Ties That Bind Art

Fan Art for the Series Ties That Bind

Some images in this gallery are not work safe.

Click on the thumb nail to see view the art and to browse through the images in a gallery style format.


  1. This is great! Though I had seen all the art, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I had missed a few. Thanks for organizing it.

  2. Hello Keira i make a new art for TTB and i’m excited because i made a very good manip, i’m proud of myself lol !
    Check honey !

  3. It is overwhelming to see them all together like this. I swear there are some I have not seen before but that is probably more a product of my senior memory than anything else. It must be very gratifying to see what beautiful pictures were inspired by your words and very fulfilling to be able to create such beautiful artwork to complement your favorite authors work. Thanks to both of you. Barb

  4. I just looked through the art collection and discovered a few that I hadn’t seen before. These works are exceptional. Thank yoiu all for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I love all the artwork on the page and drool over… ummm…look at it every now and again! I noticed that some of the pictures are being cut off by the new webpage design, are there plans to fix that??

  6. Atlantis_Jackson

    HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!! I have to say, I LOVE John’s marks! Especially after they were added to!! *gaspthudshiverdie*

  7. the new ones are gorgeous! ๐Ÿ™‚ Loves fanarts’ blue one and the one with Steven & Lacus!

    Thinking of making some new ones for your latest story (after I’ve read it hopefully over the weekend!)

  8. Love all of the artwork for this series! I am puzzled about the Courtesan mark. According to Ties That Bind-You Belong To Me, four points on the star are for one session. Eight points show that the person wearing the mark has completed two sessions. A ninth elongated point denotes courtesan status. Rodney is Gerad de Sade’s North Star. Why does the artwork show the elongated point in his mark pointing south? Just asking……

    I keep coming back to reread all of the stories and drool over the artwork again and again. Does this mean I’m addicted?……

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