Tangled Destinies Art

Fan Art for Tangled Destinies



Art by My3scape


  1. may I just ask who the guy in the Chaos picture is? It is just it looks so much like Jeffrey Dean Morgan and I was looking at pictures of Bruce Greenwood and it doesn’t look like him, so I am really confused

  2. opps, when did he get old? Not that that means he’s not good looking, but still … it means I’m getting old too, noooooooooooo, what shall I do … might have to join Chris King in her chair dancing soon 🙂

    **goes off examining the wrinkles

  3. I love the pic of Spock on the bike. I kept trying to picture him with the changes he’d have to his clothes and hair after coming to Earth and I just couldn’t seem to do it-so seeing it was great! Not to mention see the bike! It rocks and it looks really Futuristic too! Now all we need is one of the two of them on it together! I’d love to see that!

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