Winter 2021

So, I had this epiphany last night. It was empowering, honestly. It’s something I knew on an intellectual level but it’s not something I’d ever really embraced emotionally. Let me lay it out for you:

You’ll never own my work. You can make ebooks and you can print it but it will never ever be yours. You can buy my professional works, and thank you if you have, but all you’ll own is a digital file or a stack of paper that’s been glued together. The content, the words, will always belong to me.

My work is a product of my creative drive and no matter how that is inspired (original or fanfiction)–it belongs to me for eternity.

Recently, I got outright plagiarised on Ao3. Thankfully, it’s already been taken down but it was stunning to see some asshole post my entire story (That Old Black Magic, if you’re curious) on Ao3. I mean I just stared at in stunned silence for a stupidly long time.

At the base level, plagiarism in fandom is pitiful. It’s an act done for attention and no other reason whatsoever. They want comments and kudos but don’t have the talent or creativity to create their own work. Whatever. It’s actually sad to come across someone so desperate for any kind of attention that they would steal someone else’s work and post it on a large archive where it’s going to be recognized pretty much immediately.

But, even when this person posted my work on Ao3, they didn’t own it. The words were still mine and there’s nothing anyone can do about that. Some people have this weird idea that fan fiction doesn’t enjoy any sort of copyright but that’s entirely inaccurate. I can’t make money from fan fiction in any legal fashion but that doesn’t negate my intellectual property rights regarding my transformative works.

I don’t care to hear your arguments against this because I try to avoid being told dumb shit. It’s honestly been really difficult over the last few years to avoid getting dumb on me but I’ve got a fuckton of hand sanitizer, n95 masks, and I’m doing my best.

Today is Evil Author Day (also known as International Fanworks Day), and I’ve “unhidden” my old Harmony works on the EAD community. I don’t know why anyone would complain or give me shit for this but if that’s your inclination–shut up and sit your damned ass down. I don’t have the time nor the patience to deal with that sort of shit. Honestly, use my contact form to complain (or make demands) at your own fucking risk.

New Works

Evil Author Day

All Our Yesterdays
Fandom: Mass Effect
Relationship: Shepard/Jack (Subject Zero)
Genre: Alternate Universe, Time Travel, Romance
Post 1, Post 2

Nothing More Noble
Relationship: Harry Potter/Hermione Granger
Genre: Alternate Universe
Post 1

A Shining Star
Relationship: Harry Potter/Hermione Granger
Genre: Alternate Universe, Marriage Law Fic, EWE, Romance
Post 1

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Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. I’m not going to lie, I may have teared up when I read you that you had “unhidden” your harmony works on EAD. Thank You, because all your transformative works have genuinely gotten me through some of the most stressful and hard times in the past. You’re an amazing writer and thank you for sharing.

    • Agreed. 100%.

      I found them again by chance and had a bit of a “SQUEE!” moment, before I settled down to read them with supper and a nice mug of tea.

      *bows to Keira*

      Thanks for re-posting them, unlocking them,or whatever you want to call it…

  2. “I don’t care to hear your arguments against this because I try to avoid being told dumb shit.”
    That is absolutely the best thing I’ve heard so far this year. Thank you for that…I really needed that snort/laugh!

  3. Stupid people ruin everything for the rest of us. I enjoy literally everything you write. Thank you for sharing your work with us.

  4. Thank you for your work and unlocking your work.

  5. Oh. My. God. WHY???? You are a goddess and those who know you, know your work, and know that you are a goddess! I am so sorry this assshit has been done to you. I, like all others who worship at your throne, will keep our eyes open for such horrific slights against you and report immediately!

    Stay safe during this crazy weather.

  6. Well you are definitely right! Anything you write is absolutely yours and any idea you had or have and share with us developed or not is totally yours. Also as if anyone else could write like you do and fake credit without being called out in 5seconds is mind boggling to me ijs
    Ps. Not a complain but I saw the Jack/Shepard and went omg stargate before seeing mass effect tag and i cried inside a little..but im still gona read all of it

  7. WOW. Love that whole set of posts. Thank you!

  8. Your words are most definitely yours, and I thank you so much for being willing to share them with us. I’ve gotten a lot of joy reading and rereading your fan fiction, which is as good or better than many professional works I’ve read. Plagiarism is pathetic, and it’s absurd that someone would think they could take credit for your work and not be caught out. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful stories, and I look forward to reading your future works.

