Winter 2020

So, technically speaking I posted 4 works to EAD this year. I’ve removed three of them. I might replace it with something else. I’m taking a break from the Harmony pairing so I’ve removed the WIPs for that pairing from Evil Author Day and the Wild Hare Project because they’re all subject to massive edits regarding the pairing. I didn’t want to cause confusion later with various versions of the fic existing more than they already do.

Does this mean some of those fics might turn into Harry/Draco fics? Yep, it sure does.

Do I want your opinions about this? Nope.

All of that being said, I’m taking another break from the Harry Potter fandom as the level of toxic behavior on Facebook has become intolerable. I’m not throwing a tantrum or having a hissy fit like a child — I’m setting a boundary to protect my own mental health. I left a couple of groups on Facebook and unfriended some people who were associated with those groups because I was only “friends” with them on that platform because of the groups.

I unfriended others because of behavior I found objectionable. I’ve never tolerated abusive language or bashing whether it is directed at me or other individuals. I think this is a well-established fact. But for the record, I’m not required to be friends with anyone, y’all.

I’d hoped to have All the World ready for posting before I put out a newsletter but I had to set that aside to write my Quantum Bang which I finished the first draft of.

Since the Harry Potter fandom and I are on a break, I’ve made a different decision for July. I’ll be writing a Kirk/Spock fic for my second bonding fic instead of the James Potter/Lily Potter one I’d planned.

The House of Surak is known throughout the Federation as the House of Wolves–every generation has produced a wolf Guide. S’chn T’gai Spock is no exception.

Anyways, I’m just really tired.


PS — My site is already at the maximum sized font that can be accomplished with my current WordPress template. If it’s a bother to read — I’ve dedicated a whole page to helping you!

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. I love ALL THE WORLD so certainly looking forward to that! And HOUSE OF WOLVES looks lovely! You’re personal business is your own, so I’m reluctant to even comment on it; however, I would like to say that its,wonderful to hear that someone is putting their mental health first and not allowing others to ‘harm’ them. Take care!

  2. Sorry to hear people have been bothering you. I always enjoy your work no matter the fandom or pairing

  3. I do not understand how people can be so awful to each other about fanfiction – or regular fiction for that matter. Stories are a gift from the author to the readers. Each readers has the ability to choose whether or not to partake in any given story in any given fandom. Why has it become so fashionable to tear each other down rather than celebrate the things we all love? I am sorry you’ve had such a rotten experience.


  4. Girrrrl, good for you, taking care of yourself. Absolutely stoked about the new s&g fic!!!

  5. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with crappy people…but I am very excited about your new ST fix (especially since I’ve not read or gotten into HP), this is a treat to look forward to! Hope your sprung brings you rest and refreshment!

  6. I am sorry to hear that the HP fandom has caused so much grief (thought not surprised). It fucking sucks when something that should be fun and creative within a safe space is corrupted like that. 🙁

    While I’ll miss your fics (because they’re awesome, even unfinished), it will definitely be interesting to see what you decide to do with them. <3

  7. Hi Keira!

    I’m sorry to see that you’ve been treated so horribly. While of course, I’m disappointed with your decision because you are my favorite Harmony author, I stand behind you 100%. Your mental health and well- being come first. If you ever come back to the fandom and the ship, I’ll be here waiting. If not, I wanted to take this chance to let you know what a phenomenal storyteller you are and how much joy I got from your works. I’m grateful that your stories introduced me to Harmony and I appreciate you for all the work you put into everything. I wish you the very best of luck for everything you put out going forward.

  8. You are brilliant writer. I am sorry some people don’t appreciate it. Take care of yourself.

  9. This is the second post today, in my very limited RSS feed, in which one of the few creatives I receive notifications from has announced they left a group on FB because of abusive, manipulative, toxic behavior. (The other is a painter I follow). I swear, it’s like all the mean girls (and boys) from middle school got stuck in a time warp. And while the rest of us moved on, grew up, and got lives trying to adult, their immature asses were just dropped off on FB where they behave as tho they are somehow important and/or relevant. They don’t know that healthy adults offer support, empathy, gratefulness and kindness to others or that “if you can’t say something nice, say nothing and scroll on by” is an actual thing that grown ups do. I’m really sorry that this has happened to you. It’s good you’re setting boundaries and have walked away from what sounds like a pretty toxic environment. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for all you do and all you give to your readers.

