Untold Stories & Other Agonies

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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~ Maya Angelou


In 2019, around the end of December, I made this personal goal to write every single day for the year of 2020. I did it for several months before shit got terrible (for obvious reasons that we’ll just not discuss because GAH). I felt terrible during the course of the April Rough Trade event even though I finished my story. I hated it at the time, but I read it recently, and it’s not as terrible as I believed it was then. I’ll spend some time editing it or whatever before posting it.

July was a bust. To be truthful, I always struggle with the short works in July, so it’s been a personal challenge for me since the first boot camp event. I did a little restructuring for this year on that point, and we’ll be doing a single novella challenge in July. It’s near the start of QB sign-ups, and I thought people would appreciate a single small project for July over two. I want Rough Trade to be challenging, but I don’t want it to be a burden for anyone participating. Ya know?

I’ve been planning my own works for this year on Rough Trade, and I’ve decided to do something I’ve never done before—I’m going to write a trilogy of connected works across all three challenges. I’ve completed my zero draft(s) for the project, and it’s about 20k (lol). I’m very proud of what I’ve got planned, so I hope you’ll join me on that journey. I’ll post some details at the end of this post.

One thing I’ve decided to do for myself this year is to give myself monthly goals versus anything so daunting as to “write every single day”. I do tend to write most days, but I don’t want to demoralize myself like I did last year with that particular goal. The stress of 2020 didn’t magically disappear at midnight on the 31st of December. I suspect this year will just as bad on that front, and managing my personal expectations is key.

I am literally bursting with ideas right now—I’m working on several novel-length projects, including one for Mass Effect, which is eating my brain. I can’t even explain that as it wasn’t on my radar at all (even as a gamer) until I watched Bunbarian play it on Twitch, then I was like…what? Then I bought the games and lost myself. I can’t even with myself or that trilogy of games. I’m considering a play-through on Twitch when the remaster comes out. Who knows? I still need to finish my 100 Baby challenge. I did recently fix my Sims game, which I broke with a mod because I can’t follow instructions.

The problem with being super inspired is that I’m dashing around my WIP folder like a hyperactive bunny on crack. I’ve written upwards of 80k since December 1st and don’t have a single completed work to show for it. I do have several chapters of my RT from November to post, and I might just put them on RT even though the challenge has been over since 11/30. Fight me.

Rough Trade 2021

Now, let me tell you all about my project for Rough Trade 2021.

It’s called Heart and Soul – it’ll be a Harry Potter story with a Harry/Draco relationship.

Challenge: April 2021 – Fated

Title: Heart’s Desire
Summary: Two years after the war, Harry is heartsore and lonely. Agreeing to marry Ginny Weasley just seemed like the thing to do, but their marriage application is rejected by the ministry because he has an active soulmate record in the Book of Souls.

Challenge: July 2021 – Perceptions

Title: Soul Magic
Summary: Harry Potter is living a quiet life on the shores of Loch Ness with his soulmate, Draco Malfoy, and working for the Department of Mysteries when their case involving defiled ritual circles takes a turn they saw coming. The results of which could be the destruction of everything they know.

Challenge: November 2021 – Timeless

Title: Only Time
Summary: Thrown back in time, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy struggle to find their footing and protect each other just as the blood war starts to ramp up in 1975 Britain.

– – –

I’m very excited by what I’ve got planned and would rather not hear any complaints whatsoever about my choices regarding the relationship. I mean it.


Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. I’m so excited!

  2. I can’t wait to read them. You are one of the very very few authors I read that I like the Harry/draco relationship. You are also one of the very few authors who I reread stories on a constant basis because I love your stories

  3. I am so excited… oh my goooooddddd… can’t wait … ahhhh

  4. So no complaints about the pairing. I love them together

  5. Any story you write and share is a treat!! I get so mad on behalf of writers when fans are dicks because fan should just be grateful for the beautiful words and ideas writers share.
    I hope you enjoy writing this year and try not to frustrate yourself with goals or the world at large!!

