Why I ask for Support

So I got this cunty email that basically demanded to know why I would ask for financial support to run sites that I keep private.

First, new memberships on Rough Trade are not moderated but there have been some people who behaved badly. Have I kicked someone off who donated in the past? I doubt it but if I did membership is free and terrible behavior has consequences. Memberships on my main site are moderated but I’ve yet to reject a single applicant (beyond the ones I already banned).

Second, between Rough Trade and this site — I average just over 8 thousand individual user hits a day. This takes bandwidth. One reason I haven’t added ebooks lately is that those downloads take bandwidth, too. I started hosting the chat off site in order to give the site more bandwidth so people would stop complaining about the load time being so long.

Third, never once have I come close to suggesting that I was holding my work hostage for donations or feedback or anything else of the sort.

If it offends you that I can’t afford to provide these sites for YOUR entertainment without help — fuck off elsewhere.

I signed a contract and agreed to publish “Fall for You” for the sole purpose of funding this hobby. It wasn’t something I ever thought I would do but I did it so I could continue to have this site and to host Rough Trade (which I love).

I do get something out of Rough Trade so it’s not a complete act of selflessness on my part. I get to be a part of an amazing group of writers who make their words fly.


PS – thank you for ruining my Monday – asshole.

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. Gimme a few days and I’ll donate something; bit stretched at the moment.

    P.S.: Are you having serious spam-bot problems? That math problem thing on login is new……

    • Never, ever put yourself in a bad situation financially to support the site.

      The spam-bot — yes. 50 messages in a single day. But that math thing has been active randomly for about 3 months.

  2. wow some people cannot enjoy a great thing without making sure no one can.
    being able to read and enjoy your work and others because of your support.
    has helped kept what little sanity I have left these last few years.
    my mom says I had a mental breakdown. but I say I got tired and fed up with all the
    crap and my mind just turn it self off including my voice. which I find is refreshing
    no one will bother you if cannot say yes your right to them all the time.
    so now I get to enjoy reading all the wonderful stories.
    without no one bothering me.

    I look forward to your new book .
    wonderful things always happen in October this just one more.

  3. Why they don’t just move on past the message if they don’t want to donate is beyond me. Don’t let the turkeys get ya down, there’s lots of us who enjoy and appreciate the site!

  4. The time and effort you put into everything for us; the writing, the sites, all the things we don’t think of; is amazing and time consuming. That alone, beyond any financial incurments, more that justifies asking for help in the form of donations. I appreciate all that you do, and if those asshats can’t or won’t, then I feel sorry for how small minded and grey their world must be.

  5. I just want to let you know that I love you, in the you are hands down my favorite writer kinda way. I stopped reading het (for a multitude of reasons), but I still read everything that you write – no matter what the pairing or fandom. Legit, I’ve never seen Criminal Minds and I don’t remember enough of Stargate to actually be in that fandom. But, your Stargate fics are like my favorite. You’re the best, and haters gonna hate!

    Tbh, I didn’t even realize you take donations till this post, so I’m either really oblivious or you’re not asking very much, or some combination of the two. Even if you were more obvious about it, they need to shut up because you do amazing things for us. I just pre-ordered your book because I love your writing. I just started a new job, but as soon as I can I will be making a donation to your site because I would like to contribute to the continuing success of your writing. Not because I think you’re asking, but because I think that you deserve it. I would love to continue reading every word that you write, and plan to do so and if I can help relieve some of the financial strain so you can keep being a badass writer & entertain me – then fuck yes I’m going to do it.

    It always makes me mad when people are rude to you (and other fanfic writers), you take so much time out of your personal lives so that we can be entertained, you don’t get anything out of it other than your love of writing & a great community. Thank you for everything, you’re fantastic. /endrant

    Sorry for this.

  6. Wow! Sorry you had to field that. I enjoyed what you put up on Rough Trade and appreciate your efforts. The fact that you are selling some of what you do to continue allow us to read – I fail to see what the problem is here. Seriously WTF.
    Looking forward to more reading, thank you

  7. There’s always an asshole somewhere. I have my preorder in for your book already, mostly because I had an Amazon gift card balance sitting available. As soon as I can, I’ll likely donate too because I love your stories and am often looking to see if there’s something new posted.

  8. So, this person is complaining because on your FREE site with its FREE membership, followers can CHOOSE to contribute financially or not? Seriously? Donation made. Fuck you cunty email writer.

  9. Wonder if your asshole is related to mine. The benefit to mine is, I get to exclude him permanently from my casino for harassing my employees. Sigh. Fucking Mondays.

    Next payday, I’ll drop a little something in the kitty. Thanks for running these sites, and I hope you can upload some ebooks soon. I love your fics, mah deah!

  10. *snerk*

    I hit the donate button twice! Happy Monday!


