Pinch Hitter

Title: Pinch Hitter
Author: Keira Marcos
Challenge: Epic Friendship (Trope Bingo 2020)
Fandom: 9-1-1
Relationship: Evan Buckley/Eddie Diaz
Genre:  First Time, Alternate Universe, D/s
Warnings:  Explicit Sex, Explicit Language, Under Negotiated Kink, Grammarly Beta
Word Count: 4992
Summary:  Buck has needs, and Eddie is more than ready to step up to the plate.

* * * *

Buck was pretty certain that Eddie wasn’t doing it on purpose. They worked a lot, and Buck would readily admit that he preferred to spend his off time with Eddie and Christopher, so he never turned down an invitation to spend time at the Diaz house. He figured part of it was Eddie failing to manage his divorce from Shannon, and Buck was all in on being the best possible friend.

Still, he hadn’t gotten laid in months, and that was Eddie’s fucking fault. Even now, he was sitting in Eddie’s driveway on a Friday night, having received an invite to watch movies. Chris wasn’t even home. He’d almost suggested they hit a bar or something, but then he’d have to watch Eddie collect phone numbers of people the man was never, ever going to call.

Buck turned off the Jeep, pulled the keys, and headed inside. Eddie opened the door before he could put his own key in the lock, frowned at him, then walked away.

“What’d I do between work and now?” Buck questioned as he stopped briefly to take off his sneakers and leave them on the rack by the door. “Because, seriously, all I did was sleep today!”

“You’re a half-hour late,” Eddie said as Buck entered the kitchen. “And Chris has called me twice since his mom picked him up. He doesn’t like his room over there, he’s pissed that his watch list isn’t on her Netflix account, and he was sad that you weren’t here before he left.”

Buck made a face because he didn’t remember promising to come over early. “Did I fuck that up? Was I supposed to be here?”

“No, I’d have called you if we’d made that plan. I know you wouldn’t disappoint Chris on purpose. Regardless, I had to remind him three times that you were sleeping and that you’d had a big rescue yesterday that wore you out.” Eddie motioned toward the fridge with his beer, and Buck retrieved one from himself. “What’s going on with you—you’ve been in a mood all damn week.”

Buck frowned at him. “Are we watching movies or not? Also, I want a giant pizza all to myself.”


“Yes, well, acting Captain Han is a lot,” Buck muttered. “I realize that Bobby needs to, you know, deal with the whole thing about not being upfront about his past when he was hired and the whole serial bomber thing. I mean, we’d have been in a world of hurt if Cosmo hadn’t found that bomb on the ladder truck. I’ve never been happier to work with someone with a hyperactive paranoia gene.”

“Finding the bomb just made him worse,” Eddie pointed out. “But hell, he can inspect every single apparatus in the house every single damn day if he wants, and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise.”

Buck nodded and took a long sip of beer.

“But Chimney isn’t the reason you’re an antsy mess,” Eddie said. “You look like you’re about to vibrate out of your skin. Is this about Ali?”

“She’s been gone for months,” Buck said. “It’s fine. Sort of. I mean, she didn’t break my heart or anything. She just couldn’t handle my job, and the stress of the whole thing was both making us both miserable.”

“Then what’s the problem?”

Buck shrugged.

“Come on, you were really here for me through the whole divorce. Shannon says we owe you like a bunch of flowers and cake and a case of wine since you’re probably the only reason our kid doesn’t hate us both for getting a divorce.”

“Chris couldn’t hate either one of you,” Buck said. “He just had a lot of anger and didn’t know how to process it. I get that.” He left the kitchen and dropped on the couch.

Eddie joined him with his determined face on which made Buck want to run away. The man scooted into his space, hitched up one leg on the couch, and wrapped an arm around it as he dangled his beer from a couple of fingers. Buck had rarely encountered someone so effortlessly attractive.

“So…” Eddie prodded.

“You really don’t want to know.”

“I do want to know.”