  6. Oh wow! All three sound so interesting! I can’t wait to see how it comes together on RT. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  7. Looking forward to your trilogy… Great Drarrys are always welcome.

  8. I just want to let you know how much I love your writing. I read and reread your work whether it is a WIP, on Rough Trade, Evil Author, QB, and anything else I see. This last year has had some horrible moments and honestly, 2021 is not starting out so great for my family. As I struggle with “long haul” covid issues and worry about my daughter who has COVID now, I have taken so much comfort from your stories. You lift me up and away from ugly reality and engage me deeply into the worlds you’ve built for well loved characters and introduced me to new fandoms. Please know on your rough days that you have helped me so much on mine. Here’s to a better year for us all!

  9. C’mon now. You know that not a single person who reads this will have *any problem whatsoever* with you posting a couple of chapters to RT after it’s over. Even in January.

    And Heart and Soul sounds awesome. I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  10. I’m excited! I love reading your work, it’s all so well done and I adore the snark and attitude you’ve imbued the characters

  11. Always a smile when I see an email from you.

    Looking forward to an uncomplicated 2021.

    I’m a bit conflicted about HP, JK’s framework was ok, others have made it so much more enjoyable- but her “personal” beliefs make me cringe. A 3 part interlink sounds outstanding!

  12. I feel like I’m channelling the Energizer bunny because I can’t stop jumping about saying yes yes YES! I absolutely adore your writing and have read everything you’ve posted in the HP fandom. Harmony is not my OTP, I don’t dislike that pairing, It’s just not my first pick when choosing a story. Drarry, on the other hand, makes my mouth water. So absolutely no complaints from me about your relationship choice AT ALL. It’s my birthday in 3 days so I’m totally going to accept this as my early birthday gift and wait for them with bated breath.

    I wish you all the success and happiness for your writing this year. I hope you achieve all your goals and have fun while doing it.

    • Count me in as joining the Energizer bunny brigade! Yes! Yes! Yes! This sounds soooo COOL…..
      (bouncing off to enthuse more)

  13. Very excited for your new endeavours and the prospect of fresh new stories and pairings from you. I very much support your views on writer autonomy. I don’t think it is ever the purview of any reader to dictate to an author as to who to pair with because at the end of the day, your work is yours solely and shared for our entertainment. As ever, so very grateful to you and all other writers who share your stories. I’m a single parent and have been in lockdown for months. Reading and escaping into other worlds through stories and discussion threads has kept me sane and less isolated even when trapped in at home. Thank you very much and all the best of luck with your new writing challenges.

  14. Everything sounds amazing. I’m in the middle of rereading all of your stories again, just about to start the Ties that Bind series.

  15. I have a question. I became invested in some of the last Rough Trade stories. I’m very disappointed that they were not completed by the end of the challenge. Is there any way we can see completed works – especially Tony being the guide of the president? Thanks so much

    • That’s not how Rough Trade works. It’s a rough draft challenge for writers and I certainly can’t force any single participant to finish and post their completed works. Readers read at their own risk.

      • Ok. Thanks so much for clarifying. I meant no offense. I enjoy all the stories you and your authors post and look forward to many more.

        • Hilde Felicia Hvidsten

          For me, a non-writer, I think everything you create is truly wonderful . Every unfinished work and doodles give me the same joy as a finished one and I’m in awe that you’re able to do this. I look forward to seeing what you create, especially since I adore the Harry/Draco pairing ❤

  16. I’m always so relieved to know a story or stories from you are in the works. Anything you write, fandoms I’ve never read, pairings I typically don’t care for; it doesn’t matter as any story I’ve ever read by you is a guaranteed good time. I look forward with such delight and gratitude for every word you share in the next year and beyond.

  17. Heather Bransgrove

    So excited to here you fell into the ME universe (just stay away from Andromeda). I hope your new year is full of love and laughter. May your smiles be memorable and your tears forgettable.

