NO ONE gets to tell me what to knit, or when, or what I should do with the knitted things, and the same should apply to the written fics and their writers. I always wince when I see a comment which says either explicitly or implicitly “write more”. I realise it’s probably supposed to just sound enthusiastic but it simply always comes over as rude and demanding.

    So more power to your typing fingers and that exceptional imagination, and thank you SO much for writing and sharing it with us.

  80. Particle_Accelerator

    It’s people like that who have driven some of the best fanfic writers out there away! I admit, I am in the minority in that I only read your het Harry/Hermione stories, which I ABSOLUTELY love and eagerly await the next chapters on, but I would never presume to DEMAND that you update those stories and only those. Plead, beg, perhaps even bribe, but never demand. πŸ˜€ Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with us and keep up the great work!

  81. You the writer are in charge of what you choose to write and when. You are also the sole person in charge of deciding what you choose to share with a wider audience. I would have thought anyone with a modicum of common sense would know that. The fact that is not the case is simply ridiculous.

    Thank you for choosing to write and share your stories with us. I’ve personally read most of the stuff you’ve posted and only very occasionally hit the back button and that was because I try to give everything you post a try. Anything that squicks me is all on me as a reader and not you as the writer. You are one of the best out there about providing sufficient warnings to what content & pairings are in a story and I thank you for that.

    I came to your site for the McShep and Trek, stayed for the Drarry & tried the Harry/Hermione because it was you writing it.

    Could I perhaps ask you to clarify if the Serpent King story is a one off? I am looking forward to more War Mage stuff in due course but I thought I’d read a comment somewhere that there would be more to the other story too? If I am imaging things I do apologise. The story stands tall and proud all on its own (I’ve lost track of the number of times that I have re-read it).

    Sorry for waffling on and thanks for the uncounted hours of enjoyment your writing has provided me.

    • The War Mages Trilogy Looks like this: That Old Black Magic, Those Magic Changes, & Magic Will Never Die

      Birth of the Serpent King is finished but I have a sequel plotted called “Dragon Rising”.

      • I am joining your other loyal readers in a happy dance. Thank you.

        In the meantime, I think it is time to re-read some favs from your site.

  82. Part of me always want to ask authors I love for MORE. But as someone who has a hobby that I am obsessed with, I know that the enjoyment comes from doing what I want, when I want at the speed I feel like. So when I truly love an author’s work like I love yours, I can wait a long time for more because great quality comes mostly from the enjoyment you get from your story.

    That being said, I am doing a happy dance that you are planning to come back to my beloved war mages. And that some day, you may come back to the serpent king. My two favorites, can’t get enough of them.

    You are truly a gifted writer.

  83. Telzey Amberdon

    I’ve been in fandom since the early 70s, since before there was even a thing called “slash”, and I have to tell you, I’ve always been confused by these people who compartmentalize that way. I’d read anything GOOD. Anything WELL-WRITTEN. If an author can sell it to me, I’ll buy any outlandish (otherwise known as “imaginative”) idea they come up with. But I refused to self-identify as a slash-fan because I wasn’t: I found a lot of it to be terribly written, as one might expect with the writers just trying to find their bearings and latch onto this new concept called “slash!”, and frankly I just didn’t want to box myself into that tiny little box. I just liked fanfic in all its crazy, awesome glory, because it often found a truth that nobody had ever seen before, and it was women doing most of the exploring.