Buck huffed and stared at the dark TV. How was this his life? He took another drink from his beer and slouched against the sofa as he toed off his shoes. “I haven’t had sex in months, and the sex friend I had before I got with Ali moved to San Diego. I mean, he invited me to spend the weekend with him recently, but that’s not really the kind of thing we ever did. I can pull a woman pretty easily, and I guess I could go do that, but it’s not really what I want right now. I was talking to Josh about it, and he offered to introduce me to a friend of his who could…scratch that itch for me, but he also said his friend gets attached easily, and I’d rather not lead someone on. I was just going to go to a gay bar and pick up someone.”

“Were you going to just go out and find some stranger to fuck you?” Eddie asked roughly. “Are you serious?”

Buck sent him an amused look. “I can take care of myself, Eddie.”

“I know that, but…” Eddie frowned and shifted on the couch. “I didn’t know about this friend of yours.”

“Joe,” Buck said. “He was with the LAPD. I met him while I was working as a bartender. It was a casual thing because he pretty much never wants to have a serious relationship. Whenever I was single, I’d wander his way and….” He shrugged. “He’d take care of me.”

“You aren’t going to get that from a stranger,” Eddie muttered and was glaring at the bottle in his hand when Buck focused on him. “Is this like a daddy kink or something?”

“No, geez, dude. Gross. I mean, I guess I can see the appeal for some people, but I can’t imagine it for myself.” He watched Eddie’s shoulders relax a little at the denial and wondered what that was about. “Though this is why I started keeping my sex life to myself, so stop judging me.”

“I’m not judging you,” Eddie protested. “I’m just concerned that you might get hurt, for fuck’s sake. What if you pick up some dumbass who has no idea what he’s doing and….” He waved his free hand. “Anal sex injuries can be dangerous.”

“Well, I bring enough experience to almost any sex situation to make that a non-issue. The last time I came across a guy with more ambition than skill, I just took a long ride, and he was grateful.”

Eddie hummed under his breath. “That’s what you like then? The admiration?”

Buck felt his face flush. “Eds, come on.”

“I’m just trying to wrap my head around this, and I guess I’m kind of….” Eddie frowned and took a deep breath.

“Kind of what?” Buck questioned and shifted around so he could face his friend. His dry spell was clearly creating more of a problem than he’d considered, and his friendship with Eddie was one of the most important relationships in his life. “I thought I was doing a good job of keeping my frustrations to myself. It’s important for work, at least, because I can do without the comments and slut-shaming that I had to endure the last time I was single for a long time.”

“I heard all about how Abby Clark cured you of your manwhoring,” Eddie muttered.

“Abby Clark used and discarded me,” Buck retorted. “That probably wasn’t her intent, okay? Because I think she’s a genuinely good person. But I was clearly some kind of midlife crisis for her or something, and she ghosted me like a teenager, Eddie, and how is that a cure for anything? She fucked off to Europe, told me not to wait on her, but then…called and texted me constantly, at first. Then it was like once she got her feet under her and confidence all shored up, I was no longer necessary.”

“Everyone says she was a nice woman,” Eddie said. “And Chim implied that she was out of your league.”

Buck snorted. “She was certainly out of his league, but not mine. Hell, Maddie’s out of his league, too. I have to think if her self-esteem was better when she first met him, she’d have never given him a second look. Honestly, I know I’m hot as fuck.”

Eddie grinned. “That’s a little arrogant, Buck.” He took a sip of his beer. “But true. You’re gorgeous. Shannon asked me if she could take you to bed. I told her no.”

“Your ex-wife is fire, honestly, but I’d never go there. Chris doesn’t need any more stress on that front.” Buck stared at him for a moment. “But why did you say no?”

“I told her if one of us was going to get to take you to bed, it was going to be me,” Eddie declared and took a long drink from his beer.

“You called dibs?” Buck questioned with a startled laugh. It was a pleasing thought, all things considered. He’d wanted Eddie in the worst way for ages, but…then he’d caught some feelings, and that made casual sex between them difficult to consider.

“Yeah, and not for the first time. The new guy wants to sit in your lap in the worst possible way. He’s practically a puddle of lust whenever you’re around. Bobby’s going to move him to C because we’re all drowning in his UST. Because we all know if you wanted Chad Rogers, you’d have already gone there. I told him to back off, which almost got me a lecture by Bobby, but I don’t give a fuck.”