  9. *sighs and boots up Mass Effect I* Here we go again…

    Lovely additions this year, and that OT4 cuddle pile was damned cute.

  10. AMEN!!!!!!!!! and thank you!!!!!! and I totally agree with all the other comments. I wish I had a fraction of your talent. Guess I’ll just continue to be one of your lowly fan/followers and thank the universe that you share your skill with others..

  11. I’m occasionally wondering which have it worse in fandom, writers or artists. On one hand, writers can’t make money on their work, but plagiarism is mostly taken seriously by the bystanders. On the other hand, while artists are more free to make money on their work – that often depending more on the medium of the original works of the fandom – their work is also more easily shared, unfortunately with a lot less judgement on the practice.

    It makes me cringe every time I see artwork shared on Facebook, usually without even mentioning the artist’s name – the only consolation being that at least no one generally thinks the poster is the actual artist. But still – they are getting attention using someone else’s work, and not even having the decency to mention the name of the one that did the work. In some groups mentioning it leads to people at least giving the artist’s name in posts, but in others, it’s like trying to move a mountain using a spoon – totally hopeless.

  12. Loretta Mammarella

    I adore any and all of your stories and I especially adore your EAD works. These little snippets and insights into other stories that may/may not be taken further just make my day a bit more enjoyable so thank you for that. I’m really sorry that someone has decided to steal your work thats just not fair and quite cruel of them. Hopefully the rest of your week is much brighter.

  13. I love your writing and I am so grateful you choose to share with us but I never ever take anything you share for granted. I wish people would stop being arseholes to you. People frigging suck. Thank you for your refreshing honesty and your generosity. It is muchly (I know it is not a real word) appreciated .

  14. I have moderated fic search sites, and the things I’ve seen! I got into a fight with someone on the site that was so bad it ended up on Fandom Wank (I’m famous! Yeah, no). I remember when I was an active writer in QAF fandom, we had a person that actually posted fics that didn’t belong to them, and were easily recognizable. After being told to take them down, her crowning achievement was to post one last fic that she decided to ‘add’ content to. My god, fandom!

    I’m happy that you decided to repost your Harmony fics. You’re right, it’s yours, always will be, and most of us are grateful that you’ve decided to share them with us again.

  15. Thank you for the lovely gift. I actually mean your insight on the ownership of your words. That has a far reaching set of corollaries and expansions I’ll be thinking about all day. I can’t wait to see the podcast on it.

    I am also grateful that you have chosen to utterly ruin the productivity I had planned today with access to some of your hidden works. I’d much rather spend today cuddled up with some old friends than on hold with the internet provider. The quality of my day just rose about 1000%.

  16. Dear Keira

    I have been reading fanfiction ( and I am an avid reader) for more than 20 years and it humble me the work and capacity and knowledge that all the authors have to create such wonderful writing pieces.

    I will always thank you for endless hours of joy and pleasure reading your work. It is exactly as you said, your work WILL never be yours and nobody will ever take that!

    So here I am to thank you and thank all the authors who give hours of hard work and research to give us such a pleasure.

    Do not let them make feel less or put you down, you are so much better than them in all the senses.

  17. I LOVE Evil Author Day! It’s like a bite of the most juicy part of steak. And this year I have been even more impatient for that bite. It was fantastic. Thank you for sharing!

    Stealing Fanfiction is just pathetic. I found and reported a few over the years, some that the author have taken down for one reason or the other. The person that uploaded the work actually had he gall to say that they uploaded it, BECAUSE it was taken down. Like some freaking public service.

  18. They will always be your words.

    I used to write in the Twilight fandom. At least three times my words were stolen and posted, sometimes even at FFN, where my original words were! I would just shake my head at their author’s notes that stated “I know you want more! As soon as I finish writing them, I’ll post them!“ Really? How long can it take to do search and replace?
    Your words are so well known having been read so many times, but at least this was found quickly. Sucks so much.

  19. First, thank you for the “unhidden” of the Harmony. I am an avid reader of the Harmony works. Yours in particular.
    Your epiphany is spot on! I see nothing wrong with being inspired by someone’s work, but to outright re-post as your own work is simply uncouth. There have been a number of fanfiction writers that faced this very thing. Gratefully, most site admins react quickly to remove the unsightly thing (thought the offender is still lurking…ah well…)
    I am truly amazed at the vast amount work you have “published” and often stare in awe when you mention all the other ideas peculating in your mind. How you stay sane and rational is an inspiration.
    On a day when temperatures in my little part of the world are -20 air temp, and -50 wind chill, your stories allow me to curl up and stay warm outside and in.