  11. Also, I’ve been following/reading you since 2008 – so seven years, and this was the very first time you asked for any help. This despite the fact that you have been providing not only your own site, but Rough Trade (for at least five of those years). Both of these have grown tremendously – practically exponentially – in that time. Most people who are not morons understand that hits and downloads take bandwidth and bandwidth costs money. Assholes. Entitled assholes. *headdesk*

    *Hugs you gently.*

    I was going to send some last night and forgot…I’ll get on that ASAP. Thanks!

  12. What an asshat :/ Some people just can’t be happy unless they’re pissing on someone else’s day 🙁

    I love your work with the sites and your stories in general. Always makes my day when I see a new post or lead up to a new Rough Trade. Thankyou for all your hard work *tips hat*

    PS: Have preordered your book and am so excited for it *wiggles happily* ^^

  13. My jeezling Christ, but whoever sent that e-mail blows dead bears – figuratively, if not actually.

    Your site is your site; your business is your own and so on and therefore and such-like. Asshat Du Jour had no reason to try to get up in your business except to TRY a power play against you. Instead, all they’ve done is stirred up a pot full of piss and vinegar.

    Sorry you had to deal with a sheisty cock-nugget. I’m also sorrier that I am broke and cannot donate. You have no idea the joy your stories have given me and a very dear friend of mine. I can’t thank you enough. Some days, your snarky writing and excellent writing and the emotional connection you craft between characters have been the only decent thing to happen to me. So, I’m really and truly sorry I can’t help you when you’ve done a lot to help me.

    But I wish you the best of luck. May your donations flow like swift and full, and your enemies seethe in agonized frustration at failing to be better than you.

  14. I’m so sorry that people suck so much. 🙁

  15. ::sigh:: Ppl make me tired.
    I hope you told this asshat to play a game of hide and go fuck themselves.
    The button is just there. Click it or don’t but don’t go assuming an author is holding anything hostage. Jesus.

    BTW, thank you for all your hard work. Having your stories on my iphone means I’ve got something nice to look forward to when I have spare time. I’m looking forward to your next posts.

  16. Some people just are entitled and have no clue that running/keeping up a site takes MONEY. It’s not free.

    I got that recently from my young nephew who stayed with me for a month. I have limited internet, so I gave him the lecture that : yes, he could check his email, but no online gaming/watching movies/videos or such online, because that all eats up my bandwidth for the month – That I PAY for. I can’t get cable where I’m at, I have to use the phone/mobile internet. He gave me this clueless look and said ‘I thought internet was free, that everyone got it’. I want to know what he was drinking or what they were teaching in school. *sigh*

    I look forward to getting your book, and I’ll drop a Birthday prezzy in the donation box. Keep up the wonderfully entertaining stories.

  17. Asshats always seem to find some new reason for their asshattery. That they inflict it on people who are sharing their talents for free (even if the consumers offer payment in support when it’s not mandatory) makes them even bigger asshats and mental defectives.

  18. Seriously beyond words, I’d wave bye-bye, but I assume they are gone

  19. You’ve been attacked by spam-bots (or human spammers? As of now, humans can be much better dicks than any program) with this math-test as part of the log in procedure? That’s a pity, your stories are fun to read.

  20. Wow some people… just Wow! Really??
    Dear Sweet( yes you are sweet you’re sharing all these wonderfull stories with us) Keira, YOUR time, YOUR effort, YOUR site and therefor YOUR RULES.
    The ONLY thing you are RIGHTFULLY asking is NORMAL behavior, so no demanding you to hurry up, no “o gosh gay stories are bad and gays are bad” (thank fuck my brother is gay! movie tips, fashion tips etc etc)
    The donate button is an OPTION! You don’t have to but you MAY
    And if people can’t deal with that, well the solution is very very simple: GO (ungratefull little bastards, futher loud swearing in dutch)

    Thank you for your (spinoff/fanfiction) stories! Thank you for making me more patiant(really i need to learn to be more patiant!).

    Chapters come when they do!
    So sit back bite your nails,
    go to school/work
    or in my case clean the house, raise the 2 cute little monsters. Stop bitching and demanding and just wait. It isn’t THAT difficult!!

    Srry for the shouting.
    patiantly awaiting on updates for my fav stories, they make my day!

  21. You’ve got the Spam Filter & the bot filter…. Now you need an Asshole Filter!

    Maybe a page that new members sign off on ie. I will not badger the author for updates, i will not distribute authors work, i will not be a bigot, i will not harrass or stalk the author, i will not offer unsolicited concrit, i will damn well be a decent human being on this site.

    **sigh** common sense is just not common anymore.

  22. Well, I tried to click on the box to donate, but it didn’t do anything. I’ll try again in the morning, it’s 2 am where I am.