Buck made a face. “I’m not all that fond of masturbation, Eddie. Why on Earth would I want to take a less awesome version of myself to bed?”

“You’re not a damn bit like that guy,” Eddie protested.

“Superficially, most people would see very little difference between the two of us,” Buck said and shrugged when Eddie scowled at him. “But I had no idea it had escalated to the point where Bobby wants to transfer him to a different shift. I’ve just been ignoring Chad; maybe I should’ve been more explicit in my lack of interest?”

“You were very clear on that front,” Eddie said. “Don’t worry about it. He’s clearly low on emotional intelligence. You don’t even speak to him directly unless we’re on a call and it’s required.” He set aside his empty bottle. “So, this friend of yours, Joe. What did he do for you?”

“I…” Buck blushed and took a deep breath. “Does that really matter?”

“You said he took care of you,” Eddie said and raised an eyebrow. “And yeah, of course, it matters. He was important to you for a while, and I’ve never heard you even mention his name in passing. I really didn’t even know you were bisexual until now. I mean, I assumed it, but you’ve never come out and said it.”

Buck considered how to explain that without admitting he was envious of the guy that Eddie briefly dated after he’d filed for divorce. “Well, the ideal time to tell you would’ve been when you told me you were bi.” Eddie nodded. “But you also used that conversation to tell me you were dating some guy you met at a coffee shop, and I felt weird about it.”

“Yeah, okay.” Eddie made a face. “I shouldn’t have dated Tomás. I was just trying to get back out there. But I knew it was a no-go when I realized that I didn’t want to introduce him to Chris.”

“It’s never wrong to trust your instincts,” Buck said. “As to Joe, he’s an exclusive top.” He focused on his beer bottle. “And has a pretty dominant personality. Not like BDSM or anything, but it was nice to give up control. He has a big dick, and I….” He took a deep breath and shook his head. “Let’s watch a movie or something, okay?”

“You know what you need?” Eddie questioned as he snagged the bottle in Buck’s hand and set it aside.

Buck hitched a breath as Eddie shifted completely into his space and cupped the back of his head. “What?”

“A pinch hitter,” Eddie murmured in what could only be amusement, and he brushed his lips along Buck’s jaw. “Was he rough with you? Or gentle?”

Buck shuddered. “Eds…”

“Come on,” Eddie encouraged. “Tell me.”

“A mixture of both.”

“Did he get to kiss you?”

“That was a hardline for him, but I like to be kissed,” Buck confessed.

“It’d be a shame if you didn’t, considering how fucking perfect your mouth is.”

Eddie kissed him then, pressing their mouths together and leveraging over him at the same time. Buck couldn’t help but melt back against the couch as Eddie’s hand clenched in his hair. He wanted Eddie the moment he set eyes on him, but he’d tried too hard to keep it to himself for a lot of reasons. Buck groaned softly as Eddie’s weight settled on him.

“I should tell you,” Eddie whispered as he ended the kiss. “If you let me have you—I’m not going to want to ever let you go.”

“That sounds…” Buck trembled as Eddie’s lips trailed along his jaw and down the side of his neck. “Amazing.”

“Come to bed with me, and I’ll give you everything you need.” Eddie stood and pulled him off the couch.

Buck wondered if he should slow things down or stop them altogether. His friendship with Eddie was so important that he couldn’t fathom losing it or the little family vibe that came with it. In the bedroom, Eddie shut the door and pressed Buck into place against it.

“I want this,” Buck murmured and looked down as Eddie hooked two fingers into his belt. “I want you, but I’ve been pushing it away for a while because I need you in my life more than I want you in bed. Does that make sense?”

“Of course,” Eddie said gently. “I’ve been thinking about it, having this with you, since my divorce finalized. I need you just as much, you know. Even when we’re apart, I often expect to turn and find you right by my side. I’ve never had in anyone my life that I can trust the way I trust you. We’re going to get this right, Evan, I promise.”

He trusted Eddie more than he trusted himself, no matter how unhealthy that was to know and do nothing about, so Buck took a deep breath and relaxed. “Yeah.”