  20. I sorry to hear about your work Black Magic being plagiarized. AO3 is a large site and it wouldn’t take long for someone to notice that you story had been plagiarized. Hopefully they not only take the work down, but remove him/her from the site as well. Your stories will forever be your own. People might read them on your site, on other sites, maybe even purchase your books from stories/computer, but the stories will always be yours – they are your thoughts that you have put down on paper/computer. No matter what someone else does, they will always be your thoughts. I have always read your stories (my favorites are Stargate Atlantis; SG-1) and they brighten my day. My mother is suffer from Alzheimer and it is getting more advance – there are times when she doesn’t even remember me or my sister, and because of Covid 19 she can’t go to a nursing home, but your stories have always given me pleasure and got me to forget even for a few minutes. Thank you for that. Keep up the great writing. Take care and stay safe.

  21. Every day I look at wonder at your work and thank you internally for all the creativity that you have shared. Thank you for sharing with us, as you could easily continue to write but put them hidden. You have helped me through depression and other things so thank you for your generosity.

  22. I’m really just boggled by the plagiarism. WTF?! And why? My mind immediately went to the many discussions you’ve had in your fics about the horribleness of love potions for everyone involved and how even the person giving the potion would be reminded every time they had to dose someone of how they didn’t legitimately have the person’s affection. That kind of plagiarism has to have similar consequences- every comment and kudos had to highlight that they hadn’t done anything to deserve it! SMH! I don’t understand people.

    But I love everything you write and share! You are awesome and amazing! Thank you for everything!

  23. Thank you for sharing this! Honestly, I think I needed to hear this in a way – not that I’m having works plagiarized (which sucks so hard, and I’m so sorry that you’re having to deal with that nonsense) but in that these works are yours, even if they’re fanfiction, and that no one can take away that accomplishment from you, even if they post shitty comments or steal your work.

    Also, it makes me think of this great quote by Terry Pratchett: “All witches are selfish, the Queen had said. But Tiffany’s Third Thoughts said: Then turn selfishness into a weapon! Make all things yours! Make other lives and dreams and hopes yours! Protect them! Save them! Bring them into the sheepfold! Walk the gale for them! Keep away the wolf! My dreams! My brother! My family! My land! My world! How dare you try to take these things, because they are mine!

    I have a duty!”

    Also, thank you THANK YOU for sharing your Harmony works again. I think you’re one of the best writers for them, and have spent many, many hours reading and rereading your writing. I’m off to read all your new stuff (and reread the old)!

  24. Thank you so much for revealing your Harmony works again! Being able to re-read Small Magics is such a genuine pleasure! The others too, of course, but with that one you really gave us the best of two worlds 🙂 Here I was thinking that I would be able to go back to work soon, but it turns out the rest of my week is now booked!

  25. right on. I love hearing this and feeling this. thanks.

  26. It truly does boggle the mind that people do that, think they can get away with it, and believe that they aren’t doing anything wrong. I’m glad you were able to have the work taken down. I also add my thanks to your releasing the older fics and contribution of new Harmony material. I haven’t yet read them, because I wanted to offer my support before doing so (even though I’m about to blow off the rest of my workday to read them :D).

    As always, thank you for all that you contribute to Fan Fiction. I love your snarky characters, your world building, and especially your twist on the goblin/dverger situation. Harmony is my jam and your stories are my favorites. Whenever I despair of finding anything else worth reading, I just come back your stories and refresh my perspective.

    I know that shitty people can’t help but be shitty, but it is my hope that they can find someplace else to be rather than give you grief. *crosses fingers*

    I hope that you and yours are keeping safe, best wishes.


  27. I am…flabbergasted. How could anyone be dumb enough to think they could post one of your works and NOT have people recognize it??? I used to write back in my college days and was plagiarized once by someone who insisted that they came up with everything all on their own, when it was in fact word for word my work with only the character names changed. It pissed me the hell off. I’m sorry you have to deal with shitty people. I look forward to everything you post, and even if you never posted another work, I would cherish every moment I have spent lost i the worlds you have created. Your works have been a light for me when I have been in dark places, so you have my most sincere thanks for all the effort you have put into your writing.

  28. Your words, over and over again are a gift you have let everyone of us enjoy. Thank you.

  29. Transformative is exactly the right word for your writing–every time I read (or reread) your writing it shifts something in my worldview–sometimes in fanfic and sometimes in the Real World. Thank you for writing, because it has and will continue to bring people great joy.