  10. Am so sorry to hear that people are being idiots… you and your work are amazing….I look forward to your return to HP fandom .. sending love your way.. take care

  11. Trek! What a lovely gift to look forward to. 🙂

  12. Sorry to hear that HP fandom’s being nasty… but the Trek story you’re writing instead looks intriguing!

  13. little note for the haters and demanders:
    F U!!!
    if you do not like it go find something you do like or start writing yourself!! Who the hell do you think you are anyway?? trust me you are NOT the centre of Keira’s world
    I was reading one of my favorites and thanks to your behaviour poof gone!
    I was soooo happy Keira was back at HP and now poof gone!

    Keira your time and effort, your site, your fics, you and you alone decide the ship, the storyline etc, etc, etc.
    i don’t have to like it. the problem is i love your HP fics alot and for you to feel that it is best for your well-being to remove fics sucks on many levels the most important one being your well-being.
    me not being able to read my favorites well i can and will get over it.
    I’m so sorry you were forced to make this decision.

    Thank you for your amazing stories! i loved each and every one of your HP fics finnished or not. I will continu the reread the ones left and love them just a little bit more!

  14. I can’t believe people are so horrible. Frankly I barely even care what pairings or fandom you write in because literally everything you write I adore. You’ve literally introduced me to pairings and fandoms because I’ll read a fic you write from something I’ve never even heard of it and, as always, it’s amazing.
    Your writing is a treat for us, so as always do whatever makes YOU feel awesome, because frankly we’ll all love it no matter what.

  15. I hope you have managed to at least reduce the negativity you receive as there is no reason you should be subjected to any of it.
    I am incredibly grateful for the stories that I get to read for free and have no respect for anyone who does not have the grace to just exit anything that is not to their taste. I love your stories and they have been my comfort and my refuge when confined to bed and in pain.

  16. People are arseholes. All your writing is epic, so which ever fandom you choose to write is a gift to us. Anyone who has any objections to anything you write can go screw themselves ‍♀️

    • I have very much enjoyed reading your works in the Harry Potter fandom wherever posted. I must say that I am disappointed that you have pulled some of these works due to the actions of what I hope is a small-minded, uninformed and, frankly, intolerable minority. Until you return, I guess I will have to reread your remaining works. In light of your immense talents, I hope said return is soon.

  17. YOU DO YOU! I am glad you are able to mentally take a break from this fandom, as people are not being kind to you. It’s outrageous that people are being nasty to you. On the other hand, I am very glad that I read your EAD Harry/Hermione as you write them so well! I’m sorry you are taking a break from HP in general again (as honestly that’s the only fanfic I read – and you’re such a brilliant author), but I COMPLETELY understand and it’s gotta be tough living with that much negativity. *hugs* I love your work.

    • Hi Keira, are you and the other RT writers on the whole “buy a coffee for your fav writer” sites? After all the hours of lovely reading pleasure from your stories and also from Jilly James Ladyholder etc, I really would life to buy you all a cuppa to say thanks. I’d offer tea as I am Brit (albeit Chinese), so I have the tea thing going both ways. But tea always makes everything better or more bearable. Looking forward to to the Sentinel fusion marathon upcoming and best of luck with it.

      • I’m not — I don’t even know what that is but I’m not sure as a fan fic writer, I should participate. I take donations (there’s a link above) for site maintenance but that’s about it.

  18. Hey Keira, I just wanted to try to leave a little positivity for you on your page. I love your fics and they bring me so much joy to read them. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us all. I eagerly open all notification that I get from you. I re-read one of your Harmony fics at least once a month. I’m sorry that people are so horrible and entitled. I hope to see more in the Harry Potter fandom, but I look forward to most anything you write. I don’t normally comment on things because I never know what to say but I just wanted to be nice in what seems like a sea of entitled and toxic behavior. I hope you and yours have a great day! Thank you again!

