February 2017 Newsletter

I’m plugging right along on the writing front. The weather sucks. I’m tired of experiencing all of the seasons in a four-day cycle. I’ve been fiddling with a Girl McKay which you might have noticed and expanded my short into a story/episode. I’ve plotted about 10 of them and I’m pretty amused with the whole thing. I’ve already almost finished the second episode and it’ll probably go into beta next week sometime. 🙂

In other news, I’ve signed a Print on Demand contract for “Fall For You” and I’ll let you know when that is available on Amazon for purchase.

Happy Reading!

New Fiction

Evil Author Day


My excerpts for EAD can be read on the LJ Community I share with Jilly James. You MUST join the LJ community to read these excerpts and NO I won’t post them here for your convenience. I put them on the community because I like to limit the amount of excerpts I put on my main site.

  • The Shield Maiden of Erebor – Chapters 3-6 (The Hobbit) I posted the prologue and first two chapters on a previous EAD, but I’ve linked to them on the new posts.
  • The Reckoning (SGA)
  • The Legacy Chapters 1-3 (Harry Potter)
  • The Hidden War (Harry Potter)

January Radio Shows

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. How do I find your lj community with Lily James? I tried all the links on this page, and couldn’t figure it out. I am very interested in reading “The Legacy”!

  2. I’m so thrilled that Caged Tiger grew out of the short! I loved the first chapter and was telling myself that I shouldn’t be greedy about wanting the next chapter ASAP. Telling me that the second chapter was almost ready to go into beta and that you had 10 plotted just stoked the fire! But I know how to wait with at least the appearance of polite patience. Thank you!

  3. I can’t wait to read the EAD stories for 2017, (I have to wait til I get back from taking my pup to the vet) but I noticed when I went to the LJ site, that Chapter 1 of The Legacy isn’t there. Please let me know if it’s supposed to be, or not. Thank you.

  4. hi Keira I am a member of the LJ community and I would like to read the stories you have there but it keeps on showing up blank, is there something I should do to fix that?

  5. Love the new background – it’s gorgeous!

  6. You know, your EAD stuff is pretty much the only reason I log in to LiveJournal anymore- and it’s so worth it.

  7. I’m glad your writing is going well and you’re having fun with it! 🙂

  8. I managed to join the live journal group! It was a bit confusing but I managed to figure it out.

  9. I love Evil Author Day, and it’s been delightful going back and reading all your posts. I was mortified to discover there was a good chunk of them I’d never read! Thanks for posting these snippets, it’s awesome to see some insight into your writing.

  10. I’m loving your new layout. It looks really cool

  11. Hey, I’ve been rereading snippets and such the last few days and wanted to reread some of your ead posts – however I can’t find them after you swapped to dreamwidth. Are they hidden somewhere I didn’t find or are they gone until you finish the works they are part of?

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