  18. Fuck yeah I can’t wait to read these! I hope they work out. I adore this pairing.

  19. I’m very pleased that you are continuing your RT story. I was really enjoying it.

  20. I would say that the world turned upside down and you still managed to write, which is probably a more remarkable achievement than daily writing in less turbulent times.
    But your writing made my world a better place as I reread your beautiful stories when things seemed bleak and I would like to give you my deepest thanks for all that you have given us.
    And a trilogy sounds exciting and I look forward to it.

  21. I really like the idea of monthly writing goals. It feels a lot more approachable for me than daily, and if you tend to procrastinate (as I do), fortnightly goals would give similar flexibility with less space for procrastination and the resulting anxiety.

    Your RT plans are, as always, delightful. I’m charmed by the idea of a trilogy. Harry and Draco kicking ass, taking names, and being in love sounds like just what the doctor ordered for 2021.

  22. 2020 was a brutal year and re reading your writing helped me through some tough times, including the loss of my father, so I want to say thank you. Thank you for sharing not just your writings but your struggles in a way that helps folks know we are not alone. I appreciate you and all that you share, even when I don’t know the fandom! I look forward to Heart and Soul and what ever you share with us. Be well

  23. Keep on keeping on, my friend. I love the ideas you have and love love the works you’ve already completed. You are the reason I started writing. Literally, no joking. I don’t publish what I write yet, but once I feel good enough I might. Please hang in there. 2020 was a shit show. Love and hugs to you.

  24. Complaints!?! Definitely no complaints, I love almost everything you write. So excited!

  25. You are the reason I still read Drarry FanFiction. Honestly I’ve never read a single work you’ve written and not adored it because I feel like you take cannon and build on it or extrapolate or throw in an extra element of world building and imagine how cannon would be shaped by that element. The thing I love most about your writing, however, is that you write about characters working hard to have healthy relationships. No one is perfect but everyone is trying and I so need that.
    This year especially has been a struggle for obvious and not so obvious reasons. I’ve really dove back into FanFiction this year—both reading it and writing it—because I so desperately needed the escape at times. I hope 2021 is better for you, and that you aren’t too hard on yourself. It’s a joy and a gift to read your work and I’m so thankful you are willing to share your imagination with us!

  26. I am so excited for every single thing you write! Honestly, your fics are my comfort reads now, and I don’t even remember how many times I’ve reread them this year.

    I got into Mass Effect this year too! My friend said I would like them but I don’t normally play games where I have to aim XD. Luckily practice helped and the storyline is amazing. I can’t wait for what you have in store for that.

    And tbh I’m completely starry eyed over the summaries you have for Rough Trade. Drarry wasn’t a ship I took much special notice of before I read your work, aside from it being a staple of the fandom, but I really love the way you write it; it’s something I seek out now!

    But, really, I suppose I should just say thank you for letting us read all your wonderful writing, and for creating such amazing places for fandom creators to interact and be themselves.

  27. Well that’s certainly something to look forward to in the new year. Thank you for the preview of things to come. And Good riddance to 2020.

    I was thinking recently about why for most stories I read them once and then move on, but for you and a small handful of other authors I reread their stories over and over again. And I realize that these stories are almost lyrical in their ability to soothe and bring pleasure. Even knowing the plot, the beauty of the words, the construction, the pacing, just everything is pure joy. Like staring at a beloved piece of art or listening to a favorite song.

    So thank you for sharing your art with us and bringing that joy to so many.

  28. OMG, I *love* Mass Effect and I will admit to having a little squee session when I saw say you are working on a project for that fandom.

    Sorry the year hit you as hard as it did. I’m glad you’ve found a new goal system that works for you.

    You are by far my favorite author (doesn’t matter if it’s fanfiction, professionally published or anywhere in between) and I’m always willing to wait until you feel like your story is ready to be released. I find myself repeatedly returning to reread everything you’ve posted in the meantime.

    I look forward to reading whatever you decide to post this year and hope your 2021 ends better than 2020 did!