  19. I’m glad that you are looking out for your mental health regardless of how much I enjoy your HP fandom writing. I hope that negativity has been reduced which is always a good thing. I think that people forget that their favorite fanfiction writers are people with feelings as well.

    Congrats on finishing your first draft of your Quantum Bang. Best of luck on the rest of the process and I look forward to reading it.

  20. I’m sorry.


    • Are you sorry about all the trash talk you participated and encouraging others to do the same in your group, Matt? Or are you sorry that I saw it? Are you sorry about lying and saying I’ve deleted my fic in a hissy fit before? Are you sorry about infantilizing me and calling me a child?

      Just curious.

      • If ******* is one of the self-entitled goobers can I mentally childishly egg their car or better yet them.

        • If you do can I join you? I wonder if any of those idiots realize just how pissed off we are? They soiled harmony fic for Keira! They should be so ashamed of themselves. I just don’t understand how anyone can be so self centered that they are mean to fanfic authors. These wonderful people create these stories and share them with us for free. Most of the flamers I’ve checked out don’t even write, just corrupt others with their poison. They just put out hate and they are actually getting hate back from me now, which at my age takes a lot. I don’t like to put that out in the world but I’m so frustrated by how many great stories are never finished or lost completely to these arrogant jerks who think they have the right to terrorize writers into submission. They are the death eaters of fandom and just at stupid, arrogant and ignorant as any other bigoted jerk out there.

        • Drop me an address I’ll come help.

  21. I’m sorry you feel the need to take a break from HP. But I gotta admit, I’m really looking forward to seeing what new fandoms pop up, and which old ones get revisited (other than the obvious ST).

    At least you have the minions to talk fandom with.

  22. Sorry to hear about the (not-the-fun-kind) dickheads. You should, of course, ignore them completely and preserve your mental health.

    Adapting any Harry/Hermione into Harry/Draco stories to spite them would be a great move. Also, sadly, there’s a lack of good Harry/Luna out there, if it’s easier for you to adapt while still fuelling your revenge-writing. In any case, I’m pretty happy with anything you write, so no complaint from me!

    Your Tangled Destinies got me into the Star Trek fandom. I’d never watched the TV series or movies nor read fanfic from this fandom before, so you set quite a high quality standard for my expectations about other authors’ writing skills. I’m really happy you returned to this pairing for a time.

    Take care of yourself and rest assured not all readers are such bitches.

  23. It really sucks that other people suck so much. I am glad you don’t let other people’s nonsense run you off. Fandom would be poorer without you.

  24. I have been a huge fan of your Harmony fics for a long time and I have always boggled at how folks feel they are entitled to do and say whatever they want and think that you should just have to put up with their garbage. I am fully supportive of you separating from toxic environments, not that you need my approval but I feel like you deserve positive feedback after that crap. I am broken-hearted that you would be treated so disrespectfully.

    I would, very politely request, that, before you make any drastic changes, you consider those of us Harmony fans that do not behave like feral animals. I think that in general people can be awful and that perhaps it is only the size of the Harmony fandom that makes it seem disproportionately more obnoxious. That being said, I completely respect your right to do what is best for you. I will just have to be content with my angry thoughts toward those who have ruined it for the rest of us.

    I consider your time and creativity a gift and have always deeply appreciated that you are willing to share it with us. Even if you never write another Harmony fic, I will always be grateful for everything you have shared with us.

    Thank you so much.

  25. I happen to think all of your work is amazing. Do what makes you happy. People suck and happen to feel entitled to people’s time or which projects get done. I’m looking forward to whatever you share with us next!

  26. Well, crap. The assholes and idiots are ruining things again. Having just come out of the hellscape that is the RWA related meltdown in Romancelandia, I totally understand the “take a step back and breathe” form of mental health protection/recovery. I will miss the removed fics as I often reread them as I love all of your writing but especially your many variations on the HP universe. I’ll be waiting patiently for HP stuff to return. I’m not sure about Star Trek – not my thing – but I’ll read just about anything you write… if only once.