    People also need to consider that your site, unlike so many others, is also add free, something that I very much appreciate because I’ve had adds on other sites try to drop virus’, trojans and malware onto my system. You allow us feedback, also a major pain to moderate with all the jerks who try to use those locations as places to put even more adds. I knew someone who has a website and used to be a prolific writer (Anyone remember Dietcokechick? She disappeared a couple of years ago) and she had to go in daily and remove feedback posts where people were spamming web address adds because they were getting a buck or something for every one they got onto a web site. She finally gave up and just shut her feedback page down.

    In other words, you entitled idiots out there, be grateful for what’s here, and even if you don’t want to help out, don’t criticize those that do, or those that need to ask. it’s not like she’s holding a gun to anyone’s head, after all.

    To those of you who do support the fine lady, good job….

    • You can paypal me directly at: keiramarcos@gmail.com

      And thank you!

      • Well, I’ve tried at least.

        Apparently the donation site doesn’t like Visa debit cards, and PayPal is refusing to let me make the donation because I don’t have an account that’s directly linked to my bank account. As if my debit card isn’t direct enough? I don’t want to give PayPal that direct information, they’ve been hacked too many times over the years and I don’t trust their security and they won’t let me donate without it.

        Suggestions anyone?

        • Hmmm. I don’t know. That’s the only thing I have.

        • You can buy gift cards for just about anything. Does PayPal have one?

        • Paypal has something called the My Cash Card that lets you put money directly into your account. I believe, as with many other things, there’s an activation fee, but it might do for this purpose.

        • That’s odd. Paypal accepts my Visa debit card without problems. At least it did a few weeks ago. My bank is doing some weird change later this month, requiring people to open and close the card for for thirty minutes for any Internet transactions, but I think that’s an internal bank thing. I’m still not sure how that’s going to work with Amazon pre-orders.

          • You might to buy yourself a pre-paid visa or mastercard to use for pre-ordering books and shows. I’d hate to have my shit limited that way. I always pre-order JD Robb’s next book the moment it hits Amazon.

  23. What the ever loving fuck is wrong with some people?! We receive a gift with these two sites. Not only with the works posted, but with the time you and other authors put into creating them. So I’m definitely with you on the ‘fuck off’ train and will happily donate what little I can to help the sites.

  24. I preordered your book as soon as I saw the message. You make it very clear this is a hobby for you – the fan fic, that is. What these people don’t seem to realize is that you could decide that you’ve had enough, tell everyone to fuck off, pack up your toys and go home. Some days people bug the hell out of me.

    Now that I’ve said my piece, I’m going back to reading the Soulmate Bond.

  25. Donated! I’m sorry that you had to deal with some assholes. I love your stories. And I look forward to buying your book!

  26. This is why we can’t have nice things.

    One asshat can really spoil the morning — I hope it helps to weigh it against what I’m sure is a whole lotta love for your site and your efforts. My gut instinct is that person never donated. And they may have discovered the internet yesterday, if they’ve never heard of large memberships and bandwidth. If they did donate, they were raised by garden gnomes (wolves have better manners) and should be run over with a lawnmower.

    Keep up the wonderful work you do, and please feel free to occasionally pop up more obvious ‘donate here’ links because I tend to see them as part of the background after a while, but a fundraising drive on sites I love will always get me clicking. It is never rude, in my opinion, to mention that bandwidth costs money.

  27. Dear fellow Keira Minions, I think we ought to be grateful such email writers exist, because it unites us against them and shows us just how strong this community is. I’m not saying thank them, and fuck that awful behavior, but if they want to throw shit, well. Boo hoo for them.

  28. Well I preordered, sorry there are unpleasant people out there.

  29. Some people!

    If you did decide to require donations from anyone before they could join, or read your works – even if the donation was very large, like a thousand per read-through, I would get twitchy about finances but I would not doubt it was *worth* it. And also it would be your right to do so, since it is your time, effort and money being put into the fiction and the sites. but my first reaction would be something like, those stories are worth whatever price you choose to ask.

    In light of that, someone being nasty about a small box allowing fans to choose to donate beyond stupid. And the proceeds from your book fund the site, wow. That shows a dedication to letting us enjoy that makes that person’s idiocy particularly cruel. I already intended to buy the book, for how intriguing it looks itself, and for the moral support and the financial (back to the ‘definitely worth paying for’ I started with). And it doesn’t even look like your asking for donations was very obvious – I mean, the box doesn’t look demanding or pushy to me, no crazy popups or shenanigans like some sites, it’s just an option for those who wish to donate.

    I have not been in a position to donate, although I intend to offer something once I can. And I hope it helps that there are people who realize how stupid that person was on every level, all the way from ‘to misunderstand’ through ‘being annoyed by it even if you did’, and plenty of people who know how lucky we are that you let us read your works!