    So I found that among my nascent slash-writin’ friends, i.e. the ladies who boldly went where certainly no male fan had ever thought to go, they’d read anything as long as it was slash, no matter how awful it was. So enthused were they, they’d put the slash-goggles on and transform anything they saw on TV and anything they read into slash. I think my friends-in-fandom literally invented the concept of “slash-friendly” to excuse my lack of super-intense interest in slash because a lot of het-fans either dismissed or criticized slash fans because they were of the opinion that it was wrong and bad, and please stop making us look depraved to the mundanes, ‘kay? But I didn’t have a problem with what they were writing, I just didn’t have the enthusiastic “anything slash”-goggles on like they did, and I was always happy they were enjoying themselves writing. Homophobia was of course totally accepted as “normal” back then, it was part-and-parcel to being a good person to not like gay men in theory… of course, you’d still be polite to your gay hairdresser, but he was different! Somehow, acceptable, you could just say he was “artistic” and smile condescendingly at him, and he did such a fine job on your ‘do. And gay women were basically excused as “mannish old maids”, thus invisible.

    So what I’m trying to say in my own old-lady-tellin’-the-tales-of-olde-timey-fandom way, this thing you’re experiencing with the het-fans being all “but, but, but, WHY would you wanna write that other awful slashy stuff when you’re so good at writing HET?!” is ingrained in fandom and not at all new. I do hope you can shrug it off and not take it personally, and not be hurt by it. You cannot change them, only time and growing-the-fuck-up can do that. They genuinely believe they are giving you a compliment and are very confuzzled at your reaction.

    Be well and of course continue to write what you want. You’ve introduced me to so much fandom I wouldn’t have otherwise read, except you wrote it so I gave it a try. Thanks for that.

    • Thank you for such a thoughtful reply. Seriously. I guess, I get super frustrated with the homophobia. I really don’t have time for any sort of bigotry.

  84. Sorry you had to deal with more assholes.
    I’ll be over in my dark corner, rereading everything you write. (Instead of the STACK of books next to my bed. What? I don’t want to lose my “nightstand”)
    Thanks for writing and posting whatever you feel like.

  85. Frankly, it doesn’t matter to me what you write. Over time, I have come to realize that I am a complete slut for your stories regardless of pairing. I would read a Giant Squid/Voldemort pairing from you, because if you can pull off writing it, I’m sure it will be fabulous.

  86. It appears that my favorite fic of all times doesn’t make it to the top 7 ! I absolutely love the Awakening, I read it and read it again at least once a year. Tangled Destiny is really good too, and The Soulmate Bond is a great fic too.
    You’re one of those authors who can make me read from different fandoms, either slash or het. I know that I’ll like whatever you will be writing.
    Please continue to write whatever strikes your fancy, be it het or slash. I hope it will make you as happy as me reading your stories.

  87. Dear Keira…. I am happy with whatever you write. I read your stories because of the unique way you see the “original” stories. the way you give them a new dept and polish formerly dull spots in the plot into a new glowing facette until the story shines like a jewel. I am fascinated with all the different aproaches you take to a single fandom and turn each pf them into an new and sizzeling experience.
    i am just happy that you keep on writing and as an adult i am also quite capable to wait however long it takes for a new part to come up…. after all i can always re-read all the lovely stuff you allready made available to us.
    I am enthralled with the plot you write, and the subplot and the subsubplot and the plot that is so bloody deep i am not sure if i imagined it during the third read through πŸ˜‰
    I once spent a memorable half hour on a stargate atlantis wiki looking for a story line that i was sure must be canon until i realised that that was something you made up in one of your stories and i felt cheated (dammit) because how the hell could it notbe canon, when it felt like defining moment?
    thank you for your work and all the time you invest in giving us new stories to weave into our dreams.

    • Perenelle,

      I laughed when I read this. Because I have had that happen to me. I have internalized so much of keira’s cannon that I am confused when it conflicts with show cannon.

      I still keep looking for other stories with Matthew Sheppard in them. Really how could the writers not realize there were 3(4) brothers, and that they were all awesome.

  88. Always happy to read whatever you want to write – mainlined ‘Tangled Destines’ in one sitting the other day because I got the Trek movies for my birthday and thought “Hey now I can read that story of Keira’s and understand it.”

  89. Ugh, the way people seem to live in their own little bubble, thinking that their views are everyones views, it just makes my head hurt. And violent. More violent than head hurting, really, so it’s probably for the best that I don’t leave the apartment often, what with there being all those stupid people out there.