    Anyway, I hope things go better for you now and the enjoyment of writing returns soon. Mine hasn’t… I got harassed right out of both professional and fandom writing by the aforementioned assholes & idiots.

  27. You are one of the few authors I read that actually drags me into fandoms I haven’t read before because I am certain that ANYTHING you write will be great. I literally don’t care what fandom or pairing you write, because you will make it worth my time to read it. Mostly I lurk, cuz I don’t like being social, but I just had to say this: you write whatever you feel the muse for, and I will enjoy it.

  28. Kudos to you for taking care of yourself. I tend to be an internet lurker, and blind to the bullying that you have to deal with. But I absolutely love all of your work, and greatly admire how you fit your writing into your life and wrangle internet opinions regularly. Thank you for all that you do!

  29. I’m glad you’re drawing lines and taking care of yourself. I’m sorry the fandom got to you, I remember how happy you were to feel comfortable writing Harmony and to have that taken away is terrible! …. While I’m truly sorry that happened to you, I’m glad you’re not leaving the fandom!! And, being completely self absorbed as only an internet commented can, I’m super excited that you’re going back to Harry/Draco ( I LOVE your slash works). I’m also really looking forwards to a new Trek fic…… honestly, I look forward to whatever you do, no matter the pairing or fandom!! Your fic about Aliens remains the one and only Alien fic I’ve ever read, and yet somehow one of my all time fav fics ever. On sorry for the strange ramble and hope the commiseration yet joy you plan to continue writing and sharing somehow comes across.

  30. I read everything you wrote and I will read everything you will write!!!!
    You are awesome!!!
    Be happy and have a wonderful time!

  31. Hi. First just wanted to say I love everything you write. The stories and characters are so well developed. I already read and re-read all the stories many times. You actually ‘introduced’ me to slash stories and got me hooked 🙂
    I honestly never understood why people feel the need to attack the work of others. I do admire how strong you are and that you know when removing yourself from such situation is the best way to go.
    Just wanted to let you know -you have amazing talent! Thank you for sharing it!

  32. When you feel like writing HP again could you plllllease make fem Harry x Orion Black? Or something with fem Harry plllllease I really love yours stories because they make sense

  33. I am so excited for July, I love everything that you write. I am sorry that you have to put up with crap from other people, it is honestly ridiculous on what others think it is okay to say and do.

  34. I’m sorry you had to ear what you have been through, I can’t understand why people can¡t be gratefull for the fact that you share your amazing work we the rest of us,
    I remember stumbling on your stories on Area 52, by absolute chance, I loved them all!!!
    Then I looked your page and…. BLAM!! I was addicted! I have been thankfull for every little thinh you post and alway look forward for something new. I understand that every story, snipet or previews are gifts an NEVER would demand for more, hope, yes, demand of critic… nop.Not me.
    So, thank you again for your amazing work! I can’t watch Stargate Atlantis whitou looking for Matt and that is to show just how much your stories are bigger than canon!

  35. It is so sad that the idiots make it so we can’t have nice things! I found your writing in a HHD ship search and found Darkly Loyal, which is made of awesome. Then I worked my way through all the HP fics you wrote, MORE awesome! Then I started branching out, so until I read your work I had been a 100% Twilight and HP fanfic reader. Then I read your Atlantis and Sentinel works then the Avengers and you are my gateway drug for all the fanfiction. I’m reading FF for stuff I’ve never watched LOL, I have to google the actors so I know what they look like! So I’m sorry that the stupid people are messing with you and I’ll keep reading what you write because it is all amazing.

  36. Please take care of yourself, boundaries are important and they keep us sane. I hope your time away from the HP universe can give you some well deserved break.
    I fell in love with your Harmony and if you decides to not go back it’s fine, I just want to say thank you so much for all the greatness you shared!

  37. I still blame you for the HP obsession lol. On that note, this is your stories in your time. I adore anything that you write but again your stuff your time. Have fun and know that I am always your first stalker lol.