  29. I’m so excited!! I always love your Drarry work!

  30. Harry/Draco has always been my OTP in the Potterverse, so I have no complaints at all. That Old Black Magic and Birth of the Serpent King are two of my all time favorite fanfics. Can’t wait to see what you have planned for us.

  31. Sounds like a great series. 🙂

    And I can’t imagine why anyone would waste their time or effort complaining about *any* pairing. Don’t like, don’t read. There’s more fic out there than anyone can read in a lifetime already, plus more being written every day. What’s the point of griping about what other people like to write or read?? [boggle]

  32. Thank you for sharing your work and your future plans with us. This last year whenever things were bad I would go back to any number of your stories and read them again. All the while there is the magic of words in the world it ism’t beyond hope.

  33. Your writing, your choice… always.

    I do love your HP fic, you have motivated me to read pairings I would have steered away from in the past. You are excellent at Harry/Draco so I look forward to this story arc with glee.

  34. Honestly, any post from you brightens my day, and I frequently haunt your website to re-read old work when you are in between creative inspirations. I am happy to read that you feel inspired for 2021, and can’t wait to read whatever, whenever 😀

  35. You got me with “can’t marry Ginny.”. 🙂

  36. I’m excited to read what you have come up with. If that is more of your November Rough Trade, that works, if it is something new…that works as well. If there is one thing that 2020 taught me, is it is easier to go with the flow then it is to dictate where the flow is going. I’m looking forward to your Rough Trade plan for 2021…your QB…not sure about a Mass Effect because I know next to nothing about it (but I know I will read it anyways because your writing just sucks me in). Best of luck in your endeavors this year.

  37. First of all, happy new year – I hope that it’s less stressful for you, and for everyone else reading here.

    Congratulations on writing 80k in December; it’s a great achievement in any month, and particularly given everything that has been going on in the last year. If you post more to Rough Trade, I will be very happy, but if you don’t, I’ll wait as long as necessary, because it’s a fantastic story.

    And I love the sound of your plans for Rough Trade 2021. I’m a huge Harry/ Draco fan – which is totally your doing – so I think it’ll be awesome, and I wish you every success in your planning.

  38. I will be so happy if you post more of Heart of a Lion even if the challenge has ended! The trilogy sounds awesome as well. Virtual hugs

  39. As a healthcare worker it was been one challenge after another and re-reading your stories is what got me through the day at times. Thank you. You are truly an amazing writer.

  40. Sounds awesome.

  41. Can I just say… You are awesome. Your can do attitude with no fucks, given has brighten up my absolute shit of a day. So I just wanted to say, whether you write 4 words or 40,000, I thank you for taking the time to entertain me. Now I am going to go have a mudslide or 3 and reread something in here, somewhere. Rock on babe!

  42. It would not ever occur to me to fight you on anything you choose to write or post. It’s your site, you just do. I have loved every story that I’ve read here and elsewhere. You have brought me into fandoms I never thought I would read, and I’ve been so happy for those journeys. You have brought me so much peace during this mess. I just finished rereading EAD yesterday. Cried and laughed and enjoyed the wonder you bring. I’ve been catching up listening to your podcasts and am currently reading WMHB because you were talking about a scene and the nostalgia for them sucked me in.
    Thank you so much for the hints regarding your planned stories for Rough Trade. I squealed and freaked out my husband. Lucky me. He was happy I’m so excited.
    Here’s me wishing you as much Joy as you can pull from the multiverse. You deserve all you can find since you share so much with your minions.
    Thank you for being!

  43. For me the excitement of Christmas happens 5 times a year! EOD, Rough Trade and the Quantum Bang!

  44. Look forward to your story. Don’t really read HP, but it’s you and I will.

    I adore Mass Effect one of my all time favourite games. So looking forward to the remaster this year and the new game, whenever we get that.

  45. Hi, longtime reader of everything you do. Love any Harry pairing other than Ginny, my personal bias. Don’t listen to the haters, you write for you NOT us.