    I got off track. I love your stuff, and I consider it a gift whenever you post something new. And now I will go re-read something because I can and because it’s terrific.

    Rock on with your bad self. πŸ™‚

  90. I can’t wait for the new season of The Sentinels of Atlantis. As for those who don’t want slash, It’s up to you what you write and no-one else. There’s no law to say they have to read slash stories, so just ignore them and carry on.

  91. Nothing I can say here that other Minions haven’t already said ..I read mostly Het but a little Slash can be a good thing πŸ˜‰ so It’s your site sweetie WE are in your tender mercy πŸ˜‰

  92. Ummm…those numbers might be a bit skewed, Keira. I am a little bit of a not-tech-savvy-unless-I-want-to-be, and until I realized I could download some of your stories to my e-reader I know I personally have read and re-read my favorites. Sometimes without even logging out, just starting over in case I missed something. And. now, yes I have read my favorites over a few times on my tablet.

    This was a great perspective you presented, and I found it interesting. But the important thing to take away from any fanfiction writer’s work is that we are so fortunate to have you give us your time and talents. Like somebody’s mama must have said,
    “If someone offers you something you don’t want, just say no thank you.” (Of course, if you like it say yes, thank you sir, can I have another?… oh, wait… different story.)

    So, thank you.

  93. Can I just say how much I enjoyed this post?!? Seriously. It made my night. lol
    The older I get, the more I understand the value of speaking my mind. And I appreciate that honesty in others.
    Life is too short to tip-toe around, trying to diplomatically express yourself so as not to upset or insult people you probably don’t even like (or wouldn’t like if you actually met in real life). Whiny, entitled readers of free fan fiction are most definitely members of the “Life is too short to placate you” group. Kudos!
    I love your writing, your stories, your world building, and am so grateful that you share your words with us.
    I also love that you speak your mind, take no prisoners … and share it with us when you do!
    ::claps:: ::whistles::

  94. So whenever I see posts like this I am excited (because there are few things that brighten my day like you on a rant – really I know there is something wrong with me). At the same time I am anxious, because one day you might decide its not worth putting up with the assholes and just stop. Which for the record would suck. So please know many of us appreciate you, and as was stated above often choose to reread your stuff over other authors new posts.

    Rereading this post made me wonder about something. If your willing to share what is the readership of Awakening? Its not on the list above, so I was curious. Its a smaller fandom and older. Also your most recent post seems to point to the expansion of that ‘verse with the three new stories. Which I would love to see. Actually I’ll take anything your willing to share and be happy about it, but I do admit to a soft spot for The Awakening since it is the story that introduced me to your writing.

    Anyway I was just curious what Awakenings readership was.

    • What’s interesting about The Awakening was that it was one for the first stories I put into ebook. That ebook has been downloaded 6301 times. It’s by far my most downloaded ebook which skews stats on the story itself so people don’t have to come back to my site to read it. Stats on the page for The Awakening: 37,328 visits

      I also know that it hasn’t gotten the reader attention other stories have on my site because I never wrote the sequel. It’s an award winning novel so I know it was well received by readers because they took the time to vote for it.

      Numbers have never been important to me — I only listed them on this post to point out to a few HET readers who assumed I should cater to them that their logic was extremely flawed.

      • Thanks for replying to this. I can see your point about the eBook. Since I have it and all your other eBooks on my Kindle. I still visit your pages a lot. But you’re right SoA, The Awakening etc., I have read them many many times and you have no way of knowing that. It’s interesting to see the number of page views for Awakening (it looks like a small section of your readership but I wonder how many fans found your work through that one eBook). It might be interesting to see how that number jumps after you put the Alpha Sentinel site together. (i.e. is there an surge of new downloads). I’m an accounting professor so I like to use numbers to interpret the world around me. The numbers aren’t necessarily important, but sometimes they can help us paint a picture. (For example illuminating how NOT influential certain reader segments are – πŸ™‚ )

        Anyway thanks for addingto the picture. I look forward to the expansion of this verse along with your others.