  38. Bummer that some people are souring the process for you. I hope you find your happy, writing whatever you need to.

    Thanks for what you share,

  39. Thank you for letting people know you chose to take them down. I am sorry that you were at the point it felt necessary.
    I thought I was losing my mind while looking for them. Yesterday a co-worker dared the computer karma gods to wreck havoc and they accepted the challenge. I feared their wrath was following me home.
    I look forward to the Star Trek story in July, it sounds delightful. Best wishes!

  40. To be honest, I’ll read anything you’re willing to share. That said… treat yourself as number one. Do what brings you joy.

    I found your writing more than a decade ago via the Sentinel. Thank you for introducing me to other fandoms and additional writers who also share their works, worlds, and words.

    Thank you for everything, you are wonderfully talented and entertaining.

  41. Best wishes with all your writing endeavors and life in general. I thoroughly enjoy when any of the authors I keep an eye on put out new work, and between those times I re-read their works and search out new authors. Please do whatever you can to ignore the multitudes of people out there who make the experience aggravating rather than refreshing. And we’ll keep trying to find ways to filter out jerks from our lives and our sites.

  42. Thank you for being you and for blessing everyone with your writing.

  43. As you are my favorite Harmony author and I really enjoy Hermione-centric fics because of your portrait of her I am of course sad to hear this.
    That said, I’m glad that you do whats best for YOU, as you should be the first person to enjoy your talent and we should be happy that you find it in you to share.

  44. When you have a roach infestation, the best thing to do is use a bug bomb. It just sucks for the ladybugs and moths. I support you 100%, regardless of how much it physically makes me ill to know what you’re planning to do as repercussions. I love you, and hate roaches.

    • It’s not repercussion — it’s about me loving an idea and wanting to finish it. Honestly, it might be three or more years before I can think about writing Harmony without feeling like I’ve gotten slapped in the face.

      • It’s a shame this happened at all, but is especially a shame it was caused by a group of people that are probably mainly Hermione/Death Eater shippers.

  45. Per my usual… I’ve missed the initial drama only to see the aftermath. It’s a marvelous talent with the occasional gotcha like the boil water notice.

    Anyway, while you don’t need it, you have my support. I read lots of different fandoms so why should I be upset if you want to write lots of different fandoms?

    I knit, crochet, and paint… sometimes you undo stitches, abandon projects while you rethink the pattern in terms of what you wanted to create, and sometimes you plain just scrape the canvas and start over.

    I’ll keep reading and you follow your creative process. Do I love the way you write? Yup. That doesn’t give me the reader the right to dictate your process
    or when you say done. My right is only to enjoy your creativity or not.

    I wish you all the creative energy you want.


  46. I’m so angry! Not at you, Keira, but at the freaking morons who can’t accept your writing as the amazing gift that it is and ruin it for the rest of us! I adore everything you write – your characterization and world building are stunning. I have loved your EAD offerings every year, and was especially delighted to see the additions to previous work. Now, because some people act like feral animals and can’t just accept the amazing gifts they are being given, they have caused you stress. Do what you need to do for your own sanity and happiness, and I and the rest of us adults will be over here waiting quietly for whatever gift you decide to give us.

  47. Your mental health is more important. Your the author, your choices count Some days I wonder where common sense and civility disappeared to. Some people are just entitled twats.Thank you for the years of enjoyment your writing has given us.

  48. I’m so sorry that the FB asshats went after you.
    Please know that you’re writing has been a gift without equal for me. Your stories are so rich, your characters so real. Every re-read is like a visit with good friends.

    So take time for you and find your Joy. When you feel like sharing – whatever you decide to share – I’ll be here waiting to bask in the amazing that is you.

    Thank you for all the fandoms you have introduced me to. Tangled Destinies is the best thing I’ve ever read in the Trek universe, fandom and otherwise. I now have extra awesomeness to look forward to in July.