  30. Thank you for reposting Harmony. Yay!

  31. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your fics, because I have been reading and rereading, and it is such a pleasure when times are tough.

  32. You are a ray of sunshine and honesty. Thanks for everything

  33. Not gonna lie, reading this made me fall in love with you all over again! Get ’em girl!

  34. I am one of the people who is just happy when any author of any kind fanfiction or original that i follow publishes and provides me with a gift. It never ceases to amaze me when people are critical of these gifts because if it were easy they would be publishing too.
    Since your HP world building is my favorite, thank you.

  35. Such profound words for such a simple idea. And yet, it’s not so simple after all, when the whole world is grabbing at you and demanding more. More time, more energy, more sacrifice. Just MORE. I wonder when we all became slaves to more? Anyway, I’m so glad you were able to reach this point. It’s liberating, I can tell.

    I also had a fanfic stolen. Someone found it posted on a site for original works, and recognized it because they’d read mine. Apparently, the Sanctuary fandom has a real problem with this, which I wasn’t aware of. I was shocked, to say the least, and felt violated because someone had the audacity to take from me that which I’d already freely given. Ugh. I’ll never understand it, but I’m just so grateful to those who keep their eyes out for such things that I have no room left to try to understand.

    May fandom be smooth sailing for you from here (hahaha). If I ever see one of your works posted anywhere else but here, you can bet you’ll be my first call because I hate those assholes too!

  36. Oh, damn. Sorry that shit happened to you, Keira. I had some numbnut plagiarize me years ago, but thankfully someone gave me a heads up and I got all up in their business until it got taken down. Their entire site – I *think* it was on wattpad, but don’t quote me, it was quite a while back got taken down because this particular numbnut had gone in and essentially copypasta’d like, over fifty different fics from a bunch of folks over on the Pit and *everyone* came down on them like hell on fire. That shit is annoying as hell. And I’ll never understand it.

    That said … you unhid … *runs for the EAD to re-read Harmony goodness*

  37. Plagiarism is a hard word to spell.. but I always remember that it has a lot in common with liar. You’re right. It doesn’t matter if you make money, if someone else’s name is on it. It’s yours. thank you for re-posting the work you’d previously taken down. I came upon your stuff just before a lot of it was hidden, so I’m really enjoying reading this stuff. As always, it’s a great amount of well-thought out and excellently written fun.

  38. I just wanted to thank you so much for what you share with us. Seeing your updates in my email always brightens my day (week, month…) and your Harmony works are, bar none, the best I’ve read in that particular ship. Also, thank you for your Star Trek fics – I had forgotten how much I love Star Trek!!! And of course – all powers bless you. Thank you for sharing your efforts in spite of the garbage that certain cretins have thrown your way.

  39. I’m deeply saddened and angry on your behalf that someone would plagiarize your work and post it as their own. But I am totally not surprised to find they posted it on so prominent a site as AO3 with no expectation of being caught and impaled on a stake for it.

    I do enjoy recommending your work when I read posts requesting a particular trope, fandom, or pairing because much to my surprise there are a few people left on earth who are NOT familiar with your work. I believe at one time you stated that your work was absolutely not to be posted elsewhere, nor were direct links to any title allowed. IIRC, the latter had to do with new readers failing to see the age and content warning, and your statement regarding appropriate behavior.

    If you have a moment, I would appreciate it if you would either confirm that you still request no direct links, or if they are now allowed. If you choose not to condone any recs at all be posted elsewhere because increased numbers of readers must inevitably also include a certain percentage of dumb that you wish to avoid, I will of course comply with your requirement.

    I am eternally grateful to be allowed to return frequently to read and reread the work you so generously share (and thanks so much for unblocking the Harmony stories!). I hope that this latest bit of assholery did not spoil your enjoyment for writing and that it will once again bring you joy, but only on your own terms.

  40. Greywolf the Wanderer

    whoever that choom was plagiarized you is one dumb motherfucker. should have known there are legions of us out there who would cheerfully rat their shitty asses off.

    I am sorry that happened, I do like the your words are always yours!!

    hopefully that person gets themselves beat down by enough fen to learn the most egregious nature of their sins. failing that, may they fall down a whole buncha stairs a dozen or two times. that oughtta make an impression.

    thanks for all the awesome reads which have done major keep-me-sane duty in this Age of the Zombie Apocalypse!!