  95. OMG OMG OMG … War mages and Sentinals of Atlantis … i think i just orgasmed a little …. you are seriously my favorite person ever … x x x

  96. Here, Here. Well said.

  97. i_cant_talk_now

    Lantean Legacy is the least popular? what? How is that possible? that’s my favorite story.

    • It could be ebook downloads. People don’t have to come back and read it since I released an ebook at the same time I did the story.

      • Ah, well, that makes sense. I confess, I can picture them in their new uniforms without even reading the story again.

  98. Whatever you choose to write next, I will be happy. ALL of your stories are amazing and it’s a privilege to read them (over and over again). Thanks so much for being such an awesome person and writer!

  99. I’m just so happy that you write and share with us! I come back and read your stories over and over, just like so many of your other readers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  100. Keira,
    Thank you for everything that you have written so far, everything that you will write in the future (at some point, that you decide, when or if you decide to do sol), and for generally being an awesome person. An inspiration to other writers, a large source of enjoyment to readers, and a source of awesomeness in general.

    Especially that thing about a contract. Good job. Awesome for you! Thank you for telling others that you got it, because it encourages others that are struggling with our own writing to keep on going.

    Just, Thanks!

  101. Many of the War Mages hits are from me, so I’m excited you’re working on the next book.

  102. I think Thumper from Bambi put it best: “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. Of course, half of these morons think they ARE being nice, when they’re really being asshats. I may scratch at the screen screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” when I find something awsome that ends before I want it to, but that just means the author did their job of sucking me in a little too well. I am so glad you decided that you love us enough to keep writing for us. You are completely within your rights to take your toys and go home; but I’m really glad you didn’t. You are one of the most awsome, evil, stupendous authors I read and even if you aren’t writing my flavor, at least you’re writing something. Thank YOU!

  103. I have to admit that as much as I adore your stories, and you’re one of only three fanfic authors whose works are all in my reread file, I adore your blunt honesty the most. I love it when you speak of your beliefs about fan writing. I get so angry when fans demand things from and criticize authors whom we are all so lucky to have! Anyone who is willing to write stuff and share it freely solely for the entertainment of others deserves at least silence and respect if one can’t muster genuine gratitude and support. I have to admit I check back often in the hopes that sequels are ready for some of my favorites; however, even if you never shared another written word, I remain happy and deeply impressed by everything of yours I’ve been lucky enough to read. Thanks for choosing to write and share!

  104. No matter what you are writing & sharing. You are awesome. I came for the Atlantis stuff originally and soon got sucked into to all your other work but it is the snark that makes my day. Never got beyond the first chapter of the first HP book. Yours I re-read all the time.
    In fact if you wrote the stuff on my cornflake box I would read that & be happy too!

  105. I am one of your newer slash readers and I was drawn in from the lovely skillfully woven hard worked materials that are The War Mage triology and The Birth of The Serpent King and this posts humbles me and has me check my own entitled stupid, pratty ass. I thank you for I can’t improve what I don’t acknowledge and I can’t acknowledge what I don’t know. I learn now from you to reign it in and not pound with fevert demands for more Harry/Draco but I will wait and leap with an excited wagging tail whenever you do post the next installment to the War Mage triology! That story alone has helped me regain my love and faith in fellow Drarry writers. Thank you.

  106. I don’t know if I’I’ve ever actually commented before but I wanted to say that love your fics so much, slash and het both. I first started out reading your Stargate Atlantis fics and ended up breaching out. It seems like I’m constantly in a loop of re-reading your amazing stories! I’m right in the middle of Sentinel’s of Atlantis right now so seeing that it’s so high on your list made me do a little dance.

  107. I have a question: has season 2 of harry potter and the soulmate bond come out yet?

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