    You are amazing. Thank you

  49. Your personal intellectual property is that – yours. Sorry to see the teasers removed since I enjoy reading them – and all the others – over and over again but if you feel that they require major re-working – first and foremost, they belong to you and if you don’t want them on-line, that is TOTALLY your prerogative.
    If the day comes when you feel comfortable posting them again, wow, they’ll be even more fabulous.

    Sorry to hear about the asses and bullies. It lately seems that social media lets far too many people think they have permission to abuse others with no consequences. Whenever I start thinking about joining Facebook or Twitter, I hear about how discourteous strangers can be and basically, I bail on that idea for another few months.

    Your mental health is far more important than these rude idiots. Gonna miss re-reading Phoenix on Wild Hare. tho.

    Thank you for all your wonderful work.

  50. I’m sorry to hear you are taking a break from Harry Potter & Harmony because your stories are so wonderful, but mostly I’ sorry you had to deal with an abuse or bashing. I love reading all of your stories & look forward to reading whatever you choose to share with us.

    Also, your EAD stories were wonderful!

  51. Honestly, I can’t believe people are so toxic. They make good authors abandon stories all the time. I’m so glad you have this space where you can tell the assholes buhbye! I’m sorry Facebook people were rude or stupid. It would be a tragedy if anyone ever hurt you enough to stop you from sharing your incredible stories. Like “a whole riot” of badness worthy. If it ever even becomes a possibility the idiots should be smothered in war porridge.

  52. I’m sorry assholes have soured something you had found joy in writing. I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself, and I hope people let you write whatever you want in peace. Sometimes I feel people should have to take an entitlement test before they’re allowed to read anyone’s writing, let alone comment or send any sort of message to an author.

  53. Cutting toxic influences is a good thing. Good on ya.

  54. So sorry that you’ve had to deal with these peoples crap. Honestly, how pathetically small, insignificant and empty must their lives be? You could almost pity them but for the fact they’re such huge gigantic cockwobbles.
    Good on you for setting clear, cast iron boundaries, and defending your own mental health. Your strength in drawing these lines is completely admirable.
    Every single word you chose to share is a lovely gift, regardless of which fandom or pairing you chose.
    Best wishes and good thoughts

  55. Super stoked for the Kirk/Spock!!!! Thank you for your updates and for being you!

  56. Sorry that people disappointed you. Sometimes we hope for the best and forget to expect the worse. I enjoy reading HP fanfiction (my absolute favorite tend to be the rare pairings (read an hp/bz that was brilliant recently), but I’ll read any if it is well wrote – I have enjoyed all your contributions multiple times). The HP fandom can be a little intense, so I usually don’t interact with it for that reason.

    I am really excited about your star trek piece. I have a soft spot for star trek since it was my first foray into fanfiction and fandom. I always return to it, especially when I am having a wretched day, it is my equivalent to comfort food.

    Anyway, thank you again for writing and I will be happy and grateful to read whatever you end up posting (regardless of fandom or pairing). 🙂

  57. This! Exactly! <3

  58. I adore your ability to set boundaries and maintain them. You are my hero! I know you don’t do it for me, obviously, but I wanted to at least express my gratitude for the effort you put forth and the model it provides. I’m grateful you share your awesome and am totally willing to read your grocery list, if that’s what you choose to post.

  59. I found your work through the HP fandom and your work stare d me on the Harmony pairing actually, but then your work got me onto SGA fanfic and Mcshep. Total wow and I’m not addicted seriously to this fandom. Thank you for sharing your amazing works. Do looking forward to the upcoming Sentinels Quantum Bang stories. Sorry to read about all the crap you have to go through with rabid or rude fanfic fans or arseholes on the Internet. But kudos on taking no crap from them, don’t see why you should, really.

  60. Totally understandable that you’d need a break. I enjoyed all the EAD stuff you initially posted and you’ve made a lot of great pieces in that fandom already. It can be hard for readers to cope with a fandom pivot but they’ll get over it in 5 minutes once your Star Trek piece is out. Glad that you’re making the change to support your writing, it just sucks that it came about from negativity-induced burnout. Looking forward to your new direction for the year! Happy writing.