  46. Heart & Soul sounds awesome. I’m terrible at commenting, but I want to tell you that your stories have been a sanity saver during 2020. Besides Covid and all the worries and fear that goes along with it, my mother was diagnosed with cancer in Feb 2020. In the middle of the stay at home orders we had to navigate treatments and 8 hospitalizations. She lost her battle in November. When I had moments to spare, I found myself returning to your stories over and over again. They are like comfortable old friends that helped take my mind off of everything for a short while. I want to thank you for that.

  47. Samantha (Nekobaby)

    I am 100% excited. You are my favorite author and I can reread your stories again and again. I’m generally not a fan of genderswap, but I always love yours. I am looking forward to more of your most recent RT story. I won’t fight you on the deadline, cause I am totally for it. 😉

    Harry/Draco is an absolute favorite pairing and I know I’ll love the trilogy you are working on for it. Hell, you made me enjoy Harry/Hermione and I’ve been a mostly slash whore for years now.

    They say “If you build it, they will come.” Well, I say, “If Keira writes it, they will read it.”

    I think you should write what you want to write, when you want to write it. If you’re inspired to do Mass Effect (and there is so much you can do in that universe) do it. Write what makes your happy, delve into the universes which inspire you. That’s your superpower.

    We might miss a series here or there, but true fans can wait patiently and whatever you put out is a gift, not a obligation. Don’t let the naysayers and people who don’t treat your writing as the gift it is. If you need to break, if the inspiration runs dry, I know I’ll still be waiting patiently, as I have done for years. Why? Cause what you write is brilliant, brings my imagination into wonderfully fleshed universes, and good things are worth the wait.

    • Samantha (Nekobaby)

      Small edit, cause of course writing a message on a phone will have mishaps and I lost the end of my sentence.

      “Don’t let the naysayers and the people who don’t treat your writing as the gift it is”… get you down, it’s not about them.

  48. Greywolf the Wanderer

    oh hell no, ain’t gonna complain about a damn thing!! I had fun reading stories even after my own brain crashed and burned, got no complaints!

    and fuckit, 2020 is finally done. that’s somethin’.

  49. Squeeeeeeeee!

  50. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us! I love all your works and especially love this pairing as you write them so well, you really capture the essence of the characters!!

  51. OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH Yippie!!!!!!!!!!! I love all your works but you harry draco is my happy place i reread them hen i;m having a bad day. Thank you for the new ones!

  52. Your ideas sound really interesting, I love all your various pairings. Weirdly before I read your hermione/harry fics I wasnt a massive fan, but like with everything else you’ve posted you put your own touches to what pairings you write and I adore your versions of hermione/harry. Hope you and yours and everyone else sane in the USA are staying safe right now. RL is such a terrible thing nowadays.

  53. I’m always happy to read your work & am grateful for whatever you want to share with us. 2020 was a very hard year for a lot of people and reading your stories (both old and new) helped me to feel better for awhile. I hope you know that many people out here appreciate you; ignore the haters!

  54. Hey, Keira. I’m a very big fan of all of your work. You are my role model when it comes to writing. I think this is my first time posting a comment ( you are a little bit intimidating…and I babble when I’m nervous and I don’t want to say something stupid by mistake. I have no filter!!!) But I think you are awsome…and I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and for giving writers a safe space to practice this craft and us the readers an opportunity to see all of you in action. You made me want to write again. I hope you are well and safe and that this year will be a better one. And by the way why would anyone complain about harry and draco? I mean…they are harry and draco…what is there to complain about?

  55. Oh my dear god yes!!!!! Honestly I’ll read anything you write because it’s all awesome (I literally read fandom’s I’ve never even heard of when it’s you writing it). But I gotta admit I first stumbled on you looking for Harry/Draco fics and they remain near and dear to my heart so I’m SO happy you’re writing more fics for them! I died for your Black Magic fic and have always wondered if you planned to continue it sometiems or if it’s complete, but new fics are just as exciting to hear about! I can’t wait to see what gets rolled out because I know it’ll be as amazing as everything you write.

