A Better Man

Title: A Better Man
Series: Gra’tua
Series Order: 1
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: The Mandalorian, Star Wars
Genre: First Time, Kid!fic, Romance, Science Fiction, Time Travel
Relationship(s): Din Djarin/Cara Dune, The Armorer/Paz Vizsla, OC/OC
Content Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slavery, Canon-Level Violence, Explicit Sex, Explicit Language
Author Notes: Slavery is a canon concept in Star Wars but it’s not one I focus heavily on in the series. I warned for it just as a head’s up. (see tab for more)
Beta: Chris King, Ladyholder
Word Count: 99,900
Summary: Din Djarin loses the love of his life, his son, and his faith in the way. Near the end of his life, Qui-Gon Jinn gives him the chance to return to the past so he can right the path of the Force in the galaxy and do what he can to keep the two halves of the Force Dyad from being destroyed by the dark side. His first step? Kill Moff Gideon and take the darksaber.
Artist: Mizu

* * * *

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”
– Maya Angelou

* * * *

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Author Notes

Special thanks to my Alpha readers Jilly James & DarkJediQueen and my Betas Chris King & Ladyholder. I was honestly blown away and truly thrilled by the art Mizu created for my work. She knocked it right out of the park!

This fic started out as some wistful idea and it bloomed organically out of me in a way all good ideas do. It wouldn’t have been the same without Jilly’s epic support throughout the entire writing process.


(Pedro Pascal, Gabrielle Union, Cailey Fleming, Cutest Puppet Ever, Emily Swallow, Joe Manganiello, Idris Elba, Charlize Theron, Djebril Zonga, Diego Tinoco)


  1. Love this story and just saw u posted the second part today ^_^

    I was inspired by your first story and drawed up a future photo of Grogu

  2. Yanno, what I know about not-in-the-movies Star Wars might fill a small book (most of it post-ep 6, before the prequels got made). What I know about the whole Mandalorian thing comes down to ‘baby yoda is lethally cute’ … but I could follow this, and enjoyed the ever loving hell out of it, which is a testament to your skills.

  3. I’m a life long Star Wars lover and while I prefer what is now know as Legends your take on Din/Cara/Grogu certainly made me enjoy rewatching The Mandalorian 100% more.

  4. Damn you to whatever. I now have to go back and finish watching the episodes.
    Because I have no clue who some of the characters are. And I really want read you stories. Man it is lucky I was just going to binge watch something on discovery.

    Lucky Christmas for me.

  5. I loved this so much! I’m not a Star Wars fan in general, but this really did it for me! Thank you for sharing it. ❤️❤️❤️

  6. I keep coming back and rereading this series, because I enjoy it so much. Thank you for writing and sharing it!

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