The Quantum Bang – 2021

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We’re moving into day 2 of the Quantum Bang and I meant to write this yesterday! In our third year, we’re offering 2.7 million freaking words for your reading pleasure. The total site word count is 6,528,393 words and at an average reading speed of 200 words a minute, it would take you 545 hours to read it all. You’re welcome fandom!

The bang experience is an interesting one for me. As of April/May of this year I’ve been in fandom for 13 years as a posting author. But I avoided writing events like big bangs the whole time until the QB. I’m gonna give Jilly credit for that.

I can’t fully explain why I was uncomfortable with the idea of it, but perhaps it goes back to my first brush with the ugly side of fandom, which I’ve discussed (beaten to death) on my podcast more than once. Perhaps, I felt unwelcome on some level. Regardless, being able to trust in the person at the helm of such a project is very important to me.

Jilly is honestly the backbone of the QB and a total fucking rockstar when it comes to keeping all the moving parts going in the same direction. It is no easy feat doing such a thing and doing such a thing well.

Having run a large challenge environment myself for a while (Rough Trade turns 10 years old in November!), I know that the amount of mental and emotional work involved in it is no small thing. The management of content, authors, artists, and technical resources requires a deft and trustworthy hand. The QB is a well-oiled machine thanks to Jilly’s hard work and it’s honestly an honor to participate as a writer and as an admin/moderator.

Sign-ups for next year’s QB start on August 1–I’ve got three different ideas brewing already. But in the meantime, check out all of the projects and get ready to read your little hearts out! Please be generous with feedback as these authors and artists really and truly deserve it!


PS – Rough Trade sign-ups for July are open 😉

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Posting Schedule

  • All listed times are based on our server clock, which is Central Time Zone (UTC -5)
6/1 – 12 AM Pull Me from the Dark – Jilly James (Book 1 of So Far) – art by Halestrom
6/1 – 12 PM The Power of One Word – Meyari McFarland – art by Dazeventura6
6/2 – 12 AM Lion Inside – HarleyJQuin (Book 1 of Werewolves of London) – art by Bibbity88
6/2 – 12 PM Breaking the Faith – Saydria Wolfe – art by Greeneyesblue
6/3 – 12 AM Stealing Time – Bythia (Book 1 of The Time Given to Us) – art by Izzy Hound
6/3 – 8 AM Becoming – Sibyl Moon – art by penumbria
6/3 – 4 PM What About Us? – penumbria – art by FaeAnthea
6/4 – 12 AM Rider on the Storm – SpencnerTibbsLuvr – Spuddoc
6/4 – 12 PM Home is Where the Heart Is – DarkJediQueen (Book 1 of We Are All Works in Progress) – art by Twigen
6/5 – 12 AM Only Miss the Sun When It Starts to Snow – glitterfics – art by ringspells
6/5 – 8 AM Earthbound Misfit – Claire Watson – art by Sunryder
6/5 – 4 PM Felix Felicis – Izzy Hound – art by CoCo
6/6 – 12 AM Rewriting Time – Bythia (Book 2 of The Time Given to Us) – art by Izzy Hound
6/6 – 12 PM A Lot of Hope – LJ Summers – art by Krani
6/7 – 12 AM Born for This – HarleyJQuin (Book 2 of Werewolves of London) – art by Bibbity88
6/7 – 12 PM Life’s Final Star Is Brotherhood – Duochanfan – art by SilverCircuit
6/8 – 12 AM Take My Hand – Jilly James (Book 2 of So Far) – art by Halestrom
6/8 – 12 PM Stronger At the Broken Places – enigmaticblue – art by germankitty
6/9 – 12 AM A Better Man – Keira Marcos (Book 1 of Gra’tua) – art by Mizu Sage
6/9 – 12 PM Amicus Curiae – Sunryder – art by Tintalle
6/10 – 12 AM Following Time – Bythia (Book 3 of The Time Given to Us)- art by Izzy Hound
6/10 – 12 PM It’s the Education That Matters – DarkJediQueen (Book 2 of We Are All Works in Progress) – art by Twigen
6/11 – 12 AM The Radical Stark Equation – Rivermoon1970 – art by penumbria
6/11 – 12 PM The Heir and a Spare – SASundance – art by librarycat9
6/12 – 12 AM No Absolutes – Eff_Dragonkiller – art by Tpena19
6/12 – 12 PM When the Levee Breaks – Halestrom – art by SpencnerTibbsLuvr
6/13 – 12 AM Unleashed – Maia – art by ringspells
6/13 – 12 PM The Four Y’s – Duochanfan – art by SpencnerTibbsLuvr
6/14 – 12 AM You Always Return Home – DarkJediQueen (Book 3 of We Are All Works in Progress) – art by Twigen
6/14 – 12 PM A Fair Wind Homeward – Daisy May – art by Kirlika
6/15 – 12 AM Premonitions – Chimera01 – art by CoCo
6/15 – 12 PM The Thousand-Mile Road – Keira Marcos (Book 2 of Gra’tua) – art by Mizu Sage

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. Destiny R Brown

    Hello. I’m new to your site. Do you have any new harry/hermione/Draco stories that are going to come out? Or may anymore Harry and Hermione stories. Sorry if this is inappropriate to ask. Thank u for all the great stories

    • I’m writing a series for Harry/Draco on Rough Trade this year. Book 1 will be published this month after beta. That’s the only HP work I have in progress for this year. I don’t think I’ll write another triad to be honest. Darkly Loyal was a unique situation for me.

      I’m on a break from writing Harmony so I don’t know when I’ll come back to that pairing. I’m not going to pressure myself with a deadline.

      • Destiny R Brown

        Oh ok awesome. Im just finding your site in May and I think I read everything in it lol.

      • Yay! I just read ‘Absence of War’ and re-read all your Harry/Draco – all in the last few days, and as you always do when you come to the end of a great story, I got a bit of the blues. You write them SO WELL and you’ve got such a dab hand with a plot! I’m so glad I’ll have a chance to read more of your work.

  2. Olaf Thordarson

    I’ve really been enjoying the whole Quantum Bang thing – in this third year it seems that things are only getting better! I’d like to thank you for taking the time to be a part of it, not only as an author but as part of the organizing team. Thank you.

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