  56. I’m so sorry last year was a trial, and I hope this year is better. Last year was pretty harsh for us all, I think! *HUGS* And, succeeding or not in your goals, your writing is always beautiful and inspired. I refuse to believe this year will be any different in that respect! Thank you, as always, for bringing a little more beauty into our lives with your works…. I, and my purr-baby Lulu (whom I read to, because even though as a cat, she has no idea what I’m reading – she does enjoy listening), hope that we, your readers, can bring a little of that beauty into your life, as well.

  57. I totally totally totally agree.!!

  58. When did we become a society where it was common to complain about everything all the time? You are an amazing writer and what I have read of your works, I adore. I am picky when it comes to what fandom and what pairing I read, but never for a second would I consider complaining about what you choose to write. The entitlement of some people gives me headaches.

    I wish you a happy, healthy and successful year, may you accomplish whatever you plan to!

  59. Really excited by what you have proposed. Can’t wait.

  60. I am so so so excited about your plans!! These three fics sound amazing 😀

  61. Thank you for sharing what you’ve been up to. The last year has been a challenge for many of us. I too struggled with the guilt of not hitting my daily goals untill I made the concious decision to only focus on the things that I did achieve 🙂

  62. Seren verch Dafydd

    Sounds like a lovely idea. I’ll look for it when it post on Rough Trade. Hope you have a great 2021

  63. THANK YOU! Like others who commented before me, I escaped into favorite stories from you and other RT/QB writers this year. Fandom for me is an escape and a distraction and it was comforting to reread your rich stories set wonderfully built worlds. They were comfortable like a favorite blanket and familiar (rereading favorites meant no unpleasant surprises). Parts of this year were so stressful that even picking a new author or story felt risky. (Honestly, 2021 hasn’t started much better). But through exhaustion and loss, disbelief and anxiety, your stories and CrossRoads were a haven.

    I think I reread every story on this site at least once this year. Your DRARRY stories are some of my all-time favorites. I have read Serpent King and War Mages too many times to count, twice each in 2020. Darkly Loyal was my go-to when the outside world was too full of assholes who needed to just disappear. There is something so cathartic about watching Harry, Draco and Hermione blithely kill everyone who needs to be dead.

    So thank you for everything you’ve written. Whatever you write in 2021, I can’t wait to read. I hope writing continues to bring you happiness and peace. Heart and Soul sounds fantastic. I’m already doing my happy dance.

    If you had more Heart of a Lion to Share, I’m sure no one would mind. After all, you make the rules. I still check once in a while to see if anything new is there. I’m sure others do as well. If you want to share, we’re happy to read. If not… we’ll wait …. your stories are always worth it.

  64. This past year has been rough but your stories kept me going. They allowed me the break from reality that I needed. Really love your Harry/Draco stories so can’t wait to read what you have planned for them in this series.

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

  65. Hey, that sounds like a great project! I’m glad you’re feeling inspired. 2020 was a tough one and being down in the writing trenches wasn’t easy. I think a lot of people struggled with feeling motivated and blaming themselves when they couldn’t progress on the challenges they’d set for the year. It’s good to see you so excited about the work as the year begins. Nobody gets to comment on that at all. What you feel moved to work on is what you feel moved to work on. All that matters is that you’re still enjoying it. Have a good one!

  66. Doing what’s best for you is necessary and very important for your health and well-being, especially after the year we just survived. I’m happy to know you are still writing (not just because I love reading your work). I haven’t written in quite a while, and most likely won’t again since my co-author has recently passed away. But, I have started painting again. I admire the fact that you can work on multiple woks simultaneously. Looking forward to your new challenge story, especially as it is an HP. Take care of yourself this year. May it be a better one for you, and all of us. *hugs*

  67. Thank you for your works. Like others above me, you write something beautiful and I read it. It doesn’t matter what fandom, Jesus I dropped into the hole that’s Avengers and Tony Stark because of your QB. You even got me writing again along with Discord and that group over there. Thank you for making this last year a bit more bearable. My own writing is on the back burner till the craziness of the last year is better – hopefully soon. But escaping into your worlds saved me a lot of times in the last years from completely burning out.