Buck sucked exhaled slowly as Eddie unbuckled his belt and pulled it free from his jeans. “What do you like?”

“As our incredible luck would have it,” Eddie began. “I like to be on top and in charge nearly all the time. Even when I want to be fucked—I’m going to be in control of how it happens, when it happens, and how long it lasts.”

Buck wet his lips. “That’s…really hot.”

Eddie unbuckled his jeans, and Buck took a deep breath as fingers brushed against his abs. He’d never really thought his stomach was all that sensitive, but he felt like a live wire under Eddie’s attention. He pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it aside. Eddie took a step back and pulled his Henley over his head, and dropped it.

“Finish undressing for me,” Eddie said.

Buck’s fingers trembled a little as he unzipped his jeans. He shucked the jeans and boxers quickly, then dropped his socks on the pile he’d made before returning to rest against the door. His cock was already half-hard, and that bone-deep ache he’d been pushing down and away for weeks was welling inside of him. Buck watched intently as Eddie shed his clothes casually, as if he had nothing pressing to do. It should’ve been irritating, but it calmed Buck down in a way he hadn’t expected to need or want.

“You deny yourself a lot,” Eddie said quietly as he stared at Buck. “Why?”

Buck wanted to protest it or outright ignore the question, but it felt like that would be a mistake. He bit down on his lip and lowered his gaze as he considered how to respond in a way that wouldn’t cut the evening short and get him sent straight to therapy.

“Some people make it…difficult,” he finally said. “I try not to be needy.” He paused and wet his lips as he lifted his gaze and focused on Eddie entirely. “I’ve been called that more than once.”

“I like to be needed,” Eddie confessed as he grabbed Buck’s hand and laced their fingers together, then tugged him toward the bed.

“Oh yeah?” Buck questioned. “You seemed put off about the possibility that I had a daddy kink.”

“I’ve got a kid who calls me daddy, Buck,” Eddie said roughly. “Tomás called me Papi once when we were making out, and I backed off that situation so fast I nearly fell off his couch.”

“Ah, well, that’s gross when you think about it that way,” Buck said. “Are you always this chatty when you’re naked and hard?” He wrapped a hand around Eddie’s cock—thrilled with the length and width.

“Big enough?” Eddie questioned. “I’ve got a dildo that’s thicker if you need it.”

“Well, I wouldn’t say no to a dildo at some point, but you’re perfect,” Buck murmured and leaned in to press a soft kiss against Eddie’s jaw, then brushed their mouths together.

“I like to talk in bed,” Eddie admitted. “Communication is important when it comes to sex. I need to know my partner is getting what they want and need. And I need to know when I’m pushing them too far.”

“Okay,” Buck said. “I can handle that.” He released Eddie reluctantly so he could remove the duvet from the bed. It got tossed on the floor because he was a little impatient, and he didn’t think Eddie would care too much.

Buck crawled onto the bed and sprawled on his back. He spread his legs as Eddie watched. His cock was full now, wet at the tip, and he couldn’t help but clench the muscles of his ass in anticipation of what Eddie was about to give him. Eddie dropped a tube of lube onto the bed and several condoms. Buck took a deep breath and resisted the urge to palm his cock.

“Did you want to give me a safe word?” Buck questioned.

“I thought you weren’t into BDSM.”

“I said that my friend wasn’t into it. I’ve had some experience. I mean, that’s the main reason I stayed with Ali so long despite our differences. She liked to tie me up and do whatever she wanted.” Buck flushed as Eddie stared. “I mean, I don’t need it, but it was fun.”

“I’m not opposed to some heavy play—I wouldn’t be on board with hurting you.”

“No, that’s not my thing either. She just liked to be in control and having a guy twice her size submit to her…well.” Buck shrugged as the rest seemed too private to share. “I liked pleasing her.”

Eddie seemed to consider that, and Buck figured he was imagining some sort of bondage situation. He wet his lips and cleared his throat. “Your safe word is Peru.”

Buck nodded. “Peru.” He spread his legs open completely and threw his arms over his head as Eddie joined him on the bed and crawled over him. “What’s your safe word?”

Eddie paused just short of kissing him, eyes widening slightly. “What?”

