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This is a collection of YouTube videos that I just can’t live without. None of these videos belong to me- I’m just linking to them. NOTE: If you are outside the US, the links might not work for you.

If I should fall behind (McShep)

Men of Devotion (McShep)

I’m Still Here (McShep)

This is a super hot Sheppard/McKay Slash Video- LOVE IT!

I Believe (this will make you cry)

Sheppard– You Sexy Thing:

A Life Less Ordinary — Just Great!

My favorite song–  I’m in heaven on this one:

My Wish For You

Somewhere I Belong:

This one is sad and lovely all at the same time…

I’d let him by my Hero… seriously… all day long… and all night if he wanted…

Daniel and Vala- one of the best videos I’ve ever seen for Stargate: SG1


  1. So I think that my favorite video is the slashy McShep. Because it is hot! And it is so very, very luscious. Thanks for putting it in the line up!


  2. Some really good vids there, especially the slashy one. Wonder how many movies they watched to get those scenes with flashs of what looks like our guys? 🙂

    Just wondering, have you seen the vid by JulesVids called Men of Devotion? It’s a fun one. You should watch if you haven’t seen it, i’m sure you’ll like it.

  3. Er… some of the videos don’t work… can you check if you find another link to them or removing them altogether? Love your stories by the way:D

  4. Er… some of the videos don’t work… can you check if you find another link to them or removing them altogether? Love your stories by the way:D

    Hildegunn said this on November 11, 2008 at 6:04 am

    The links don’t work for you because you aren’t in the United States. It’s a YouTube thing.

  5. the first video is no longer available.
    i had seen a few of these and i agree, the mcshep slash one is fantastic!

  6. Hey, I loved all of the videos. I’ve been looking for good Mcshep videos for a long time. I recently found one that is bloody hilarious though. It fits Rodney perfectly.

    Check it out.

  7. Hey,

    I’ve been watching your video recs and appreciating them, and I remembered one that I’d seen on youtube about Stargate: Atlantis, set to Breaking Benjamin’s “Unknown Soldier.” That song struck me as particularly suited to the series. Check it out:

  8. Found another video for you, this one is McShep 🙂

  9. OKay this isn’t anything to do with anything on this site. And I don’t know if you’ve seen it or not, if you haven’t I thought you might get a laugh out of it. If you have and don’t like it… sorry!

    P.s. I’m actually a lesbian so I don’t have ONE homophobic bone in my body, so I don’t mean offence to anyone. I just find it silly and funny.


  10. This one isn’t McShep… but it’s my favorite, and also a little sad. I hope you like it as much as me.

    • I know this one and it’s one of my favourites, too. it’s just so sad, that Rodney looses one of his best friends…
      it’s a beautiful video!!!!


    • Oh I love this one. So beautifully put-together and so heartbreaking!

  11. OMG, that first vid just slayed me… Just beautiful and poignant in every way. Because that’s so hard to find, my taste in fanvids has usually gone towards humor. My fave McShep vids are… apparently no longer on YouTube (at least not with a sound track included), wth? One was to ‘One Week’ by Barenaked Ladies and the other one was to ‘The Mountie Song’. Ah well, at least I have them oh my HD… Thanks for these links!

  12. Here are some fun ones by stargategeek


    Atlantimaniacs- Boot Camp

    Atlantimaniacs- I’m Mad

  13. My fav clips




  14. DUDE! I’ve just watched your “100 movie insults” on youtube and heh heh, I haven’t laughed my ass off so hard for a while heh heh. I was even more astonished when I realised that I actually know most of the movies
    And I love your theme song – profound message ;), don’t know if it stops meddling-in-other-people’s-affairs assholes, who write you about how evil you are, though 😀

    Power to you, Girl

  15. Thanks for sharing the vids. =]

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