Let’s Talk About Quantum Banging

I officially “joined” fandom in May of 2008. I’ll be celebrating my site anniversary on May 20th (13 years) and I didn’t do my first fan fiction bang until 2019. I’ve rarely participated in fandom-specific challenges outside of events on Rough Trade. I could go into a long-winded explanation about my reasons for joining fandom, to begin with, and how many of those planned events in the past looked so fucking stressful I could barely breathe at the mere thought of signing up.

Still, when Jilly said “I want to do a big bang”, I was like “I’m all in.” The first year I wrote Unleash Your Demons. It sort of just poured out of me due to my frustrations and disappointment in the direction the MCU was taking. Nothing about the writing experience was really stressful. Time Travel and Tony Stark fit me like a fucking glove.

For the 2020 Quantum Bang, I wrote The Absence of War. The idea of it started as a thought experiment and frankly my own aversion to an original character being a main character in fanfiction. Armand Deering is probably one of my favorite characters ever. He’s demanding, rude, foul-tempered, and prone to murder. He should be genuinely appalling and yet, I love him. I accept no judgment.

In the midst of the July Rough Trade challenge last year, I got hit with my idea for this year’s QB so in a deeply irresponsible fashion (to me), I abandoned my RT and threw myself into a brand new fandom–The Mandalorian & Star Wars. I wrote both novels that will appear on the QB this year in June as a canon divergence from season one of the show. I didn’t allow myself to watch the second season of The Mandalorian until after I’d finished both rough drafts though I did get spoiled a bit (how could you name that precious child something so awful, Jon?).

The first two years, I kept my QB a secret until it posted because it was amusing and also because I didn’t think my readers needed a head’s up on anything regarding the canon of either work. But this year, I’ve decided to give you guys a head’s up (if you want to read my QBs) so that you can get a head start on the canon.

I’ve written two 100k+ novels set in The Mandalorian with my main character being Din Djarin. The main relationship is Din Djarin/Cara Dune and I’ve done a fan recast for the part of Cara Dune. The fan recast is Gabrielle Union. The original actress is… problematic but I wasn’t going to let her terrible behavior destroy my love for the character or the pairing.

The main thrust of my fix-it is about the Force Dyad from the last three Star Wars movies. There is frankly a lot of Star Wars content out there–books, movies, and tv shows. I can’t and certainly wouldn’t expect any reader to absorb/know all of that. So, I did my very best to either stick to easily accessible content or explain the elements I did use in the course of the narrative in a way that won’t leave readers baffled. In that vein, my beta readers both went into the novel works without having watched The Mandalorian. No worries, my alpha readers are Star Wars/The Mandalorian knowledgeable.

If you want a good foundation for reading–I suggest you watch all nine Star Wars movies and the first season of The Mandalorian. It’s not necessary, of course, but I do think it would help and make the reading super easy. All of this could be done in a single month on Disney+ so you wouldn’t need a long-term subscription. I do wish there was a free legal alternative (sorry!), but there isn’t one.

My stories:

Series Title: Gra’tua
Novel Titles: A Better Man & The Thousand-Mile Road
Relationships: Din Djarin/Cara Dune, The Armor/Paz Vizsla, OC/OC (many)
Genre: Time Travel, Romance, First Time, Kid-Fic, Fix-it
Summary: Din Djarin lost everything so slowly it was almost survivable. With a broken and failing heart, he comes face to face with two Force Spirits who ask him to sacrifice everything for another man’s son. Along the way, he’ll get a chance to save his own and bring together the tribes of Mandalore once more.

Basic Concept:

Din Djarin loses the love of his life, his son, and his faith in the way. Near the end of his life, Qui-Gon Jinn gives him the chance to return to the past so he can right the path of the Force in the galaxy and do what he can to keep the two halves of the Force Dyad from being destroyed by the dark side.

His first step? Kill Moff Gideon and take the darksaber.

(Aside, if you’ve seen The Mandalorian season 2, you can imagine my amusement during that one scene in the last episode)

Anyways, I fell in love with The Mandalorian, and Din Djarin is definitely my unicorn. I hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’ve been teamed up with an amazing artist for the QB so we have a lot to look forward to in June!!


Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. Have you seen the fan fiction ‘ Oya Manda’lor!’ by Cloud_Chaser on AO3? Check it out if you haven’t already.