  30. OMG. This is why many of us can’t have nice things. Gods. If i were in a less angry mood, I would say they can stay mad ’til they get glad. Mostly, though? I just want to say they need to fuck off.

  31. Sometimes I wish that when I flip off my monitor, it would show on the asshats monitor; do you?

    Most of us appreciate you and your writing, but ever since Roosevelt was elected for more than three terms we’ve been descending deeper and deeper into an entitlement based society. Blame the democrats!

    Shrug them off, smile and keep writing in spite of them.

  32. There is nothing anyone can say on the internet that someday, eventually, will not get an asshole response. You could say, “I love puppies,” and somebody would send you a message saying, “How can you mention puppies without talking about how great kittens are? Why do you hate kittens?”

    There’s a website that I like, each week it posts a compilation of stories from people who work in the restaurant industry about the idiot customers they deal with. The blogger has coined “Pinkham’s Law”: that no matter how terribly the people behave in each story, someone will comment not just defending them, but complaining that he is insensitive for criticizing their behavior in the first place. I feel like this is sort of an outgrowth of that–the Asshole Law.

  33. Hey Keira,
    Have you ever considered making a Patreon account? It is basically a donation for projects site. You set up support brackets that people can choose, if they want to support you in your work. You should look into it. I think it would work well for this type of setting 🙂

  34. Do what you need to, Keira. We are here for you!

  35. I have to admit I haven’t donated yet. Mostly because I keep having PayPal issues and it’s hard to find another way to donate from Germany… But still… I will try again in a month or so… My budget is still recovering from my first ever trip to the US and it looks like my phone is dying, need to let my finance recover a bit more…
    I also still remember when you first added the donation option and how you didn’t like it because of entitled asses and keeping this a guilt free zone…
    Ignore the idiots and ban them!

  36. Tried to support the site … clicked on “Support This Site” … nothing … … what am I doing wrong?


  37. Never mind … I figured it out … the “clickable” area is outside the image. Donation sent.

  38. I’m….breathless with rage an annoyance at the asshole who wondered why you’d ask for support.
    I’ve been coming to this site for years. Read and enjoyed some brilliant writing. Free. Writing I’d happily pay for.

    I’ll be buying ‘Fall for You’ when it comes out, happy to contribute.

    Tell the idiot to fuck off, yes?

    *losing my grasp on standard English, falling into patois in irritation*

  39. I bought your book for Kindle and enjoyed it very much. Have a wonderful holiday with your family. (or without if it makes you happier…lol)

  40. Sorry about the stupid people- love what you’re doing here and so appreciate it.

    I couldn’t figure out how to donate until I read the comment from Booster above about having to click outside the image. That’s not obvious so it might help get more donations if that were fixed or at least there were instructions. Just a thought.

    Thanks for all the wonderful stories.

  41. I am sorry you have to put up with people who are only happy when they’re criticising others.

    Your Stargate fic was one of the few things I could respond to during a period when I was otherwise pretty much emotionally numb – the year between my husband’s being diagnosed with mesothelioma and his death. So I feel very protective towards you – not that you need anyone’s protection by the sound of it! But if you ever need a person to go rottweiler on someone, let me know.

    I hope you enjoy celebrating whatever you celebrate at this time of year, however you choose to celebrate it.

  42. I’ve been away on holiday and haven’t accessed your site. But I finally did and wow does your site look different. I did at last succeed in figuring out all your new buttons and things.
    Yes, there are ass hats in the world and being a very polite lady (ahem,) tell them to jump off a very tall cliff and splat into the sea. I in my youthful days published a short story and it was blood sweat and tears to get it done. I have never written since but I know how hard it is and have been a fan of yours for many years.
    I just want to say thank you for all your stories and comments about life and you have been a very bright light in some dark parts of my life. I love to reread your books and they never fail to make me laugh.
    I have pressed the button and donated a little something and it did take me time. But I succeeded and I hope that with many others our little efforts will turn out to be not so little and help you continue to keep these sites open for all your loyal fans.
    Words cannot express everything that I feel about your writing but I think that all of us fans feel the same way.
    I hope you never stop or lose your interest in writing.
    Finally, have a very happy Christmas and New Year and a very big toast to you and your family.

  43. You are so very welcome.

  44. greywolfthewanderer

    man, some people just really need a boot up the arse. FFS! it’s the first time I think I’ve ever seen ye ask, and it was entirely unobtrusive and completely okay by at least *this* reader!!

    as said above, ye’ve been a great help in some unpleasant times, and it’s greatly and perpetually appreciated!!

    salud, god jul, y prospero año nuevo!!!!

  45. Assholes don’t need to be logical to be assholes.
    You let us read your stories for free, so for everyone who want to donatdonat it’s a free choise too. So where is the Problem?
    OK, I have PayPal issues – I’ll ging for your book instade.

    Hey, your stories are Vetter AS some book I had buy.

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