“Your limits are just as important as mine, Eds,” Buck said and sucked in a deep breath as Eddie settled between his legs and the delicious length of another man’s cock tucked against his inner thigh.

“Texas,” Eddie said. “My safe word is Texas.”

It wasn’t lost on Buck that Eddie had chosen a word that would make Buck think of a wealth of beautiful experiences and picked one for himself that was the exact opposite. He’d unpack that later and make Eddie explain himself. He cupped Eddie’s head as their mouths came together in a kiss so soft that it left him breathless. Eddie settled most of his weight on Buck, wrapped his hands around Buck’s wrists, and gently pinned them to the bed.

Normally with a new lover, who was willing to explore this part of his sexuality, there were a few moments here and there at the start where he had to force himself to relax and let things progress. But he trusted Eddie so much that he all but melted on the mattress as Eddie deepened the kiss. Buck gave in between one breath and the next. Eddie groaned lowly against his lips as if he understood the mental transition immediately.

“You’re beautiful,” Eddie murmured as he lifted his mouth. “I’ve wanted you under me like this since I set eyes on you.” He shifted to his knees and ran his hands down Buck’s chest, then cupped his hips. “When’s the last time you were tested?”

“After Ali left, I’m clean,” Buck said and sucked in a deep breath as Eddie ran one finger along the length of his cock. “We used condoms, but I get tested regularly when I’m active. There’s been no one since her.”

“I have…had a hook-up. I won’t see her again. It was nothing serious, and I used condoms,” Eddie murmured. “My last tests were clean. I want to suck your cock. You cool with that?”

“Without a condom,” Buck clarified and let his legs fall completely open when Eddie nodded. “I’ve never…let anyone do that.” He wet his lips as Eddie’s eyes darkened. “But, yeah, I trust you.”

“No coming—I want you to come when I’m fucking you.”

Buck nodded and fisted his hands in the sheets as Eddie leaned down and licked up the length of his cock without another word. He fought to stay completely still as Eddie sucked the head of his cock in and then took it all the way in. If anyone had even suggested to him that Eddie Diaz could deep throat, he’d have been begging to get into the man’s bed on the damn regular.

Eddie’s hands clamped down on Buck’s hips, held him firm as he worked Buck’s cock in and out of his mouth. The warm heat of Eddie’s mouth and the pressure of his tongue against his cock was intoxicating. He lost track of time to such a degree that when slick fingers pressed against his asshole, he gasped in shock. He hadn’t even heard Eddie open the lube.

“I can take…” Buck trailed off with a harsh groan as Eddie slid two fingers right into his hole. “Yeah. Fuck.”

Eddie released his cock as he settled between the sprawl of Buck’s legs. “Relax, Buck, I’ve got this.”

Buck shuddered as Eddie worked his fingers in his hole easily. He sucked his bottom lip into his mouth and took in a ragged breath that turned into a moan.

“You look so good,” Eddie murmured. “I knew you’d be like this.” He used his free hand to stroke the length of Buck’s inner thigh. “I’ve been thinking about you wrapping these long legs around my waist for ages.”

He’d heard it before and honestly had rarely indulged any partner on that particular fantasy. The position could get uncomfortable depending on the physical strength of his lover, but Buck knew Eddie could take a little extra weight on his back so he wouldn’t have to stiffen up and maintain the position on his own. So, he just nodded his agreement and hitched a breath as Eddie added a third finger without asking if he was ready for more. He loved it and found immense comfort in the steady, relentless movement of Eddie’s fingers in his hole.

“You’d let me play with you like this for hours,” Eddie said, and Buck didn’t bother to deny it. “Something to keep in mind for another day because I’m not that patient right now.”

Buck laughed a little as Eddie pulled his fingers free and grabbed a condom. He watched Eddie roll on the condom with ease and smear lube over the latex. Buck couldn’t help but shift on the mattress as Eddie leaned forward and moved over him. He braced himself on one hand and used the other to press his cock into place. The fat head of a cock slipping past the rim of his hole was perfect.

Eddie pressed their mouths together briefly as he pushed fully in. “God, Buck.”