  2. This might be the push I need to FINALLY watch The Mandalorian. And possibly Eps II and III (the only two of the main nine that I haven’t seen). Very excited to see what you do in a fresh fandom! And excited for myself because you are 100% a gateway author for me and I don’t at all mind being led by the nose into Star Wars foc.

  3. I feel like The Pointer Sisters… I’m so excited. And I just can’t hide it.

  4. Having learned my lesson with HP, Star Trek, and then The Hobbit, I’m just going to gracefully give in and admit I will be willingly dragged in to this fandom, too. I have never read Star Wars fiction. But if you wrote it, I know I will like it. So thanks for the heads up so I can brush up ahead of time on canon. It will save me from Googling unknown names and places while I’m reading. I’m looking forward to these new works.

  5. Iv watched the movies but not the tv shows because i cant subscribe to disney plus atm but even knowing nothing about it ill still read it. I love quantum you guys are awesome I re-read anything in it that strike my fancy when I feel down and all of it brings me bundles of joy! Happy writting!

  6. I now have another great reason to find a way to watch this show. Thanks, Keira.

  7. You’ve shared a lot of awesome fic in those 13 years, so thank you so much for that.

    I love everything you write regardless of the fandom, and the idea of a time traveling Din with your style of snark is giving me so much joy.

    I haven’t seen the last 3 Star Wars movies, so I’m just going to take whatever you write as my new cannon.

  8. I’m quite literally giggling here. I can’t wait to see your take on the Star Wars fandom. You always have such wonderful takes on the fandoms that you participate in. I’m sure that this will be an epic journey.

  9. I have been reading you works for 12 years???? All I can say is thank you for all the words you have written that at so many times have given me so much enjoyment.

  10. Ohh! That’s made of total win right there! Seriously, you’re one of the 2 writers that I read stuff I haven’t even seen (The Sentinel) but once I read i find a way to watch at least the first episode.

    I’ve been obsessed with the Mandalorian since it came out and now you’re writing it!? That may be the best news I’ve had in a while!

  11. I love seeing Armand in your fics. I can’t even remember which fic it was I read last but I do remember that I started giggling the instant his name showed up and thinking, “Oh this is going to be good.”

    And thanks for the heads up! I finally have the impetus needed to dive into the Mandalorian.

  12. Looking forward to it. I am also enamored of Armand as well as his lady wife.

  13. Oh, I am so here for this. I love the way you find new and interesting ways to change canon, always for the better. And fan casting Gabrielle Union as Cara Dune? Hell yes! As always I’m excited to see what you can do with a new fandom. I’ve never actually seen SWII or III, so maybe this is my excuse to do it. Like my Disney+ account wasn’t already getting a workout with all the Marvel goodies. Looking forward to reading this!

  14. Will you repost the last story, that was on rough trade the guide And sentiel with fem meredith And john pairing , here ?

    • It’s finished. I just have editing and beta left. Since all of my betas are actually participants on RT for April — and I can’t edit and write in challenge at the same time without going nuts, I figure it will be posted in May or June.

  15. It’s such a shame she had to open her mouth. It was nice when I was ignorant.

  16. I have decided that Armand Deering is a canonical character. Also the Deadmarch brothers, because they amuse me to no end. I mean, I fell in love with Tywin Laminated after two scenes – the deer skinning scene because who does that?!?, and when he rides his horse into the Throne room, and the horse takes an unscripted shit on the threshold. That right there is Armand Deering, crapping on what’s acceptable.

  17. I love The Mandalorian and am SO excited to read your QB work!! Gabrielle Union is fabulous. I can totally see her as Cara.

    Thank you for providing us with a heads-up! 🙂

  18. I love your writing but I’ve never seen a Star Wars movie/show. In what order would you recommend I watch them? Thank you!!

  19. I just wanted to tell you that I have really been enjoying what seems like a shift in your writing away from pure romance and into the exploration of fatherhood. The Legacy, Unleash Your Demons, Finding Atlantis, Absence of War… even if there were romances in some of them, they weren’t the primary theme, and to me they were about the experience of fatherhood, which I think is a theme that resonates more with me at this stage of my life. They’re fantastic, and I think I reread them more than your older works.

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