    And a Harry/ Draco story arc sounds exciting and hot.

    Thanks Keira for sharing.

  68. I’M SO EXCITED! Also, I’m sorry you feel not-so-hot about your writing in 2020. Regardless of whether you’ve finished anything… dude; 80k is HUGE and writing anything should be celebrated! Not to mention, if it makes you feel good to do it, fabulous! If not, then it’s not the right time or place.
    Thank you for what you’ve gifted us with – not least of which is a glimpse at your upcoming H/D project, (!!WWOO!!) but also the works that you’ve archived here, and which I not only go back to again and again, but rec to anyone who is interested in trying Marvel or HP fanfic. You write things I didn’t even know I was craving until you post them.
    Thank you!
    PS – if you’re interested in having a foray into another fandom (I’m excited to see Mass Effect through your eyes!) have you ever dipped your toe into due South? I only ask as it seems like it would be right up your alley character-wise. Especially with the second Ray… (a comment which makes sense if you watch the show hahaha!) Anyway! Stay safe and healthy, good thoughts! xxx

  69. OOOOOhhhh!!! I am SO excited about your Rough Trade trilogy. I absolutely adore all of your work – but I have to confess that Harry/Draco is my favorite.

    You are my “go-to” author when I just want to settle in and read something captivatingly wonderful. Last year was a challenging year all around – for many of us. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve turned to your stories just to remove myself from my personal bs of the day.

    I’ve read all of your stories in the Star Trek and Harry Potter fandoms at least fifty time each – no exaggeration.

    I just finished reading Darkly Loyal for the umpteenth time. Next up – its War Mages. Basically what I do is just go down the list and read them all over and over on rotation. And I never get tired of any of them.

    To sum up – I love your work and am always excited to see what new gem you have for us next.

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.

  70. I love H/D! I visit your site several times a year to reread my favorite scenes and end up just rereading the entire fic (I visit for your Star Trek fic too and a couple other fandoms cause I have no self control 😉 ). I’m excited for this new trilogy and you spreading the posting through out 2021 gives me something wonderful to look forward to. I’m glad you’re being kind to yourself and I hope you and your muse will have a kick ass year.

  71. I love the art for this post. So serene and lovely. Also, I love harry and Draco. Looking forward to reading the RT trilogy.

  72. Yeah, lets just forget last year. So MASS EFFECT………..squeeeeeeeeeeeee. The best story telling over 3 games that I’ve ever come across, and you are going for it!!! Oh my, this is gonna be fun. Thank you for sharing!

  73. I am really looking forward to this trilogy.

  74. Wow!! I’m so excited for all of your genius that you share. I am so thankful for all of your works. Your plans for this year sound amazing! 2020 sucked. During shut down I was reinventing what it means to be a teacher and trying to give my kids what they needed last spring. Rereading your brilliant stories often triggered creativity from me. For that I thank you!!
    The school year has been so different from all others that I’ve taught. It’s all been hard and then in October my dad passed away. Dealing with grief and challenges that seem insurmountable have made the last few months very difficult. I am again re-reading Ties that Bind and all of your Harry Potter stories. Your work allows me to rest my brain and at times my heart for just a little bit. Thank you for sharing with this mere mortal.

  75. Glad to know you are taking care of yourself. All the best for 2021.

  76. Absolutely no complaints about pairing from me! I love your Harry/Draco stuff.

  77. Happy New Year!

    Two things:

    1 – I didn’t know you were a gamer!! I play Diablo, currently waiting for D4. Hopefully it’ll come out end of year, but I doubt it.

    2 – You will never hear me do or saying anything outside of ecstatic squealing when it comes to you writing Harry and Crack. It’s how I discovered you, after all. So looking forward to these!!

  78. It’s lovely to hear how excited you are about this series. I’m excited to read it. I hope you can always enjoy writing ‘cos we enjoy reading it so much. I have returned to your writing several times during the past year. It has been a joy and a comfort. Thank you for all of it.

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