  61. To all the haters out there: This – i.e. YOU! – are why we can’t have nice things!

    Keira, like others, I applaud your decision to remove yourself and your works from a toxic environment. I’m looking forward to reading your Quantum Bang fic, and “House of Wolves” looks just plain awesome – there may have been squeeing involved when I read the description. 🙂

    Take care and best wishes always.

  62. ParticleAccelerator

    Sad to hear that you pulled down Phoenix and Pendragon Legacy. 🙁 Pissed to hear that people badgered you so much that you felt that you had to do it and step back from creating well-written, novel-length, HP fan-fiction (so much of it now is just JUNK!) You’ve made it pretty clear that you’ll do things your way on your own schedule. Dunno why that’s so hard for some people to comprehend. Thanks for all of the work you put into those stories over the years. They were very enjoyable and I’ll miss them.

  63. Your stories have gotten me through some hard times and I very much enjoyed them. I’m sorry people are so mean and jealous of another person’s talents. When you decide to come back to HP I will be waiting. Take care of your mental well being.

  64. And this is why I left Facebook several years ago. There are too many people whose only purpose is to cause drama with their negativity and criticism. It’s been two and half years now and I can’t say that I miss it at all.
    But then I guess Facebook is just a microcosm of the world we live in. Everyday the news programs are full of stories about the horrible way human beings treat each other.
    I’m very sorry that you were treated with such disrespect. It’s a shame that other people’s behavior was so awful that you felt the need to remove works that you spent countless hours creating and that your fans spent countless hours reading.
    I hope the day comes that you feel comfortable returning to writing Harry and Hermione, because you are, by far, the best there is at writing those two.

  65. star trek fic ! woot ! fascinating lol have you been watching the picard show ? lol you can tell us 🙂 wink wink nudge nudge

  66. I appreciate everything you post. I am one of the silent majority who avidly check for new posts and eagerly wait for each new story. Take care of yourself and please don’t let the overly vocal and negative minority get you down. Thanks for not giving up on fan fiction/writing altogether as I know that negative stuff can sound the loudest. Do what you gotta do and know there are a lot of people who support you. And can’t wait for the House of Wolves! The teaser looks awesome.

  67. The joy of social media: people who aren’t otherwise assholes tend to veer wildly in that direction, and people who are already assholes tend to become unspeakable.

    Ain’t nobody needs that. Take care of you; we value you.

    I will miss the harmony versions of those stories, but they’re, you know, yours, so no complaints from me. It will be interesting to see the revised versions when and as you get there.

  68. Keira, you are my hero for your ability to tell the idiots when they are being slime. I get so tired of people claiming constructive critism(?), when it is nothing more than attempting to tear someone else down. That said, I understand your reasoning for taking down your stories and taking a break from one interest for another. I do not try to make you change your mind, I just want to let you know that I miss Pendragon’s Legacy and hope that someday you bring it back in some form or another. I very much enjoyed it, like most of your works. I can’t say all simply because I haven’t read every thing you have written. Please do not the ugly folk get you down. You have a wonderful gift that you generously share and personally I think that makes some jealous of you. I think that is why so many try to tear down other writers and that is just sad. I hope you have so much with all your endeavors and look forward to reading them.

  69. Em Kellesvig (Mischief5)

    Wow, I am so sorry fandom has treated you so poorly. Your works, whether completed or in progress, are a joy to read. I truly love your Harry/Hermione fics; you write them so well, charming, plotty, and fascinating. I’d never read in the HP fandom until you started writing in it and still don’t read anyone but you.

    I hope this hiatus helps you get your zen back. Your mental health is more important than fandom’s entertainment or entitlement. Take good care and know that if or when you decide to complete these fics, so many of us will be delighted to read them.

    Just so you know, Zir as a little black dragon really captured my imagination. Thank you for creating him.

  70. I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself with respect to your extracurricular activities, which generally are meant to bring joy. Looking forward to Trek Sentinels very much.

  71. Sorry the asshats are out again.

    You know I’ll read anything you write. You could make a grocery list utterly riveting.

