Little Black Dress Challenge

My entries for the Little Black Dress Challenge (Sentinel Fusion). The challenge starts July 1, 2015 and you’ll have to be a member of Rough Trade to read them there.


Harry Potter

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Title: Ten Years After the War
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom/Genre: Harry Potter
Relationship(s): Harry/Hermione
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Violence
Summary: Hermione Granger is a Hit Witch for the International Protectorate of Magic. She’s attacked in her apartment and in the midst of it comes online as a Sentinel. Confused and hurt, she apparates straight into the arms of her oldest friend–Harry Potter.

Harry embraced his gifts as a Guide and parselmagic after the war. It cost him his relationship with Ginny and her mother never forgave him. He lives in Godric’s Hollow, alone but not unhappy with life he’s chosen. Then Hermione comes back to him in the most unexpected of ways.

Will he sacrifice his hard won peace to stand with his Sentinel?

Criminal Minds

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Title: A Delicate Balance
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom/Genre: Criminal Minds
Relationship(s): Hotchner/Reid
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Violence, Angst, Canon Character Death, Accidental bonding
Summary: Aaron Hotchner comes online in the wake of his ex-wife’s murder and kills George Foyet in the midst of a feral episode. In his fury, he nearly turns on his team but Spencer recognizes what’s happening and saves Aaron from himself. Aaron bonds with Spencer by accident and is devastated that even in his feral state he was capable of such a thing. Spencer must work to convince Aaron that he wants the bond and that together–they can make it.

Stargate Atlantis

Banner Art by FanArt Series

Title: From Blue to Green
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom/Genre: Stargate Atlantis
Relationship(s): McKay/Sheppard
Content Rating: R
Warnings: None
Summary: John Sheppard comes online after a combat injury–aching for a long, lost love. He crosses a galaxy to be reunited with the Guide he left behind because he was latent and thought he’d never come online.

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. Yay, new Keira goodness! I was just cruising over here to reread some of your stuff to distract myself from the joys of recovering from spinal surgery, and found the new and shiny fic waiting for me. Totally makes my week (and that’s not the pain meds talking 🙂 )

    • Aw, poo, I was so thrilled at the prospect of new fic that I jumped the gun (that I *will* blame on the pain meds 😛 ), but waiting will just make it that much more enjoyable. Meanwhile, I’ll just have to reread everything else you’ve graced us with. Looking forward to the new stuff when it’s ready!

  2. These all sound fantastic. Can’t wait to read them.

  3. Looks like another story to love! Looking forward to it Keira

  4. I ♥ You so much. Lots of feels right now!!! I haven’t read your H/H of HP story yet, but now that you’re starting a new one (with Sentinel fusion too) I just have to start reading it now. I’m more impartial to Slash but love me some het is it’s decent written. And you are by far my most favorite and respected writer in all of my favorite Fandom.

  5. Hi! I’ve tried to access the RT posts but the site won’t let me log in. Is there a problem?

    I love your sites and stories, in fact you are one of my favorite writers.

  6. I’m SO reading this when you post it? I take it you won’t be jumping the gun and posting pre July first?

  7. Sounds fantastic. i am looking forward to read them

  8. I am so excited! Sentinel fusions give me life, and the summaries look cool. Hit witch Hermione ftw!

  9. Waiting with glee!!!

  10. Sounds exciting! You are very ambitious but you won’t hear me complaining. 🙂 I love me my Sentinel fusions.

  11. Awesome! I look forward to another great challenge month. Thank for doing this and for providing a safe harbor for the authors.

    You rock, as always!

  12. You are the ACTUAL BEST.

  13. Sentinel AUs are basically my crack, so this looks freaking awesome.

  14. You are a tease! But I love you for it!
    No matter how many times I read your work, finished or unfinished
    I am never disappointed. Your work is the reason I now read
    Harry/Hermione fics!
    I look forward to these fics and most probably will read them all in one go so that I’m so
    tired the next day at work that will be mainlining red bull to get me through.
    Totally the mark of a well written story.

    You rock as always.

  15. You get all the hearts. ALL OF THEM. ♥ × ∞

  16. I only have around a week to read new work from Mistress Keira’s. I can’t wait…. its funny that I log in and see idiots Age passed you off and I have a reason to break my rules concerning your site (only come on to mistress Keira’s once a month). While I don’t say it except for a few times, I have loved every story that I have read, slash or het, I don’t care where your muse takes you. I do read your work multiple times.

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