“Good?” Buck questioned as he clenched down on Eddie’s cock eagerly.

“Hell, yes.” He clenched one hand on Buck’s thigh and pulled firmly. “Come on.”

Buck wrapped his legs around Eddie’s body, hitching up until he could cross his ankles high on his lover’s back. Eddie’s soft groan as he moved told him he’d gotten it exactly right. The position didn’t allow him to move as he had no ability to create leverage. That appeared to be exactly what Eddie wanted.

The hot drag of Eddie’s cock into his body was so perfect that Buck could barely breathe. Maybe it had been too long, or maybe being stupidly in love made everything better and more vivid.

“You love this,” Eddie whispered fiercely against his jaw.

“Yeah, god, I do,” Buck confessed. “I want it all the time…” He trailed off with a groan as Eddie shifted slightly and nailed his prostate. “Fuck!”

“You’re gonna come on my cock,” Eddie said, and Buck started to deny it because he’d rarely achieved that when being fucked. Eddie’s hand clenched on his thigh. “I didn’t ask.”

Buck groaned and arched under Eddie as the man increased his pace and started to give his ass the pounding he’d been wanting for longer than he cared to think about. Ali had pegged him whenever he wanted, but she didn’t have the physical strength and stamina that Eddie was bringing. Eddie pushed his legs down abruptly and pulled free of his body.

“Get on your knees.”

Buck complied with a quick grin and dropped down on his elbows as he presented his ass without an ounce of shame. Eddie’s hands were firm, possessive, and demanding as he pushed his cock in. Buck spread his legs wider and threw one arm out to brace against the headboard.

“So good,” Eddie murmured. “You’re such a sweet fuck, Evan. Jesus, I’ll never get enough.”

The smack of Eddie’s hips against his ass was startling and perfect. He took every thrust eagerly and couldn’t help but rock back into Eddie every single chance he got. Eddie clamped a hand on Buck’s shoulder as he increased his pace. Buck felt orgasm coiling down his back, and he let his head drop forward as he shuddered.

“Yeah, there you go,” Eddie said and rubbed his back. “That’s it. Come for me, sweetheart.”

Later, Buck would have to dissect, privately, why being called sweetheart threw him right over the edge and into the most intense orgasm he’d had in over a year. Eddie’s hips slapped against his ass several more times before the man pushed in deep with a grind of their bodies and came with a harsh groan.

Eddie’s lips brushed against his shoulder then the man pulled carefully from his body and left the bed. Buck dropped down on the mattress and huffed a little before he shifted out of the mess he’d made. He moved to his knees, gathered the flat sheet, and threw it on the floor before resuming his sprawl on his stomach. The mattress dipped a little as Eddie returned and crowded close until they could share the same pillow.


“Hey, yourself,” Buck murmured and took a deep breath as Eddie pressed his thumb against his birthmark. Most of his partners shied away from touching it as if it were a bruise. “I’m in love with you.”

“Yeah, I figured that out,” Eddie admitted. “I get why you hesitated with it. I can’t imagine my life without you in it, Buck. I want you with me always, and that’s daunting as fuck because I’ve never been in this kind of place emotionally before.”

“Not even with Shannon?” Buck questioned.

Eddie flushed. “No, not really ever with her. We only got married because she got pregnant. We were just friends with benefits before that, and frankly, that’s what we should’ve stayed despite my parent’s demands. I don’t think I…I thought I loved her, but it felt nothing like this.”

“Well, you can’t love anyone the same way,” Buck pointed out and shrugged when Eddie huffed a little. “Love varies, grows, and changes our whole lives. Loving a friend is different than romantic love. Realizing the difference threw me for a serious loop. It’s hard. I mean, if it were easy—you could just pick out a person and say, hey, let’s fall in love.”

Eddie laughed. “Well, I’d have picked you.”

Buck hummed and rolled over to his back. “For the record, you knocked that out of the park.”

“I’m going to really regret that approach for years to come,” Eddie said wryly.

Buck grinned. “We could change sports…I could be the tight end—”

Eddie’s mouth sealed over his, and Buck accepted his lover’s weight with a soft, pleased groan.

The End

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


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