  72. J’adore littéralement vos travaux. Vous écrivez si bien et c’est tellement plaisant à lire. Même si, je dois bien l’avouer, j’ai eu du mal avec certains de vos OS qui sont tellement prenant que, une fois arrivé à la fin, eh bien, j’ai eu envie de hurler pour plus :p .
    C’est vraiment dommage que les gens soient de tels idiots :/ Sérieusement, si ça leur plaît pas, pourquoi le lisent-ils ? Pfff, ça me dépasse !
    Je suis déçue que vous ayez retiré vos travaux du site d’EvilAuthorDay, je me faisait une telle joie de relire Small Magic et vos autres WIP qui sont tous vraiment super, mais je comprend pourquoi vous les avez enlevé. Les retrouverons-nous ailleurs ? Aller vous les finir? J’aimerais tellement.
    En tout cas, s’il vous plaît, s’il vous plaît, ne cesser pas d’écrire ! Et merci pour toutes vos histoires.

    • J’ai écrit un article à ce sujet que vous pouvez lire ici:

      Je ne publierai pas d’extraits pour le fandom de Harry Potter à l’avenir – les travaux ne seront terminés que lorsque je serai prêt.

      Je vais réécrire Small Magic pour le couple Harry Potter / Draco Malfoy.

      J’ai utilisé Google Translate pour cela, donc j’espère que c’est lisible!

      • Merci pour votre réponse. Je ne peux pas dire que je ne suis pas déçue, parce que je le suis, mais ne m’en veuillez pas, c’est simplement que je n’ai découvert le site d’Evil Author Day qu’il y a un mois et j’aurais aimé profiter un peu plus longtemps de vos petites pépites ^^ mais comme je l’ai dit, je comprends et j’ai hâte de lire vos réécritures. Merci encore pour toutes vos histoires. Courage et bonne continuation.
        PS : grâce à vous, j’ai découvert les fanfictions The Sentinel. Je connais la série bien sûr mais je n’avais jamais pensé aux fanfictions basées dessus, alors merci, je les adore !

  73. I’m so sorry to hear that that happened to you! People can be so terrible, but I’m glad to hear that you are taking care of yourself. Whatever you write will be more than amazing, I’m sure, and we are so lucky you let us read your work! I know that my life would be much different without your work. Thank you for what you do, and please take care of yourself. Those assholes don’t know what they’re missing.

  74. Hear, hear let us mentally flame them all. I keep getting upset when I get an urge to read a story and can’t because it was pulled. And I do NOT blame Keira, I blame the idiots responsible.

  75. I just wanted to say thank you for the gift of your stories. I enjoy reading everything you choose to share.

  76. Greywolf the Wanderer

    as usual I am coming along afterwards and trying to decipher the past. that said, Facebarf is full of a helluva a lot of shite, so good on yer for getting out from under.

    ain’t read nothing of yours yet I didn’t enjoy, so write as ye please, and I will enjoy whatever ye share.

  77. I was looking forward to you posting All the World here so I could comment and tell you how much I enjoyed it, so I’ll just have to tell you here instead. It was a brilliant story, with themes that I really enjoyed exploring along with you, such as the Wizarding World’s racism towards the Dverger and the way you portrayed Dumbledore, the Weasleys etc. I’ll enjoy reading it again when you’re ready to post it here, however long that may take — whether it be weeks, months or years. In this day and age, it’s nice to have something to look forward to, knowing that a treat is in store.

    The Potter fandom can be rabidly insane, and I’m sorry you had to suffer their nastiness. Take care and stay well — both emotionally and physically.

  78. While I’ll greatly miss your Harmony excerpts (I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve re-read each one!) I completely support your putting your own mental health first. It’s such a shame when a few asshats spoil things for others, especially someone who clearly loves to write as much as you do.

    Phoenix and Pendragon Legacy were old favorites and All the World and Small Magic were new ones, so I hope that someday they come back. Until then, I’ll just have to keep re-reading everything else!

    I wish you all the best.

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