  41. i love That Old Black Magic, and I’m on AO3 daily, so I would have busted them hard if I’d have run across it. I never understood that kind of crap, either, seriously – how could they stand the guilt for all the fake likes/kudos. You’re right, they are your words, and any kudos or love a pilfered fics get, it’s all love for you, not those thieves. Lord.

  42. I once had somebody steal something of mine and post it on the exact same archive where I’d posted it, as if nobody would notice that mine was posted almost two months before. Lazy, stupid jerks.

    I am now going to reread everything you’ve ever written, even if it’s a fandom I’m not familiar with.

  43. I look forward to EAD every year. My birthday is a few days after and I take the day to myself and usually plan to just ready and relax. This year I spent my birthday with no power, heat or water (live in Texas and the past week has been a shitstorm), and limited cell reception. I’m finally in a good place and have spent the day reading your work. Thank you so much for unhiding your harmony fic!

  44. Several years ago, I had just entered a new fandom when I came across a fic I recognized from another fandom. The poster had changed the names of course and a few other details to make it work, but it was the same damn story. I contacted the site as well as the poster. She had a full blown hissy fit. Enraged at me that I had reported her. That because she had changed the names and adapted it to this fandom it was now her fic. We went back and forth in this insane circular argument for a bit before I gave up. There is no cure for stupid . Thankfully the site took it down very quickly, but damn.

  45. I hate that people feel its okay to steal your work and its like because its not a physical thing its not theft. I love everything of yours that I’ve read. Thank you for sharing your works with us. You bring a lot of joy to a lot of people and its not okay that people cause you stress and hassle, by stealing stuff and being demanding and in the other various ways that they do.

  46. Thank you for unlocking your unfinished works. I enjoy retreating into your worlds when this one gets to be too much. Looking forward to reading the next. Again, thank you for sharing your gift with us all.

  47. I love you and your no fucks given attitude. And thank you for the unhidden works. Your writing has gotten me through a lot in the past and present hellscape we exist in. Thank you again!

  48. I am super excited you unhid the Harmony fics, not going to lie, because a few months ago I desperately wanted to read that one scene in The Pendragon Legacy where Harry grants the woman a divorce and, well, you’d hidden them — as was your right, of course, and I get why you did it. But let me tell you, rereading it now was so damn cathartic, because that’s still one of my favorite scenes of all time.

  49. I love your stories, I am totally in love of your Harmony……the EAD ones I’m loving even if my first thought is always there ought to be more stories. I love them even if they are teases.

    As for my thoughts on the plagiarism that is so rampant in Fanfiction they should feel bad for stealing exact story lines they should be able to take your basic idea and see if they can make it there own, [ I.E. I have been reading two Anita Blake and HP crossovers that the writer’s stories are somewhat similar but not. One writer has both universes being in same dimension and is redoing the whole Anita Blake books series with Harry coming in the beginning 2-3 years before first book after finishing his wizarding education with i think 15 NEWTS as well as congruently doing some college/apprenticeship in necromancy, with Edwards’ specialized training along with taking up his Lordships with required education, with him being a Necromancer (illegal in Britain but embraced in US) the main one in the story in place of Anita last count his Harem has 9 men and is Master of Death; whereas in the other writer’s story has Hari (Harry) and Sirius being alone in the new (Anita Blake) dimension as he went through the veil of death one year after Sirius fell (as he still feels the godfather bond). Harry is very well educated starting after end of 5th year {through 4 turns for full 24 hours a day ((living 5 days in one)) via time turner minus all 8 Old way holidays doing cleansings}, being educated by the portraits on everything taught before Dumbledore era (20 NEWTS worth) as well as what it means to be a Pureblood Lord at Grimmuald place; Unbinding his Blood Mage abilities first since Merlin, after emptying their vaults, taking up the Lordships he’s due, writing a Will passing the Lordships to others as he would be considered dead, but he is the Master of Death also (but she hasn’t played with it yet) and what that all of this means for Harry as he is a Lord twice over as well as how it all impacts him in this new Dimension and he is acquiring a Harem as well/same basic idea (HPxAnita Blake crossover) taking different approaches and stories]. So sorry went on tangent.
    I am not that great at writing….but I am trying. My ideas….I have tons but no follow through….but I am eventually going to do one of the RT rounds eventually it’s a goal. I actually do have a crossover that was soulmates (NCIS/HP) but not far enough along to do this round….so I’ll put it in AO3 later….way later after it’s written.

  50. Are you going to make a second Gravity book?

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